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Could Ted Yoho be the next House Speaker???

Jan 5, 2015|

Bob Rose - Jan 5 2015 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. Yeah hey. Just minutes after 6 o'clock o'clock local and as Bob Roselle which Anderson. Time Jack brought to you by Hayes you'll raise. Closed for renovations something exciting happening any day now keep you posted. Good morning and welcome to a brand new year it's only fifteen hole my goodness. Enable here we. I've I don't feel would be older Gerri I need a buddy a man happening Paulette a happy new year yes same view. Playoff game yesterday lions got did you completely robbed and then they was out fourth and one they deserved to lose no guts no glory connected to go for it. In a playoff game when are you gonna go for it. So while we've got down I mean that's not really topic it's just to comment. 7 AM no we are gonna have. A little talk with the congressman tell ya well. Whose name might have been thrown around as possible speaker of the house in the Louis go mart out of what taxes yet been thrown his name rob cam elect him to you ever. Man up before had you don't sand we meet. Yell all plays he's still a rookie don't know what he's done you know how to play the you know not only take bribes are running at your real supply and got to suck he says you know look far to go real well for all running out you know it. Now are all blow to rule out congressman horse ranch it was Joey about a story now under the short story version won't get immunity troubled basically. If they all agreed we're gonna do a certain thank them and then in front of. You know the person in power. Out. Congressman yell just happen to be one of them earlier voters is like in Nate whatever the case was right there based analyst Adam asked. And you look at them like we we didn't just we didn't talk about this were all on board now something changed. So there yes. So he's the only one it does man up there and I know some people aren't happy with everything that he is done let me tell you something you're not happy with them. You have no idea then how bad it really is. Who really honestly. Not him now make an excuse there Bulger as a new guy I'm just don't know it is anyway will have them on now as 705 this morning. And we'll last month that is eagerness support Louisville march he's you voted against. And John Boehner is speaker before he was cameo left out there to dry. They voted for cantor last time we had when it was his first term in a few days and had no banker yeah everybody's looking in my blind he'd do it. Does that that that you were all just complaining about a five minutes ago. But a guy he also it is time to get rid of Bob. He had talked about no guts no glory home my goodness. I story about migrants flowing into the US from the Caribbean. Now that's fighting those numbers are up of course I think while the debate rages on about what to do rule. But immigration what do you think's gonna happen in the meantime. It's AK. You know you bill we'd better get in now. It and nothing is there's nothing don't. In the way it is now the status quo is money and you got a pretty good shot. A staying here in a really good shot. Then of course general policy will be. That that's what don't wanna address don't wanna focus on hey hey what do they Cubans if if they set foot in the United States. Well why did they get to stay year. Well that's political asylum issue. And that was issued one under the Kennedy administration I believe wet foot dry foot policy. Rifle wet foot whatever it is. And so that's why don't wanna focus. Hey hey why did they get hey we're gonna normalize relations when we treated like everybody else. And the reason that they'll be some that are call for that is not because they necessarily wanna stop what's going on. With the Cubans it's because. They want to give everybody the policy of pay if you get here year end. That's their that's Sally good to see it'll sort of be NN grinding got to be careful. Parity CNET. Parity see that coming down the pike Associated Press just starting a five year sentence for illegally reentering the United States. George Lewis stared at the officer staring back at him and Miami's federal detention center are considered whether he'd risk getting on another smugglers boat. A chance that soaring numbers of Caribbean. Islanders are taking. One sees deported again. Listen to what is said here. Just starting a five year sentence for illegally. Reentering the United States. Is anybody from Mexico doing any kind of sentences. Knoll. So what did he do oh. He was stealing drugs. I don't mention that they make it seem like all ally they gave him five years in prison for illegally trying to reenter the United States. If we street try to Rihanna with a bunch of drugs. But you're not supposed to look at Adalius what to look at it from the all humanitarian perspective oh my goodness. US authorities deported Lewis following a four year sentence for a felony drug conviction may have 2013 to the Bahamas. Imagine that your so bad we're gonna send you to the Bahamas. All relay. Man it's awful. Now he was born there but only lived there briefly now in this case it does gets. I don't know confusing if you wanna say a little difficult. His mother's patient she brought him to Miami when he was an infant. And so we always considered US home but he never actually it was a legal resident. Now he probably could have applied for and receive status by now it's been years and years. Just five months after he was deported he got on a Bahamian smugglers vote went over a dozen other people trying to sneak into Florida. It capsized in four Haitian women drowned. He and the others were rescued. Woody dear to make another attempt yeah. He says is 39 now. So you know we had 37 years in which he could of is thought about you know applying to be a citizen. Prior to living granite by now. Nice a next semi put on a life