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Trump don't need no Ryan

May 12, 2016|

Bob Rose - May 12 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bodies and we breathe this guy. I. Flowers for Mother's Day so why add. Tags here or else. Fall fall and oh my goodness. Crime and punishment. 807 Alibaba Rosh showed. Prestige. Pays Jewelers witty answers always. Yes. A big story politically is of course will the broad Lance. Erupted between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Expos beat a couple of times today. Is down jump need Paul Ryan no. Would it be helpful to have Paul Ryan on his side absolutely. So that's kind of where they stand hopefully in my opinion I think you would be good if they. Come to some sort of agreement that ends with Paul Ryan and eventually as I don't think it'll happen in the next couple days eventually Paul Ryan coming out. And supporting. Down drop we'll see we'll see how the romance plays out folks just like you know as the world turns nine. Life is nothing but a soap opera is it not just in different contexts in different characters and in different places this one's like you know. A Washington DC political drama. Right. A couple of good days or California. Op system really good thing but it's off the beaten path a little bit. Virginia Stewart 42 years old attacked her spouse during an argument early Sunday cops arrived at the house in response to a 911 hang up call. Allegedly victim. Got her the wrong flowers and candy for Mother's Day she threw cups around the grown men and broke down as she allegedly attacked. Or spouse punched him several times strike and a man and had with a coat hanger. Stewart husband suffered bruising contusion news. The injuries were highly visible on the left side of his face with conclusions all over it this came right from the police report. Now a Virginia story is 42 years old like has said is she was arrested for domestic battery. And booked into the county jail released from custody Monday after posting the bond 750 bucks. Now she is scheduled for June 9 arraignment. On the misdemeanor charge. And a judicial order bar Stewart from having any contact with a husband until further court order. As the judge and as ms. Stewart realized. Her arraignment is on the ninth. That's only ten days from fathers' day. Where hopefully she won't get hit. The appropriate gifts so he will not react in such a way all but a wet let's play the guessing game. Jay what state do you think this happened in. All right. Honestly don't take a strong line about it I was told a couple things here to get the other news is up. So I actually didn't hear oh world of the story but I'm gonna take a wild guess in the dark. Florida. Ladies and gentlemen you say you see the guy multitask doesn't pay attention still hasn't super IQ and still figured. There as we get here. Another story. Is not from Florida it's from Canada. Which thank god for dinner we never have aiming to talk about other than stupid people in Florida. Now that people in Canada or not that's stupid. The most part they're good people. On. Somebody put up a billboard. Text and drive. Text and drive on a billboard. I didn't say. Don't text and drive that's not what it status it's clear the billboard says text and drive. I mentioned it's sponsored by the Washington funeral home. Text and drive in other words. Get some business and baggage. Now before you think that that's naughty and nasty and not good business practice. I probably should tell you that there's no such thing as the warmth and bureau. That the border was actually part of a campaign to help stop Canadians from texting and driving. It's not exactly clear. Who created a billboard but we know there's no such staying as the wanton. Funeral. When he fifteen was a third consecutive year in which driver distraction contributed. Two more road das and any other category on roads patrolled by the Ontario provincial police. Statistics like it was always. The funeral home web site quote unquote you know because it's not really funeral home should make you even matter. Danner billboard did. Isn't your dad. What do you think of using that and I would imagine. What it is either. We don't know whether it was at this point privately funded over the government funded it. But if you have funds available for getting that kind of message out. Think about doing it that way. In other words being kind of Smart Alec east argue about it Texan drive. A sponsored by a local funeral. You be bringing some business. It's creative ideas it gets attention. And any got. A lot of attention I found it on I'm telling it to you. And so what's the message there. Don't text and drive. That's a message that I know I look I know it's hard. It's hard it's a quick you know I just wanna Sendak Yasser I just went. It is hard to set that thing down I get it. Do it to set it down. And Doolittle experiment and see George for one week. All right good for one week. And then at the end of that week CFC your inability. To tax or read texts or do any of that why your driving. Seaver results in it you losing. Any amount of money at all. I mean like I'm Matt had a huge business deal hanging in the balance. And I just needed to adjust tax the guys. I mean it you know look if there's there's something really riding on it. That's when you stop people over its its its okay do that yes user turn signals in advance of the turn I. Then get it off the roadway and couldn't do your tax if you need to you don't do wife drive another road. Eaten a cheeseburger slapped in the kids around heaven fourteen dogs and a car is perfectly fine but don't text and drive. My sugar and Mike what's up. Out billboards. Sheriff's office that ever seen the patrol at eight. I like. A regular police car you know. There are the perfect apple and nick let me see your shirt on thank you edit it excellent. Excellent. Idea work in what was. Yeah Aaron Ed and the and the profits of course you know what's behind it is that what's behind it the premise. Is that. You know take out. If an injury can take the tablet. Is a lot cheaper than a cop car ride to the cab be whatever 1015 bucks. The cop car ride all. You're got insurance and bonds in this and that's the low. Egan and there may be 510 grand depending. Oh yes it. Two for one