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Candidate Harvey Budd on the Bob Rose Show

Apr 6, 2015|

Bob Rose - April 6 - 9AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So that's why. Minutes after 9 o'clock a lot of local it's above rose showtime Jack brought to you by prestige he's Jewelers with the answers always yes very special guest in studio. Army body he is also running for Gainesville city commissioner and a large C one. We talked to his opponent earlier and hardly actually just happen to be come invited just to say hi. And we had missed each other via emails. So this is but this is not this is off the cuff so Harvey we appreciate you taking the time I don't thank you very much for having me on today. Are we look you're a busy guy even involved in all kinds of things up devolved our business in fact I had to let you and you used to own this radio stations correct. And so you. They're tower business TV stations for awhile radio stations. And plus you've served on numerous sports and stuff. Why in the world would again like you who should be enjoying himself now wanna go. Serve on a city commission. While I have a very unusual skill set as a businessman and a CPA and all the things I've done and all the boards I've stirred up last forty years. I look at the city commission meetings I didn't think think you're that talked a little bit this functional. I thought that they need you really some help. I think from the business community from people who don't normally run for office. I felt I had. A lot of experience working with the seven member board on both the boards I've served on by the way a seven member board that I can get a consensus I was very good at working that. I thought they need a motion man. To stop talking. And move on and so I thought my skills that would fit very well and to this the situation that exists. I don't often get to tune in the show but what one of my pet peeves really has been. Jerry you know at their service because they've been great. But the way to city commission. And the money that scooped off the top it's been an expensive utility to be a customer of and then it was made much more expensive by the biomass thing. And the way that they wrote the contract to me. It's absolutely absurd and ridiculous. Would you would that have passed Muster if you were on city commission would you allow some like death tap out. Absolutely not one of the things I'd I did have a via the experience going to law school. The have a legal background. We're not gonna hold that against a high I didn't and I didn't end up being a lawyer that's the most important thing about it I had. I had dropped out of law school but what I I have done as I'd be in litigation before in federally backed. I've got I've I've paid the price by personal check. How you do things you don't do I do and I saw a lot of contracts affiliation agreements all you name it the contracts I'd look at. And I really think that they did a very poor job of looking at the contract that with the lord's. As you know every good contract you have an out clause you have escape clause if something's. Don't go your way and if you don't build in that skin color and you got a real serious problem it is not business in contract lost one that's you know it becomes of the four corners of the document. You've got to have Chris you can't say well my intent wise. It's what's written in the black and went language. I feel like what's being going on lately even though they've got the plant built. That there are of the coal miner defaults on major youthful. So watching need to do is you need to build the case if you don't do as you go along with the ground work by it by saying you've defaulted. And doing this than that the you have now grounds to break the Contra. Just like if you were having to get rid of an employee you would have to have a track record to show how this person is not afford a performing and then you have a you have written document. Right I don't know if that's being done or not it's we've got a new lawyer in the city the attorney. There's a lot here that the youth digesting and needs help. He does of people people have done things before and now I'm not putting down mine mine Adam. Competition not just that these business to run a business but he has in my dorm one business at the airport regatta bid. He outbid the other guy to get the contract from the airport. That's his claim to fame on that he's an investor. Not a guy who'd be in business being in the trenches. Is made pero I think anybody secret that serves not any thing should happen. Made clear well he's invested in a community just like you are from that perspective he's got two young children and a wife and he wants to see. Gainsville just like you do be the best it can be yes and it's. And my theme in my campaign it's probably about true betting games off Lilly says everything I'm a very positive guy. I never go backwards I try to go for it beat it I think that they spent too much time mourn what happened in the past. Not what we need to do in the future. Boy just don't wanna make those same mistakes over again disk was such a hard lesson for many people to learn when it came to their contract is still stings I'm. I'm a county residents so I don't even have a voice in the city commission yet I take a beating on my bill. We all take comedian bill I pay seven or eight utility bills. I see the changes it's it's it's hard for me I think about the port consumers on the is part of Gainesville now there are struggling to pay their utility belt while they get to lower tier and actually get a discount. I