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On Top of the World!!!

May 18, 2015|

Bob Rose - May 18 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not a black rose joke and I'm not Yzerman played great the sky. Hey. Here we are here it is Monday may eighteenth. Time Jack brought to mind prestige jays Jewelers with the answers always hear how else. Wow but a weekend flew my way to quit thanks for two Indians according to show really appreciate it take tomorrow when I joined me from noon to two. I'll be at it on top of the world. Trying to I'm gonna have but delicious hot dogs while it lasts from Freddy's frozen custard and steak burger in Ocala. Good stuff there have some. T shirts I don't know spin the wheel 51 armed push ups whatever. Silly human tricks or just combine say I'd shake hands. And look dementia that is going on from noon to two add on top of the world it is on state road 200. Just west of I 75. In Ocala and they have a deal where if you buy a home you get a free customized golf cart. If you don't take. That today only that. This today's the last. Thanks Jerry I if you don't get it today. I. First of all let's start today off. With some inspiration. Since it is Monday the don't feel like getting out of that. You're tired. Josh wooten seventeen year old senior fuels high school set to graduate this month old big deal high school I remember that it was easy yes. When we went to high school guess what it was easy and does not easy anymore. Now if you were not if you're trying to get good grades and getting to college anyway up he hopes to become a civil engineer. The thing is he can barely walk sketch is rare genetic condition is called Fredericks attacks yeah. Not probably Masset all out but it's basically the body doesn't produce enough of a certain protein. And about the pro team and you begin to get nerve damage part weakness. Moving becomes increasing increasingly difficult. But Josh. You know he makes it work by the way it. Because of what it does to his movements in a slurred speech and stuff that it makes him look like he's inebriated he's even had people like when he was gone to a scar I call the cops are my dad and this gives wasted. He said it really sucks you start showing signs as young as seven years old. I've forced tenth birthday went to light candles hands were shaken so much he couldn't strike a match. And that day years physical he had no reflexes in his name. Anyway finally got diagnosed and now another doing gene therapy in different things but the bottom line here is. There's a kid seventeen years old who really when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning and don't do what he has to do every day it really does suck. The Yankees pushing forward. Let's allow more energy and enthusiasm now a lot of us Muster so just a little inspiration for you get to pumped up. If people who truly have. Debilitating things are dealing with and make him push forward. And be successful and the rest of us who yet no excuse. None whatsoever. Well one later. Think yeah I well. But for right now I'm good some inspiration. Does it take you right back down again Gainesville tennis coach Gregory and ski died in a car crash early Saturday morning. Recognize a name if you do anything to do with tennis whatsoever in the Gainsville greater Gainesville area. You know. You know the name brand ski. Mike Durant skis run no westside park and I he was a tennis standout to LSU way back in the day. His wife Joyce was so wonderful woman and a heck of a tennis player and a pro herself. And receive and played on the University of Florida tennis team. Well she passed away some years ago. And now Mike arrest is lost is Tony six year old son. He was pulled from the car by Gainesville police officer Shelley hostile several bystanders saw the while the vehicle's passenger compartment. Caught fire. But they got him out but use. You know he died. He was not wearing a seatbelt using only person in the car happened 12:36. 8 am. So that was early early Saturday morning. Just. So sad so so that I didn't really know him some a couple of times. And I seem like a decent didn't like like other kids you know and only had two is this challenges and things like that but. My heart my heart goes out to Michael grand scheme must always been very pleasant nice guy. In the tragedy he's had to face earlier with a is so wise and now the scientists. An analyst turnaround try to make it an inspiring thing to say. And now again you have the same kind of tough issues to face like some new write down. On to move forward to push forward he's got a lot of friends and family and support around them. So that's a tough one beaten and so. At a biker gang shooting and out. Which I don't understand at all because it happened at twin peaks restaurant that's like you know say your looters copycat sort of thing. You know. Attractive girls. Just to scantily clad or whatever you know Bledsoe barn restaurant. Think I've ever. Now I don't think have ever been on but I mean I guess that's I understand team anyway. A shoot out there meeting between rival Texas biker gangs to settle their differences turn into a brawl. And then it escalated to gunfire in a restaurant parking lot Sunday denying them dead. Eighteen people taken from the scene tell hospitals mostly for gunshot and stab wounds. Dozens of suspected gang members detained members of as many as five biker gangs gathered twin peaks restaurant in the central Texas marketplace early in the afternoon to discuss differences. A fist fight began quickly escalated to include knives and firearms and then spilled into the parking lot where gang members fired at each other. As the fight progressed and progressed very rapidly from hands to feet as weapons to it and as weapons to chains. My understanding your club was involved knives were involved palace. Now one of the people who witnessed that officers at the scene said when the shooting started a police had some of the officers fired