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UF Prof faces heat over Mansanto

Sep 1, 2015|

Bob Rose - Aug 31 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rose show and I'm not Yzerman played great the sky. It's not a bomber still have a local bankers to the end. What answers telecasts. Yup Erik had just turned into any rainmaker as tonight Jennifer prognosticate it and. I and that's okay right when he saw you whether it's just. Basically gonna be with a cell week long and and we're just gonna have to deal that it and. Coming up next barricades Fred forming in the Atlantic. Eighty mile an hour winds but this thing's a long ways away came very downs lets you know when it gets closer. That means aiming to to you and hopefully I Eric it was kind of a dry run maybe get some of your stuff in order came up with a plan. Low lying areas maybe get day if you just came to the area and you have anybody in your home has any kind of special conditions make sure you know where your shelters. As he came in the area I think and now we're nowhere near the coast. We're protected and all that now now not many people lost power for considerable amount of time we had a lot of hurricanes. And you got to be prepared and low lying areas flooded and there can be some realize haven't. A lot easier if you are prepared. A professor University of Florida he took some. Some money from Monsanto. And a and these are the folks that are all into words genetically modifying everything. Seeds and all that obviously the F. Now there's there's good information on both sides so I don't know who they're good people are who had people are. I hate it when it's like and now have both sides to convince their right. On this apiece from that he wrote to the son DeVon fault tasted. I'm assigned to see University of Florida that's been getting quite a bit of press mostly because I have drawn the ire of those that. Oppose agricultural biotechnology. Or GM knows. I'm grateful for the opportunity. To respond my research examines how we use lights. As a non chemical treatment to improve for equality nutrition and shelf life. These light. To do that does a study the genes associated with flavor. And use. Genomics. Tools to guide US traditional breeding efforts in strawberry. We do GM oil production toward commercialization. Certainly there are huge GMO crops grown in Florida. I've never had research support from Monsanto. Eisen. I've never had research support from Monsanto. I got involved in the GMO public discussion because I've been studying the topic thirty years consumers are concerned I'm not surprised. Food Dave's it's doctors. Burrito swingers are all. Screaming. Warnings of a population being poisoned. These warnings are not supported by vetted scientific literature I am sworn to follow. I'd like to add on a science to that divide. While multi billion dollar industry has emerged around promoting food fear. I get excited about the technology a dream and ways to decrease environmental impacts of farming and create new solutions to help Florida farmers. We know Biotech can help feed those in desperate need worldwide. As a valuable technology that can do good things course with a balance of risk and benefit. The scientists are not always the best communicators. Were often dismissive team in harsh when addressing the food concerns of a nervous public. I devise an outreach program to teach scientists how to talk about tag biotechnology. It's talking Biotech. Dot com. The program presents science from peer reviewed literature strengths and weaknesses good things and bad provides training on how to effectively engage. A skeptical audience. I volunteer my time I rely on donations to fund facility cost. Projector travel and doughnuts and coffee at the science illiteracy workshops which take about half a day of student and faculty time. August 2014 I was elated to learn Monsanto corporation would provide you up the funds to support additional national workshops and student conference. It was a chance for me to spread science literacy. On someone else's dime I was grateful for that support. The sun editorial accused me of failing to disclose this information yet the donation was fully disclosed. I thank the sponsors the workshop and certainly glad talk about any donations. Which are penis compared to my research budget. No matter what you think about Monsanto news of the sport for science communication program would be good thing right. Instead the Internet exploded calling me a liar serial criminal. The suns claims of failing to disclose didn't help. Social media became wallpaper with false claims implied threats my address my salary and damaging comments there are now permanent part of my Internet history. Craig list Gainesville featured vulgar comments about my wife and name my deceased mother saying I've shamed her memory. That's nice people as nice people not. I tell people are now. In knots. There over the top. Because a damaging words of potential danger the university and I decided to donations should be returned company as a mechanism take gifts back. So it'll go to a charitable program inside US. This in no ways admission of guilt or anything negative about company company did the right thing I just can't risk