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Trump a Racist? Soundoff...

Mar 17, 2016|

Bob Rose Show 3-17-16 9am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I know seven out of La Rochelle live local news delivered today time Jack brought to you by. These days Jewelers for the answers always ask Dick Patrick's day. I used to be wet and agreed. And in not you deserve to get pinched. And I. Is that him forget this year suffer guide in years past sick I get a pretty early fibers accidental. Really does Nancy doesn't go in green in my you might know. Old. And many guys near the green giant said and now the boss man's listening to me that's that's one starts right direction I swear wasn't wrestling in the dark and separate the green shirt outlook you can you can say what you want case this suits your listening to you don't. Did you all listen MA but I know you do and that's good no that's a good thing. We want to win willow makes this radio station great. Again. That's right ma. As. Listen we've been discussing Donald Trump. And down. One of the reasons why. I voted form is because he's a businessman. And I've always felt like that he has been something that has been lacking. And we need somebody who understands business because. We need to get people working again and not just work in because everybody you know unemployment slow now that people are making crap wages sorry about to be you know the term but really. Wages are our backward from where they where they've gone doubt. And then of course everybody's got to pay more because of obamacare so that makes you know your paycheck even smaller. So it's tough and I think OK I think a guy like this might make a difference in Washington. Now I could be wrong. We've had presidents that say no new taxes and raise taxes we've had presidents that say I'm not gonna nation build and they had to nation build. And there was this president it's and now it's going to be the most transparent. Washington DC. Couldn't be further from the truth. So are we always gonna get what we're promised of course not. But in this case you cannot deny the demand has not been successful. In the business world. And of other issues I grant you that but I think economics. Is critically important. Out to Americans. The economy affects every aspect of our lives it affects families and if you believe that. You know I strong family unit is the key to a good society and a and a strong America. Then you wanna support people are gonna bring a better stronger economy. That's its import it so important and is important where you have more money to give to charities. Maybe Mamas didn't or daddies can work less hours is spent more time of their children which benefits everybody in the long run. Well when we're all struggling mom and dad both work in jobs. You know get it not getting paid much of a wage struggling to get buy in now. Not as much time spent with the kids or if you're single parent household. That struggle the economy can help. It cure everything that certainly can help a lot of those issues. Rose bud you're on the air. Take more about being heard is that you were rated strategic air but the question I have is did you get that he shared our drug seizure for doctor would get nowhere around. Yeah do you do where he lived out here where it may. I've I've elbow happier outlook I'm not surprised he had been duct taped up I trade away you bet you drop all the time that has dropped that's allowed you look at the and it and united they got it did not part of radiate bacon and everything it in the did they hit the bank while watching a movie put. Sky radio usually ended up. If they ever do you they had gotten paid what. You know why you trap heat check however they only had one of great danger of our party in Asia and hey Johnny and get video that put it on the apple product I walked. Yeah really may have hit. Conservative talk radio calls of de L get paid by at Hillary supporter on the air. It is not. That radio team I. Why aren't. My blood and his guts what a combination. Line there I have to think about it not getting it. And duct tape to opine injury what is always maintain using come but Fino that beat. That I'd be more appropriate right. Won't get it. Impediments and so again. I I take part of it. We duct tape you. To a pine tree in a truck shirt and you get taste Berle. Wait a second might like duct tape to a pine tree that was what he was gonna do jag. And I've yet may end there I love Rocco you're on the air. Hey Barbara you don't listen. You know I'm anything but a racist and I don't care what people think but I'll tell you why this is not about race and racism in the more. People branding Donald Trump a racist because of this. The question remarks that he made it may have made let me tell you what it's all about it's all about the white people are white people. Being segregated against we we have become we we have become the people that are. Being picked on by the black people because there's been told that we don't like him and now we're all racists. This is reverse discrimination. Donald Trump is doing what Donald Trump does that time when a white men have to feel uncomfortable moment to a black lace. Are black men have to because they're comfortable with to a slightly shocked at what you Wear. It's a shame it's really really a game. Think about it in today's world if you were branded that way if you're branded a racist. I mean whit. If that's even they have been destroyed your character. If there are effective in doing that airs how do you come back from that. Steven your own about Rochelle. And I can't thank you there at the dirt because you know you want to eliminate thing there have been broken. I'll eliminate you U wants Luke. I'll wake up and their candidate they lacked the country. Illegal aliens are damaging the economy. Not to mention coming and the old easily. Yeah. The outlook on extremists coming in with the so called G. And you know try to judge. Yeah I know I look. When it comes to. Immigration. I think when he said we shouldn't let any Muslims and I've honestly I think that that was wrong. If you would have