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ACSO Video goes viral

Apr 14, 2015|

Bob Rose - April 14 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Brochure and on these. Sky. Good morning and welcome 7 minutes after 7 o'clock talent ever to ever get together at the Bob roadshow. Anderson good time Jack front you buy prestige these Jewelers but it is always asks. Mob girl what rubio. Announces his candidacy yesterday. And a lack to a county sheriff's office well at a video taken by civilian pulled over. But not to flattery. The guys Bozell. No doubt about it but didn't make law enforcement look good either we'll get into that if you wanna check it out for yourself go to FaceBook dot com slash the sky. Is Abu of this real quick on this electoral commissioner offend and the confrontation and handle Lucas Jules. There's been debate going around for all wild now. About body cams for all officers. Nab one of the knocks is it's gonna be expensive move fortieth store all the stock bubble bubble blah. Well considering the fact that so many people have cell phone cameras right and okay assault has confrontation. At. There was the confrontation. Of the world Eric Carter of the New York guide whose choked out by the cup and died then there was the video that just happened where with a guy got shot back eight times. Apparently there's another video that just came out of a bit of a compliment to grab his taser and shot a guy. Lying on the ground. Yeah you're gonna take in and grabbed his gun of the taser. I would think that may be the Leo Laporte authors would like to try to find that money somewhere. Because all the videos that are coming out of interactions with what there's there's no videos I have seen coming out. Of an officer helping getting a kitten out of a tree had to help a crime little child every some video that comes out. Is making them look worse and worse and worse. Just from a public relations standpoint. You write letters and they need to figure out somewhere in the budget you know I don't know light regular law enforcement may be. Maybe you gotta be in those scroll over a little bit on their pensions are so I don't know power Elliott couldn't -- look you're not gonna get. Magically. One or two or fifteen million extra dollars and your budget to pay for body cams and storage of all the dat. You're gonna have to figure in you might get some of that additional money and taxation or whatever somewhere but. You're gonna have to rework how you do things. So wire. 'cause it's not make in your job any easier 'cause now however one knows what to get pulled over by a cop but chances are he's gonna shoot. It's the public perception out the reception and the public relations. They could be the nearly six cops in America that did something scope. But they're the ones that are relevant video and the perception becomes absolutely see a copy eagle future. Or is an employee over foreign illegal. Hand signal. I didn't plan may your growth dues back and claim your girlfriend was you know the service they don't pull people over the hands because they pull people or but I hand signals I'd be Dillon twenty life. And the law enforcement officers say a blessed we're counting that are featured in this video is there an armored vehicle. They're turning from side to leave OC orange and blue game whether providing some security. Look. A good but presents a show of force. I'm for the law enforced be able to protect themselves they come under fire to have these armored vehicles I do not have a problem any of that. But I have a problem because a guy flips you off you decide you're gonna make a traffic stop about it. That's that's where you go from the being a hero to zero. That's where all of a sudden you know people go really. Ellie I mean really you wanna be a caped crusader me and you wanna be soon you think Superman wasted time of that. Now. If things go bad man wasted time of that now you think Stephenson gall to waste time of that yet even taken a guy's finger and ripped it off. James Jones Bob Rochelle. The more popular I you have a vehicle. I. Don't. Eat. It. Eid Al. We need to cheat Eric and under fire in order to get it. Because. I hear all of it at all people. Oh. Oh. John just well. It. Or street. Or shall do it pretty straight when she Puget. We were doing. The Easter if you age. I had to you got a great point there are in the only caveat the only thing I I have to say is. I think I terroristic threat on the homeland is. I think today it's reasonable to to fear that and a plan for that and two you have the app or I. To defend yourself to some extent. And but. But that being said I'm I'm Whitney I'll the other points I don't have a problem of those vehicles. You do. And you stated why it it makes sense I just know that there is a lot of Intel about you know think about it the university. You know you've got a 80000 people assay attending a football game. Daddy is a target that is a huge soft target. For somebody wants to do a lot of damage get on national TV and heard a lot of people. So police presence there and being very serious about it I'm all for it. Pulling a guy over when you're coming back from a game because he flipped you off is is a waste of time and energy. Police presence by the way you're talking about noon at that the game for. Concerns about terrorism or what have written the concern I have with that is what to unnecessarily. Armored vehicles. Do when it comes to terrorism. Prevention protection whenever. Obama and al-Qaeda guy and I decided I wanna blow up. Original blog and you know amicable arch of the game right there amid there weren't out to people showed up there. I'd rather show up to load bloom season opener. There you OPEC again during the year at Florida State that you got packed house would ninety grand. And and I put a sums of explosive device in an orifice somewhere. So I know I have in two hours and 46 minutes left on the planet. And on and a dual blood to damage to a portion of the stadium. Kill a bunch of people will be a riot stampede zones of what what exactly does the armored