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G'ville City Commissioner Todd Chase on the Bob Rose Show

Jul 14, 2015|

Bob Rose - July 14 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rose show bond not reasonably brief the sky. Yeah around the steel cage match Gainesville city commissioner Todd chase. Taking all the monster rock city known as correct. Welcomed it about Rochelle a minutes after 8 o'clock time techcrunch about prestige he's Jewelers were the answers always yes Gainesville city commissioner Todd. The big man chase in the house at night and have a nickname made a four I don't downgrade or you. Fantastic thanks for coming in we appreciate it. You've been had a little. Back and forth with the folks from Greg. Even mean some emails went back and forth I know the paper uprooted goes up that exchange I believe they have put that out on Friday. And I was reading through some of that. So what what are you trying to do. By reaching out to mr. Gordon and mr. Morales who I assume. They represent gray active people who built the biomass plant. Yeah I mean Izard they've been involved in the project from beginning mr. Gordon's the those are the founder of company and bombs into a lot of stuff than that and the energy area. They're factor are my understanding is he's trying to. Build a natural gas plants over Maine right now he's got a big wind project and northeast not trying to aim express my my feelings my frustration. Of two guys were part of the road you know group of investors. Who came down to Gainesville Florida made and you arguably. Our business perspective an unbelievable deal. Com. And are making an incredible amount of money. On the backs of our citizens and just continue to seem to have. Wanna send emails and and letters Torre editor everything that all can guess is just. We're trying to do whatever it takes let them sleep better night make them feel better themselves. And and enjoy advice I give people out there sometimes maybe it's better not send emails at 2 in the morning order was but it. I was up in Atlanta working last week memory in this stuff. There's just upsetting so upsetting to me because I know what's going on it's upsetting to me 'cause I was in the secret. If you will negotiations. During the mediation two Summers ago in New York City there are things I know. There are just realities this thing is people on both sides of this who generally really don't know the facts. And this is to say to me the other day ascent orders sad. And that's really all it is sad we have to keep hearing from them rehashing the same things over and over. Todd you've got an MBA from Harvard you understand business I mean that's that's what you do. If you were offered this. Sweet deal to build this biomass plant in city X wires eight. And and and you put out these terms and conditions. Thinking that there's going to be a long drawn out kind of a give and take back and forth and and you become to realize hey. These people are basically cannot lay down for every single demand. As a businessman. What are you supposed to do should you say you know what this is too good of a deal we feel bad or taken advantage of you. And I mean us and I. The ethics and morality in this are our are an issue and that's it Leggett said from their spurt that. There's the shoulders of blame for this entire thing lies squarely on the shoulders of the city commissioner bud and specifically. The members of the city precious time all of the great bit of ago voted for in their own way I mean there's there's some I think. I mean I was right spearhead was it to gain Hanrahan chipped would you say you're ahead who was the head pushing this. End to end in this Greg in particular because my understanding via. The current mayor at Redding was a commissioner serving at the time that. When he talked about biomass initially there were a couple of companies that they were dealing with an. Past and correct me and any time if I'm wrong on this the Isa there was a company it was offering that would seem like a good deal. And it also offer the ability to burn trash if necessary switch over to natural gas if necessary it offered some of that flexibility. But he said ultimately that's not what they went with but I believe he was out of office when they when the final vote was staples. Rouge jury was made of the that there. Going back 2008 I mean Ed Brantley and Rick Bryant's last meeting in their last meetings of civic wishers. They're on they're there and they voted to move forward. To negotiate contracts. With. This company called. Turn on the correct. And the contract terms of their presumed that time were much different. On the deals much different in there was states or go forward negotiate a new commission took over more and vote took Ed Bradley's seat. And Thomas Hawkins took. Regards seat. And the commercial longworth occurred leveraging rest costs union or insurance and reject Donovan. And that's heard move forward. Negotiate contract and our group of people that they talk all the time I mean I just had to. Again I've had to hear this ad nauseam some of an office and I knew anything about this woman took office so if that's what you just continues. To bother me upset me when I hear these these