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Skunk Weed, Global Warming & Gun Ranges

Nov 30, 2015|

Bob Rose Show 7am hour 11-30-15

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

807 on the Bob Rhodes show me again for today good morning time check from Q five prestige Hayes Jewelers. For the answers Soledad S. Gators go down in defeat against Florida State Saturday night. Buccaneers lost yesterday to the colts. Tom Brady in the winning streak of the New England Patriots. Laughed. Snapped. So only one and undefeated team remains that would be the Carolina Panthers. They. Nick how. Number the term skunk weed. Member when you're near your buddies at William and Mary would go to the Dorman you do some sag got some skunk weed remember that. Safely that half half my act back. I thought did that man's. Leg gets nasty. You smelled now when you say skunk Benitez disguise a but apparently it actually means very strong potter at least that's what it means now I guess. Smoking especially strong pot or skunk. May damaged nerve fibers are responsible for sending and receiving messages in the brain. A study was published Friday from researchers in Italy and the UK. They found a bigger effect on the corpus call Los some. In people. Who smoked high potency can Imus and people smoked marijuana. Would lower TH sea level soared didn't smoke at all. Containers of Kana a best buds are seen at Amazon organics a pot dispensary in. Eugene or again. And this. Corpus call Lawson their referring to that's the thick band of nerves in this manner. Of you're brain connects the left half of the brain with the right. These are the same researchers said earlier this year said the easy. Access to skunk. In London could be behind horizon psychosis. Link to canvas they said the study shows there's possibly less transfer of information. Between the two halves of the brain. A study concludes since high potency preparations are now replacing traditional herbal drugs in many European countries raising awareness about the risks of high potency canvas is crucial. The researchers don't outright call scum too dangerous. It's more home all warning that monitoring TH seal levels just how strong a pod is. Is important. One researcher told the guardian when it comes to alcohol. Where used to thinking about how much people drink whether they're drinking wine beer or whiskey we should think of can invest in a similar way self. If you're the skunk weed user is a very high potent stuff. Be careful. I could affect your corpus colossal. Yeah a guy can remember that. No nobody wants their corpus. Blossomed. To not work properly. So bring that up next time viewing your Stoner friends and yet daylight. You know little bubble bubble bubble or whatever you know remain you have dude it. Stubbs early strong man I can fields like. Hurt my corpus Cole Los them. And to see how that goes over should now. And a few smoked there really strong weed are you looking for like. I really stronger flavored kind of led to read though. In now like you need more and I'm more of an enhanced. You need to elect. I don't know how can you make it two ways he's stronger super munchies the super munchies mega. Marry up who got munchies it's the Thanksgiving dinner munchies. I never even knew at a corpus colossal most of June. And Hillary Clinton says it everybody. Everybody should have. Internet. I here's the deal she said look here's a down payment on your future I'll plan a five year deal. 275. Billion dollar plan invest and infrastructure create good paying jobs and build the future than America deserves. It's a launch called hard hats for Hillary and you know the money. Will be raised from business tax reform. So when she says reform she must mean tax at a higher level. We already have the highest corporate tax. In the world. So she wants to raise taxes more are but still create jobs. Them raising the taxes on businesses. Would hurt jobs. But it doesn't matter because she wants in my eagerly government where they're so good at making jobs. Right. And one of the things that she wants to do says. I'm get congress to pass a long time highway bill by the end of the year and said that she wants Internet. In 100%. Our households by Tony twenty. It's got to be fairly close now isn't that. Just one of those innovate its insight this is the time of the year when the stark differences between Democrats and Republicans come out. Republicans we want freedom. Now Democrats want want taxes are oh wait no you were on to something there what is it Republicans why. Freedom freedom Democrats want taxes free. Well. Yet and no I don't. There's an octane attacks is a lot of them. They didn't free stuff. All right so are you telling me to the Internet. It was never mentioned in the constitution of the Biller writes but. I guess it is all right eight not a privilege right. Okay. We went healthcare. Member health care was a privilege it's like in no health care is an industry. And you take care of yourself and then when he had to go the doctor and there was a bill to pay and then somebody came over the idea of pay. Once you get insurance. And that way when you get sick the insurance will pay it okay and you choose theater responsible. Right personal responsibilities gonna. So then it became. All right. Health care for pat that's right everyone should have the right to health care. And now is moved I said what's gonna turn into next. No no right to transportation. My EA can have that with public transportation. Tell us how would you do buy everybody a car. And with some of the boondoggles they've done in public transportation. Like when they did that thing in Miami for the first three years nobody was riding it. And they actually could've bought a brand new Cadillac for every single person who wrote it the first three years. And still would have saved money in the project itself. So yeah. So now. Now the next thing is Internet. There everybody. Deserves the Internet. NN oh what's gonna come after that. But it what is it that you just can't you know you can't survive without. And so the government will pay for it meaning the people. Those can't let. This is another one of those things too where. If there's no shame and no pain. In living near poverty. Being