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Nov 20, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hear about it first talker. News talk 97.3. Best ally. You're healthy. Great you know what addiction and starts now. Lauren eight rouge no. At least fifteen Somali American men from Minnesota have attempted to enlist with crisis. Five our trial right now. It's left their families and the largest Somali community in the United States relay. Please we need to hunt. So Monica many new dame Anita had. We have political leaders who don't represent our best interest 85540 Laura. Do it a situation. With. Mass migration into the United States both legal and illegal. That has really taxed our system. Not to say there aren't wonderful legal immigrants who are here and are working in our patriotic Americans there are many many many. But we do have a problem we have a culture clash that is. The left doesn't wanna admit that. Because they really think where the problem this native born Americans. And the Judeo Christian tradition where really the problem. Traditional Americans. Every day working class people they have the problem because you don't see the need to be a savior to the global community. And so they're happy to bring in as Tucker Carlson said this replacement electorate. Because they don't have any that taint to view Americans these are new people new people weekend make dependent on government knew people weekend. Inculcate in our anti American views and public schools. New people who we can insurer will vote Democrat. This is a new population they replacement electorate this is what this is always been about. And so you go back and you and you listen to these reports on Minnesota. And the Somali community there. And it's. It's shocking at half a million people inside a Minnesota. Do not speaking English. Who are the new Americans here's what the data tells us it has the largest population of east African immigrants in North America. One in six are now born to immigrant parents and Minnesota. Minnesota of course it was a place for all the Norwegians in the Swedes settled. I'm now has seen a substantial shift and it's a racial and ethnic make up the number of minnesotans born outside the country has tripled. With immigrant and refugee communities now making up a critical component. Of the State's economy. 84000 minnesotans are originally from Central America while nearly 44. Cent. Claims Somali ancestry doesn't all Muslims. Making Minnesota home the largest population intelligent up. This is. I mean the that cost per person of the refugees. Resettlement in the United States. This focuses on the Middle Eastern refugees is 64000. Per person that's just at the cost to resettle one. That's not the cost of the next two years where they get all these benefits that's just bring them here but how much it costs. The White House is backing this program. To this peace came out two days ago. In the local CBS and Minnesota the White House is spending. I guess the backing a million dollar program 19 dollars what do you do about that. To curb. I racists are recruiting. In Minnesota. And that's that's that little sound bite you heard did give all these people here from Somalia and we've had sadly people. Leave the Somali community in Minnesota and go back and fight. The good fight for this for the Muslims that Islam as back in Africa. And yet in this report. You basically have to ask ourselves. What can you do for the Somali people they need more. Community leaders agree stamping out those anti Muslim stereotypes is the first step to helping Somali youth reach their potential. Have to help them understand their role. And have them feel welcome and I'm not sure if Minnesota. Has been as welcoming as it could be. Cool what it required to be more welcoming to the Somali is and in Minnesota than what they've done for them. He soon I'm saying there's an you're never. Going to be satisfied. If fear is fears Somalia American you're here and you were brought here as a refugee. And and you start getting benefits the next question is when a Miami get more. Given down enough for me. And done I know for me I did it come to this country that's a privilege it's a great guest. To have been allowed to come to this country. Yet we have 21%. Unemployment. Among some Molly's thirty times the general population's average. 21%. Unemployment. Mass dependency on food stamps. A huge problem assimilating. Difficulty and and speaking the language 10% of the public school students now. In Minnesota and at the end of focusing on the Twin Cities area we're most of them settled. Our Somali. Now what does that mean that means you start getting Muslim holidays off that means. Hone house main. May be a crime has to be somehow. Part of their religious studies I don't know I don't know I don't know what what it means but it means that. Our country is changing demographically. Ethnically. And it's not as far as I can tell no one voted for this no nobody's decided to campaign on I'm gonna fundamentally changed. The demographic makeup of this country because I think the most of the people in the country are rotten so we wanna have new people. Did anyone ever