things over and over and over. The talk well all the number public meetings they had to talk about all the vetting they do biomass for his call for some of the resources verse is not building a plant. Yet the facts are there was not a single public meeting between the the order negotiated contract. In the contract being sorry there was a one there was the last public meeting on you asked about who did what. Reject Donovan insurance Henry quite frankly you watched the films announced a lot of good questions. Donovan insurer Henry. Really I think had to date have been really. Known that they were being misled and quite frankly lied to move that we've later found out. To order Randy Wells announced ask him how he was lied to as a commissioner. Bombed by the general manager. That general manager who was empowered by commission. Who and what members of the commission. You know I wasn't there these thing about being in office you can hide on the fact that there's no public record of there's no email there's no recording The Who knows what was said. Four years in office I know how works. Four years in office I can tell you things happened behind closed doors or take things happen on the phone. And that really in does that violate the essence of the sunshine laws. Because you're it's it's it's happening. Between the elected officials in the charter officers in the people so we know at some at some point you know we have to live in a world where. Business has to get done well here you have to we have to just trust people and into the day. If if they XXQ bad judgment and their replace I would argue that what's happening angels and I took office. The questions Texas may but just. And into the timing of it I mean things have changed or people have noticed the voters have noticed. Are we think people are being elected in an in elections that could never would have been elected because I think people realize and that that that thing and this is as one of many issues. The University of South Carolina entered into a biomass agreements some years ago and as part of their agreement didn't there was the promise that it would actually lower their energy bills that meant the University of South Carolina. And they went in with that he contractual agreement and after so much period of time. They said look you failed to reach you know it's a breach of an agreement because the power bills have not gone down. And the company that put in the biomass plant realize that they could never achieve those goals. And as pursuant to the contract. They dismantled all of their equipment and took it out there. And at no cost at all to the University of South Carolina. You know it seems incredible they were able to negotiated deal like that and of the city of Gainesville with sol far. On the other side a mean getting the worst possible. I'd deal I mean a layman anybody I thought I would take somebody who's you know what street cleaner god bless them let them negotiate that contract would have done a better job. Well against anybody who suspect and says you know we didn't we need to move only to figure out how to operate in the environment or and I agree now that sort of trying to do. Or right when I wake up and have to read a letter to the other paper again. By Jim Gordon are worlds are these people I just don't think they get it and so my options are just to sit back. Be frustrated or express my views of the time being in oil I'm on the city commission I've been elected. And and I'm this August to back come out I don't Parse my words I don't try to figure out what to say so I can run for office in the future I'm just living in by the day about a moment. We're talking to Gainesville city commissioner Todd chase and one of the things on ask you about it won't get into it after the break but on explain what project share is because that was in the emails. And then will. We'll discuss that because I'm interested that as well sure they sixteen Alibaba Rochelle live and local news talk 97.3 this guy. It's something we should never tolerate. From so called Republican. This guy. Page 11 Alibaba Roche still have a local time Jarrett rusty by prestige taste jewelry woody. Answers always yes hazel Citic mr. Todd chase in the house. Top ten a little bit of a back and forth thing with the folks who run correct that's the biomass Plant City Gainesville under the direction GRU. But it's a private company and down it has caused the the price of energy to go up in the area to GRU customers and you know there's a lot going on here but the bottom line is you reached out to these folks commissioner and you mentioned something about project share there and how they could help the community explain what projects shares. Producers of program manager you as that that works for different. Nonprofits and charities in the in the area. And did that basically essentially it's as if you donate your money to project shareholder towards. Customers and fairways that can't afford their power bills that are due to getting give you their electricity shut off for. You know or are new threat of it over their heads every month and so it's it's a little firm. And the reason I did that Bob was again I mean I have to sit there and read the same. Talking