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The Prez said WHAT at the National Prayer Breakfast?!?!?!?

Feb 6, 2015|

Bob Rose - Feb 6 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. Good morning and welcome and happy Friday about France 7 minutes after 6 o'clock. Six into the Bob Rhodes show. And it's Friday February 6 time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes jewelry when the answer is always yes. Very Catholic teachers getting you raise white springs of murder case the girls are freely for now. Brian williams' apology digging himself a bigger hole. But one of the biggest stories I think he is job. What President Obama said at a prayer meeting of all places basically indicting the crusades in christianity. Again for what's going on in the Middle East. I ever really exists. This guy's whacked how rusty as say it I know it's an attorney and that would speed up Obama day I. I'm sorry. But a life of me I. When people call a big all I he's a Muslim. I don't yeah he's muzzle and now it's like c'mon and really let's let's she'll. And more and more things he says and does or fails to do when this war on terror he can't even call it by Islamic Jihad terrorism. You can't even call it that. When it is no problem whatsoever. Prayer breakfast meeting. Calling out the crusades an event that happened what a thousand years ago. And by the way in this is really what I'm getting at because here's where even the mainstream media even Fox News and others. May not get it right and that is. Let's go back and talk about the crusades a little bit. Just because. I think that we have been sold all lie on the Allen through the years. We've been sold rely on that. That these power hungry popes in these crazed people. You know with the inquisition and did threat of a sword were out murdering people to you know push their religion. That's not what was taking place. This is like so many other facets of history. That should may have been. Coop did buy a the far left progressives. Because it fits with their agenda overall this say America is bad and evil and everything that we've been involved with is bad. Opened the crusades happened so. Long before America was even dusk governor quote unquote by the white man. But yet it's still it sits in the agenda. Because we are mostly Christian nation so they're far for we must be mostly bad. In the eyes of far left progressives. If they see religion as a GO gore a crutch or oral a fool's. Game. But yet they would never speak up and save act about the religion. Of Islam. I find that little interest today. Oh you feel empowered to speak up against christianity have no problem bashing edit any Terrence. Which are afraid to speak up against Islam you're fearful so early in other words I don't guts and mayoral courage. You know you just that slot with a big mouth or is still highly educated using Gizmodo. And everybody else but again you have no guts. President Obama. Yesterday. Turned down to those who seek to use religion. As a rationale for carrying out violence around the world declaring that no guidance. Condones terror war. No god condones terror. Where some of the push back against those who would distort our religion. Whether Neil no less stick ends. Obama made these during national prayer breakfast. He singled out the Islamic state group and in Iraq and Syria calling the militants. Death cult. As well as those are responsible for last month's terror attacks in Paris and deadly assault at a school in Pakistan. A death cult. Big guy use any term city tan. Tool void. The word is on being used in there. And in fact to any who want to use the word what was it ice this or ice or any of that because in it it's as Islamic state he wanted to avoid using that term. Obama offered a special welcome to a good friend of the dally Lama seated at a table in it in front of the die S. Among the audience of 3600. Earlier Obama seated at that table pressed his hands together in a prayer like position and bowed his head to the Dali Lama then gave him a wave in a broad smile. It was the first time the president and a Tibetan Buddhist leader attended the same public event. Which China objecting to foreign leaders meeting with the Dalai Lama because of his quest for greater Tibetan autonomy from Beijing. Obama's three previous meetings of the Dalai Lama have been private because of the sensitivity of the situation. That's a whole another uninteresting story. But it does show White House support for the Dali Lama mate senator senator. Let me get down. Let me let me get to be. The real history of the crusades. This comes from a guy who has studied at the crusades. For years and Amos Thomas. Madden. And he wrote this. Well I don't know exactly when he wrote it but he originally posted it to the Internet. May the sixth of 2005. I think that's important because I like it when there's a little separation of time. Other what's this guy isn't writing this in reaction to what President