at the bikers know officers were injured. This was probably one of most gruesome crime scenes I've ever seen in my 34 years of law enforcement on the police officer said the people injured. Most of being treated for knife or gun shot wounds. It was amazing we didn't have more innocent civilians killed or injured. Witnesses are reported as many as a hundred rounds were fired from thirty guns. Police closed the entire area FB IA TF. Also on the scene. Over the past few months they said police were aware rival. Biker gangs causing issues at the two in peace restaurant we've attempted to work a local management. And to no avail. They have not. Been of much assistance to us them calls to twin peaks and no Waco and their corporate office were not returned to ABC news. Jay Patel operating partner of the twin peaks Waco franchise posted a statement on FaceBook saying. Quote we are horrified by the criminal violent accident occurred outside of our Waco restaurant today which share in the communities trauma. Our priority is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our customers and employees and we consider the police are partners in doing so. Our management team has been an ongoing and positive communications with the police and will continue to work. With the damn. As we wanna keep the violent crime out of our business and community we will continue to cooperate with the police as they investigate this terrible crime. So. That's one of the big stories we've got claymore. Including only around the globe. Ramadi city of ramadi. Balls to nicest. That's not good. On a blood and sweat. Well American treasure spent there. We'll get your thoughts analysis here are some above Rochelle it's 616. 8779759825. It's Monday will make the best of it news talk 97.3 disguise. These threes John Hannah. Radical Islamic moments equals big modern day holocaust. Sox. Billy took control of the plane for just a little bit yeah they're a big deal. FBI. Details on that coming up welcome it's above Rochelle with. When he answers always yes Santa Fe college Perry center for emerging technologies this is a Santa Fe. Campus in all lack chula offering a free job skills training class that is tomorrow. From six to 8 PM tomorrow evening six to 8 PM they'll help you with your resume or cover letter job interviewing skills and job market searching. Skills. You wanna register. Called Deborah singletary. At 352. 3813750. All right ramadi looks like it was taken over. By a crisis it was kind of contested it was going back and forth. As far as I know though a lot of the Iraqi soldiers were. Basically running away the city is following according to a spokesman for the governor of Anbar Province told the New York Times on Sunday. They know fighting left 500 dead. Putting a three year old daughter when the Iraqi soldiers so terrible day one senior US official closely tracks developments in Iraq told ABC news in some. Areas act secure ships are being carried out by ice this on captured Iraqi forces Iraqi police in trouble fighters. As a result of the ice is advancing Iraqi prime minister is authorized a Iranian Shiite militias known as the popular mobilization force. To enter the Sunni dominated Anbar Province and assist. Iraq's security forces and local tribal fighters it's yeah. It's hard to give it all straightened. With a who's who who's fighting on who's side do you know the good get well ounces and he. Put the only good guys. Yet a US military spokesman went operation inherent resolve. The US bombing campaign know Moroccan serious at ramadi remains contested as a city but. That's a US military spokesman in one of the few risks that are saying it's being contested everybody else is can thrown in the towel so to speak. And that's so I'm into Iraqi provincial capital ramadi. Mean. Americans. Blood and treasure of outspent there and I'm going so well. Market. What's this about the FBI. FBI affidavit. Claims that a security expert. Who was pulled off a flight last month sending tweets about hacking into a plane's controls admitted it. To briefly taken control of an aircraft and causing it to fly sideways. You remember the story of a guy it was actually pulled off the flight and some people said hey he's just trying to you know he's showing security weaknesses and stuff. Now. You might have been a little bit more trouble when that. According to an application for search warrants filed in federal court Chris Roberts told FBI agents in February. That he had hacked into the inflight entertainment systems on airplanes manufactured by both Boeing and Airbus. You did it fifteen to twenty times between 2011 a 2014. In one instance the document claimed he said he infiltrated the airplanes. Thrust to management computer and momentarily took control of an engine. He did not specify when he had done so. Roberts reportedly told agents that he was able to override a code but the thrust management computer. When he ordered the hacked engine to climb the plane moved sideways. As it flew. The document which was first reported on. The Canadian news service. Also claims a Roberts was able to monitor air traffic using nick cocked its own system. So if this guy can do bad. Who else can do it. Could a computer hacker backed. With the the money and resources of our country do it put it China duet. Hood may be North Korea do it could and Iran duet. That's kind of frightening and it. And it and if all if this is true. How much of it. Do they want the American public to now because obviously they don't want to create fear and panic and people don't wanna fly anymore and all that goes along with that. But it certainly should be of the highest priority. To be working on securing all of that stuff. John joins us on the Bob Rocha John was going on happy Monday where. Egg or more of bobbled a good luck call it very well what do global well. You know experienced very. Investors are better again yeah I believe that we'll actually glue regular editorial again a little blunt. Logo