vest. Look at. A recent spike in Cubans attempting to reach the US by C has generated headlines. But the number of patients and other Caribbean islanders making similar journeys are up even more. Police the Associated Press admits that one group of people get headlines and another group doesn't. Because of political ramifications. ST with Cuba. And while federal law grants a legal residency to Cubans reaching US soil anyone else can be detained and deported. That law the so called wet foot dry foot policy and Coast Guard operations related to migrants remain unchanged. Even as Cuban and US leaders say they are restoring diplomatic relations. After more than fifty years. Yet diplomatic relations. Doesn't change the political. Side of things in Cuba in fact they haven't had to do anything. To get these relations normalized. And the reason why we give people status is because they're escaping. This political system whether they basically have been held captive. So if they escaped area we've granted him legal residency. As a result of that so really politically things haven't changed in Cuba. So why would you change that policy. Like I said earlier it's not that the folks on the left want the policy changed for Cubans they want it changed to reflect what the Cubans have. In every other. A country a nation where people are coming here from abroad. Other words they don't really wanna have. A real policy when it comes to immigration. Why is it that we you know you can't even talk about this especially if you notice like you know one in the national news in some of the Talking Heads. Any if any of the left of senator networks or anything you can't. You can't even speak about it it before somebody wants to eight you know call you a bigot. Like you're trying to withhold the American dream from people while and it's the American dream it's not the north American dream it's not the Western Hemisphere dream. It is the American dream. But you're gonna start to dilute the water down all of that is America if you don't have solemn. Reasonable way to now allow people end because immigration built this country it is important. But you have to do it in a legal. And in in a way that makes sense. And that's not being done now. And is it going to be done in the future I don't know. I'm one of the few people that brings up 1986. When Ronald Reagan signed it into law hey we're not gonna have an immigration issue anymore we're gonna give legal status to over three million illegals that are living in the US stigma out of the shadows. So to speak heard Alan. But that was 1986. Now we've got what fifteen million. So what we did then did not work. What we're doing now does now or. What they're going to attempt to do in the future what makes anybody think it will work. Unless you have real and effective border security in real and effective way to monitor workers'. Okay at the jobs. You never gonna have anything that's gonna work. Period and a story you're welcome. 6:16 am above rose show. 8779759825. And congressman Ted yell up at 705 stay tuned. Free speech has never been more free it's very easy schmuck. 600 down about Rochelle live local. Currently under reconstruction. Rebuilding and it's gonna be absolutely gorgeous. As some surprises there so we'll keep you posted on he's jewelry. All right so congressman Ted yell all appearing on FOX & Friends really just moments ago. It was asked a question about if he's gonna throw is name in the ring if he is going to. Not want to become the next speaker of the house and displace John Boehner in and here's how it went. I think the biggest thing and I hear over and over again you know I've been there for two years we ran on the Washington lacks leadership and I've been their for two years. And we lack the leadership than we lacked vision of where the country's going and I hear from members not its just not me feeling this. I hear over and over again that we need new leadership and I hear from older members and I hear from younger members but without somebody willing to step up and put their name in the ring. There is not an alternative and I didn't wanna go into this congress with the momentum we have from the November elections. Without the ability to change leadership in the house and this is not a surprise this is something you know when I went up there in January. Of 2013. I voted against mr. Boehner along with about ten other members. And this has been a build up since then it was so far. Yeah this is exactly. When I mentioned earlier that he was kind of left out to dry when they do bad vote there was only ten voted against him apparently. Allegedly there hope more people that we're talking. The day we're gonna vote against him and then when the vote actually came around because speaker Boehner was standing right there and out chickened out that was actually a different mean in the U when he when he first got elected in that that he was what will once voted for Eric Cantor Monica Kendrick came in second. Will suit capital. Mr. cantor a blow to the next election now outside but inside it. But I guess at some like leadership conference the only group or Republican type meeting. And I think that's where it was discussed about again you know that an apparently look when it's not a shock there's a lack of leadership in Washington. Where people around you know lute will be potential politics and I. What is congress to the low ratings it does probably thinks that he be able have yet and until. I know this whole thing of yet we need a new leader we need to lose a new leader and when they had to look at like that all the sort of stroll polls would Jew as I was getting up. I think there were three people. When they're supposedly gonna be like you know sixty or sell. Saying that we need to change all of a sudden woodland. That time came to actually you know sign your name on the declaration. Right you know you know its length. And the tank there campaign OT tax and has signed