Sex on the Beach

Jul 7, 2015|

Bob Rose - July 7 - 6AM

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It's not black rose show on nutty seven point three. This guy. Morning and welcome our friends. Six and seven out of a broad jump. I'm Bob. You're here. Philly Dallas to talk about this morning time check crusty by prestige case Jewelers were the answer is always ask. Put a man gets two and a half years imprisoned for having sex on the beach. Seven awhile ago to finally went to court. Now this happened a Florida beach where was it done Manatee County. Bradenton area out there Emery Allen now that'll deal is nice nice area. And many a time. Pose a cap Valero forty and Elise Alvarez 21. Were convicted in May of two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and a case of drew international attention. The couple's brazen act. They were videotaped having sex on Manatee County beach last summer in broad daylight. Witnesses testified that a three year old girl solve them. Cattle aero told jurors that he and Alvarez were not having sex and that witnesses were mistaken. Jurors listened to a graphic testimony from witnesses and saw a video of Alvarez moving on top of cow Valero NA. Sexual manner in the middle of the day while others watched. But he had a fire hose nearby. Closing down. Due dobbs. We're grateful that the state has offered two and a half years as attorney said. It's a gamble or plan to appeal this case Alvarez whose recently sentenced to time served file an appeal on her case in June prosecutors say they were tougher. On cattle are the mail because he previously served eight years for cocaine trafficking. Both must now register as sex offenders the Bradenton herald reports the jury found them guilty after deliberating only fifteen minutes the couple could have faced up to fifteen years in prison. If you think about it 230 in the afternoon on a crowded beach takes a certain type of person to do that from a children a few feet away grain assistant state attorney. Prosecutors said it was important to community knew what wouldn't be tolerated on public speeches. Girl what do you think. Two and a half years in prison. Okay at a previous conviction but not for any sexual act in a previous conviction for cocaine trafficking which. You know is Noelle. Lighten the matter but still completely. On related. Not can going to behavior and anyway she performed just looking at you know the sentencing. So you're saying that really there's no. You cannot rehabilitate this guy and he's a he's gonna be registered as a sex offender that'll stick put him his entire life and for the 21 year old girl who obviously made a very poor decision. I don't know if alcohol was involved but we case is do we have we're too stupid people do stupid things were other drinking. Sound okay. But I don't know I just missed two and a half years in prison. A little. There's now a little tough. And I looked at some of the comments. There were on this ABC news article. And we know one guy says so great to me next time I'm camping I have to look behind me and make sure there's no kids around by the tree that I have to go. On. Look you don't want people behaving in that manner there's no doubt about it. Outbid people are sitting near videotaping at nobody wanted to missed the T Al hey hey knock that off. Is that we don't wanna get involved will be a videotape oh call the police. And maybe. I don't know and then give responsibility. News if you have a three year old child okay well obviously this is wrong but most important thing is that you know I take my three year old down the beach. You know and my wife scream at peace. People can't control themselves. On the other. I don't I'd just I'd just be you know I saw that story and ethnic guys with. In all the crime and all the things that are going on again not condone inning it not saying it's okay. But tell lat lifetime sex offender thing hung onion. Would still made kind of dilutes it. Because he got sex offenders who have gone after children who are serious. You know I mean you like keep kids away from now. In this case they're gonna have the same label on them so it kind of dilutes then you know what. What it is to be a sex offender. And then everybody it and even her the real bad guys don't they say well yeah I mean I was like nineteen in Susan X sixteen and you know we got in trouble. In now than they all have that story to tell on the Ambien because you hear stuff like this you don't wireless plausible. I don't know. Ready leads thanks. I think you're probably just plan out to republic doll collection here. And karaoke and dear to me and let you know you know him beard forty her Twitter wants like you don't OK at night. And not to isn't nine. And nobody skills or anything like that but yeah it's it's behavior that we don't want what it did people shouldn't have to witness. At a public pizza middle of the day I don't know what attempt they made to cover themselves in any way shape or form I don't know if they really made an attempt to cover themselves. I mean now I would take into consideration. Mitch yeah I mean go down to more secluded area coal get a hotel room goal. You know whatever. But. I don't know why I just I guess im gonna send a message aren't you know