Obama said when he made his references to the crusades Annette. In a prayer breakfast meeting. He says the get you know as time went on as a crusade. Historian. Nam. I found the tranquil solitude of the ivory tower shattered by journalist editors and talk show host on tight deadlines eager to get the real scoop. What were the crusades they asked when were a day just how set an insensitive was president George W. Bush for using a word crusade in his remarks. OK so this dates back. With a few of my callers I have the distinct impression that they already knew the answers to their questions or at least they thought they did it. What they really wanted was an expert to say it all back to them for example I was frequently asked to comment on the fact that the Islamic world. Has a just. Grievance. Against the west. Doesn't the president. Violence they persisted have its roots in the crusades brutal and unprovoked attacks against the sophisticated and tolerant Muslim world were to enter crusades really to blame. See that's the lefty. Agenda. That's the leftist agenda of the progressives. Seat belt way they have some sort of moral equivalency. OC. The Christians did the same thing. No they didn't that's my point but most people don't know that. Even even Christians. A lot of Christians. Osama bin Laden certainly. Thanks so. In the in his various video performances he never fails to describe the American war against terrorism as a new crusade against Islam. Ex President Bill Clinton also fingered the crusades as the root cause of the present conflict in a speech at Georgetown University he recounted and embellished. A massacre of Jews after the crusader conquest of Jerusalem in 1099. And informed his audience that the episode was still bitterly remembered in the Middle East. What. Why Islamic terrorists should be upset about the killing of Jews was not explain. So where does that even fit. Clinton took a beating. On the national editorial pages for whining. So much to blame the crusade to get into this just a little bit further time to make sure that people understand. What had taken place. Because this is like a false narrative has been shoved down our throats. It's not true. 616 Allopod Rochelle. Every Friday we got a ton of stuff to get to including this top recruit for the gators. Which way is he gonna go CC Jefferson talk about that also friends appeared in a date news talk 97.3 this guy. I have worn mule I have been mule I don't ask you. Not seven point three sky. 611 on the Bob Rosh showed Sanderson in that house time Jack brought Q five prestige chased jewelry we answers always just happen Friday that it. We can't hear. I'll take its mostly nice to get me a nice weekend enjoy enjoy. To President Obama he's a prayer breakfast you know it does on a regular basis Siena bunch of folks there. I you know we gave kudos to the Dalai Lama and but he went on. Any said job. Unless we get on our high horse and think that this is unique to some other place remember that during the crusades in the inquisition. People committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified. In the name of Christ so it is not unique to one group of one religion. Obama said there is a tendency in us a simple tendency they can pervert and distort our faith. Well first of all pitted even understand what the crusades was all about did the crusades to make it simple was a defensive action. Yes the pope's. Of of of that time. Were aware people love Baath. You know. You can you can do a questionnaire character. In some cases sure that's not that's not unreasonable to do that. Now this is from a scholar who's studied the crusades. And he put this out years ago. He says misconception. About the crusades are all too common. The crusades are generally portrayed as a series of holy war against Islam led by power mad post and thought by religious fanatics they're supposed to have been. The epitome of self righteousness and intolerance a black stain on the history of the Catholic Church in particular and western civilization in general. A breed of pro tell imperialists. The crusaders introduced western aggression to the peaceful took up peaceful Middle East and then Joseph formed the enlighten Muslim culture leaving it grows. That's the popular picture. There's been shoved down our throats. Okay that's part of the far left progressive agenda to do this moral equivalency cedar Christians at the same thing that's a load of it's a load of garbage. He says for starters. There crusades. To the east the crusades city east work in every way in every way defensive wars. They were overrun. By the Muslims and the Muslims didn't didn't come and and and set up like missionary camps. They came man and murdered people. So the crusades to the east for sure. Where direct response to Muslim our aggression. An attempt to turn back or defend against Muslim conquest of Christian lands. Christians in the eleventh century we're not paranoid fanatics. Muslims really