vehicle out in front of the Aventajado. You know. Media eight. Nothing you've got there you've got a sniper opened century tower has taken people off. At the same time you might have somebody. Who is trying to let off a germ assign all or some other kind of device or a bomb or explosive somewhere else drawing attention to the tower. And then you have to try to get to the tower at DeVon armored vehicle to get there otherwise the guy's gonna snipe all the cops on the way in because he has that position that's just an example. Is that gonna happen who knows I have to plan. For the unknown. So I'm am just giving example. I mean you're right look at your deal would explosives in media only you know somebody walks up and blow themselves up. You could have all the you know. Oh yeah. I would think they get it get tickets to a manpower issue I would think more police on the ground. Would do better more please join patrols on the air would do better than the and armored vehicles set now in front of Ben Helmer now they have and you know it's it's he's all the above scenario Jay Wright. You gotta have people on the ground ice Beers on the ground DO plain clothes on the ground irregular police officers on the ground. It then you have by your armored division then you have your backups that are waiting just in case some terrible should happen you've got guys in the skies. And you've got people in you know air. All eyes in the sky will just leave it at that but there's a real strategy to it and so far so good we haven't Hannity. Issues are attacks and we want it to stay that way. But hey everybody look people are feeling differently about these things and that's one of the reasons why we have what's bugging you coming up next. Aaron out get off your chest brought about Florida pest control call and right now 8779759825. What's bugging you next. What smog and you root for Florida pest control. What about the TSA. I guess I guess 360877. W Skype talk and not be seven point three this guy. Good morning and welcome to 722. Had a Tuesday. They're listening to the Bob Rochelle. And it's done off the air out get off your chest of feel a little bit better we call what's bug and you and its front you buy Florida pest control. You simply call in right now to tell us what's irritating you what's bugging you. 8779759825. Good morning Brenda what's bugging you. I'm at. It and quiet at things aren't combat. Army is something that today. Military exercise saying it's going on. Strategy going into a good. They're shipped. At that thing. Yeah it would ethical and commander in their mind straightened out Emmitt and I hit it the military advocate. Erie I haven't heard anything. I sell zero because there's people like that info wars and act guy a Alex Jones. Making it sound like it's all scary silly ill pay attention what he's saying you know. You know we'll job revenue from that as a result etc. There's nothing to ought to talk to law enforcement talk to other folks and I've connections with. Yes it's a theirs it's it's a training exercise and it just may sound like it's scary. My understanding is it's not I'm usually right on these things. But there's always the chance that it could be something kooky and crazy but I wouldn't be alarmed right now. I mean more alarm than you should be about all the other things that are going on that we know offers York. Order once bug a neo. They about the fits in perfectly blunt you're giving descriptions and details of the various. These officers have on game day it's certainly a lot of doing that you forgot to do the great. The great big output to that they ever gain bit of walking around and making sure they can duplicate tickets for people who have a toenail on the submit. With a look and open beard and hair. A PG not. In the skits pro football the ball bounces out in the streets it's wild side streets there. And somebody else was parked there wasn't involved it's just in the talk that's what he walks out and most of the street to political football hit back to a caucus that is particularly open beer. While he had that said we look we exposed to when they. We're arresting people it was the Tennessee game a few years back. And you know we exposed it we talked about it we made him look bad because it was bad you know that's not patriotic town visitors. On edge and don't say you know the law's the law and all that that that's that's not America. Let's that's not too what are founding fathers fought and died for and I'll blood was shed. So that you know he out police to see step one foot over the line with a win an open container that's ridiculous and I knew was wrong. And they finally to us started direct defy it. Hopefully hot. Hopefully they've like that not arresting they would like of those guys him to have the got to take my red wagon at 550 bucks or whatever it is. Because he took a step on the road had a ball somebody look look it's public relations do you wanna get along with people because people can be your best friend if you're law enforcement. Or you can media at the NBA adversarial all the time you get the NB a prick. Sorry that's the term. Don your own above Rochelle what's buccaneer. Our morning commute this guy. Trapped or so Perot is. Just. Well backyards while I appreciate you countered by drug market in the anger yet cops. You know trying to tell these guys aren't aren't too small I think don't knock it off right. Yeah I mean look at that guy this case we're talking on the video that's gone viral as the last to a county in there and of armored vehicle the police are. And this guy videotapes that he ran Lucas till he ran for. The city position or something you didn't stand a chance he's out one of these like hippie kid wannabes and it was basically trying to be cool here his girlfriend. And done I'll look at armored vehicles it's a police state you flipped him off and obviously that was stupid he's an idiot but but. Then do you deserve to get pulled over and the police harass you for. You know thirty minutes or longer and then claim that your girlfriend might have been performing a sex act on