points over and over about their proud to be providing clean renewable energy locally sourced. And providing jobs and also stuff. But yet never once they talk about innocent. I do not to be very clear I do not fault the company who comes to Gainesville and creates business deal contract. Whereupon they make millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars. On their money had to find as some point if we got to continue to be lectured continue to talk to August. You can you know put some money into the kitty. Are you causing that no I'm not saying that there and it's it's all part of it. You're you're saying hey let's just say hey or write your community partner you making a lot of money from us OK the deal is done. The contracts in force. However you still can as a good community partner. You can contribute to say you this project share thing you can help the folks where their power bills are putting huge strain on them. You guys are making a lot of money but he could give a little back to the community that you profiting from a little bit. There we we're worry we have a lot of the we have customers who put. Monthly donations on their bills and stuff that's a ridge has its SS SI was taken about reading their stuff again and distort what where we were in the things that I know. I imagine any other thing about is that this is this is. There are people listeners people would that what I realized politics now on a minute a minute so long is that there there are people that do not like you. Simply because they use they don't know you but they don't like you they read about your political party. They read about whatever it is they don't like home people Joseph beechy people. Really do American people. That's why they don't like the tanks wonder people from Georgia. People are in the military you name it you know that Donald bell like you when you round today they'd like you much less when you win. And then they come in and they are as just it's it's it's so it's ridiculous and so. I'm not trying to make friends unindicted co an office. To be your buddies hero and become an office to it to charter the judges BB nicer arc like a boy scout as those lecture to us an email. Mama used in the best I can in order to move forward. In my life I'll move and do the best I could for six years and I think that I felt changed some things in gain solid background with a great my pride. Is the city gonna get involved in a lawsuit between now one of the deal would providers would resource. To provide some of the stuff that Greg burns apparently gray acted like some of the stuff that was kind of dirty and had sand and it. Even though we were sold in OS as part of going along with a biomass thing they know touting that hate. Look at it you know trees fall yard waste of you know old branches fall in the forest all the stuff is all gonna be collected. I knew it was a dirt ridiculous premise because they have to burn tonnage in tonnage to produce power. I thought it was kind of funny and interesting but. That they kept promoting that now apparently but that's I knew they were gonna I thought they were gonna do that in addition to the large timber operation. But apparently they don't want any of those of the small pieces of MI correct. I have my regular right I know you know and I think we're gonna talk one on Thursday whether we're gonna ask to intervene which is sort of a legal. Topic in and then thing and it's a thing that that will be who would basically be joining would resource recovery in their lawsuit or. Or at least have to be a part of and I just think it's instinct is to see we can learn. If the cost to correct it goes up in in procuring wood products if the cost to Greg goes up. Don't they pass that directly along to view and or GR UN door. The people who received cheer you power I mean isn't this part in the contrary to I don't that's the so there's trouble getting Lloyd and for some reason and the price goes up. Yeah if that were the two I don't know that's the case number I could tell you some of the funny thing about this lawsuit is that going back to. And this is what resource recovery is this is one of those local companies as well as local companies. They've themselves investor I've my understanding is millions of dollars in equipment and infrastructure they've hired people they they had. Contract they they don't stop and they've they were part of this a year where bring cleaner rule energy and jobs to your community. And and annexing you know not even two years into the gig. I mean they've they've now shed this contractor and a dispute over. If I remember right that one point these guys are gonna provide about half the of fuel afterward. And so now this discuss this local company did gassed and services on the meaning they're now stuck in this in this lawsuit. By a breach of contract by Greg coming so it's it's just. It the whole thing has just been I guess I mean I I just. I think I'd describe it passes is sad because they're ultimately what I know I'm sitting in my seat what I know and the things that I know and understand. Setting aside the people that that that. Just disagree with me and and and always will never have have agreed. Home. There's people at home work and