drinks are really cheek after all. 8150 Bob Rose show. 8779759825. Sixteen year old dropout. No way he did get tired of Microsoft. But he's pretty Smart anyway I'll explain coming up. He'll take nine assists. And I wanna fight to win weekdays at three everybody. H when he won a. Around the boy he knew very since last. Hi camp forty minutes last. You could still meet half coffee with a cup allege were county sheriff's office putting this on until 9 o'clock today at the blending in Newbury stuff on my say hello. Meet your local law enforcement officers. It's an old ask questions good thing. Hey I got a great invention and it's based on how possible that tragic event it turned out okay nobody got hurt but it's alleged that I kids. Pair of shoes started on fire. Yes there are lighted sneakers seated before and via satellite. Let up when you run sometime in the bounce in that. Payless shoe source incorporated has pulled a type a lighted stickers from its shelves after Texas Stanley claimed over the weekend that a toddler shoes caught on fire. It was two years old. He wasn't wearing the shoes they left issues in the backseat of a car the next day. When he came out there. They notice that there were like char marks a back seat right it's like it could cause I'm five year. Didn't completely burn up or anything but you know they were. May think it they think it's the shoes. Payless put out a statement first and foremost safety is always a top priority of payless. And we take it claiming about a customers seriously so out of abundance of caution you know we're taken issue office the boys Jake lighted runner. The day and off the the shelves and we continue to work for the families in local authorities are to better understand the circumstance of the car fire so they're not you know. I take responsibility yet but they're taking this. Shoes off the shelves just in case let you know about it just in case and gives only two years old so parents were happy when weren him because he might not have been able to. But to alert them and take issues off himself. But it made me think about a great invention. I'm gonna use this kind of technology. An American public hiking boot it's gonna be like a survivors. Boot you know how many shows that we seen on TV wet and naked and afraid all the stuff the hardest things to do is to start a flyer. Up now with the Bob Rose camper specials. You get you get back to camp from a long day's hike in the first thing you do is. Just throw that shoe in with a bundle a straw and wood some leaves whatever and that's gonna spark right up. They remove. The issue rather quickly after that otherwise you know it's not gonna be reusable labored opened fire issues to start the fire bigots. And you put out. Stop drop and roll it out if he asked. Look I know can be reusable Richard Reid the shoe bomber Eric. Did you delay issue on fire blow people up she was still wearable afterwards. They weren't fashionable to begin with so I don't know where I'm positioned to look at it. All right so that's my invention for the day if you get rich off that you remember me. Welcome. This one. I don't know queasy tasteless kind of a story I don't like it. George Zimmerman trade Von Marten revisited in the form of auctioning off the gun that killed trade on my art auction it off the highest bidder. Nine millimeter pistol that Zimmerman 32 city used to shoot and kill trim on mar in February 262012. Time fly Iowa. Went up for still yesterday handgun brokered dot com. Now he looks at it from us you know he says the firearm for sale is a firearm that was used to defend a bylaw. That's what he wrote on the auction site Zimmerman it. Many have expressed interest in owning and displaying the firearm including the Smithsonian. Museum in Washington DC this is a piece of American history. Course he's seeing all these things he wanted to go for a lot of money. A 50000 people visited two probably just to check it out I don't know how many you'll be serious by having them but. I just don't like. And you know my thought was that. Well it's not my thought it the whole thing was an absolute tragedy. In my mind absolute tragedy. They both did some things that led to this event they could have been avoided. But once they actually got into the assault part of it and trim on allegedly was. Slam in as a Herman's head against the pavement. You know that's when he. He has the ability to defend himself that's when he's gonna do it it's still a tragedy. No matter which side you come down on it and and something about that auctioning off the gun to the highest bidder. Hundred years from now. No problem. But it's still even though isn't when he twelve seems awfully raw out of me and I had no personal connection to that whatsoever so. Canada. Get your thoughts on that 877975. 9825. This is another story of all really it's too bad you don't have a degree because we were gonna hire you to Eddie don't have a degree we're gonna promote you. Well if you were gonna promote mean what would my degree have to do with it if my work. Speaks for itself and I'm good enough for the position but because you just. Decided. That you're gonna required degree. Was a Smart one there. Really. Because you're gonna miss out on people like Dan Pasternak. High school drop out Sydney Australia. Sixteen years old. And the creator and CEO flawed and that's an app that allows users to buy and sell within their social network with just a swipe. Think Tinder. Meets eve day. Garrett. Everyone is hyped up. And what I've achieved but I feel like I'm just getting started I don't feel like there's anything to brag about what I've done. Almost teens is Ager focusing on promise school sports Pasternak is taking meetings with venture capitalists. And his chief employee is a thirty year old Michael lands burger. I think the most consistent sixteen year old thing he does forget to eat. I he has like you know I don't have for breakfast and I try to be like a surrogate parent. Pasternak whose parents live in Australia moved to New York. I heated he moved to New York I'm self runs this company from his living room. It is interesting thing yes. The smartest he has NS then by the ways can be doing very attorney worth millions seriously he's got other things cooking. He couldn't get a job at. You know some of