harm to people or property close to me. As a faculty member and a land grant university. Part of my job is to integrate within the industry. I'm glad to speak for any company Indian frequently on GM allows communication is how we can grow crops using LED light. If the company invites me to talk the cover my expenses. We don't have a special bond for such travels a taking great heat in a press for being reimbursed for travel but this is normal and customary. I rest easy because while being attacked in the media Kelly's question anything I've ever published or anything I've ever set. There's an ad hominem indictment. A way to defile the earned credibility of scientists that teaches an inconvenient truth based upon the best evidence. So honesty about CMOs. I haven't no other way despite the hostile words and libelous claims of others I can say I was told the truth and did my job as a land grant scientist. Remember I work for you I take it seriously. I have to work from an established set of rules and scientifically vetted information by talks of the same now as they were before the donation and to be the same. Now at the phones are gone that's because they reflect the best science that we have. And the basis of substantial scientific consensus that's Kevin M falter a professor and chairman of the horticulture sciences department University of Florida. Say was taken to task because he took money from Monsanto. Well without him on the program is called a couple of things before and we've dealt with when it comes to. Scientific issues so well so it takes money from Monsanto. He speaks on these guys have issues in he's an expert in the field. He hasn't as far as I know went to bat for Monsanto he goes to bat for whatever science. Wherever science leads him I assume. When I talked about lot of money by the way I mean it really is drop in the bucket. You sell your soul for what was it 25 grand I enough to say so for 25 grand and Europe you know a professor US. You're not that bright so you know. I I side to this guy now. As far as it CMOs go I don't know I'm not scientists. Now I don't know fight you know trust the government or anybody else telling me and it's okay. Ice like a lot of things I think that certain people are gonna have some sort of allergy to something that's been modified. Some people. But I think some people would probably starve to death if we didn't have these kinds of advances in how to produce more on less land right at. I mean what you and Jack. Out of all the that the sad thing is what league they gave the money to. Some Toro when you left. Food for poor people or whatever right. What you gonna do. Known doctor fault an eagle at. Because he he's still. The Monsanto guy and you know it at that these people and again the people arrested there and publicized people's. Home addresses. Mentioned there are there spouses the group family members things of that nature and the you know giving up that money. Isn't any good until the matter because you worn out just as evil as they are and in till their all at. And dead tech yellow ball. I know what's wrong with people that they get so just so vicious low may the if you kill all the Monsanto people on Berrian in the fields that would that'll help the corporal butter without the science have to get involved in trying to make sugar or corn for people that's the theory I don't well. But evident that Internet public and generally out they find something that irritates them and it's not Avis is wrong or we should examine this or. Houses money being used we'd like more transparency or whatever they're like his family and this is where it lives and it. And I'll be willing to bet Chia. May be 10% of the people. I don't know note like care one way or another about Monsanto but maybe 10% of the people that are. Dead set against. Monsanto genetically modified food. Actually might know what they're talking about how. And they might have some signs backing up the rest of it is I saw mean on FaceBook button and now I'm gonna decided that bad tell. And it's what everybody was talking about it the coffeehouse where I was hanging out with Syria the microphone read a poem night. Rose by DR Bob Rose show. Al blog generalize about that Aron conservative in this country. Mr. Monsanto guy. I called about our fearless leader there may want to gone up throughout Alaska in. Well and gonna read renamed. Mount McKinley back. The knowledge. And any gonna give about a two hour global warming BJ don't blow hot air over the tally Alan mills tomorrow night game but I believe you get blown up there. To appease you know audio web blog which you were not there because he just I battled not at all on let me Shell Oil drills are about the cult they are broke up and up front on. And it EPA is. Undercut under attack because they've they've purposely let that. Let me get out of that cult Beaumont and how they gonna try to take over everything all of rivers over their Colorado. Well I. He'd he'd he'd do it the ultimate taken money from it. People the global level as any any any sort Soledad. But I can't happen but people haven't ever write about some of the things that you could do it they can impact. Let her why you become independent and scream and I bet that when you