there's people out there right now struggling there's people out there and our art struggle were paying their bills innocently they don't know any of that stuff. And so did the day that's soft on China represented bombed and best I can't. I don't wanna make judgments on people wanna talk people into you and your three children are wasting energy could use more and I do. In my little Adobe putt. I don't want to tell people that because they use more power they should pay more but now. But then that's what we've done for years right and you're not four net Elmo. We believe we know we've we've just talked about changing or are rate structure we're gonna start we ought to be honest of people to that we had to start tell people you know right. We've we've been haven't you know if you lower the lower tiers of the power uses or or well below the cost of electricity. What port it's like a lot of things instructor at what point do you decide who gets to pay less than stuff cost and who gets to pay more and stuff cost. And how you decide who those people are how much more should of people pay what what are what are true what order our qualifications to say you should pay more. Is it just could use more power and get it all goes back to the years and years and years. Of pushing forward this agenda. That that this to city trichet for years. That got us to where we are in it in their right it wasn't just graphic but boy that was the icing on the. Those are hearing date you and it will be interesting to see I mean. When businesses expand and and it looked to locate in Gainesville we have all these incubators and all this stuff going on with the impact will be on them. Will hold off on that Allah keep you around for another segment if you game tour I'm always asking you questions in the next segment. I want I wanna talk about whatever you want talk about the middle or chase are all right. The steel cage match up with this single handedly. Throwing down with the grass. Yes needs boosting Kumar you. Page 29 Alibaba Rochelle wanna come live local news talked to some point during this guy. Rose show on not seven point three this got booed. Exerted on about a Rochelle wanted to put. There's a city commission Todd chase on the spot could cut out potatoes don't put him on the spot like yes growth pretty excited you'll have me a sales that ought to throw stuff out. That's fine but a lot of guys start yes okay so after much thought and consideration Bob. On your show of unity and outside decide to seek to candidacy of president nonstick is the Republican Party. Wow that's number sixty license and it's odd chase for president or why not. I'm gonna pull at least as good it's about ten of them all CI you would think on your feet in a debate scenario similar throw some stuff that she and you have to make your answers brief. And you'll be graded on your own gravity it's over the maybe when in doubt Charlie's house and they see if I don't OK there's no ejector seat here good luck at. Home run derby like the new format. I like the new format you very much watching the kids last night and we liked the time and that sort pressure they had on them and and I actually loved. See in the downtown guys that since that when last night I was I was very Coca veto it house. Go to baseball games as a young boy you are so Mike my best. Memories which leads and next question why you hate to Phillies and why do you say it right in front did you. Well because once again on the sad lonely. Have said braves fan you have to love the Phillies watched the film and you know why they pay eliminate us often when I was a kid and well although I have to say. Big fan growing up of the of the ball Greg was and he only had been much written by. I just from a latest updates in the standings the Philadelphia Phillies have a ten game lead. Over the rest of baseball for the number one pick in the draft a couple of I a very good at the all star break on ten. While. There that's homeland well like we go to break picked its. Baseball's all up it's and broker owns a switch to football. And I love football. What do you think via a new Gator coaches think they like whom do you think that he's going to be. Able to make some immediate changes that will be able to see in terms of the score because he did use this word jag. Is his imprint. Use that word explosive. He did did make him he's been listening to me because that's a term I would use a France bearden is normally on Tuesday area. If he would just buy you just got attorney here in recent explosive I've met. I met him early and and he's again he's a good guy that I think he's he's proven what he's done throughout his career and this is just armchair quarterback your butt. I'm not sure at that level football how you just all of a sudden turn things around rebuilt so it sounds really he's delivered a patchwork where he's put the foundation and hopefully for the future and and hopefully he'll be here for for a long time and anyone out there who expects he's got to go play for the SEC championship or win it the first year two's is is just stock. Really that realistic and it's not no and so I just think that you guys shot given his duties. He's working with a either. People that someone else recruited