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Mortgage rates stay low; Neighborhoods in Gainesville; Helping you navigate homebuying

Aug 1, 2015|

Real Estate and Lending Today with Mike Jones of Ameris Bank for 8-1-15

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American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banking mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements. It's all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to. I'm actually very by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options Romero spent mortgage loan originators. It's. The studios nice seven point three this guy this is real estate and lending today in the heart of Florida. With Mike Jones from America's bank mortgage you can email Mike Mike Scott Jones and America's banker dot com. The numbers calling and is 877 W Skype talk at 877975982. Fine. And now here's your host Mike and the mortgage man. Hey good afternoon everyone you are listening to Michael Moore each man with a marriage bank mortgage and we're talking real estate lending again. Right here in the heart of Florida feel like jump in the rainforests could destroy you so much lately common not a mature rained that much in the rain forest. But remember if you thought you wanna retrieved during the week is just my weekend job you can email me at Mike. Dot Jones at America's bank which is AM ERIS. Bank the INK dot com. Where you can visit my new website Maris bank mortgage dot com back slash banker back slash Mike Jones. Others lot of information on their about the home buying tips and I'm just all kinds of worksheets and in information on imports of credit score. But as our announcer says die with him on here if you'd like to call and please do so we looked up callers that number is 877. W sky talk. 8779759825. Other show was designed to help people understand all the steps of up buying a home. From getting pre qualified to signing all the documents are closing and are a lot of so put. You know one or two literally know that we do three things every day this help people buy build or refinance residential property. And wants again I'd like to thank all those folks it to close with me this week bombing know how important it is to our company and Q was well. And finally to stood special note to all the top people at America spank the mortgage division there are so very supportive you would not believe it. I'm from Jules yesterday helping you with a closing package. If she did a great job there should be one of the top people where end up bury my boss is very very supportive what a great guy awfully when they'll come on. On Tony who's very supportive of of this radio show and then former president on the other day had a particular question and they can take you a long time look stuff up in the on information online for all Rex took prime fun and answers we have you know work goes out to all the underwriters. And I senate question out there within literally thirty seconds I got the answer back from 45 different people I was really really impressed. So that's great so we have richer today. I want to get started I'm just talk about interest rates as we do with the beginning of the show each week. On rates were down again mostly this week because the stock market was down so one Sox were down remember rates go down what's stocks cooperates go up and that's typically you know who knew more pattern that's what happened again this week. A lot of information came out. You know regarding the economy the Thursday it looked like there was more than a sixty or 70% chance of Federal Reserve would finally make interest rates go up. Are in September and then Friday want want want you know information came out of push that number back to December. So the markets don't really know what's gonna happen come December or September or December. But the first rate increases already priced in tore rates right now it's at second third fourth rate increased. That the yum that the market is worried about and that's what they're trying to figure out with all these some. Information coming out and have a little bit of a Tibet are we'll talk about later on the show about about that destroyed now the thirty Europe. National average in the Wall Street Journal today August 1. Was 4% was down. Are part of what got quite a bit from where was last week in the in the fifteen year rate. Down from again in the Wall Street Journal today August 1 was three point 17%. And then the treasury ten year treasury note which is a really really good gauge you know what kind of peaked. Earlier on in the year to 2.5 an hour arm in the Wall Street Journal again today. On Saturday August 1 was down to 2.2 07% so that's them. It's really our account while that aspect out so we have a very special guest on dispersant is really helped me a lot in my own. Radio career if you called that and if that. And done toddlers through the first few shows on those gosh who's hoping he would be here forever but guys you have other more important things to do them hold my hand and do this so but we're welcome back Todd Lewis who shall I thought. I'd like book thanks for having backed a TARP it's that's always fun and I wish I would do more record vet but it's great. But you vigilant to come back another great job by the well thank you so much and clearly need no more handle yes I do always always you know you're so good at this positive in a previous life was a radio power generators are right I did OK then you're very successful without hugely success so long catch of course. That's why they're doing let's just say OK well thank you so much. And US so I have found I have some really dumb it Todd put me on the spot the first couple of shows which are will never ever forget and maybe take his little quiz so now I have one for you