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Is Trump talking Independent run again???

Nov 23, 2015|

Bob Rose Show - Nov 23 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not seven point three sky. Good morning and welcome it's Monday November 23. It is 607 time check from a few five prestige Hayes Jewelers. When the answer is always yes cool crisp air field field at first thing this morning if you haven't felt it already. Bundle up if you have a left the house he had the you've got temperatures around forty degrees depending on where you around the area. So I'll just be aware that. And unfortunately you first cold snap sometimes. That's when the old battery if it's been kind of limping along sometimes goes down so don't be. Surprise that happens I don't know. I would wish on anybody but a lot of times I cold weather that first real cold snap. In times does he in now. All right so we're deal that the cooler temperatures which you know little break is welcome but now about some a little bit between you now. But here we are and it's gonna warm up the rest of the week in and now everybody's gonna be on the roadway. For Thanksgiving. I think it's gonna be won the biggest travel. Days of what last 78 years as far as Thanksgiving goes a lot of people go by car. And be one of whom Albion that be a man masks. So much again just prepare at a time make sure your cars and good running shape. You know and plan accordingly and plan for things to be very very busy may be delayed. Tiny is one rack throws everything into. Chaos as far as your plans go and other gators. Wow. Have you seen you know uglier team gets its denim one. 101. And SEC football team looking at the that ugly against. An opponent that. I don't know with the gators have batteries FA UI mean played dear hearts out. Probably a little of both. Investigators that are getting together. They are bingo game coming up Saturday night the swamp. Against. Big rival in the state of Florida State. Florida State is add. A new low problems wouldn't points on the board most of their games so. Gators better heel offense. While ago and. Yeah like I said dead triple a.'s forecasting when the busiest Thanksgiving holiday. Travel seasons in the last eight years. Most of the expected 47 million travelers nationwide are going to be traveling by car. Fox News did a poll. Marco Rubio. Doing best against Hillary Clinton Republicans want a candidate who can beat Hillary eight. A new Fox News poll finds that Marco Rubio performs. Very very well against him presumptive Dem eerie democratic nominee. Rubio. Would not Imus is Fox News poll 50%. To Clinton's 42. Why. That's pretty big. Now they even have Jeb Bush ahead of Clinton by six points she trails both Ben Carson. Ted Cruz beat her by floor. So. Now that things are looking a little bit better. Whether Republican Party it would seem. It would seem the years the problem. That Donald. Are you still going to be eleven McDonald. If he takes that independent. Independent route. He's still gonna be love and are you a follow your vote form regardless. This hasn't been talked about in awhile. Well because he's been doing so well in the polls. ABC news is reporting Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump would not rule out making a run for president as an independent. Despite signing a pledge over the summer saying he would support the eventual. GOP nominee. Instead of running a third party dead. I'm gonna have to see what happens I'll see what happens I have to be treated fairly. Nobody was saying before and then he signed. He signed a letter of support. You signed a pledge. If he goes against his pledge. Does that change how you feel about I'm like oh I thought he wasn't like a politician but already. He promises one thing in and delivers another. Is he just like all the rest. Is it all about ego. For him out of the Republicans don't treat me well. The Republican Party. Was the difference amongst the people treat you well. Long as you're getting the votes but what it would need to what are you expecting from the party what are you want the party to do. He was on ABC's this week when asked about a new guerrilla effort by operatives within the Republican Party to. Trump's candidacy. When I did this I set I have to be. Treated fairly if I'm treated fairly I'm fine all I wanna do is have a level playing field. You previously cited fairness as a reason he would run. A third party bid. In September when he signed the pledge. He said he gain nothing besides assurance. Then I'll be treated fairly. I guess what he's saying is at. I signed the agreement. As part of that agreement they were supposed treat me fairly now they're not treating me fairly. Now what do you think's gonna happen if it's trump runs as an independent. Is it he does it take a rocket scientist to figure it out DF to be a