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Easter Egg Hunt Mayhem

Mar 28, 2016|

Bob Rose Show for Monday 3-28-16 8am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know seven out about Rochelle Oliver flavor gets together. Monday morning. Front Q five prestige pays viewers what the answer is always yes. It's only for Zhang skies you're open 8779759825. These drag behind. Gives going over the weekend did you enjoy it and have fun. The math and Easter Egg Hunt descended into chaos. On Saturday after parents and towards Connecticut. Stormed the field. Children as young as former trampled by adults in a Rampage to steel buckets and grab as many of the 9000 hidden eggs as possible. From the third annual free event at the says headquarters. Once four year old son was a bloody on the sports field a two year old girl showed into the mud. All horrified pair describe the scene is now angry mob of chaos. With not one toddler hunting for eggs among a crowd of adults. Easter Egg Hunt it at that went. Baton disgruntled parent. Blamed peres' bad organization. Showed baskets. Of the kind of baskets children were given the exit were fighting over. It was worse than being at Wal-Mart on Black Friday wow essay sounds that'd. Now can't wait a minute hence. Has Casey Perez is a Johnny come lately to the Easter thank if they have done it it keeps would have been fine. I hate James. While why Jeff to go there my wife who who hates them she hates the thought of them. She hates them in the house and she actually succumbed and got me some peaks. All right it non. That's not race. I still way to knock it. Made pizza there's no reason for under exist. Or call this. My toddler was standing there was Brothers and they were showed into the field and and they just kind of what with the flow divided time it didn't matter heady yelled go to my boys because it was like an angry mob of chaos. More than a thousand turned out to the event rivets were laid out on the floor to divide each section. But according to apparent. As soon as one field opened it descended into chaos in the ribbons became submerged in the mud. And it was like 1030 and parents bomb rusty area. I love that teach your kids out of bum rush Barbara. Not something you see in an Easter story all the time the word bomb rush now and now. Well by the crowd got a bum rush to you know forward to you know SP two punches pilot about in crucify this king of the Jews yeah. So win it and my son lefty had a broken basket and was hysterically crying all my goodness. You know Easter icon that should be maybe you know little little smaller scale the kids can enjoy it. The parents' parents and Daryn sees. So we're on the same once again and a fist fights and Little League games. Pretty much yet you have. So hopefully you were Easter Reagan was a little bit more. Enjoyable than that. You know others video. Yet there is video course. That the downturn I think it whether I I don't think I had a chance to win to defy. Be a couple minutes are well all right so folks can you know FaceBook dot com slash this guy a couple of minutes I'm just looking out Gloria. Bernie Sanders what what what do you make it this Bernie Sanders just tear it up. Winning every county in Washington State every county. Every county that means in in major metropolitan areas. Like Seattle Spokane. And it means all the outlying rule areas and there's plenty of those too. Call. Beat her like broad drone. And one Alaska and Hawaii. One Naira overwhelmingly want. Impressive margins. However however this is the same state where. Cops apparently seized like a huge pop operation at an Easter Egg Hunt. In Washington State gathered little crazy Washington now lives you know he asks of some who left to senator Arnie little. Just wire just lol just a tad bit lack of dueling. It. I still what's this really get meanwhile Sanders will get fund raising benefit from. These guys people charged up Washington State and away is given a lot to his campaign. A lot you know that the folks who live there there'll though give more now. Is there on a San restrain their love and so we know get more money and be held he's gonna stay in the race I think. The winds also validates Sanders commitment to an extended primary despite the fact that he is trailing. Hillary Clinton by significant number of delegates need to for the nomination. Sanders of pledged to stay in the race until all fifty states get their sag. Well I saw a headline nine didn't get a chance to look at the whole story but it has to do with Hillary and the FBI. The FBI allegedly may want to have a conversation with her soon. So now. Nothing might come from it. More than likely nothing I'll come from a but in the meantime. Sanders would be. No. Would be still would get out of it now. Just in the just in the small sliver that. Something actually does come of Hillary and email. Controversy. Yeah he bit the 'cause there's no one else he might as well stay in it right. Hillary however is leading by a greater margin the President Obama ever had during the campaign for the nomination 2008. Sanders landslide victories knowing Munich Clinton Campaign will have to. Continue to run primary races in western states they also still have a significant amount of work to do to bring progressives on board for a general election. Especially the younger set. My favorite liberal Athena joins us good morning Messina. Aren't talking about Washington I mean I love Bernie out like Hillary. It out John dock lands are getting I have Hillary are. Very good Marat he worried about like Barry. But any like ER are about logic and they lack the gala. At. Did you forget that there are about child and a little lady pictures that he