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Bob reviews the film "American Sniper"

Jan 20, 2015|

Bob Rose - Jan 20 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. Rise and shine that's really get this over. Brothers and sisters W back to the work that we that's a good thing no delisting of the Bob Rochelle I'm Bob. And. They say solid gap the other do we get yeah. I'm Jack brought to buy Hayes jewelry which is soon going to be what pace prestige prestige chase that's who sit on the sign outside. That's my conduit of information and here I almost. Espy who unless you're hook als and hood. Pay laws are gonna ask you about. If if oil cured cancer. What is still be an evil thing it in the eyes of the lefties this body will now. Oh yeah is unity here the latest. Is too cheap. As today's column always good to have people are losing their jobs oil industry people are losing their jobs because gas. Is to sheet. The left has no concern for the oil people. Here's the deal not the fact Halliburton types but you know I mean boy hit the lefty progressive leaders who tell everybody else title live you know that drive a nice fancy. European car. But tell the rest of us to ride the bus those people. Those people make decisions like you know where the you know cities and counties municipal funds to how they how they are on retirement. Is gonna be invested any byline energy stocks because much they hate oil. They still see it as a way to make money. So now there are sat their like hey this is gonna affect city budgets and everything. Which I think of course is hilarious. I just wondered Jack if well cured cancer would derby and those people on the far left actually go well maybe it's not that anything is still are now. It's kind of like the other dude did fall is that that save the children out of the burning building. Turns out he's the one that set the thing on fire in the first place try to make himself look like a hero same thing okay oil gave me well it can't Europe. That way when they cure it hey look we cured cancer I never see I never put that together. You're good night in this early in the morning to impress. By folks we a lot of two to deal with this morning. You know I sometimes it's nice to still look and see like you now what's the lefty media you know what are they talking about. On boys circumcision. Spurs. Protests. Really. I remember this patch. I don't know fourteen years ago fifteen must do more than that. And I was I was in talk radio in Orlando and so we have to Tallahassee. And it wasn't a time it'd dangling chads and all that some also gone on but as a side day. There there are these big protests. For circumcision and I I interviewed one of the people. All there is looney tunes. I mean. That's a decision you have to make for your child whether you know that's something you wanna do or not but there are acting like you know it's the end of the world for the kid if you do that too. Don't you know they're against it like. If and I imagine I don't know I've. Anyway that's that's a big story from the Associated Press voice circumcision spurs protest. Remember this is right after Martin Luther King Jr. day. But tycoons shooting. Baffles. Hollywood. Nokia. I ON nine Tiger Woods is knee all happy now because his skier girlfriend. Is doing so well broke some records are some moments are named the point six million. Lindsay Lindsay our union. So that's it all all all well. Friday. I saw the movie American sniper Bradley Cooper. Did you you are using it since it is you know pagan and a knack. Oh please this movie. Reminder that in glorious bastards will be seeing. What do you mean. From the. Did you not hear that one. No brown I'm the movie Brad Pitt in glorious bastards Eric. What was a seemed. I don't know what's his face Seth Rogen tweeted that the about the you know the most seen in the third actively glories apparently of some Nazi trail but they're watching in the move. All that they are watching within the moving. Throw that. To Nazi threat to Nazi propaganda fail and that film where an error whenever. To hear about him and and Michael Moore tweet about I've heard yet yeah I did hear that yet so Rogen twittered the thing about you know. American sniper kind of reminds me the movie your watching in the third active and glorious bastards apparently as a Nazi propaganda. Peace so in other words they're they're caught they're all coming out against the lefties are coming out against the movie and I I think it's funny. Because. Lots of people who listen to this radio station watch Fox News thing we're talking about islets are American Jody as patriots. To watch a stupid movie as Seth Rogen and a killer in the the North Korean leader right. It's kind of like you know we must vote for Scott brown and sent him money because that's important. And look what happens when you start putting your faith to bludgeon. Individual man. Lamb now well. You don't put it in the individuals who put it in the thought behind it so going to