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Loretta Sanchez & Political Correctness

May 22, 2015|

Bob Rose - May 22 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not black rose show on 97.3. This guy. Yeah it's about guns and booze and body hands yeah. Bob and. It's about time for the weekend and it's 7 minutes after 7 o'clock UT into the Bob Rose showed. But yet to enjoy EAL log three day weekend if you don't be happy today have a job and if you're first responders somebody like dad. Where an emergency rooms things like that thank you. Thank you very much. Rasheed being there on the job Memorial Day. Is about remembering those who died while serving in our country's armed forces. That's what it's about. Make sure the onions. Start to learn about it don't know what they're showing him in those textbooks and I'm signed. I've a little bit more about you know Mallon Lannan and marks in Meriden. And I'll sacrifice on the part of the American soldier and what the constitution stands for and things like you know capitalism and other things and they're very confused today. Because of the material they're given by the far left progresses but nice to get off on a tangent. And I did go off the reservation is kind of stick it out at bat back. Sorry about that we once in awhile I have to do a little Robert De Niro from Cape Fear still feel like I can and congresswoman. Below rat does sign jazz za. This Democrat out of California. She just entered the race for the US senate seat it's being vacated by. Bob boxer. She put her foot in her mouth on Saturday with a racist gesture. While while talking to a group of Indian Americans. Indiana. Americans. Are confusing you. That's people with links and heritage maybe based in the country of India. So she was speaking. To a group of Indian Americans the politician was captured on a cell phone video mocking yeah. Native Americans. Remember she's supposed to be meeting wet. Indian Americans. Not native Americans. And listen to what she said. I come from CE the American community. And I he. Well I should get out it was just great because you know it was called that'd be good humor right remember she's still talking. She's telling the story. Do the Indian Americans. It would have been flooding here if she said you know I'm Leo wah. Are not dot on the forehand now. But she didn't go that far. OK look at first glance you say okay you hear this. Indian. American and you've okay Afghanistan and a blow. Real quick low level of confusion. Never had a conversation with anybody else in her support staff. What she was doing where she was going. And and comes out with a story it makes if you ever seen veep we Santa HBO. A schedule Julia Louise Dreyfus. Is the president now in this HBO. Ongoing series it's hilarious. Isn't exactly the kind of thing that she would do the only difference says. She's a made up character on TV. And she supposed to be a buffalo. That that's the difference this woman really is running for senate. People vote you know whether we get worn out. Yeah. Sorry congresswoman to Syria in there. It just. Really. Elect anybody doesn't matter and no I've I've I've the sensitivities. At an all that now. I'm I'm not overly sensitive about that kind of thing and I think most people are not. There's a few there elective PC police. And this is now what I'm doing here. I'm showing you it's a lack of judgment it's it's how stupid are you how stupid are you gonna sink get. You could tell you don't want your age ago like I thought this was like. I thought when they said Indians they met like can now. Native Americans you know okay. Who wouldn't like publicize that but no big deal and armed on it's it's understandable. The other a little cool. Any of that lack of judgment so you're the same person is gonna represent. A huge segment of the population. His only two senators from every state are so big there are. You'd go there from California. And that's. That's truth that's your level of judgment that you possess. Here's an interesting thing to add on to that. Huffington Post. They have the video MSNBC reported on written so it's a mother left of center so I have to give some kudos. To the lefties for actual reporting a one of their own. They go out. Bags aren't. I don't think they could resist amid it is fun. The man who film Sanchez had several people in the room describe economists NBC Sacramento affiliate KC RA and us. Insensitive and undemocratic. I was shocked and appalled that she'd make to disparaging comments about native Americans the way she dead. Said. Somebody from Long Beach. When a reporter put Sanchez for comment about the gesture. She ran it and it slipped away into a building. Yeah. Asked by the Sacramento bee. She denied it. And quickly a man came out from the crowd and said you speak would fork tongue. They aren't. When asked by the Sacramento bee Sanchez declined to comment specifically on the appropriateness saying only quote. I think that native Americans have an incredibly great history and great presence in our country and many of them are supporting our election. I hear when people talk and get our election you election. Singular our election. Meet the idiots that stand around and it didn't shut your pie hole and they should have the ones that should negate a heads up and said you know. It's time not native Americans. Actually people you know they have ties to India. Yeah so it's yeah. A whole bunch of a fluency are electing. On Sunday Sanchez apologized for the remarks while speaking to delegates of the state Democratic Convention in Southern