prognosticator of all things election. Understand that trump would be the spoiler. That Hillary Clinton or whoever the democratic nominee has would win and winning easily. I mean it's gonna be a bare knuckle fight for any of the GOP candidates. To win this election regardless I mean just look at the numbers. The states the statistics. Republicans have an uphill fight. Regardless of the candidates. If you of anybody who takes away even the smallest percentage. Of the other vote that most of it would be you know Republican vote and it goes to Donald Trump. It's over. And here to get to what four years in Hillary may be eight. At a time when we're already in disarray. I mean no fault people to Hillary. Herbal food or your secretary of state what happened Ben Ghazi and all the lying and people dying and everything associated with that. During these tumultuous times biting nicest are supposed to be fighting nicest. You really want her to be president. What's gonna come down to. Sounding out that he might run as an independent what. So what's the tactic behind them. You know my take on. It hasn't I don't trust the guy I don't think he's a conservative. I think he's at a Saturday Night Live cartoon character. No we need in this country more of Winnie people say Merry Christmas. Every stupid inane thing that people get all hung up about that you'll hear people calling on talk radio stations talking about there the buttons he's portion. Thought it apply LB Grail get all they'll grow potent when you get along great but who. Was at me. I'm birds get it there's nothing that guy has brought to the table. Except the fact he has a like Mexico small gay broke the law at that set. Callaway alone on a rural vote for ruby or not as rubio put on a couple debates ago what happens when the house a little bull wall war when people are digging tunnels underneath. It. That's that's it it's a simplistic kindergarten way of thinking of things and he I do think he's won as an independent. He's not go to we he cannot win as an independent. He can't win if he's a Republican nominee if you look at all the polling numbers state by state for the primary. He's walk and everybody. What he put them and head to head competitions. Carson sometimes beats the Democrats sometimes doesn't rubio sometimes beat some sometimes doesn't crew sometimes beat some sometimes doesn't. Donald Trump gets his handed tool on by Hillary Clinton. And it's a close race with Hillary Clinton compared to what Bernie Sanders does feel. So trump can not win the election. And for whatever reason he signed into people want to hear. I don't think it may wanna hear that he's thinking about running as an independent actor honor the troops out of the trouble upper slope that. Because he's the only one that can save America. He's the only what they were never talking about immigration. Or tax cold or environmental or economic or wind at our gasoline and told Donald Trump mentioned and he's the lord and savior Jesus trumpet of anybody says that I mean a bottom. I'm gonna send them hate mail mass they get fired from their job because they're being mean that that's what is of these bees. People will go withdrawal authority percent proclivities polling with the and all the polling numbers will go there was an independent. And then we can have people. And mole. Another Democrat named Clinton gets into the white house with less than 50% of the popular vote. What you think event Munich. Jays righty thing trump will run as an independent will you stick with him or some if he dies. 8779759. They want to arrive. So we stick with a no matter a lot. Fortieth CM as a spoiler. Or a savior. Call in now it's above Rochelle hello Jay Anderson live and local news talk 97.3 this guy. Same thing Democrat party that need to be sent a good test of organization. And week nights at six news talk. This guy. 623 L a bomb Rochelle at Kansas City here is well it's a chilly morning so bundle off. Time check brought to you by prestige taste Jewelers when he answers always yes. So they gave her squeaked one out against a and FAU team that was playing darts out so the gators are now ten and one. They have play Florida State Saturday night in the swamp band fools. To generate some offense. They by the way the Buccaneers just obliterated the Eagles left 4517. In Philadelphia. Chip Kelly I've summer already asking is even going to be and or next year. Sick cursed Tebow man. Peter EK yeah. Now you had a chance yet Tebow Natalie did economist he said he wasn't good enough bill. And now sicker as a cursed Tebow. When god. Let's Janus Winston throw five touchdown passes. And hit it it it hit it right that's how much. That's used in an effort Tivo now for Jane miss you know Zion. Our eyes. Eight Donald Trump is starting this chatter up again about running as an independent why is beyond that I think