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78 year old man facing sex charges for relations with his wife who has Alzheimers

Apr 16, 2015|

Bob Rose - April 16 - 6AM

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Rose show on 97.3. Hundred sky. Got to get closer. Economic smoke. I'll lend itself it would everyone. It's what comes out of your mouth. Both connect case I'll be burning in hell for a long time they Wellcome up. I'm Bob Rose Sanders sitting in the house. Every six minutes. I'll make it 7 minutes after 6 o'clock time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers were the answers always asks. Lived to be a thousand years old. Negatives up scientists are now looking and saying hey it very well could happen. There messing around with some stuff. I think it's a government program. LA they can Levy taxes on us for about another earth. What 900 years from that to be a thousand well. Would you really want to live their alone. You know I don't know. I certainly would mind reversing. Beings physically Ella that's a pretty good. Now I guess my need that that part of it in now gimme my young me back. I'm a man. Can't complain really but would you wanna how long do you wanna live. Researchers believe a biological revolution enabling humans too experience everlasting usefulness is coming. According to a growing regiment of researchers who believe a biological revolution enabling humans too experience everlasting usefulness is just around the corner. At the epicenter of the researchers Aubrey. Jim Gray. If you see this guy picture this guy was his beard is beard or a 187 years old so I think he knows what he's talking about. These judge gerontologist co-founder of the California based strategies for engineered negligible. Sense. Senate science public discolored sends. Research foundation. First thing I wanna do is get rid of the word immortality. Less damage that's wrong. I mean zero risk of death from any cause whereas I just work on one particular cause of death namely aging. They aim to undo that damage done by Wear and tear of life basically. I guess what you're cells get older they don't divide anymore. What he says have you get rid of the wants don't dividing mark you'll keep producing and wants dude abide. I know is very simplistic but that's you know sort of the theory behind it. Daddy thinks it you know it's not gonna Kamal wants not all of a sudden you're gonna have this program is gonna give you 960 years. But he thinks that there are gonna have therapies. Com within thirty years easily within thirty years. Now rejuvenate you actually chronologically. Like let's say you're ninety. You be like biologically sixty. Solomon. You go to. Now we need Natalie looked heat delicate racing the age for Social Security now but but but but but but. Chris Christie the only woman any guts to bring that up Obama. I mean yeah AS encouraged to say some things and so Annette Annette part you know like I count like him but. And I used to much of a light weight and I still. Have to use mouthwash everytime I think about him making out with a president that time than now. After what was it sandy. Sandy AIG was seeing him. The standout and always John Travolta who is plain sandy. And that little film of grease on the beach there video and do what priority. With them. I'm pretty at all. By the way while it's you know that is coming back tax day is done. Yuma and we all got her little bit some us more than others. But your bank account might middle little thin. As old Uncle Sam guess what I hear good news for you starting Monday. Texan when thousand bucks cash just for list into the sky four times. Every week day. I give you this guy text him when Cole wouldn't. Up bonus. Sign up for cash reminder taxing you never miss a nationwide code word and it just increases your chances. Right now he text the word money. MO NEY money to seven to 81. Message and data rates apply that way you get like a pay go for it as a code in the good thousand bucks ally to. What this is going on we're gonna have diesel city commissioner Todd chased him. At 805. And there's going to be a couple new faces. He's the city commission Sunnis who Werman. We'll see what what his take is on. Us Todd JC's good mile in one of the old timers now. Seems like just yesterday he was getting sworn in. But they had a big discussion last night. About the bio mass contract because they were looking over some of the results. Of that consulting firm and it's 175. Page report someone down. Navigate. Consulting put together. So what we'll get into that. A little bit further. I wish there was you know which are good say use something. Big earth shaking and something awesome occurred and came out of it mean that's a much. But that's my read. Why you we want to talk tied chase you know five makes you stay tuned by the way people say why don't live in city Gainesville on the use electricity. To be impacted one way or another directly or indirectly. They're so. Its office tenth. I got sort of a semi eight this is either a tear jerking it really sad story that's gonna grab your heart or it's creepy. You decide. So a man and a woman get married later in life they have and apparently. Awesome relationship. They're very very happy. Problem is mrs. Graham bonds. Today. She's diagnosed with a alzheimer's disease Gergen her condition deteriorates. Rapidly. So she has to go into a home. By her husband would still come by and they would have. Logical relations. He's 78 I think shoot 73 some like that it it Leggett said he came on pretty quick for her. And now make a long story short. At some point we she was moved from a private to a semi private room he came in for his visit. And it. This lady