you and all that. Now that's now c'mon. Idiocy can use bikinis I see it both ways they guy was a jerk but then everything else that took place after that you're supposed to be the good guys. This is a jerk. You can't react that way you want to react to have to react in a way that the bad and the training and everything else teaches you lottery act. Not because yet the guy's a jerk and you wanna give my hard time of course she DO. But now you're based on emotions law enforcement based on emotion that's the worst kind of law enforcement there is. Melinda what's bugging you know. Well I repeat sacks and has elapsed tag. Basically. Just can't let a little content moxie and attitude and our place. In respect for at least eight air. Or anything else. And that's what made it academic that looks like YouTube just I don't know why I'm now. Especially he's former military Egypt have averaged backed. Her mother and Brothers. We'd like to think so but that's not the case some people didn't have a good experience in the military and so there though it the even use that to pile on. To be even more against Sinise anything reminds him of the military that did. But you can't you don't harass somebody because their punk. You don't harass and give people a hard time because it jerks EA you certainly can't harass people because they have of freedom of speech I mean that's those things protecting America we don't have to. Oh you know here's my papers yes sir no sir I know I'm going straight to work. When there where it that we are not supposed to live and that kind of under those conditions. And I think that he exposed that we are we are living under those conditions. Our debts Mary took Brenda right Rain Man what's bugging neo. Good morning Bob thank banged up our national company. And out of vehicle that hurt recognizable. And not to be dependent on imports and record out and course and that is that deficit is this week opry at. It's considered an outrage to our act someone else become a patent. And but I mean anger. It's cutting back how would be suspended. It right it would on national TV our own like that but YouTube. Would be hired. Not to eat like your at all and I do respect cops but there's some that did not earn the respect. I know works both ways absolutely. And you cannot get you can't just three act. Because yeah I think that's the kind of thing or we'd have a discussion on a punk kid yeah I'd like to break his middle finger off the show anyway. That's why you don't have a gun and badge and if you don't the gun and badge and you don't just feel that way but to actually start to move in that direction. It's time to look for another line of work. 729 Alibaba Rochelle that's the way this hey thanks for participating what's bugging you brought to buy Florida pest control. When we return. Shooting suspect found it caught Daytona Beach details on the way. Show on these three this high. 739 out about Rochelle live and local. Details are neck coming up in just a second it is 740 right now time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers with the answer is always yes. This man I was one of the shooting death of the print shop directorate community college in North Carolina. Remember that it was. Wow. Now send all the weirdos to Florida. And there's are a lot here isn't as Morgan stance on the third was arrested shortly after 1:30 AM. When he was spotted sleeping on the beach Daytona Beach, Florida goals Borough police captain Dwayne dean said standstill had a knife with them was arrested without incident when volusia county beach patrol officers found the suspect sleeping on the beach. A violation of a local ordinance. Stand souls accused of shooting a killing Ron Lane in a building had. Wayne county community college on Monday morning. Goals broke police doing kind district attorney's office will work to have stance election doubted North Carolina to face charges. Meanwhile students plan to return to class at that college. On Tuesday. Stance it was identifies a former student at the school who used to work for lane Stinson faces an open count of murder. This school had been placed on lockdown after a shooting around AM Monday. Nearby the private wing county day school about 300 and well 300 or so students in pre kindergarten through twelfth grade was also on lockdown. I'd so get the bad guy is sleeping on the beach and in Daytona Beach. I he's a murder. Tell how the CAPTCHA. They patrol the beach vision now allowed sleep on the beach Lawrenceville. Cops. Well they called beach patrol united to work for like pollution counting your whoever area they need to be driving one of them tank type things because sometimes driving mats and Barrett you know Daytona and all that whole area as tough fear they do they don't like 04 wheel drive are talkative guy he needs some heavy duty you know equipment. Well there there are pretty cool guy like jeeps and MB like you personally I don't Japan. He'll sign never know when he had to go through the woods. There's no roads connect and analyze who accounting so go through what that's electoral Kelly forever that's pristine mosquitoes grown ground. Well yes until limo down to feed into the biomass plant here right Jack you're all about Rochelle. All right Bob. Out territory could have sold well during a police talked about through our career okay Circuit Court of Appeals. Rolled in a case for a closer look publicly sought burn off or else somebody rolled a valid expression robberies stage goes protected under the first down. Me. So all the plates really don't have any. Raising its roots stop somebody for Garnett. They said that he used an improper hand signal. Okay. That made used making attorney used an improper hand signal or. Gas or he or he was using a hand signal. Saying that he was making a turn when really wasn't making a turn. You see on a twister that. I object. Yeah and that's how they get around now and Jack on out we're not fully or because you flip to sop were pulling you over because you gave an illegal hand signal. That's their that's their little cop speak of pounding get