uttered yeah let it build up their. Wouldn't know don't let nudie dancers. I know any picture it as they are that you're. She did a great model that. To come for Clinton showed everybody I mean hell outreach are actually I had about it. I know god I think we all know about her taken their new pictures that. I carry it. The setting in their does Aaron does that even its content or wait a second cut way to say does that even hold. I candle. To what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office I mean is she was a paid model. Who who showed herself and she and was I beautiful enough to get paid for that. And that's how she made a living and nobody says modeling is evil or bad to she did that. But should Bill Clinton a White House news still defend him what he'd get right. I play you know. Well you are talking about you eat all you got four and oh my god you know at bat. Haven't heard it LL actually when I do are all living a jet lag and I'll bet that you don't have any. Yeah OC didn't sell any movies. And baby. Yeah now did you see the picture even. And we're here than their name it any other mini did you see the picture or not. Actually. And Blair down and out out now seem out. A CNN your negatively impacting your your credibility here is and I'll tell you why. Com she appears. To be nude nude but there are Knoll. The parts that you would normally have to cover up our expo is to. Now without getting into complete graphic detail it's just. Now I'm no more than you would see and then some of the swimsuits today. Seoul. You know off limits they always say to them. General public. And job and what's wrong with. A model making. A money I mean. An athlete makes money off their athletic prowess. They're gift in their training in a model. As a gift of of beauty and develops that in. And makes a living off of that. What's wrong with that. I just think again you know it's it's a partisan thing. It's a partisan thing trio. In my right. Odd Sheridan. Harvard or let her and really equally as I'm sure she's highly intelligent. Unleashing very billionaire of course it got today. In our survey did all baby I'm sure that you got there and huge I'm out of the Taliban there. Aren't. But act and you don't kind of and. Wow let's look at this now you're getting kind of caddy. She speaks a couple of different languages at least. And I don't know what her level of education is that there's no reason to think that because she is highly attractive. And has been photographed and made money as a model that somehow. That diminishes her capacity. In her intellectual capacity. I don't think that's bilaterally is fair and now and I really don't think it's accurate at all. Nostradamus who do you think. Bob you know what they was typical of the sickness so the last is proven her comments. And you know you're you're asking the questions both about. What the president did in the Oval Office with an intern while he was married and why do the same president. And she's very efficient and Nancy. Chief mission sidestepped that question had shown you really think they they don't care and it's a lot when you're a leftist socialist economy they don't care. What what what the person best bet money did she know anything about our relationship Google Earth find out about I don't think she knows anything about her at all. Good intelligence or what she'd do what she did. There will be no as far as hard look at our OK okay but the most famous paying. Women that are beautiful women. Our scorer you know who they're definitely Alabama and the car Artest and obviously nick premise that the death of. Beautiful wasn't she doesn't like this sort of thing. That's you know our dad yeah I'm just trying to point out this good this how how they think that's what I have to do what's in the daily basis. And now if you have artists. Like much else in this news community soon he even knew about all of us. Every staff because you're conservative. I moved into left wingers we socialists can artists and I was just about Iraq. Nice night. Hey ninety none about Rochelle wells said it. We got to move along 8779759825. Coming up. I'm gonna show that article review Hillary Clinton and the FBI meeting soon. Details on the left. Hey Tony file above Rochelle live and local thanks so much for tuning in Nixon for JJ's doing jury duty M. I'm sure be kicked off the jury probably any minute now. And he'll be back tomorrow I would guess but no. Us we now see my demo to chickens for another day off. Will say. Time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers really answer is always yes. Hillary Clinton. He got looks bad about Bernie Sanders in three states she lost every single county in Washington State. Every single one new rule ones the ones in the city and everywhere in between very interesting. And I got there and Debbie bad Hawaii Alaska as well I'll want to Bernie Sanders he's still got a long way to go Hillary's way in front that he shouldn't give up. Because of this from the Los Angeles Times. Federal prosecutors investigating the possible missed handling of classified materials on Hillary Clinton's private email server at begun the process of setting up. Formerly interviews with some of her long time and closest aides according to two people familiar with a probe. Any indication that the inquiry is moving into its final phases. Those interviews in the final review of the case however could still take many weeks. All but guaranteeing that the investigation will continue to. Dog Clinton's presidential campaign through most if not all of the remaining presidential primaries. No dates have been set for questioning the advisors but a federal prosecutor in recent weeks as called their