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MCSO Major Terry BOvaird talks about counterterrorism measures

Mar 24, 2016|

Bob Rose - Mar 23 - 8AM

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Mears talked knotty seven point three best guys. I. Local time check brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers with the answers always yes. Special guest in the studio major Terry Devard and the major. Is an expert in nine anti terrorism tactics and he joins us this morning. Good morning major rating on Morgan thank you army air we've got the the situation in Brussels. You know other than big stuff that we got from the news is there is there anything that you wanted to add to it I guess ice this is now claiming responsibility for these deaths. Yeah they are and you know of course is that that the hard thing is you're really people understand today is that. Yeah I mean what do we view how do we what do what do how to react to there what do we look forward to the indicators for the us over here. How does it affect us here in United States you know they I think the sad thing about it is that the morning that I woke up in this all the new attacked you know it didn't surprise me. And then of course going to be honest with an hour later that concerned me the spot that OK it was just another tack and and and we become hardened. ABC news actually had a headline that said. In now was not not the hotbed of terrorism in other words so like like it was a surprise unexpected but when he actually read the article. Brussels. Is sticks out. As a possible hotbed of activity because and it even states in the article of this theory is that you know. People were very much in denial. About problems and issues related to refugees. Andy immigrants and in Muslim extremists and all that. And now it's it's come to roost. Well I mean oh go together as you don't talk about radicalized. Islamic things like that grip he status and stuff like that. Yeah those are all things that you are there are in the forefront conversations here in United States who we should be talking about this. You know and we talk about you know being politically correct and and you know not not talking about. Things like that but you know the reality is that. If that is what is the intelligence is telling us that we need to make it sure we pay attention to that. Around you know I'm not doing my job. Nor any other law forced off through their job in the state of Florida if we we don't look at the intelligence is coming out of these events. And pay attention of those events or communities and drive that information board and and do something with a Norris the public doing their part and you know people should be aware you know is something doesn't look right it probably isn't than that they they need to make a phone call. Well let let's talk about that a little bit on. Why why would do this area north Central Florida vPro to any time an attack when the terrorists in general want. High profile things so when I think of Florida I think. Tampa Miami Jacksonville and the attractions area around Orlando. But that's not always the case is. And now and then and those are good places but you know you also have Ben hill Griffin stadium right here. I don't the capacity years but got 80000 or so so you got an event where there's 80000 people and an arena. And you know the arena in Paris one much different so. You know Ben hill Griffin up here at the sleepy little Gainsville small community. Is. You know it you look at the demographics in the number citizens you go back these two things I look at your Hamilton Hamilton County Chattanooga. Where the attack was over their two recruiter station you know as. Is that 101000 people more than what Mary county is so in marrying Kenny and I'll watch count has the same or very close to same number citizens. So were were not that far off from where these people are attacking it and you know good college is a perfect opportunity. For some decent appear. And but there's a lot of things that go on behind the scenes of most people know. That we've done since 9/11 to protect those assets and Ben hill Griffin stadium is a different. There things that we do here during college games that. You know that give us a level security. I don't know if you can answer this announcement do you keep an eye on. The group psychology is always attractive groups that are wanna stand up or have an agenda for. All kinds of various causes. And you know be do you keep your eye on groups that maybe you wouldn't consider. Radicalized per say but you could see here how the dialogue may be changing I mean is there anybody keeping and I down that. You know I think I think the citizens of America very comfortable allow people the opportunity of free speech we welcome that. You know what we do look at Gaza with the is that if we receive intelligence information on individuals that lead us to believe there some sort. Nexus the connection to. Terrorist type activity or. You conversation that would maybe Gaza gives some concern. You know the we have the right YouTube monitor their activities in and look at them. And or any other associates that with them and then the next purely intelligence. Aspect. Knock criminal offense of sometimes there's a big difference in most people understand that there's there there's a different Everest between criminal. Information investigations and the intelligence community how we gather that data and what we can do with a intelligence state as an example can be kept for three years in a database. Without that continuing investigation of that person's ability to me involved and activity after three years has B purge. So goes away. So we have it as example YouTube. Furthers their intelligence followed you tune in here. You know and and and basically Jay had moved out of our community. As long as the two years still conversing that intelligence data pockets they acted we continue to look at. But there has to be some sort of a nexus or are clear connection or proper etiquette or any thing. That took crime. You can't be just you two talking about how you don't like the government while there's a lot of people like the government. You know it has to be more like look we all liked government and because that were not take this action and it doesn't mean I'm