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Lock Down at DC Naval Yard

Jul 2, 2015|

Bob Rose - July 2 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rose Joseph Mon not Yzerman played great the sky. I. I wanna rock and roll. A party every day tanks. But the bit about rose Joseph 6 minutes after 8 o'clock GAAP. Get ready for the weekend how about you. Yeah I'm ready to call it quits right now we're just gonna goof off the next two hours. Let's course management is listening you know we just say. It's. It's Thursday July the second time Shaq brought to you by prestige case steelers' Willie answers always Janice. I got plans for the weekend. We've got a listing on our website the sky 973 dot com of a whole bunch of different things are going on around the area. Friday night slot that the US. I got to play tennis with Chris over his bands playing there 8 o'clock they put some good classic rock skewed to get stuff. This is one idea for you there's a lot more. Let me go to the phones 8779759825. More used to phones less work I have to do it's a beautiful thing so call it. I don't care how crazy York. Ingested deal with the first. Jeff don't Bob Rose show good morning. Oh. On eight for July. It was a liberal moral. There prices up all all Americans. He releases a daily basis. The deal paper down. Yeah that's but that's President Obama heat it is interesting here is gonna salads all piling on the stump but let me let me let me hear the saudis tell me if that's not true even if your. In if you're left of center electing guys all right. Doesn't it seem odd to you that President Obama seems to be a lot harsher and tougher on. Americans who disagree with him politically. Politicians. You know Republicans in particular but even Democrats if if they don't agree with him. He's he's pretty tough on them. It seems like he is tough. On everybody. Who's not really our enemies. But then when it comes time to fight ices. Now what is he not wanna help to defeat ice is actually stand and what. The Kurds in the page murder are trying to get weapons were actually blocking them from getting weapons are fighting crisis. It doesn't make sense to me so yeah. There's a whole different set of rules for this president what he can say wanna get away with it. And as a whole set of rules with what you can say about this president because if you disagree with him and out on a political level there's people that will call you racist. The sad reality we live. I hope folks get together. And aren't so splintered you know if you want to. Of the United States take a different direction. Can ask to get somebody in their besides Hillary Clinton on Tony and frank you're on about Rochelle. A public charge question about why we're not army. Purge approach where they're sort. Obviously logic salt balls out there that we can't figure out Yorker and if eutectic jigsaw puzzle letters while we're not harm occurred or. One over not tell the saudis are why we're. There's seemingly helping array and why do we make a trade deals that are not favorable to the United States in you put this one piece the puzzle keep peace which use conduct. Number one most important thing for US sure energy used to GP US dollar reserve currency. Put that piece in any possible. Pitcher looking at as far farce foreign policy and all of a sudden departure comes and as our you know we give away. Juggernaut. For. Trade deals that are not Katrina which they watch because it keeps American dollar slot or out. We all are occurred why because I just the threat there but he never but he needs America. We don't know the saudis because solders were talking actively talking about. You can you know take another person besides you much further oil. We have moderate threaten people so that shall that you know we could sit on the other side our help India you meet ups. It's about everything good about keeping the US dollar the world reserve currency that he's in a puddle and all of a sudden account and look. Wow now to a thanks for the input frank that I've been that Eric I guess that goes along the lines of my manager exile puzzle we try to figure out here in the US. And the answer is follow the money. My guess nothing could be more important. From a from a business standpoint at the very highest corporate levels. At the US dollar B to reserve. You know monetary system the other currency. While our Petro dollars around the world are traded in US dollars data counts for a lot of money. I've I've I know that that's an important thing. I guess I didn't realize that dad is such a key piece in all of these. Separate and sometimes on so seemingly and related. Issues. Very interesting frank. Definitely over think and on Allen for awhile. Big serum about Rochelle hi Dylan. Good morning Bob I just wanted to mention I can't remember this guy's name that he would head of the CIA be retired. And out he was not any any mentioning the fact that and then he would scare devices. It was despair that was going on all over the world he said the main thing was scared about was our economy because every nation that has failed. And history. The economy has failed first. And he said that the most important thing is worried about right now and it says it looks like it's our economy going on a crash