were gunning for them while most homes can be peaceful. Islam was born in war and grew the same way now folks this is sacked by the way this is all backed up with. Historical literature. While Muslims can be peaceful Islam was born in war and grew the same way from the time of Mohammed. The means of Muslim expansion was. Always. The sword did you hear that always the sword it was always the way in which date pushed forward. Muslims. Muslim thought divides the world into it to a steers. The abode of the Islamic. And the all bode of war got. Christianity and for that matter any other non Muslim religion has no all bode. No words it has no hole has no true home nothing's considered like all that's where the Christians left. No it has no home. Christians and Jews can be tolerated at. Within a Muslim state. Under Muslim rule so they can't be tolerated. But as long as they're following Mosul and roll they can be tolerated. But in traditional Islam. Christian and Jewish states must be destroyed. And their lands conquered. And this isn't something that came about recently as a result of us. Hang out with Saudi Arabia near the met near Mecca. Drilling oil wells. And engaging in doll all sorts of soft foreign policy that might be questionable NN NN. Oh no no this goes way too before they act. So you can't say on the west started to you know infringe itself in the Middle East near an end and an end now. That's now what history says. So Christians and Jews can be tolerated. Within a Muslim state in the Muslim world but in traditional Islam Christian and Jewish states. Must be destroyed and their lands conquered. When Mohamed was waging war against MacKay in the seventh century christianity was the dominant religion of power and wealth. As the face of the Roman empire it spanned the entire Mediterranean including the Middle East where it was born. The Christian world hair for was a prime target for the earliest. Callous. Anywhere remain so for Muslim leaders. For the next thousand years. Tell eyes wanna get Dan out there we might touch on it again in the future if you have comments 877975. 9825. At 627. A chance to win a thousand bucks coming up. In it's little or thirty minutes. Yeah and all you have to do is listen to the code word I'll give you right at the top of the hour at seven. And then you text that word of 272881. Message and data rates applies to good luck on that. Got some stuff to get to have some fun to desserts Friday that news talk 97.3 disguise. It's not a black rose show and I'm not Yzerman. This guy. Coach self jam today announced epic Friday healthy guy. Brian Williams trying to apologize. For. Missile remembering something manly you got a sack guys. You gotta miss not miss remember. Now as a drain line. You get now anyway for years Brian Williams did tell a story that wasn't true you you know Aaron. Thursday enough this real problems started most of military veterans and pundits came forward on television a social media. Challenging mr. Williams assertion that he has simply made a mistake. When he spoke on several occasions. About having been at any united states military helicopter forced down by enemy fire in Iraq in 2003. So and so far it's golfers resignation. And his apology this noise from the New York Times. It is apology mr. Williams said that he had been on a different helicopter behind the one that had sustained fire. And that he would inadvertently. Inflated the two. The explanation nerdy Natalie widespread criticism on radio and TV talk shows but widespread ridicule on Twitter under the hash tag. Brian Williams missed remembers. A Fox News analyst Howard Kurtz said the admission raises serious questions about his credibility and a business that values. That quality above all else on CNN's new data host Chris Cuomo said that attributing allied to the fog of war wasn't acceptable in the Internet would eat him alive. Ram Ryder USA today media consultant wrote targeting aliens gets past this and how we survived as the face of NBC news well. Not its NBC news the same people that actually put MSNBC. On the air the people that gave. Al Sharpton. Odd job. To go on the air and speak. Garbage. I'd to a national audience even though it's very small still national reach. This is NBC. Should we really be shocked and you know when we look at the bigger issues in the world and in house so many of their media folks have you know been lap dogs for this president is this really big deal Jack. I think the big deal is I wanna know what kind of a jerk. Brian Williams it's you must be pretty big jerk because. Usually these things can be. Forgot about now Dan look Dan rather was on his way to retiring anyway when he found those documents to prove the book is a lying scumbag. Who made up his. His military career which turned out to be false candidates have that type setting back in the day when that those documents would have been produce and rent rather was told that but he went when it anyway up but he was