a stand on armed protest. It means that I'm gonna go do some room at all that in the near future. In San Bernardino there were neighbors that you know thought the activities of other neighbors were piano kind of suspicious but. And a politically correct world it's California and really everywhere else now. They didn't they didn't wanna say anything to law enforcement because they you know they didn't want to be seen as people who are profiling. And and you are great you know kind of a great answer for that tell people what what they can do and what they should look for. Well they they you mean there's obviously there's a campaign out there about see something say something in and and that's what try to push down if you see something that's unusual. That you just don't feel right about doesn't look good doesn't seem right. You know you need to act on arson on the licences law enforcement officers are trained to trust those gut instinct and even those gut instincts are covered in case law. Were both police officers said look at that just didn't seem right didn't feel right so I took a little closer look at it. And because at that led to a raster and and move the case to criminal system. And what we encourage the public is do the same thing. Don't look at somebody but because the way there draster the way they talk early the way they look. But if they see some sort of criminal activity or something that just looks strange. Let us now. So it's behavior base it on behavior not necessarily appearance when you're doing it just an appearance assays and people look like. You know there are have differ merry different than us that's that's not good but. If you say a look get some neighbors and there's a lot of packages and lot of people coming and going and now. You know I just seems like the activities the activities in the way people are behaving. Causes some flags to go open mama. It does you know dip mean difference what what makes this nation great pride in all attention. But give me an example where in a case hammering county where we had a guy that ordered eight cases. Masks those those those kind of mass that you use filters wit. That that help filter out particularly guy really bad allergies yeah yes so he needed eighty masks and so wins so when that happened in the company. The company said hey we got a guy marrying panic on opposite. Al wanna I wanna or these eighty. Cases of these masks like the match you where you go to filter routes does he asked sectarian or any other kind of utilities in a more high tech I don't know like whatever fire icons are just look at what you gonna go by an armed surplus store. You know that company said you know this is not rise. So we went took a look at that and it was as it turned out to be. And a place where these things are being drop ship there and then re ship somewhere else so that is odd man. Hands. Others are currently an active investigation on that. So it if you had a neighbor that you are seeing receiving a bunch UPS packages are UPS driver was delivering about UPS packages. From a company called you know MS say that they that's what they ship as those high quality high in mass yeah it does hurry and call right. We're not take the information take a look at things go okay what does this mean who uses Guile wisely giving it. And who knows how it's been the law and ward goes we were keenly have cases out of our jurisdiction here. That reached clearly crossed to. The state of Washington. Now that I'm more. You know that that we work with the joint terrorism task force you don't know what that one little piece is going to be and that's what we want. We've got to take a break when we return on askew about two. The these refugees. And and you know what hot how do we react how to leave it deal with this kind of an issuing no way you this year just got back from Charleston in a meeting. I'm talking about that so we're gonna ask you about that. We have a conversation right now with a major Terry the Bard of these Marion county sheriff's office an expert in terrorism. We'll continue that dialogue next on news talk 97.3 this guy. John you don't learn from history what you're doomed to repeat weekdays at three I'd be seven point three. Kate's money till about Rochelle live and local special guest in the studio major Terry but barred from Americana sheriff's office who has expertise in terrorism anti terrorism. And he joins us this morning and in I'm glad you could make it and we appreciate your expertise and we talked about Brussels a little bit. Now let's talk about refugees says the government has a refugee reselling program and some of these are Syrian refugees it doesn't mean they're all bad folks but. Tell me about some of the issues related to you know the problem they present. Well Europe if I was standing here and I was just on me personally have these issues you know it it it doesn't care a lot away but. You know as we move about the United States and talk to people go to seminars and and and when when we have people at high levels department Homeland Security command. And tell us about the refugee process and how works and how there and works and are very comfortable there are and and by. Air and meaning hey we found these people. And they were living in a refugee camp. And we've decided that they're OK and we Gergen and locate him to the US so that's there. Or an event that's on their part that's are part starts right hand there's the but they're the concern is is what happens beyond her before that man. That daddy and his apart they cannot guarantee they're they're tough on us the I cannot tell you that they're the actual refugee process from point they talk to on to win they come out of their country. That we can guarantee you that information because it is so spotty is so questionable. You really don't know. You know so when they stand up there and ask is are we tell that they asking does that tell us that. You got to be concerned about the whole refugee process and that when they talk about case studies. Of word refugees have come to United States and been arrested and charged with some euros or. Ices and terrorism. You've got to wonder you know are they are they are right there there is a problem on there and we do you have various cases there's one at a Bowling Green. Word guy was arrested and