know they get I know that there's a perception of things but that's not true. Well I think they did get a lower rate a guy I don't get me wrong it but lower right doesn't mean the best rate again and I think that when you take the overall system. Now and they don't have insulated houses and maybe they may be some due at sundown is a lot of statistics being thrown up a lot of people. And it really bothers me statistics are used and appropriately. I think a lot of people attacked the city and don't have the data. The problem is is not enough transparency in the city to give the right information. On the big believer in this advisory board business. I've always thought from day one that we needed guys are gonna carry client mission and thoughts are about fourteen years. And I really believe you need expertise are planning commission. I'm not that I don't wanna have citizens on there but I really want. Good thinkers. Bright people engineers not unique here for the engineers. Well Iowa hello frigid air everything Weller there are people that specialize in utilities and I'm sure I'm sitting and waiting Gainesville. Who asked once before their opinion and they said have built the plant natural gas or make it so would work on natural gas. And the city said no we it's too late in the designed to make it a natural gas plant. Now they were told they should have made it so that could run either buyer mass natural gas a packed. And they said it wasn't doable well now what do we have a biomass plant we're not happy with because the fuel costs to lock up there. I will move on from there what about transportation. You know they took main street and made four lanes industry. We could argue the merits of that bit moving forward. What is your take care six street possibly could go the same way they tried an experiment where the eighth avenue. I mean what's our priority is it is it automobile traffic or we gonna continue to penalize people who use their. Cars while I don't think you need to change the roads I don't think people are happy having bicycles and cars on the same bird so that means you need connectivity to the east and west Gainesville by bicycle. I'm not saying you shouldn't have. Bicycles on the road I do think it's not the best solution but how are gonna funded and all this bicycle traffic when really it's like 1%. Well. It's not a question of funding it's question of direction. I really believe in to connect purity of the neighborhoods. We build these neighborhoods where you can't it that that it's a dead and it's called the second thing. I think we need to connect more so certain neighborhoods and we need to develop paths across cancel. I lived in Sydney Australia where they did such a thing. Wherever conversation with. Candidate for Gainesville city commission and a large C one Harvey by it and Harvey thanks for sticking around with us we were talking about connectivity. You're talking about just through neighborhoods where some neighborhoods could easily be connected. And that would take the bicycles off of main roads and actually give them you know. Shortcuts absolutely I idea. As a bicycle rider once myself I'm not as good as they used to be but I'll live behind what westside park. And so when we talk about eighth avenue we talk about all the issues that way generated. Which is a lot of heat from both sides. You either work to both to later or Portland. And and there was a lot of animosity built up of that and whether that will go to a fourth correct is not that important port here important point is the bicycle lobby. Really want to have safer more access to backward and that was the pressing goal. Why Susan botched or wherever maybe that was adamant for the for the two way. I view is quite simple was to take try to take the bicycle off eight baton. And that and and still retain it for walking and all the things that we do naturally for that park. But if we could cut the cut through the black acres which is close to the university it's the adjacent neighbor neighborhood. On to eighth avenue but it's got a far in between and awfully used to be a path walking. A map that used to go between the neighborhoods. It was very low in the air and probably do little work but apparently the folks in black Akers didn't like it even though it was we news. And they cut it off or they never repaired it. If they just open it up a little bit he could have opened up and then you could have crossed west university avenue and then crossed over to I think it is. What's that thing Carlyle word first what do they call that road that runs in the east and west it's the golf course second half second and it would have easily been able to take bicycles up into the university. Out of the mainstay. I still think there is a chance to do that around Gainesville if we're very clever at a very low cost. Not talk about money and everybody's concerned about the road money I think that's a big issue for Gainesville. Op while serving on the empty PO advisory board. I discovered that we fall into a little a category. A populations below 250 now they put an apparently State Department transportation decides. What should be major metropolitan areas and what should be mine and now we're about to 25 population. Guess what they don't count the student. Well if we were allowed to count the students by a little stroke of the pen Tallahassee with logic may recount ass is bigger than us has already into that category. If we could get the 250 level. You know them much more money we would have from the State Department a lot. Now so we don't get. We're not there rehash stuff but look we had FT DOT