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No more condoms in Alachua County Schools

Apr 13, 2015|

Bob Rose - April 13 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not black rose show on nutty seven point three. The sky. When Sanderson son Jack from a revised press seems phased Jewelers really answers don't ask. Hillary kicking off her campaign later on today Marco Rubio is gonna make his announcement official so couple things look forward to locally doll. We've got to jog some schools are no longer get. We allowed to distribute condoms. Amid a regular thing for awhile now I guess. High school students in search of condoms will now find an off campus now wants citing an aversion to undermine parental responsibility. Superintendent Owen Roberts who said that nurses and other groups can't distribute condoms on public school campuses anymore. We have the straight. You give me a teenager get abortion on demand but you can't get a condom. Ascent to drama that some sorry I know yeah I'd rather have not having sex at all I'm winning I got the listeria. Tell me if they are when you watch where condom right. Up prevent disease help prevent pregnancy nothing's a 100% successful I got you but you know what. Little bit of an insurance policy anywhere and the decision as some students of public health advocates upset another searching for ways to fill the information gap in public schools policy and human sexuality education. I know this sounds crazy about uniting got by him to. They still haven't the stores. You know. What I have is four. Man Obama sitting with. This guy any interest and Adam. Condoms. And used referring. They just ordered a free lunch. It's cool you know you get free food of recounts. If you don't use a condom. In a book another baby. And man and he got to feed ethic forever. The crazy and I just rub and everybody's rhubarb today announced. Until last fall nurses at some high schools had given condoms. You know they only get into the ugly voice. Say you you don't need to reproduce and the dumb ones that don't an ugly Boise go here there you need this air Eustace. And then they realized to dominantly once torn have a sex anyway. And I kid around a little. Okay. Until last fall nurses so we're given amount somewhere at some high school wrapped up in brown paper banks. I'm much like yes sixteen ounce can of via brutal right now what she did you put in little paper bag. And they put instructions and Aaron other information inside. Like you're gonna burn in hell demon child less premarital sex. Doll delving into that public school that was in the school. It's a method of teaching not just standing there and handing them out. Oscar you know give us some information. Show Oded disease looks like so those graphic pictures. Here that data may. Man and have sex allows almost thirty in you and I was scared as I was all by myself. No one. No one and came and said don't do it no one came and said yeah. Don't do it until recently she said this according to one of the nurses about you know talking about policy. Pat here's health. Services supervisor for less what kind of public schools actually. The district school health services handbook states that health education and public schools should teach abstinence. As my daddy's teach me. Was very simple lesson goes like this are ready. Giving your pants point. Or Florida statutes that's what you're supposed to teaches abstinence. But also that it's important that students feel comfortable approaching their school Newt nurse for human sexuality education. STD treatment or prevention. Teen pregnancy and the prevention of such. You said the C thinks nurses unspoken policy of giving condoms to students who requested them evolved out of that part of a handbook. RI so is there really a problem with this rich you're on the Bob road show. Hey wanna bobbled. Paula to hear what you were talking earlier about so and I started thinking imam. Under obamacare. And I don't think it would be read in court but. If it. About your pay is based on how much you earned. So one of a guy out like five million dollars in assets but only earns one grand a year. That means that guys get. Health insurance. The cheaper money and guided. You know makes 49 year optimistic you know and then another thing about it is. Develops if you're a smoker you have to pay a higher premium but if you if you lie. You could be wiped out that your health care. And I'm just what do what what about people that smoke marijuana. Few minutes of federal blow up against it. Moon now that's a lot to deal with anyway on the on the income thing yeah I generally that is true that don't go by your network they actually utilize income. Not try to tabulate stuff. There was a guy was he didn't food stance or some wanna lottery. Got a lump sum or something so why you know I mean tactically the way that they measure a could still do it I think eventually for them that. And maybe use aren't true point who knows so yes