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You mean one of THESE debate idiots could be President?

Oct 14, 2015|

Jay Anderson for Bob Rose Wed 10-14-15 in 6am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. Welcome to a friend that is the Bob Rhodes show. I ain't no Bob rules. Bob Dylan. Like October fast. Would hope roller fertile bike week to rest of the week. Freak weather for two minutes please he's always fatal weekend all feel we are back in the studios on Monday. You know put elevator between now unmanned nanny nanny boo boo 877 W sky talk would you give a number right off the bat. Why. How's this for shall Pratt I had not done. I was banking. On. The Democrats having their first presidential debate. Al qaeda's royals actually hoping to Joseph Biden would would say he's running that would have been the best thing. But he didn't Bob but I still look at the first time the Democrats are getting a chance to debate if you're being honest. One of those five people on stage. Horry. Has a legitimate chance to be the next president of the United States. One of the old glory will be the nominee. For the Democrats. To when he sixteen presidential election. Need to know what's going on. Those okay fight you know under of that that's what the most of the show will be a battle. Did you watch it. Personable CNN. Hideous. Hideous job. Programming standpoint. I thought it was going to be at 8 o'clock debate. And then I heard somewhere like 9 o'clock. So whatever deny no one ever owned finally get raided the TV on to what's going on. I guess the debate started at 830. Yet. Somewhere okay and less here like that NBA finals in your game's gonna start at nine old 7 PM. Start your stupid event at the top of and in particular our. What do we decided to start the Bob Rochelle. At 630 to every more. That good to just bad planning on their part to store here's viewed your opportunity the first opportunity opportunity for the Democrats. To show who they got what they got. For the upcoming election. Eight authorities already missed the first half hour. Apparently it went to what eleven. Which two and a half hours for five candidates entirely too long. Entirely. To ball. Now what does all this with a three hour marathon the Republicans had but they have 40000 people running for Republican nomination. From and I again I didn't turn on until nine old whatever. Five something like that. I goes asleep for ten. You look at everything I've gathered. That debate wasn't good enough. To fill the two and a half hours in which eight. Come polls. Let alone carry a four hour talk show the next day. So thank you again the Democrats once again screwing the American public an ally have nothing to talk about all morning. What they Dylan the gun thing. And who's more anti gun and who wants now more restrictions on guns that was good. Solemn. I don't understand. From an estate a strictly a political standpoint. When it comes video forget about your ideology. I don't understand who's running. Lincoln Chafee. Martin O'Malley. Or Jim Webb's campaign. Those were about three to some extent also rants of those five team of five member field. Got Hillary is the dominant on the gut Bernie Sanders is has taken up. The of the Majlis the the left its answer to Hillary. Yes you need to really go to the left of Hillary in a primary process. The other three were all at best I think of one of the may have pulled about 5% wants. For the most or they've been in the very low single digits. This was their opportunity. Now contrast that. With the Republican debate. The first 101 on Fox News Channel Benoit the ten people in the first debate and then they had those boob. Happy hour debate around 5 o'clock will be at a seven. Carly Fiorina. I was in the losers bracket debate. By all. Analysis. Won that debate. Made that molds went from being a low single digit candidate but nobody really know. Today one of the top contenders. To make it's a CNN had to change the original rules of their debate and and an eleven podium to pottery and there because she had done so well have that first debate. She became a contender. Now by most polls you look at she's what third fourth. She is in that new group of good candidates and as of right now must be taken seriously. Ben Carson. Nice guy I'm wrong one of it's a must have a prayer breakfast the other girl is to say stuff but Obama sucks right in front of Obama. But there is. And. That first debate. Slow and steady and then dropped that line about removing brains. Became a contender. You have these candidates that are not polling to welder kind of India and in the also ran category all you know locked in the bottom zeroed out polling numbers. You say the right thing. You move into the low one of the top spots. Those three Jim Webb Lincoln Chafee. And Martin O'Malley did nothing to improve Erstad there's no reason for them to even be in the in the process anymore. All the good Democrats need to do now is paid a side of Joseph Biden's running. And if he's not just put Hillary in Bernie Sanders up there because the other three had no business being up there. I would say they were cut elect Scott Walker. Liz Walker had polling numbers. California and he's he had to to fall from they had nothing to fall from they had nothing to lose. Of Jim Weber Martin O'Malley or Lincoln Chafee says something ridiculous and outrageous or whatever. I think it every gun owner we should have a every gun registered. And confiscated and melted down and build into would giant statue of Bill Clinton. We all upload pay homage to what I don't I don't care what ridiculous and they said it wasn't going to hurt thump. You take a chance to try to do some you try to differentiate yourself you try to show that maybe you'll want the gig. They all had Jeb Bush energy in that debate. Wasted