course I just sort of mentioned that bank. It's interesting I had a conversation. About a year ago with a guy as former CIA and he was not not high level. But he did he he made a big deal about two about money and about our economy and now frank just called and in and said what he says near saying what you're saying. Now there's a lot there's a lot going on here but when push comes to shove yes money. American dollars. Benefits in the equation. Turkey creek data on about Rochelle. According morning. I thought you know I pondered the situation a lot. And you know back in the day when people that the president I have been a Muslim and all that are bought it came out what struck down as bad. Atrocity he went to work Saturday. And it project are racquet it basically what you got is the civil war between the Sunnis and Shiites. And that Saudi arabians are support. This Sony's data crisis in Europe and order overboard. And the one I had thought about the president ordered them out in just a ring of the Saudi leader I just wonder if well. Because his loyalty to. The saudis that that's why he doesn't want. The parish murderers in they're fighting inside. And just put bar. Definitely could play a role. And if the power's that being always go about his maybe sensitivity shall we say in these areas. Maybe he is the you know kind of useful shall we say to these people that worry about the monetary system in the basket currency being the US dollar and all that. That President Obama was sort of their pick shall we say. To deal with DC ever changing kind of slow waters in. The errors so called Arab Spring there really wasn't. And all that it was reported to be at all was it. He's the guy he maybe he was the guy that was kind of and aides say Kennedy handpicked that. He did I mean he really virtually came out of the political volley just virtually came out of nowhere. Think about it. Like you know for I mean as close as president is somebody who you know kind of came out of nowhere so to speak that I can remember in my lifetime have been like Jimmy Carter. And his past in his relations are much much easier to track. Up. A fifteen Alibaba Rochelle. David dumbest guy lines open 8779759825. I'll tell you about a free movie you can see tonight. And a whole lot more coming up news talk 97.3 sky. Slip I just wanna say one thing of all available weekdays one in distress here but I'm not trying to irritate you here's Tom not seven point three sky. And. Breaking news on this guy trial club pros sometimes are brought to you by the SEC your husband is always yeah. Washington navy yard where. A gunman killed twelve people back in 2013 at the same navy yard is on lockdown. After reports of gunshots US park police tell And officers. Are at the scene but could not immediately confirm a shooting. We'll continue to follow that story and we'll share information as it becomes available. Scott lines are wide open 8779759825. There's a free movie night. One generation away the erosion of religious liberty. Admission is free and this is tonight at 630. The run times about 85 minutes they'll be showing at the countryside Baptist church on 39 avenue in Gainesville. If you like more information on Alley says free it's tonight it's at 630. Countryside Baptist Church 39 avenue Gainesville more information in context hairy. At Gainesville Tea Party dot org Gainsville Tea Party down toward. It says the film is non partisan and nondenominational. Donald thanks for holding your on about Rochelle. Good morning it eagerness let it hurt him more about dame paradise for an. It is that it is less. About Walt was more like a blanket your actions and how does that relate to save money. It's an outlet Bruce or maybe don't stop there. So what I am not got home about all. I got out all his. Imported parts. And I got feathers doing and you're not right here. So I don't at about adult I don't get that nation that happened it'd Estrada. Occult but now has become clear just like about about. Now I TI couldn't eat call me to consult Johnny saying Malaysia. Because clearly. Senate becoming a parent you could have made him a ticket. And indeed in a story about dinner is sick on math of all man I'm just China. 822 on the Bob Rocha. Like you said earlier Washington navy yard the same one where a gunman killed twelve people back in 2013 that same. Navy yard is on lockdown right now reporting gunshots. And the US park police. Have not yet released whether or not. Any other shooting has been confirmed so this notes on lockdown. And we await further information was here there were you when we get. Arnold Schwarzenegger I'll be back. Here latest he says he. He really can speak perfect English he doesn't have an accent anymore but he does it just because it's with the fans it expect you believe it I he still has a little bit of an accident. Rudy plays an up a little bit and it. Do you believe it's been more than thirty years since the first terminator came out. I was debating. He remember. I was a baby from the things whose long time ago. All. Band he's always been in in great shape. For the latest installment in the series terminator. Genesis. Which is better than the other thing there we're gonna go it terminator. Prostate trouble. Because of this is it to get it at