campaign and a. And Obama campaign on transforming America but of course he didn't say I don't bring him. Five million people both legally and illegally I'm gonna bring all these Muslim refugees. And a white and offered no they never say it that way there is gonna make all this and of hope change I'll send a lot of change not a lot of help. 85540 Lar. Let's go to Todd Atlanta Georgia line to Todd. Kirk. We actually stated the unholy alliance would have left this law based on the common hatred that Judeo Christian heritage this country. Eight Americans. Edit edit a lot of hate Americans think the American people think you're not a gun toting EA news. It clinging to their god killed clinging to their religion clinging to their guns right to Todd got. Back. Yeah and you know department doesn't care about illegal whale character quality care about it blog refugee. Great point. That's a great point. Did he ever called Katie Stine his parents Obama. Now. We can never called them member Jay doesn't seem to do you know the tonight. And they are because they're merit if an American cast of die. For open borders then so be it. If Americans have to suffer in. And have to have fewer job opportunities if all these stem markers have to find themselves training their foreign worker replacements then that's just what you have to do you have to suffer. For globalism you have to suffer. For his vision of of transforming America you just have to suffer. And I think that I think a lot of these CEOs around these big global corporations I don't think they care about what happens the average American. We seen that would Disney we saw that with Southern California Edison we see that would all. Other calls that we got this week from Americans who've had to train their foreign replacements or people who basements summarily fired. Because you're gonna have four or five Indians or Koreans are Malaysian people comment and work for a fraction of the price. So it means it this is obvious now that their whole approach to governance is. We have to make people's lives and other countries better. And we need new people in this country we need new people because of what you. What you people have done is you people have held on to these these antiquated traditions of traditional family and phase then your Second Amendment cry eights and 88 you're gonna be now. You're going to be doing all the things that drives Obama crazy. And I so go back to my Michelle's comment first time. In my life I'm proud of my country when a bomb bomb you know won the nomination. First time in my life I'm proud. Of my country. It all is about them the country wasn't something to be proud of in and of itself. Your your country you can only be proud of your country. When you receive some type of personal accolade or you personally achieve that your country was worth being proud but before that not not really. According to Princeton University Harvard all the best schools and anywhere proud your country. Really Michelle. Forgot that. 855. Forty Laura we'll take a break we'll get to all your calls here on the Laura Ingraham show remember on life set. Don't alienate the illegals gonna wanna read the space it's hilarious boozing at Starbucks and other boozing it up at Starbucks. So they say I'll have an extra shot now they're really mean it don't collect the. The Laura Ingraham show on not seven point three the sky. In Europe visual weather station you know part of Florida. Call Laura now 185540. Law. Moments before take off at New York's JFK airport. Hums Ahmed was grabbed by federal agents escorted from his plane. Law enforcement officials say he'd taken a bus all the way from Minneapolis to catch a flight to Turkey with a lethal goal in mind. He's charged with trying to join my soul to fight with terrorist. I'm Laura Ingraham show 85540. Laura. This was a report back in January of this year this stuff happens and it just. Washes right off the people's backs in Vegas we hear this okay so there isn't a business is a guy from Somalia and Minnesota. Who was either arrest fugitive ever reveal whether he's a refugee whether he elicited a kid. A child of a refugee we'll they never give us that detail which is really in infuriating. But then it turns out that he tries to work but diocese. And finally the FBI catches them. But it opens up this narrative of how many others are their here. Ahmed is a Somali American from Minneapolis the US attorney there told CNN. They believe he represents a dangerous shift in terrorist recruitment. We think that I soul has pretty much picked up on the successes to use. That phrase would that also Bob had and improve upon it and try to recruit more. Young man and some young women from the small community in Minnesota to join Geisel. OK so it's one thing when you leave Minnesota. As a Somali American you go to Africa to fight but then there's that corollary issue. The fear what happens if these young men with US passports returned to America. There is a consent that's the minority every Sunnis who do come back become involved in terrorism. Also the most dangerous Paris. Yeah and they come back. Peter Neumann from King's College to get him on the show he's