everyone's time. So to to watch. To watch Twitter for trump no you know he announced he would tweet during the entire debate and he did he fired it up. There now I have. I love the Donald Burris for bravado but eight shoals. That trial if nobody else Knowles marketing note. I don't know what the numbers are going to be for the Democrat debate it is a not because of Donald Trump. And he's right you'll target when Hussein it but he's right he's right. The reason like 44 million people watched a Republican debate on Fox News the 23 million people watched the fog of the the CNN debate of Republicans. It was because of Donald Trump. No doubt you might not gonna be polite to CNN. You might have ten million. You'll what you might. Let's just use that as a random number to pull out of the air less than half the number of people all of watching Democrat debate they'll want to Republican debates. Assuming it's ten million which it's not. I guarantee you. At least half that number meeting minimum five million. Followed Donald Trump's tweets store in the course of the night. NEA again you know Nicky to move forward appear in a field of your bus CNN they want to roll bottom price. Of what Donald Trump tweed vest best one I had good that I saw me and I thought it was late armed. 'cause a lot of it was just an arts clown show it's the suits you know this is boring. He did say late. Noticed that illegal immigrants will be given obamacare and free college tuition but nothing has been mentioned about our veterans. Great to get great tweet. But yes of the not truckload business which again does name out there draw maybe the biggest factor. I'm a Democrat debate last night I know of you're democratic or liberal you does the compartment on the demo goes do you hear you review where it will go pretty far. Were you actually excited about watching that debate at a valid number I'm serious. Now Bernie Sanders is back on his Mets which is a shame because I wanted to like crazy Barney out there he didn't seem all that crazy. Pacing but Gil de during an old and all of again once again. You put a 75. Are all over 92 year old Bernie Sanders up onstage. Next to a 68 year old Hillary Clinton all of a sudden Hillary download battle. That might be what the biggest reason why he's there. Well it's a serious. And the U to get rid of the issues about Hillary Clinton's age you put. 74 year old Joseph Biden and 946. Year old Bernie Sanders helped there. All of a sudden Hillary is the spring chicken in Accra. Somewhat in front of the hill was. Of what he wants more high school put on his FaceBook page. I haven't seen this many angry senior citizens in Vegas since they canceled the all you can eat buff night. Good point. 678 on this guy 877 w.'s guide dog 8779759825. Sheriff Sadie Darnell concerned about slack. The new drug runner on allowed to a county made the Dem should I had some laugh elevate the debate or register to watch. That's one of the big we'll get into no more stupid SAG awards and a whole lot more. 640 Grail this guy. Whole welcome back it is the Bob Rotella Bob on vacation. Bob Dylan by October fest will return to the studios on Monday. Phone number 877 w.'s guide to all coming up and about to hole for. Birdie. Four minutes 35 minutes ball market just 1000 dollars. Message data rates apply you'll get a key worded text like you were to 7288. Long enough and you have a chance they twice contest your chance via winner coming up. Right foot up to 7 o'clock hour shootings down in Chicago last night were flying and the W. That's right Kelly. And please stop with. Music over the but I took advantage of a feather covered the gonna let him go. Thought stop stop stop I'm it's a great story. But alight Ellis thing about this them away and this point nor the cubs days and they Obama. The cardinals. Now. The front runner but cardinals. Hillary a guy they got a day at the experience they got the talent everyone knows they're the best team out pare down. Cubbies they're great but there'll Liang a guy in the you know what look the cardinals have it this year in the cubbies really move up and take that spotted. All of a sudden nobody told cubbies that. Bitterly as well the first of actually won a series. In Wrigley. They've never had a series clinching win in front of their home Vanna breath they haven't been to the playoffs a whole heck of a lot but. That's an old G. And all those years they have never wrapped up a series in front of fans are rightly. Tell I'm still in mourning though because a man on ma Joseph man when he is in Tampa Bay and hated to see him go and really doesn't like the cubs for that reason cushy Humana matter how bad for Lehman. I hate it it's the only reason I'm like the cubs but I'm man has what could have been here. I hope I open. The Dodgers stay alive. They're gonna go to game five is what to game five tonight. Toronto laws hosting Texas and Casey hosted Houston. Baseball more exciting than the democratic debate. Tell we will get and a more of that stuff was as time progresses let me go to follows talk to a couple of people come on line had their misguided morning. You know well we're talking about. That current slapped. And making it democratic debate more interesting. If they were taking that. OK so without much movement as last night. One of the app that's front you know one of the maintains that people do when they get on that yet they ripped up up there close run around great. And I really do not want to see bartenders or Eric where ripping up their cause burning around the states. Fair enough fair point. While mocha. Mocha. Does that mean she wants to see Martin O'Malley or Jim have run around a pound a day after Lincoln Chafee. There could be chasing. Men and Lincoln chafing. Men may have driven by a man a granny you don't know. I would Emanuel this guy