is stupid I'll be honest with. First of all he's still doing pretty well in the polls right I mean easy easy up there are a bit depending on the poll we asked and all that but he's. He's up to the top one or two usually in most of them. Now what he put him head to head against Hillary don't do well at all. Whereas Marco Rubio on some of the other candidates actually beat her. Well why does Donald Trump start to do that again. There's there's some insider baseball going on the Republican Party they're undermining him in some way shape performing inside baseball thing while maybe. All I can tie is that when he starts this chatter of running as an independent I think. But he loses some of his support not all of it not even a majority of it. But he's definitely you'll lose some support because. People there are some people that are following trump. That. Also understand a little bit about math and elections. And they know if he runs as an independent. He will that when it nor will the GOP candidate win. Mean I know that. And so they would not continue to follow Donald Trump it would still be enough though his support would still be great enough. To where he would throw the election over to the Democrat side. And there are some people are jaded I mean you know if you call a jaded some people who've never liked jumped to begin with like jags. As far as he's concerned you know this might have been part of the plan all along. John might have been doing this all on just to throw a wrench in the operation. Was and I Hillary Clinton that is so wedding or something. I mean are they don't they go back antibodies. Maybe this maybe this is a the whole thing's been a bit of Peru's. As a possible. 8779759825. And John joins us John what do you think independent run for a drug. Good lord above explain one thing too great a Bernard Sanders complained. Clubs clog clock loud conserve our remote corner he'd go no rubio like you. Bernie Sanders is going to be Marco Rubio would cease at what's he trying to say gen coming out on the smaller and but if you look at polling numbers and again. Barney's not gonna get out of the primary process. What they do the blowing numbers as they do what you know of the state of Florida. Rodeo like go trumpets 47%. Carson gets. In twelve rubio ten blah blah so and so forth they do that for the Democrats the Republican state by state it is national want Austin then they also do head to head matchups. What would trump to vs Clinton what would cruise to vs Clinton what would Rand Paul duke vs Clinton. Well would anode Jeb do vs Sanders on and on and on and if you look at those polling numbers. Trump wins. Pretty much every Republican primary state has improved as a lead in them many like. When you put the men head to head matchups the only person that they bother they don't ought to put Chris Christie and head to head matchup of these people because. Everyone knows no Christie's yet but worth these don't work the time to follow polling question now. The only person that consistently loses to the Democrat and by a much wider margin than any of the Republican other rippling candidates is trump. Trump usually loses to Hillary by about ten points and dissenters by about twelve points. Why because aside for a trumpet in a lot of ways I don't mean to insult people. It's like a rock over the Ron Paul crap. Ports like the Bernie Sanders grab some extent. That there is this fraction of that one suitable for this candidate in this is the only candidate to buy can't get Ron Paul to be the president on this sit at home. And not vote for McCain or Romney or rules last couple election cycles that wasn't my guy. If Ron Paul had gone independent they would vote for and you deceit and independent candidate yet. 10% of the volt or whatever. Same concept behind Donald Trump. The only people are supporting him are supporting him and him alone and everybody else's fake or a phony empty or even write all over the FaceBook page about. You know the Republicans are scroll on him over my stab in the back. According to this new fox. Poll out trump. Tops Sanders. By five points 46 foot one in this in this poll and effect this is the first pole where rubio beats Clinton. The last time he was tied. Now. They've got him within eight point lead in this latest poll. Now again Paul is a poll. The poll also finds GOP primary voters are somewhat more likely to prioritize having nominee. Who someone who is a series about shrinking government. 