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Jay's back from Spring Training

Mar 31, 2015|

Bob Rose Show - March 31 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rhodes show on 97.3. Hundred sky. Oh good morning and welcome my friend 7 minutes after 6 o'clock. The Bob Rhodes show happy Tuesday. We'll get him to fill a simulator analysts what's going on tennis. Any as the world's. Thanks for June again. Salinger wide open right now if you wanna just right out of the gate 8779759825. Marco Rubio looks like it's up pretty definitive. Reserved a spot April 13 Miami's gonna make an announcement that. It Iran for president's pretty obvious he was on the five yesterday and you know I thought did a great job in the past when he's. Done some mud national appearances at times he appears a little bit nervous. And he was a bit but he seems like he's getting better and better and getting closer to the man I originally met in. You know. Tony's local living room here when he was running for senate. And so you know I'm hopeful for the guy and I think he stands for a lot of good things he's going to be here a question about. The immigration and Nam. As responses to some questions on now pretty good we'll get into them a bit later on. Republican senator Marco Rubio said that you'll announce whether he'll run for president and upcoming event. I will announce an April 13. When I'm going to do next in terms of running for president or the US senate. He said that on fox news's the five which is interesting it's being reported an ABC news'. Parent. Rubio first time senator up for reelection to the Senate's only sixteen before the law bars him from running for both the senate and the presidency it's the same time. If he chooses to run for president the loses. Revert rubio said that he wouldn't fall back on the senate bid as a back up plan. One of disparate presidential opponents possible of course because. Really what only Ted Cruz is coming out but senator Rand Paul is planning on running for both offices in 2016. Earlier this month senator Ted Cruz. Became the first major presidential candidate to declare Tony sixteen presidential. Bid. City decide to run for president he'll likely face is old mentor. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush I read Marco Rubio has book and he is nothing but glowing words to say about Jeb Bush. So that is gonna make it. And a difficult because he really does look up to my name BP's test of the appraised for him so it'll be interesting to see how that. Dynamic shakes out he's got a separate yourself not just in terms of in the town eyes and ears of the voters tipped separate yourself in terms of the people who actually gonna buy a man Chile. Financially support campaigns. Ike is that's a major part of it make no mistake about it. Now awaits its money that allows you to run around the country and to give stump speeches at setter and without said money. And now. Hard for a campaign to survive. So you gotta have the finances that moved through for Republicans and Democrats alike even though the Democrats like to always make it about money less they actually raise more and then all of a sudden money's not an issue. Interest. Jay how you doing. Welcome back. And on and on. It so awesome pictures look like you're having a good time watching the Phillies play absolutely. Good good get a blanket to projects done around what that sales even work on those nice and couple of philly's games. Bullet hole. Let's what's up with the Utley the current. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the headline that Utley hit a home run. So. Out of the ballpark on my guy completely left the stadium. Best this dog is the most awesome dog in the world a young and its allies still bill that so congratulations. On getting a home run you know home run poppy. And now this those good time at down their full weekend. It's yet to do some jurors not. Put upload downspout. Put up a downspout now. Install. Whenever we be like a shower. Not that I got are always sounds and yet. See I don't even know terminology alone not I don't know if you're aware of and I I did my share it sure still over the weekend saying he handed it back then. Rossiter hair brush my -- I guess meant I still a man die and I said it was done literally wouldn't unnoticed hole underneath well you know there's all underneath. So I'm not some other guy yesterday it's probable. Peck on the second floor in San. Is that all the sudden death in Al I like what you walk on top and he got a nice roller. Caroline out like Depp part of it. That was good I can cover Samaria. Oh and unity candles and all of us there well underneath that layer underneath Maya I use a little roller in and you gotta get the nooks and crannies. It's going to be a pain bit up at least it's some legally Diego yup I did Alex good to have. Same thing that he got the gutters done for your dad got that it accident reporting on gutters are kind of replaced not the