good morning. Morning mr. Anders cannot regret doing it tick over a pop like been kinda urgent girls gone wild. I'll. I won't bring out via a prediction. The back to your movie but it. Anything or it's been a long time it is any thing about the professor running her via. Socialist urgent Democrat presidential nomination in that the Ernie under. Remind me of the bachelor. But it. The reverie and I call I don't know because the spot lat night air Boeing pulled that Karl Rowe lid pulled out a little white border. And not you know that it little statistic that you noted that most lake cut. Not cheap dirty world where the Democrats are more represented about that. Republican stereotype what. By rich white people look at those to Republican contenders where you've got. You need to panic you've got to a lady got an African American and it's pretty funny how things worked out like that. Yeah. It is that you they go to your own. Or there or there are a lot of rich old white people are on that panel for the for the Democrats. And thankfully even lull. They're a little more down to earth for Republicans haven't quite play that caught rubio Qaeda play that cost him. Get it Hilary talk and how we were broke off we left the white out. Reveals like man out of a 100000. Dollars and ninety student loan debt and a I've got to vote the bulk. Got a billion dollar mortgage or try to playoff there. Good blood dollar man six when it comes guy 877 w.'s guide dog. 8779759825. But ABC apparently came up was seven moments that mattered at the Las Vegas debate for Linda Democrats realize I I don't think it was seven all play about a coming up. 638 out of the sky welcome back it is about Rosh OJ Anderson here about the vacation 639 time Jack brought to you about prestige Payne Stewart but the answer is always. He asks. Phone number 877. W.'s guide call 8779759825. So apparently. And this is why I'm only in Gainsville Florida and ABC news is ABC news they were able to come oldest story it's a seven moments that matter. I know Las Vegas form they found said they found seven while. It may be a bit of a stretch I don't now. Audible on Hillary Clinton on the attack over gun control continue to be on the attack and talk about gun control. Dubs wondering. Sayers driven most liberal capital debate stage on most issues but not on gun control and Hillary Clinton. Counts. Fired Adam Ohno didn't fire Adam. But no not at all Clinton forcefully asserted when asked what are senators was tough enough on gun control. We have to look at the fact that we lose ninety people a day from gun violence. 88 and a half pro statistically are from Chicago every guy but in now. Let's not point that one out. This goes on too long and its entire in the entire country stood up against the NRA. And moods and really. Is the NRA really a problem you know what they OR. I really the only talk show host will say the NRA is absolutely. Part of the problem comes to guns real. I would say sultan. I join me in all right. From a hacker wrecked aborted a free pass and one of running it got. Us a bribe easily. Added a one year membership. I did not re up on membership. Because about an hour and a half after I signed up I start again and a hey do you wanna real familiar idea here you subscription medallion and it'd Julia hate his most of the mail for you at stake here is this a good news event. You don't buy your son a personal a year down the noon. Happy of morons go hassle of people an hour and on on your stupid mailing list yet. I actually if you tried to shoot me. You would never hit me because I've wrapped myself and all the pieces of mail they have sent me. That's what a people think I'm fat I'm not fat. I got like EL a 142 ply a vote paper all around me. And a diplomatic immediate military grade weapons on map RPG news on the matter can't hurt me. On the wrapped up that are raced up all night. Yes they are part of the problem subsite and stuff. President Hillary it wasn't too complicated to major continued on Sanders votes Anderson looking at you can't just say we gotta get rid of all the guns. This editorial the lot of Connors. I take it throughout rural states and urban states. I don't know what an urban state it is. Plus Florida. And in. Let's Pennsylvania. Like most places there's a couple of areas of you know big dude metropolis is the trop a high. And in a whole bunch of country fall all the rest the country. It is you know. I get the call to say here here's the second thing became for the the second moment that matter. And a lot of pro everyone heard of and I Dodd actually heard before a fellow sleep last night. Bernie Sanders says enough for the quarter important dam emails. I. Am. A private party as citizens to understand email. They did have electricity. Or electronic any sang. The vast majority of Bernie Sanders like these like 8000 to order him 41 years old. He was on the arc I think. 'cause they did they I had a gather up all the animals they had like you know. Two elephants to coyotes to monkeys to socialists and burning a hole look so we'll click on the rock. I urge their regime Merrill I don't wanna hear about that. Now's the second moment a matter of the debate. They said they wanted to but other things. Wellesley GoDaddy are honest guy good morning. Good morning generation I tried to get through listen to the whole thing I didn't make it I just couldn't take it anymore especially Bernie standards. I mean I wanna invite him to do my Christmas play ticket I mean that guy like lecture at the Barry Sanders let's sit down children and let's talk about this. He starts was one thing in any and then he breaks a lot for government that's something out I mean it's phenomenal this guy get I can't seem to have a conversation with. Well yeah help unbelievable I mean it's scary I mean. And fortunately I hate that