in poverty. If there's no shame to it and there's no pain. Do you think that poverty will get worse. Or do you think people pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Don't get worse it continues to get worse. You know I used to be that the had to have a little bit of money maybe to have air condition. Well now everybody has air conditioning even even the poorest of poor people. Everyone has a cellphone. Seven B. 8%. Of people living in poverty have a car. So so being being pour. There's no there's no pain no shame to it. When you get a EDT Carter whatever looks like your credit card. You know it's not food stamps and actually stamps. So there's no shame. There's no shame. And add that to me that's one and it's gonna get worse instead of better. If you're gonna go why work so hard to get content not have anything more than I have now. In fact in some cases. You know he'll lose so many benefits actually come out well you know less. That's a problem that's a function of the government where they've gone too far where they've done too much. Where we keep rewarding bad behavior. There. Have another baby get another check. 8:16 am above rose show. What else is Hillary up to my toe to 275 billion. It's just like shovel ready projects. That she's cone was hard hats for Hillary. A related story coming up I won't out make the connection when I share the story would view you'll have to make it on your own. Still he sort of self explanatory. And stay tuned it'll be worth at 817 news talk 97.3. Hey Tony two other Bob Rose show live and local thanks so much for and Sunni M appreciated. The stunning advance story. And it earlier. And try to get to France and phenom. At me in the trenor. Now he's got a lung. But some bright part and then when I try to pull a bright part on the computer doesn't like to connect me for some reason. Know when it is at stake in these things going back to Drudge this weird. Oh well. I'll find a Soria it's there is some buzz and a serious story it was a silly story but as I get a kick out of it. All right what else to we have going on here. Earlier I was referring to part of the president's agenda was about. A lowering our standard of living. And one of our regular listeners Jamie was very kind enough to. Them. Tho I'll forward this to me. President Obama laid out his new plan to tackle global warming Tuesday. In 2008. He made comments about bankrupting coal plant owners in making energy. Prices skyrocket. So somebody wants to build a coal power plant can. It's just that it will bankrupt them. Because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's going to be admit. Emitted. Obama said this during a meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle's editorial board. Under my plan of Cap and Trade System electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I'm capping greenhouse gases coal power plants you know natural gas see you name it whatever the plants war. Whatever the industry wise they would have to retrofit their operations. Double cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers. Obama's new plan to deal with global warming directs the Environmental Protection Agency to issue carbon dioxide limits on new and existing power plants. Which critics argue. Would crippled the coal industry. President Obama today declared a war on call in the us declared a war on Kentucky jobs in our economy whether it is through the rector active denial of permits. Onerous regulations on coal fired power plants or on reasonable environmental requirements the policies of this administration. Are threatening the very way of life that has sustained Kentucky communities for generations. That's actually a statement from Kentucky Republican senator Rand Paul but yeah the right from the get go part of the president's agenda. He he didn't care that economically it was gonna have a crippling effect on many families. And and it's not just that you can't survive if you power bills go up. What happens is you don't have you have less additional money that you could be spending. On other things goods and services products in York area so it's a tax it's like attacks you can't do without. Yeah and it's it in in this thing uses it negatively impacts more than just the people are paying the bill. Because when I was a G area in the summertime I nose makes some people choke I'm not exaggerating. In the summertime my bill would be 600 a month. And now you know at the end of the months could we pay our bills yes did we have anything left over at all no. Zero. So money that I might have been spending at local stores. Not buying service it is whatever that money is simply not there anymore. So it has a huge impact on the economy overall not just on individual people because everybody says well just cut back we'll just cut back. While you try I made all the improvements he could make. On a house and did we didn't run near cold but we have a pool and an older house and there are the way the rate structure works at GRU it is Saddam. Was unaffordable for us this one the reasons we moved. Do Darman what's going on. Yeah I'm go you can act a little bit off topic here com. Newt legislatures debate this bill where you kick shootout weapon in your backyard. Well. Am I can't lower costs make bullets like I'm working up a low through 278 sort ensure tight groups the Al. And up what this means that maybe it is. I brought the backyard and I have neighbors and he's got many other grabbed prewar I have papers couple hundred yards I saw obviously I can't be shoot a gun or probably anywhere. But the back yard and I you don't have. Look into the ground 34 Peter Fleming a lot better candidate I checked the trial her and I checked. Micrometer out at the snippets that follow manuals but you know check it pressures at all. Let us know Maine to make is I would have to back up everything drive 2030 miles out in the country their baby pay twenty dollars Q1 bullet and go out. Packed everything up go back to my house the legal and another bullet and do to start the process all over again. And apparently you know local governments. Monitor this kind of stuff but to keep. People and local municipalities from that you know usurping their lights. The sale that I just learned