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Bogus story on businesses not coming to Ocala because of Confederate Flag; Rain and Trump won't go away

Aug 3, 2015|

Jay Anderson for Bob; The Bob Rose Show Podcast Monday 8-1-15 7am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

7 minutes after 7 o'clock news talk 97 point Bruce guys Bob road show. He's at the beach. It is Davies and both compared to those guys page. And you and the bear out to eaten dinner and I am to be true pictured has popped up about the sunrise. LC du one guy you're pro education don't get up pearl Aaliyah divert a fertile there's a mental issue there. They'll tell us that. But here's thing Bob I don't know if he's lost into the streaming aren't like that but from. Roughly. I guess in June. Allow actual count me live you girls all the eSATA want to go straight down and you might really include Putnam and play in the in this is well. But certainly from electric getting a deal beside girl lied straight down the state. And move west. Towards the gulf. Everybody is under 748. Feet of water from the brain. Have you might see about nine seconds of sunshine in the last week he's out there on the Pedro is a normal audio from a total total bull. Not enough. Always have a good tell us again haze us but I doubt a lot of his sister came down from on Carolina's right. And basement of time with family on the beach he will be back on. Thursday in plenty of time but a pregame show. I'm but then we will know who would be ten Republicans are. Running for. The leader of Libya to actually the first debate. Basically it's coming down the case a Christie and Harry. Three guys two seats available. Now behind added Jindal Santorum Fiorina Graham. And people who don't even score that time so there there are now. Above case that he got Rand Paul according to real clear politics average of polls be lowest that the rest of the group at five point 8% as reliably in the in the debate picture. Others the ability coming up what Thursday 9 o'clock on the Fox News Channel. These seven candidates that dole make it. We'll be in and they had different a debate forum on the 5 o'clock hour on Thursday also to Fox News Channel tonight at seven seaspan. Showing a has a four and fourteen of the candidates are going to be there Mike Huckabee. Jim Gilmore and Donald Trump threes are not apparently going to appear. In this seaspan form coming up at 9 o'clock until 7 o'clock tonight rather doughnut on seaspan. Other things we have on the agenda when it comes to presidential politics Joseph Biden know looks like there might be an announcement coming up relatively soon on that one as a six a Democrat. They don't have any debate scheduled as of yet. So we'll see you exactly what develops there. And then what we'll have expert talking about I added an interesting headlines from the Ocala star banner is bad for business like controversy is a huge turn off. The confederate flag. Would bottle again. They have a confederate flight double BB confederate national flag. Flying over the McPherson complex the county administration building. With every other flag that has ever been a nations that ruled. Karen. Spaniards. Threats French use. Confederacy. And I believe that any more prominent higher flag pole. Is where you'll see the stars and stripes flying the current. Governmental entity that rules over Ocala. The guy that'll probably their Dylan again to what historical context. The head and you're. Flag controversy a huge turn Alfred talks but help our girls won business. At a very early preliminary stages of deciding where they might move their headquarters. And Ocala was apparently in the running and they are now not running. Does the fly got some little I don't know maybe it doesn't you doesn't of the businesses that name since only they went no we talked jewels the bully. At a school bully enterprises at all man we love everything about Ocala. We love the location we love the weather we love the access to the interstate we love horses but that flagged picked assault but that's what we decide we love the low tax. I muddle let's be honest about businesses would be brutally honest about business Alibaba some very anti business here. Of corporate tax rates are low enough. They don't care about flags. I don't care for to confederate flag current basis flag. Flying over a particular given area. If they think they can make money and nab a successful business they're gonna go there. The confederate flag had nothing to do what that decision. Let me go to the phones towards people wave your sky of morning. Going yeah I am when a lot of people don't understand here. What are not enumerated in the competition commissioner let. To be rolled by the state and or the county the library and everything he says. I think it's more to a federal level it's a stake chooses to do something. And you don't like it in Iran for the county commission Iran for the ball you run for a stay out of any change. What being United States is becoming is not state of the easily offended what they don't understand is. If you little Benjamin Franklin said some trade security for her freedom for security will give Andy's serve neither. And if they allowed it to take place at one issues section of the confederate flag