but we're sure who's in that by Matt on target about what. Went and bought sure tomahawk employers will do little more commercial real political little digging area. Right that. Bartlett surgeon that isn't well no wrongdoing not any old below are those blue dog would agree to wrongdoing you have an editor rob Dewey. As soon have raw going to end negligence the cops are adrenaline and a card ordered that I can go blue you. All of the wonder what was going on I mean I'm in the first open book and let the money and where. Well this first of all this a look into the biomass plant it would have taken place by. Remember what was the name of that study today. Looking into the biomass they spent a 190000. Pound signs Raanan. My understanding is it's not like this was. Well they obviously didn't have any policing powers they weren't of any sort of authority. That would be connected with say the public service commission or anybody else that Chilean expertise all they did was. They asked some basic questions and got some basic information. Yeah it really was a very. I think it mostly it was done by like graduate students and so really it was in. It wasn't done to really dig in deep and and that's what they want to do they want to be able to say hey look we did this and you out there some questions we could've done a better now let's forget about it move on. And those who feel maybe a little bit guilty have to keep defending themselves and their actions. But they did it they push the biomass because they really thought that. These other kinds of energies like burning wood really were better for the planet. They really do you think that global warming is real that we can do some about it. And they don't care that we pay exorbitant costs for that 628 on the Bob Rose show mortar coming out. Show on these three this high. 639 all of our roads still alive and local putting recruiting and 8779759825. Big shootout bikers Waco Texas in a parking lot of a twin peaks restaurant like you know when joined with you know the girls in such. Nine dead. Big biker gang shootout several bike gangs involved in this started as fist fight. And it was chains and knives and then. The gunshots. Hourly thing too would they say. So like thirty rounds no hundred rounds fired. Maybe by as many as thirty guns. As crazy. Danielle your own above road show. Greg quickly. Alice to coordinate ball good. Again I'd particularly when I was down there and Broward County for our bearer for our help. They're so Asia. Eight tigers. Gave up our mind I didn't have a Mac I have a shooter it's time. And ordered at what it is that contents are. Matt got started cab for May. US job market that aren't Atlanta. Goalie Matt get elderly he got it Campbell I completely outplay that at. Expect it back. Eyebrows. Are using it yeah hey there are no more articulate young baseball I'm not make a big planet. It's tough BIA. Broward County for a lot and I've heard of it. The pour liquor dale to broadcasting school there were alert to be a professional radio personality trait. What are you reap. We're one for Florida. It's Norah with the Miami. Liquor dale Broward County. And panics out of gulf side on answers. Never heard what my doctor savage carrier do you reconcile the radio. Millionaires and he's not interested in. Missoula cynical article mounting and talk about the conflict obvious stopping you know he know it's our love it. That's why he's so wash area was never heard of only found out who we talked about it. Pot I like to mix regular Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios together. Have a good road feel like cotton irregular periods with Google sweet exactly it's like you can't have too much of the really good stuff and it was a little too sweet. And an irregular stuff like shore drive it's like this the same thing they feed horses isn't at all. So you got to mix the two together and it's a perfect combination serious about it. Just regular Cheerios from. Now they got to have the little samples saying Islam well some some in the early hole boxed cereals. All Ollie got to hand poll. Now I did Alabama's a baby maybe your blood fed it to our kids when their babies have to go a little snack for kids but. I need a lot of cereal I used to. I can polish off some cereal that night at him exit to get a mix them. So why do. As the news the new baked or fried Tito signed the hate yes you like your stereo your trade on real Cheerios. In my command a guy about global sugar and proof rule and whatever I say mix eyes of variety is the spice of life and you'll bodies carriers like a five year old girl like I like that and a little not to might Syria of in on land. NL be the new one Cheerios. Plane. Or honey nut. 8779759825. It's 642 it's a Monday to see through it. It's gonna get better I promise you well one of things it's gonna make it better is LB at on top world. And looking down on creation and it's now. Let's go to track but I know that you're dating yourself as not helping my cause by candy Karen Carpenter herself. How soon. I betcha she put away students here spent a. All all I can feel the flames a hell let's give it my career and a 09 on that no we've been ago hey yeah until the Brussels with great. But. About a mile or so west device every 50200. Going to be there with stuff Freddy's hot dogs. This Karen minister Singh and am. Right. Now it's such scenes common nerve in me. Van Halen or song called stay in hotels the world this is it an hour hey dark you know here up an eagle carcass it's. This and well I'm not tennis now want to do is just pretty soft and his senior and he you know images have been a bonus. Arm there's like three when you diners on my packages and gently Palestinians look at fewest this song every morning. I can't do a lot of heroin back in the senate and apparently you people really think positive and I don't think missiles like heroin people nervous you know admittedly unparalleled of those. It. If you listen to this song are you