see a movie. In out tells north Koreans say you know. You were gonna support. The freedom of speech etc. same thing with the buying up all the issues of that. Charlie. Magazine. Now the silliness that exercise in futility. All I can tell us about a terrorist first I guess in all I can tie is that this story about navy seal Chris Kyle. Is it true story. And it is relevant in so many different ways. It'll help people to understand and and hopefully better Jesse issues that are soldiers come back with the kinds of things they face in war. Although stills depicted via movie you don't really feel it that you get an idea I think and just what sacrifices they make what heroes they are how awesome they are. And and the mindset. You know. And and in the movie you know this doctor the psychiatrist asked him you know of of you know for some time toward unity things you don't want to do and all that no look you had a lot of kills and sometimes we of the unifil batter whatever he goes. Five by field but I feel if I feel bad it's because. You know wasn't able to save Allman Brothers. Like pick like I should got more. It's some I thought it was really I thought it was well done. And you know today you know at the new controversy this guy. We've got the one about the angle earlier in the tweeting okay there's a new one ready for this seriously. There is some sort of outrage or making a big deal about. How bad the movie is. Just based on one single thing. They eat in one scene apparently used a fake baby. A fake baby so so now all the movies now worth seeing so dramatically. Because they used a fake baby in one of the scenes. I'm serious business putting me in a fake baby. Like one dialect paper machine you know it's kind of like a rubberized. Saying it's you know. I don't know if it's totally it might be somewhat robotics a wiggles a little better Summers fake baby. CN Hollywood if you if you filming in California. They have really stricter rules might give a bunch of babies hanging out just to get rate of film a five minute shot keep naral day in a hot sun no science. Now I've. He put a lot cars are for. No dull plug in May be in a locked car and you're gonna explain to people. Nights it's because you know there's people out there that would while yet the economic hit all day high tech I agree with Hollywood on us one. About the use of fake David that's for all. We noted there are parents. That tortured their children for years upon years to they got to go on like celts length when their nine. Now from all the world of drag it around to different you know try out is that Abby and here comes a whole load you know trying over actor and his the rest of the crew from medal dirty Harry directed at thing. Used a rubber may be a I had. Cult film does in fact. That's that they're saying it. It's really have a sniper to Varitek it's a real thing. They're tacky things. There are attacking the movie and what it stands for in any way that they can. Because they can't attack it straight out what they want a deal what they want a say in holly weird to far left progress with the wanna say is. NL it if we could just get rid of this military that is so awesome. Now we do we get along with the rest of the world so much better things discovery of the military. Course they don't understand that. I'm not gonna say it's too early analog I don't understand yet. 64 our show 67 genome above Rochelle I would. Now about them cops we'll talk to friends stared at 805 state to news talk 97.3 this guy. If any you have problems that you like talk about it then you don't understand him and his family rush hour. Did you actually it really starting school. He and. Absolutely gorgeous. And whether we've been having paradise my friends. Thanks for joining us actually two on the Bob brochure along with. Change is it coming but still great service and a break stuff. All right I text and win tickets to the LPGA. Golf event coming to Ocala. Text the word golf. As in you know the game that is in the body of water gulf to seven to waited one of one winner gets paired tickets to the codes LPGA golf championship presented by Arnelle carriers. And that is the event itself is taking place January 28 that weekend golden Ocala. Tech's golf to 72881. This need Danner once today and then we will I have winner by 930 and of course. The text to come back and say you're a winner if you are if you're in now. And there's nothing I can you. She can still bring me breakfast. Blueberry pancakes that I'm kidding in Cuba. Gotta be good not as good as Jenkins j.s like on a serious mission I'm on Micah. Was I keep it on a mission hardcore. As were thirty four's yesterday. Thirty force Mack truck bypass. All but in all fairness it. They're like this one pair of thirty fours that either. I don't know mislabeled have already come her way to thirty sevens now they were always that they'll probably say a big but yeah so I Wear him every once while just to sag. And where I'm used to. How the market those low button on