which I really had no concern either way. What's going to be next as there are many atrocities. Attached to the American flag with the would the gathering and containing out. The Japanese Americans back in the world war to end and there of their affection that so what they allowed it to take place. On one issue what should stop the moderate never issue and it as. We have become not mistaken easily offended I'll watch my father well under the Brady Archie in with a broken back. Who could not live up until security work on a lot more by anything in the neighbor and he could purchased tickets sell it to try to subsidizes that armed. Well I'm particularly offended about lately people who draw off of security checks that they're big up and and complain about. That fact that they can't live on minimum wage and or folks here if you count the rental property I have artwork three job I wanna get. Beat Lleyton people that lay around and are probably people working and doing nothing removed from my community maybe I'll run for the city count on your back can't get that. Now they got leg Al by the white way I don't know where he lives. What if he wants to get rid of all the lazy people don't doing in this community. They get that you know little little a lot to look at is gonna look at the whole stuff going on in an event that tent city for awhile until a solid hit this central Canada. Lot of live a mile by being offensive again to a number another group of people. Get in line. But only that that line the United States Beasley of fat. It's use quite a bit we used on the station won a lot but never would have offended by every time. Everyone gets offended by everything. People got offended. I got I got un friend did by people on FaceBook. Because of my opinions of Donald prop. And his supporters. Who by the light of a side note. Donald Trump he Yankee the real thing I don't understand a good Federline and I'm a Yankee look at Donald Trump's a Yankee. Order a double trouble born Mobile, Alabama. Come on man. They've got offended because that's I don't know Cuba the stupid line. Tell me 10 got offended because they look on her FaceBook page and and and friends were outraged about but the Planned Parenthood. Store there are some pretty. Nasty pictures. The real benefit of Al kinds of things. Again for the umpteenth time. I don't think the rebel flag. As a battle flag. For a nation that did not win the warden should this'll be flying on government property. If you wanna have a rebel fly go ahead fly a brow. Don't have rebel flag bumper sticker license play in California could go ahead. I think Amazon and Wal-Mart. I know these are the companies are stupid because it is all or stop telling. I got pointed out when wallboard would Amazon's voted doing that when a when a when I was on a tourist banning the sale to confederate flag. I'm all reported out you buy mine comp. Hitler's book. But you can't bio. He's a pull off. That's offense. A. And pass the ball Americana is Dolan. When it comes to their display of the confederate national flag and I'm making fun of this article didn't not a big turn off for businesses because one business in the preliminary decision to sell yeah. But sometimes easily offended. If I don't gel what their opinion 100 1000000000% on some tight ball. Does that bug video village now's your chance what's bugging you brought Cuba Florida pest control it's coming up next. 877 w.'s guide call 8779759825. More repulsive but it's coming up what buddy you just ahead on this guy. Seventh when Israel this guy's time for what's bugging you brought to you by Florida press controlled general if you just start the week off. Lest thanks Arjuna. And more. By calling 877 w.'s guide dog 8779759824. Of the vols radioed shock. Was mug any help. Country was founded on. Trust and honesty ordered people and we don't have that you know Washington now would it have content. Corruption and app for themselves. Thinking. Bay hill. Eight was by and you create. That Democrats are telling every lie they can think two. Back up President Obama and it's horrible decision made on that so Iran deal. But last week I heard one that really brought to me date somebody mentioned that by the billions of dollars that are going to be released. Back to Iran and that that act money could be used to bio weapons or support terrorist groups and and it Democrat came out so well. I rent could use that money to rebuild the infrastructure and that would lower gas crisis. First of all President Obama and his supporters hate fossil fuel sort of picture about gas prices and second of all. We can't drill our own federal lands for oil we can't build oil pipeline and our own country. To get gas prices down but maybe if we get billions dollars. Too hostile regime. Maybe gas prices have god damn that's a good thing that you reason that support President Obama there and deal that's insane I. Wow wow. Take that out and cheap gas prices look at the depth of viral will let Iran build rolls. It will we do that Q we have our rental lot to accounting Ellis Don and they can actually get some roads still around here. Miami on the sky all of my radio. Mary you know we need to erode popular urgently edit this. Can ever see what are at it treat it no higher. Of people saying