any. He's got to face off against a version of his past self. Now when he was young and click on the Austrian open. Made is mark him bodybuilding. He's 67 years old. 67. To be Americana shape at that age that's pretty impressive. Reducing did he admit to doing JD now. Schwarzenegger admitted in being. I don't smoke some weed while I respect that was in his movie pumping iron years ago but. I don't know much. Performance enhancing stuff he may have done I don't know. But let's just say it was very prevalent in that time bodybuilding. Yeah I comic actor opened up to People Magazine about his twice day regiment. To be terminator. You know they really want to know. A house at. Does a kid donut to. We have we may. Apparently wanna talk about what's Douglas movie time. So he said he should gain about ten pounds he is close possible the body weight he had 1984. He said he added Carty L and adding that was the key to not only bulking up the treading fat. Six days a week twice a day. Turning in a morning weight training and evening an hour each. Self you dedicate yourself and any aging gay yourself in tremendous shape but yet put in the time if he right yep sleeper right now when you do that. Not gonna happen for. His dream about it you just go to movies like idea and pretend you're the hero. Saudis here. You hear all popcorn you want is when you buy big bucket like guided free refills jockey on about Rochelle. OK some real quick just in relation to Utley won't armored disarmed you know the Paris today well here's a good example. It's against the law firm announced its two power alert goes out there explain what it's against the law but a lot of people are gonna go watch powershares the government. It says. That this person can do that as they're gonna watch show which is against slot because that explodes. What the government saying is that a lot of arms certain people Paris the jets just like Indians. I'm not confuse the issue but when you go to eight regular show you have a specifically trained pirate technicians. And these shows are all completely legal. It'd be usually local fire chief for whatever on knows about it. And they have licensing and insurance and all kinds of things they have to go through professional shows are just that they are professional shows. So it's not illegal what they're doing is not illegally do it via permit. And that most of these people are extremely professional and take what they do very seriously. And I have I have the utmost confidence in those folks at U. And then there's those people like to play with stuff and some like to play with some of the big stuff and I've experienced that firsthand. When. I like it got killed. A guy used to work within radio years ago in Orlando. Love to blow stuff up and he really just got a kick out of it. And I was at a party and he was that he decide he was gonna bring out a big old. Fireworks mortar and that's base that's what it is it's a mortar. That's a mortar and it's designed to explode except when it explodes its colorful and pretty put it explodes. Today he was out there in a bag of ice and know what's mark up to and Gallo a close a little bit closer. And now and I don't know which just instinctual IC no one. And are comfortable with us and I'm not like. And not like a prude or whenever I'm I'm I can be just to stupid as the next guy get myself close to dangerous stuff. I know some some kind of instinct and now. That things started Albany could tell right away some was going wrong I turn my back in Iran. Arie and I think blew up knows about and it's maybe fifteen feet off the ground. Now and it's just blah hiring sparks and stuff done I mean this was a professional type mortar that. There's no way could be you should be able to legally buy that NATO's hands on he had connections. That was a great example. Yeah I'm going to be the backyard hero and show you what cool stuff we can do. Leave it in the hands of the professionals. Again at play with firecrackers. In the ball rockets and all that back in the day arousal kids yep I sure did. Nobody got seriously injured a couple of kids got some like little blood blisters on the fingers and thumbs and stuff knowledge know the firecracker quick enough. Well will love us we'll talk more about fourth of July weekend but we do have an active shooting situation at the navy yard. There's a lockdown this is in Washington. More details on awaiting news talk 97.3 this guy. I'm Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. Paid 38 on the Bob Rochelle live local thanks for Julianne. 