California. The ten term congresswoman said that she says something offensive and for that I sincerely apologize. Sanchez announced Thursday she's running for US senate she's 55. He's Hispanic the background a national defense issues roots in Southern California. Over the years you belong to a faction of moderate. Democrats known as blue dog the blue dog coalition Sanchez. Known for lively some say quirky personality. Her annual and sometimes racy Christmas cards have a dedicated following. She's scheduled to fund raiser during the 2000 Democratic National Convention and Hugh Hefner Playboy Mansion. And change a location only after fellow Democrats protest. By the way she voted against authorizing the war in Iraq in 2002 and she pushed pentagon to allow women to participate in direct combat operations. All right so how to set that was kind of interest staying on several different levels but one of whom would be. If it was a Republican who said those things. Malware. Innovate they would be having a field day. But we must move on a volume. What is bugging you what are your heart out get enough feature especially to get a three day weekend Eddy at I care any baggage around. That'll let it all go let it go for the weekend only you can let ago. Breathe. Air it out tell me your problems tell me your troubles. What's bugging you brought to you by Florida pest control is next call now please 877975. 9825. What's bugging you root for Florida pest control. What about the TSA. I just don't get treatment get well 877 W Skype talk and not be seven point three this guy. Then. Good morning welcome Friday may twenty sack games. 722 other Bob Rochelle. It is time now for what's bugging you a chance for you. Aaron out get it off your chest and hopefully feel a little bit better it's brought to you by Florida pest control you know it bugs they can't control our litter bugs. I calls right now 8779759825. I'll go ahead good morning what's bugging you. Ahmad. Great that's why they what rarely. Are you. Not sure oracle. You know. It might just insult than them all and our economic nations where I AM. Saw Lloyds Barack can't be that simple. Stop it. You might be right. I knows it that intermittent. And an ignition switch. Now it's running now so I now well siren announcing park and Roger was bug and you. Ball isn't saying which motivate a voter fraud will go back Loretta shares and share. She was elected in your member Bob Morton's sheet. Chief. That call from him on voter fraud or building never. Should it. But it is a shame that this man about it well that confidence in the community that got elected to start with children were basically. Much like. Change it by like that the portion control result sister cultural elected. At Fort Lauderdale. Area and cheaply later that double stroller crime and corruption. Well there's usually voter fraud is going on in the last election. Everything else and no one of the picture that early bogeys now computer routing your vote for a flat and you would have extra for the elections. And we need to go back and pick the ballot should maybe. Like huge gear on Election Day that your. I seem to remember. The new black Panthers. Sent out by the Department of Justice under Eric Holder to make sure that elections were being run fairly. I didn't given Billy clubs and stuff. Then on binding facetious. This kid who who know what's bugging Yale. Our guy in the actress Nicole. What this congressman. Going to be sent or you know if you are you making basically you know insensitive and racist remark she got people parity from Malle Mel Brooks air. It's. Mean game I didn't eat and that they're all. But even innings yeah. Blazing saddles. Did the classic my friends is a classic I don't watch it again has now forget some of the stuff and it was dead now biscuits that are jobless weekend. Nine. Won't know not not gonna make to the freezer so I'm going wait liner save missy because I know you were offering. This year right. Just didn't donkeys and borrowers in body cameras I didn't get to the shed today. This is buccaneer daddy it is now legal for on permitted gun owners to take their weapons with them while fling hurricanes. Governor Scott surrounded in law. Does not bugging me asked that that's common sense it's logic you have guns there's a big storm coming. You wanna take him when he. Both for protection. Both to preserve those guns so they don't get destroyed in inclement weather herb and also so that bad guys if they decide to loot the area. Don't get their hands on a reader so your being a responsible gun owner. To shame you have to have a lot of sport that but at least we have that. Let's see what else did do did you all. A measure that will keep the public. From obtaining police body camera videos. Taken in. People's homes. Hotel rooms and other places where there's an expectation. A privacy. So the public won't be able to view those things if they're taken in a in setting that should that should be you know private have a sense of privacy to. I don't know if that's gonna make sense in every case. But all their their their prohibiting the public. And getting their hands on it not necessarily. A grand jury. Or members of a jury or. I judge. So. Okay. Doesn't sound too two crazy. Another measure will let. Kraft distillery race. So more of their product do you out and this has to do with the. Well first of laws of Florida distillers himself. Only sell to. Bottles of their products to customers each year they'll increase to four bottles or two of each brand if the distillery produces more than. Two products again common sense logic. Now we have to have lost support it. Has been enough and I guess. Thanks for participating in what's bugging you brought to buy Florida pest control it's 727. You're tuned to the Bob Rhodes show. What is Memorial Day. I'll tell you enacts. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. Let's go on what's happened. 737 out of Bob roadshow live and local thank you attorney ending. I don't blame this weekend in nine Tampa Bay on day I don't want to show object it went backstage and everything. But my friend farmer John. Well you mention it along time ago and and I kind of forgot about it any Sid oh yeah a Cuban revolution. Known on the beach playing on the other coast anyway. There goes my chance. That goes mention also up at a base. A slap at a base going on. But those for those you want to I don't know if there's nineties listeners who are not as big show the plane out of my saint Pete formed united or what I call now and really oil. Arena I do believe sewing up. Day interfere with a hockey or not. What's going on now temple be at home ten night. For game. Four of the seriously Levy New York Rangers by two games to one the then what's today Friday certain. So they'll be Sunday would be game five in New York command Tuesday may be. Both Obama and Tampa for game six if needed on a big Dylan. And care I guess he figures things out and. I would we got going on air policy Gainesville city commission Thursday approved an employment agreement with their top choice become Gainesville regional utilities next general manager Edward deal are ski. Junior who will end up being the city's top paid employee with a salary of 208. T 7000. Dollar us. That's his job based bank. I it's interesting bit slap the based bank. Well. Look you're had to be you know multimillion dollar utility. Your per billion to train professionally you're you work your way up access to pay scale that's with the market demands I'm not necessarily opposed to it. So it was interesting and it has what's in the five. And now on Fox News Channel and they were trying to make a big deal about congressman what it was an LC Hastings I think. Asking about a race. Congress hasn't had a raise in six or seven years. May 175000. And that's a lot more money than I make this a lot more money than Jay makes so with anybody should complain what you know we would complain. People look at it like a part time jobs they know you have to live very gets some sort of housing in Washington DC and then theoretically have a home somewhere else. People who are wealthy who take that job that's not a problem the people who aren't. That's not really a lot of money. And I just thought it was interesting that the five was trying to make an issue I'm like oh how dare they all. They get a 175000. And Eric Bolling going off it's like really really Erica. That's probably your first year of trading on the floor. You probably made more than that. Okay. So I just thought it was disingenuous. And and in Rupp and would they have made the same kind of remarks if it was a Republican who had been asking for race. And I hate when we get caught up in that all by god they make so much money M today don't do anything. Well. They made some of them may not accomplish much or they may accomplish things we don't want him to accomplish. But let's not get off on this tangent. Good they make so much money we should cut their pay or we should do this we should do that really. Every idea what a 175000. Dollars as compared to seventeen. Point eight trillion dollars in debt. We at least focus on things that matter to we prioritize. That's not a priority. So I just I get them off my chest. Ninth somebody is coming about a GRU salary Bobby you're on the air. Hey good morning but how are you today rates on your mind yeah the salary is just say it again and hopefully the awkward to negotiate a contract with the city. Over the last couple years they were offered zero Euro maybe 2%. We have to order any 7000 dollar face somebody else orchard pay a little bit so they are to keep the series and all I have this story. That's a good point that's a good point you got to prioritize and the jets still a position to. Or Judea do you need a general manager. 'cause the last general manager Bob hung zinger was only hired in my opinion. To push to biomass plant agreed to green lighted to make it happen no matter what and let's say he did dirty work of the commission or whatever then you know they get rid of him in a need him anymore. As so do they really needed general manager I mean they don't have a general manager they have an interim one now. Everytime I turn my lights god blessed you are you they go on why how. That AC man as crank get away. At the end of the month they get a bill that feels like I get kicked between the legs but that's another story as far as it being delivered to me every day. Mean somehow. A mile without a general manager or. They've done it. So. And I don't. I mean I guess you know far general manager I mean when he leaves you know for a week or two I mean. Why Agassi. Knowing people work and army and the engines right salespeople logo golf and just she just kidding. Just kidding. Only kidding about the good salespeople get gigs and stuff you know conditions. Equipment but a you know how that works. Today about the way they do it. I don't look so put Utley. A bad. Is bad bad boy am I still don't teach you what did he do bad doll it's either to an opponent. He rules. A when's denial had a B twos. I don't remember what it wants. We'd blends together I got