More Deflate-gate

May 12, 2015|

Bob Rose - May 12 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not black rose show on 97.3. The sky. Minutes after 7 o'clock eleven local Bob Rotella were. Prestige pays Jewish with the answer don't dad's. Now's a box in your pocket you want it. If your chance texts to your code words to 7281728811. Texaco worded did you get it at the top of the hour. Like Yemen another good militants such a giving loving person the war of the word is worm. Worm WOR. Am off worm. The putter war for Sankoh at a mile and up twelve slowed. I don't know what that's about maybe it's maybe to reference Tom Brady can go warm and needs maybe to Georgia make general warm. I don't know. And or maybe some kind of worm that feeds a little baby birds and it's a wonderful wonderful thing to say anything else you look at things. I you do by the way gallant tonight. Hey did you here about the year Carson hit a bear with Nat. Did this is happening again and again we had won now what about a week ago some like Dan Davis Cup Britain buyers for cars yet otherwise they're gonna take away the funny thing. We'll take it all the mayors outlets that well this happened in Micanopy off I 75 which to me it was kind of an obvious one. I mean their sides just giant billboard dried on the side of the road. Says you know we bare all and we run out the middle of the road. We bear all so he should be looking for the for the bears. Dozen different spellings. After the second time in about a week wayward Florida black bear. Blame for two crash vehicles and light to a county I 75 new Micanopy a BMW driven by Havana resident. Now Sasha Z Thomas 27 what will we dissect it. Havana. As in Q book. Wow so already we're such good friends with Cuba then you've got to. Now Sasha. Only 827. As a 1959. AB MW purchase the BMW. And drive it on the you know and highways of Florida god blush that's awesome and frontier floats to come into this country. Not today alive. Yeah. So we have echoed my attention I like really from Havana drive in the bean burger for you right. I immigrants. Out of little old war. The people in Baltimore hey you are more willing to ride I'm just so I you can take now realize. It. Take it the right way. All right so she was headed south on I 75 mile marker 375 and a black bear was heading last. Across the world yes that's the problem and weighing between 40500. Pounds. While a quarter ton a full refund. Black bear. Cross from the median into the car's path and was hit the bear continued. Across the road well. Yes. It is America all alerted bared down. By the eight and notice home. Program meant to. Yeah it was hit again. Across the road by Kia Spectra. Driven by nine law M banks. 24 of Milwaukee. The crash occurred or any foreigners in a state. I had to from Milwaukee. I tell my Yankee fans out. The F. The crash occurred about 1145 Pia you see any amount shall do nothing good happens after midnight. He was all but a few minutes. No humans were injured and the dead bear was taken from the scene by a biologist with a Florida fish and wildlife conservation drive strapped. Now we don't want need any part of the pair that you don't want any part of the there there there's no good there meek. Early now eskimos eat that stuff all the time. Yes the UCL pretty eskimos are. Don't you want I'll look like. And eskimos those Bob Rose senator right now Nash right music your ugly people I'm just basing on Stephen cigar movie that was filmed Alaska that's all I have to go on a guy. Clinton a night of they ought to be pretty ugly people of again put him next to make him look decent. That's a good point to. Debbie there. On the night of may third a much larger bear weighing 560 pounds Gaza Hawthorne road remember that path vehicle vehicle at the bear swerved and hit a four sport utility vehicle. And that vehicle ran into another vehicle itself. The bears are out there we bare all and we. Little bears run across the road and we are not so we week 500 pounds. Not serious stuff hate CDO lost a wildlife hates the human beings being hurt by it so. As you know I can just pay attention but if bared such cross road. There is sometimes there isn't a lot you can do. That the one thing you want oh boy good morning to all the defensive training. The driving schools and I went to and if they gave about such things I would have a Ph.D. by now. I 10 boy the head on collision. Ia the lifted the Barea opted to bury you don't wanna be like let's say and a two lane county or state road. And America goes and runny and when you swerve you know swerving oncoming traffic. Do not. That's the worst of all options folks. James Charlotte Bob Rochelle. I don't know why so many of you Democrat BMW. All note should just lay it up the works Obama on social empire it OBM. Got out. Now Merrill I think it. Yeah. Yeah it's the land