lawyers to alert them. That he would soon be doing so prosecutors also are expected to seek an interview with Clinton herself. Though the timing on that. Remains unclear. Remember federal prosecutors investigating the possible. Mishandling of classified materials. Well. We know she mishandled classified material she denied even handling classified materials. On her personal computer which was a lie. Now was alive. And it wasn't just you know one time thing it was ongoing. And she knew she wasn't supposed to have. A private server OK all these things are known I don't know. Other than politics what would be standing in the way of them moving forward. The average citizen. Would do certainly have been under the hot white lamp. At their a local FBI office by now more than once probably. And Karen to Serena. The interviews by the FBI agents prosecutors will play a significant role in helping them better understand whether Clinton or her aides who knowingly. Knowingly discuss classified government seekers over non secure email system when she served as secretary of state. The meetings also are an indication how much of the investigators background work recovering deleted emails. Understanding how the server operated and deter marine who determining whether it was breached. Is nearing completion. All it should be it should be more than nearing completion but again. Now politics plays a role in all this stuff so. We'll see but for Bernie Sanders he might as well stay the course anything's possible unlikely. Unlikely. Because of politics aiming a common this five. It's possible. 828 on the Bob Rhodes show live and local. Police are wrest the breathe. In taco Bell's drive through taper. Local story coming up next on news talk 97.3 this guy. 839 and above Rochelle live in low goalie since. But we do all right AA final four is sound you love Villanova. And North Carolina vs Syracuse that's where whereas now so so plenty of good day exciting basketball on the way go cute as DF. Field narrows down are you kidding me. He's still brown nose in the boss man he's any so blatant about it it's like c'mon I'll. And years still. Still you're he didn't have Syracuse in your brackets you wrote them off early and then nick runs around in a Syracuse shirt on Friday. Kind of buddy up with the boss and the sad part is it was actually successful manipulation of the ball's gonna say I'm glad you include how did I do now when you did yeah I was. I mean no right to the bottom going you're gonna except this blatant schmooze. Oh yeah and actually in the Coca. All right but I've been trying so hard it's been a tough thing because. I realized wait us. Two games till man any Gainsville woman they were arrested Saturday for their illegal involvement in an orchestrated attempt to take cash store from a Taco Bell drive through clerk testing and a plan to stay out apparently Tom mr. Obama Lundy eighteen. Now you've got Aubrey had to show on a strong nineteen. Alexis. Now for CD or Washington 21. Of the Taco Bell archer road. Police say you know Washington remained driving the car through the drive through Lundy and strong however exit the vehicle. As Washington drove up to the drive through window Lundy allegedly approached the window reached inside and rip the cash drawer out of the register. While strong stood by. The pair then fled the scene with a Taco Bell employee giving chase. Now. That's dedication note hidden. And Washington pulling the vehicle out of the line to follow. Onion strong split up a Monday discarded the jury along with some clothing items Washington reportedly picked up strong in the parking lot the Spanish Trace apartments and that is to eventually stopped by police on 34 street plaza. Lundy was stabbed by police just north the Spanish Trace apartments as he fled on foot. Police recovered the drawer which contained by 670 dollars 67 dollars which was never recovered. After his arrest police Elan he admitted to involvement in a similar attempted burglary at a McDonald's in the last two earlier that day. Now. Trying to make some fast cash at the fast food. But this is Andy L scumbag and not even like go the end you know he'd imagine being so lazy you know rob from the drive. It's like come on. Libyan strong we're charged Phillies for burglary grand theft as of Sunday they were rebels unless we're county jail mush him meanwhile starts only for being accessory to a crime. She too remains in the county jail in lieu of a 31000 dollar bond. Crime does not today. And salute to that dedicated employee. Enough now. That person been wearing excuse sure. Syracuse shirt yeah. What so what about it and lost loved logical still trying to tie some out of Boston wow. Now. Wonders never cease. No well. I know what I have to deal with folks now you know nothing if I'm not consistent didn't. True that. Okay general grant and ran right here I'm going to. Hear it. I'm in a rub some rhubarb and ruffle some feathers tough. Friday. You remember Friday luncheon. Friday on the interstate. Very is no use crying over spilled milk and effect once it spill. Yet the truck up and out of the way. I mean by that but it was a big milk tanker truck. Abject I've whatever group ended up on his side slide now not. Now there was some fuel leakage I get it so precautions precautions bug spray it Alison foam stuff. You get a wind chill over there. And I talked about women if not this is not Donald Trump talk announced in Maine. You get you know winch and get it out and get off bright day you write debt truck up and you told you get the heck out of there. There's actually no reason. I'd thought for sure based on the kind of congestion that was going on there that there was a fatality now there's