we're not tolerate this. Two and a half feet two and half years in prison I just and you know you and I are gonna have to pay for that we're we're gonna pay to house this guy for two and a half years. I don't know at a cost now I'm I'm I guess it's and close to 50000 dollars a year for whatever medium security state prison. Fifty K year to keep somebody imprison. You and I pay and that there. Somebody do that and I admit I think we could spend that money in in other ways and I'd like to see you know real real bad guys. It busted. And in no reason I you know say two and a half years not. Is seems like it's over the top LA times have you heard of people committing crimes. I'm serious crimes like guns and different things and they don't end up getting two and a half years. It's just it's some to think about I mean look take for instance. That sad sad story of the woman who was killed in in San Francisco. She was killed by a what an illegal aliens. Who'd been deported five times. Sanchez had been deported five 'cause the one who they killed that beautiful young lady. It been deported five times. Started wandering on pier fourteen on Wednesday after taking sleeping pills found in a dumpster. He said he then picked up a gun allegedly wrapped in a T shirt in the gun just went off. It didn't go off want to an off like three times. Kate's timely 32 was walked in on appear with a father when she was shot dead. Authorities knowing Sanchez 45 was arrested an hour later he was on probation in Texas at the time of the shooting. He served time in federal prison for repeatedly sneaking back into the country. Sanchez told. Pago TV that he. Kept coming back into the country because he was looking for jobs and restaurant referring landscaping construction. He said he knew San Francisco was a Sanctuary City where you would not be pursued by immigration officials. Whole idea of this. This Sanctuary City really irritates me. So our idea guy a guy you misbehave on a beach hands up in prison for two and a half years. You run across our borders and you know you commit crimes. I object very rarely do you see a trip prison sentence of of two and a half years. And they keep sending the guy back only for him to keep coming back again and again. So really if you're gonna commit a crime in this country. You're much better off being an illegal immigrant. You get treated better. You do. US immigration and customs enforcement of said in a statement that Sanchez was turned over as Francisco police department this past march and outstanding drug warned that department requested the police notify immigration and customs enforcement. Prior to his release so ice officers can make arrangements take custody but the sheriff's department there said they had no legal basis to hold him based on a federal immigration to trainer. Let the bad guys go is not the only one you just hearing about it partly because. It's just such heinous crime and because of you know the person got just beautiful young lady your life gone it's just. 616 on the Bob Rochelle. No putting pops for you oh. Let's have a Bill Cosby silly admitted legally giving qua eludes two women have sex with them why isn't in jail. Talk about that more coming up on news talk 97.3 this guy. What's coming this dreaded brightening. It's something we should never tolerate. From so called Republican. So. Rude and 621 on the Bob Rhodes show hey Anderson and a house time jets fronted by prestige taste it was really answers always yeah. We'll be good all right. Plus boards in the new us a local players cells so women won the World Cup so will connect with. France bearded 805 stay tuned for now get DL inside scoop on all that stuff. Also. You know the story continues on and I think it's a good thing at the mainstream media is putting a little bit of focus on illegal immigration and how it is. Costing Americans is some cases their lives. This is not representative of a whole bunch of folks who. Who come here illegally I know that they're not all murders. The problem is though until we secure the borders you don't know. You don't know who's a good guy and who's a bad guy do you. So that's why it's important to secure the borders. You know the failure really mean to began in 1986. When we sent a message to everybody in the world that hey T get across these borders there you know there's a good chance that you're gonna get. You know you're gonna get legal status at some point. So Ronald Reagan signed it into law in 1986 and doing the same thing over again. And he didn't have enforcement in place and it wasn't all his fault eighty you know it's the way things are written and it. Now we're you've got to get everybody on board in terms of enforcement and there's a lot of powerful. Folks that don't want. There to be tough borders because a lot of them are looking for cheap labor a lot of them are looking for us somebody who may end up being area of voter registered to their party and in his both parties are guilty of these things. But until we have real enforcement I don't know that we can take the dialogue any further into what to do with the folks that are already here are some men very well plugged into the community. And have done no harm. So we you know what are you gonna do with those