late you're doing everything and although with guns with. Now and so it's really epic I don't quite alarming my neighbors are all cool PI used to warn them all the time about it but I don't have to anymore. Let I just don't like having the break the lies just another too many laws. Public out there I hope. You are right hi mom. Amen amen look it up because. I thought that it was not you know wall backyards and it's not a had to do with the size of the property. Long saying Florida law. Mound. Now I I've got one of the Florida statutes. Let me the Al have to look to set during the break which artifacts but time for break let me grab Tomlin quick time we are on the air. Yeah I just started working then that you months ago and I had no idea what degree equally huge gaps in deregulated. Lectures he meant to your bottom line it's he shall keep regulated gas and Georgia. The cost per hour right now it's 39 point nine sets the start that you didn't think done that you wish your rates but it probably five about. Infectious. The crush per kilowatt is I think it's like virtual threats Coachella what is it just depends on how long the contract yet. I know governor Scott is trying to deregulate. Electricity gas in the state of Florida and other Democrats don't want that for what reason I have absolutely no idea. I suggest you get rich police are on. CEO. But if synergy easy to explain it yes and I tell you what whether you're Democrat or Republican you look back at your gas bill in your electric bill would plummet. And you'd have a lot more as to what might spend the last you know speaker. Well I absolutely. One of the reasons why Democrats don't want it. This city of Gainesville. It would be bankrupt almost overnight if there was deregulated electricity. Because they use that as a huge vehicle for taxes. A huge vehicle and now they're deep they would be beat deeply in debt almost overnight and they still of a contract after the film. With the rest of biomass plant they would be. Really decreased 830 and above road show much more to come to hang out. He made 39 on above rose show on Dickens for Jay thought they Monday Cyber Monday you can bust that are work. And plus people. Surfing for the deals. We'll be there later named him. Maybe around. 8779759825. A bill to stop people from shooting in their backyard working his way through Tallahassee is that a good idea out. Our. Resident. I gun expert I guess. We would column Crist joins us hey Chris Wagner they do assert. Hey good morning and up okay great Thanksgiving they weakened an active do it and you. That was nice. And I. Tell me about this bill that's working his way through Tallahassee how how would it impact people. Well there that can builders on the senate wanna house its house bill 41 and in the senate it's senate bill 130. And what they basically doing is they're trying to restrict the people who wanted to erect a backyard gun range or shoot in their backyard. To a certain size is a lot I guess she could calm basically this is. What it does if you live in the residential area that has a density of one or more dwelling units per acre. If you discharge a farm your backyard you'd be committing a misdemeanor of course doesn't apply to self defense facts. And they kind of put him out and it any both bills and it says if under the circumstances the discharge does not pose a reasonably foreseeable restore life safety or property. You're not breaking the law so even if you live on less than one acre or have a density one home per acre or less. And you don't have a reasonably. Foreseeable risk to life safety or property you can still do it so it's one of those bills that. I think what it's challenged in law. Errors somebody takes it to court they're gonna find that they. Mean it really brought in an easy to kind of get through. This is going to be a now possible nightmare for some people who do like to shoot in their yards let's just say. Here in neighborhood that has so in other smaller than that one acre but. You know you've really made a safe area with the Berman a backstop. And you've really got your way to make it. Safe. And then you know once the law changes and people hear about it of a sudden let's just say get that neighborhood they're like two anyway. They call and I at the police come out. And and how they gonna handle that the police would have to make a local law enforcement who shows up when have to make a call. Under whether or not he feels like its is the person is being safe vs a reckless correct. Yeah and that's basically at the fact there's a guy in the keys to set up a really and really nice. Arrange on his small. I guess you call it mobile home property it's less than probably quarter acre Annie has neighbors and and he lived down there and he shoots on his range quite a bit. And he's got a very safe backstop and attitude very well built and you know he's got out of his way just like you said to make sure it's safe. I think they would have a very hard time proving that he has any kind of a restore life safety or properties so. The other gonna make it then leave it up to lead the officers respond to make that call and I can tell you that I don't think officers if a person has not being reckless I don't think you're gonna have a problem. He. You have to prove in court and nobody wanted to try to improve something in court as she can't prove when you're saying you're looking at it. No I ain't so we've. The so really I mean what oh what's the big purpose behind us I mean who is always put. The bills and build a knee jerk reaction out of our legislators to an incident happened in Tampa last year were a young man in a residential neighborhood erected a very unsafe very. Piecemeal type of a backstop for shooting in his yard. And his neighbors. Who have children and the backstop was in the direction of their yards basically got upset and rightfully so. Called the police there was nothing the police can do about it the neighbors of course then started the ball rolling with the legislators and calling your city and things. And that's where this bill originated from was that one incidence and it was to try and stop people from doing reckless things. And that's already covered in the law we already have laws that cover