a fatality involved. You have to do a full investigation and sometimes you have to cordon things off you have to preserve the site seen all that is a lot more to can. So those things sometimes take dollars. I think even make good on kind of push that along generally but OK I understand but this one and that driver apparently was not even hardly heard at all. So you don't have people who are really her you know of any deaths you've got a big truck in the middle of the road dry get the heck off. I wanna hear excuses oh by the way as fuels leaking out doesn't just want navy if you pull the chalk up right again this feel myself weakened. Is still waiting allegedly illegal or we should close some people to come run around in. Keep this from being an environmental issue. Accident happened at 1015 they got their truck copper I didn't started a couple lanes going through there and even though. I've that was around 250 or so when they got traffic moving. I mean you had backups that went all the way through Gainesville it's the Easter weekend it was. And traffic in both directions and if you think this is just of. I saying all you know clear the way for me get through absolutely not. It actually. On their. Derek dozens. Dozens of accidents property damage done who knows if people got hurt or not. It creates a mess in all your ancillary roads. I tanked it creates a huge mass weird deal and interstate. It's a holiday its prime time you'd give dead truck up and drag it out of there and do what immediately. I went ahead dad being cleaned up in forty minutes or less or lasts. I would have opened one lane immediately even if said drive partially ditch. Outage Baghdad digging out there and got traffic moving. Now that's what we need we need some folks are gonna take charge. But everybody's afraid. All. I don't know if this template July. Sometimes you gotta go old school. And that was one of those times on Friday and they still riding that truck and drag him off the roadway closed at interstate for hours and hours and hours. Nobody even heard. Adding here. Thanks so let me then I'd feel better now. 846 on the Bob Rosie O news of the day. Suicide bomber Pakistan's. Transnational gang crackdown in the US over a thousand arrests details on the way. Brackets there in shambles. Most people aged fifty to Alibaba Rochelle hey stay in touch Willis FaceBook dot com slash the skies. A little website the sky 973 dot com you can download podcasts. And you got it can also save a half off perks. Just click on the icon half off perk deals it is a good deal gas so the. The brackets are in shambles here here's who where it is now it's going to be Villanova vs Oklahoma with the the old coach. From Florida Lon Kruger. I guiding Oklahoma good job there. And North Carolina and taking on there. Nick's new favorite team this year Syracuse. Beat them. Bandwagon. Right bandwagon. He had a Syracuse shirt on the other day even though he didn't pick him in the bracket pay. Because you're promising if you gotta get on a bandwagon yet I'm. Get out with a team out of the is some good euros Ian does and plays a game as a young Austin. Regular caller isn't call laid to rest don't always figure out a played tennis for the young Austin. And he has more have city mayor acknowledges seems like who's ever Roland. All he's learned one of their hats it's a great idea is Syracuse. That's what I was thinking I. And it doesn't matter that we saying out loud he will actually go get it all you're wearing no make sure the boss sees it and it's that blatant and it works its crazy. As you know there's such low demand that Syracuse have to hear their chief currency. Are always so why unit now maybe in my dad save money. If I'm gonna schmooze I gotta do it at a discount. I don't know people don't know style sells a long sleeve Syracuse Syria had. As every fancy you're darn right it was I don't think you got data the now at the outlet no that was a real deal I. So anyway it's Villanova vs Oklahoma North Carolina vs Syracuse. I think you come down to. Bill Knoll love vs Syracuse which may go against the so called experts. But that's what it's going to be. Com. And I picked Villanova. To take it down to the final two I think Oklahoma against. Sir keys. He when he was gonna pick Syracuse. No difference at North Carolina can you forget your friends like that are now. Wow. My hand. So let's dog goes with the brackets college you'll have Franzen bearded here to discuss a little bit further tomorrow at 805 so make sure you tune in for that. In the meantime the bad news of the day even here over the weekend death tolls climbed over 65. After suicide bomber attacked a busy park in lower Pakistan were Christians were celebrating Easter this mostly kids they were in a park. There were Christians celebrating Easter suicide bomber kills 65. More than 65 Hertz. Over 300 people mostly at once again. Children. Absolutely disgusting. Federal authorities working for five weeks in an operation. Arrested more than a thousand people and I think this will be effective and at least disrupting. Trans national gangs across the United States nine under gang members. A 132. Of these folks arrest to where it was immigration. Violations home it Homeland Security. It was part of the operations called. Project. Shadow fire. 239 foreign nationals thirteen country Central America Asia European. Caribbean were also arrested a big operation. I gangs and many of them move the process southern border and dealing narcotics he Madras game. Assuming they get tells Bob border security. Crusade. 856 on the Bob Rochelle you get the 9 o'clock stretch coming up. He's just a few minutes 8779759825. If you want in your due to the pond road show.