said hey I don't think we need to let anybody and right now from the from the Middle East or maybe anywhere. For a tip for a temporary period until we can get. You know the nomenclature the apparatus in place the wet or we can make sure that you know were only getting you know decent people. Yen. Why don't we. What what in the world I asked is everybody go. Why do we why we made it feel like we're bad or guilty because we don't want to leave our front door wide open. You imagine if you lived and neighborhood and somebody goes hey Bob you like your door might. Well I don't know why I grew up you know I grew up in Detroit and you know. You know crime was a reality so you know we lock our doors now we don't do that here. And we don't we don't like it when you do Newman as. I'd say well if you only your door unlocked to you can do that but I'm not mine. Why do we as a sovereign nation feel like we hold the world something I don't I still for the light to me don't understand. And it and it and if you say things like debt they wanna coney some kind of big something. I'm not a bigot I'm using common sense here I'm using logic. We need to take a timeout the world is a dangerous place why do we might import danger. Oh don't worry you know. It here look here's to five gallons of milk I know at least four of them are absolutely pristine or what about the fifth one. I don't know there might be some bacteria in there that's not good for amateur. You say no no thanks. Right. I mean if you know. Here on the Bob Lucio. There my wife's. Spaniards to avalanche came here legally married. And she category Carnoustie. About two weeks cup can the US citizens finally. And nudge you a 100% for Donald chops register to vote yesterday should bode armor out so she she can't wait for November she. As an American now sees and understands what's going on she can't believe that anybody would be against America. Stopping that greater than the other cartels from controlling our order. And and just enforcing our laws are here compared to Mexico's immigration law are certainly yet. It's actually lost a lot of friends are that's they you know she just laughs and decided that Donald Trump race. What about what about a behaving women tendency concerned about that. I get equipment that's a ball which. It educate women and that's assembled really like a concurrent. Now some people don't like him because he would see his very but you know brash NEC has this attitude that that's a completely different thing right. Earlier on the air. Arianna immigration. It's officially the twentieth feared that started an attention here. Illegal immigration. Of flooding across to borders but anyway we have eight it Bellini I had to. They should be called biggest upfront the then shoved. Finally people are listening but. And we have a chance to do something local in the city commission to meets tonight. Color after 636630. Or so they're going to have some what the final vote on welcoming city. Welcoming singing little bomb went to an executive order to you've gained the amnesty issue he could not taxed. And so we're talking about making as many 25 million illegals. And welcoming him needing to welcome. Anybody normally go if I guide item folks. Here's what I want you know why you go to that meeting tonight Gainesville city. Commission meets. And they're gonna sign a proclamation whatever set and they're gonna say it's innocuous and don't worry does have an effect whenever there's wanted him. How watchers say aren't we already are welcoming city. Why do we need yes we are welcoming city why don't we need this vote no. Slow no commissioners. We are already a welcoming city. You're right it's it's it's it's a dirty old the underground secret us don't know we're already a welcoming city. Don't have to sign a proclamation. Gainesville city commission. Yup plot just. Not eighteen all of Bob Rose show this Thursday march 17 domains at Saint Patrick's Day. Have a happy when I got a ton more coming up thing. Happy Saint Patrick's Day everybody game. Here now. I love it. And it's Thursday the weekends right here and appear Irish your weekend starts right now hello hey. Path. Now it's still a little bit longer. And thanks for tuning in appreciated Todd Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers were the answers always yes I wanna give you NH RA Gator nationals tickets family oil. Coming to town start stick practice in today tomorrow Saturday Sunday the big days. All you have to do is text the word power. POW ER power extent to seven to anyone messaging data rates apply. Got six minutes to win the five minutes now to win those tickets and then you've got a little over half an hour. To win the grand prize of the burnout zone package text and HR. Age seven to 881 message data rich black thank you. We do every two other. The president with a pitchfork was up. And more about yeah I'm smile a little bit because rock or iron on the same page this morning it makes me smile but. I heard you talking about learn the culture to the gym and all that I think a lot of this what you're seeing the support for trump is we head. Eight years of half black racists in the White House and everybody has seen it it's obvious how he came now for every incident that happened. And on the side of a certain group. And and people have been for the last twenty years that you're labeled a racist people have been so scared just like you say. The worst thing can be called a racist. Well people are sick of it and they realize that no matter what they do. And how not race if they are there you know once you labeled a racist is nothing you can do about it so if you don't care. And there. You're sick of it and that's why I think is a huge backlash that they can't play trumpet didn't so much support not because the people racist it's because the people who are racist I get sick and tired of being labeled as racist. And then once you got the label. You're not you can do but just like you say. It's it while it's like reverse. White guilt. You know it's a reverse white guilt many people may be supported Obama because it like line. I think you'd be great to have