that they epic red flag we have to we acted dismantled Kirby at building and rebuild it the Arctic for at it. What it out there's there's. General shirt and should Korea over there and the redwood forest and it's protected bank are we gonna chop that down and had somebody with a chance. Carpet into it a bomber Al Sharpton stop Jew I wish I don't get ridiculous I am the students so tired purpose. Let it'd it'd be completely erasing. Any kind of history whatsoever. Virtually no they're gonna start to wanted to file a ticker that led to take at a big brown liquor is about building. They're gonna start taking names of big buildings all over college campuses have been paid for by. The gators also be playing in the homeless Larry. Football stadium. Can't remain after like rich people put a lot of money in that Albert the second the NATO air they go ever the whole race issue Randy on this guy was bugging you know. A guy. Get Don Don are those goes by video. Burt. And we. Or. You got it out of a little while what standard hotel and check in with that or block and check out while other. That would keep getting bigger and bigger. Yet there is well. The end of death live at least you three. Would be like you know the buildings are put through the track handle straight outs for. And you may get a full 24 hours there and get Mike Bradley Mike Carroll this guy was by radio. 840. Outlet agony and John McCain. In our body. Are apt to. Art I have met little or. It. Damn man how Republican. And actor I hate. It why. Lion bit Blanca idiot cheek. Act and Arabs I'll do it and it history and they you know part Abby. I thought tribal I am too like China H I think. Oh. App that you look back at pretty active jet pack Art Howe Wayne and job a little. Well I'll look at a Mike thanks for heads up on that one. 877 W sky talk 8779759825. To get one final call unhittable hit a break. David you discuss the media. I was bugging me if people don't realize that. Relativity actually should love Atlantic. Solar. It was about taxes and that there was there was the there was they revenue issue. Read Lincoln's inaugural address. Palin says looks out I don't care much of slaves I don't want people you gotta be pay taxes. Render unto Caesar. That which is caesar's. At a graduated tax scale system we've penalized in more him it. Seven joining out of this guy that took go to called up Doria was bugging you brought to give up Florida press control. But the bottom lay our news to get to the politics of war hero called their opinions and different things climate change Obama what morals little fact. They golf telecast for the drop in your electric bill go off. 740 on this guy. You're 740 time trip brought you by prestige pays Jewelers for the answer is always yes 877. W sky talk phone number 8779759825. Some time late tomorrow theoretically speaking. We should know who will be field of Republicans will be in the first. Televised Fox News debate. 9 o'clock Thursday night they I'm guessing late tomorrow. Assault on done or is the cut off point. Of getting the data end to you know compile your year. Polling results for Fox News in the matrix of polls are gonna use to determine the top ten are. Again essentially it's coming down through. Jason Christy and Perry. Which true ovals for eight. Will be in the debate which one's the odd man looking now on the outside looking in rather. Trawl walker bush scarcer cruise hungry rubio Paul have bigger fairly safe bets. Hey sick actually according this real clear politics average in ninth place. Christie temporary eleventh a gamble sue little those numbers add up to date. Meanwhile us seaspan tonight at seven there's a presidential forum featuring fourteen of the Republican candidates. Jim Gilmore. Rule makes George Pataki look like a relevant candidate. God Jim Gilmore will not be an Arab. Mike Huckabee also not apparently going to be in attendance. Nor has Donald Trump. Rob apparently. There is about arrows and an editorial in the New Hampshire and leader union what I read in the paper as. That that kind of went after trump for Colin load questioned McCain's war hero status. An untroubled by mayor made out of fired back about look I knowing and get endorsed a free people anyway it's not my beyond among a waste my time. Too many people on this for. I seem to think that it wasn't seaspan. And it was Fox News. We'll CNN. Tacky rule MSNBC. Dara so one of the Big Three network out of trouble try to fight is why am I think it's a bit like it's not going to be. The number of people on the stage. Compounded with the number of viewers you may or may not have. Love up or this time villainy in an irregularly running trump could do rule. Would be heard himself. Say that I may be doesn't play well of the electorate. Other stories of Libyan there but somebody other front runners Scott Walker Jeb Bush they're going to be an. So maybe get an opportunity here what they have to say. Oh and in that forum begin at such tonight seaspan 7 o'clock fourteen of the candidates will be a part of that one. Story pretty Associated Press came out apparently pres Bo. Ordering steeper cuts from power plants. Amy jolt jolt the rest of the world to action. President Barack Obama moved ahead Sunday would even tougher greenhouse gas cuts on American