load on the front of the homeboy gonna stomach. For a more on him there entered tonight. Yeah and in my appendix is still kind of has the bot mirror and later an area. Hey is that done. He's barely Dunlap all over it. Now I'm on tonight net department I think of no complaints well I was working in the yard yesterday nice now. This part of it I don't think you can relate to. Yeah I know you work in your yard you do what you know and you've come along way and you get near an all that stuff and has great. When I have a mortal enemy. It is the OK let's say the sunrise in the senate long since. Why just one mortal enemy yet Lee went yet we had the squirrels. Well school been receding man I think got home. I think you the al-Qaeda of squirrels is on a run. Okay Obama who can cut it miles and that's cars are a lot as well I said al-Qaeda squirrels are dead yeah that's why sent out like that right. So let's just say the beauty of a sunrise and in the beauty of a sunset is like. You know that's from god it's like they're you go you silly humans there's something nice for a night. Up prickly vying the vine grows its wrangles trees that can grow to be a sickness of Osama. No rip a man's hands literally apart the sat. That part of nature that's the doubtful that's the devil incarnate he comes out of the ground. Like from deep in the bowels of hell and it were always and it is. Virtually unstoppable. Yeah because we don't have sense pars and I'll have I not tell us serious verse we're talking about vines. These signs at all of their sole life like that. I'm afraid series it would pull him down off the trees only about a gonna wreck at a gonna wrap around me and strangle me like a boa constrictor. That's the kind of finds him talking about in their all over the yard border would give him and show. If I got nothing I'm Zoe and management here again. I may still go to jail I don't know. Who's who of vine corpse rules book the pool or. That you add it have you had a run in where these these vines from hell these serpents of Satan. We get and other kinds of I don't nature's so all of although I'm telling you this is the it it this is the you know there's a direct line. Via these guys now. Now pulled any you know when you throw in the fire jags game and they kind of like spark like circuit. Rush. You know on the same day shoot out sparks. Kind of it's it's weird it's like it. Antonia. They're don't they're demonic. These vines. Let me ask if anybody knows and I'm being serious. How do you effectively. Get rid of these vines. Is there is there away and now I'm not talk about 45 I'm talking about probably fifteen of those things coming up around every tree. In my backyard in the back in the backyard and I have a lot of. I mean it's unbelievable so if anybody has any ideas and and the that manufactures that you know you spray on there to supposedly goes to the root and killed nine and now. Now they laugh at that and that's like an American comics appear on stuff Toronto. Oh we've done that and that's slightly more effective. So I'm imagining that the concentration I would need for to be totally effective. Would probably get to the would probably turn into a Superfund site. Where you know I mean it takes care problem bode yeah plan. Yeah but again that he'll grow crops that party around Null and know more about it. Our own. It will contaminate the ground for like him my hundred million years thirty years ago people he's controlled oil little hole on the ground and set on fire that it oil changes just from Ackerman here all of a sudden your route knock on us a good thing they did Kennedy's what do you know let go back now. I'll let us come back out deputies want you to believe that. Are we have a colleague at that information isn't it we'll go from there six only down about Rochelle you I guess summing up. Great deal of a cure for the vines from hell. But I have a warning Kazaa a things truly are the bottom. Satan. If you get out and I didn't find the bonds of trust themselves until letters which saved up my diet I would call elections something you're never gonna get rid of them. Spot. Appreciate it now here you're probably. You probably right on now on which by the way. Go to FaceBook and check out our association with this cool paranormal things come into Ocala. And maybe they can help. Drag help me out kill the vines. No doubt. About our and a Mikhail Berger who are welcome to go Erica. Now let her very Mitt they're all grown out from Blair so a lot of our. Her rivals broke out from up a better did you hear him like a potato. While I know OK all right so I gotta get I gotta go around in the room spectators and good. Yeah I don't know what goes. I can't imagine some being good although. I kind of a fresh pineapples and if you name no doubt was a look so weird and rough on the outside he'd never know the sweet juice that is within. They appreciated six way not on a Bob Rosie OJ Anderson as. In the house we've got a lot to talk about your calls to 8779759825. Cheap