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Will GOP ignore voters & pick their own Candidate?

Dec 14, 2015|

The Bob Rose Show for 12-14-15, 8am hour

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I love tomatoes seven on the Bob Rose showtime techcrunch Q five prestige pays Jewelers. Where the answer is always yes. Nick is billion for. Folding mundane silly with the help of a rag your gloves or whatever ours do a whole lot. This is so slippery and signing. It's gonna get on me. Not gonna tell us about it FaceBook or our people judge for yourself FaceBook dot com slash the sky that's now look at the picture. All provost red fish but boy he's handling it with all kinds of tauzin ranks IBC women don't even do that. Like a woman is like a less afraid inefficient he has I'd give my hard time he was you know those things that those old Robert things accused open jars yeah yeah yeah he was using one low status. Net. Or if it had pink clothes I mean of course Fisher slippery. But that's part of the thing if you wanna hold up be a man and take your photo Betty get a good grip on that fish. Yeah they had a good day out on a boat. It's shirt sleeves weather in the middle of December and your dragon. It's clear it's jealousy I mean I got hits zero Danica. And it's. Now what's gonna always gone polls Ted Cruz Donald Trump the top two candidates. And the Iowa Republican caucus goers Ted Cruz is these Roland. The sole surge year according to polling say the most qualified to handle the top two issues facing the country the economy and national security. Now on the economy this poll had even in Iowa had trump liked. Just completely thumping every dot well he's a businessman yeah I think a businessman has a better understanding of the economy. Then politicians. You know we have to speak in generalizations I think that's fair to say I agree with you but I I thought that that. You know who's everybody's pointing to Ted Cruz now leading trump and it it's not. An anomaly he's leading trough and Iowa. And here there's been a big surge there and Ben Carson has been dropping. Should cruise and pick an awful lot of that. When you look at the economy. Bombs that economy piece of that poll. And deceit trump that far out front of Ted Cruz went man that is a tell tale sign that although. Cruz is surging there Donald Trump dozen pretty solid welded Donald Trump saying I think for the most part is people just really matters now. And they're not gonna take it anymore that's the attitude I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore that's that's the Donald Trump thing. Annie does he makes the rest of. Am sound weak by comparison. And you know he doesn't speak like that all the time. You know you don't go to the Wharton business school. You know with his education. He is here specifically trying to talk. To the populace. In a populist way. That's exactly what he knows what he's doing he's marketing his message in tailoring his message to the people that he know always. That is going to resonate with clearly. Much like a candidate. Tends to. Veer in a hard direction toward their base during a primary and then becomes a centrist as soon as it's a general election. I think should. Donald Trump get the nomination all of a sudden he will articulate his messages. In a much better way I think. And get. I I. Know I'm sure that I'm sure it. Crews garner 20% support trump 26 among GOP likely cut our caucus goers together. They command more than half of the total support. Rubio in third with 13%. Carson the Iowa front runner back in October now is fourth. At 10%. Those are the four in the top tier. I wouldn't be surprised. I wouldn't be surprised if if doctor Carson bows out fairly soon. I really wouldn't. I think as long as he is doing well. How many is still in the top four. He if he slips anymore though I wouldn't be surprised. Don't think he has that that the patients take keep continue with the process if he's not finding a level success. You know less is my belief. Is pretty ticked off about the the prospect that two. There might be. Some change of the convention to ignore the primaries. Yeah that's what he said he says the. And other reasons that that I got into this is because I've heard of frustration and in people who are so tired. Back room to those of the subterfuge of dishonesty. And let you know if that is the case then you know I'm Monica. Yeah Andean another piece of sound from nine. The next one is. He told me those of when he's talking about ranks previous the chairman of the RNC. He told me that those are team meetings. And they have them all the time and that this was no different than the others. I'm but the jury's out. We will certainly be keeping a close eye on things that's his answer. To George Stephanopoulos. I'll when he was talking about to. You know if he was concerned about manipulation of the nomination process etc. Retired neurosurgeon has said that he would not consider running as an independent. When asked if that means he would drop out of the race for the Republican nomination. He told ABC news on Friday that he would leave that. Up to you to speculate I have no intention of running as an independent but I certainly don't wanna be part of corruption. That's pretty strong pretty strong term so he's basically he's attacking the Republican at the machine right. And then you also of course Donald Trump says he says well as long as they're on their fair treat me fair. Now once again the political outsiders. Not not happy with the establishment in the establishment now. I think being scrutinized to a greater degree in name they have been. And that's probably not a good thing it's just that what was the old adage really might enjoy sausage but you really don't wanna see how it's made. And that's the truth in both political parties you know it's ugly and nasty and dirty and probably