answered your radio guy from way back when did you actually do music or was it all talk show. Well we've you know I did I did the morning show on what used to be Rockwell for which is no longer it was you know. Rougher for for a long time and and I did a talk show. A radio talk show in the afternoon but I'm on the morning shows are we did play. Music but it really didn't pay attention I was OK I was busy do and has some big Smart Alec okay. Very well they're free you are it. That's those legal and have a quiz that quiz that you're talking about that I've that I bust that I laid argue that first show though that was imagine that in just. Spring that I near the blue that was we were talking about. How rough few people find it just to apply for a mortgage or not we're way. Really it's that bad in UREF I hated it can isolate how bad they hated like the worst in root canal right and that led to the quiz about which is worse would you rather apply for a mortgage are gonna root canal which you said. I say it's probably worse getting a mortgage and I said woods who is worse apply for a mortgage or getting a call and ask. The blood said it Colin Oscars looked up backers are actually had it may not doubt anyways so those are really make a difference of but the fact there were debating it goes to yeah Narnia they've well I mean I think the worst part for that for me was have. Was I could barely speak on the radio I mean I was having real problems. Even putting the word that a couple words together and then here you're gonna ask me I'll be AMOCO really. So but though that was gonna interest in so here's my bum might. To that turnabout fair play. OK so here is here's a question for it. So ranked two of these number one songs from on the top. Billboard top 100. Armed if you can rat tell me the year they were done and then ranks him in order okay and you can't use your iPhone and continues you can punitive a computer out front here. So here the three songs that I picked and they're from the same year I wanna I wanna know what year that was horrible and then what. Order they were in like what was the most popular so here there are. And I can't do this you cannot do this site to Lisa. Music. Released next is gonna release is gonna find them control ms. Susan McDougal and certainly signs out at least a Mano and I'll tie this all backed general psychosis is fairly random here but come. And Elaine. To sir with love. And I'm a believer and we're not talking about Justin Bieber or beaver not a believer who I don't know ever which is the monkeys of course okay Harry Reid I'm all right. And what they're metal song what song is a producer with love to use her with a lot of I don't know that song. Lisa's trying to help me out and shoot shoot. Don't look. OK so. So you are we to tell me you are it's on the same here so what year was that ticket guests and to me and I'll give you the decade if you need help with what's the sixties okay yeah I'm gonna go. I'm an eager 1967. Well come odd about what's. Yeah. All right so my notes I don't have speed I did not ours that is crying out about cheating but I didn't that happen as far as tonight currency got that aren't aren't that's that's good. And so Tommy. And you got. The the artists for. I'm a believer which was lucky some monkeys okay. And then whose penny lane noodles and Pittman whose two server Levin matches are probably knows it's a I've never heard that you are really committed leaves us or do you leave did you look at its Lulu yes that is tonight got mother's name my blueberry syrup loved you I've never heard of flu or there was a famous and back in the same year right aren't yes so into his it was a city port you moved there you go right to service level schoolteacher there. Are there and the reason that is so important I guess or wanna go back to religious. The finish this off was so which one of those three songs then do you think was number one in 1967 for the longest period on. All right so this is one of those things where do you go with your gutter you over think it's in my gut wade would be to say that the first thing would be to be The Beatles because they're huge threat but you know the monkeys they were kind of had a couple of songs that were just such inquiries. Right mum. I've parts probably did the monkeys but I'm gonna go with my first which was to. Beat uh oh that was so close these it was a month I see evidence of the marquis said that that the number one song for ten weeks to sir with love was five weeks and actually The Beatles were only one week. Government plane wasn't one of their biggest they also ahead hello and goodbye if that was the same. The same year. And Doug the actual songs that came in third place were to cut interest into where. I think they're put them here or somewhere anyways they were wet and no world does does all of this have to do with the mortgage industry well it's real estate in general basically the it's oh here's the three who dislike him or finish set out with some. It's the third. Songs were happy together. By the turtles all of that song yep something stupid by emit a Mitzi in Frank Sinatra. And windy by the association. And finally the doors. Like my fire by the door calling records notice so those are all those all had five weeks. On the number one chart but basically the reason that is so. Weird insignificant compared to 2015 is that was the last time sadly enough. That we had a home ownership rates that or lower than right now. 1967 you have to go back 48 years that number came out on Tuesday. Are released by the Census Bureau said that the current second quarter of 2015. Only 63 point 4% of people on the house in the united stand that's the lowest it's been since 1967. Cents. The Monkees since the number one song via and that was towards him that I thinks