71% so that's a very important thing. I don't mean to speak ill of Fox News Channel. I'll I would have some questions about these polling numbers is wow. Because it has won the Republicans win every single it's kinda like what the PPP. Democrat in David admits there Democrat polling firm not DO TP. Will have the Democrats winning by double and triple digits over. When Chris Christie is beating everybody. In the Fox News all know again. On honors and out liars and that polling data that I like now the science I'm out airline. Diets look it is it just all of a sudden there is some anti Hillary fever. Spreading. I don't know we'll continue to follow will continue to talk about it we'll continue to take your calls on it. It's 630. Your tune to the Bob Rochelle when we. 97.3. The sky. Hear about it first talked about it now near stony nutty seven point three best guys. 641 on the Bob Rose showed Anderson in now is well. They must know did you throw it. The gators won it was ugly but we're Tenet one. Now I could face Florida State we bettered its offense go on the Buccaneers crush the eagles' 45 to seventeen James Winston. Famous champ missed on five touchdown passes why. That is amazing. All right also all Donald Trump hinting again many say he wouldn't. Rule it out they might run as an independent. If he's not treated fairly about a Republican Party doesn't like Groundhog Day did we already go through that. And and he signed a pledge saying on Al hill support the presumptive GOP candidate. Now is go back on that. Sounds like Donald Trump's just another politician break and promises. I thought he was different. I thought he was different. Maybe he's just the same. Maybe it is just all about getting elected it's about ego. He's still gonna follow me even if he runs as an independent knowing that it'll insure the Democrats a win. Don't try to argue with me on the app police. A heat. It's about the numbers it really is pretty simple so don't so you could win as an independent police. Place. Don't be don't don't do that okay you about them. 8779759825. You're about sad story about me out a pastor's wife he goes to the gym. And or house gets broken into. Actually did it turns out the door wasn't locked. And allegedly. Two of the guys taker ATM card day leaves the other one brakes are an issue turn ahead. I eighteen year old man has been arrested on preliminary murder charge in connection with the killing of an Indiana. Testers pregnant wife earlier this month. Police say this Dave and Larry Taylor was arrested by detectives. From the department's violent crime and gang unit. Prosecutors reviewing the case we're thankful of the federal help its outer box 59 reported that two other suspects. Identified as Jalen Watson and the Arnold Gordon. Have been arrested in relation to the November 10 murder. Station also reported that all three will be charged in at least three more burglaries as wells a sexual assault. Not immediately clear whether the three suspects who have the same three or arrested and questioned Thursday after police issued search warrants. For three different locations in the city but according of that station detectives pieced together an account of the crime. Which all three man entered the Blackburn home which was unlocked and confronted Amanda after husband Davey. Has left for an early morning workout. Authorities alleged. Now while two of the suspects less left the house to withdraw money with a passers ATM card Taylor rape demanded before shooting here. The crime took place with the couple's fifteen month old son lying in his crib upstairs. Investigators linked the suspects to the Blackburn Casey ATM receipts found in a car the three allegedly stolen earlier. This month crime lab technicians also. Analyzing a gun that was found in the yard of a home near. When a black burns lived. A man in Davie Blackburn had moved to Indianapolis from South Carolina. Tough found their independent resonant church in 2012 more than 2000 people attended the memorial service for Amanda Blackburn. The Sunday after her death. On so that's just some of the pieces and and this is law enforcement kind of piecing it together. I'm what they think it occurred Darian the evidence that they have and will continue to follow that times there's more of these stories sand. I'm Wilson. 644 and above Rochelle and Rocco joins us Rocco what you have to set. Good morning government tiger what I was never trumps support although I did try. Like a lot of the things he said is as many people that. And I believe that this is an epic. Another corrupt so didn't tactics OK I believe and I and I go along with jail on many things I believed that Donald Trump. Put measuring it in the ring. To help Hillary Clinton. And I believe that what would have been out of these even talking about third party and of course he's got to say bad things. About Hillary Clinton that's how. That's how can be gained support divide the party and I believe this is where I believe it's an active I believe it has been since the beginning. And that's my opinion there's another shrewd move. By the clintons and out of the rough will by the clintons I would love to see it. Every contract that that Donald Trump gets up and Hillary