won't need prozac or anti depressants listen to it. Maybe she gets brought up with your musical. Have some. 644 on the Bob Rochelle will return if we still have an FCC license. Free speech and has never been more green. It's very easy schmuck. And in good. Monday iron Mona may eighth. You feel like you're on top court around. Got a better. You are going a lot on the parents part for. They weren't as good thoughts on going department of burgeoning. Not Johnson Peggy Miller two different. I like San Diego I can I can jam on since Sammy Hager now. The red rock here. I we got still a real work to do third us we're gonna try to pretend like we're not though but yeah we do is cents. I got 651 out of Bob Rochelle stands up to this way. Check us out on FaceBook dot com slash the sky you can always email me personally be rose If the tune in radio app for your Smartphone takes everywhere. And we wanna save you money every day with half off perk deals signed up and save at the sky 973 dot com. They're nice hey how about Dem gators. Yeah. When he distill national championship near narrow mean women know hole shot Yang. In one of the closest races in the history of the award the conference's. The conference title. One by of Florida men outdoor track and field on Saturday and a push to gators to another SEC all sports trophy. All of the SEC. Come behind it. When you do some kind of equation. We score higher than anybody else. So well we are the champions. And there was track and field really we needed at the trophy presented this year by gay how some media. But the first time honors the athletic program that has the best overall showing in all sports sponsored by the conference. Jerry Foley says it's always exciting to win the trophy etc. etc. And the scores are computed by taking the points earned a neat sport dividing them by the number of teams participating in those sports but points each team receives depends on a number of teams participating in that sport. That doesn't make sense. That does it also have to do and maybe a win loss snapped his participation. You know about the Georgia miles also re saying about another wants a war. I see SEC award where you're the king of all sports wouldn't mind a kind because some different this year new sponsor Gasquet in house media. The guy but the gators won it again this time though was close. Because track and field put us over the top Duca. Let's see we won six SEC titles this season was Sify Nomo argue via I'll help you out football. Play golf now are those scroll hill office. Gymnastics. And Yasser comic little in the national championship right. Men's indoor track men's outdoor track. Volleyball. Okay this is the SEC is the SEC time I'm sorry this SEC to oh yeah of course women's tennis and softball. I'm so that was for the previous season for softball. Florida also won the big east in lacrosse that doesn't count in this particular award but it's not to throw it in there anyway as critical. Don't. Even know the biggest revenue generators or football basketball. And the gators didn't do all that awesome manner. Still one must trophy. About the trophies and not always been about in the trophy and again it's it's I'm glad they won it because. You know likes football and basketball. Take bowl media attention all the over the you know something every once a while what the gymnastics. What they won their third straight national championship down at royal little blip on the radar and in a lot of you know people talking about probably got more coverage because Rhonda Fain was stepping down got a went back to back to back national championships to get any love from anybody in some of these sports via you know. It's in its. An excuse me it's sad no way. It's good no way it shows you that there is so much going on in our communities there's a lot of things to do. But supporting some of these dumb. You know smaller attended sports. Why not I mean for student and he is virtually free if not freak and kind of general public along for a I mean for for the equality a sport the Gatt. It's pretty awesome and baseball baseball's relatively cheap. And equality of four of the game you see is usually part darn good didn't we Paul on the regional we'd meet all extra annex of the softball team took extra innings to win the a regional. Let yesterday hearing games you guys tack on screens Florida Atlantic so they would have had an extra game at the end if they had lost that one but they want an eight. Wrap up our rights they will hold the super regional. Ones that start. This week. And connected so there on the way to where they of this World Series Omaha is that the guys. The girl's gonna homage to do what they go I've been an escape from running go somewhere. They go somewhere for the big World Series but anyway alligator girls don't find so congratulations to University of Florida. There athletic program has Oklahoma. Okay. Oklahoma Oklahoma City to Navarro worked. Now. Guy anyway separate will sort this weekend they got to I think Billy Donovan I'll show up. Work to Kentucky you know Oklahoma city Oklahoma City when the gators make it there. Maybe they he will. Because you know why has his coaching on Motorola's that in and other Nelson did. That's at the stadium still then torn in it and take six. Do you live on about road show. Sad news long time Gainesville orthopedic surgeon you're gonna recognize his name doctor John Stephens waters. Doctor waters that name sounds familiar man he'd a lot of orthopedic work. The passed away hang out his crescent beach Condo in he was poolside and apparently was on responsive than. Yeah bottom lot of folks the folks knew doctor waters. 656. On above Rochelle. Sky lines are open 8779759825. The O dumps beacon of by Gator sports CO dome put off the renovations. Done the wise on that and also Taylor Swift. Wins awards Kanye West. He gets booed. I know you more interested now aside and our chip all Sherrill would be next on news talk 97.3. Thus guy happy Monday.