folks I don't you wanna have a discussion about it. Until you get serious about securing the border as it stands now and we're not doing that. Case in point you know the sky came back five times and he'd hang on San Francisco because he knew was a Sanctuary City. You know even though he's wanted net Texas Warren all kinds of things he knew the law enforcement was not. You know gonna hold on till he wasn't gonna turn him over to the feds. You know murdering a woman 32 years old the prime of her life it's just absolutely. This awful beater on above Rocha. The president's spokesman Josh turner at the White House pointing fingers at Republicans. Over the sacked chilling in San Francisco. And as you mentioned edit the Democrats. Want these illegal to become voters so they can have political power in these big businessman. They want cheap labor. Playing for billions of dollars very high stakes. These these politicians might shed a few crocodile tears when an American. Or some other person becomes a victim out of a crime committed by. Somebody who's in this country illegally. That's not gonna stop their agenda Sanctuary Cities and comprehensive programs do not think it's gonna stop that thank you Bob. I mean if you don't respect your own border a 1008 in our own league you're not getting any respect from anybody else. And out yet that everybody come across the border bad guys. Problem as when ice starts to figure this out. How many of them are gonna get across the border how many may have already come across the border using the same means. SK here on the Bob Rose show. Very good morning Bob around. Back in the sec basic had not been pretty darn ugly I looked up old they'll ever outlook saying raped or not. School children. You only got three year opera. The Leo as double standard and this wasn't preying on somebody who was. Like a student or any thing yes she was younger and she is totally of legal consensual aides who was. You know never claimed that there was any forceful lack of whatsoever. Talking about sex on the beach. Bradenton area Manatee County. Forty year old Jose cattle aero. Tony one year old Elise Alvarez. Allegedly Yemen sex there and the public on the beach in within view of a three year old girl. And anyway along. Long story short went to court do etc. setter worked its way through the system and two and a half years. What the guy's gonna get sentenced to. Nam not condone that kind of activity that we're gonna pay for him to be imprisoned for two and a half years. Any hope be maybe gets a job when he gets out at some point but it will be listed as sex offender his entire life and so she. Jock here on the Barbara show. You have a comment on the and California. That. Let it progresses brother wanna blame on the honestly feel that maybe it's their policy. But let these illegals and and not enforcement law but you know enforce the law on six on the beach detained in enforce the law. On illegals coming over and it's it's been. Now well I mean their due to different places but yeah let's use our resources so you know in their most effective way to protect people. Be Manny Alibaba rose show. More of our sport. You know there's rigid look over my own Panetta then they're over about 34 years old mode there Jenny on the I know what most glow at school. And what you know or our own so elementary school. And I went there and saw it again all of that changed everything you said an end school won't school. Look at the treacherous and everything and it's also my particularly on my forehand that sounds bored with school. Specter. Now he went for the aired week and this and or regular girlfriends everything. And I totally going to arrange that Gordon green in my friend goes to read aloud in Jordan army. They can't we with a Marine Corps we don't look. And we certainly know that together but that ever happened in the bank that we won't record the cable modern army. And I'll tell you about the story don't know what the Beirut everything. I got that right everything kidnapped young secretary of words my college crowd. Sheila and she's due to the Lebanese descent Christians. Jason you Marines what are their save our lives. That they got in the Marines. Animated film good without silo was thought of them. Get there and you know win over their debt there's that wouldn't let. In the though a lot lot better so that. An error you have a problem 241 Angel and marine died or whether they were making eighty degrees. Actually it as a matter of Lincoln's. SM ability to. All of toll. You buried referred any fighting. I'm. Just about well. A sellout Grenada but they have Cuban boat. That certainly got knocked over or get embassy of murderers we Bahraini above that 98 surrogate in the Taurus. So announcement like Bob. Nine and hang in a reference 62 point nine alibi bros show slice south as a critical blood shortage and they need some donors and if you can help out and I give you more details on that. Coming up on above Rochelle ala. You're listening to news talk 97.3. Sky. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. Anderson and Rouse is well happy Tuesday July the seventh when it's due to work and wait for life SE your blood. Aviv on food bags go blonde to. Does serious. Life south community blood center seeking blood platelet donations they're. In emergency situation here with a short supply. They have less than a two day reserves. And they serve more than a hundred hospitals. In Florida Georgia and Alabama. All blood types are low supply but the most significant needs are O negative and a negative. O negative and a negative fly south officials say they need donations of platelets used to treat cancer patients were low blood cell counts. Every summer is a challenge apparently. So to donate you must be. At least seventeen years old sixteen with parental permission you must weigh at least a 110 pounds and be in good health and there's a couple life south senators ones on Newberry road that's 4039. Newberry road and there's one on thirteenth street in Gainesville. And there's one up for 41 in a lack chula. All right so their leader they need your help. And let's see two day I believe also via Santa Fe college. Public's on thirteenth street. Look around you'll see it you'll see the bus out there and if he can donate some blood like south needs it. And your help is appreciated. The suspicious device. The Mary Carey sheriff's office bomb squad out on Monday turned out to via. I'll hoax or possible hoax there's definitely was an explosive the item was discovered near the front door of a home on he can't run course in silver spring shores late Monday. Was a cardboard tube stuff put body inside a plastic bag. Bomb squad determined a device is not explosive Marion County fire rescue hazardous materials team ran the tests on it Ansonia. The C was cleared by about four bit used up a lot of resources and time Celtic as somebody. Thanks Erica I think it's funny com and Orlando. And some sort of price forward hopefully there's no on people who don't know. Good. Jiabao bill cost. Apparently he admitted in court deposition yeah. I did Cuellar is still women and I had sex of them gaffe. I don't why don't be in jail right now we don't. That was a civil case it was done in a deposition and these things just got released you know what happened back in 2005. The deposition Addis. The Associated Press apparently. Pushed in put enough pressure where they released this stuff. Embattled TV superstar Bill Cosby admitted to giving. A woman quite eludes him said that he obtained the drugs with the idea that he would give them to women he wanted to have sex with. In the 2005 filing part of a civil case. Kospi who has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women city and obtained seven prescriptions for the drugs and answered yes. When asked if he got them with the intent. On giving them two women with whom he wanted to have sex seven prescriptions. Was your intent to give these to limit yes. Yes. While. By his own admission. The documents cited deposition because they gave in the case on September 27 and twentieth in 2005. In the filings. I'm Cosby admits to giving the drug to one woman who we met in Las Vegas it was not clear when the alleged meeting took place in the woman is not. The same person who filed the suit. She meets me backstage. You allegedly said I give her Cuellar adds we don't have sex. According to filing Cosby's lawyer Patrick O'Connor said that the Cosby Show star got the drugs in the seventies. And in the attorney himself suggested that well he may have kept them for decades after that. O'Connor would not allow Cosby to say whether he gave the drug to other people. The sexual abuse lawsuit was settled in 2006 for underscore own but undisclosed terms. After that deposition jobs match he had to write a pretty big Jack. He's never been charged with a crime in connection to the accusations of drugging and sexual assault and his lawyers have denied the allegations. The only reason mr. Cosby settled was because it would have been embarrassing. In those days to put all those women on the stand and a Stanley had no clue. That's what because he camp said in statements to ABC news that would have been very hurtful. Hurtful to us family. And yet. Meant. Lawyer Gloria Allred you know her of Hollywood famous. As attempt to dive from the public for many years and we're very grateful is now it is now being made public. I would imagine. Based on this information that is possibility that. Now some lawsuits could come forward now with Dane mean. There haven't by his own admission. When asked if he got the prescription drugs with the intent on giving them two women with whom we wanted to have sex the answer was yes. The bail for couldn't top 644 on the Bob Rochelle. 