says so like called the nurse alarm I know what's going on over there. And they charge him with sex abuse he's having sex wit his own life. She has alzheimer's. So the court case basically is. Doesn't alzheimer's patient have the ability to give consent. That's that's what it's all about. And they say that look at her showing affection hugging and that that's just sort of that's doing Mormon natural. Bob bass reaction not necessarily her thinking about him or even knowing who years. I times she would talk about her first husband as though he was still alive. So this guy's tip and you know what they charge him a sex abuse. Her husband and Benny did it like a week after she died Susan thought since signing an ongoing issue weathering cannery can he did a when you get charged a sex abuse. It's it is America's net it's it's a sad story but on the other hand it is say okay. Is that is that it's in my may be traumatize and the person with the alzheimer's. Because of they don't know who this per business. That could be little disturbing right. That's a tough one. We've got other stuff we've got to get to as well I'll Aaron Hernandez. From Gator to patriot. Superstar. To. Life in prison without parole details on the way 615 news talk 97.3 this guy. Weekdays at three years on. And not be seven point 30 this guy. 61 on the Bob Rose show on which Anderson live local time techcrunch five prestigious hastily put answers always. Yes. Happy Thursday get close to the weekend hang in there well all homeless problem. Is it better or worse civilized to a caddie you know they open up the grace marketplace which I thought it was good idea. Let's give people a safe place. I'll hopefully maybe get them back on their feet hopefully maybe get him help me get a job I mean isn't at the idea. There and there are some that are going to be difficult to reach. Alcohol problems drug problems mental illness issues those are all real. OK so you wanna help. As many of those people as camp. And their son that just you're gonna need a little bit of guidance get back on their feet and a man they get right back in the game. Then there's unfortunately a lot that are not. Let's or carries total homeless population ticked up slightly. In most recent annual snapshot. Conducted late January the point in time survey it's required by whole idea. The first took her since the graced marketplace homeless shelter opened up the survey showed a 2103 homeless people in the county. Up slightly from 2090. Weiner. In the 2014 count. But actually down. From almost when he 300 yen. 2013. They count includes individuals on the street shelters transitional housing program jailer hospital. It also includes children in the public school system whose families were displaced from their homes and now are staying with other relatives. Friends. Three solo executive director latch county Coalition for the Homeless and hungry. The organization coordinating annual survey and runs grace marketplace via contract with the city wanted to some signs of progress. The number of homeless as sheltered. Mean if they have a temporary roof over their head. At the shelter like grace marketplace a Saint Francis house. In a transitional housing program or elsewhere rose. From a little over 90900. To 2001. Back in 2012 the shelter numbered with 543. And the total homeless population. Was close to 2100. Cell it would appear. That things are slowly. Getting a little bit better. The VA also involved there in the midst of a national push to house homeless veterans. Locally that includes transitional housing programs and a partnership. With a vet space incorporated and volunteers of America. And permanent housing initiatives the apartment and Reynolds voucher partnerships with the Gainesville housing authority and electric Downey housing authority. So. And it's it's a problem that. You want to try to solve the I don't think you'll ever have a completely. Solved. But it appears agrees marketplace and some other things are doing event space. We're moving in a positive direction. Not bad right with some good news today. Which takes whenever we get. No matter how bad things get no matter how much you wanna self medicate. I would do. I would recommend and I'm not a doctor by the way I would recommend you not. Dedicating yourself with flashed up. Jay you familiar with though flack got a and now not to cornerback. This is a drug. A Florida man believed to be high on Flacco. A drug that authorities say sweeping the state. So you to be here and more about that means is gonna end up being bigger than Genco. I attacked a Brevard police officer this guy did. While on flak yeah. He was shocked twice with a tase here. By the way was telling him he was god. When. Did I mention he tried to have sex with a tree. Media. Tree hugger. Now bless him. And I don't have a problem that. I know some people use it in a derogatory way ally trees. Treason my friends. I'm not the one who wants to saw down a thousand. Trees today and Burnham in an incinerator for power as some that was never my idea. Kenneth Crowder. 