good. You're listening to learning and show H I 540 Laura let's go to line 610 in Kentucky and you all been very patient. And I'm glad this is a day right in my staff doesn't wanna hear this and Alicia had a four hour show because there's so much to get to I'm trying to go back. And remind you all of what's already happened in the country in the refugee population. Massive dependency on government programs. Massive. Failure to to assimilate into our country. Federal funds state funds public school and now we find the iso recruiting happening with the reports have been have been coming in now for over a year. I'm trying to get you again caught up to speed so it's not just something happens one day in the and that's all you know you go back. Or 40000. Somali living in Minnesota 40000. Who voted for this. Madness. Our way of like a pluralistic god deal is people come from primitive societies. When they primitive understanding of what it means. It frankly to be an aid. Even even existing in a pluralistic society dated it's not it's not what they what they do little. Let's go to Don in Iowa line five Don. Out Tim sorry gush like I skip right over Tim Tim I get also into it and I just skip over it go ahead time. And I are both fired up I'm so tired that all dilemma. You either have to show compassion. Or you just just there's there's so extreme security situation that we're all concerned about there's no presidential candidate that's giving the real picture the way shouldn't do it. But there are many other option beast besides bringing them over here or just doing nothing and very few people or talking red carpet and it checkers on. You know pick up hitchhiker can the can be extra conflicts. Why the why do we think we have to do this one thing in the pain in this little box there's nothing else we can show compassion I'm a pastor we showed compassion every day. Our denomination showed the greatest level. History or compassion towards the tort under a railroad tour. Refugees towards those that are immigrants. But just because there there immigrant and refugee doesn't mean that I have to be here we can show compassion all around the world that's what war machine is all about. I think. All we do is give give give give give that so we do we get and then the government the leaders make us out to be horrible people. Unless you wanna open up our doors open up our our country to people from distant lands with that frankly some of them dubious backgrounds. We just have to take a chance that the government really gets it right this time I don't I'm not willing to take that chance thank you very much. Let's go to Don Iowa line five dons a truck driver. And Don you're training a Somali refugee tell us about that. Lows. Transferred trucking company here in Ireland that I had out Somalian short her. Somalian student and he was telling me how I got to how it lied to get in the United States. And then he would get their citizenship. And then he the only thing he was worried about was give the United States passport so he could go back and or without being noticed. Love life. Not be noticed you out I have is called the Department of Homeland Security are called somebody out like the way that sound it. If he said it that way out a call somebody. Yes they see something say something whatever that stupid Montrae is from ths mean so even be noticed. Did a little what was so dizzy he was trained to be a truck driver and did you have any other interaction but I'm. Oh yeah its students for weeks with in many finally faked an injury to get to workman's comp and then they want the Minneapolis. Victim in Japan get entered driving a truck. Well if you sit well off all day he had already bear all pretty bad over at her bit to allay except that is lag. Them. Was he was he born here it was here refugee brought here which which one. Hollywood to refugee told me Alec come over in this country where today US embassy over there analyzed two home. There he was trauma small tribe there are but he was originally trouble big truck I've and that's how he got over here. Oh my gosh. This this. That's when I think of Iowa sorry the Somalian. It's wrecked community is not the first thing that I is to think government out of Iowa. I mean god bless them and I'm sure there's some good people and and hardworking people but I can. Yes this just it just insane do you like the outsider candidates are still. Tops because people are sick of this we are losing our country. They are tired of it they want American veterans taking care of they want American veterans off the streets of they're not homeless they want our people to have decent paying jobs a factory workers for it for people who can't. Go to a four year liberal arts education and and write computer code they should have a and a chance to get some type of job in his country. But now they got to compete with. The Pakistan is a Somalia see it the Chinese cumin and the Russian it's gonna compete with a global community for a job in the United States. How is that fair. How I was that. Will let our leaders were supposed to do. 85540 Laura and I missed Friday on popping off I better come down. We'll get into some of these