on his way out the door and it'd it's really not that big of a deal. Candy Crowley gets involved in the debate between Obama and and they're probably talking about the old little technically may I got to interrupt there met he did say terrorism when he was talking about the attack on bank got so don't act like he did say the word terrorism. People don't know what to say looks at what to get Republicans are big stupid liars. Now Candy Crowley has since retired but again she was there for what. A year and a half before she ended up getting to a decide to retire and give them they needed and certainly didn't diminish her role on C and I know you really made a big deal about the fact that there were other media outlets major media outlets not. Hannity don't missile thing right there on the would've hurt. But you know major media outlets that would be generally speaking. Cool with that because well count fog of war. And by the way what does he do this all three yes yeah. That's what bush got us into that war illegally in the first place and George Bush darn near got Brian Williams killed. Try to avenge his daddy. And that's quite a it will throw it but Alex and of what kind of a jerk has Brian Williams even the other media people out it doesn't mess. He will he probably will be the Ackerman BC. Here's the thing look we've all embellished stories to some extent I haven't except for you. On. Brian Williams doesn't need to do that pays already succeeded he is the anchor. This park. That is probably. I don't attorney job bigger than that in the media. I mean he's got the anchor chair. His and he is not a helicopter. In a war zone. That bad to me that's not really your flow and a helicopter hurt in a war zone to to bring this story. You're getting paid millions of dollars millions of dollars to guide makes. Joy gets you. I make millions of dollars a year if I did what I get on a helicopter go into a war zone I might but in all honesty I I would have to seriously think I'd be like. Would do I really want a check out at this point in my life. And and so I give them credit for being. For having the courage to do something like I know part of its ratings and ego and all that but really data side. It was dangerous enough what are they have to embellish don't staters of the living I'm not sure about is the exact timeline he was not the anchor at the time. Broke call was to be anchor he didn't take over I wanna sit elect all five some time. Nodded noted already been announced that he was going to be the anchor or is this kind of like. You know it's it's the down your meal for the job okay you know on an eagle down on the net and get quote quote shot act. Thought I'd dole all that was maybe the impetus or did that again he may have already been and it may have already been announced April calls gonna retire and you know eighteen months and it's me Brian williams' tar. Well but still is Curtis that he he did kind of corrected story at some point it's telling it to somebody I don't know how large of an audience it was. And and apparently liked the response it was down like. Helicopter took fire. Site. I'd why did you tell the story you know weird war zone and just an hour in front of us helicopter took an RPG fire we know. They had to land are bird you know that's that's a meanwhile that's crazy enough I love exhibit it it is worry was the anchor narrowing of that kind of stuff. Via its der people who very much support our military and our troops move and the war effort. That wouldn't go over there because as dangers of wood to even goal over there and not get shot at. That's pretty cool. I mean you don't need to embellish it would honorably in now would wouldn't he think when he speaks to a national audience goes on Letterman tells the story. That. He doesn't think there's going to be anybody who actually knows the truth who might come forward as his ego that big or one of it accounts. You know in his mind just a few military people trying to come out now just a budget now on to something yeah that's the only way I can say why he would can what do they have at Manhattan parties or not I rest my case you think Jimmy John about Rochelle. In the morning and I wanna say thank you or recording. For the great. It's such conviction. And straight forward recording. Buddy I am so glad you're somebody on radio station some quorum report. That true. What Islam is about what is happening to christianity. And allies are being perpetrated. But it all religion against christianity and out Christians are being persecuted all. Like your pay him. Is appreciated and anybody you know like me that news graces are important they purity you're used to say those late in the way he used to edit. I'm sure way to one this op. And would just be on the same way I'd do. Because we don't have the same form to get this message out. When we made it took note that under don't understand it at Mac. Steadied things about the Koran and about or have studied