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Bernie Sanders is surging

Jul 8, 2015|

Bob Rose - July 8 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not black rose show on 97.3. Hundred sky. And Sanders. Write him off as a joke not again anyway. 707 on the five road show. You can not. Pathway there to the weekend hang in Emma friends. FDA alleys and investigate. A man's death after OPD officers for him to the hospital. David called into investigate a case where a man died. After he was detained early Tuesday by officers with the Ocala police department. Quaint old PD officials. The agency was notified at 6:17 AM about a disturbance. 3100 block north west 23 place. When officers arrived they saw the man later identified as Brian Omar young 35 years old of Ocala. Acting on usual. In the driveway that residents. Based on information given to the officers by three people at the home including that young had possibly use narcotics. And a man's own behavior. Well he was handcuffed. Police said they did so for his safety as well us. The safety as of the others okay so far Britain reasonable right. As justice continued talking with people at the scene they realizing young's condition was deteriorating. So they removed the handcuffs. Performed CPR and called for an ambulance. Young was taken a Monroe regional medical center where is pronounced C seven a way to AM. Police officials at FT LE was called into investigate. The demand died while in their custody so. This series you know a standard operating procedure. In on an outside agency. And overseeing agency like FT LE to look in on this. That's good. OP officials said the officers are not under investigation there have not been any suspensions and that's the only spokeswoman confirmed the agency is investigating a death. Would not provide any additional information. A woman who described herself as young's wife declined comment to the Ocala star banner. She did say the young. Did not live at the home. So police get this call. This guy's acting unusual. No possibly had been using narcotics. And his behavior was not to not right. Put him in handcuffs. And allegedly his condition begins to deteriorate it sounds like they took pretty quick action I mean. Look at 6:17 AM they arrive on the scene. Right. Actually they were notified at 6:17. AM so I don't know when they arrived. And then he was already pronounced deceased his seven no wait. So things did happen rather rapidly. My guess a lot of depend on you know any witnesses there. But I mean it's gonna happen. Gonna ham because. There's a lot of drug use. And there's a lot of people that might have underlying health issues that even I don't know about. Or they develop. Other conditions do. To heavy amounts of drug user. Alcohol use or both etc. So they did the right thing would have DO Leo looking on and don't talk to some people. You know was protocol followed. Also have an autopsy will be performed. Toxicologist a look at things look at. Then come together I did at this point there's no reason to. Be suspicious. But. We'll keep we'll keep and I opened comment. Bernie Sanders. A lot of people like to joke about this guy you know that he's a Kook he says self proclaimed socialist. So at least the guys authentic he has do we yes. Mean how many politicians in Washington have the guts to stand up and say they're socialists with the president right now has a socialist agenda wealth redistribution. Now health care single Payer for everybody out the president wants that he said it before he was president. And that this thing right now Obama cares it's an interim thing to eventually get to a single Payer system. In the race for the democratic presidential nomination. Vermont's independent self described democratic socialist senator Bernie Sanders has stolen the spotlight. This is an interesting piece it was put out by ABC news. I also posted on FaceBook dot com slash the sky. While former secretary of state Hillary Clinton maintains a double digit lead in most polls Sanders has surprised many people leaving himself by drawing incredible crowds across the country. Why is that how does yet. You say a word socialist. Socialist. People run from via. Anymore. That's old school where you didn't. Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money to spend and Margaret Thatcher said that. And I realize when I was typing that India. You know to go along with the article posted on FaceBook. Realized wow. What are the chances of somebody under forty. Merely you know unless they're. Halfway decent educated and had good parents you know Margaret Thatcher is. Nobody gonna waste it. So along with Nat. You know yeah how do you young people know what socialism. What it is. They only know what they've been taught. The grandparents or great grandparents came from the old country. They died. Before maybe they can have influence. On these young people a day before we can really explain to them. Here's why we escaped from socialist fill in the blank country. So whip that. What he had left. Teachers. Teaching history. Curriculum now it's really it's all coming from the federal government they'll decide. What version of history don't teach how much will they teach. About how socialism has not worked in most cases I know there's a few exceptions. There's if there's a couple like what is it Denmark. Definitely a different scenario it is not how America and many many ways. What is it what is it that. You could overcome that scary word socialism which is not a scary word anymore for young people you have to keep that amounted. To audio or how you overcome that. While. They re educated our kids so they don't know what it is. And then just like any other campaign promise. You start promising people things. And they start to like Q. OK so here's a here's your five reasons. Legalize marijuana. So there's