was gonna have prepaid main street forests and pay for at all. But the powers that be in the city commission and the power that they have. They decided that they were gonna go with a different plan that was not acceptable of the state of Florida didn't meet the requirements of the state road and end up costing taxpayers not to society games over the county. I tremendous. Amount of money hard via all you had to do was three paved main street and and they couldn't leave good enough alone and it cost all of us a lot of money I kind of agree with your. When I have a problem main street I head over to first. And yeah. I shouldn't have to do that yet and it's not just an I mean that's just one example of look all you had to do was repaid it. You know sixteenth same thing. At times you just have to say publicly we wanted to be I understand some wanted to be Paris France and we don't wanna walk around but. Have to be realistic for most of us we've got to carry groceries in kids to different events in and etc. and not everybody can walk or ride a bicycle right. My boss I believe there's a lot of problems going east and west and north and stuff I can't. And we've made it very hard for people who walk work in the west to go to the eighth by subversive. I'm there is a beltway that does go around gains though you may not even be aware they exist. One of the the beltway is I 7539. Avenue and the blue the war although although Willis to rock route. That is designed to carry a lot of traffic and now like to believe them honest think. That's why you have longer lights on those areas and shorter life street crossed. If you can get into the act Carter you can move around Gainesville rapidly and that's what a lot of people have figured out until. So those that that's now that's great for getting around it around you want to get through it. So bomb if if god forbid you wanna go to the Hamburg Germany wanna go someplace downtown. And you made the trek along eighth avenue where you made the trek whatever is east west and you wanna go down main street now you have a series of lights that drives you crazy. You can't make it through okay you just can't make it through that you have a large crowd on a Friday night or Saturday night. So no matter what time of day now there are times where it does ease up. As a flag waver as a you know when you're running frothy get an opportunity being rush hour. Think he gets to see where the traffic flows. Felt that you know as a lot of talk about win it this isn't a bad it is. So a lot of perceptions why I got the opportunity to him hallmark sign on the corner eighth avenue main street and watch the traffic flow. And there was only a wanted to times when it was ban in the whole rush hour in the the living room the front about 4 o'clock to about 7 o'clock I stood on that corner maybe I think I only get one day when there's not a good reputation. Well it's the it's evil people like myself that live on the west side of the counties that are needed to create the issues but. In all fairness. We pay a vast majority of the taxes to for the county. Well one of my problems and that's always been a problem for me if you have east Gainesville I want Michael Weston. Presidio and on incorporated Wes cancel. We have the border being I 75. And think of as the big river is only some when he blocked bridges across the river. And so we've got enough not enough bridges to cross the river so forces all the places where you have bridges the back up. If you god forbid you wanna go home I during rush hour or any go Newberry road and that happens to be an accident. It's huge for its a bad so we have situations when I'm not good. All of that is being generated by now over population of a grip with games but. Apparently celebration point is Brill Building one more bridge over the over the road to the question really has. We probably need to have one or two more. Losses across the road in and take a lot more pressure. When he third avenue probably need three wide like in the master plan does a bridge or a twenty and you'd be in favor of I would be strongly favor because. What you've done is if he really need to get done. And these are county issues but they're really. They're everybody's issues and everybody be very happy by death summing it Haile plantation god forbid I wanna go to jail. And you know its backlog on the hell but. It's a problem for me I can't push it at 5 o'clock. What about job of street cars are you favorite at on the I don't know OK but there is something I am favorite what are. I do think we can do better in terms about system I really do think we need help them about. I think the feasibility of BRT that's really target bus rapid trips not. Record. There are areas where BR to could work. In a trial basis if the federal government paid the tab. Which a lot of space federal Texas enough and I pray for and a very good it would may help the situation. Army but we appreciate your time served Gainesville city commission at large seat one and you're. I just a few folks who wanna look at more information vote Harvey bud at. With two d.s. Dot com yes please vote by next Tuesday at this is a poor showing we need to get respect back for the voters and whether you vote for many years ago for anybody. I please go out and vote it's the most important thing you do is an American it's your duty you've got to vote and I would appreciate your voting for me and tell her right. And tell your friends has taken what listen to Harvey's interview in the early interview would you day both on our podcast that's the sky 973 dot com are we good luck. Received John thank you.