Clinton is elected president if she is. Down and say and before anybody says well how much is enough money's already billionaire he's not gonna sellout etc. none. Now when it comes to wealth people Edna it's never enough of their just as greedy as people first rounds in nine and dumpster diving. Chris you're on above Rochelle what do you think. A few weeks ago are caught up then told you that. The Obama administration. And NATO then. Supporting our patients secretly in new car or while gross organizes. Your that would lead. Story on the Drudge Report. It's pretty much. They're known this guy. Obama. Always seemed that strategy to Christine is his lips servers to put everything all of those policies also Muslim or at least a Muslim sympathizer. And aborted belt laws that outcome true. I. Really seriously Russia says USA helped vices. Right so that's. That's a comment from Russia. I know see if there's anything do that we'll talk about a coming up on the Bob Rochelle. OJ Anderson it is 646. Right now news talk 97.3 the sky. On dressing out. In his pants on maybe we think it's killing him and the breeders'. When three. The sky. Then. People can. Good morning and welcome 651 I'm about Rosie OJ Anderson and out as well would you leave and house. Gary quite chilly temperatures to around forty degree mark for a lot of folks who listing areas to be prepared for that. Sometimes when the weather's cold too that's not good news for an already weak battery so just give yourself a little extra time this morning and be aware that bundle up US actions in the Middle East. Helped Islamic state to gain influence. That's what the Russian prime minister said. According to Interfax. So yeah this was a headline on the Drudge Report that the United States helped ice as well. When it what they're talking about as the policies. Allowed for ice to gain strength so it's really nothing new a lot of and the Russians are saying it. So I don't know that that does that give an added validity Irene knew what the deal was. President Obama pulled troops out prematurely. And then when nice is began to get powerful again instead of taking. Serious action NAND. He called them the so irony you know all of this to say that it's his fault or that he's helped nicest. And help crisis it is in doing to stop crisis but you and helping them you may get Sally is actually beating them. The strengthening of the Islamic state. Became possible. Partly due to irresponsibly US politics. The focused on fighting Syrian president Bashar Al Assad it instead of joining efforts to root out terrorism well. That's probably true. But who sing at the Russians are saying. Now why would they wanna say they going after aside now off the US you know they took drive the ball by worrying about a side. Less because they are in bad weather aside. There working win him. That's why they would say that they don't want us to focus on the char ales side. They don't want us to focus on that. Just like we don't want them to focus on defending him. We want them. To go after rice's. President Barack Obama earlier on Sunday said that Russia. Is facing a strategic choice. As a side chants day. The Obama administration declined to comment Sunday. On Medvedev this statement. The US contributed to the strengthening of al-Qaeda which led to the events of September 11 Interfax. Reported citing Medvedev. The terrorist threat. Can only be fought jointly he said. I mean that's what's your outlook that's that's politics I don't know if that's a major headline. I judge report trying to make something out of it. We knew what was going on early side at. We knew that it was some. About a side and then. Striking up a deal with a Russia of course Russia wants us to concentrate on nicest. James you're on about. A show. Egg Mario. I ask that helping I'd does you're gonna more than just what are on the in the area. I'm you gotta they earned Barack invasion workers are all the while we looked a lot of Eric Cody is semi trucks. Including eight weaponry and all that. So well recently facing off against. A much elbow is with the budget and sixteen and that it is that we know what beacon view. Com but right now as far as I'm betting that you help out the area which not to eerie but also Northern Iraq in southern Turkey is the bomb the crap parliament on it. Contra you know bring out there. Gas. Now that it won't mean a Wheeler stuff behind no doubt about it and we also left stuff with the Iraqi soldiers we thought we're gonna. Help them to fend off attacks but we didn't that weren't there long enough to train and we weren't there long enough to secure the area. And nine anytime you leave a vacuum. You know the bad the worst of the worst get in there and fill that void 66 Alibaba Rochelle. Coming up Tulane medical student I hero I'll explain why he was talking to some point during this guy.