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Gainesville Mayoral Candidate Lauren Poe states his case for Gainesville's top job

Mar 11, 2016|

Jay Anderson Show - March 10 - 7;30AM

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If you are a victim of identity theft like flocks US based team of specialists. Will work. To resolve your case so you can have peace of mind or your long now that something to look forward to. Memberships start just 99 and on a month plus applicable tax call 804404033. Of his wife like dot com. Now use the promo code Russia at 10% on your membership like flock. Promo code rush at 804404833. Hear about it first talked. Seven point three disc. 736 o's guy welcome back it is the Bob wrote show clubs all doing bike week. Lauren well good morning sorry you don't tonight. Good orange I don't. Dolan duo about a white had to dive FCC demands that the U laurel beer right now so that way out to get sued by anybody. Thank you rode up and I I was about to go on air itself not voting trip like your blow this off. Assert. This it was drive and an. I thought our. Our let me get into a couple of different things that the first thing I've always wanted to ask you when I heard you were running for mayor of Gainsville. I I seem to recall when you last served on the county commission idea of young daughter I guess a baby that was just born. And he said do a moment you wouldn't spend time with your family you know that as a as of fodder of a couple of young kids. Have they driven you crazy that quickly the eve party decided to run back to politics. By the time it's been it's been a great year off and I'm so glad that I've taken it it's it's. It didn't really. Awesome to meet the around all the time and I thought long and hard about you know whether or not at the time and energy. Are back in that why it encouraged me and I. I'd oldest daughter is our biggest supporter it and they say you know go or we know you'll hear hear all and it. And so I'd jump back and I'm I am looking back. Fair enough I'll one of the criticisms and a lot of folks have one there at city of Gainesville residents. And I guess to some extent people outside the city that are like Gainesville regional utilities customers is the the high electric rates the biomass plant. Now you were all of the commission I do believe won the biomass plant contract was finalized. Any regrets about how you know than the way to rates did it a go on up because that or or bill do you think it's a good thing or do you think there's. Long term benefits dog but the biomass planeload of. Well yeah they taken a long term as an epic greatness in excellent. And as well there's a lot there. And fortunately turned commission has not taken advantage of those those opportunities and so. We do things like rework the terror struck sir that that this past year raise rates as a customer. And anybody. We need in our troops and our users and go into their homes and help them learn how to use less energy. We have a group that. It is it's a challenge and you somewhere between a 10200 dollars investment. Lowers people's bills between 20/20 percent immediately as an intricate and sort of this in the long run. Think that we're gonna see that great benefits. That decision. I don't watch these these are regulations take ten. Just yet. You know one of the things that what the cubs the G are you of the biomass plant a lot of folks were mad at. Hunting or the the former GM my cereal the whole thing is look hunt tiger was brought in because the commission at the time one a day biomass plant he brought it to home. The complex of the commission changed the governor hum figure they got Ed below our ski and they're now. I have you have an opportunity to meet mr. block you know what can have a job to think he's done so far taking over the Helm of GR yeah. Yeah I'm not the only commission. You know since he's really Bennett and how. You know and so I reserve judgment to really get a chance to. They have about just what he's doing now what is long term vision urging her uterus. There's been a lot of sick. An international staff. So I wanna talk to him about what he you know what he's planning on doing an. And it ECQ are you positioning you have five years from ten years from now on and thirty years. Our conversation with Gainesville mayor oral candidate Loren poll the election itself the coming up on Tuesday the fifteenth of this month what do Yuri registered Democrat or Republican is in mid tier are are registered voter in the city of game tomorrow you are eligible to vote for the mayor's race. A small one of the things that came up in recent weeks was 88 resolution passed by city commission. A welcoming city resolution. Voted unanimously by the city a lot of folks are concerned that could lead to the Syrian immigrants and that kind of thing coming into the city we had a gains hole. A city mr. Todd chase for the program taken a lot of heat from the listeners. About pass him as a welcoming city resolution what are your thoughts on on on a resolution like that. There's always that welcoming city and we worked international city by the nature of the university we have such strong pop. You know dozens of different countries around the world top. You either teach Ers that he at the university they bring their cameras with them. I and so it's important that we are multi cultural policy that we understand. And and welcome that differ you know sort of believes in cultural customs. Different people on the and so that would support that started and chased it to me for that because it was the right thing to do. I'd see you agree with Ed Redick does that also voted in favor of that one. However politics sometimes tends to get a little bit ugly there's been some stuff that seemed lately in the news about. Some attack mailers that some folks think that your campaign at sent out. That were a little bit negative towards the current mayor Ed Bradley. You say that you had not been there without souls what set up by state money. Was there a second mailer sent out those more closely affiliated to your campaign. We have not had anything negative out not my style. All the races one we always been positive. And they're there's reasons for that say what is net. I don't believe it doing it I don't believe that it helps elections that houses it is certain people all government. And actually opposite of what I want out. It's as I think it works. Believe that what the state party's been doing his record are campaign. Because of local races where people really know the candidates didn't. Hotmail and negative ad and you can't turn people off. The person you want to go to war not on himself I'm very ups let them I told them I don't think they are openly but I think they're hurting our election. We will lose this election and I believe it because he because of that. Lauren I know one of the things your frat but a big supporter of visit the opens streets though that the body shut down University of Maine and that people politics of fast below the double a couple of times that would open streets. I. Look I. When it comes to be active streets that look Gainsville and and people get mad about it yeah pike lanes or whatever but again that's the kind of city to Gainesville as both university to up especially like that. How do you create a balanced look at a lot of folks that live outside the city outside mechanical work with a in the city limits that obviously biking or take a bus is necessarily an option. How do you make a balance between people to do ride their bike to work everyday and having an opportunity. And people might be driver from 2030 miles out to make traffic flow in the city. Yeah so you know my main priority gently at IR. Palaces that I believe that our first focus should be a or. How hard it in the last arch in years those are those in my opinion are preventable passed. An. And so instead of looking at whether you know transportation policy is better for blockers or bikers or writers or people in cars. We should look at what makes our roads the safest. Mode of transportation possible. And Michael has your debts aren't our 20/20 five and so how are trying to balance. At fair enough because lark I get about a minute or so loud so I have. Lawyer supporters are cheering behind view tell the folks what they should go look at the ballot for you went Election Day rolls rather it will early voting or election they'll the fifteenth. Take it might have record speaks for itself I've not been a strong advocate for all residents and gain so regardless of where they live report their income is or what their beliefs are. Rational person in the midst of some content irrational. My work and now I believe and I can bring integrity actually call. Alarm poll hey thank you so much for your time you gotta get back to work at there it said a play. Get that worked out and a bus to look at the election will be talking to assume thank you for your time. Thank you to you have been that. Guys there they go Lauren polo running for the Gainsville may your position again. If you're registered Democrat or Republican you get a vote no Democrat or Republican prime presidential preference primary. If you're registered voter in the city of Gainesville what you or not under one of the parties. You still can vote for the Gainesville mayoral election that elections on the fifteenth and of course we'll have complete results of that. That night of the fifteenth and analysis on Wednesday the sixteenth. 745 this guy 877 W sky talk 8779759825. Wrap up our number two program next on the sky.