around that. On an essence that's Ron. Let's look. Man I you know you've lists that show I'm a defender of the police. I am the defender. Oh good police work all good cops. Because they live their lives on the line. They never know when dangers going to be there and after run toward it. They're now even targeted much more than they had been you know in previous years it is day is this Carolina were to go into and I all the respect in the world for them. But there are some. That are quite frankly they're jerks. Their annual Britannia or they're drunk with power. And they're idiots and pulling people over for tinted windows. And you know improper. Hand signals and whatever it. That's garbage and that's not gonna make a community respect you and help you and like you and you should you should want to be liked. We don't wanna catch bad guys. We ought to work together with law enforcement law enforcement can't do it all on their own. But let's go after real bad guys. Giving some stupid hippy even know he's up in all Boehner had to do assess. Now you might deserve a hard time. But that's why you Wear the badge because you're above that. That's why. Bureau upload then it. You're gonna take some flack because of what you do for a living but if you know you're a good topping your heart. Stuff like does not get let you get it down and it's not. Gonna make you react in a visceral way. In an emotional way. You never want to react law enforcement in an emotional away is not going to be good for you know and it's not very good for those around you. He got the cool people cool head. 745 on the Bob roadshow. 8779759825. Marco Rubio. He's he's a one. Details coming up. I mean are you can't. Sean Hannity I really thrilling 3 o'clock apparently didn't win days you king I'm not seven point three. Santa. So like it's FaceBook let us know what you think at FaceBook dot com slash sky female B rose They get Smartphone tune in radio laugh. Yeah he can listen on demand with a Bob Rose podcast analysts say you money every day with half off perk deals suffered say that the sky 973 dot com. Marco Rubio. Is he excites you at all anybody in the Republican field Marco Rubio made his announcement yesterday. Marty talked to George Stephanopoulos he's not taken necessarily the easy way out. He's gonna face to you know whoever again and I've I think he's got a great perspective any system of immigrant parents and they worked their way up and it's a real American success story so I think he has something unique to offer from that perspective what do you think 877. 9759825. Good morning Debbie. That morning by rapidly. Writing Tuesday having children writes media are waiting to see it billboard. And now waiting expert to say out. Support your local car the pen pal on the I don't like to put down what different that they make and the great. At all that was again when I was good line isn't voting day today Indiana city Gainesville now. I started at 7 AM so about an hour and a right and it prob those it's humid today. So a lot of people as you tell me like a sailor and all bullets and it's like. Sticky humid in my now rain. Dog ate my homework although senator held on well don't vote I called wind oil in the city is run by idiots. Now in caucus for people bombed shelled the film's circle but that's good so my little bring us more business here in our era American you don't have them well but. Let other people make all your decisions for you. In fact turn on your bank accounts over to today in Iowa and look for him right. I can beat man what's going on. There tomorrow night is Morton. The thing that we can't that you have read that's the rim get full pay. But I don't think that impressed me general. Not all what. I always had a flat tire. As I know that same plate or. At least they're forward cater tire war. I must decide that really assessment of the heavens double. Apollo one. No but that's nice now see what she should gunners shoot videotape debt and knew that would went viral. Did you see that one where the the black guy talked about not all cops are bad we got a quick judge you need but each other by the color of our skins should be about the content or character. I made like like 2000002. Million people saw that one. Pressure on the Bob Rochelle good morning. There are born German. Marco Rubio. They guitar player and their so ought to wait superstar may get beat spot. He'd betrayed the Tea Party. I tried to work where you give amnesty deal we will forget. Or. Very good memory notice and other needs somebody. More like recruits. Or I'll read all. All that bill. Look at nuts and asked for asked for him put on that and now. Now look key. He did a bad deal with his cell whole idea the amnesty and all that and not. I it'll be interesting moving forward to see if that continues tournament according to Chris Wright daring his own on I'm not forget not another. Connecticut he's got a big problem that would a lot of folks summit and again you're talking about a real a primaries so you do have to run more to your base. You enter a more conservative. Media need to go far extreme right if you're a moderate Republican but you do need to cater to that audience. And a lot of them yet they're not happy with the gang of Beatty was apart of that that those working on is amnesty deal. Some people look at Colin Mitt. A moderate. Even when he came out and said what he would deport every single illegal daily shelter officials say that though it was initially self deported her as a photo us I don't know there was little I cannot discount a little bit over the top as far as it being able to bit. NC you can say whatever you why. I guess I look for semi let's say what are you say things it actually. Could occur you could make happen. To me some high and the skies today. Yes we're gonna find a new. Energy source or something. I mean can not be realistic. 755 and above Rochelle. 8779759825. And coming up more people want no talk about the alleged to a county sheriff's video that went viral but first. We check in with friends dared get our sports update news talk 97.3 this guy.