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Was the Texas event really about freedom of speech???

May 4, 2015|

Bob Rose - May 4 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the road show and I'm not Yzerman played great the sky. Hey. 10:7 o'clock a lot of local power over to target together welcome to happen mustang eighth. It's time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers were the answer is always yes bite your odd code word did you yet. Yeah right it Texas to seven to 81 art of eating get its role. RO. LL role. Tax to 7281. One nationwide winner demise will be a thousand bucks message data rates apply to block. Tapped you still got about seven minutes or so. Five days for a working for today south. John pack it all end. Right well let me just ask you real quick then. Reading about the shooting in Texas c.s were cops shot bad guys. The contest was about drawing cartoons. Of Mohammed is that poking and somebody in the guy knowing that there could be trouble Aureus saying it looked freedom of expression and it's America weakened it's canister of William do. I think it's freedom of expression but laps Lucy poke India you know but the problem is. People are going to pick and choose. What freedom of expression NS. A lot of the people that think that it is perfectly fine to have a Mohammed. Cartoon. Found drawing contest and because were America were allowed do we want on the same people would cry like giant Nancy's because somebody stepped on an American flag and I don't a social. Media thing of stomp on the American flag because that's what our troops fought and died for and we can't have a ball place. You can't say no but things I think are precious our our freedom of speech of I wanna say your religion is still open. Give 101000 dollars that they get up 101000 dollars because they knew all they were gonna draw attention. Well and they wanted to draw up people who would draw right. Is there he had a prize could either run the risk yet to shop for fifty bucks right now be ten grand a senator had lab by every conduct behind somebody Emma right in. Move. And I. And then what about the derby well the derby and column in Montreal now. Favorite or one Zeta makes American side well American Farrow comes from what I or you're tells us. And those American. Know lots of connections to a lot of horse of the Ocala area obviously so. Thank. Another exciting race I've I don't know I'd tune and it's kind of you know that's a regular thing. Like the World Series except you know and only takes. Other races two minutes the five hours of coverage it seems like before that but don't like one of those things Ian mark the the seasons or whatever buy it in them. But I had caiso folks it didn't get the story had two gunmen were killed Sunday in Texas after opening fire on a security officer outside a provocative contest. For cartoon depictions of Prophet Mohammed. Bomb squad was called out asserts the vehicles a precaution. The man allegedly drove up to the Curtis call Al Sadr in the Dallas suburb of Garland as the event was scheduled to end it began shooting at the security officer. The city of Garland. My sadness statement Garland police officers returned fire killing the man. Garland police spokesman Joseph harm and said it was not immediately clear whether the shooting was connected to the event inside. Really. I mean. I wouldn't do that. While Lott why is at. Why is it let's not let's not rush to judgment here. I mean. I don't know I mean when clearly it is what it is. The contest was hosted by New York based American freedom defensive. A defense initiative. 101000 bucks. For the best cartoon depicting the province I'm York based yes why did they have the contest in New York City. It's a good question that they had at New York City this liberal what happened because you know a lot of have a gun in New York City. So the gunman couldn't have driven up and try to cause any problems. Well pseudo science problem solved liberals are rolls yeah. Theoretical liberalism is awesome. Practicing liberalism Mal that. Ten tends not to go too well. Anyway. I said it late sitting news conference authorities were searching the gunman's vehicle for explosives because the situation. What was going on today in the history of what we've been. Until this happened and and other events like this were considering their bonds possibly containing a bomb. So I just wanted to get some input on this 8779759825. And Pete what do you think. Look around and see how that country is constantly being fractured. By all these different events that are happening in the news. Want to. Basic principles of marxism and socialism. This two week and on that whole the nation together. And that forces people to turn to big government that big government. And in recent years that the media the Democrat party and President Obama has done everything that can do to divide that's. Culturally. Economically. Racially. Just look at fruit of their labor Mr. President congratulations. Mission accomplished. Me your grade point out divide and conquer. Abraham Lincoln in now. Divided house can't stand etc. You know we are were being picked apart. Are rich against poor poor against the rich. Now the whole racial. Strife. You know religious. Issues. It does it goes on and on your right and it and it seems like you know we've we've. Witnessed all of these things you know a different times different points but it does seem like. It all kind of this hitting almost all of wants her least over the six year period did that he's been president. James John about Rochelle. Good morning Barbie you know presidential. So here's Larry Craig is the minute we Powell shouldn't this. Intimidation. You know and oh yeah you're the average in the got to spend somebody that's been made it all works freedoms or might just give up accounts or. All I absolutely agree immediately be put on current events are. Not because as provocative and not because we're in the poke the bear. But we need to make appointments like double which earlier don't stretch you know that they were used to give out they went back approach that Bubba said he sure it's well. I promise