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Todd Chase on the Bob Rose Show

Jan 23, 2015|

Bob Rose - Jan 21 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Show on these three this high. 7 minutes after 8 o'clock a lot of local it's about Rochelle are number three were good together every Wednesday. Time Jack brought to you by Hayes jewelry with the answers always Jessica digital city commissioner Todd chase in the house. Biggest used to talk about tonight at 5 o'clock you don't that are either work at let's start off on a good note. You son nick chase fifteen points last night for up duels the bobcats won so they won their district. And I he had four threes as part of that effort and you know our general manager sun now. Brian and they're he's going to yeah Bryce shall foe he is and he got to scholar athlete of the week and it was last week some like that so. Big kudos to Buell scope bobcats Amanda you know I three in my kids bobcat. Learn out all three of mine are now and provided no now what I knew then. But hey you know what I could tell you about us about your ease taught by your kids all time and their high school last night was. Yesterday as it was a great day out I was at work. I rarely go to road games because whatever I'm busy we're all busy you know some got stuffed on a meeting here and there yesterday to say you know what a moment ago on the surprise of so I drew her or spark and around 6 o'clock last night and watched a game and he had his best game of the year. I won their district and as those critical so Sony cannot contain lead and man. But he investors three time national. Goes by too fast our boys are juniors and just think and prefer something about where they're going to be a year from now things and they'll be deciding what they're gonna do we're going in and they're exciting time but it's also. It's kind of strange in the end it's a jets tonight it is it's time to change at three kids on your house right you've you've got 33 guys. I don't know I would say an altar here gone tied and you just worked our way. If you talk some people little older wiser than me and it never really again I don't know ya Rihanna is in Tampa. Dailies is senior and Robby is sophomore but thanks for asking in. Must gray you'll pay when I left the house my mom moved into a one bedroom apartments and maybe that's. Remember I had a florist leave one at that point. Well it has we're talking about right now whether we're gonna downsizing now we hate to do it. One of the reasons why. With to downsize improbably move out of the GRU footprint area is because of the high energy bills we've we've Todd we've done everything we could to our house. We changed all the windows out all the appliances. We got insulation and still in the summertime we have bills that exceed 600 dollars a month. And we do not running air conditioning excessively it's not an excessively large house it's less than 3000 square feet. And and which is basically between now and attacks is of of about 4000 dollars a year. At pushed us out we're we're we're just working people Todd and I guess we just game's puzzle too rich for our blood. Amir until it's turn a story from so I mean we've we've we've I've heard dozens of an office in terms of the a utility bills currently they are and they are certainly high and you know we've talked about as many times on the show here. How we got here on pin and where we're going so I mean I think you know Bob sadly. End of the best we're gonna builder for awhile is. Just stay where we are and hopefully not have a continue to increase. And as farce. In the chances of of lowering the bills since it's gonna be real tough to get over time is scissors and it shows you the importance in the magnitude decisions that are made. By the commission in regards to the utility it's it's it's something that in the media so the meeting tonight is about governance we. He's joining us tonight at 5 o'clock at City Hall correct and you're gonna talk about the possibility this isn't done yet the possibility of a governance board being formed. Now we'll active as a go between between the commission and the operations at GRU. Yes. So maybe what people need to understand is that the city commission but it runs Jerry you as well just like we do other things and in regards to that you know what what we've seen what I've seen is certainly I think that you know what we're gonna see from the audit that's happening right now Algeria and others is that bomb. These pretty clear that no politics and and and the politics of of of kind of one side majority you're really kind of push utilities direction that no professional utility would have ever gone. On me one when things come out right here we talk about it later but. Well you told us last time you were here that when the biomass plant goes offline GRU in a customer save a 170000. Dollars today yeah that's right or missile whatever it's. Close and sometimes some of the lower number one and it's and it's it's inept and about or whatever thirty years so we're actually right to go back to England. We got through the first year so. Mr. make you feel better. You know you used to be a naval aviator you can't get when your friends do quick fly by and get rid of the plant. Absent having an oops. You know well. Again social thought it was like he's not a thought it. Just kidding there on. There are brought honestly there haven't their own their of their own problems around some structural problems over there and and it's from some of the manufacturing from what I understand and you know love to see they're they're working on it right now trying to fix a place showdown after it's not uncommon for power plants have problems and it's not common. In the first year. To force cigarette and the biomass plant to switch over to say utilizing another energy source again natural gas or something has set. No now they can't I mean it these are decisions are made years ago yet that there are plans that that are able to do that moment but getting the governance a mean. So if anyone has a familiar out so we have two models closed by of utilities are larger than ours which is JEA. Up in Jacksonville and you see down in Orlando. They're both. If they're they're both municipally and so the city's own them in there and they answer to an independent board that's appointed by. By the the that the commission so. You know it to suggest that will quote remove politics completely from the utility is it's probably not gonna