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1 in 3 say they would leave the USA

Jul 2, 2015|

Bob Rose - July 2 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not black rose show on nutty seven point three. The sky. He. Would never do. It's Thursday lenses gentleman was. In July the second but. For most of us it's our Friday if we get tomorrow off. God bless America. And if you have a job. If you have a job you have to work on the holiday. Thank Barack Hussein Obama the U of a job because he'd show a zero. Be able to war each show as you. With a all right Jeff Skilling got. Happy happy it is 7 minutes after 6 o'clock you tune of about Rosh showed. Time check brought to you by prestige he's Jewish audience is always yes. To god bless America. America the beautiful. Fourth of July independence. The declaration of independence. Our rights are endowed to us by the create nor. Would happen if you put you know put out the declaration independence I don't know kind of his op Ed piece. Bill like Bernard margin rate which you do make them up while Fox News. I'll. That was something you heard on that does that savage gat. Did you have been liberals did like yeah I didn't know mentioning creator four times and there. This kind of less. Push and narrow religious and a he is a different world we live in today. Did you know that they did a poll recently and one in three Americans would relocate would leave America. I did based on if they could make more money somewhere else. He you know look we've got our problems I just still think it's the greatest country it if you're gonna as say would you go somewhere else I'd have to say well. You know where what's the opportunity. Rarely. Wears a better place to live arm loosely might be you know waving the flag and its. We're gonna go. Candidate. Oh man lot of taxes up there whether Sox people are nice. I look push came to Schiavo was you know Armageddon here are living Canada consider richer. Mexico. Money go a little bit further. So fleet no revenues drug cartels are in and. You're not gonna make money there. For most people. I mean where would you go the Sicilian is and as the fourth of July weekend looms and Americans. Up their grills and ready their fireworks some citizens are packing their bags. A recent online poll of more than 2000 adults by transfer wise this appear to appear money transfer service in the UK. Revealed that 35%. Of American born residents. 35%. American born residents and immigrants would consider leaving the US to live in another country. That's over a third. I assume Heidi you this percentage greatly increases for those ages eighteen to 34. So the young set already given up on American is what you know attack it is. I mean maybe maybe they'd also like they're invested in America. May they probably haven't learned. A lot about history if they haven't been history by the far left progressives that teach you how bad. Americus. Olivo and how and every transaction around the world every war somehow we were the bad guys. That's that's the new version of who they've been teaching now about twenty years so. More than half the millennial so whopping 55%. Said they would consider leaving the US for foreign shores. Now look at it's about. Exploration and wanna go out there and see the world I want experience it now that no problem that. My daughter did study mild started to study abroad and Germany and she had a fantastic experience and she would go to Europe. You know in a heartbeat. Got to live permanently I don't think but she would visit often she had a great experience there. Nothing wrong with that. But I mean leave leave America. Latin. Among these millennial holes 43% of men 38% of women noted that a higher salary would be a factor in their relocation decision. Again I mean when they ask some questions that you know there's still there's too much. Broaden estimates read be here between the lines. A higher salaried does it does it outpace the higher cost of living. You know feared it doesn't matter although it come to it you know let's just say come to Germany. We have paid a 100000 dollars a year I know it's pretty good I'm only Macon 65 in America this is quite substantial race right. But Danny find out well look the rate of taxation is pretty darn high they've got to value added tax and couple while the other taxes so far wanna buy a you know anything and it's gonna cost and cost so. So where you know. You come out ahead and I think that's important. You really can make more Reno Connor had save money like for instance. When got a nephew he's teaching in China. And he's loving. He's enjoying the experience very much any sign of for another year is unity two years there they pay much more than he would make teaching you know the public schools in America. And it's tax tax free. And from the pay is room board. I mean socking it away. So an opportunity like that but we consider leaving America for good. I don't think so. I don't think but I'm not positive. Well high percentage of Americans would entertain the idea. Of being an ex pat only. Point 001%. A population actually renounce their citizenship and 2014 you guys see it season ask hypotheticals. And it depends on how you don't have particular today. Dude dog man here on the Bob Rose show good morning. Aren't you talk about Canada as an option. Eighty rotator cuff surgery last year. Ed so they scheduled an MRI Foreman yeah I got a 24 hours later crossed out and start. It Canada noted taken five or six months what a great country. About. I had no good point. That's funny because if you start negated argument about universal house health care and single Payer system. The last well are you how great it is there ego you experienced it I've heard thousands of stories of very similar to what you're telling me. I know for a fact. That per capita they have less than a quarter. On just the MRI machines alone. It is the same thing in England if they can push it off these. These kinds of health care systems a year about these universal health care single Payer no I don't think everybody should have access to health