oil is bad I'll stay alive. This. Show on these. Sky. 640 and above road show. And why. Happy Tuesday hoping for a lot of us enjoyed don't go by really quick especially with a Ali good. To be snappy information I have for you handout while not all the news is good. Will get to via. Japanese. Couple a Japanese folks are being held by ice this. And the other being held hostage so we'll get into that a little bit. I brought earlier. Got these invasive vine so all in the backyard had problems with a before. You round up another type products like dad have had a some limited effect to. But really even when it's is to a more concentrated level and then of course take the risk you know killing other Clancy mightn't you might wanna say so you've got those issues and I just wonder if anybody had a I an easy way and I'm talking about these big vines that grab hold of the tree climb up the tree and basically choke it out I mean some rumors stick users Thalmann. They are huge I I literally I had these big heavy gloves on and I wrapped. The vibe like around my hands a rope. And I start pulling with all my body weight like pulling away from the tree like a later Clyde steel horse pulling a wagon. Enemy went all the way up the trees and just kept coming coming common and am glad that it didn't I guess it didn't. Love it broke on the main thing is you got to get it at the bottom at the base. Marquis got some help for me on this issue. Few. Jerry you're. I mean we're in general or whatnot so I quit when it does get blocked back. Roll up some other route or somebody else stock. First talked to our call whether it would not shock is going down into the roots. And what that are ill. Inside the bag where weed killer. And overtime. To limit each one. They or is nobody had drugged out into the room and will eventually chill out yeah. That aren't. Yeah that's similar to what I found online somebody says you know some of the roundup helps to to get the some of the jobs until some back. And then they use rush beat go on which I'm not familiar with that but apparently he kind of like. Take the individual stands and like pain a little bit on this is so that you don't get it on any your other plants he wanna keep you know spray it hit a swath. You just hit the individual. Stems coming up and apparently this this person in Georgia says some level of success there pressure on the opera or show you guys aren't. What did you say and yet at opting I hate it. Agree with the last on this one but it's really not a good thing at all. Saudi Arabia trying to destabilize Russia because there. Ram with a new note debt. They get it down below 407 dollars a barrel now about forty this girl and heard out well what are cracking. That it would destabilize it around on the bank in Russia the Ruble work that the shopping. Using that as. Is starting point it might hurt it ordered billet that different countries back yeah. Saying that he's desperate drop at all. Well the other side of the coin is if gas prices go up and are we also empowering and paying for. You know Russia to continue to try to spread out now because they're they're gonna try to do this no matter what. Now the problem. As part of it or not really because remember Robert 90% of our oil now is eight domestically. Where imported hardly anything at all we keep Russia in saint we asked aspect eat eat eat eat happy. I keep trying to spread out in order to get more energy. Picture or negatively. Bet Saudi arabians. Right elders are they can't it ordered her OPEC begging he Arabia to stop dropping the price and they still won't do it. Okay well I. A case so I see which are getting at my understanding is it's gonna hurt fracking before a war hurt Russia from the perspective of cost per barrel for Russia's still a lot cheaper than it is for fracking so a dramatic cut price actually were hurt us more and worse. Would slow. Russia down in there and think he in my slowed down but no matter why make no mistake about it. Russia was gonna be on the move no matter what happened energy prices so that's the one where another they're they're on the move in one way or another it appears there helping Iran in one way or another. Ran second to stop what they're doing. So from that perspective. Wayne your on the Bob Rose show. Good morning probably our worst mud villages on a regular basis. You can expose the in her apartment in the Cadillac potato and and do you met a lot to talk about time consuming but it will. It will eventually take all the the issue is. 9% of bonds compliment tuber Cadillac potato. And you have to get rid of that Q because you may kill the fortune out of that that particular vibe coming from. But it'll just compliment Evelyn you almost got to dig it out and keep ignorant follow that route you'll find Newbury got to remove the bowl. Section of that route to Denver to get there ought. Wow. I mean based on this based on the size. Of my yard. I've got I'm so don't one point six acres but departs this heavily wooded