gutter was there but there is only a downspout on one end of the likes. And he wanted to put on on the other side of oil held water some of the plants so got up there if that. Cut a hole in the gutter. Insult. New downs while Britain now I'm not technically savvy on this but if you want the watered injuring today spout don't shift to their credit. Lee and I David's adolescent looking on I'm assuming and I'm bothered her Obama assuming that they put it at a.'s very slight angle was like a portal or entry for every ten feet or something like that as good as the pitcher that that. The theory that he wants to go live Oka and I we did see water run troll it's so I guess it seems to work on when it did rain. Because it's right there at the other end up. So you're at a certain amount of flow Auther it into the gutter and summit will go on that's about even though. It's designed to slow down hills. OK so. Good way but I felt good right yeah not just that. Recyclable Burris he's the park got the but the reason I ask is because. If he did that is kind of you know hey thanks so don't throw me out his few Beers it. It probably would have been cheaper to have flaw a home remodeling truth come out and do the entire home than to buy you a few Beers the ball. Mark while random things are expensive there but twosome with some books. Wells Thursday when I got down into the gutter Friday went the first game. And every year. No friends of ours. With the with the victory brewing company out of Philadelphia area. Get a luxury suite and every year. We go up there. And that's not a one picture of that select upper level behind her I asked did that on Friday which was very good because Friday was somewhat of a miserable guy. Rained down there pretty good. So we were held rain on that one. Saturday after a weekend. He did go to the plot of the five cannot develop the down and you Ryan jailed Saturday and then Sunday beautiful at the ballpark on Sunday. And saw those the basket muscle Phillies play I'll spring and they and they tied those against tigers right yeah. And in my tigers look indecent. And I saw me you know. I can't really answer that. More on their their plan the Phillies. So Alia put him against say a good I don't know why suits he says they look die there hit the ball half decent bunt. Cut so you it is Phillies get him make a run for you think they get some thought I gonna make her run for or about half a make or on for the first pick in the draft next year. They all but they are playing in Bradenton and against Pittsburgh yesterday. They lost eighteen to four. Wow yeah. It's can be a long season either matter Pittsburgh really knows a dump the ball. Then again Pittsburgh have decent but I'm sorry you don't give up. Eighteen Iran's enemy as well as a lot of runs and make you up to ten against the Yankees on. But Friday games announced that. I sell picture they Roy getting out. And I took a picture alone myself on us senate to until Herschel. Sales guys around here Pelosi yankees' big yank you guys today Roy it's striking out again it strikeout that time but. And and they got like seven runs off one pitcher and a third of an inning and the fact that I did you get a friendly text back. They said I tell little less today in a bottle at her up seven nothing right now I. So I'll hit it on the west side of things the comfortably six so he's looking for that and pack a week from Sunday is the first regular season game cubs cardinals my goodness time flies. A not that I like to you know pat myself on the back or brag earnings. A solemn face don't know follows on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slaps those guys. Alone. Leopard to put before sort of I think the final four. Well you got to pick the correct ones but I'll pick fourteens and up that this far to me like oh why do you take that picture sooner or whatever is like. Bald because I didn't know that I was going to be taken Boller again number one number two is like. No I'm not gonna make it up just to say I'm awesome. I mean I love music Michigan State from the war ago that was your big sleeper to make the final four yeah. And I made the difference does the rest were you know loyal number one seed on that yet there are now. I got one team up by I got Kentucky. About a lab predictably lose to Villanova and the championship game so. You know what I'm sad you know what I'm together when you today I think Villanova to beat Kentucky. But it unfortunately. Don't reflect its camped NC state apparently now. 617 Alibaba Rosh showed. 877975. 