care it's senator etc. It's it in a lot of it is based on the premise of you know. If they can just put it off put it off put it off you wait in line UA line. What happens is also a lot of people die. I frankly. Now they're not gonna jump right on board do we you know the bypasses and stuff. On this quickly is you're gonna get that done an American hospitals. Oh we pay we pay for it no doubt about it. But there there was a great example you'd be waiting I mean that's not emergency aid to them rotator cuff on one. Our. A by 615 alum Bob Rochelle Jane Anderson's here as well sky lines are open at 8779759825. Which you consider. Leaving America if so where in the world would you possibly go. And don't know mature on bare body wants to dump them all and that's roam free speech. Can be very costly. I'll explain coming up live local to Bob Rochelle news talk 97.3 this guy. Is it three Sean Hannity radical Islamic most of us eat animals they modern day I'll call. Seven point three this guy. Six slowly on the Bob broached okay. God violates. Happy happy Thursday. So it is. Six oil like it says Todd Jack front by prestige a Steelers for the answers those guys. Gaze those daily depends day celebration that we fri day. Friday the music by the Gainesville community band group bears and lions. And the in crisis Dan. And special appearance by US Billy Mitchell drill team color guard along plenty of fireworks. And for reminded I. Play tennis with Chris over he's in. He's a wanna bands they're gonna replace them. The rocket rolls with classic rock. So why am I might try to make it out there. Not big big fan of the crowds and what have you but. This one is the limits on US campus flooded field. And that did everything kicks off brown seven. And nobody's damn there goes on he says an eight. And the fireworks 9:40 PM office. On so late for me. And nobody else ready for fourth of July. And gave you some poll numbers earlier if you didn't hear me one in three Americans who consider leaving America. Mean leaving leaving. And so you really think he's better somewhere else and and us. I wanna sell your. Best place in America. But I mean. It is is. Not perfect edit and save that we're also doing a live. There's wandered and talked about going out exploring it in I mean you have like delivered a castle in Ireland for you know month. I deliver and I you know south of France and obesity you know from month. Maybe an Italian Villa furlough lock but. I'm talking about leave it. One what is. This guy. Night and it's odd time to dump. On the trump this could be a big sport for everybody. That you par would Donald Trump says and then. On hand in punishing them. Don't have been two weeks since he entered the presidential race the billionaire Donald Trump has already seen some of his most prominent business relationships. Go up in smoke. Following remarks he made about Mexico on the very first day of the campaign. Quote when Mexico sends its people they are sending their best. Trump said at his announcement even last month from trump tower. They're bringing drugs they're bringing crime. They're rapists and so are good people but I speak to border guards and Nate tell us what we're getting. A whole body. That's outrageous. Let's look at the statement before we get all defensive. They are bringing drugs. Moon anybody argue that honestly. Oh they're bringing crime. Statistically it's absolutely true. They are our deepest well if you're saying they're all rapists twitch and hopefully that's what he sat. He said that we're not getting their best amongst these people are people bringing drugs people bringing crime rapists. And some good people the but I speak to border guards and they tell us what we're getting. And that's all that's just the most evil thing ever that Donald Trump could say. I mean that this is automate this automatically. In a lefty progressive mind goes to directly it just goes a hundred miles an hour right to hate. That's hates. Well no maybe as part of a dialogue. Maybe as part of a dollar and people go that's not entirely true there's plenty of good people make the majority are good people. When Donald jobless say well here's what here's what we have statistically. And you see. Them maybe there is mostly good. But when he says they're not sending their best. Let's be honest there isn't a lot of doctors. Lawyers. Scientists. Other professionals well trained well educated running across the border there is some. But that's not the vast majority. Tend to be the core folks looking for opportunity and doesn't necessarily make combat some are bad. Part of that opportunity. He may take commended drug dealing human trafficking and other things. Some of them are bad people. So I'm Donald Trump's gonna say some things and get plenty of attention. Is he really viable. Honestly I don't think so. Well one automatically you can't even say things like this and you're going to be. You're your hate filled person and and first domino to fall largest network aimed at Hispanics Univision. We see firsthand the work ethic love for fairly strong religious guy is an important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans. Have had him we'll continue to have an buildings feature our country will not be airing the miss USA pads on July 12. A working on any other projects tied to the Trump Organization. As a the company said the statement. And there they they run their company they're free to do whatever they want. Interview with ABC news terms said I love the Mexican people have great respect for Mexico. In response Ian of isn't big Univision dropping the pageant trump filed a 500 million dollar lawsuit this week against company for damages. He's got a pretty good contract from what I understand. Will be interesting to see how this plays out Wesley on the Barbara show. Bloody. You know. Yes that. Yes there are great it's not. Well. Actually me and there and I. There and knowing where about one year I sister's actually flying out. I thought our urged China where her cell. She has spread our. Also your and you knew blast a year ago. Impact or actually work you're