the Bible neatly as we try to do. And then under. True we are my. Ridicule. And spoken of schools so thank you for so intelligently communicating. With conviction you do. Thank you may I appreciated Jim I just I've seen the what does how the media is reacting to president Obama's statements. Where he goes back to the crusades are all saying. I'll or go back a thousand years are gone back a thousand years my point is when they go back a thousand years at least let's go back and tell the true story. Other crusades and their not doing that and I find that. So irritating. And I've got I've got more on that to come thank you for the nice call 646 on the Bob Rose shelling out. It's Sean Hannity at 3 o'clock you're Smart or stimulating afternoon talk some people are so don't on 97.3. The sky. 651 Alibaba grows she'll only chance is an epic Friday. So this kid CC Jefferson and now he's like god standout football player he was committed to go to University of Florida. Now things are going sideways because of his dad apparently now we did have a change in defensive line coaches but I saw him on TV ESP and you sign his letter of intent. Well apparently you have to be. I'd that you do you have to have a parent sign off on his nineteen years old. Did you join the military. Dog fight. Without his parent's approval. But you can't accept. A football scholarship on his own without up her apparent approving it. That's bizarre. Now some would say well they put that in place because you know the kids were being manipulated behind the scenes maybe they were given cars are promises etc. Allen makes an appearance you know that. I shall I think the parents. I act at this deal. Like so many other things I have to be careful. But let me just say this. I think the father's involvement in this scholarship offer. I think that his attitude of smells funny. A follow me on that something stinks that's all I can say. That's my thought on it it's my feeling on it. Some thin and is not a right and I'll leave it there for now friends beard coming in an eight. Sometimes he has the inside scoop boy always says he inside scoop to sometimes I gotta squeeze it out of don't snitch keywords coming up in seven minutes texted to 72881 message and data rates flight might win a thousand bucks. Which is nothing because. I'm gonna win powerball. And Iman is shared with today and everybody were quest. Makes me sound like I'm really generous. Actually we Alter into box thinking and sellers wouldn't. Large you're on the air good morning Bob mr. Williams as a consolation. That inflation not their ability definition as you. What Bill Clinton's anyway when it comes to the conflict between the Christians. And the buyout closely goes all the way back. Bible history wanna want to enable him very very bad chores while transport ship the crew separates. Beat multiple orbiter at all world domination at. At the portable soared as you already pointed out the pipes to side that we need to do is open about this they shut out the gentler crew took care of the problem like. A cheap answer that was spreading it doctor which was carted out but they didn't stop there and that's where they got the black guy that decided they should speak about options and then that looked like it might become cancer. But they wouldn't do it very good job currently Bob because the cancer. Is back and that's exactly what. Don't follow. Most are those lob art direction you are on the world that mr. Obama is not a very good doctor because all he's doing. Is beating the problems set of trying to values maybe a little Sheba therapy like her much. Yeah my understanding is from what I'm reading here is the emperor and constant noble. That actually put out the call and send word to Christians of Western Europe asking them to aid their Brothers and sisters in the east. Or being overrun. That's kind of how it started not not even necessarily from from the Pope although Pope urban to rule. Gets involved at some point in calls upon the knights of christendom to push back at the conquest of Islam at the council of Claremont in. 1095. And the response was tremendous. And here's where it gets interesting. Many thousands of warriors took the vow of the cross him prepared for war. With the way they in this story used to be sold to us was hades were opportunist who could go and plunder and murder in use christianity as an excuse. They were just people like itching for a fight type thing. Let me tell you something. Nothing could be further from the truth once again the far left. Agenda has twisted it around. They've basically won the information war on it even though they now have new technology computer models that they can actually use to study history more effectively. I'll share some of that witty coming up on the Bob Rhodes show. Yeah baby come on weekend. Scott lines are open 8779759825. Listened for air code word. Coming up in three minutes text it to seven to anyone messaging data rates apply. Good luck.