of you milk and honey and you know dictatorships and and a wealth redistribution has been an effective tool throughout the centuries to give people a better life that's what else Austin America. They said you're gonna let people own land up in academic class system apparently candidate. Would have literally on land and we kind of a class system. But we only giant land because we have property tax which was not the idea of our founding fathers and then we still don't. The class system we have weekly counseling deaths asserted in. The Washingtonian washed explain how certain people in Clinton's get a little all the stuff they bill a lot of other folks you know. Outside of now. Like it goes back to Tom Brady's saying. People on the play what the rules a little bit because there agenda in nine you know what they want to hear single minded purpose and. Oh well sorry about dead Vince Foster. But the didn't hurt some fourteen Alibaba Rochelle. Also got going on and more. What's bugging me coming out yeah and then we'll talk about that creepy. Creek for people. Yeah he's a man arrested on growing charge but first. What's bugging you aired out get it up you're just brought about Florida pest control calling now please 877. 9759825. What's bugging you coming up next it's 715 in news talk 97.3 this guy happy Tuesday. Once invited you acquired people but it didn't call now 877 W Skype talk. They don't have common sense there's people my age. And older that they understand Credo. Front you buy imported pest control 97. This guy. 720 and above Roselle which hey Anderson a lot of local. Avid Tuesday it gets you through it. Time now for a what's by the new which has been aired out gated off your chest and hopefully feel better it's brought to you by Florida pest controls call it and now. 8779759825. Good morning Charlie what's buddy knew. All just do our job brought her beautiful storage uttered by each ordered they have listened to restore about delighted that it required. I don't discourse among our Bert show trial about a little charge a shocker has Baltic will. Which there were a lot of years so I applaud mr. right. I realize it but to it didn't state debt it just said Havana resident. Well a lot of my below our work Robert car culture war. She picked it up in Miami. I'd Yo-Yo. Daddy. Are brother where George. Hi today thanks I think there's via Havana Florida but it didn't say so. And her name is. Not Sasha. Now Sasha so I am not born in Russia. In Morris in the Sasha. Well what do you think happened in Cuba and of Russians and you know infiltrated and pretty much venom for how many years now where it's. Panhandle wish I think that's the case there's no massage your son Sasha is living there up closer to Tallahassee. Now it has which is front and cast and count his work about and has. Yeah. Division could be from there. Should resident. And university from Morse. Says they Havana resident yeah. It be Havana and it. Havana resident. It's not Havana Cuba is that what you're saying or could Miller might not me out a settlement problems. Course a course like you're much more likely to have BM WPA live in Cuba has posted at eleven gassed and count at least no offense Nelson chaotic no offense took the equipment. This call likely see him. Racers may you know I see you know the name a sausage is Tony seven drive and a beamer announcing its she's a sexy you know little Cuban girl I. Now. But who knows she could trigger Biggio and it's bit. An insane numbers didn't read the dishing carrion is damn mayor ammo Larry. All I draw pictures with a words I draw pictures in my own mind some homey really don't want to see bill let's blog and you. Hey. I have a comment about not patriots quarterback Tom. You know they they. A charged Jamal but you know the officials. Where they knew about it at halftime about the ball being slighted. And they catch that ball every election. And it just kind of weird there's nothing been done about the officials. At my. My tactic. You guys today bear some sort of responsibility to have maybe checked things out earlier. Met once again in a cold game the officials probably had gloves on their ability to have a real Mike sense of touch on that ball may be limited as well. And then use and you have to go into well did it really makes that big of a difference in the game any ability to grip bet. Now who's to say. Think it I think today quarterback at least have a mentally feels like there's an advantage otherwise it wouldn't have done that SK Ellis bug and you. Well maybe there straight ought not an island numbered ball well Mo. Pena. On par if that's why currently it's not the net a bargain. A cute aren't at the Pate Tom Brady shower which I went out. 200000 dollars now and number you'll regret when remote. Well so. So let me get this straight you let a little bit air out of a