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State Rep Dennis Baxley on the Bob Rose Show

Feb 8, 2016|

February 8 2016

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back you're you're under the Bob Rose show it is 806 time Jack front you buy prestige tase Jewelers. Where the answer is always yes and on the hotline with a state representative Dennis back sleep. Good morning sir how you doing. Morton. They have so great that you keep in touch Willis thanks for. Calling it again today we appreciated. What's the latest on the open Kerry is it still stuck in the senate I presume. Well we had a fantastic debate on the outs and we sent it to them. And we're hoping that. In order to prevail they can always taken out. But there is some blockage there in the senate there's a similar. Situation with campus security we had a long debate on the animal house floor. And the we young passed it out in the out there again we have but I Judiciary Committee hold them on the other side is that. Whether or not this pill is taken out. Those good I sent you get it excuse me who's this senator that's holding up the the open Cary. And T and can people call the their office and and tell them hey let's go let's let's have a vote on this. Eight today today you know let let the people vote in Redmond have one person's pocket that is so chairman ideas don't Kia. The LP recalling. Its chair of judiciary in the senate president asserted you know he's gonna let him make the call. You can also prevail on the senate president to just take it to build the rules jerk but I don't for what's it's over there match. Yeah a lot of people you know have difficulty with it that we see it is kind of you know a game that is played instead of doing the business of the people of the will of the people. A game is being played so somebody who's the head of a committee can have that much power to stop the buildup in its tracks even though it passed. Very well fifth through the house and I think a lot of people that's part of the frustration of government is like wait a second. If it made it that far ahead overwhelming support and you would just as a chairman of a committee. How can somebody that you know why are they allowed to get away with that kind of an action Sydney the head of the senate written you know step up. Well it's a matter of the public speaking and governments and we want to assert you know and and it is very effective when I start hearing. From the constituents that they want to assert. They committee processes or win and we won. You know I'm always the optimist. The good part of that is we winnow out a lot of ills that should never perhaps about money. 90% of built stale because that some intended consequence. We think outweighs. You know solving that one issue. But this is one that has proven record reports about states. That had some form of open security we do you know that law enforcement and others. Do opening Kyrie in order cheap. You know avert violence. It's just there's just a fact that people know that your prepared to some weight in yourself. You're not a soft target. And now and also we have a very narrow you know we've perspective property rights which you don't want accurate on your property in. Express that. Where there are small business actually I think a lot of small business people would benefit. Because so we know that people who conduct robberies cased the place and it's. It's somebody that's in church is scary. Are firm they just go on. In other NATO typically. They almost never attract somebody who aren't. They're looking for softer target. In order conductor Robert so do we say that the benefits and the reduction aren't. Would be worked and the you're talking about one in twenty people twenty million people or one point four million perhaps. Eight. Concealed weapon comments that have been training cleared. And not done a background check on and a lot of them while she's you sort of you're really getting down to small percentage that can make a difference and people just realizing. That people do every and it happens to be in the constitution says and Second Amendment that it's not a right it's not be entrenched. We call a lot in rights around here but this one's actually in the United States constitution. So I'm hoping that'll be respected. Editors. Very important for the people are secure government. You're listening you're paying attention make those phone calls. And let them know that you would like this right protective. Absolutely now the governor wants tax cuts for Florida eons if that first of all where we add on that end. And what would that take the form of how would do we is you know as a citizen. Nom that wears a tax cut going to be where you know where is that money coming from. Well it's definitely the big discussion the good news in this because orders doing better in the revenue projections are. We know that we can take your ongoing servicers. And get folks their money back it's their money so that it's a re. Utilized in Greece agreed date invigorate the economy. And that actually if you do the right acts that's you produce more rapid and a lot of people don't understand that what they spend money on text when we needed this that the other now if you. Invest back into the economy we're giving your peace the people their money back reach him. When you are successful. As an economy than it fuels that to continue to grow and they actually turn in more revenue in