like dad I would say is probably. Less than probably a third of an acre maybe. But I mean in some sections. Your talked in. Fifty vines and now some may be attached to the same potato so as he makes a toolbox. Pass down that removed. And now I actively you know Iran is probably the way to do it but boy. That's it's a lot of work but maybe say day once you do once he won't. Have to do it again so maybe it'll be worth it. That's it's it's them. Nasty nasty we're talking about binds us we're gonna back here trying to clean that up a little bit. Gas prices are expected to stay under three dollars a gallon throughout 2015. And many other related story that is from car lots to city budgets cheap oil means change. And lady Gator. No longer with team got into a little bit of trouble details on all those things coming your way at 647. Alibaba Rochelle low which. 97.3 this guy. The clock government spending shouted out I continue to key witness John. How is that they get then they did killing themselves on not seven point three and a taste so good sky. 652 of the Bob wrote so long would. Gas prices fell another seven cents last week national average settle at around 207. In Gainesville average price of on Monday it was 215. Down from last week's 227. And crude. Oil remains at the lowest level since April of 2009. The price for a barrel of WTI. Settled at 4869. On the exchange New York exchange that. Settlement is 33 cents higher than a week before and two dollars and 62 cents higher than the settlement last week. But oil prices could continuing a downward trend moving into this week but overall. Gas prices are expected to stay under three dollars a gallon threw out. This calendar year soul to me that is good news. For the economy. However from the Associated Press cheap oil doesn't always. Doesn't only mean cheaper gas in the tank it means that a car dealer and Illinois. If shuffling the inventory of models he is he'll be selling. More students in Wisconsin. May get school provided ipads. Some planned projects in Southern California will get delayed no words. These are things that'll happen as a result. Of low. Energy prices. Because. They have invested. In that. In ways large and small plummeting oil prices are now reverberating through businesses town school Stanley budgets causing confusion in changing. Plants with prices having fallen nearly half and six months the potential impact has been sudden and wide ranging. It is interesting new meeting UC. So much in this but it didn't seem like there was. So many articles when gas was so high brow was hurting the family budget. And how was hurting our local businesses that say run delivery or that it to have you know people that show up at you know at your house to repair things. I've I'd get the fact that it's bad I guess from the oil industry and I've heard of people who wore in the oil game and in Texas or whatever. Losing their jobs because this town but again. As does nobody in the oil industry be energy sector. Trying to plan for a rainy day today think camp prisoners to keep going up and up and up by now which repaying 850 a gallon. You know I nice to build a school might be by an iPad for the kids and and Wisconsin why. Because they have extra revenue announcement on school buses as of actually lowering school taxes are gonna pilots and that's money out. Our judge and some businesses aren't passing along with savings. Delta Airlines which now projects one point seven billion dollars in fuel savings into when he fifteen. No adjustments are envisioned at least in ticket prices there. So they use oil as all we have to have fuel surcharge we have to do this we have to do that when the oil prices drop. A lot of businesses don't wanna pass that savings along I hope everybody remembers who doesn't who doesn't. Now this keep that in mind. Was cut me a break his passing along and who's put this hysteria. Mo here on about Rochelle. About because I'm Andre entry if you got booed like rated picture actually her real LT I guess you apply. And got them out of it's hard to go down in Albany can break would hear any thing. That and if I'm good good make sure would treat any categorical situated amber traders will be big street and good. All of those regarding going to a reporter down in particular good at a given date and are actually. Public rhetoric here each region. That's what I would do it. Yeah that's. Yeah I've again I'll consider that tenure on the Bob Rocha. Our Bob at a couple other children bring your a bit without a great deal bamboo. Now hold on Cuba. But what I uses them locker CommVault book the crowning a collector Earl. Wood about create better. So I figure him for a black belt herbal fine until about what we feel like single bamboo. So are working great it's hurt at all black ever think number. I appreciate the appreciate all the advice and all the tips. Cumin and I really do. Five we got a ton of stuff we got to get to this morning got to get serious agenda Bob Rochelle OJ Anderson hang on.