much course and has to be bit. That's where Oran near Tony as we approach will be sixteen anyway. Are right so the Fox News poll trump I had an Iowa man Clinton holds caucus leader guess it's not really. Even get a headline for that. Mean it was there any doubt. I Cruz has more room and trump to grow his support in Iowa three in ten caucus goers say they could never support trump 30%. While just 6% say the same about cruise so if anybody stands to gain of as we head down the stretch looks like crews. Has more that he could gain vs a trump but then again. You know voters and stuff they're not always on a store sometimes there. Their take on things changes. Depending on you know what happens the economy and national security to the most important things. And who best to handle them according to the caucus goers there were polled are likely caucus goers they should say. Trump and crews. Thoughts on that anything else 8779759825. I had another shooting. Police shot a man enough Los Angeles and and it's I don't understand why this is even an issue. Sad this true and I'll explain why coming up on news talk 97.3 discount. Cheap gas is killing us aid to anyone on above road show. Make him for. SD CK's fuel is what the answer is always just welcome happy Monday. I got to watch the Bucs lose yesterday M person yeah yeah that's a that's an old ritual. Dating all the way back to beyond. To this Abbas Butler Murray yeah hugs 2417. Bucks lost odd box. Get it together Jamison. And look too bad really assume receivers dropped some murky past probably the biggest thing enough right there too yeah suddenly be coaching now going on a fourth down two different times. All right jags lot of points on the board their 5116 like what they're doing. Kind a liked his portal skid out you see gas. And what else we get all Gator volleyball to girls who do so while they finally got beat by Texas but stub your season right. Record and make it hit eight great season my practice round the great yeah antenna that. I still love. Ron Cunningham writes in the Gainesville sun used to be the editor now he's. Agassi semi retired I don't know but. President Obama didn't ask me to go to Paris he says so more than. Mores the pity. Because of he had here's what Adams told the single most effective thing we Americans could do to slow greenhouse gas emissions would be to stop treating gasoline like dirt. I've said this before I'll water our water pollution shortage problems are growing exponentially primarily because we insist that our water is dirt cheap. Say this is the liberal line if you just charge more for things people use less of it. And and that's true to some extent. But then there's a point of diminished return where people have to have a certain amount. And your being punitive toward damning you're hurting them the people who need it the most. I think everybody wants to commute 45 minutes to work some choose to own some do pay some wanna live in you know. With lots acres and all that may make that conscious decision that yeah and in order to do bad end to end still go to my workplace I'm gonna have to commute. For a lot of people and this is what the elitist don't understand. People cannot afford to have to live in Gainesville. The cost of the property is higher the property tax or higher. If you have Jerry electricity the cost of electricity is higher. All much higher than it is an outlying areas. Just a matter of economics Ron for people to live in the further away areas therefore they have to drive to work the buses don't run that fought hard. So they have to drive their cars their vehicles. They don't want to burn up a bunch of gas and throw their money away it's a necessity rotten. Much psyche utility. But this isn't you know this this far left agenda as progressive agenda. The elitist. Know lawyers say have what they need. And whatever they use is completely justifiable. And if you use anymore there's no way you can justified in their minds that cellular. Do as I say don't do is I do kind attitude predict you know for some people. Just driving their car they might enjoy it he says the cheaper gas is the more people drive yeah that's. Yes. Because we enjoy it or we wanna visit friends or relatives we want experience all the from parts of Florida. Now Ron rides a bicycle and good for him so at least he he actually back subsumed thinks he says from that standpoint. But you can't ride a bicycle everywhere. I mean I guess again if you retired and you've got some money in the bank good for you but for most people. I don't bicycle everywhere. You have to drive wanna visit the key is. You probably gonna have to drive. And so he doesn't get that. He says. And the more we burn of this gasoline. The more he is a more Burt will. Our fellow Americans. We sicken and kill we sicken and kill them. Victims of auto accidents and victims of emission induced respiratory illnesses. Does he you know how clean burning most vehicles are today. I mean they're really putting out almost zero if not many cases they're really zero pollutants. He says the more we burn the more we heat up the atmosphere. It you know does is gonna lead to eventually. A tax on breathing. Wait a second before you think that that's a stretcher ridiculous I want you to just stinks for one moment. Think about it. This is all about sustainability in the minds of the far left progress of sustainability this. 21 neat what a college ended when he won it's all part of that. But what it really is this when they say sustainable they mean you got to make sure the rest of the world does okay. So if you have to take a hit in your quality of living as an American it's perfectly okay. See they don't care so Americans are really looking out for Americans of their progressive lefties or not they don't have your back in fact they wanna stab you in the back. Because they're more worried