polls. The women recruitment crisis. That's what's that's what's happening now the recruiting that women in the United States New York Times page 810. On page 810 they write this it's short story about the migrants attempts to enter Mexico. From Syria that they think it's as important enough to put it on page 810. Unbelievable. Hear about it first talked about it. Not a seven point three the sky guy. Call Laura now 185540. Laura. It's your last week's. Class day to register for the free online Hillsdale was of course. On CS Lewis in CS Lewis one of the greatest Christian defenders of our time course timeless works chronicles of Narnia. Abolition of man mayor christianity. Hillsdale college's three inspiring. Online course will reveal how it his apologetic is fiction philosophical literary writings. Are all significant your life today what you can learn from not so right to register right away for this fabulous course Laura for Hillsdale dot com has always you have to register. Not to watch any of these election you can watch him anytime you want. I you have to register now though otherwise you lose access to go to Laura for Hillsdale dot com to this is a family do this with friends. Grow your brain grow your understanding. Of christianity under assault so many places around this world. And CS Lewis is a guiding and in wonderful source of inspiration for all of us. Laura for Hillsdale dot com. She young daughter of a police officer and in Mississippi State University chemistry student. The graduated high school with honors. Young is the latest infused female ice is recruit here in the US. She was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly trying to join the terrorist group in Syria. Let's bring in more people look at me or created by nicest. Just the chemistry student. But on the outside would seem like she was. This good Emmy and an amazing success. Chemistry student. Dreams prices can you know chemistry would love to have you let us. That's perfect prices. This is from August of this year. The women recruits. In the United States is are not Christians were being recruited crisis. Is or not buddhists or Jews these are Muslims who are here who for summaries and are susceptible to this recruitment by diocese. Now people say it's because a lot of these people don't have father figures that was repeated in a report we played earlier is because they don't have economic opportunity. But what is it chemistry student at a top university shouldn't have opportunity. Opportunity. But America is just until you're on the brink here and I think them then Paul Ryan. Who votes yesterday for the McCall bill which if and my mind was not tough enough. We need to do we need to defund this refugee program while Obama is at the Helm it should be defund it. We need to stop these refugees from coming in and when people say. All the world's gonna hate us the world is gonna hurt our reputation in the world. You know what I'm worried about. I'm worried about an American cafe exploding I'm worried about an American school being taken over on worried about an American hotel inside the United States. Being taken over by several terrorists. And where we gonna go to get to a little weary and get it to go to get our apologies after that happens. Without apology even matter. Know little not. So it before you want us to go sending troops over ground troops over to Syria though as Syria as Marco Rubio suggesting today. The four year olds get all popped up on another ground or in the Middle East even a lot this country down. Rosemary Connecticut line to Rosemary. Aurora Payne or his Internet radio down my friend I had. I'm typical camera caught I want to show yet so right now I don't care act. Let me Khalil. Come I know I came here from LA my cable yet on a Claudette my mom came off the boat. Went my that I'm sitting here got a chuckle out but hey. She probably she went too well and it ended actress and what Ed Reed able to I legal or are we had nothing. I'm content that they weren't like people about how it would add that we that we had a ball. And family and am I appreciate all the talk but don't cramp on the. I don't work hard you worked hard Rosemary goes lousy connection and the sadly that I I we got most of what is sent. If parents came here from Italy and you worked her tail off in asked the government to help. That you were too proud to do that. My grandparents worked in a threat Mellon Connecticut. A thread Mel that's where they worked. The polish immigrants. And they works I mean that worked themselves mounted ultimately to death from Maine works so hard. My mother's mom died when my mother was only fourteen during the depression was terrible. They were tried to proud people they want any and they don't want handouts. Tom let's go to. Pat in Florida line one pat. Tyler welcome. I am amazed calling you from the most liberal city in Florida Gainesville. While I'm out here I'm badly outnumbered as a conservative. Umpire all listening to all the liberal spouting out about how passionate they are arrow. Us conservatives are not conservatives feel a lot more money to charity. That and the liberals do. And other liberals are very compassionate