it's terrible it's terrible so that's why we're doing the show so people understand. It is a lot of good things going on as far as housing goes we now. You know probably the lowest interest rates are looked at the rates back then and there were in the such as compared to what we have now. So interest rates are much lower from default ratio on home loans as much much lower because. Where war you know everything since 2010 we've been you know underwriting to very very high standards. On we're falling unemployment we have. No gas prices now or certainly a hot a lot higher than they were in 1967. But there's still lower than where we haven't quite awhile. So. Anyways so I thought that was kind of interesting that we do the quiz and I'm I'm really shocked and disappointed that you did so well but. Yeah. She idealism monkey is edited monuc the you know boat show Graham operator back there. Our regular figuring with the debris cured just a minute remember if you wanna be part of the show I'm pleased to call him. The numbers 877 W sky talk 877. And 7595. And. This is Michael Moore for. There was some respect mortgage will be back after the smoke. Tony Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder in the market for a new home called Tommy Williams homes at 3523354140. Cal building at Oakmont near Haile plantation and Finley woods near 34 street and Wilson road and now featuring Gainsville shortest new commute to US shares in the VA hospital starting below 200 every Tommy Williams home includes solar power standard called Tommy Williams homes today at 3523354140. Tommy Williams Holmes is games bills green builder. They welcome back everyone listen Mike the mortgage minute we're talking with Bob Lewis of Tommy wasn't homes and don't remember to click to call in and out thought myself and questions. Please do so beat 77 W Scott talked 5779759825. You can email me anytime. Mike doc Jones a marriage thank dot com. To talk we're talking before you got all that information correct but I guess one of the things they didn't have in 1967 was solar power and you do a lot of solar power out and from the woods and Oakmont right. We do also have power absolutely so actually beginning of this year which by the way is our 35 year of building homes in Gainesville. We've made solar standard and every home that we built so if you if you come to us took to build your home rest assured is gonna have a solar power and unless you're completely in the woods we can't get them through Q which happens. We've got a couple blocks to occur loss per fully what it. The sun would never have those solar panels would be a waste money but otherwise it's standard it's in the base price of the home that we do solar and every home we build them up and we're proud of. Yeah I know you've been working on that furlong time attempt. Her fact that to make it work really well those homes could you work with the department of energy and and really top people to try to bring the most efficiency out of reach home right. That's correct we were with a local credit Ken farmer who has been in the green building science before anybody knew it green building science meant and and he wasn't there we weren't our goal wasn't solar at the time our goal is to build the most energy efficient home that money can die period the most energy efficient home that that people could afford and and that would you wouldn't read waste the least amount of money on your energy bill that was that was the idea. And it's led this let us down this path for over a decade of a fine Tina Holmes and when you get home that is so energy efficient. That it doesn't require a lot of energy to two run. Well and it doesn't require a lot of solar panels either because solar panels can be expensive Brent if you start off for the home that doesn't need a lot of power money through some panels on parity. Because practically it in that practically you literally could provide all the power at the home needs because our homes don't need a lot of power is have you done that with a dwell how many homes and about a dozen all of a about a dozen of them homes were now we're doing all of our home solar bit about a dozen homes we've built that have been what what we call zero energy right and that means. You put enough solar on the roof to provide 100% of your homes needs throughout the year. Okay and that's really I'm cool stuff I mean almost science fiction back in 1967 incher would have been science fiction that you could have your house. Heated colder wetter or else using. Infamous error or you know waves from the son a son and everything else who's really cool stuff. Yeah we're back to mud huts you have created there if they always he's the son of a Mike I brought them for speaking of time doing songs are thirtieth anniversary I brought presents this week about how. And this is third they're not very high tech but they're really really great so. This is a and a Tommy Williams home Smart pocket. And it goes on the back of your phone and Lisa I brought one for you now she's looking lease is look at me like what in the world is that it. But it it goes on the back of your phone and it's a very tight sort of rubber. Pocket and it goes in fact any footage he can slide your debit party or driver's license or both of there because. I got so sick of walking in the public's. And getting into the checkout line and reaching for my debit card and realizing that I didn't have it four or realizing that it wasn't only in the car but it was at home and my pants pockets and so. So anyway I love somebody gave me one and I love him so much that it ordered 450 of them. So I have these and I have one for you Lisa and I thought I might give some away to this so. We have a FaceBook page or Tommy on top of the unit FaceBook dot com slash Tommy Williams homes