779759825. Following word holiday mode. So we got the news or Dell lost to navy are placed on lockdown nine active shooter report here's the latest that I have from ABC news. And of course who continually update daddy as we get to more information but. So as I get this. Suck reload come home may be. I detailed information for him. In case you haven't heard Washington navy yard a lockdown following an active. Shooter report. Moon. And cam all right this. This is fun this is regular thing. I can move. I'll find another source of information as apparently. My computer doesn't liked the ABC news website sometime so. Well you really sell we have fun. They they try to load videos and everything up on every one of their stories and just. It's a swamps my computer is that a lot of the stuff I gotta run to go anywhere but Washington navy yard where a gunman killed twelve people back in 2013 is on lockdown. There is a report of an active shooter National Military Command Center confirmed reports of shots were fired on the installation. The source cirrus Fox News. US park police told Fox News and officers are at the scene there was a massive police presence outside the sprawling facility which is located about a half mile from the US capitol. There have been reports about FBI establishing command centers around the country to monitor any potential terrorist threats around the July 4 weekend so everybody's been on alert. Anyway. According to a navy captain Chuck Nash. Who's a retired and now is a Fox News contributor he said I'm not aware of any specific threat. His back as September 2013 military contractor air and Alexis till twelve civilian workers of the navy yards building 197 before he was fatally shot by police. Some lawmakers have said Alexis felt through the cracks the VA and should have been treated by mental health professionals but they have stopped short of specifying what government doctors should have done differently. The navy yard by the way is in southeast Washington is the country's oldest. Naval installation so we'll continue to follow that story. And keep you updated. Age forty and above Rochelle all right what's on your mind what do you think it about it. You gotta to do list you re start the weekend 8779759825. We put up a list of whole bunch of places where you know fireworks are gonna take place. And you probably know about some of the big ones. By in Ocala. Thousands OB go into a gold in Ocala Saturday 46 annual gone country day they'll have music in veterans ceremony. I'll have some rides and food fireworks. She won't bands performing there and it's always area. It's always a big event. As watermelon festival featuring local jazz singer Miranda Mattison pie eating. Seed spitting contests sack race to storytelling that's that's going on actually yeah. Today. That's at community market in northeast Ocala. It goes from three until seventh. All right so that I mean look there's a ton of stuff going on done Allen's fourth of July party Boomtown blast is back Saturday it will do the fireworks. Shortly after dark. He had that going on Gainsville. Now one of the biggest ones is always. Fanfare and fireworks. SE annual Independence Day celebration. And that's going on Friday night as way to check because. Some folks are doing different things on different nights. My home which you don't wanna set your counters the wrong stuff but it also makes a nice if you wanna taken more than one event you're able do that. And so this will be Friday night club that. And you got Gainesville community band the group bears alliance which apparently. A very good musicians. And a very entertaining. Yeah. Andean crisis band. So I'm guessing that is my a friends been I haven't had a chance to. To watch him play but I play tennis will miss name's Chris over and he. I don't know he feasts. Other people Tony's great musician in the span is good so. Please some like classic rock and roll and that date date themselves and play at approximately 8 o'clock the fireworks air flub that will go off at 940. And again there are a lot of events going on all over the place. You can go to our website thus got 973 dot com for more information on that. A gallon program director of a put together a pretty substantial list they're so there you go you can use that. Don't make plans. If you go to movies Arnold's backed the new terminator reflect. Jack I wanna see it. It's it's sometimes you gotta be a little pick you know what you're gonna see movies are not cheap. I got a house to sell civilians pick and choose. Israel us time were just gonna enjoy this one temple. In Jerusalem Post weekend. Yahoo! gonna go by backyard Watergate. Mixer my waters up to snuff you know testing everything fixed up there. Are some pretty good shape right now but. Got to tweak it may be Emmy right. They said news coming out of Philippine students whose breaking story I kind of overnight really a ferry carrying a 173 people capsized Thursday's it left to. Central Philippine island port rough waters leaving at least 36 dead nineteen missing. Is that a 118 people. Were rescued by nearby fishing boats Coast Guard personnel or swim to safety. Coast Guard spokesman. Our mind though Leo said he wouldn't outrigger fairy was a leaving. For the for the commodities island sits about 27 miles. But this is in the Philippines in like I said last count 36 dead nineteen missing a survivors told the Associated Press is about the fairy suddenly rose from the water before the ship flipped over on its side turning the vessel upside down and trapping passengers. Does not. Know some good. Interesting poll that was done recently. Special is a fourth of July weekend news approaching. Online poll 2000 adults. Reveal that 35% of American born residents and immigrants would consider leaving the US to live in another country. To live another Katrina in not to visit the live there. While that number seems a little vitamin would you leave. And where which ago. Talk about that and a lot more coming