this document out my I got carpal tunnel can't. Yeah bullpen as. Head ends up you always the John Hancock to throw them back I put my name on there yeah ominous death. Lucky. Big ice it. He has a meaning usage yeah I agree let's have it in let's have different leadership makes no excuses doesn't worry about heavenly kiss butt and play that game. And B and now he was hung out to dry thank goodness though you know he got to. He got reelected so now he's got a chance to maybe helped to. Fine with his vision bitty spoke out and that's what I'm asking about when he's on here with us in about forty minutes yet ask about the vision one of the things that. I think works very much and John Boehner his favor and I didn't notice to a few years ago I'm pretty darn actual war. That congress volts on the speaker. Meaning the Democrats. Can vote for who'll be speaker of the house is going to be console let's just say. I hundred. Republicans. All voted for a peck peck Gil hope big dome or whoever. The other 335. All the Republicans and every Democrat could say no we want Boehner Reid and speaker. And it's just a matter of you know what direction of the Democrats would again kudos to it but you know if people a different political party you know of persuasion vote in an election. Radio vote the crazy Tea Party guy to it's easy for your candidate to actually beat the general so Haiti do you vote for crazy Ted yell all. Yes you did you say we want our address it in the crowd how to how do you work this one out under a Democrat so. It you know does it do they go with the of the of the guy they know of the got they've worked with they can demonize and apparently is cool with that all our. But I say yeah shuttle back home or will back whoever will Brecht in and try gal or whoever wants decided they wanted us to. Oh interesting things going on in Washington and obviously they're big they're gonna have an impact. And really about my question is instead the personalities. In and making it and that's you know a lot of times with the media tends to do. Let's find out what division is that congressman yell always referring to a talking about and can somebody like it to radio okay and he helped to unite. This congress so that they can have some level effective. Miss over the last. Two years of Barack Obama's administration. As he does have the power of the veto pen but that doesn't mean you should just open your hands and not try. You have to put things forward. And you have to keep him concise and you have to have the make him as simple as possible the reason for that is. Not just because people are. Are not that bright that's really not the biggest reason although that certainly is so. A consideration. That the reasoning you wanna keep it simple is the simpler that you can keep things. The more difficult it is for the left leaning media to spin it toward their agenda and to and make no mistake about it. When you talk about a vision you talk about and effectiveness of Republican Party talk about getting an effective message out now and approaching 2016. Make no mistake about it. You are not just up against the Democrats you were up against the mainstream. Media. That still has an enormous amount of power effectiveness of your nightly network. A broadcast still. I mean it has a huge impact. On Americans. And sometimes you know we're in the woods we don't see you know where in this forest that is talk radio that is Fox News it is the Internet. It is Drudge Report. That is bright barred etc. so we're getting it. Different sources of information. Porsche we're getting ate a better O what I consider a better perspective in many cases. But you remember a vast portions of of of America are not. They're not into that. Am I gonna make fun of people you know dancing with the stars and all that because if you if you were halftime in two and one who enjoy yourself with what every consider a form of entertainment I'm not gonna take him away from anybody but. Let's just be honest there's a lot of people that don't data de pay much attention to what goes on to Washington. They catch a SoundBite here in the air and it tends to come from the mainstream media. And it tends to shape their opinions. 627 on the Bob Rochelle which famously and have somebody. Football that was last and why you were to. I can't judge read your note and a delay of wickets got a report of people now boys playing Green Bay at 1 PM on Sunday the eleventh that says vomit. Dollar cap and a Green Day. You don't want people vomiting degree day you're seeing him vomit is. The Dallas Cowboys playing green and yet Soka. As well and I have read and Mike. Hull. Because you never now he's expansion teams I can't keep track of Amal. There's a couple of basketball and hockey teams I'm not sure where they're really from the vomit cowboys in America. Is Chris Christie gonna be there to finally I able okay I'm here Robin is Delhi on Jerry Jones or why yesterday was just sick. First first thing I thought less and no offense anybody is overweight god bless you but. But the guy. We bypassed. He's still on telephone line. And here's Robin himself up against Jerry Giles after that game I yesterday against alliance and articles there bypass. I don't fish. OK if at not at a and I really can't say much about Chris Christie on the radio because. I will get fired yeah I told you I find it to marry him then I saw a show of his tongue down Barack Obama's throw. But after the sandy hurricane. That was I was done them if people took it would have Jeb becomes the candidate what would you do. I could vote for Jeb. If Chris Christie becomes the Republican nominee. I don't care who the Democrat is unfolding for real I'm voting for Hillary noble for Elizabeth Warren I will vote for Obama barring the constitution. I will not full. His Dallas cowboy fan doll makes him on electable. I don't care to get rid of Obama care I don't care reports that a fair tax. I don't care wait what about what