and and I'll tell you for the for the first. The first ten people. Who who like the page and and reach out to me on FaceBook page I will give them peace mark pocket. Debit card slash license holder and and telling you these are they're better than make you look at me like what could be so great about them but if they are fantastic their life changing thoroughbred of their birth. These are the best. Stupid little thing you've ever had the protest the thing that I yeah they're really work school can lead to one on the back of my phone and I really liked it so. It really makes it it's like you say you you never go anywhere without your phone these days it's almost like. Linus and his whose boy kicked is you got to carry with you all the time so it's really cool feature you can just. You know you have the word out to all you can put a couple things in their driver's license or insurance card or debit card and and you're good to go right they're totally good to go OK we'll get right so tell me how are things going in Philly woods and Oakmont for yes. Well some Finley was in Oakmont are the two subdivisions that we are building in and now Indian so Finley woods is very close to the intersection of Willis and wrote in 34 street clothes to nationwide insurance. Four point nine miles to the doors of the VA hospital chance. Things are going great that's a brand new subdivision just kind of sprung up on them. Beautiful woods that are back there and that things are going in actually looks like like a neighborhood military we've got a dozen or so people living American and things are going really well there. Our other sub division is Oakmont which is over just west of Haile plantation in Gainesville about equal distance from between Haile plantation in town of TO gets a thousand home subdivision. And and and they're going really gangbusters in both places. Our homes start in the low two hundreds at either place from about 219 to you know over 500000 men and every two. You know imaginable size and shape and bedrooms and bathrooms but things are going really well right I was looking and he has talked about stats last week break. To which your wife says that atlas. Or ringing the show is boring. But here's the one step at an and so we are doing great sales are great we have better you know part of that is always part of of the market and I think we have a great product but as the market goes so. No we. You know the percentage of the year over year change in the median sales price right now is that nine point 6% from June this year too so I. What it is that now that might be a boring number but put in terms of this if you own a 300000 dollar homer let's say you on 200000 are on credit means that you may 20000 dollars in the last year Brent. You know by being a homeowner period that's to me that's very exciting. Might know certainly it certainly is and you have the stability of owning a home and not knowing you're you know you're toward a two ranked going up and you're making money on it you're paying it down and you know all the and accumulating wealth read what could be more exciting than that and it's so when you ask power we do we are doing and yeah in fact I think those are great but but so is appreciation in the market so it's great great we saw a great product no question and then I think one of the girls have told me that there's actually. You're almost out of lots and phase one right there and we would try to correct upward pattern bargaining where working feverishly to get them face to underground suite so we'll keep up with based sales that's great here's a we have a caller on the line Jim from Newberry are you there. Hello. Oh Jim are you there. OK but I think you're annoyed so Jim. If you if you're there a call back. I'm sue so you're was set up phase one I'm almost done in there from. How about bookmark as far as the and you have still a number of available lots there and that's a more of hum there's really expensive homes in that neighborhood you know the other builders and their two of the. And Oakmont would the price range who go from a five to about 220. 2230 to two million currently in Oakmont in Findlay woods who probably more about 222 may be 55600000. Okay if there's a higher end game and Oakmont. And it's a bigger sentence about twice the size in the woods did but they offer very different things from the woods is super close to US and chancellors can be closer close to you on the interstate for access to people don't know Keller right elsewhere. A hospitals. And and also that. You know it's it's very would see him why Indians all the home not a single home in their backs up to. You know somebody else's property Branagh I've Greenspan that is really cool yes to both have really fantastic. Features going for him and we find that people. Really love one of the other one of them works perfect four for one Minnesota people the other go to place works okay. Jim Newberry online Jimmer is there. Have a hard time here is Jim tech via their difficulties. Oh okay I well sorry Jim I just looked the picture of the nose on. But let me just say four for people interested in either of those neighborhoods are models are open from ten to five daily two point one to five on Sunday we have one and Oakmont. And we have one in Findlay woods. And and there's one phone number to call for either place in the making just select the location and that's 3523354140. And three. 