9825 German co pilot treated for suicide tendencies. No justice no peace no we have to faults. Do not a fan of future victims. Nobody seven point 30 this guy. Now welcome two good kids is. Tuesday march 31 last day of the month. And tomorrow it's fool's day. Now Leah will have to think your son you know my idea was for April fools we get tough like radio DJ soul tonight. You ought to do that Jacqui we keep saying hey we just a bill equipment is supposed to make yourself or like or radio guys. Now as an order that I'm. That's why that's why talked about it on the America's I didn't think we as you get an alloy that way you get the yeah the radio say he outlook you'd be Ab creative. You have any ideas for April fools. Against enjoyable. He'll give me with a rock I can't say anything resilient rubble and a guy. Mac is LOQ it was either you're gonna kill me reduce on the news Aidan. On the though now. It's a pretend like care. We have to do that there are showed and a bigger unemployed. Now I graduate it'll work out. Today after the show we're gonna get together and we have like a top secret meeting. And then we will very able to say dollar issues that we have a management and we write it all down and then and then nobody you don't have to write your name or anything and then they tighten it up. The ace they burned the original notes and then they put all the rest of the information on Hillary Clinton server which will be cleaned right after. It gets sent to our company headquarters. And why do we do all that. What exactly happens. And vote really anime four out of him mountains. I don't doubt as good as any place to look for employers random numbers little sheet IA and military at that era seven at that bureau wanna that wanna. Allied I use each number wants. I don't wanna lay of flu felonies for mobile components that. Got to scale of one to 71 meaning you're hideous seven meaning you're absolutely awesome. And is usually like seven questions. Like give a different number for each one. I mean I've really company for thirteen years if you really care what I think. I think you probably have my phone number. If my eight if what I have to say is on the same as it is as important as us. And not to say there are more important and anybody else but I think you should look at time and experience. But if it's the same as in out somebody working in the mail room. Space and maybe get a mailroom yeah I was has posted today about it coming out umpire and a potential Millwood who even have a mat side of the building cell nicer bathrooms. Being a real roller coaster and Ferris wheel and let them. Randy I just go to your and idiot. Random. Two. You know that I that I hear you say you are in your. Yes. Ukraine or did you stay. Well it was painted when I bought that house. So to now stain it probably would make a lot of sense. No but now that pay the pain on I would directly if you paid boards all the way to round at all or sides and it will. It especially over the exterior. It was called that border Breyer rocks. In the so called the drought brought book of the looters got disparity could wreck that's why you need the state today not pre. Why did they make their campaigning material that was specifically Ford Dax. That expands and breathe this. Well and they pray that pray that steps you'll support that and at the state of the blood of more so state. And therefore would instill explains so I don't want to look wall pull your pick. One day at all throughout builders rotted for millions of seen it happen but it that's what that's my business. That so that that is what you need to watch out for those networks. It will take outside decks all sports science. Stayed at or they'll play the barbs that what the other. Say you set yours you actually it from the bottom lip exploded uttered in their heart or whatever you need state so I'm sorry. Which you didn't know velocity. There's no I didn't know once it's pain and it's always going to be a painted surface. You think America onto the sand blaster and knocked a pain often there now you're in dreamland. On and a pain it is gonna look guided someday I'm an Acela and then someone else's problem but I bonnet. Within our repainted. And so I you know not gonna go through the whole thing again painted it up. You know again let. It's still wouldn't a great sit there a couple pieces that had a little damage on replace those. And is sick and delegate you don't make me do anymore chores or do undo anything you know I'll brandy. Alaska actually to overdo it and you my address later. I 627. On the Barbara should know I appreciated that I know that sound advice but it was thirty payment. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it that it's Tuesday everybody. Yawning and whistling you feel like doing that don't go to the airport I'll explain why next on news talk 97.3 disguised. Mom rose show on 97.3. This guy. Plus. World. 