you there's an event like that in the 45 are driving distance of old teller ever I will be there and old beater would like concealed carry weapons. Campbell C rules and. Allied Sid you know it serves as a reminder that. In how unpopular speech is a speech it needs protection and is granted protection to our constitution and our Biller writes. You know popular speech doesn't need to be protected so. Unpopular speech is probably going to be offensive. To some. That is the nature of the beast status taking the bad with the good the good being all the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy. That's part of it today occasionally you're gonna be offended. Nurse your sensibilities and sensitivities. In now you. You gonna find yourself and odds with would or other people think but you know one. They can think it was saying out loud and you can think and say what you want out loud. Unlike you know many countries where you could never take to the streets she could not protest. You could not have. Contests of you know chaining deities or whatever. Now. So we have that we have the freedoms in America though it seems like they're being eroded on a fairly regular basis. Does that bug you. Does what is bugging. Your opportunity to call it gated off your chest and hopefully feel better is coming up next so call in now is brought to you by. Florida pest control what's bugging you. Call us at 8779759825. It's 715 news talk 97.3 this guy. What's bugging you root for Florida pest control. What about the TSA. I just don't get treatment get well 877 W Skype talk. Not be seven point three this guy. 721 Bob Rochelle Roland. What's bugging you brought to you by Florida pest control so call in now. You get on the show 8779759825. What do Jeff what's bugging you. Black on these they aren't that great. And he picked you. All jumped in Asia. And it means that the actor's actual. Actually the only group that could be up critic you old. But now you know all their value can. Pakistan. Yeah I interest staying down we have their agenda and their spin that appears to be somewhat confused and does not. Not go ahead to what's bugging neo. And it borrowed more now bottle serenity. In our own and actually read them they want any ill. Did somebody want them aren't around here. A year and yeah. Yeah. Now well we were in the news for them or with. Who. Prays times are good Livan and today at 722 on the Bob Rochelle. 877975. 9825. Nancy give dying off hand. Bug in me I don't know. Let's not too bad it's not too bad in them a share some of that William little bit made in my stuff will make him do things that make you smile hopefully. In the meantime now we talked to Dave puts bug and you know. And it Bob de facto just. There's been part and announced he would sit is going to run. President. And you know we will recognize and after the liberal movie just doesn't work him this isn't fabulous taller than. And has a record that speaks for itself. And yet where moon when the liberal press has done. We won't recognize that man it's going to be Somerset. True we don't pour them. Yeah I hit well don't recognize them he said something. I think that has to do with. The guy have been negative Tony about gay marriage I think it was and so would that will be. All the media the you know the mainstream media that's all well. That's all the time about him that's all the position them as and so you know. Those one issue voters who whatever they don't even when he may consider him them. Yeah he says he's a Smart he's parlor guy with a great story itself but he gets to actually tell us version of it via. The mainstream media will have to latency but. The it's like to me how they are already treating some of the candidates. And we go to Debbie woods thought radio. Morning opted morning Jay what's bugging me is these people that want fifteen dollar an hour at McDonald's. Or go to let's work on the field. I think I wanna quit my job and held in McDonnell. Had a good day. Yeah it's. You want the market to try to drive these things. But we've screwed the market up so bad with so many other things. You know. At fifteen dollars an hour obviously is absurd it's ridiculous but. I don't know where it let's talk about that little bit later this I don't know from kind of changed my thoughts on it just a little bit done what's what's bugging neo. Well he bought his certain cultures would beat up on network and handed down and I will work just this because they deserve it. Could perpetrate a repercussion. What are tortured odd I think it's got to do what you actually help. There was a slight uptick or further the repercussions that big city law. Yeah. Yeah when we go to. And again here done. That was done right Danny on about Rochelle what's bug and you. And it. You know who has been a lot more than this tired of the bashing the police you know yet the manner Baltimore area are pretty much. You know coming out and making these plea doctors reported that a trial that council man. That's its first Dutch history that. You know. There's they're really tired ever everybody air rushing to judgment on cops and in particular people America Caribbean you know the pain of the prize that. And like you're getting evicted or they even have a trial and on the senate side the badge it'll ought to do it. And the politicians that are pressure really caught a lot of problem at stake in junior and is better current law enforcement. Now there's so there's a lot of issues at play there. Yeah I agree there's so there's gonna rush to judgment the politicians like because it kind of makes what could be a larger problem sort of go away at least temporarily. You know the issue if you've got some problems in the police department deal of them. And root out the bad guys I think something that might come out of this is maybe the fact dead some unions do protect bad employees like I've said all along. That's one of the downsides. And maybe it needs to be a little bit different when it comes to law enforcement and the amount of protection they get from their union. Is there not good cop so wanna get rid of him and I would think other you know the good cops wanna get ready to just let's. You know I yeah I have complained it was people who fly the American flag like under truck I asked a guy yesterday at. Flat slab and any outlets are being patriotic but it was torn to shreds under retired marine. And I played a lot of guys on the a way that we displayed slack. And I am a lot of slack bats rape took its historic. Trade or edit. Should be politely retire our disposal to slide. And placed in just Wear it out here Soledad. I'd play. Eagle displayed like it took him so. Make sure he's not properly to shoot a display. Ads our street or tired. Properly disposed to putted well to do. And I appreciate you sharing that quick lesson on flag etiquette on a regular basis. Never heard anyone. Now did you know in thanks for passing that along to folks. 