523354140. You can just either select Oakmont. Or Finley woods. Okay and then you have your contest again let's put that out again it's your FaceBook pages there yeah FaceBook. Do if he'd just go to FaceBook dot com slash Tommy Williams homes. And and the first ten people that felt like the page and and just put a message on the that they would like to Tommy Williams. Smart pocket for their phone like changing it really is that makes it you know so the first game as I suppose that's nice thank you and I put it in my glove box there's I just didn't wanna be rude. And then and they continued to rave about it and I didn't use it how do you believe it demands. When I lost my debit card at that and comic Freeman downtowns Gainesville for the umpteenth time couldn't find my debit card. I decided you know what I'm a try and I and I she was right. Are great but OK you're you're very good very good update Libya dispute a given updates here on interest rates again for the show and then for what's gonna happen next week job this week interest rates down. A little bit Wall Street Journal today Saturday August 1. 4% for thirty here come down again on the fifteen year and Wall Street Journal today August 1 at three point one sub percent. In the ten year treasury down to bomb in the watcher turn again today on August 1 was 2.2 percent. In this coming week we're looking for the 130. You know your mind when hovered over under numbers are right now they're expecting about 225000. New jobs created by the economy. And unemployment rate of five point 3% to receive those numbers stronger than that meaning the unemployment number goes down a little bit in the number jobs created by the economy goes up a little bit. We'll probably see interest rates go up some so that's of this try to play along at home you watch it on. CNBC they're all over the talk about it the day before the leading up to it then you know they and then they analyze it afterwards you know as one number and so they go through all that stuff so. Really fun and interesting or boring is my wife would say you can move you can watch to that so I think most people are with your right from Dallas gets tough. Well I think I would I find it fascinating so they wish so. And finally just wanna talk about some of the products that we have out there this week. A marriage stream that's the product. Marriage bank offers to the communities that they I'll work out of remember in the ocean to four we have 31 branches now in this community so we have a lot of fellow big footprint. And that's a number of very very low down payment I can't say over the air how low but basically I'm not a lot of money needed for that end there are some. Requirements income apartments you have to meet its county by county so if you'd like to find out more information about a please email me at Mike. Dot Jones America spank dot com. During the week or on the weekend and to help you on that. So well I think a Saudi can pick up. Well I just wanna say you know I have been thoroughly I've always enjoyed working with UN and I we've we've shared our successes in our failures and frustrations of working in a market and trying to. Really help people's dreams come true with with homeownership and and it's a fun propped process when it works and people are very happy. But you know we both have been only a successful as our support system right and I have to say that. We in the work that we've done with you through marriage spank it has been phenomenal and I would you know never hesitate to send anybody your way because he edu. When you recommend somebody. You just wanna feel like you know that they're gonna get taken care of credit and and I've been really impressed with the organization he promised I would be and an America I think he has missed on a great job and it really. We have really. Walked the walk and not just talk the talk when they said they would make things happen. And they have made things happen for everybody's wanted to wanted to buy a house Russert and in music news. It's been great. Less good than that in Buena being avert a relatively new employees have been their only a few months I really haven't Jordan Mike is so when I send an email out the the president of the of the company or those. Prisoner little more intrusion you Meltzer dock with the answer within you know thirty seconds this how can you ask for anything better than that so it's really rich and if so supportive of this radio show. And then nor our community and we have some big announcements coming up for some people that are coming to work force which are really really exciting so we'll save that for another show you know the world. Well I mean they just wanna have enough people there to service our markets and you know and and do a good job and we have a lot of soap or people coming in and make my job so much user because we knew we want things to be done right in timely and and have satisfied customers and knowing this image is kind of heart you know people have very high expectations and think things are just very very easy so. You know getting blown this and these days this worst thing you know covering a call us to do some people. Let me ask you this might get all seriousness. Would you rather look at how to pick ups for the rest of your life. Or always feel like you have to sneeze but not be able to. Don't care if I'm not sure that they have to that question but I guess that would rather. How important to toughen I would say probably the almost news. Almost always had to see unless they're relatively that Diego and yeah. Good upside and that's that's that's a person itself I think so elegant dancer guard thank you very good news no right or wrong instrumental and took him Phil thanks for having me about yes appreciated Todd are really enjoyed having you on euros such great fun and you bring us some great information on all the things you guys are trying to do to bring I think to new home community of two different level in our area north Central Florida. So Tom thanks everyone for tuning in this week mrs. Michael Moore Richmond with a merit based mortgage. With a real similar to put on north Florida thanks so much covered everything right.