leave obviously won't wouldn't became king blog. If he could give at Guantanamo Cuba. Back Louisiana. In France each give Manhattan back to the union management percent 78 I broke up in that that they got she got a man. They want the land back in the picket a lot of things could not get hang on to get back then have a nice day. Bros but always a pleasure my friend if the native peoples have those beads I'll take that trade back any time to get rid of New York owns land. GAAP but I found who wasn't wasn't at the Dutch and actually buy it first in nine. Mentally and now you have to go back to the Dutch first though you get it straight back to straighten out America straight back. How do you determine like in now. Who's no. Elizabeth what are Shia policy appears Elizabeth Warren get a chunk of the action. Than her that her people. Oh man. So President Obama a bit what will what does it mean to wanna renamed Mount McKinley. Does the locals there I guess I don't know they were never happy whether it. The lie. I mean 1970. Bunny things that happened way before any of those people were around. It comes from the ask the basket no word meaning the high ones and Ollie does. Now they made it an Alley national park in 1980. But Mount McKinley why why because it's American president. Blitzer. It's crazy world we live and pay your thoughts and opinions guys bring him on 8779759825. Bartender wins a million on found money details. No way yeah. What's driving the it's driving me crazy here's definitely driving Sean Hannity that drives me nuts I. 97. Always like to take care a to see how people prognosticators the future and then that. You may. Just the credibility given to set organization. Penny on how things turned out I. 825 and above Rocha. I here's a deal arm. ABC news and back in the day. Reporting on. What the future was going to be like. This it was a back in 2009. And they ran a new special 2009 it was called earth 2100. A program warning its viewers about the dangers of climate change I mean that's when they were and a you know really top gear. Really. Pushing the agenda of the global warming has people are like an acceptable as skeptical to say the least. And this is when they were really pushed it hard. ABC news correspondent Bob Woodruff. Says the show puts participants in the future and ask them to report back about what it's like to live in this future world. The first stop busier 20150. Look at it loading all the it is to only fifteen now. This is way better than throwback Thursday about it. Other voices can be heard saying that flames cover hundreds of square miles. We expect more intense hurricanes another voice as well how warm is it going to get how much will this seal levels rise. We don't know really where the end news. These are people. That and so they're getting everybody riled up and scared about what the future holds 2009 remember so let's and how long ago. Describing dangerous temperature levels and dropping agricultural production. The news package brings in the weather channel's Heidi Cullen who says there's about one billion people were malnutrition. Are malnourished. That number continues to grow. The doomsday prediction for two when he fifteen goes further and include your ready for this. You be paying twelve dollars per gallon of milk and nine dollars per gallon of gasoline. If there is any gas at all left. Adds that being that far over the top but remember this came on the heels of Al Gore and all the prognostications. Ime. You know by the way and I'm not exaggerating. Most of Florida would be underwater now according to what Al Gore was saying just a few years back. What he says was true. And when we get I think we might have gotten on now. May and may Everest and a quarter of an inch or something. NBC. I'm sorry news busters notes. That then GMA anchor Chris Cuomo who teased the special at the time said to Woodruff of the predictions. I think we're familiar with some of these issues but boy 2015. That's seven years from now could it really be that bad Woodruff replies. It's very soon you know. On all you have to do is look at the world today right now. You know you've got gas prices going up you've got food prices going up you've got extreme weather the scientists have studied this sort decades. They say if you connect the dots you can actually see that we're approaching maybe even a perfect storm. War. Have got shrinking resource as population growth climate change so the idea and now is to look at at wake up. And then do something to try to fix it. Wow. Solemn man knows were dire predictions. We're so lucky Heidi we escaped dat. It must have been the electric car. Oh wait. The first electric car was invented over a hundred years ago moon. Just turn all of that thank god it. Yup so remember what the bozos are saying today about what's gonna happen in the future. This remember that that was only six and a half years ago when they were saying act guy garbage. 829 on the Bob Rochelle. 8779759825. Bartender finds money plays Lotto wins a million bucks details on the way. Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. This guy. 10:30 AM mom runs. 87797598256. Thanks everybody participated in the Asus for autism third annual. Tennis tournament and golf tournament the country club of Ocala special thanks to the Leonard family for all they did Troy Leonard is so lovely mom Barbara. Just a lot of hard work lot of good times and I was very happy and proud to be a part of that so thanks everybody participated. In that event Asus for autism. It's can be even bigger and better next year and it was for. I'd still bartender. If France twenty dollar but. Ice is lent it picks up to twice as outback. Place a scratch off this is California by the way in a ten dollar scratch off ten bucks to win a million I'm Mara and guess what one of the two tickets was the lucky winner of the top prize one to meet you and does. That is bartender. Man. He's pretty happy Hubert tang. Picked up the twenty dollar bill on the street outside the San Cisco airport Wednesday. Went to a market in San Mateo County. Played the Lotto the arrest history million bucks nice. It's California and out. Snag a last walk. Would you do if you won a million. Now why would save and I would put men knew what reality is yeah that's response today. Most people while we really didn't come out. I did it's I'd get a small inexpensive Condo on the beach which of course is not inexpensive. And a small and inexpensive boat. It's a depth but gas and that is never going to be an expensive. Then I put the rest of the bank yet yeah I would yeah she has sure I would. Good for America. Bernie Sanders people are responding to our message details on that coming up and also. Who got a game of the Democrats playing when it comes to. Their debates. Mean more info coming up on that Billy you're on the air good morning. There are. Nuclear Greg. Gard a pot so let's elect that are. They're always going to be able to fire. I actor's real actors. There aren't there. Either or or Bill Black nor are out there or all we're. Or are likely barrier or a battle there. Is it art or art or their art. Art the walker all art art art. Are they elect art it ought. I'll have a want I gotta order are are. Well I gotta be worked out each of our third year. Or poppy. Earl back poppy. Why award at all either. Oh. There. Are record Barbara are are. I. Yeah now look judge teaches don't I just believe in them let the marketplace decide. People want. A hybrid good UN electric car guide. You you know you want a big pickup truck good you should be able to do whatever you want but there's people that like to four shield and it tends to be the folks on the left want to force you. And two will but they think is good good further but for the environment and good for this and good for that. They don't want you to be able to make choices on your own in other words if they want to infringe on your freedoms and liberties because. They think they know what better way and that becomes irritating after awhile. By so. And was the old up the Monsanto thank. Yeah look I you know I'd. I don't know the GM now seeing is good genetically modified stuff I think they should label that I don't think that's unreasonable. I think they should also labeled beef if it comes from another country what country of origin. All other product you know it says wherever it's made what food would be even more critically important and any other product. I think so yeah let people know. Put on a label that the market decide. That's pretty simple when you start to hide things then you start to wonder what his future agenda. I was a professor goes mean that's pretty small amount of money compared to you know major grants and things that they give. For is to do research. On regardless of whether or not you know that there would change his mind the way he does anything that would be an issue. I can't really speak and act as I don't know if any of that is true. What I can say is making threats and saying nasty things about somebody Stanley and about them. Is wrong. It's just simply wrong. And the society has broken down to the point to where that's commonplace now and it does some knee you know like. And it doesn't even matter with the truth really yes it's a perception you and Samir. You know wacky friends. It's dangerous it's bad. The Democratic National Committee is dead wrong. By limiting the number of debates available the presidential candidates who said that Bernie Sanders. The senate on Sunday. I think that daddy's dead wrong. And I have let the leadership of the Democrats know that Sandra set on CNN's state of the union I think this country benefits. All people benefit democracy benefits when we have debates and I wanna see more of them I think that debates are a good day. Sander said that in addition to officially. Sanctioned debates from the Democratic Party candidates running for the White House should also be forced to debate environmental issues before a panel of environmentalists. As well as issue specifically important young voters and a working people off I'll relay. All right so as somebody would have the final word so you thing. In other words an environmentalist. In your mind Bernie Sanders would have the final word. Now just like. Now what if they went if the people on the panel hole with a discussion was about global warming and it was in 2000. Nine. And as I get ABC. News program that talked about how bad things are going to be in twice Tony fifteen. They're