727 Alibaba Rochelle low which Anderson thanks for contributing participating and listening to what's bugging you. Brought to you by Florida pest control coming up. Lake weir but bouncing back both self. It's a beautiful lake we'll talk about that more coming up news talk 97 point bravest guys. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. 739 on about Rochelle OJ Anderson. Contact front Q five prestige stays Jewelers where the answers are yes. Another chance when a thousand bucks coming up at 11 AM make sure you are listening you want a reminder sent to you so that you knew that nationwide code word maybe win a thousand bucks. Well then all you need to do is text the word money animal anyone right now at a seven to waited one and you get regular reminders messaging data rates apply. Lake weir have you bitten beautiful lake in Marion County. So I'm part American Downey and I have big fish scale recently have blue green algae bloom. And I guess it's worse today they've seen in in many many years. Jan Schumacher's lived on the lake since 1966 worries of fish kill was a warning that development. On the lake is taking its tall I've never heard or seen a fish kills since I've lived here right now things have cleared up so. It might mean a lake is healing is a large concern has been so much development on the lake. It all contributes. Game from. In area outside of Orlando near Wyndham here that had beautiful lakes and they still as far as are now continue to be beautiful event. I development there I've got a house is all around it. And they announced the lakes are gorgeous. Crystal clear and clean and lake weir is beautiful Sydney for a long time. That could development play a role it sure but you know people love to jump to conclusions because of one event. A blue green algae bloom occurs when access nutrients are washed into the water. The out he produces and vigorous or reproduce is vigorously and deplete the dissolved oxygen levels in the water basically suffocate the poor little fisheries. In addition the algae can produce toxins that can cause rashes and eye irritation gastrointestinal. Upset and humans and animals. Bush department of health and Marion County issued warnings about swimming or eating fish caught out of the lake the warnings were lifted. April 24 so apparently this past weekend's been gorgeous and lots of people were out there are swim in and water skiing and fishing just anecdotal time. Now nutrients can include natural sources but also conclude fertilizer runoff and septic tank leaks. Matta no septic tank it created that. That's another one that they're they're trying to promote as they wanna get in and expect everybody septic tanks in and force people who can afford tutor replace them with some stated we are ones have multi multi thousands of dollars. So knocked down off. At lake weir is seem like a case of nature taking its course. Every rain falls likely flushed dead leaves and other plant material into the lake. This organic matter began to decompose resulting in eight. Low dissolved oxygen fish kill that's a release that came out from the FW city. Rising temperatures conditions arrived for fish kills most events are part of natural cycles. All right. So. Now. What's wrong with that but you know bottom line is lake where bounce it back looking good people out there and fund. It is so already analyst for habitat restoration. Considerations dealing primarily with aquatic plants. And features numerous fish detractors. We expect to lay to recover quickly and completely courting death WC statement. On Sunday. The lake was back to normal levels of recreation. They haven't seen a much boating activity until today quite a few votes out on the lake swimmers a public beaches on the late to advance of the sunny day. I so. Enjoying. Joy it's looking and some people like to. Jump to conclusions on that kind of thing that. It was Elian. Is my area. In my mind every time Billy around about Rochelle good morning. Mark I'll urges. As I disagree with him here. In molecular door where like Hitler or. Most of everything they'll have to thank you end up with a very young and don't forget about it forever ever ever. And you're so right here on Europe and that there that you root them and they do. There are divert to rehabilitate them and I've participant and I'm very. Any future. Centers where I have watched her. If you're in there is as it is not reaching out always spoke to a lot of is that he can do. If they get there they upper upper layer of our partners and or street the closer VOA. Other nutrients and there's an across browser on. Our neighbor mayor saying it got a picture here picture or your parents. People who are ordered. Either you're prepared their their particular non westerners. You did your due to bring pain and if you don't these temporary. Error. It if we had undercurrent the room and then they coupons and where we've mentioned here for an. Pivot to a particular. You can have a vote ordered him in the man answered. These men or that they're doing you know what do you think thirty or regular part where new treatment and that Berger strategy and told them. How much spot for Americans in particular burn to a. What about little rounds what about farming in now I don't know golf court courses. Go Portland not so badly here on our doctor ordered Google Google Google Maps and there or what it would. About them that