like the first black president. So we get it in soda out of guilt or whatever and so you do that. And now there's kind of a backlash. I just reverse way Gilles at this jacket. Wait a second global wait a second. Wait we've got to quit. This dividing people by the color of their skin or all Americans. All right we all want the country to do well we want the economy. To pick up. And any you have to wonder and the powers are that they wanna keep us in this little skirmish this'll smaller it's the small sink in now. It's small think let's fight these little easel skirmishes easel bass and racism is a very convenient way. For the big powers that be to pull her little strings and in in get people riled up at each other that's that's a one like. And of course there's the rich and a pork card that they play. Now left and right cards you know all this yanking of the strings. And then we'll never really talk about you know the Federal Reserve then and will never really talk about you know how the big bankers really run the show. And you know okay I don't care really about this it it's so. Small ball for them but it keeps us busy. And out. Charlie you're on the air. Our partners are good example our Abbott Saint Patrick's Day. How in the heck did we get to a point where we have mayor urged telling the world. That we're not gonna follow federal walls over immigration. And how this every year management senator. Who swears uphold the constitution. You know this happens. And up and there's no results. That's why I believe Donald Trump is also well if you get pulled over port street ticket you don't pay its share. You're going to have hell. And yet we hear people be into port over Purdue UR Shreveport times. And are not even American traditions. Yeah up and then they'd do they try to deport them and they don't go and commit other crimes and yeah I I think there's something to it. When the US people who are here illegally that actually get better treatment on almost every level. Than the common citizen would. There is something wrong that is they're not. 929 on the Bob Rose show live and local news talk 97.3 this guy. Morning and welcome 938 and above Rochelle live and local thanks for Julianne. Let me say Patrick's day. Up to celebrate be careful use designated driver. I use Hoover. Telecast. Now stay home. And you can celebrate without alcohol yeah. Now smokes a meg green but. I just didn't happen. Man zero shots yeah wake you up. 8779759825. Page while we were out talking about racist stuff muzzle though this one in their. Have you have bug Christian mingled dot com. What does that as a dating web site before. Christians. If you're not a Christian I guess stayed do you feel left out or. It's Christians or your brother Christians mating. I'll be careful on Alan by the way she yet. Yeah there's lots of folks who can't use that as. They're getting Deanna. The game get through the border whatever nonsense anyway. Others are time dot com that's for old people. I guess I'm probably in their now ranked fifteenth and for from. Black people meet dot com. As a black people wanna date other black people. Oh. Is that okay. Well it's okay to me is it okay. You know where this is headed right now there's a website. I dating site they you can go to Wear white people meet dot com. Alone. No. These folks I know jumped in this. Really to become the money maker. Apparently he's dating sites or whatever and while the dating industry I guess I have to include in this but the dating industry. Is it 20 billion dollar a year industry. While forty million Americans visit dating sites every year according to match dot com. So these folks in Salt Lake City all we. People Salt Lake City brother. And just getting new basketball team and on all. Did I just Donald Trump lies myself up. Man. Stanton and Jodi Ross Sul. See they could be related to Bill Russell. Are the masterminds behind a two month old dating website where white people meet they launched a business with a giant billboard their hometown of Salt Lake a rejoin the population is more than 90% white. We are not racists at all our lifestyle shows at the things we do the people we associate with. Yet if you live in an area that's 90%. White and you have any black friends. That's pretty good and we look form you know like. Did I noticed. Now you look kind of black are you an idea allies. Now there's not many in the neighborhood answers aren't who we be friends we hang out. The billboard caused such a sense that this city made him take it down. Now Sam Russell knew that their website was going to be controversy oh they expected a backlash from it in fact. They were open to turn a profit from the site has been the butt of many jokes from late night talk show hosts. And it could you know because you can talk about race in the whole online dating thing. Russell said users on their side are not required to check a white racial preference nor are they kicked off for not being light. Even though the name would suggest otherwise. Because you know you paid if you gotta pay you pay a little feeding right to be on those. Those dating web sites now. I'm not one OK so you know it's. It they're making money off of that. And should you have a problem that. Where white people meet when black people meet dot com no problem Christian mangled dot com no problem our time for old people no problem. But it. Where white people may not come problem. There that they there this. There is something uncomfortable about it though isn't there. All ended it does it also attract some weirdos to that site yes. And they had to have constantly kicked people off. Tell your own above rose show. Our encourage everyone to attend a game built city commission meeting tonight at 10 PM that they know it's a welcome and cities I'll follow it why. Or urged the city commission in last month and commissioner chase specifically. Like to inform him and other commissioners on some bookmakers agree surged. They appear unaware of mushy now online. Last month and on the joke I would development cities sponsor that. Myself that the Thomas center two months ago and I have a Berkeley professor who