about the planet. And then next to the plan they were about all the other people who live import conditions than you. Not give up any of their wealth. OK but they wanna destroy your your quality of life in your quality of living. That's part of the agenda. And so that's what it's all about for some of these folks. The cheaper it is the more we drive the more we drive the more we burn the more we burn more of our fellow Americans we sicken and kill. The more we burn the more we heat of the atmosphere. So when I say that there's going to be attacks on breathing. You know what you exhale as a human CO2. They get qualified as like a dangerous greenhouse gas slid. EPA. Could restrict CO2. Carbon dioxide. Fits naturally comes out of the human body when we act sale. You know what like CO2 trees and plants and all living growth like that. Lives on CO2 and then when they act sales they produce oxygen. Oh my gosh is this embryonic relationship. Yeah. But the brainwashing has begun my friends 828 on the Bob bros show 8779759825. C one and. 838 on the glove rose show old get mode it. Monday giving us through it will be doing nice. 877 ninths. It was a shooting a Los Angeles now every time there's a shooting with police officers now I there's going to be a great amount of scrutiny. And I was also won until ongoing Leo at north Texas say university there. Neck and enacts. And although you know I was in there I'm Alan may be does need to be really looked at very carefully was the officer. Non brewing in harm's in harm's way on that one he made a move toward the officer well. Well bill look at that. But this one you hear the Los Angeles won a guy he was waving around you know 45 caliber handgun and fired off in the air few times like five or six times. Suspect to a scene in nearby pizza store holding a going to be saving erratically. Left the store blocks south acted oddly yelling expletives. Deputies responded multiple emergency calls. Do you think you mercy call a man with a gun shots hurt ranked so they respond quickly. Suspect twenty year old Nicholas Robertson who officials said had prior contacts with a criminal justice system. Did not comply would deputies commands to drop the weapon he got a guy. Who is not just waving a gun around bloodiest fire big god. As clearly there's a problem with him. Is he dangerous. Yes he's a danger not just a law enforcement to everyone around him. He did not comply with their repeated request to drop the weapon. The suspect presented a threat to the deputies and civic community so they took the action that that they did it. And you never to let go to guy and I mean he hit the ground. Gun still in hand. Officials said the two responding deputies fired 33 bullets at Robertson. He continued holding the gun after he was shot and fell so. For the layperson they say 33 bullets are you for real I mean 33 rounds come on that's crazy. I actually it's not mean you are taught well when responding to this kind of a threat do you. Fire until the threat has been stopped. And Sally good movies you get shot once in years in your dad especially if you're under the influence or your beer out. Mentally. In another world. Now do you wanna see people get Sally debt pact now wideout I think we should try to do everything we can't did not ended. And the situation like debt when the person is waving a loaded gun that they've already fired and they won't respond to commands. What are you supposed to do. They were just gonna wait and see we're just gonna waited out. Thank you waving a gun around and fires and just accidentally shoot somebody or purposefully I mean you just don't know they're there to respond. It's sad I hate to see someone lose their life. Like that I just do. But what what do you want what do you. Mean. When law enforcement gives you a command and you have the ability to kill somebody very easily. And you're being erratic in your behavior and you won't listen to the commands at all. What what do you expect him to do so they make a big deal about how many shots were fired on. There really is an important honestly it's not. 8779759825. And Billy joins us say Billy what's on your mind. OK okay air. I called rock beer brewed go to time debate reduce summertime it. I trampled by it myself so one call here largest middle and Russia which must oratorical. You know urged congress now been home six years work harder murder Lester the bird out. Good gracious gesture at Iowa electorate like never apart charge automatic. Distribution round. You better Christian chairman by actions such as Cameron shots. Sure got two brand new restaurant over the chain restaurant from the Alderman. New warm humid drop my. I condition would make Canadian superior goal of one horse division record low here are proud writer Laura Bush they do a whichever one bit. Categorically what I higher standard even the sweet sweet lord or stick you wherever punish China and you weren't there. Children don't disarm Juan. We will categorically not far ahead challenged and our troops we really don't launch monitor bartered understood monitors we don't want to mark you're so world. My trial first of all our. What your opinion on that. By me and I believe in second chances you've paid your debt to society did your time. You know we've been good for six years as long as you could provide couple references and over the course of six years since you've been out I'm sure you could. Then employer shouldn't you know give you a chance give you an opportunity. When they guys just get out. That's tough that's tough then. That's you know that's up to an individual employer that you want them to get an opportunity but I would hate to be the person you ask him mandated hey you who you hire that guy. Don't know if he really has a rehabilitated himself if this was a one time mistake for the guys of the life crime etc. So yeah I mean I feel for