there were all of it all of fertilizer nitrogen fertilizer. Very often goes through the period go to work at all. It looked under the where you have no no water like all of it is biological and your partner. Or are much much smaller there now are for sale. If you have if you got ten people one neighbor not one bird that people want their word that. We feel great you burger part Europe and your partner toward their nutrients. It's occurring when you have a problem and you know when you interviewed him we can't stop working for it in there. American tour record that are interpreted to expand. Figured I'm in order you know understandably there anger development in the. Now now now you're look. Like you're right aiming at to properly maintain what you have when the government gets involved and wanna have forced inspections on a regular basis as gonna cost consumers a lot of money. To force to inspect something that may. Be in perfect working order in fact in most cases it will be and if you properly maintained and it should last for years and years and years and years we did have to recently a few years back replace one of our drain fields. And yeah it's not cheap but you know it's the right thing to do and and you know we got it done. Will we don't live in a New York creek or anything I mean you know that that the soil. And a lime rock and all it does and not act as some sort of a filtration naturally. For some of the stuff I mean clearly if you're right next to a late. And you're not properly maintaining your system the other stuff go on and that's not good I agree that. But I think when you and start to involve the government like the state. And then they want to start doing mandates. Where does it begin and end. You begin to give them more and more power and control are realizing usually in a much greater expense. Because then you have to support the infrastructure. That are the so called inspectors. And then you. And your taxes have to go up to pay. For all those folks and of course there's the added expensive. Should they find something wrong your system might be working perfectly but there's one little issue over here and affect what's going into the ground maybe but it's just not. Up to their particular standard code. You know and on the coasts cannot. Jump and I'm surprised he said golf courses and learn a problem doing. Mean. Not picking on them percent just found we must use a lot to maintain that. Level of you know pristine perfection and that most of them do. Design a (%expletive) mother nature man to the battle. 747. On above roadshow. 8779759825. The clintons and their foundation. It smells kind of fishy. But as anybody caught a fish lately. News talk 97.3 this guy. His moderate guy like they're unleashing his true view either kiss his ring aren't. How are you kiss his but the. 72 other Bob Rosie OJ Henderson has the money to throw it. Thanks to everybody to participate in sponsored the Bob Rose golf scramble for the ark and the great work they do in fact. Some of that. T drag go. Let's watch some painful scenarios play out. As the disabled age in his 29 years working for the arc of glad to accounting nonprofit organization devoted to helping those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. And group's new executive director Steve drag Lois watched number barks disabled clients age. Frequently have trouble getting into nursing homes they're lucky enough to get into one staff may not have the expertise in how to communicate with them. It's communication oriented mostly said the years staff may not understand it. I need or want. And our clients verbal communication isn't always their first choice to that end our staff my supporters broke ground earlier this month on a six bedroom group home. For aging clients will be built on northwest 32 avenue off when springs road in Gainesville. The nonprofit has a 325000. Dollar Florida housing finance corporation grants. Officials expect the total cost of the project to be close to 500000. So they kicking off a capital campaign aimed at making up the difference with private donations. The new group home will be arcs fifteenth. And it's the first game specifically helping. Our clients to age in place. So congratulations good work and that's just part of the part of the excellent stuff that that are does and so we've got. You know people would disabilities and they and they get all the you know out taking care of people his age. Becomes more and more difficult think about him a fairy start with developmental disabilities etc. So yet huge task and and you know got less affected there's. And Arkin and you know qualified people who dedicate themselves to to helping and so once again thanks to other. Sponsors everybody got involved Bob Rose golf scramble it's the biggest. Fund raiser of the year and it was a huge success against again this year at dia. They'll plantation golf and country club had a an excellent time. I at lake weir is found some back looking good there in Marion County. They are huge fish kill on the bases seen a big algae bloom that looks like. Opened for business and folks throughout their swimming and limited time on Sunday it was. Packed out. Garland Texas. To gunman killed. After opening fire on a security officer outside a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of Prophet Mohammed. Bomb squad was called in to search their vehicle as precaution. Men drove up to the Curtis call while senator and the Dallas sir suburb of Garland as the event was scheduled to end. And began shooting. At a security officer I believe that security officer was not armed Garland police however were irked. On hand there and they opened fire Nikhil demand. And this was put on by the American freedom defense initiative that would award 101000 dollars for the best cartoon depicting. The Prophet Mohammed. And my question TU as. Do you think that's kind of spoken someone in the ID you know and a certain sensitivities. Or is it saying look. In America. We have this protected kind of speech under our constitution. And we're gonna stand up for that. Take your calls coming up on the Bob Rochelle wait 779759825. News talk 97.3 this guy.