as long as you're doing it would other people's army. OPM other people's money meant slump that's in again O Bob is never going to be affected by. Refugees coming into the country there they're not to take his job they're not gonna. Endanger his family is he's gonna get Secret Service protection for the rest of his life so it's. Again I really think we should just proposed one thing I think all the refugees. She have to be settled and they cannot leave certain communities that you can go to Martha's Vineyard. Brett led to Cambridge mass. It may be a place like Boulder, Colorado. The cat maybe Madison Wisconsin. From where else Miami. All the liberal but let's go let's settle all that he's a liberal on clay is Georgetown at Washington DC but I have to live with. The refugees like the liberals have to live with them they can't. Talk about how great they are and then sit in there ivory towers actually have to live in the neighborhoods with the Somalis. And and guess what the Somali get to go to schools like Sidwell friends with the Obama girls got. OK so would that starts happening when they're in their communities and and their clubs and and there are schools. Maybe you'll see a different attitude. But right now these people are all insulated there insulated from open borders there insulated from mass migration there insulated from any illegal immigration under insulated from the refugees. Because they're in there on clay is and they're in their bubbles and it doesn't affect their lives one way or another. And an aunt again if it affects your life in a negative way that's just the price you have to pay for all the rotten send CNET United States perpetrated on the rest of the world. Member it's that awful country dark awful horrible country that's what they believe so America must suffer. Let's go to arm. David in Indiana. Ly eight David. Hello Aurora. Hey David welcome Peter yes sir go ahead. Well we're outraged I called me and others. I've lived in the map coach herb block off 45 I'm here. Anyway. All the way to get it I called him. Well one to speak about it soon recently and that Columbus Indiana. They laid off a determined quiet down and they've shown live on television. All the engineers cabinet that plant down there were from India. And I'll have to me he's also. Used to in my prescriptions filled. Bad Sam's Club and Wal-Mart. And I went there one day and there was say. The people or columns and news Indian people working in the air. They're all they are all the native native born people heard what fired summarily fired well that doesn't. At a aliens and in no way of verifying that that I you get the sense that it is just. There's a desire to replace. The blue collar American worker. And these are a lot of working class people and many whites but not all lights. With new people. So that means the working class black people are replaced working class white people are replaced working class legal immigrants are replaced. Ford knew people who comment here with very little attachment to our culture aren't very little understanding of our country. You think if you start citing John Adams to them that's gonna mean inning hangar we had to do this because. A this weird this is Adam Smith would have wanted us to know anything about this thing about this not that a lot of Americans do either and I must it'll. Let's go to Greg in Florida line to Greg. Hey Laura. The L analogy I would use to your point so we really have to watch this country down first. Is if you wake up and and all the night in Europe stairs that is overflowing. You don't stand around and argue about what mop or what how you're getting used to clean up the mess. The very first thing induced car the apple. Throw. Mental areas and and very well stated that could be our call of the day so far on the Laura Ingraham show thank you Greg. Let's go to allowed ban in Nevada online three trump as a way up in Nevada. Huge. And I somewhere and that he's winning among Hispanics. Of all the Republican candidates in Nevada we gotta check that I wanna make sure that that's accurate that he said that the other night I was kind of wild really. And I had. More I'm Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report has said that the American population. Is yeah and he looks at conservative lot. And a community leader than my community and the church leader than my church are never concerned. About the First Amendment to the prom court amendment that Fifth Amendment to eight amendment its tenth amendment. And you know. If we don't have the fundamentals of the country. In the chat. Dan who cares what the progressive ideology is because the Republican. On the Republican led house the Republican led senate. Well flying all of the progress so left agenda as they have that. But that garage and got it right saying that the American population is so yeah. And there are some disconnect. In the minds of conservatives. About what this country has been what this country should being in court. And it's been laid out for the last 200 years but it's been rapidly changing here in the last thirty or court. It's rapidly changing changing because the country's rapidly changing