happen but what we can do as we can put. You know we can put more professionally. Trained people. That are gonna serve on this board. Two to basically give stability to it no give give better oversight and expertise into it and allow the utility to run as a business and when you say that. I sometimes people near the naysayers up ergo they're just gonna. Iran is like a business and you know we've scorched the earth and to do these things that's not what I'm talk about a talk about on every single professional. Says don't do a certain thing but we still do it because it makes us feel good. Or because you know somehow the commission's speaks for the majority of people whose city is says we don't mind paying higher bills. Because we feel good about this or that or we're doing our part. You know I think at this point the city Google's done done their part. To turvy feel about me as a climate change issue. And so we need to get on with running this inaugural business but the employees have some faith and stability of their management. What the saying goes be. Does either one of these models though you see your GA JEA in Jacksonville either one of them have a biomass plant and also. Other kilowatt cost per kilowatt. Power arm much lower than ours yet we know they don't Obama's plan OK there's not that the market Obama's plan is number I. An era last soccer's. Camera that dead at it in the end their rates earlier are lower and are certainly in an and up until very fair mean there's a big got their own challenges and and and and issues I mean. He of one of the greatest challenges right now and in the utility industry across country. Is trying to figure out the political pendulum on coal. Right so army is Louise as we've seen. You know I just I've always find it hard to believe that that the new powers or Washington or villages the coal industry be destroyed overnight which is going to be attempting and in many ways by this I spent some. Sides so. But make no mistake about it you know we're gonna continue to have questions about coal we have a coal plant the plant at the end of this road right here at national. Iran's rather efficiently and and his above all the guidelines set out by the EPA and now the other standards very well run very clean. We've just a 160 million dollars few years ago on it subscribers and and do things so in terms of of the emissions following we are it is one of the you have top. They're cleanest in a coal plants in the country bud but by a we're not running it up by executive power could the president just tomorrow saying no coal plants in the US and meet the standards are I want I don't think he can no anyway that's what we're learning in the EPA is. Yeah the EPA is. Stepping back over from their. I mean that's the that's the problem we I can tell you one thing well when I ran for office you guys say one of the I'm not a big fan of politics and I'm. In the Washington politics the worsened when the when I see what do what the Washington politics and again this it's institute cited. It's you know things here but there's there's no leadership just. You yell say your sound bites future base all fired up say what you need to say and do nothing and that's. That's and then at the end I mean it's kinda scary mean any of it lame duck presidencies is usually easily while he got store forced now. I listen. We'll get back on track wanna take a quick break it weekend Gainesville city commissioner Todd chase. Is announced talk about formation will board that would oversee GRU governance and of course that affects more than just people in the city because GRU serves. More than just that so will there be a representative from the county on our board I'll ask him that next age sixteen on about Rochelle. Box areas it is so USA HL IA MBA UGH yes three weeks. So I that price yeah three stocks. 21 Alibaba Rochelle live and local Sanderson and house but more importantly at least the next few minutes anyway had never said project for nasal city wizards could chase it allows. And we're talking about putting together a board that would oversee GRU. Operations. NASA representative Keith Perry was community's ability Tallahassee it kind it would. Force you guys into a position of doing that but your being sort of proactive and preemptive here's my concern about a governance board. Okay bottom line Emma customer I want to kilowatt hour charge the C I want to see it get as low as it can be. And I probably will never happen or can happen any time soon so other than that as wanna make sure they don't make any more bone headed decisions but in the meantime. Connor we just not adding another layer of bureaucracy to an already complicated situation. We could be a reality that's that's. We but I I think that again go and look at the successful models out there I think also it's important is that we do research. That we are you we're we're pretty large utility where we order the largest by any stretch but we're the fifth largest municipal and state and one of the most expensive and what that we are. Bomb but it's very common is their right this is the most common form of governance of the utility of our size. I don't doubt that cost per kilowatt hour is high. On purpose and what I mean by that is some of the same people that don't really like a striving to put a traffic light to try to squeeze lanes that make life difficult. They don't want us to consume a lot of electricity. So you have a tiered program that penalizes you if you a larger house of the woods they don't want you to consume a lot of electricity is is a punitive way for them to get people to and. Stern. Well certainly are raising rates is across country is and there's a way. Lieutenant becomes known as a way to. To promote conservation or urgent order forces. Then when everybody cut back. That have rates had to go up because the revenue wasn't high enough rules obsolete them and I happens on the waterside as well yeah particular water source. Are these are high fixed cost business I don't think that municipality should should only utilities because. It's too much of its attacks well it's a way to draw revenue in I think. Stick a fair question we've been having a discussion for awhile. Mean some of the reasons that I've heard from from us on my colleagues in the past but why why we should on the utility. It is so weakened you know do things for the city's so we can do projects that. That the only other other utility may not normally do and I'm not sure that's that's a good