that their public anytime you're gonna use this kind of measuring stick. Near Vienna be some people are gonna be treated what's considered to be unfair or have an unfair advantage. And people know how to work the system to see your always gonna have that element. Ours is smoking goes I'll be honest now if you smoke you pay more for your health insurance and if you're worried about the cost in stuff than quit smoking because they guarantee you're gonna say both on your health insurance and on the costs of the cigarettes. And and if you listen any of those or watch any of those ads and have do a smoke and you kidding me who would possibly do it now area one guy lose and dollars and lands another irony is lost Ellis teeth the other one medley talks to me and as scary voice. I am. I was even do it who can afford it John your on the Bob Rose show. Egg or more above adrenaline and the good thing they're they're the regular stroke or there today. Earlier listening I can't describe the sort of Richard house. Well I'll run by Tony Joseph the miserably at the best color incorporated. Out of the middle of the artwork got to go out there you're you're Israel into that. A little logical level. I like Rand Paul. Walk tall and have a backbone player what they think. And today they have offered some blogger. And that they've got no delegate two Republicans cherry Drupal ought to be around a little bit of her campaign. The working in little ways earned two and a little class. And they recruit a little clamp down political debate middle class means Ole motor sure every nook and have a New Castle you know no matter how. There excrement Marguerite. So sacred Larry Craig low cost talent to a bit later walker you know low called you know toward the took in Colorado order whatever. I think they're good start they're wanting to milk let the good news when glad to have lower little less. Little little glass and higher middle class and rhetoric got clobbered. You know lucrative but a good Democrat Walter brutal cubicles and Dublin oh actually held that to me Uga. As such wherever they're at lower their guard. Now via. Because SO although less aggressive with well except for that little placing got over there on the beach I think Newton. The area. Nine years that's quite allowed to use that term middle class because almost everybody thinks they are member of the middle class so it. And it works it means here you know you looking out for the working people but really almost everybody thinks there. They are in that category so there's interest in fellow of the cost of housing whoever property taxes. The status of the sales tax to be done and talked about it before. He should own your property in the new owner forever Ingraham I shouldn't have to worry about who's paying taxes on fifteen years now. 815 Alibaba Rochelle but that's how they looked at my opinion. There's always your opinion page 779759825. Coming up how about that Gator baseball team their tune it out details on the way. Is it three Shonn Hannity radical Islamic most of us eat animals they modern day I'll call. Seven point three this guy. And and and don't. Why is another day and I spent friends welcome Tim Johnson London's king's morning water right now on the Bob Rotella always Anderson. Time Jack runs about prestige. Pays Jewelers audiences those gas. Ice idiots think they should distribute condoms in schools or not barely they're not doing it anymore they had done it up until recently. But now. They say that might be undermining. Parental responsibility. So superintendent on Robert says now. And nurses and other groups and I can distribute condoms. A three kids. Teach him that you know not to have the sex before marriage for various reasons. Not just religious. Reasons although obviously that's key component of it. You wanted to be specially want to be something special now. I also live in the real world guy on and game the same talk you know posted by you in now. I'm gonna watch you all the time now that's part of growing up being an adult. Immunity personal responsibility. So you know here's some things you'll look at you know hold talk right. So what do you think I mean it shouldn't be the public schools role to do the hand out condoms should be their role. However that being said. Is it not a kind of convenient. Distribution point. Dabble help prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy to occur. Of course the other side of the coin is that. It's a license to forty Kate lie there you go I mean. There's no rest care. And now you are rap that Rask and go to down everybody has fought. Well we all know there's more to it than that but do children. Understand that brains are wired. A different way and they don't actually mature until really long past the you know the legal age of eighteen. Now. Since the beginning of time in now. The law. Of attraction and different things I mean things occur. So what do you think. By the way and I'll pass on the hallway and around