or his brand new recruits and what he did quite frankly and in moving to the gators up in the recruiting rankings and pain and give his recruits. I mean I think he hit the ground running and I don't know what he was on to maintain that energy that Atlanta means it's excellent. So breakfast of champions but telling your teeth so yes he's got nice teeth he's got big choppers powers seemed so I don't think he's doing that yeah. But now when and I wish him the best two and I feel like he is gonna has to turn things around and in even when we're doing patchwork. We still have very very gifted athletes having given the right direction and given some good plays we can have an impact in on defense we've been strong that's the one legacy that the previous coach we won't mention his name did at least leave us with while that in some bills with continuous thing yes. Well also say that my evolution of of brew and what I would be so bold call mature even as I got an older. I certainly. Put less importance on what happens on football fields on Saturdays and I do when I was younger but. It has been pretty amazing watching just the way these these these people familiar to scored in the people take is still way too personal. Rome and so I think I've got to know some really long standing long term true for Gator fans and and they've been very user tries for the coach is best they can. Our icu you announced earlier today you're gonna be a candidate for president. I don't know whether to take you serious sound. By the way I'll tell you that the president their presence here Republican Party there that I would like to see Iran has not going to doubt me on cases. I'd if you listen to the show which and media from time to time. I'd mention his name. Early on probably year ago to Israel and the he's he's solid guy Bob happy there's gay marriage goes to game marry governor case. Yeah well item regular I'm I'm man crush within the other night and voters. So yeah summary for another heartbreak but I have some other candidates have a man crush on you you give me the thumbs up or down on the okay. Chuck Norris. Thumbs up or down. As president yeah. Ted Nugent. Down. Newton huge one now. David Petraeus. Thumbs up or down. And now. Police to it a play alive because weakness perpetrators. Weakness yeah well just. I don't attentive. Or whatever or via. It read your sister cameraman as is Bryce I guess he does and is and I know that. Every man how do you control somebody like that that he controls on me like death pretty women exactly parent or drugs or alcohol or money. Right doesn't mean he's it's fair to ask America great congress Berea in. Although I guess through the Vargas change on that twenty years ago some Magnum pistol school. You're not under oath okay what is the meaning of this. We think it's clear that put east what how about him. Past his prime but. Blount not to insult people don't vote for next time he hates old people school old school Clooney's hood terror threat of death panels that yeah. This is actually fund but got to. Iran nuke deal good or bad you know that was announced just hours ago. It's a done deal. On what has Rush Limbaugh told me I should. I don't know what Rush Limbaugh says but I can tell you Benjamin Netanyahu is not real happy with a and he's a prime minister of Israel he would be most impacted due I would think more than more than anybody else by the decision. Let's see Raj Allen years ago it was a good answer Alan having been somebody's serve during the time of the first Iraqi war and those in the reserves and almost called up during the second. I I think that. I guess talk softly and carry big stick goes back for many many years ago. I don't know the details of the Iran nuclear deal so I only know it the Talking Heads on TV tell me to the that I snow site and read it. But I'd say that you. It in general. Locates in terms of talking a little more than we used to. Talking a game lifting the sanctions would you be concerned and they're gonna we asked anxiously the only area as part of what I read but it just and in general it but again I mean I I. There's. Well I mean I watch my kids I mean I don't know. When we're when we live in a world where our foreign policy and news completely on Twitter and less than a 140 characters or 62 radios. I mean it's going to be that you sell things that happened there are good to have you watched have you watch anchorman to. There's him into second on end the secularism is its aggressive statement on on sort of what news has become an in this world that's. Talks about oh yea had a second one wasn't as good as the first you know but anyway the point is just it's like we just a there's. I'm sure you water on gains or there'll be a lot of experts who told you all about the Iran nuclear deal. That they couldn't point out Iran on a map little illness but we I'm sure they've hurdle is from one person that they. And hit play it rewind what they think about on all sides of that. Zanesville city commissioner Todd chase thanks for being a good sport hands on with us today resolute than Georgia we appreciate it. 847 we've got a lot more to talk about Donald Trump and his tweets. Is there more to it we'll talk about it next on news talk 97.3 this