6:30 am about rose showtime check fraud did I press these fees these Jewelers who are the answer is always yes. De Marco Rubio is on the five just them Fox News he all but you know declare. President there they sip officially do it. This doesn't want me candy that but April 13 his unity in Miami mean c'mon mark oh my words on now. Which like OK you have we don't work Somalis. Now what he thinks about immigration but he made a great point yesterday and that was outlook. This is not a good time for the American people to be accepting of of any ideas but we do have to do something about it. And he says but you have to start by action not words many have to secure the borders name and the America be elected trust. This is really is going to be you know the final time we're going to be you know be dealing with. Large amounts of illegal immigration. And in if you can show that demonstrated not just talk about it then the next step is working on a solution. I think he has a right idea now some hard cores are gonna say no. Hello. By Diaz or in my opinion. And you're entitled years 8779759825. After Tuesday. And are joins us good morning art. Good morning how are you good. OK we are so loose group. We've who's weak. Note the country. Always have a problem more. The president's wife forever out all the country tellem people or Cambodia upward or existence. Our. People that they should vote. Where that Communist country. And we have. He went 13 that these two guys to lose 120 crease when they came back from Vietnam. And they were heavily contaminated with Agent Orange means there oil demand Olivier. Because they didn't climate Vietnam. What sense does that make. They were contaminated plane they loom for eight years one of what's called patches at fifteen under. Portables at fifteen under all the holes and a. I armor are out you know art I art guys are worked or to the gentleman that. He was not it didn't serve in countries so to speak. Right but eventually the VA did. Take care of all health related issues to the Agent Orange for him. I don't know. If that was just a special type case or what but. You never serving country did handled materials on and off those planes. And he did get the VA attention for a. Well there's only one guy is so far and he had. Prostate cancer and heart disease and something else and and skin cancer. We're did you see this article. It was at one point three or does it or organization. No Internet no I don't check it out okay. Anything else. No sir have a good day. Are you hang in there my friend and I appreciated idea enough maneuver that story but I'll a look at tonight I thought. That do that situation and Agent Orange and all that was gonna rectified I know they played games for a long time and you know mess a lot of veterans which is absolutely wrong. I thought. That they were adjusting net properly now I'll have to read that check it out. Herb here on the Bob Rose show. And Barnum Bob. I'd as often say that trainer and called up big event Schmitt and too much pain in her. Most extent they are pressured traitor or you can animal alone. No guy. None at all or should it. Dive by appreciated. And I would think you'd want to. Try to you know repel moisture of the pain would help to do that I would think that. You know you would want to give it but a layer protection from the sun. The pain does that it has certain elasticity to its event. Would can expand and contract to some degree and the decks been a long time we've been thirteen years and just you know recently had to replace just. Just a couple of pieces. Modeled act as non bad so. Time now want to say it's it's gonna wore a look gloomy today some is done is gonna work it looks good and solid matter. As structurally it's safe I ran all open now and jumped up and down on it. So. It's safe. I appreciate the input very much. JD you think we should have psychological. Examinations on a regular basis for pilots commercial pilots. And they usually do any value you know like when their or before they're hired generally. Amateur side. Some got a reporting. System iPhoto and here it's that puts on the news of what do you can narc on your cell flow without necessarily losing your gig or some bacon and arc on hill. And a without a sales soul than they have mechanisms in place. Around. Not on a so they would need to have mandatory day every. Two years. You have to go and to see if you're a lunatic. Real let's be honest limited you know that this guy there may have been some medical history stuff in. But he seemed fairly well together I mean he wasn't you know. Pretending he was Ethel Merman and flinging his you know feces around all the guys so you go and their blood sit SL EU jolt the beating with bureau the psychologist leading indeed the company hired. Head doctor. And Alec honestly I had a couple of issues when I was younger elegant dislikes stress of you know go on from. He indicated the response who has been adult I've talked to some people about I know what did some counseling honestly I'm good I'm fine. And then you get on the plane to crash into a mountain because you're not fine but if you're good enough of being quote quote crazy. You can fool a psychiatrist or a psychologist. If you really want to. Al part of the problem is is that these people generally pilots have such a passion for flying. In LMA and let's just say no like anybody else. A general population one and four is gonna have some sort of an issue to deal with it could be very very