liberals. Infiltrated the education system and that means they tell the story of America Dane and day out to kids. And the story is Christopher Columbus on trial. I went into a school and the District of Columbia. And that was one of the first things on the bulletin board for history 66 grade history the title of the course. Under the part of the course Christopher Columbus Colin. On trial. Or what what did the kids are learning in school to learn to hate this country. They're learning that the country's horrible awful place where we do horrible things like slavery we didn't give the women the right to vote soon enough. We we had all these imperialists designs on other countries we did terrible things and add to the Indians really terrible things in Central America. We had a few nice moments with it you know Harriet Tubman and others but other than that. In the country is it has just been a horrible place horrible to gay people horrible awful country. They are taught. This in our schools today. Now they're being taught this race and gender studies are are are infusing. So much of that of the had previously classical. Moments and education it's all infused with that this is racial. Tension in the gender tension and and it's all this is this all according to plan B if you subvert the American understanding in the young then they're gonna grow up. Many of them. To carry that on with them until we don't recognize America anymore until. We don't have that bedrock of American. It's a family's spirit values. That made this country great. Now we have people in Minnesota saying you better respect our culture. The Somali looking into the camera you bitter spats or even a respect our culture we're gonna be the majority sent as as that. Sound byte was we played a couple weeks ago and that debate and not New Jersey you're gonna respect our culture we're gonna be the majority sent. Now is that what the immigrant experiences. It is supposed to they re just was a melting pot a Immelt and our culture we don't change ourselves to be part of York culture. Whether it's an Islamic culture or whether it's some it atheist did nihilistic culture. The American culture was based on liberty individual liberty. As guaranteed by our framers in if you hate our framers and you hate our founding yet shouldn't be in the United States of America you should be teaching our kids. He shouldn't be collecting a salary to state university. EC BD should be somewhere else doing something else maybe in another country may be somewhere far away. But America needs Americans of good conscience a stand up and say. No you won't. We lost millions of good men and women over art to it died it two's centuries plus. 240 years. To fight for the cause of liberty and we're gonna squander it all away because someone says it's it's the American value. Yeah it's it's the it's it's it's the world looking at us if we don't take enough in the refugees. The world's looking at us because we're killing off ourselves. Were killing each other off either physically with the with violence spiritually by not in giving our kids a sense of faith. Morally we see what the culture is Don and end of the left like crazy and the culture and the conservatives for the most part stood on the sidelines. We wonder what countries like it is. We lost the educational world we lost the cultural world and now we're losing demographically. We're losing the American understanding. Trump and crews and in May be ray and Paul and a few others are standing up for. Our founders are framing our constitution our declaration. Which frankly is our only foundation of hope right now. The others you know have some good intentions and I'm sure they're good on some issues but it just that's not what it's gonna take I don't think. 85540 Laura you can react to close this out. Well no longer the minority. We're gonna give a majority salute. The Laura Ingraham show. This is north central Florida's news stations. Here's talk nutty seven point three this guy. Call the Laura Ingraham show 185540. Back channel our anger show remember tomorrow is the big election the Louisiana David bitter. Up against a nasty trial lawyer who is one of Obama's big backers. Louisiana I mean and you guys you all have to go to the conservative side he see this refugee deal breaking down illegal immigration coming in your state. Changing the character this country taken away your jobs and lowering wages you're gonna vote for a Democrat you gotta be kidding me forget he got above for David better. So no big election tomorrow summation turnout and vote let's go to Leo online five Leo go ahead my front. Laura thank you I am who really angered with this government I mean it is the just insult my intelligence. I mean this isn't even a broken clock is right like today and these guys are always on the wrong side it's especially. Alarming to me when they shave that thing these refugees. Religion will not be a part of that when all of them compromise theocracy all of their. How well the Sar had to chaos there but I'm there was a religious test today and Molly if he could cite a Koran verse you escaped right off the bat. You're listening to Laura Ingraham show.