and asked condoms gonna go to nurse to get that column. I have a problem with a based on consistency. Does it undermine parental responsibility. Does. But parents should also be responsible for feeding their kids. Not necessarily a free lunch at school we had a story let's forget about the backpacks going home shirk because I'd look some parents are legitimately more than fall on hard drives a little put a lot of them smoke crack. OK I went beyond its top pretend it but there that any parent to just capital fall on hard times. A lot of them are crappy parents are on drugs all that even. But so that undermines parental responsibility fool. Column. Pat. Disagree when you under the domain of the parents if you have the school paddle and you kid dedicated to Jack wagon. Well that undermines parental responsibility. Solo where we draw the line and at Buena there and there are issues about. Whether or not I kid can bring it. In an aspirin. And Ibuprofen and a school or aura modern Nidal or something like that because it is zero drug policy but orbit passive condoms out left and right. So and in Indian that the consistency argument. I have a bit of a problem when it's not and. Yeah that's well said but in general just them. Look if you go to nursing you know you can get a you know some condoms. Guy whether or not you know he wanted to have access to it I mean that's my deal is. Look I don't wanna passed out of one I don't want them advertising hey you. Sex is good and fun and nine nobody's gonna get hurt their primary because he's common solve everything which of course they don't but. For those who are going to be proactive and protect themselves. I think it is better than not. Protecting themselves now yes you know the story combined alma well we have a chart just so. Well haven't at the community why. Now anywhere or kids gather. Why don't have the shopping malls why not just have a living in it's sort of like code new tile floor. Women feel smaller at a mall just pilot with condoms is picked one up once given it comes to take an electric on the floor. Why can't you know I think it's good I think that what we need to do though is find like another purpose for down so not everybody would be offended. If you're like well look if you put on five at least together you down a small rubber gloves for sanitary reasons I don't know. Make a multi purpose. I just took me it's cattle like he your. It there's it's a sense of precaution and in May be can avoid future you know pain I don't know. You know why you have premarital sex or lose extra girlfriend has text your boyfriend. Go to low. Walgreens CVS. Publics. Or ever. Health Department and there's a stigma there baggage just suits about Iraq. Well. You know but I mean isn't that I mean went to the harder you make it for people to utilize some form of birth control. In town. Now really prepared so that. My only prevent the clock to take care of that total well I know and that's I'd rather not. Currency that's the last thing that I want to hear about that you know remain there that's the very last thing that's like to. Very very very very very very very. Last thing. There's a whole bunch of things that come before that. I would hope. I don't know. Guerrier on the Bob Rocha. Or about I don't know if I had. A topic not the ones that really in taker eat about it. A believer religious or are. All etc. you know we take its cues last Euro. Will it start there's a leaked it and don't in China a you know. ED up order blue ridge British chipped up and back at 88 we gave that ought not that went on sale. Other don't do it by edit that out yet to. They shouldn't elect the key urged that they support it there was so you know it is that you take on national B roll all Earl. Your. Yeah Abbott senior saying wrong morally or religiously biblically and all that I respect that opinion. But remember we're talking about public schools. The Tom up public schools so that that's that part of it in the equation wouldn't enter into it theoretically right. About sixteen would mean good idea I'm just saying. Constitutionally it doesn't really enter into. Hey 28 on the Bob Rochelle. 8779759825. I still getting your kids update Gator based father tear it up. More on that coming up. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. I guess it's a little early to be asking if it's Friday now. Plus come to this Monday April the thirteenth 2015 us. Isn't it about rose showed Sanderson an end thou shall try to make your day go by quick we'll give you the energy and information you need to. It's due today make you popular the water cooler to. Hillary campaign did not see two waited out. She is a ratty. And boy Saturday Night Live was ready for her what a great skit check that out on YouTube when he get a chance pretty funny stuff including bill horning in on the yeah. And it has some good you know where you know sticking his. And lay's face into the pictures that are anyway. It was pretty funny. What's gonna Olivier they sell long waits. Long waits the V yank him any can they repair this. And what's it take you look. This is big government. And it. If President Obama has his way we're gonna have a single Payer health care system. I mean that's originally what he wanted all along he said before resume president of the American people wouldn't accept it universal health care universal health care fur ball. Comes at a price folks. We can't be leading the world to research and development and cures and other things. And also. Have that you know government health care. It just doesn't happen. So. That would be trying to tells you think there's comes with a VA well you know just multiply that. No by a hundred and that's kind of follow what she would have if we go all government health care it's not the area where you wanna go tubing you know one. As everybody starts to pay more out of pocket more deductibles and all that. Some brilliant politician will come in riding on his or her white horse saying I'm here to rescue you. With a single Payer. Easy system that's going to be easy for everyone because health care is a right not a privilege and everybody said the same health care. And it should all be. Free or paid for by tax of those who actually are at their producing a working hard. Now a lot of people say yeah that's what I want. Them. And just like before you'll be sold to baggage goods and they won't be so good when you open up the bag. And so it goes big government. Is the era of big government is it over. Wasn't a declared. The red raiders sit here a big government is overdid it a bill sedated mini could this war the era of big government. You never gonna hear Obama says Soli says one honest thing he doesn't want big government and and is not going to as long he's around. What about somebody else coming in and changing things will it be somebody like a Rand Paul what do you think. 8779759825. Before I forget I wanted to and had freshman nine JJ swore season. Mash of the ball for the gators stared up. So the rest of lineup. And now Florida swept the Southeastern Conference series with South Carolina South Carolina is always loaded with talent and a good team and you know for the gators to. You know. To beat them like down new level respect. In this case toward C belted a solar hold on solo home run in the fourth inning put Florida up five enough and added to two run shot in the eighth. And the cover off the ball maybe go getters. Here on about road show good morning. Good morning. Hillary is announcement on Twitter and follow up to that it's a perfect example that the coordination but in the media. Progressive activists and the Democrat party because. It was dutifully reported on on TV that the response to that. Twitter message to its phenomenal and re tweak it X number of times that was the biggest thing ever. And and it's coordinated you know that every union member was instructed to reach fleet you know that every college activist was instructed to reach suite that. Every government bureaucrat was instructed to re tweet that. It's just. A perfect example of how that campaign it's going to be coordinated. From. I was gonna say it from the ground up but it's actually from the top down. With the unions couch Communist. All the other groups that stand to benefit from the continued dep progressive. Government we have now. And as a conservative frightens me because. The conservatives. Do not have that kind of organization. And we don't have the leisure time to sit around apply all this stuff goes well working and earning a living in creating a Stanley. And I'd I'd I'd trouble for what it might mean for our future and not thank slop out and have a great day. You till they look. You've got talk radio you've got Fox News you've got the Internet Ares who weighed you. Maybe not coordinate to the degree that the Democrat Steve but certainly there is away for like minded people to kind of get together and support candidates. And try to get the word out about things just not it's not that difficult. And really I mean where your warrior locals talk conduit. I mean this is where you know we're gonna talk about a lot of ideas both local and national. And what's coming up around abandon the you know not everybody asks call end. But it is certainly by tuning and you know you find out what's going on beyond what maybe just the mainstream media's anesthesia. And saw. So we keep supporting that I'm men and been I'm sorry if I'm you know sounds him turning into a plug or whatever but. I mean I am I would like to see me you know a mom and continued and more support for what we do. Awesome Peter it was a pleasure meeting you the other day radeon. It has continued to. Everything you need to know about politics you can get Robert Einhorn. So there are only two kinds of orders that would be mathematicians and sentence and a mathematician narrowly. Outnumbered. But the mathematician to understand the concept that and snapple which is there