minor and it could be very very serious but about one in four approximately. So if that's the statistic. And they know that. They risk being grounded in and they don't want that this is their career it's like you are. Quitting your job in some ways I mark my words that might not maybe not now accident happened just couple weeks ago or whatever money let's just say there's no plot pilots fly their planes in the mountains or buildings or whatever. In a year or true. When plane tickets are 50% more expensive because they we ought to ground Abacha may or may not be crazy. And all of a sudden you're spending 300 dollars on what should be a 200 dollar ticket. See how quickly the average. Flyer. Drills like dealing with outcome on the crazy guy back in the airplane which plays. Lower left lower my affair would halt all rolled the dice stops stake taken money from a big airline. I might have a good point there. 646 and above Rosie OJ Anderson and is back. We've got a lot more to talk about including a not limited to. Iran. News talk 97.3 this guy. Are shown him. 651 on the Bob Rotella would Jane Anderson happy Tuesday march 31. Apparently this done attack on the NSA agent about this. At the cross dressers. Now never was a planned attack. The overnight tryst began to Baltimore with three men two of them dressed as a woman. It continued at a motel on US why until the dressed as a woman. As women now and sort of addressing the same woman. Galley geared doing twins or something. I mean they're playing some general playing mind. Was it too much improved features written at this hour so hard and play and Secret Service like driving up on the scene all drunken like crash and other rough there were no prostitutes there. When I drove the white house on profits may have I don't know insane. As far as we know Monty I get all your Secret Service scandals confused now I am. Anyway TL overnight tryst. Began a Baltimore with three men two addressed as we amendment. It continued at a motel on US one and when one of the men woke up Monday morning his two cross dressing companions and his Ford Escape were gone. When you drive a Ford Escape. And your surprise on it and I've and it's disappears Duca. The dark colored a ski trip was headed south on a Baltimore Washington parkway it's driver in what authorities believe could have been a mistake. Boy it's definitely a mistake when where another. But I believe it's a mistake took a restricted exit leading to a securities. Post. At the sprawling campus of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade. We winner there're leaving a restricted exit. And says only you know an essay certified people. Connection here and then on I have some sort of like gate there are not some hole both types set up that. If you don't want anybody to just turn off parole. You'd think. Dank but album there are asking for. Not very secure from the NASA. And NSA statement said the driver ignored police commands to stop. And instead accelerated toward a police vehicle. As at least one officer opened fire news that's their version. That's ever I mean I don't know I'm sure it's on video right don't they videotape all that. I'm sure it's on Hillary Clinton's computer. I felt on minutes stay on this week of your delays Sammy and there are any mouse yes she scrubbed at. She hatter server completely scrubbed. You kind of why would you do it did your scrub lately. Room. Or my server is today. As you know on denied broad. So NSA statement said that the driver ignored police commands to stop instead accelerated toward a police vehicle as at least one officer opened fire the stolen SUV crashed into the cruiser. One man died at the scene. That was taken to hospital for treatment and NSA officer was also injured was first appeared to be an attempt to breach security at the listing posted ease drops on communication throughout the world. Now appears to be a wrong turn. By two men who police believe had robbed their companion of his vehicle and perhaps didn't stop because there a year work. Raw eggs inside. A spokeswoman for the Baltimore office of the FBI in resource center said early. In the investigation authorities do not believe the incident is related to terrorism law enforcement officials said this is not a deliberate attempt to breach the security of the NSA. This was not a planned attack. Okay do we know what what color these guys are. Idea I hope they're not black and held the NSA house is now white. Is and it's going to be a racial thing right. And as otherwise it doesn't matter. Does one and. Mean. Cross dress in taking the old Ford Escape for a ride in a restricted area told by police to stop. And you don't. I don't know I don't know by added now I know I believe in all the outs within. But maybe that's just my nature of these days I wonder why. 656 on the Bob Rochelle my OJ Anderson Scott lines open 8779759825. What's on your mind no yawning and whistling in line at the airport and I'll explain why. Coming up next.