if it's after remember I mean I don't know exactly were you calling from but just remember there are so many young people that they clamor for a lot of the part time type jobs all over the Gainesville area. That are college students and I know you know in Ocala they compete with them to. There are looking for that part time work so others jobs to get. You know do get taken or get sewed up pretty quickly. I don't know that that's the case I mean if they told you they want higher selling that's that's different. Hang in there and Merry Christmas always good to hear from you Billy. Wallace here on the air. Yes I would own comment only well Cunningham thing they never bring up. Any saying that the gasoline if you were driving. Petroleum. Is involved in every aspect of everything we do in our life it makes them cheaper remain closed and cheaper it makes everything cheapen the Croat. Can rent cheaper than asphalt plant and rubio over Dolan cheaper there's nothing you can name that's not affected by petroleum. They never bring that their petroleum about driving. Just want to make a comment. No I'd say. Now that's appropriate. But for a lot of people they need big gasoline has taken assume it's not the surplus it's not there having fun as driving increase when prices go down yes because the people who normally couldn't afford to go see. There and cousin mama whatever in a neighboring town or state. And now they can actually afford to do them both because of the savings. That they're making during the year was lower gas prices but also because when asked to fill up a few times to do. To their destination. They're able to do that there's a lot of thumb people who forget. Maybe they maybe they'd struggled economically in their own lives at some point maybe they didn't if they did struggle. They sure forget what it's like pretty quickly don't they. They 45 on the Bob Rochelle news talk 97.3 this guy. It amazes you wanna Bob Rochelle live and local thanks for tuning again. A lot of us say you always orders and next Ronald Reagan now Boyle wish we could. L may be I am a dig a mopping uses DNA and make another one. Well maybe I've actually you know had a conversation a lot with people don't we have to admit he probably thought that. So Ronald Reagan it's gonna happen folks. Well who else. Maybe George Bush. Or maybe. Will Ferrell. Joined George W. Bush. And now an announcement from the 43 president of the United States George W. Bush. Content. Tim Higgins and this is an important day. I've made a big decision. I'm entering the race for president. Field of Republicans out there are so messed up a figured it makes you missed it doesn't. I'm not saying a lot. According got my campaign song. Ready or not you're actually you can't had. Wow and you can make you an made this little seven from the Sudanese. John I can beat these gas that it was take a look at it some of the front runners. Doctor Ben Carson. I can barely hear when he talks. Attorneys on us are gonna work. When you have to go to China air as you're managing. Where you have to talk loudly so they won't understand. Not to mention he's so got a brain surgeon. And I got news room or in the country is not brain surgery. I was Will Ferrell obviously doing as George W. Bush impersonation and then you gotta love it he's funny as all get out in now. It is a great job of that Dallas Saturday Night Live. And so Will Ferrell reprising their role it would appear we don't miss George W. Bush a little bit don't yeah. It's more fun making fun of the boy golly good old days. Right. There's some of the stuff we're dealing with today that tell you what went I thought Dallas. Me and outlook. Politics aside the great performance. And and pretty funny so hopefully if it. ACD four Alibaba road show. Sky lines are open 8779759825. Over the weekend. The Bucs lost to the saints a buck still mathematically. Could get a wild card spot and made it hard on themselves though that lost 2417 I happen to be at tech game. And we tell it's got to be the hottest game that I've ever been to. And a football game in December period T I mean it was scorched and yeah when the clouds came out a little bit in May have a little bit of relief but dumb. Yeah I it was that their son was ablaze and but you know it was a good time it always is and I knew. Why why why. I know I told you were gonna get you know sunburned and stuff and I took care myself and I did did you don't have a somber guy. Now as nick toll you're gonna come Exelon is now on I said I'm a tennis player. Though the sun all the time. I would say while I go out there and expose myself. After you'd pay its December I mean who protects himself from dissent know I'd I question whether man look console to. Another told his unit but I'm still holds finally system and older in the room I can pick on. But I star Dana tell that's when you know year old your start actually paying attention to Bellwether. Like it's actually gonna change any of your plants. In now like while when it rains am I gonna get to watch Fox News on and but no I did a lot so whether Emanuel is going to be hot and I've been in that stadium journal warm days and have been in the big sombrero before this stadium was built on warm days and yeah. It can get mighty warm. But you know what we enjoyed it and I get to enjoy some special time with my wife and my daughter Rihanna she's my oldest. She's the one that is trying to come back to school. The one who add on every day when she sold. Starting with you about twelve or thirteen I think it was middle school when she decided she. This school. There and how a school today school sucks. A little bit we know that she was going to get her master's degree and then wanna combat. For two more years of PA school. She's on the wait list. Self for open. 856 and above Rochelle play more where that came from in the 9 o'clock stretching out.