preserved very anti American view to the audience. They also have a room wherever Weber treated to a church that was discussed ways to try to bring in here and refugees. She gained bill. And Paul actually lied to the commission about that. Meeting. Thank you and excess welcome an option and our shared named Angela Joseph was interviewed. And here's you quotes shouldn't chewed out by David Knight so. Is this for all immigrant or illegal and Angela joked that quote it for all so we are not differentiating. We are talking about immigrants in general and quote. Here's my question that a person illegally breaks in your home. And is not a crime and major community keep the issue what's different the breaking into our country which is also our home. Should we welcome criminals and tore moment city. They've retired now. Thank you thanks for being active thanks for doing your research and apparently the people on the city commission if they're not done their research or they've done it and they think it's okay. Now I'm way DO. Nostradamus you're on the air. I'm Robin nick Matt and I hope they know it's okay if you don't like people it's okay. But I thought I'd post lieutenant arms got him yesterday at about Normandy aren't smooth. Rules committee members whose approval in about somebody I'm emotional. And it was very little. The Asian let me let me ask for the giants remember this group is what we had a primary. So that's a good question would kick in other words you Rhode over the matter because he says the other Russian shipments movement look it up. It into them and god said let. If people in this country anywhere I don't understand that moved the primary that people don't unlock the nominee the party dad. This time I just took one thread on this golf those proposed proposed link to it its current about those strong start to let child torn. And that's cut to twenty in that the American League east loop that this crazy. Yeah no rights and I totally believe it and in. Whoever has most of the popular vote at that point if they're not the nominee everybody obese seeing that is playing games and ice. It'll hurt the Republican Party and I might not be able to come back. I'm 46 and above rose show time now to turn a frown upside down only healthy positive things we've told things that makes you smile it's brought to you by Robin. Larson dental. And you can finder like ground FaceBook. Golly now pleased right now 8779759825. Oh. He won the Bob Rose showtime now for things that make you smile good upbeat positive thoughts brought to you by Robin Larson dental finder like you're on FaceBook. You'll be glad you did I call now please 877. 9759825. And Pete what's making me smile. Yesterday I was at the drug store getting some copies. Of a photograph printed it whistle. Pitchers in my little dog. And the ladies. At the counter that would help me with the pictures. That she was a beautiful property and she is now a little bit he's just so beautiful and that just made me smile back to Bob. And all very nice. Was a dog and a drum teacher up. Getting. Awesome date was may Nissan. Good morning. I'm just going to remind you about the irishman who stayed out all night the rain and his name was patio furniture. Now and I didn't know what was pride Nikki gallon guide naked eye what's what's an Irish seven course may. A potato and a six pack thing you've heard shots. Wow. So that's. You know that's that's what my family. You know comes from. And I've put up that. President Jack. It is OK I don't know why it's okay. But it is. So we all have to not be offended. At least not by what I said. Brandon what's making you smile. Hey Bob back and better making eight mile about extreme form in the air act's. Why can't that we're gonna have a hearing in the house Ways and Means Committee subcommittee on tax policy. Week after an act it's a burst of several hearings. That second one yet we're gonna have a Eric act app. It's gonna be downloadable for everybody that a bank can connect up what Americans big solution. Iowa let me know when that happens completely up and running and available enough. Be happy to pass settle on people Charles what's making you smile. Well I mean smiled Bobby's viewed. You you'd just went up in front of stature while you vote for Donald Trump book but what really making me I'll be pulled out right. Yet not in the loop in that aren't up in the win in that debate. It was a low light to pit bulldogs colonel and call him in the unit yet not in the game it looked stranded tearing down. And you probably have a chance of one of wow who knew it. I've looked like in the while he pulled the rug out from. Are you in a meager. Thanks Bob. Have a what's he gonna do when he asked him meet. Hillary did vault pit bull Clinton. And end debate there they Dave what's made you smile. You know what you recognition value of our inspired me and start I don't date dating side among white guy but it's going to be lax our worst always. Christian. Bikers. For archiving. And trump six JO. IQ. Let them but you wannabes if anything the US commodity niche but but broadly niche if you wanna make money at it like like how about this like. Not sad old white dude wants super. Hot. Young chick who makes at least a hundred grand a year. Now you wouldn't have any women Sampson at dating so he hit a lot of guy isn't there a way to a second. There he invented out what was it called. Was it called nick. The woman they really solid name's Paul OS is Madison Jeff writes yes very did now know that was for Harry. Fat white to put this stuff. Parting shot. Brought to you buyer transit ticket weaponry is next thing on. Doesn't. He know about gross showtime now for your parting shot brought you back picket the weaponry. Flatly Saint Patrick's Day. So I'll tell you a joke to my dad told me a long time ago he be a 102 if you were alive today so yeah. So why god bless him and Saint Patrick's Day I was reminds me of my mom and dad up. Adam and eve were Irish got he looked down at her and said O'Hair she looked at him and said. O'Toole on behalf of nick got Bob Rose god bless you and a family felt like her Saint Patrick's Day.