reckless discharge of firearms. On residential properties and so is that there really is no need for this spills I just. Think that they're trying to satisfy their constituencies in Tampa and and the areas like that and I don't really think the bill have a huge effect. King yet seems like when cases like this come up that's why can't cooler heads prevail in the law enforcement officer just tell a guy. Hey look technically not breaking the law. On but I could cite you for for reckless. You know use of a firearm because. This backstop sirte is just not adequate and look I'm gonna come back in and. Pretty much what happens a gentleman never actually ended up using the backstop he actually never fired a single shot into it and he ended up getting it free year's subscription at a local gun range and all kinds publicity. And took their range down and everything like that afterwards it was actually very confused and they still went ahead and thought that this was something many incident wow. It was. What's going on with the open care. Open carry is moved along and we're waiting for it to be heard in the Judiciary Committee. Were hoping that the heads of those committees will go ahead and put it on the agenda here shortly and if they do that's the last stop that we have and then it goes before a full house and senate. I'm them were really hoping that people who. Are for this bill all right to their legislators want to know they support it would like them to support it and it's something that we need in Florida there are forty plus other states that have had never had a problem with that they've not repealed it. Florida was an open carry state until 1987. And now we'd like to go back to where we were because we realize that just the ability to open carry it harmed if they crime deterrent why police officers can't pay their firearms openly to deter crime. Plus that there's not in Florida there's not a whole lot of times you can conceal handgun without being either a comfortable reform. Yeah Leon this is true. Well we appreciate you Cubans have today with all things related to firearms in the law and we appreciate it Chris. Hey you're welcome any time by the unit had a great week no I you do the same Chris Wagner a seasoned instructor law enforcement structures and a fake dollars into an effort. A long time. All right we got Erik's on hold we'll talk to him again a couple of minutes it's 846. Right now you're tuned. To the Bob Rose show on news talk 97.3. This guy. Good moment. It is 852 rule. I keep in talk to us now. Deere rose If you wanna send me an email. And if you would like to just her route is our website it is the sky 973 dot com. There's a deal where he can win a thousand bucks so look for our half off perks and all that great stuff going on there and I get to tune in radio app free Smartphone that way you can take us. Everywhere. All right well FaceBook dot com slash the sky couple interesting things on there the comments are always fun to. I sky lines are open 8779759825. And John you're on the air. Good morning during your morning. Earns. Extra strong arms. Her appointment here that almost. Global warming. Issue is what you believe it or not is it government's way of trying to find a way to actually tear wheat pretty incomplete or fallen troops. I global warming yes or no okay detection that I mean I am trying to get X in the territories. Yeah then your right it's they're using it for wealth redistribution. Globally. And that's how to cap and trade woodwork and sending money to them and it and that the interesting thing is it doesn't necessarily. Eight. Lower the greenhouse gases if that indeed is this. In no. Creating these problems that. They claim there are I don't know them more and more people seem to be poking some holes in the science day. There's so other scientists are saying it's at least taking a pause. So yeah and when the president comes on says you know the the science is settled that's ridiculous. I mean if we're going under the promise of what Al Gore was saying 1415. Years ago. Am not exaggerating here we literally would be underwater right now. And so. I just EI it's a scam. It is in a lower people and there's some people they make true believers out of it and it's almost like a religious thing like a cult. And they get to win there and you just do you believe everything they tell you no matter wise and there may be something too and I'm open to saying OK if there's possible there's some issues here. I would think that if the temperatures are rising. It might be just a you know sick cyclical thing that might have to do more with sun activity. You know there's other factors there emboldening and we've had an ice age right. We've had the temperatures of that globe higher we've had them lower. Nobody was driving suvs then so why I added another system any question marks. For me to be able to say oh yeah this is true and here's how here's the mechanism to fix it in and asked to do with. Moving money around. Eight I don't get that. Eric you're on the Bob Rochelle. Yes sir and good morning. And water district can't control the convention stage of the project. Yeah I'd like you know that you what you Truman to have you ever even looked at it. Is this where you want to change the constitution. Now would we want to add amendments to the constitution. Under a man they limiting the power of the federal government. In that he won the trawler elected officials. Doubt that you're amendment and put the voters. And that no I mean I'd. I know a little bit about it but no not really what to what are you need to have happened to make three. Stings to make these things up. Right now there is one of State's inability to drop it in the state post. And we enlarged 38 more pending and we needed many people would be candid and and and take a look at it and sign the petition and order won't get. Is there any chance this is there any chance that. That group. Yeah is there any chance that the that this could turn out to not be. What's your whole deal would be in other words could somebody changed and and amend the constitution your. Near. I'm gonna have to gam. We run out of time. 8779759825. So grab those calls after the top of the hour 9 o'clock stretches coming up chaos.