still. Our year end eleven their arm. While and so what the cost of living is very very low in your money go a long way down. Long way it is active act. Oh and again and keep track. Oh they're record people market that nick are out I worked for or your order. Earning I'll bring up. Work permit that you may want to Wear it now dollar a year or UK one share alike are. Now. Yeah. It had a level over basically. Sewed up there's Earl Pakistani bank subtler scent. And that's they're. Like our coat color level at which circle on their order. It's out there she sent Armani. Now okay so you're did hear this a financial thing a look at added your money can go much much further enough. Edmund LO straight. Actor I thought they were gonna ask you have about oil year. We're all year they've just about pressures now have somewhere. Now are you gonna feel bad living in that nation pretty much being guys one of the wealthier people there compared to the general population. You think you're gonna feel uncomfortable at all are you worried about crime. Are not really it's just clutch you're out they were at some accent thank you so they're shopping much better. Aunt actually I'm very security much better and they don't have a long waits somewhere play speak Arabic Arab security guard. Over what they call the village. What we caught up in Asia. And you don't pull chuck got stopped herself up as somebody stand there late or you're art. That's what happens when you don't have that. Problem at all or like or under audit today. Which are always a thank you eleven dollars. But at saint Armand Hammer a longer hurt in that start biting it and see what they're real or being hated the most them early and make. Mean very interesting thanks for sharing that with us. Traces on hold your she can either call back go gates' first up after the break it six Tony 90 Bob Rose OJ Anderson and house as well visit forward two dollar a day. Happy happy. Attuned to the Bob Rose show on news talk 97.3 this guy. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. Good morning and welcome 639 on the Bob Rhodes show a lot of local. Fourth of July when he can come home Bay Area. I love it skyline zero point 8779759825. Some things haven't talked about poll was taken one of three America's Mexicans that are leaving the US money would be. A factor in that they can make more money somewhere else. And dump the trump the out freedom of speech is not free can be very costly to some folks and by Donald Trump is gonna go a very long way but it. Now already is being punished just for saying things. Neither are based on some truth sort a lot of people feel that way. But now the left will have no dialogue anymore it goes straight to aid if you're ever dealing about anybody's. Skin color heritage background raining house oh wait wait now if you southern haired intent in count. Pressure on about Rocha. In the morning. Bright and happy for everybody and eat all that image in the bat. Becky the country by. Into that hole. I said I. We can't actually my brother out how he doesn't like America where my ball you know the order. Politics by regulator out eat that you can make it better someplace else out fine. Now I called Al Allen cheaper where he is right now it's. An American politics. I mean. At some point going unity in the currency ear. And how that affects. Your your way in the white at that point. And there are on trial on. And the impact on. A lot of what a lot of people feel it in the art scene illegal in that country. Basically getting a whole bunch expected and so on free. Services Miami or whatever and then you know nobody's trying to about it. It it very fractured Trenton. And soccer I. They're sort of like out there. Indeed he's so passionate particularly at the export everybody. Hey same beer thanks for Wayne interest appreciate the call 8779759825211. Away and that is very interesting and no of course it doesn't matter what else Donald Trump says if all of it makes sense horrified he talks about. Making illegal immigration easier better more streamlined revenue case may be and the damage is done in position in life easier hater and already is folks like the people who run Univision and aren't accurate he has taken action. And drop to miss USA. Pageant well he's got have. He's got a 500 million dollar lawsuit against them so be interesting to see. You know he's got a strong enough case. I don't know if you new visions gonna back offer one. Following Univision Mexico based broadcaster filed Donald Trump for his comments saying in part mr. trump hasn't demonstrated understanding or respect toward Mexican migrants and has offended the entire. Mexican population. Wrigley. That's televisa televisa. Now they know that Donald Trump those offended the entire Mexican population. Who wonder what that's based on. Farouk systems which Jones hair care products in Branson to CH giant bios Oakes said they too are done McDonald. Our company is multi cultural people of Latin American dissent here a large percentage of our. Boy he's a loyal customers. As a company. Probably founded on the concept of coming to the USA pursue the American dream mr. Trump's comments do not alone not reflect our company's philosophy or practices. Nobody wants to give up on the American dream nobody wants to give up trying to come to America or asking for is to do it no legal way why is it such an outrageous saw. In theory these days. That's how far the left has pushed us into a corner to where we just say were four. Immigration where we would love immigration we're a country of immigrants Wear off for it yes yes yes yes yes. Can we do it in a legal way. We need to streamline the process. Absolutely. But it doesn't mean that the gates should be wide open that's what about this sovereignty. The borders the culture of the nation as it stands. Does that weigh in at all. Or is it just you know look she's just blow now America's justice bloody woman and everybody can just pile on and gang Draper. Mean that's kind of how America's being treated and if you stand up for Americans who will wait a second. Have a little respect