41 of Melbourne. Arrested Friday in charge of battery and law enforcement officer resisting what violence assault with a deadly weapon. According to police report he was spot of eyewitness is running naked through a Melbourne neighborhood yelling that he was god. Before committing a sexual act on a tree. A Melbourne police officer went to the area and confronted Crowder. Boo Ed was wearing blue jeans and T shirt by that time. Did the wherewithal to put this clothes back on. Router walked toward the officer in an aggressive manner and identified himself as god. Sag your last name is that. Yassir used it to Acer but remember. He thinks he's gotten so he pulled the probes out of his body. And continues to fight. Utterly shocked a second time. But again we pulls out the probes. Any goes after the ouster would clinch this. At this time you stand. Harry. This guy I was black or shot by now. Now to simply left. So the officer punched Crowder in the face. And it's grauman's suit. That's one of my favorite words gram. A scrum ensued. Crowder said that he was slower. How. He was floor. And trying to stab the officer with the officer's badge. Mac don't ask me how that's done. Other officers finally arriving helped to subdue a subdued crowd or was handcuffed and shackled. And this Flacco drug Antonio about. It's a variation of synthetic substances known as bath salts so it's you know when that same family. But no it's not tell gon take me away elbow. If you do this stuff eventually somebody probably will take you away. Aha. Oh hole he he. He threatened. It delivers a cheap powerful high while acting as an amphetamine. The drug to be sorted smoke to take it thanks for the instructions. Oh thanks. War on drugs who win and a war on drugs. And as part of this because they say that meant they wanna keep marijuana schedule one drug that it's the same as heroin that the next part of the problem. Maybe. The judges ruled on it we'll talk about that and a whole lot more coming up on the Bob Rochelle OJ Anderson 628 news talk 97.3 this guy. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. This is Sam's Club owner Philadelphia Eagles tonight he comes back the end of 2010. Tea well. It was like saying his name so I come. They welcomed Thursday April the sixteenth to only fifteen and it is 639 right now I'm Bob gross. And I guess rumors going around but received an email on it. By the way it's B rose at Anaconda comes the ever wanna send me an email. But I I just did have acted a quick search I didn't see anything on it whatsoever. With Tebow on the Eagles. Stand top. I know I I know this is not a rumor. Lunch maybe an ever got equipment company to vote superstore I'll be out there Friday right after work tomorrow. That's the way to start the weekend off with some free barbecue and a chance to and Alan Jackson concert tickets not bad and a as free I love at all and they're gonna have the beautiful orgy machines the cup bonus. Like the one I arrived. The and the I want a lot bigger than that too but I'd love to have become out agriculture equipment companies on highway forty Ocala. Bottom out west I 75 on the right hand side of your head west Khamis. A barbecue and have fun we have Alan Jackson tickets. It's offering I like see there that's Friday. After work for me lunchtime for you. Not unless I get rid of Matt Barkley. That's the whole thing of it and trade Matt Barkley away the third string quarterback. Theoretically could be a position open for Tim Tebow. So that's kind of the if we see that coming across to scroll somewhere. Matt Barkley. And involved in trade and maybe. May be meant Tebow get in about other nag and ended up 1 morning out over a month ago. Now all the stuff I see an addict yeah I don't as they are gonna make a moment if they board assigned Tebow load again there's been some talk of I doubt it's gonna happen. Marcus merry old sliding in the draft I'm not seeing him down as low as twentieth. In the draft. Com I don't know why he would pass on a guy like that even if you didn't need a quarterback. Somebody there does need a quarterback you noted at least trade your pick or some like that another teal would want him Mary noticed dropped in and what everybody that it adds some believe somehow ongoing you know old and the top five some have a goal with a top ten somehow ongoing about Oslo war. I think the Eagles have the twentieth. Pick in the draft and no scenario at a drops to twentieth and monkeys fly out of everyone's rear end when it happened season and the Eagles pick him up. We'll then even if they did this cut Barkley or whatever you probably get Tivo because they knew would have. Marry only that Bradford and have Sanchez. You don't need to have an immediate need is traded to get. Bradford you decide the sentence to a two year deal. There wouldn't be an opening why it Marriott doesn't get picnic if they can trade Barkley for a draft pick a low draft pick. Then they might have an opening for him. Dennis Winston apparently. The bears were looking atom and the bears don't have anything even near. Hi Dick for that an image just they. He's got a ten a ten million dollar a year this year RJ Cutler. So that. What I mean that's just bizarre it is it just teams just want to see what's out there I I don't see how they would never put a deal yet guide. Don't think Jay Cutler's ever. Develop the way people want them to. He may not essar will be a good team guy out of his a solid beloved by his teammates. So you see Reagan bill and an air blowing up the seventh pick in the draft. It's all. They could get them out could get Janus. Jamison because that's who that's who went to work. Out I'm sorry I animated. You know speaking of highly touted quarterbacks there was Seamus Winston who went and banned the bears we're looking at him and I just wondered how does that that doesn't. Makes sense seventh pick are that what what would you have to give away if there's somebody look at what with the box with the Bucs be looking at. Do some kind of deal. Mainly in Boca. Now they wanna give whoever another shot again and or they wanna make sure their profits of lines worth any thing. That's what the pros all the bad teams. You've the first or second pick in the draft you go with that stud quarterback that can make things happen for your team but one of the reasons why your team was to a fourteen all