they like. Hillary just it was black Cadillac competing with the key is I mean she is kind of really put demolished eight. Have a good AJ. Thank you very much you Hillary I don't think had a very good debate at all. But she didn't need total. You know when. When you're at a hospital. And you got pneumonia. You're not Dylan that well. Oh what era hospital and you got pneumonia. And the other guy has leprosy and the other guy has a stage four cancer and the other guy is a all of a sudden the person would demoted and then I don't do that Hillary didn't have to do anything in that debate. Bernie Sanders look he did he lose anybody not only Bernie Sanders lost that he was supports. I think Bernie Sanders. And Nikki uses through before we had beards wells a great point. It's like the Ron Paul. Is gonna have this portion of supporters that it doesn't matter what Bernie Sanders says or does he's got that they leave right now. A web bid O'Malley and change feet Vera wants that had to do something and found none of them did any thing. To improve our status and by don't fault. Hillary ends up coming out of this thing without even had a sari having to do any thing as the what are the debate. So ultimately the real loser of this debate. Might be the current vice president Joseph Biden. Had. Bernie Sanders landed a few really good shots on Hillary and Hewlett a look at. In a lot people are and I'm sure they want or they don't trust their blah blah blah she has embedded a blatant in seven years should a lot of Ross shoulder on our game. Then maybe bill be okay if they have O'Malley error Chafee. Where I Hillary still have 45 Bernie Sanders a twenty to rest the mall like 1% and as the rest of the votes. Had web gone from one to 3%. Or any of them Don that baby knocked Hillary down one brilliant blood and twist the numbers are we want the polling numbers may be. But nobody in that group did a big door heard Hillary Clinton. Which may have just shut the door on Joseph Biden really have a viable option. When it comes to getting into the race. 647 on this guy little more than ten minutes away here Jeff what a thousand dollars ultimately all about that coming up dad or somebody wrote fill the sky. And and and now. It's. They're very big Orioles got welcome back it is the Bob Rosh OJ Anderson here Bob's on vacation back into the studios on a Monday phone number 877. W sky talk 8779759825. More than five minutes away for your chance to win a thousand dollars text to win contest. Text be keyword to would you be out red for the top of the 7 o'clock hour news to 72881. Nationwide contest one winner of some are. Why not in. I'll become an above must do data rates apply again rep for the top of the 7 o'clock hour. Pete apparently disagrees with me I do not know how such things are possible. Yeah. Right I think your comparison of outs Anders. The Ron Paul campaign which really appropriate and I think senator Webb and governor O'Malley have one eye on a cabinet position in the next administration. But I do agree with the no one expected anything else from this debate but but the result we got can be the anti Hillary and the pro Biden factions. That are. More concerned with carrying on Obama's legacy than than having Hillary Clinton become president. I think it's only strength is their position at that the only alternative they have to Hillary has got to be button and it they think Hillary can't win the general election they will stick Biden in merit because. Cheering on the Obama regime. Two I you know hypothetical third term with. I think you don't carry on at a depth Obama socialist flag. Number one priority. Started. I've Baranov good point I do think the Biden would need to decide essentially by the end of this month if he's running or not. The next debate in and I don't understand this. God the next debate for the Democrats is scheduled for November 14. To Saturday. I don't understand. What their logic it is. You put on a weeknight. On at 8 o'clock at 830 Siena and come on. You put it on on on a weeknight. It's kind of like. And that's what you of the criticism of folks have bug Debbie Wasserman Schultz the DNC. It's like it's like. A news doll you know. A little bit as we drive to tie affairs of the data delusional about all laid on a Friday afternoon. Bill puts on Lou and they you know like I and is global OK what time is it. 515 on Friday afternoon okay let's set the constitutional fire. Nor is gonna pay attention to anything during the course of the weekend by the time Monday rolls around anchored at the actions have been blown wide Dana laughed. And that's the bit dole has debate thing and Doug had to buy haven't hit on a Saturday night. But maybe and maybe that's what they amid that the DNC wants the establishment. We should beat Hillary. A lot of voters. McConnell to Bernie's Tim Hagan do some a lot of folks what do you know draft Joseph Biden. Bring him and then up that he is an establishment but somebody be alternative to having Hillary and I are. I'd like in theory the Republicans beat the RNC. Wants Jeb starter or somebody like that. But the people out there apparently. Go to polling numbers. They dig trump. And troubled meadow had a much better today with those that they really should be allowed fish tell Donald Trump you're not allowed to be president. But. You have to be an every single debate for the Democrats and Republicans that would've been. Entertaining to see him sit there. And make fun of that functions and everybody would wives everybody would be seriously involved de L. Problem solved. 656 of those guys are jazz the 1000 dollars coming up but just couple of seconds left but the keyword. Our number two right after ABC news the top of the hour. You must have been above Rosh showed today Anderson here news talk about it seven point bring this down.