the so called experts giving him that information none of it turned out to be tour. I would do the same thing with a environmentalists. I have got to hammer on hold hang on luggage for seven break 8779759825. For Bernie Sanders also sad if that his poll numbers surge are. Doing all right and if people are responding to the message. For that coming up on about Rochelle with. 97.3 disguise. Dwayne don't make. News in Khan. I train and sleep nights it's on Sony's seven. This guy. Good morning and welcome my friends say 51 on about road show Anderson when this is well and yeah. Now we're going to be we're going to be all right we've got a lot to talk about sky lines of an 8779759825. If you wanna keep in touch with us FaceBook dot com slash this guy you can email me be rose And and it's like to save money with half off Burks who go to our website thus guy 973 dot com. Bernie Sanders says. It is not know whether new polling numbers putting him within seven percentage points of Hillary Clinton in Iowa means her campaign at. The nominations in trouble but his campaign is doing Greg. You know it's not just in Iowa it's in New Hampshire it's all across the country. He said on this week I think people are responding to our message to what's the message. More goodies pay for your college no college debts pre college. Young people are gonna like that. Everybody wants to get some some kind of goodies. Long as you think somebody else is paying for it is today okay rank. Hammer your on the Bob Rochelle thanks for holding. Ed that followed what ads and view among conversation where yes I work I work at a local supermarket chain and work at a meat department and everything has to be labeled a country of origin. The if it does connect to modify everything at labeled anybody in that. Com distribute labels and they have connect law glory law complex however. I did notice on a fast food chain burger order on. Commercial beer back. They've paid out and I'll harder per cent all of North American beef. Not beep from the United States. I actually got to be educated when you look at that up thanks very upstaged reject. I thanks for that you now when Henderson North American bay could be candidate to be Mexico. Interest staying. It was my understanding that there was a move where they were gonna. They were gonna eliminate that right now there is labeling as far as country awards and for beef but I thought it was a move underfoot to change that. And that that's was now was an issue that we're trying to make sure did not occur. Now listen dig and find out more about that night. Bobby Jindal. Is goose is cooked it's all over for him don't get me wrong I like him. Governor Louisiana. I think he's a solid guy he's principled guy like woody asked to Saturday but it went down the wrong path. He picked on trump thereby irritating a monsters. Up. The trounced her monsters of humor column. A Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal the expressed optimism for his own campaign. But here's what he said he said look I think. After we get past the summer of silliness and insults. The voters are gonna begin to look at who is prepared to do the job. And he was premature to say that if you think that's what's going to happen. All due respect governor you should just let it happen. I opening your mouth. Thinking maybe is gonna happen faster. No people are gonna dig in more. I've I've found myself more and more like. Kind of liking Donald Trump not necessarily for the person. That he is not necessarily first obnoxious ways in which she communicates but. It is interesting that. You know there's there's people in power and people in positions the united Talking Heads on TV and stuff like that you know or just shoe war. Dad it did just can't last much longer and that you know he doesn't have anything really to offer for the long term. In I don't know that I believe that anymore. Outlook. I have fought and I have fun of them I'll pick on any of more all of home and have fun with it I reserved that right. You do a show four hours a day five days a week you know at some point everybody's gonna be a target. As is the way risk. Well Bobby Jindal should know said that it's gonna it's gonna turn some people. Against him. And it here's here's what Donald Trump offers and this is for everybody whether you like him or do not like him. You have to admit that more people are interested in it than ever before in a Republican primary you have to admit debt because it is absolutely true. And number 20 here's another thing and I think we need to look at. He wouldn't be sticking out so much. With what he says if the GOP. Have been saying and doing what they should have been doing all along anyway. When it comes to immigration and other issues. But because they all learned to do that. We don't want to offend any voting groups. Better not offend Hispanics we need to get more Hispanics to vote for us so. The answer is to be like mealy mouth and wimpy sounding. Because that's what trump did when he got on the stage lit made the arrest of almost like they didn't have a set of. In Al. I did and have a set. So there you have it. Talk about that pointing house 8779759825. You're listening to the Bob Rochelle with. On news talk 97.3 this guy's.