he fits what if Rick Perry's running in the Republican ticket. He's from Texas I imagine he's probably cowboys fan that Malcolm I don't look I can't help you know those on which you talk about a Jersey guy. That disgusting piece up. We're gonna go over 629 on about a crucial which Anderson. It's seven separate reality of fire that your 9759825. Yeah because you lose it vacation time don't ever get get at least six months into the year. Good news talk 97 points or this guy. It's not black rose show on 97.3. Hundred sky it. There's been ten yellow is gonna join us on the Arizona side of and guy he has cookies out there on a sather race to be speaker of the house so is Louis go mark from taxes. Until will we'll get the real deal from the congressman himself veered from. I've from the horse's mouth C can identify and counting him. They are large animal veterinarian that he is. 640 don't about rose showed Sanderson and house as well happy Monday back to the work and we can back to a brand new year. What's in the news a lot allege what county trying to pay four of road repairs. The voters voted against attacks in two separate occasions and now that I know of they haven't really made. I huge effort for decades to take care roads. They were able to you know make it look like they were living within a budget when they were stealing money that should have been applied to. I tearing far roads it was very irresponsible. Most people responsible for that Volvo I mean basically they've ruled the roost furlong time the folks that are left to center. Oh really don't really like vehicles funny email number and stuff that's fine but they don't really like you drive you should be right the bus. You know we had a city planner the worked in the city Gainesville who wrote in a book the congestion is good it forces people to use public transportation or walk and ride bicycles. I'm all for those things. But NASA forcing people being punitive. I think congestion is good that's why we have traffic lights and every single corner in the miss timed on purpose. That's also lie roads have not been repaired effectively for very long time. There is discretionary money there is money they can be found in the budget. I mean former commissioner let to a county commissioner Susan Baird. How how is she out receive she's been there she knows about it. Now. And here's what she said. In an email. There's twenty million dollars a year that you can find if the majority of county commissioners choose to find it. Between the MT PO. And DOT funds discretionary spending social programs there would be more than enough money to pay for roads let me give you one example. They're seven million dollars in the failed choices program that could have been used for the Medicaid bill. Now we have had to pay eight. Their first three million dollars budgeted for conservation maintenance this should be self sustaining. Six million dollars of gas tax misused for. Right away mowing pothole filling bikes and sidewalks when it should go to Rhode repaid meant and I can find another four million wasted spending. Let's look at library taxing districts it is 6%. And generates fifteen million per year. Now how many actually use the libraries or this amount of money. You could reduce this 30% and still have enough for a great library program. Get ready for a special tax to fund roads. Now from Susan Baer former elect to a county commissioner. So but she knows where some of the money siding she's overturn some of those rocks now will take you know the commissioners the last to have you know. Some courage to go by Edmund move forward on that. And you Sam money that's what you have to do we have to find the money you have to move things around. That's that's part of the gig as part of the job. And take care of the roads. People don't want any new taxes you have not been good so is Stewart's of of the tax monies they you've received. So you know get to work. And quit asking for you know another form of revenue to come via attacks. Get to work. Interesting too because. You know speaking of taxes. And you know trying to look for revenue streams. I think that Ed trade though is under a lot of pressure he's the he's the appraiser. Tax appraiser for less to a county. He's under a lot of pressure to generate raise revenues because they're looking for more money more money more money more money to government. Gloucester county. I decided I guess they're gonna have all the things that a municipality provides which is ridiculous. I know I ride all over these all the counties on a motorcycle news counties and have such lower tax and we do. The roads seem to be in better shape than ours how how to they possibly manage I didn't see crazy crime Gurney thing going on T had a day. A man Stephen under control and see buildings burning down to how they managed to do all that and keep their taxes low. Unbelievable. So here's something that popped up you know when he give blood in the air to the life south people you know you give it to you know they sell to hospitals. Right. Why did they sell at all because he got to recoup some of their cost senator others people working there. They have a building there and that's where appraiser Ed critical kind of says you know what. You can. Because some property here. We did this tax that. At issue according to Gainesville sun is as much as 243000. Dollars in property taxes. Kevin Hyde Jacksonville attorney argued on behalf of the nonprofit organization like south people. Before a special magistrate Yvonne yank or Yankee. Told her life south officials are puzzled by the property appraisers scrutiny. It is interesting isn't it this is a a not for profit entity. Now some people to say all weather air their make him plenty of money. Well you know what do you wanna go through with a fine toothed comb and go through all not for profits. You could do that. You can do that there look today they employ a lot of people. You could just get you