thing either because what they're talking about is there's who's doing deals like gore talked about and trust me. The near the biomass plant and that whole situation is not. The only deal that. It is that of freshly ruined that's not actually fair I had no jury duty professionally we've record cheery news professionally run. I think it is not professionally. Over. Overseen by. I think orgy are personally from my ex eight experience I think GRU is extremely professional I think they do an extremely good job. And I think in the past at least in some respects they've been very well managed they have to take their guidance and their marching orders. From the city commissioners and before you were on board died. They somehow wiggle worm their way into that terrible biomass thing but even before that they were still using GRU is a mechanism. To scrape a bunch of profits off the top to use for their pet projects and that to me is just wrong especially. I live in a county. I can't we serve by anybody other than GRU where island of I don't have a choice in it yet I have no voice because I don't have a voice in who gets on the city commission. If so I think if we change it we started a new former boredom I want her to be some kind of counting representational. The county has more than a third of our customers so account is an important part of our utility. But should say that you know county residents are com incorporated and I mean it's it deserved these are always issues that I think are important and you know I don't think this is a magic pill. But what outside is over time uncomfortable enough now with what I know now so four years ago I certainly. Could have gotten up here and they just set a bunch stuff I had no idea about I understand this stuff now a lot better. And and what I what I think is going forward in my life as I stay in Gainesville or fight leaving comeback. I'll I'll be comfortable that this is the right thing for the long term. But the city there's no solutions that are gonna happen overnight on what it's is gonna do is gonna I think provide better stability for the utility going forward. So allow him to make you the best decisions they can. You know talking about the rates and in the real time Bob what I'll tell you is that there's the other utilities average that are. You know that are lower than ours and some that are a lot lower than ours. Com we've been in the middle in the past we've had some that are higher. So these decisions matter. You know the the that the situation would natural gas situation with Kohl's situation with his renewables it's it's very fluid. The huge and edit people need to understand this the huge huge error of our ways is the fact that we are in but we're also a small utility. When it comes to our our power generation. And we have put more than 20% of that into this renewables. Which is incredibly expensive. And it Tennessee is a large part of our portfolio so when the large utilities and others do their renewable it's fractional piece of their production. And and they can blended in and they can react to the market better we can't we are being forced. Thick. This right now you have to buy a good record on grounds of power has produced forced to buy power no flexibility at all that is costing us I think whoever signed off on that including city attorneys everybody who looked at that document and signed off with bracket. I think he should find a way to bring a lawsuit against those people. Miss it it's costing us you setting yourself over a 100000 dollars a day. To run a biomass plant vs what we already had its above requirements and standards that's ridiculous and you know what instead of expanding GRU what they should've done is said you know what part of the county. Because we're not counting we're city we'll let them go let him go to Central Florida electric or clay electric let him go that's modest salary just trigger clear it's not a city decision that's a state that state laws well I'm gonna talk to keep Perry about turning I love my neighborhood. I love it I love our live live in the cat lived I love this area. And tied we're being pushed out by higher electric rates through GRU and high taxes we can't take it any longer and I drive up and down. You. Sugar sand. And potholes filled tower road that marvelous and I don't Irish singer fall you're sitting it's but it's it's on. Deregulation of the utility industry has some has been talked about in the state of Florida I think that it's something that we can. Talk about and and support if they do it but that and that is I mean we have people on our community have neighbors who have play. Electric who played much much lasts and and have other things morally that. So those are those are not things that we directly controlled by any stretch but there are certainly things we gotta say and more poor legal back to the issue on the down the governor isn't of the utility is I think it's a long term decision I think it's it's it the better positions. The the utility for the future quite frankly I think it's gonna make for better commissioners there got to focus their time more. On of the kind issues there that people should run for office for. Mean this is where were we all love our studio under his thoughts on why your want love Gainesville with a big most people love games on their city of their Gunner that they run for office. And but here we can spend more time be more effective be more efficient and stop this constant turnover of but Jerry you board members which are city officials are getting elected every year Soviets it's I think it's it's the right thing we'll see what that to rest the question thinks tonight. And ultimately we have to decide whether we wanna do this as a commission where we want to bring it to the citizens to vote and if we have to. Death to be a ballot initiative on points on that too but certainly don't get very very politicized. And you'll have public input tonight is most part of the meeting 5 PM as well terribly terribly as much public input as anybody wants to after my. Between nine and about Rochelle Gainesville city commissioner Todd chase always a pleasure to have you thanks for you know being an administrative guy and we did take stuff out on you man doesn't it's frustrating. That took us here Fatah age thirty and above Rochelle we've got a ton more stuff we wanna get too including. The State of the Union Address given by the president last night wastes based on that. Things are great they sell access.