ain't no such thing at a free lunch. Well the main difference between democracy and republic. Internet in a democracy that has and so in both for free much and it doesn't exist in a republic. The only people who can get elected have a wants to do that that's lighting about a free lunch and we have Obama. Obama care. Is that people who vote for free lunch which just never existed. Yeah people do well vote themselves a raise so to speak around when they can they want the good ace. They want the goodies and wants some announced pay form right thing you know 08. And it. Here at. Her. And you know be on the same ticket. Oh. Be back again they do it then that you need to watch like yeah yeah do William and Lauren Lou. And it let me get. It. I'll. Write slogans slogan like it's salon suffered yet not. Or. Buy out. That's one we're looking at it so you don't have to women on the ticket have a chance on. No. All the way LR FAA. Edit or don't vote for Obama there's no way that vote for two women. Lot. Of gray it gave me I have. Every one and very. You know we keep bringing up this you know another bush family member a Clinton mammy. Family member or how I know where's. Where's Billy car wears Billy Carter's relatives. How are really bad yeah. It is very. Proud. Okay. I'll. You know I said it's a daily. I'm not how. They play. I got it yet pet cat I think. At work we are very hot and I was all right but I do but let it play at LEY and I am happy. Fact parent and that and a guy that I'm way. What Brett here. He what I. Like really. The determine what their appetite narrowly act yet it. I don't help it light but. 800 dollars. Could they let you talk about health and as. Where else you'd get away air. I don't know I'm not so blind date but I don't hundred dollars then obamas do this again. Now and it it around a while opt out Bobby I want to be big is that it. I am I'm I'm not and or I don't not part that little now thank you. You can. Now if that's you know that's out worked. 847 on the Bob Rose who we had done the stuff coming up a lot of calls an old dog gets you next promise. Free speech has never been more breathing. It's very easy schmuck. Exactly thrilled about roadshow live and local banks into the NJ Anderson. And Don house Scott and I still an 8779759825. Celery stick and often heard campaign. Can I make sure looks friendly. I really that's one of their biggest obstacles to making Hillary Siemens friendly to seem nice. Is she is it always looks so just frustrated have to deal with a great unwashed which probably all those politicians at that level. Noted on now referring to Hillary don't even do that's not fair and it's not fair. And I and seeing about a chemicals either so back off. Well we had a bad ice every five crash early Sunday EL one fatality. And here's which need to know about ice every five right now at 441 in a lot you are right in that area there. It's a new on ramps. Sold that's making it slightly confusing for some people so take your time pay attention look at the sides don't go on auto pilot even though you may live in the area. It's a little bit different this morning and will be. Different forevermore. For ever more. The hang hang. Ali a William and legal phones William me on the air. Hey good morning Bob Howry to a great listen to mine. Outlook called about it VA system about one Payer system and the basically dark suited VA is it ironic to me the industry's fault government agencies. VA it would pay eight dollars for my Giambi. Exit Mueller problem and I have 45 days paid them back. There are a lot of pork of the story is our got married seven months and years. They should have increased not paid for the months ago are palladium fall out you'd be great dollars if you give up 300 Baltimore. So we don't do them that what we want our money now I had to pay the people there eight dollar. They would all their monthly occurrence in the collection agency are still haven't seen my money from them guerrilla commander and the breaker Merrill. It's just the way that they wore the bureaucracy is a Wal-Mart now I'll be there and the problem users. We Kobe except in books for them to look at the mayor took it. An affidavit along with a couple of Iraq like in maintaining and go to yet hurt you too ordinary. Good prefer that after you've got. Oh yeah yeah Nobel. Not BR on the back burner. The country's largest and busiest veterans' healthcare network as one of the highest rates of delayed appointments and the largest number of veterans waiting three months or longer for care. VA statistics for September 2014 through February 2015. Joseph north Florida south Georgia VA health system had nearly 525000. Completed medical appointments in the six months van. Though most. Of the approximately 140 VA regions in the country so we are outperforming harassed but the rust. Ain't no and so did. Kind of clock stretch on the way 8779759825. And what else is going on it's been a busy weekend oh skater girls champs in the SEC.