could just completely. Cut them off you could just say no you don't have that status inning when he attacks and they continue to do and provide the services that they provide. And they have to raise the price of blood what's in the hospital would have to pay more and and the year RD complain about higher hospital bills and cost they would have to continue to go up higher and higher and so. Did you really get that tax money out of that building. When you're really gonna hit it eventually you're gonna pay for it somewhere you know pay for the cost of higher blood. You see how that works in other words not there's no free revenue stream. If you wanna apply attacks to some thing and then that will be have to be built into the business model. And now we'll have to be passed along to over the consumer is in this case the consumer are people who are utilizing the hospital. And a lot of times for emergency care. So if you got an issue where if not not for profits well that's a pretty big issue and we can address that. But in the meantime. You just decide because somebody has a nice building that you're gonna take him on inside attacks are building because you're under pressure there. Under pressure to generate more revenue of and make sense to me. 647 on the Barbara show. They've 779759825. And a congressman Ted yellow up at 705 state to. Negative overall. Well little move. What did Joe The Plumber is still have been here everybody it's Monday January 5 thank opportunity MJ had a series with the as well enough. It can keep in touch with us take us out on FaceBook dot com slash this guy you can always. Female heroes And get the tune in radio app for your Smartphone. As to give the game to game while I was on the beach the other day you out very nice. A year old each other and I. Thought ha ha ha people though like you and I talk about it and deletions are gonna Berkshire. Died yet. Now of just because one person gets his increase in the law that you buddy of people that that's it. It's like. Really how much do you care that you Gaudio way to comment on FaceBook several times it. When I post on there it's FaceBook for crying out loud really but it are tight ends anyway. You can also get the podcast. You can do that by going to our web site the sky 973 dot com we also passed off perks they do a lot of money so check that out. Congressman Teddy always gonna be on the show a 705 quick thinking by IJ put an interview together is very timely because. Congressman yellows don't his hat in the ring. To be possibly speaker of the house. And he was on FOX & Friends this morning and we have a little clip from that he can you pull that upper might put you on the the spot there. He was he was asked by Brian Kilmeade. You know what the deal was as far as being a speaker that. I think the biggest thing and I hear over and over again you know I've been their. And over again you know I've been there for two years we ran on the Washington lacks leadership and I've been there for two years. And we lack of leadership than we lack vision of where the country's going and I hear from members not its just not me feeling this. I hear over and over again that we need new leadership and I hear from older members and I hear from younger members. But without somebody willing to step up and put their name in the ring. There is not an alternative and I didn't wanna go into this congress with the momentum we have from the November elections without the ability to change leadership that. And that makes sense Lou we go Marty since you know tennis on his name in the ring to sell these at a Texas he's pretty popular guy. So we'll see how this goes a Leggett said we'll have a conversation with congressman Ted yellow as 705 this morning so stay tuned for that. Turkey creek days here on the air. Yup I don't have anything to complain about read about not just want to show some of them but you. One dollar bear. But they just let it started up even though you may mean that make me happier whatever. Sincerely mr. oh win you're not on my radio morning. And with the passing of Stuart Scott. You know the saying and other does your people in the media but I don't think people in the media realize how much part of our lives that you are and I'm just glad that. If you guys act this morning. Rogen have another year arguing about stuff. What happened about. A little emotional it's more than just listen all the memorials about Stuart Scott. But I ardently about how much I missed you injury and weren't. And holiday season and I was glad to your voice this morning ego my call. And anything else sort of do it in the morning get ready go to work. And much as we shoot eight. That's for the new year and I'm looking forward to it every one. I got. Thank you very much and very happy new year teller or on a bust of the bar now ice skating dollar not. I sodas they is the essence of of human life. To be happy is to be loved it and to be needed. And definitely. I've you know we've gotten a kind of response is part of the reason why eight. I think we go into doing what we do and I just like look meet growing up in in me even today you know I listened to people. Or watch people on TV and you know I kind of feel like I'm part of their world and their sub a bond there there's no doubt about it so really have a receipt dia. The heartfelt thanks Aaron Stuart Scott from ESPN. Died at the young age of 49 a battle with cancer and apparently he did really battle. Upon release behind a family it's gonna miss a minute and a family of viewers and co workers are gonna miss him very much as well and yeah its success story hey it really appreciate the call well. Congressman Ted ELO is gonna be on the air with this coming up next we're and ask him. Are you the next speaker of the house Louie go mart is also thrown his hat in the ring. And you know why this turn of events there's a lot of folks have been happy with John Boehner for a long time we'll talk about coming up.