missiles Wednesday in. Melanie was making it would do well at the meals for church behind a Sheila does all the dessert so nice to bring cupcakes. And caring and you know out of two and eight. By seventeen zillion bucks is a cake mixing get all that stuff and makes you know dozens. Of these cupcake and take charge and everything I've ever sampled when I'm sure they're good event. You go to orchard and we're gonna burn for that. Any life. There's a jet all the cupcakes and you'd get had a Mike Hsu matter whatever and I don't know if she. Turned around or if she's mean is or if she was getting other cupcakes that are out of the oven. But apparently Utley was able to grab. Three. All of the cup takes the worry free up what they or they did already the icing on about at that point my way to protocol but apparently. He metal drill slacks. That's good work now. Three there I mean. Do you grab one. Annual fed down to get another and then get another and you could do all that before she turned around sees what's going on my blog is I don't know if she brought to the bathroom or what you but you know what lol. What long need to go celery yes hilly. And they've it's not fool. It's the adults aged cat food loves cats. Little cat so I mean the biggest story I have to match that is Mayan Gertz dog. And it was big black go on like a wolfhound type thing was a pretty good sized dog them. And actually can't remember his name now it's now my memory is fading too so it was Thanksgiving. Put Turkey out. Grab the whole Turkey ran downstairs for the out of his mouth he had about a half of the gone. Yes and while you're 22 pounder and go stick. How affected I can't remember his name. At bothers me. And fond memories. 746. On a Bob Rose show. So what's going on and you give us a call 8779759825. Any plans for Memorial Day. Are you gonna remember those who died while serving in our country's armed forces because. That's what the holiday is all about news talk 97.3 disguise. This guy. They have this. Today good morning it is Friday may twenty seconds when he fifteen I'm Bob Rose. Memorial Day weekend to remember those who died while serving in. In our country's armed forces. Without them and their sacrifice. We probably wouldn't you know. Have a holiday you enjoyed we probably wouldn't have a lot of other things to let's remember that sky lines are open 8779759825. And a just about to go to frank what happened. Your on the air. I hope you're arguing to a good weekend Bob. Before the 730 break. You mentioned a law. About cracked distillery and I think I missed the whole concept you said it was common sense so there's probably. What more to it and I understand but. If I've got business and I'm. Distilling some kind of crafts booze armed. Instead of the government. Stopping me from selling any more than four liking and I felt somebody under Bob on the I want to write what. What piece of that's why is there regulation not of any limitation. I agree no I agree. I'm saying now why do you have to have a law but it belonged to expand what they're doing their shouldn't be beam law let the market decide right. You know I'm glad I. I don't know. Now here I mean it's just a short of the zero but it was the number you were allowed to sell to the grower thing. With this is now that's what I thought it was but it says let craft distillery sell more of their product right now Florida distillers. Can only sell two bottles of their products to customers each year. Now increased to four bottles or to a beach brand and if the distillery produces more than two products that's craft distillery east Oca. So why am I I mean who should be if it's a legal product. He sell you make as much you want you solid it's the market right Margaret treatment realistic export tax money from all of vodka that made in New Jersey. A lot of ultimately Jersey. And know that good plastic bottle stuff. Plastic like this man. Really. I don't know paint thinner. And death that removes a lot of things you can eat it of late night delivered beat forts to certain to. Yeah 754 on the Bob road show where it was I go well. I thought somebody was calling about pay maybe. Dheisheh and heard city commission of new contract got a new GRU general manager in there Edward deal are ski junior. Is gonna end up being the city's top paid employee with a salary 287000. Dollars. And that is the annual base salary was approved by the commission 60 vote so they are all love and I'm. Well bill instead of the six that were their Indian Wells when there. Human resources director is Sarah McBride told the sun at Thursday's vote. Effectively hires Biel are skate the Mary Biel are ski just kept signing agreement make it official. He's been working for the Lehigh county authority and Allentown Pennsylvania. Where he serves as the agency's chief operating and financial officer. As a point of comparison regarding 287000. Dollar salary eighty. At the commission okayed a Bob hung zinger who eventually resigned late 2013. Was given a 2101000. Dollar annual base salaries are a lot well. That's a good feel the Viet yes. Acosta is at the cost eleventh. You know he demanded when he came in in his contract. He says I wanna be cant I compensated accordingly. By the higher electric rates you have the other cost of living here is much higher than Allentown because of it. And so he was able to get a future they increase. Over the previous general manager. It's a joke. But is on us the jokes on us that's what we're not laughing. Some 35 on above rose showed. 877975. 9825. Willis didn't celebrate details on the way.