football. And year the next Satan. EO of law rape allegations against you and you steal groceries and stuff like that in now. In LA man. That's a look at. That they'll. You know this is turning red right now on the hull with the equipment. And that's bug in him and a 725 on about road show. I see. You. Bug in Maine and not well I'm always bug in me. And yeah as we were promise that was even on the radio tell everybody hey man we could see two dollars a gallon. We did see it as low as two dollar a gallon despite oil reaching its highest price of the year the national average price for gasoline declined for the first time. Since rising 27 cents so they even try to make the headlines seem like let's not so bad it actually was hired now it's gone down a little bit all baloney. And then they wanna say what US gas prices are now exactly a dollar cheaper than this time last year you should be happy. Now that they were less they were cheaper and there's no demand there they should the price should be bottoming out. Typically it's not the price during the holiday weekend gas prices in the weeks leading up to holiday that have the biggest affect on motors plans while block. Gas prices typically hit their yearly pig this timing here. But the price of oil has been on an upward trends for eight consecutive weeks of gas prices may not hit their ceiling until oil prices find equilibrium. The recent price increase at the pump has been exacerbated. By regional. Refinery issues all all. I'll you know they look up the Rolodex ago. I want excuse number 290 excuse 29 you mean the old regional refinery issues Al yeah. Activity now. How won soccer's. But it's primarily the result of more expensive crude oil also waits and now it is the crude oil's more expensive so. The gas is going to be more expensive. Boeing crude oil went way way down gas went down a little. Well all and it went back up. And it would be in scandal putts. Tell you. Price of west Texas intermediate crude is climb since March and last week settled above sixty dollars per barrel for the first time since December 10. That's still that's still very very cheap. Nines. So we'll see how that goes for yes bug in Maine. Gas prices. My you know picking words. 727. On the Bob Rochelle OJ Anderson thanks for participating what's bugging you brought to you by Florida pest control notably taking control our litter bugs. Jeepers prefers better bus that deeper. GPD did details coming up news talk 97.3 this guy. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy yeah. 737 about road show. It was a lot of low voltage on our top sex is granted by press CC Steelers but he can't Gonzales hats. They pay it forward to fund run and that's paid PEE. Why patent it's a first annual pay it forward fund run its job. In memory of Peyton Nicole Evans proceeds from the run will benefit local charities a local families. It's happening this Saturday registration starts at 8 AM the fund run begins at nine Greenway park baseline trail ahead in Ocala. It has to remember the life paid Nicole Evans and raise awareness for undetected ADM's and raise awareness for organ donation. And the donations benefit the Kimberly center and Ronald McDonald house for more information call 352615. 7878. Dallas. Peyton attest passed away Ullah last. While gas buddy Dario last may sixteenth. Forced high school freshman. And her cheers excuse cheerleader and her organs were donated to three different recipients including daylight saving hard donation for a seven year old girls so. You know the tragedy that things occurred and even now this tragedy. Morgan things will occur with the pay it forward fund run hopefully you'll have a chance to Spain and I would been talking about two Tom Brady the penalty NFL deflated football sitting there saying that to your gonna sit out four games Tom Brady the patriots are gonna pay a million dollars and give it to draft picks kind of harsh it seems to me however. NFL always overreact. And yet they trying to clean up the sport when Juan I think that sports about honor and integrity and and you know old you know victory without honor is hollow and all the other things it. In old platitudes and things we've heard through the years but it's multi billion dollar business. And agreed. And the desire to win can bring out the worst in people sometimes though it's the desire just to survive. Missed players that you know make it or break it they'll do whatever they can't make that team. I'll do whatever they can't try to get an opportunity. Amber is now one of those guys. The erratically I mean in terms of these alum paycheck to paycheck. And he'll have any money less them last in the rest of his life. If anything wages did was take his golden boy image and push down the toilet. Jump. So that that might hurt him in the long run more than. When naming house and in