for this lady. In your hater. Really. Think about it. SK Iran about road show. More about. You art situation. Agriculture. Department or appear at archer I got La. You want. So I at our darker or a year ago I earned him a little doctor is under a dollar anyway. Opera mom I'm not quite at our dollar deductible so I went back and follow. Well we don't accept this type of the shirt practical. Piece you want well yeah but we are except that policy but now. After twenty years the witch doctor. Not in which is Gary here that I like to go out to accept it so either I go to Ocala. And or. Shall I order art to drop the church they are desperate country are popular Barack Obama. I'm not allowed a private citizen to a private company picture I'll be I actually agree is a member for. Now we've sky news on our policies that the feel of a spouse that is offered insurance on their policy they have to. Bomb go with the other policy or we pay a substantial penalty. Hundreds of dollars on top of the additional rate so it's. It's quite expensive and I mean our company is doing the best that they can hold cost down it's not their fault. It is the it's the system way it's been fundamentally changed under President Obama and so called Obama care. Make no mistake about it so wealth redistribution of the grandest scale. It's another huge one and this will take money away from people who are working and playing by the rules and we'll give to those who. You know haven't found a level of success yet know Warren out playing by the rules and no rest this time. So goes. And oh yeah all but if you like your doctor your health care planning keep him. Alive and keeps on giving. People voted form for a second term. You know Hillary's Hillary president. He just know it. Young. I don't know say some good 646 Alibaba roadshow all dig some up to fund their. Arnold's back yet that's what we'll talk about news talk 97.3 this guy. Free speech has never been more free is very easy schmuck. 650 tell Barbara Bush. I would love. Thanks to Judy and yeah happy happy Thursday long weekend ahead of us happy fourth of July. Fireworks are things that doomed. Now we've got your source you go to our website thus guy 973 dot com and it is your. Source for fireworks and parties and everything's going on all over the area and a city and on some of that stuff on the air as well. Arnold Schwarzenegger got a new movie out snow in the terminator series you negotiate an out. It looks good he's no spring chicken now we're target neck and initiate and it's who you know. Can classic. Now. My movies I mean the machines are taken over and then. And a related note I saw this. New show that's out on I think it's AMC. Humans. And it's about you know only get so good of robotics and what have you basically these people that are robots. Are very very very very human. In kind of a scary way. And so first up so last nine very interest. And I'm not a big like size by type guy so if it appeals to me and it has a kind of element to it. It means to me they're doing a pretty good job of that my wanted to get out. Dave thank you for holding your on the air. Good morning Bob Black curtain yesterday really yesterday that there are many issues has dropped trumpet news close flying. You know. I think the stores like that are the words you have no idea with a turban to many conservatives. Act like liberals and I think the best and reduce. We caught up just don't go shopping nah I didn't even know. Trying to pass a closer Ryan militarily we're gonna drop said he didn't seem to blink an eye over these. Comments but then all hell broke us the next method. Well I I would think that down the Donald Trump is been a successful businessman for a long time it's not a dummy. Now as mouth get to have them sometimes that's kind of what he's known for out. And in these days in Al bears. A lot more punishment. When you want to exhibit free speech if you are known quantity and an entity. By Donald Trump is going to be fallout from it and yeah he's gonna have people that are gonna. Run away from him and or via an and it's not just those companies may not feel that strongly about it but you know they're worried about there image and they're worried about a boycott coming from other groups. Now. And the thing about a boycott that I have now to be true is the last. Person and it hurts is usually the one you may be targeting. To begin west. Now he boycott some things well I'm we're not gonna put gas in our car and only on Tuesday is or something whatever that whole thing on arouse like. He asks. That's that's unity to the oil companies. We break. As the guy we're she'll local gas station or something that's. More likely to it's gonna hurt us problem boycotts. Now effective they really are out of they really changed make things change in. Now and then and generally if it's meant to be punitive the pain usually fell by the people at the work a level not people to make the decisions the guy you don't sell them to begin with candy you're on about Rochelle. Yet good morning and I I really like the way Donald Trump's at every week it would be. Here and discuss on this radio channel everyday. I get it exactly. So. Thank you. Well might not appreciate Ellison I do I talk for hours day five days a week. I tell like you know like it isn't how I feel about things but you know even I know that you know if you're gonna talk about things like immigration. And your specifically pick out you know people of Mexican persuasion. You better do so delicately. It doesn't mean that you have to avoid the issue just got to be careful. About when you say you know crime and raise this and all this stuff. This make sure that you temper that and say hey these are people searching. And wanting a better life but beginning your life this American dream by trespassing and not respecting America's laws and rules. In my opinion is not the way you want to start off a relationship. That's all. But he's gonna say certain things and part of it'll be too bad attention. What are you can do that but. Free speech and free anymore. We'll talk about that more coming up.