here. As good as your quarterback got sacked 387 times a game. So it doesn't matter who you put back there they're gonna get killed. I kind of an aggregate core strength the first round draft pick get a bunch of good offensive linemen and bring in Tim Tebow. Pearl the box yet. And we'll all be right on the pirate ship hoot and Holler. Ole Ole Ole the bulk containers. I I can dream can't I. Even on a plane lately gone through the line TSA to play ally and if you're a guy enabled Carolina could be kind of a compliment. I here's what's going on there. Double a TSA officers I have the story yesterday and actually got fired so now yeah ice officially came out that. One of TSA guys he would tip off a female officer guy like you deal wink. As a male was approaching the scan machine a good looking male. And the female would punch again that it was a female getting into the scan machine when you do that the scanners at. It sees that OK there's. Something down there there's not supposed to be there because you just punched in that it was a woman. Believe me get that technical. So in other words it's a theme now she's got some underpants. But is not a females a man gifts and so he does as a minute dance so to speak. So then the guy would get pulled ally and because the machine but alert be like a natural thing how alert. You must do the pat down. So to TSA officers apparently and they would grow please. Guys they considered handsome or whatever. What what was it again to federalized is to professional eyes of that that the theme of the TSA. As a so get out. Professional growth purse does that. That isn't doing better still very creepy at the time. 646. And above Rocha OJ Anderson in the house got eyes open 87797598. 25 Aaron Hernandez. Guilty. Prison for life no chance of parole and that this stuff on Harry Reid you might be an arrest them. I look around America 9 o'clock or white do a seat idiots Twitter or future through the this is Michael Savage don't know what's going on. 97.3. Life gets up. You can always email mean he rose I get the tune in radio up for your Smartphone he its biggest everywhere download podcasts. And save money on half off perks. By going to our web site thus guy 973 guys come have a third. Thursday. Almost the weekend. They Harry Reid remember what you get all beat up by his exercise machine at dinghies areas rush likes to call on well rush cabin in a noose so to speak. Because he mentioned something on look. When I saw what happened in him and how bad he looked. And and didn't fall down supposedly once before a special weird going on actual athletic guy maybe it was like in that Essen themselves. I don't sounds creepy this old guy like that but I think he's a creepy guy so who knows what he's into. And I died yet he's done Vegas who probably pay some girls to beat him up and he gets off line. Sorry it's family show so Harry Reid I know what some exercise machine some stretching bands or some Malarkey. Here. Don't get all beat up like dad. Apparently. Rush Limbaugh I got a call from a guy in news seems like there's some credibility in this. A long story short. Allegedly. Guys and AEA meeting. And this other guy shows companies cannot bimbo bloodied and he says the Secret Service he gonna get me any of it during orbit this is like on New Year's eighth. And his name's Larry he climbs. And of Larry Reid possibly. Possibly and that's what they're trying to say that. I get no brawl is brother. That that's what rush was say. Now I don't know if there's anything to it I can tell you this. Build exercise machine set up now I'm now by Matt. So is it plausible that something happened and apparently his brother was known to be. I don't know kind of Niger on that you know you get out of control. So that may be what occurred. And you know if that's the case. I don't care who's given a guy of being good to zag really he really is he he sets the bar so low. Is a guy that lie either. Lie bold faced lied about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes for ten years. You know we did then on the senate floor. Had a very you know a bit during a political campaign you know why he did that. You know why did on the senate floor my understanding is not a constitutional lawyer. And I don't know all the ins and outs of some my understanding is needed as specifically on the senate floor because. You are. You are protected. Many kind of libel or slander apparently if it's set on the senate floor that's that's my understanding I could be wrong but that's that's my understanding so there's area rate. And then basically later on admitting it it was a lie but. Well look at worked. Eating elected. That that's what you're dealing with that's a statesman. What the founding fathers having made they have to be spinning in their graves or some like Harry Reid and and all the time he spent in the senate when it's scumbag he has off. So yes his brother beat crap out of good. All right. 655 and above rose show what else do we have going on Aaron Hernandez man he was a great tight end for the gators. And he was loved everybody liked him that's smile iron. Ice had it up but I'm man. It can't just football. Went to the patriots what we have like a forty million dollar deal recently I was dancer. Murder. Guilty. And this might not be the the last. Murder case is involved in. I'll. Whoop. And hip. Just answer me this wasn't there a little party you that said was kind of hoping that there would be some sort of a magically there was a way. Prim not to be guilty not not asked not saying I want him to get off that just maybe he didn't do it. Just. Turn on like that way out so anyway like imprisoned overall. We'll talk about that and more coming up and about Roche.