up on a Bob Rochelle on the active shooter situation navy yard in Washington DC will continue to follow that as well 845. News talk 97.3 this guy. No just this thing. Nobody thinks they know we have to prop up false. On to not a fan of future victims. Nobody seven point three this guy. Navy yard line down active shooter at the side of the 2013. BC massacre. As Washington navy yards. Back to weigh thirteen of the gunman killed while same navy yard. Active shooter and in progress as far as we know ABC news. We'll law updated its top of the hour it's funny minutes away unless I get more breaking news information meantime. It's 851 attuned to the Bob brochure OJ Anderson and now so be doing all right not a clock stretch coming up. We're talking about the long fourth of July holiday weekend Getty plans 877975. 9825. Before the break I asked about a poll that was done one of three Americans who consider leaving. Leaving the US event that's. Yeah. Why. So said that you know higher salary would be a factor in their relocation decision I'm sure what they mean is more more buying power in Allah. It would have to be right because you get a higher salary than go to a place says higher cost of living most parts a Europe you know your. Consulate is very high. But I am surprised that the number is that high. Nothing to do with traveling or anything else test it would people who would. You know move. Give up being an American for all intents and purposes and not surprised at all really and where are the opportunities. Elsewhere. Our jobs ever lots of developed countries out there and I don't think anyone's and they're gonna move to. The Sudan. But look you have. And number of people. That made claims that if George W. Bush for elected and or re elected they would leave the country. You had similar numbers of people the other political ideology. Saying that Barack Obama were to become president or get reelected they were gonna leave the country. You have the left constantly complaining that this country is true. I'll press of too much war on women too much hate here too much racism confederate flag. Yet the right eternally complaining that. There's too many welfare people and you know everybody and nobody seems to be happy in this country. And then the next part of the question would be okay so what one of three said they would leave the country can hand. If you handed them a free ticket. One Y. What they actually take the now message that is in dale how many of those would actually get all LP engulfed. I'm gonna pick a reality it's really isn't what this country sucks. Patrice Sox eighteen trillion dollars in debt ever hates one dollar. My idiots can't get a job mob bosses to read jumped to port at place socks okay fine here to take you go somewhere. Well is so Leo it's really easy to answer an on line poll. That has those countries Oxley idly by an opportunity. But the same point in time we elect you know wouldn't. Douglas brought numbers and I and I'm up by others. I have been maybe about half those people. If you handed him a free ticket. Would actually taken out by let's say. Radio station Vancouver. And now like Richard about would like to stark. Then. Wanna pay and pay you well we want the OJ Anderson show earlier. I got out look I'll go to round two talking to a friend would amount of what the whole deal loans. I would probably say no because I don't think. Mellon would wanna move us forward for family. If I was a single guy. If you're a single guy driving organism nasty club in Tijuana have the price was right. As a deal was of any good deal they let's give it up for velvet combined has. Yet it and rules are rules a good deal for a station and in Canada they want me to do a shoulder. Alec seriously consider when I was in broadcasting school Fort Lauderdale a million years ago. I remember one of the teachers there and said all to get it if you get an opportunity go to Canada and you radio you should do it because. There really treats like professional there. I really trio like professional. And of that but of course he got a unity get a dress on you know you're aware suit and. I set up to it than mine thing Hinton. But that's what he's editorially professional who literally untrue is like here allele save. Eagles sleep now. Yeah who knows on the industry's trend fair value and so you know that's that's what I did it if if there was a if again if I had no. Ties to this community vols are married early like that and I had an opportunity to make. He can get a good job and it current career went to work and elsewhere I would have Birtley very seriously consider it. Does that mean Elena renounce my American citizenship in the process in the like my blood on the constitutional way up the doorbell. What idiot to say anything on the Internet it's mr. Hey Al panel formed by governor Rick Scott to examine the finances of hospitals and other parts of the health care industry I was first meeting Wednesday. I'll share. Some of the information came out of that. We the end the next hour of the Bob Rose shows we approach the 9 o'clock stretch of course will keep a sky lines open. 8779759825. Happy happy Thursday July the second you're listening to the Bob road show. While OJ Anderson live local. On news talk 97.3 this guy.