a lot of people who are in favor of that. A working wage. Yeah I think about young people yeah of course I don't wanna work for minimum wage. Now wanna make you 11121560. Bucks an artist start. Yeah you don't care about the economic ramifications. I don't care. All about them right. All right what else what else what else can you promised people. All. Out forget those student loans we're gonna give everybody free college education. So of course once again young people. There's a lot of kids that are sixteen or seventeen now that are going to be able to vote in this presidential election. You hear a guy has done the Allen make college tuition for you all eyes pretty compelling. All right. They'll get into some of the other things. That is making. Bernie Sanders far more pop. Hillary at any shortly. But the time that time as a right. Think about it under this administration the current Obama administration we've made huge strides in the direction of socialism. Remember President Obama said he was gonna fundamentally change America. He's on his way. Somebody like a Bernie Sanders could come along and finish that job right off. 715 on above Rocha does that bug you. What does bug you. What's plugging it was coming up next Daryn I'll get it up it just brought to buy floor pest control call it now please 877. 9759825. You're canyons. And we need to have guys like we have all Marco Rubio really good party once again you needn't get so all the pats. There and they're right John McCain. 877 W Skype talk brought you by Puerto pest control not seven point three this guy. I. It is time now for once plugging you've brought about Florida pest control. It's an opportunity for you to call an air it out get it up we just whatever it may be that's. Bugging you. 8779759825. Call in now aired out Gadhafi just you'll feel better. And oh cautioning. Knowing them. Now today about some of the things bugging me to you for your time. I've got a tan. Good morning K what's bug India. Well people who come here from Oakland who wanted to take down our sense of pride and self activated them you don't like it. Turnaround and go home. And tires and buyers red clad in revenues. Symbol of ragged on me and uses. And the lady. That's what it means to you and me he. There and her and will move I. They head of day. Now thank you can make a lot of it. Tell us what to me is serious move towards socialism. It's been creeping in for a long time. And it creeps in but they agreed we're gonna pay for public schools and we want an educated populace. So we agreed on that form a socialist. And there was a Nat to take care of now the elderly make sure they were starved to death and our old date and Social Security was born course we've seen huge expansion that sense. Medical care for those who can't afford it. Medicaid was born. So you know it continues on the march continues to creep in and creep forward. We never wanted to call it socialism. But that's what it was buddy and in niece Mary tightly controlled areas. We could see the value and wasn't necessarily. The best way to go Irsay but. We saw the value and so we move forward. And you've got a guy like Bernie Sanders running around saying neck. No reason why should be paying for college education. I mean look with on the public schools. And have fun the public universities. I do now I just extended it you'll have a more educated populace it'll be able to earn more. And in theory it. In theory. Derek deck could work out. Again in theory. They also rails against you know big business and big banks and all that in this. Disparity in wealth. All right so look. Their banks. I three. They mistreated people screw tomorrow in the things are collapsing. I was there own greed that got him into that kind of mess to begin with. Idiot politicians. No role rules that just made it a lot harder on the average folks and small community lenders who were doing a good job. And their credit unions just make it tougher on them jump through more hoops but the biggest banks the big money behind it all. They're dare back to either doing what they were doing before something similar something other. Type of activity that's just as an authority yes. So we're being punished again so yeah it's easiest target the big banks because yeah they've done us wrong that's that's straight up. So you target area we're gonna take down the big banks on that well again easier said than done in theory. Sounds great how he really going to accomplish that just telling people what they wanna hear. You know it's honey to their ears. The problem is produced at honey takes a lot of worker bees and a worker bees are getting tired of being taxed so heavily. That's another thing where Bernie Sanders that's that's where it's getting uninteresting because. We did an interview at one time and and they were asking him about a higher tax rate he he's all for like a 50% tax rate. Above a certain income and then said would you. You know would you have solicit notice day and ninety. Percent income tax of the income assign enough he said while you and I wouldn't take it off the table I would say no to it. 90%. Miss this guy is clearly all about wealth redistribution. So I guess what bothers me about all this is. That young people don't really understand how socialism has not worked is one of those great things that dumb. Yeah and on paper and in theory. Gosh if you just evenly divided up all the wealth in this nation. Man just think oh you know all the things that we can do war accomplish and how great things would be. But they forget. That when you start analyzing. To a greater degree and becoming more and more punitive toward them producers. You know some of them say a lot why am I tried so hard. Now these Osborn you're Sid did that you know we get to something like that Google Microsoft or something like that if they're pin and 90% tax rate. Where's Ian senate today go out there and keep kick him but keep expanding your business keep hiring people. Then pretty soon you have less entrepreneurship and now you're competing in a global market. And if other countries are not holding their people back. We're gonna lose that race. You want to tax people to that degree I mean we already have. The highest tax rates for companies for corporations. In the industrialized world. That's not helping us. Was hurting us. So I guess that's that's what's bugging me. We'll talk more about that. Yeah more local stories coming up also. Another drug. Epidemic. The war on drugs simply not working but what will work. 728 on the Bob Rochelle. Skies will open a back up 8779759825. Happy Wednesday to. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. Federer Blanco. And marrying counting the 737 Alibaba Rochelle. Don check brought to you by prestige Hayes Steelers were the answer is always yes. Standard series with being a leader all right. But first the heroin epidemic continues to sweep the United States. Heroin related deaths quadrupling in just over a decade according to a new report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the report CDC found heroin related overdose the tallies and increased by. 286%. 2002. To 2013. 8200 people died not surprisingly. The CDC found those addicted to up. OP Lloyd painkillers. Or forty times more likely to be addicted to heroin. People addicted alcohol twice as likely people use marijuana. Three times is likely cocaine fifteen times more likely to use heroin. Erroneous and US continues to increase in spite of attempts to. Cluster argues. Even demographic groups who traditionally low rates of heroin addiction have started to see increased. Use of hair. Was in this. Among people making 50000. Dollars or more. Heroin use has increased 60%. So at least it did this and elect you know and the people living on the streets or whatever. The CDC connects the starling rise and continued use of prescription OP Lloyd painkillers. Increasing number of people are primed for heroin use because they were addicted to. To those painkillers. Point out that heroin can be five times less expensive. And mobile Lloyd painkillers on the street. So what do you think people are gonna go to. They're gonna go. It's more readily available apparently. And it's cheaper. Yeah the living is you wrist did I Jena. Too much greater degree not to the painkillers aren't gonna kill again because it well. Well at least you know what you're getting. You go to buy some heroin you really don't know what you're getting. And they like to lace and apparently with offensive now. Until I at. I wanna say that some sort of may be a painkiller whatever. Probably lowers your respiration rate. You know you take a little bit too much and that it stop breathing. The fentanyl is an open Hewitt apparently that is fifty to a hundred times more potent and more defense and that's not what. So Michael Jackson was taken through an IV drip. That attend. Fentanyl pantanal. Mean I don't know but look here's the bottom line. Air when gas quadruple so that means uses way why. Well because keyboard it did painkillers and start doing a good job of getting those off the streets. Grissom makes it tougher for people who truly are paying to get medication yet to jump to more hosted by it. Pillow with a problem on the streets and doctors just writing prescriptions like crazy just opening up pain senators and just. You know basically do business on the back door yes it did it was very effective in doing that. Then people turn to other things unfortunately. I know I don't know what to do. Because it would. Mean there's a part of me it's just a look let's stop fighting a war on drugs. Asserted fines for certain things. Maybe some of the harder stuff you're still gonna half to have some penalties attached to it meant. The most part was stopped it. And when you make it. Readily available it gets cheaper now prob Michigan app people getting addicted quicker and dying more often. But if you use that that. You know some of that same amount of revenue they were using for law enforcement all put into. You know this war on drugs from the DA on down it would spend billions in Colombia you know that billions with a B. In Colombia. We need to secure the border about wealth will go to Columbia and try to eradicate drugs it's it's it's incredible. But if you did that and you took the profit margins out of it. You now. Then you wouldn't have as much crime related to until a crime. But not as much you would know these big drug cartels wouldn't think. I don't know here's what they do you know the war on drugs has now worked. And we've spent a lot of money we've got to find a better way. I wish I knew what the answer was James John about road show. Hurt by drug education where you're here. Sentinel is what you get extremely pro am much more potent morphine. They put it and lollipops to give to troops were first wood on the battlefield air immediately eagerly Libyan Medicare. They also put it in a time released catch or to give people. Who are dying or otherwise and so gonna chronic pain and Alex to post catches and above the Arctic chill out and that's a lot of those overdoses occur. And you're out there at least narrow it look as well that's killing people because they have no idea what you and there are so Lebanon may be just as it. But doable but it partnership that would agree used to doing kill so. Gil and Michael Jackson is not on and he was on. Kitna tripped pro also looks like no candidate to give it which to sleep for surgery. And now list them all how are they able to get their hands on this to lace it you know into the heroin I mean where it doesn't act come from Mike gave. Well you re a drug manufacture. It goes that you know people who have this scuffles seller