another person. That basically was a refugee out of Syria. Where he believed that he was. Supporting I system won't win over there by shipping military grade weapons over there. Tune include a one time an actual stinger missile. Now the whole thing was a conspiracy working with the federal government and basically. They were arrested him and his partner. But but the one guy you or both number actor refugees. The one guy the main person was actually link through the investigation to an actual roadside bomb in Iraq. An actual event that attracted down to fry. And so they were Syrian refugees. Are they got into the Syrian refugee program. All right and that's one case that's 11 case figure elaborating on but seal we've got you here in this community so we're very fortunate so. When Homeland Security relocate to bunch of the Syrian refugees they'll give you a heads up silly you can just kind of keep an eye on things right. No ourselves a case but the reality of it is not a matter fact. You we push that question board at this conference in Charleston and people of the copper were local sheriffs and people that are responsible for their communities so. When we were asked that question and specifically asked that. You know the question was no you'll not be provided with the misinformation and when they were pushed further four or why not. It was because they're the government are there that time that the gap in the apartment Allen's security was. Was their policy is they were concerned about the safety of the refugees coming in. And that they would be they would be pinpointed. Or profiled by the local government and there would be things we would do you would disrupt that process. Which makes absolutely no offense. So let's worry about the security in the safety of people who. Are coming here that we're not certain of their background at the possible peril of the actual citizens. Who are already here. Yes and a and and if you have they said look we can guarantee the whole vetting process and these people are good I'm good. But they're not doing that and they're not coming out telling you they're telling you on the front end there are some questionable issues that they're trying to deal with and they cannot guarantee that information. Now there's a lack of infrastructure say in Syria right now with a government breakdown in the chaos so. You can't you know you couldn't get good accurate information on probably almost anybody now. Anyway so they're really just going on and they're having maybe if we're lucky a couple of interviews trying to ask a couple of tricky questions a word spreads quick about that process I'm sure. Here's my next question in this is this is me being you know hopefully wrong in my the seuss seeing but. I think the next step in this kind of things explosives is not going to be enough in the next step step his bio terror are we ready for biological. You know for the event. Why I don't wanna say surprisingly we are better buying KB honest with the is that in the early stages after 9/11 and what we did in the state of Florida preparing that us and the citizens for. You don't biological. Events there there is that they have well there's a deep plan and how to deal with the biological event. It in itself obviously is is not going to be good better biological event Bubba 'cause of the events of bobbing around anthrax and things like that. Every local agency and all throughout the state of Florida there is Thursday a well thought out structure how to deal with that how to get the medicine to the public. And how to control that whip our partners to help and with these the domestic security task force in the state of Florida so there's been a lot out of battery. A lot and but here's the deal. 'cause we've done so much and practiced on that look at that. You actually look at the events that occur even though biological or bad. There they shoot people they blow people up. That's what they do and we have not done a good job in preparing the public for that. We've done a great job very law enforcement we need to think the next big step is hearing the public for an active shooter that and that's the biggest push we've got going right. And last question is I know Iran but. You you mentioned 9/11. There's a lot of people may have had some associations with 9/11 or activities. Related to that and in some of these folks are getting out of prison and you were just telling me that you're not necessarily going to be able to monitor them. I don't know will be told. Yeah when they come out and they're done with third the prison time these are people arrested after 9/11 years of Rio board of they have done their ninth in years of incarceration. When they get out there American citizens. The government doesn't give me the feeling that there's a great tracking process for them and to keep tabs on where they are. You know we we tracked sexual offenders retract career criminals we track sexual predators. But the idea that we don't track in known terrorist. Makes no sense to me. All in doesn't my you got your work cut out for you and we're we're glad you're on board in the area and now we appreciated and just real real quick for folks will give us of your background about your you're training in this area. Well you know it's all really in the field right I mean so you know since 9/11 you know hours I've put into the the terrorism process. And most of it is gone through and dealing with a schools and seminar here in the state of Florida that we've done mainly to be honestly with the Israelis. They're the best in the business. Salute to that for most Vick comes from. You gotta understand prior to nine elevenths there was no terrorism footprint how to deal with the any thing in the state of Florida those things read about people like me. I from the ground up after 2000. Iowa we appreciated. Major. Terry Brevard Marion county sheriff's office. Thank you so much for coming by thank you are right in hopefully we'll have you on again soon owner. But not based on offense hopefully. 830 on the Bob Rochelle a coming up at 905 we're gonna have by sheriff Sadie Darnell in Gainesville police department chief Tony Jones. We're gonna address a shooting. Of a sixteen year old youth that happened Sunday night out by police officers news talk not at some point for this guy.