the NFL you know. And they wonder. A guy like Tim Tebow allowed and I guess he's going to be given another shot in now at some point did you get a guy like him in Iraq and events. Any and all this other Malarkey taken place so much for honor integrity really be an important part of the game comments shuffled way back there. That's only we tell kids about that the president now week. Plating and apparently. I Dotson a penny is 8779759825. Also. Magnitude seven point three earthquake rattles no Paul again. This is second big one this of what two weeks after the original and it was April toll fifth. And this is who now you're the country's flooded with people there of we're trying to help placate workers. Billy you're on the Bob Rochelle. Your priorities kip miner can use when they're injured they're real loser job you do there's. I don't know and I need your ideal of does the politics of every single day. Or grow last night. There's been rumors or talk about the that's Simon her story except and so on and on my. Obama did it the problem and I'm dead. Yeah he's dead in one and or territories or sort remark a matter of the matter. What we knew who you gave him. You're going murderer. High technology from the satellite image. He gave him and that that's me that's sort out as you explain realizes everybody who that your average better. And politic tomorrow. Thank you. Yeah this so I guess it's the summit Seymour Hersh wrote it to. Says that Osama bin Laden didn't died awaited it was put out that this was. You know President Obama made some of the stuff up etc. setter I don't know why I've. The navy seal. Who allegedly. You know killed Osama bin Laden was on the air yesterday on Fox News Channel and he was pretty adamant about it leases I'd love to talked. I love to talk Danny because it there resources that were cited. I don't know is other security or other intelligence gathering to another country. And now ought to look at the apiece again but. Aces so I'd love to talk to those people is I was there I know exactly what went down. And you know I'll take go to eco and of our Navy SEALs were four for now until I find out differently from a from a better source. And you know the sky Seymour Hersh Juniata so articles yet so books whatever. Mike you on the Bob Rochelle. Well on that subjects were quick. The point edge again somebody's. Regime whoever it is you know. Lyon and everybody Schmidt can go up to make it seem like Europe political. Agenda which followed more than some announced just culture. And then open it would be truly like all these. Come out and Albert and Washington you can just tell the first place no we caught her but I am 100 it was arm and arm. On the show biology and they're supposed to be a collegiate. Inspirational. Speech. She or else you right here so we'll let our guard up where it Eric each great tour wives. Were never ever eat at. Or light on the matter how hard I tried. You're never after her like she's out shops like. Mean. Yeah. Yeah interesting known. As it doesn't seem like they're happy person agree. Notes or there us. Days though man arrested Sunday night trawling charge after he was accused of hearing into the home of two. Women three blocks from the University of Florida. Man identified big Gainesville police cars to a six year old James. Richard at her junior later found and Carla this. Jeans partially. Funds. Details on that button. Coming up on the Baja for the show. Nine it's not a joking matter and I'll tell you why next 744 news talk 97.3 disguise. His moderate guy like Boehner unleashing his true view either kiss his ring aren't. Now you kiss his but we. 749 out about Rochelle OJ Anderson in the house as well hey thanks for tuning and appreciated it is Tuesday may twelfth. And god they got this job from the story on the Omnia Lai massacre back in 69 you know he and. The same reporter also helped to break the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse story in 2004. Now reports in the wonder revealed books. He's got a new story out there it says that. Everything you know about how Osama bin Laden was killed by the US is a hoax. That's according to Seymour Hersh. Well why what boom why do people delve into this kind of stuff. There may be some truth. Into it and sometimes it's a conspiracy thing where Hank. I can connect ANC I'm not sure where B is but if I sort of fudge it a little bit makes for a great story that I can sell the other thing is is it sure seems like making the American soldier look bad seems to be kind of Bob. Am always for this guy make pretty good living. And I don't know that that's good. Because after the the My Lai massacre. That's when you know everybody started to referring to our Vietnam soldiers are brave soldiers put their lives in line is like. Rapists and baby killers and stuff like that that's where all