the next year although we're actuary. Strictly keep pick specific things like one of our favorite sister reduce the sales taxed. On rental for. Commercial site. Many many small businesses are structured where they're having to pay this tax on internal transaction. Real estate self. And separate entity. So that's one of my favorites in most states. Don't have this because. It's oppressive against so activity or perhaps the recover from customers. So there's you know there's just don't really pay taxes. What they do use collect tax from consumers because. It's that if they don't recover their tax money. They closed up then you know sentenced in tax money. So if you if you understand that dynamic you realized charts and it's tax cuts and there's nature's. Will benefit everyone also sells tax holiday it's when urged sales. And when there and there are a buyer tax slide. For example on our school. School tax exemption dates we actually haven't increase in revenue because people are out by. Jerrells that we school. And so we're gonna have several restaurants and that'll be the big debate between the someone else sorting out. Which ones are actually more effective. At stimulating the economy. And that's what will result in conference together. So thank you governor will be able to do a victory lap on the would come close. And the then that the senators in their budget is promoting the idea of the economic stimulus. EST per 250 million. Source in approach for out of an eighty plus billion dollar budget. To reinvestment and economy get one more jobs higher paying jobs here I agree with that slot speak. He may have to make some concessions about how that it's whoever how much but I think we get that point. Make some improvement that has paid off we're growing we're leading country in job recruit. And that means that families. On the bachelor and you can give a friendly to prosper. It's a good job in the private sector. Absolutely one of the things I I've seen some ads for the seminal Indian tribe in the gambling compact. The asking to extended or it's a good thing what exactly is being debated in Tallahassee when it comes to our agreement with the Seminole tribe. Well you can't move one piece of the puzzle and appear mutual world without affecting everything else. So while that would return about three million in agreement. It also. Does some very serious handicapping tumor marker mutual interest. And then many notes are quite concerned about just accelerating that dependency. On an extremely gambling. It's it's open lose situation bunch people have to lose somebody when I'm out so it's winner. That you know most people are only human establishments they don't Campbell there's been no. It's really not a game change at its program to. Take the money. And then somebody it's still winsome. So. Areas that the train of thought out there that I'm not doing some restructuring. Of are there or mutual industry. We're actually. Allowing. Expansion but fault I'm not updating regulations. Are also quite a battle over decoupling. Where it's horse racing which they racetracks many of them would you rather run slot machines and card rooms. Rather than configuration Morse is that the sponsor sports. There's billions of dollars on the horse industry is Earl out to take this route. And not so they're quite a push back when you look at all the small businesses in north Central Florida. Error merge five dollars that are from our horse farms. In our careers. It's probably involving about 20000 jobs in order and probably fifty billion dollar industry could be virtually killed. So who does their appear big questions that remain piece in the puzzle you keep that one will be. Affecting others so that is being hashed out of your proposal from what else. Most of these are hard putting thing together he is it's a very competitive industry. No one wants the other person gets some advantage the most famous quote from me as one of former speaker got you talker that's represented some appear mutual's. All he does want is a little unfair advantage. You think Newton. One more odd question and I'll let you go all the house and the senate. You still about a billion dollars apart calm on the budget do you think you're gonna get that cleaned up in and done in the regular session. Now it seems like a lot but there are many different ways that money flows through traps and some Maria current science groups nonrecurring items. It it's why we have that's such cherry. Forman where they drew up budget we draw budget. Offer stability to piece by piece section much action. Lara two engines together and we hopefully they've got enough stuff from their that the government and its proposed budget. That he's comfortable science and virtually always got the left side with a want to beat. Right well we we appreciate you keeping in touch with us and all the important things are going on in. Tallahassee in the state representative actually thank you sir. Thank you I think we're on track for good landing and I think floors moving onward and. Sounds good to me that's great news thanks again Cirque is eighteen or above rose showed. 877. 9759825. Broncos' Super Bowl champs you surprised by that Manning goes out with a big old smile. And then the GOP they had a debate Saturday night and Marco Rubio may have. Been beat up a little bit finance fully Chris Christie. What do you think about that that much more coming up news talk 97.3 this guy hang up.