sometimes. Money iTunes to signal so that when a daughter killed to divert to the street as people have a legitimate prescriptions filled. And then they're not really legitimate than Ireland. Not anymore no now precursor or are you. I had appreciated James what would the now itself. No look I threw up there on FaceBook dot com slash disguise you know an article about it in. You know what is it did so many people are trying to escape 15% in mean this this. This high if you are looking for iso everybody wants some sort of a buzz sets sets his oldest man I mean pride of first thing man invented with buy beer. Ending control situations you know I guess but we say some of that's OK you know within reason. Course and usually asked to do like our own habits in other words now a couple three Beers seen on a Friday night you know that's fine. We wanted to on Saturday yeah whatever your thing is you're gonna go all this the wrong without. No logs are now it's not a big impacting unit negative way. Why is it though that people would risk their lives. Risked their lives and it. No mess and with this kind of stuff massive pero man and all that crack. They've seen what it does to people. Yet still wanna do it anyway. You know where's solar come from. Do we have may be a part of it is either we have. Too much or we want. We want so what were exposed. Or expose now do you now. You know being rich and what that's all about watch in the car dash in and all that and when we see that it's going to be difficult for us to. You know get to that level if not impossible I guess we just give up and go hide how now. Got to work on now on for sure. There may be throwing god out of everywhere and every place in the public square probably hasn't helped either you think. Some 45 and above Rochelle. 97.3 this guy. Saying things Democrat party that need to be sensitive detestable organization aren't. Nights at six news talk. This guy. Sometimes you want to Bob Rose show a lot of local. 877975. 9825 have been Wednesday just over the hump head into the weekend. Confederate flag bearing callon. Government property solve billion on Allen nuts with a. Stories of the David first. We got a cameo on news talk 97.3 the sky good morning. Morning another that your your switching topics that I wanna Belichick there I think some of that drug ring weird drug. You it's not on the Milan contribute stand here celebrating. Like the age of celebrity overdosed on. You know I carry number. Hillary to I don't even. Wanna think about people that are doing these served at that one of the New York that actor. You know I guess it must have been really good actor but he never got to the bathroom. And then have like it or paying funeral for. In air strike you don't celebrate people that are overdosing on. Yeah I mean I get which are saying now IA into their Hollywood listens well first of all there's a glamorous station or has been for a long time off. Of drug use. Now it doesn't seem like it is as prevalent. Today this glamorous Acer but you know I'm on a different generation now I'm not. I'm not you know these young minds I don't watch like the Kardashian shows and stuff like that the patient drug use per saying no that one guys battling out all I don't know. But. When somebody's in the public spotlight and they're taken any young age that's tragic and I think that's what people mourn that loss more so than. In L thinking of the cause of death. You know and I mean yeah you could say oh well it. It's kind of their faults or it is completely their fault or it's not really their fault is still looking at an apartment people just say. What a waste here's a loss in life it's tragic. And so the day they mourn that loss. I don't know that they're celebrating their of the manner in which they died I don't think I know could I guess that could be the perception clearly. But I don't think that's what though if people do. But there's the war on drugs. We've spent a lot of money and we still a lot of people dying we have. Drug cartels that are extremely powerful ruthless. Making it millions and billions of dollars in some cases. And I don't know that we've really put a big dent and so we've not you know I think a Smart civilization would try something different. So I think. Now maybe no one has the courage to do that because maybe it wouldn't some of the solutions might not be up up populist message remember everything has to be filtered through. It held them middle too dumb America. That's the problem. That's why would never get financially back on track has a little dumb American doesn't understand it. Several members of the public spoke in favor restoring a flag during the commission's bimonthly meeting this is Marion County Tuesday morning the end of the meeting the commission voted. Unanimously. Restore the self flag. The confederate flag. They also voted to create a historical displays so that people can understand the significance of the confederate flag is what hole as well as other flags flying in from the complex. And here's what makes a little bit different in Marion County. And McPherson complex with a flag is flown and was until they briefly took it down. They fly the American the British the French the Spanish flags along with the confederate flag Hawaii while they do that because it shows the history of the lamp. We were under Spanish French British and finally American rule but. From 186118654. It was real by the confederacy. So I mean that's a legitimate use. And historically significant. There's not the battle flag. The confederate one of the confederate flags. So. I think if you're gonna do it in this form and fashion this would be one of the ways in which you could do it and people should feel a little bit less threatened by. That's what I think what do you think 87797598258755. And above Rochelle news talk 97.3. The sky and.