8779759825. Got a bad squirrel story there on the attack began in my home be aware that they would happen next news talk 97. Point 30 yeah new. Shoes to the topics are the solutions aren't blue van middleman my mouth watering of that stuff sticks on. Green the sky. 650 Obama showed 10 minutes till 7 o'clock a lot of albums Anderson reveals well have him do day. We'll get to. So I get a call from. My wife yesterday is underway on a cars are running right. Some kind of life. Son's service car traction controls on my dad and Sidney has not really traction control let's take a warning device. Means there is you know there's something systemic it's wrong. And Minnesota goes and it kind of limp mode in house of the boot the Motorola Ron and everything gets he kind of where you need to go but there's it's telling you something serious is wrong. A guy we go again in now on them. Luckily you know I just made friends with Dave Mays automotive and and so. Bring in the vehicle over there today and I always liked his kind of do a check myself because. Somehow in my delusional mind I think that action I can actually fix something an ebb and actually I have but one out of every 100 things but. I look under the hood yes what. Yes why it knocked you know what's coming a few of listen to the show pretty going to time. Yeah yeah. A squirrel RS Backus score also pack allows girls got in there. And shoot up some of the wires and not have tremendous amount of damage but how many wires to ESP eater to at a card as Iran right. Apparently not many. You could even see a little piece suits you like wire separate. Make what are you. Two animals doing. And usually we've had these issues in the past that we've got these beautiful trees all around our yard allow of the trees. And squirrels are out there I don't wanna have to shoot all the squirrels but oh well. But. The ally but I think is look I've V got trees out here yet aren't going to go wall let's get all kinds stuffy Guinea Fiji. Basically. And I you wanna be like that. Told now it's on the war is on. Usually assist in the wintertime and they were looking for replaced I guess kind of the you know hideout and get some shelter. And so we would leave the car hoods up that seem to be the most effective thing and we've gone a couple years now without any problems. This happened recently head and had to have happened very recently. The only thing I can think my son mention a C goes well maybe with some of the heavy thunderstorms. Maybe a sentence sought refuge. Mean you know because of that. Either way. It's Dave Mays gets the bugs are you cars you see it's a squirrels out of mind to. So hopefully that'll go well and given I'm I'm irritated again. You know things happen parts where how to get that when it's an act. Of a malicious squirrel it's unacceptable won't be tolerated. I got him once again assert myself I guess the legend. Of Bob Rose with the air rifle we are now. Kind of glided down in the neighborhood with a squirrel population native. They're not afraid of me anymore so you go back out there being a bad guy hate it hate doing it now like to do that. Maggette or do I take your business. It up you drew first blood so Rambo will be released. In the coming days. 653 and above roadshow on John joins us say John what's up. Able Obama pale blood what I until political solution in the country you're gonna look including a mud connect go to Democrats. And Republican alike all drove a lot of money par and boats look at look at Gainesville Lugo essentially Oklahoma lord added they don't include along I don't know. Don't go get a moon voters garden book from the U I always had looked Democrats or didn't go well today in the bureau hardworking taxpayer Gilbert. There about it because they don't know you good dude don't loosen them Derek. Expect that historically low home and a job right now they're one of the legend Lionel I'd go gold glove hand down good food guy. At all Monday Barghouti and he'll give a damn you like what goes remove all loose right. Geithner. Yeah I mean. I don't know about no I don't know about that. You know what you were saying earlier absolutely punitive toward the the person who's trying to follow rules and do the right thing. You know be taxed Mori and pay for other people's health care. Impersonating an out makes everything work. In the homeless center that's a tough one because he would you do wanna have. Mean you know. Get people out of harm's way. Give them an opportunity to maybe clean up their act in an opportunity to have try to find a job and Shelton and in the meantime. I'm not against that. The problem says that he it tends to become a magnet word travels fast hey here's where there. Three meals are today years where they treat you good day here's where they don't make you work hey here's where they believe in what she drank. And now and the it's a magnets so it is says it's done. The it's a tough one you want a day you wanna be compassionate and try to help the homeless but is there really help and I'm in now. And it's costing more and more than they originally thought and it's becoming more difficult to run that senator and I don't know how you measure their level success to me it would be. You know PL we've moved X amount of people through here and got them get them jobs and got them on their own two feet and in you have to wonder what's the successor. Eight and then you try to find out where people are from and if they're coming from all over. That's absolutely the opposite of what you want then you wind up. Taking care of homeless population for everybody weekend it was simply can't afford death. 655 on the Bob Rochelle President Obama. He's detailing his revamped strategy to win a second honey revamp a strategy that he said they had. They didn't really out one now all of a sudden did they have one and a revamping it already. It's I guess today's summit of tell you right now it smells of weakness. I'll share that with the coming up on the Bob Rochelle with. 97.3 this guy.