that that's kind of the beginning of all that. So you took up. One group did go on. Off the deep end and then you to continue ticked at story and pain to the broad stroke about two all of the Americans and and so they were treated like garbage when they they came back after just you know doing their duty and doing what they were supposed to do. Of course obviously some. Guy aligned but. When you be you know put out a story in a book at center etc. Then you know people generally just getting your headlines an innate. You know their take changes from there. Here's the deal according to this piece I got from. It's a blog piece there's a Seymour Hersh. The reporter who broke considered center. Pakistani officials knew about the raid this has to do have been a lot right and knew about the raid even help the US. There was never a firefight near any art outside the house door once the seals got inside. The story of a courier who reportedly. The CIA traced leading them to bin Laden was a fabrication. The story of the courier dying in a firefight was a cover up because he didn't exist. The way the CIA actually found where bin Laden was was a Pakistani walk in gas somebody walked in and said hey I want to 2.5 million dollar award. And until the CIA. Or so the story says write a samba line was not armed contrary to reports. He had a machine gun and was killed a firefight he was not killed would just one or two bullet but obliterated. Seals cannot live to the fact that they killed bin Laden toll on a post and so there has to be an account of their courage in the face of danger. There you go right there there's your story there's your story that's what Seymour Hersh is full is looking for. The way to say that soldiers act the way they deal. Because they have to somehow come out and then look like their courageous when really they're cowards. That's that's his take that's his that's his agenda that's his global warming right there that's yes. That's what this guy's about in my opinion. Al are you not have to look further into it and see you know what source of information any chance. This year. It security know you have this anti soldier said that that's who you are as a person and you're gonna write a story about Osama bin Laden. Are you gonna come to with some preconceived ideas are you gonna find of people that might fit into your narrative out. Or you gonna go into a win an open mind. You know it's the latter right you're gonna find people who unifil with whatever narrative year you're coming up with a guy. And anything that takes you away from mark on this story as it has been explained. But despite all the talk about what the seals collected on site retired officials said there were no garbage bag. Bags full of computers and storage devices. Other guys to stuff some books and papers they found in his room in their backpacks. Okay. That. There may be some truth to that. It and actually maybe both their may have been garbage bags full of computers and storage devices they might have gotten a hard drives out of some of the computers and probably stuffed him in their backpacks and left. When he can take that. And see try to make something out of it the story about bin Laden's sea burial may be a fabrication. Not is maybe. There's a net. According to his source Hirsch a source during a helicopter flight back to July all of bad some body parts were tossed out over the Hindu Kush mountains. Or so the seals claimed. Boy it's seals claim that. Obama is going to wait. Until a week after bin Laden's death to announce it and he was going to tell the American people that bin Laden had been killed by drone of but after the seals had to blow up their mouth and a functioning helicopter on site attracting attention locally everything changed. So really. You know how many people would ask to be in on keeping this whole thing I Seacrest. Yeah nobody can keep a secret like that. And this is nonsense and look the American people wanted Osama bin Laden dead. Quite frankly did you really carry exactly about how it was done. I I didn't want it done. But to say a wobbly U we had to fabricate that and they had to make of this story a while and I had to change things as a I mean. There's a possibility that all could be true but why why go through all that. Hey we killed Osama bin Laden gap no we didn't know he was armed or not we blew his faceoff we were taken any chances we know fee is wired for a Bob. We blow he obliterated as head. So what I mean if that's the story. The SE is CI can root right through all this stuff and tell you what probably went down with. Yup pretty pretty high percentage of accuracy. But this guy's got to you know it's gonna sell book. That's his deal the bad thing is you know he's making an on the backs of heroic American soldiers matter really care for that. 756. On the Bob Rosh showed.