power plants sitting up a certain confrontation blob blob blob. In finalizing the unprecedented pollution controls. Obama and stormy court was ambitious and controversial plan to drastically reduce overall US emissions. Obama administration estimated the emission limits will cost eight point four billion now. By the year 2030. Actual price won't be cleared to states decide how old will reach their targets but energy industry advocates say be revision makes Obama's mandate even more burdensome. Costly and difficult to wood chief. You're go be administration proposed the first greenhouse gas limits on existing power plants for dory yearlong review and more than four million public comments. Monday Obama's most of ability final rule publicly at an event at the White House. Stricter carbon dioxide limits on states than previously expected. 832%. Cupped. And greenhouse gas emissions. But when he thirty. Compared to 2005. Levels. He proposed version last year like gold for a 30% cut so to load that the little bit more political to a full Florida less. The money has been done but. What's interesting is Hillary. Maybe the Democrat nominee. Of the election were held today. Nixon nomination away from anybody on the Democrat side. She was asked about it. And she you criticized the GOP opponents for thrill and all pretty Campbell tournament that quote. It's a good plan and as president odd defend Hillary sat. What's interesting about that is what she was asked about the XL pipeline. Earth's alignment that's Obama's decision on that one that's really had to know Republican bill now on. Really killed at least. The point that wanna copy folks we're gonna get and it wonders what are not able for Hillary but. To prevent this Obama decision a good one the other one well hello this call I really can't you know that's not living out the door at about. Fall off. 7460 this guy 877 w.'s guide dog 8779759825. Wrap up our number who the program coming up. News talk buddy seven point three this guy. 700 jolt this guy welcome back it is the Bob wrote showed. You know one of the things we talked about earlier this hour was as piece of the Ocala star banner over the weekend. About how the confederate flag is bad for business. And Marion County. And now look I support how they have the confederate national flag outside the condone the Kenny and admin building every governing body that is of Iran. In charge of Ocala they got their flag out there historical context bull that's purpose and value to that kind of thing. Animate the the article talks well there was one company knows in the very preliminary stages. I'll move. Deciding what they wanted to move their headquarters O Carol was allegedly in the running and Al Kallis not in the running. I don't know how early in the process that was I don't know how many other Putin goes cities were in the running to be the location when they move their headquarters. It does say it ties to the flag. Let's say it does. The headline is like controversy huge turn off the course of the article it points out one business that is not in Marion County. That is not going to be moving in Americana is headquarters. Not exactly huge turnoff. Then caddies and we email. In an editorial. About. How business is growing. In Ocala Forbes apparently hasn't top five Ocala top five in the nation. We're great place to have a business. So I don't know what doses of covering their bats. Paper hey look you're gonna room rational but the world's gonna say how laws in place is. And again and and there are so many good things happening. When it comes to business and Marion County one of the problems that married Kelly had when the recession hit was. They didn't have as what diversification of businesses. Now all of a sudden with a CSX for the FedEx get a lot more transportation stuff coming in. It would cut Carl's Alec on the program number Tom's dog violent look this is what they do this because. Way and not enough land another recession heads. I've got all your eggs in one basket. Look he can't all be allowed to look at you can't have a great hospital and great university. As the opium of the of the hallmark of your of your county. What is the recession to hit. A lot to a caddies one unemployment rate went to one. 7%. Of those I never got above the national average. Add the bass door and a good years the economy it was at 2% or less. Mary caddy usually hire 567%. Or one million close to what the national average both for unemployment. They went up to I was say fourteen maybe. At its peak. When you don't have a billion professed Sorrell jobs in June ID numbers. It does have an impact so kudos to Americana for what appeared on. And I don't think a you know maybe the flag is gonna have an impact and that I can get a top five. Of great business places and they billfold sixth. Best place in the country to start a business. And a Jack to get a marriage downing. 877 w.'s guide dog 8779759825. To talk more about that we talk more about Obama and the climate change and put more cuts on power plants. Presidential politics wins don't buy dinner in the race. And when he does wins that first debate. That's what I wanna know about. We'll talk about that a whole lot more it's Bob broached OJ Anderson sitting in news talk 97.3. This guy.