the big tech companies. I want to have a college degree. That whole college degree thing look I'm proud that Altria by kids in now while tomb graduated from college and one on the way. I'm very proud of them and and part of it is because. You know that. You have for many jobs you have to. I and I think there's too much too much emphasis placed on that. For some lines of work you gotta have it but not all. Is another example 829 on above road show more to come on news talk kinda some point three this guy. Nobody seven point three best guy. They 380 Bob Rose solo. You know people want to break I was talking about a sixteen year old dropout from Australia itself. Are you making an impact in the us tech world these gotta zone out. His company here is possibly worth millions he's been offered a lot of money Ford already. My point was. You know in a lot of fields what are they insist on a college degree when it's not necessary they just decide. That you know we really even even a field you might have been in for twenty years. Or longer. I say yeah you're the person for the job all what's that own now we don't have a college degree. Com. Well. You see in my performance have worked here for years. So you're telling me if I went to school for nights for the next year whatever and finish my degree that vent then. That would make me better this particular job. Well I wouldn't make any better but in now. And then we could actually sorry. Now. Times and of course you need extended education be able to perform that the job in the duties. There are asked to view like being a doctor Eric tourney things like that many other jobs again it. But it's it's a shame because it's almost like just a basic college degree a four year degree even that's not a valuable anymore. You don't have the masters elegantly. In the past eight up. Why do about it on its goal. And ST that's it you just wanna clean restaurants. Have a masters now. And I don't want you to think that I'm bashing. Schools of higher learning because some very important things happen there. Like there was this election given recently. Is. Islam phobia. Accelerating global warming. Let me say it again. The lecture was about Islam phobia is not a phobia is it accelerating. Global warming. I don't you think can. We now look not a two bit nonsense not job kind of school would do that. No school of any credibility. Of a school called. MIT. It even a below average student like myself. Knows about am I to. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That's what they give a lecture. Lectured MIT. Is is lombok phobia. Accelerating. Global warming. I don't. Even and net. No where to begin in. Woody began on something so ridiculous. And this guy Aaron particle physics. And string theory. Both funny and interesting questions but educators at Massachusetts Institute of Technology this week. Wrestled it yet another vexing dilemma is Islam phobia accelerating global warming. It was a topic at a Monday panel at the venerable Boston school whose alarms include a Buzz Aldrin Michael Bloomberg Charles and David Coke the Coke Brothers. The presentation. Sponsored by the school's global studies and languages department look Devin entanglement. Up to crisis metaphorically related with a one being a source of imagery. Bully other and both originating. In colonial forms of capitalist. Accumulation. I would somehow. Its tied to being wealthy and evil. And wanting the whole world. To destroy its. Is that crazy. The descriptions aero over academic applesauce has been the topic of much online mockery and confusion. Mediate said it couldn't make heads or tails of it tablet meanwhile. Turn the deriding the subjective matter itself and satirical proposing. Examine whether anti semitism is responsible for the rapid disappearance of the pygmy hippo. About the same mumbo Jumbo and at. So. Bashing colleges but really could you imagine forty grand a year your kids go and MIT. Okay. Would you alerted school day. Well I learned that there could be a court elation between Islam phobia out and global warming. I think you're coming home son this. A university does a great job around here. Days you're on above Rochelle. Eight are ever concerned too that you brought back that up in our pet school those people over there. Are in debt so much are they get through that and they're you know they're learning how to work on Apple's. And they have the note board that work doctor knows and probably get out. They can't make back what they hey. That schooling I. Yeah I yeah I've often wondered the education. That is demanded. And think about it because it's not like all animals are the same. You know like humans are pretty much the same. But you know you working on all different kinds of animals. And then subset slim of course you know. And yeah you need a lot of education to do that and yet. You're not you know the expectations to be rewarded. Bad debt at. I mean for right now all I can tonight is that it it has to fall under the category of you have to have a calling and a passion for it and as long as there's enough people that calling and that passion. Is gonna be really hard to get to where the rewards are going to be there. The other side of the coin is you know if you charge enough money. To you know recoup and NB paid. The way you should be paid. Then it makes it difficult for people who won't pets and animals and stuff to make sure they're properly cared for so. That's not an easy one it's a good points there. 845 on the Bob Rhodes show. Our poll. Voters while medical Merrill on Yahoo! are these donors will talk about it next. Stop searching for answers chaos was one. Tax free voice of truth is insanity Laura Ingram at 10 AM 97.3. This guy. 850 and above rose showed senators tonight. My chance and analysis. FaceBook dot com slash live sky one great way to keep in touch with us it's stuff we don't leave your comments. Also check out our website this guy kind of agreed on common. Click on half off first steals and save yourself. Real money also download podcasts and if you wanna send me an email it to be rose Tomorrow's my birthday so just give me years Swiss bank account number. And down LT the best birthday ever thanks. Couple schools of thought when it comes to medical marijuana use Chile's donors get off today. Hey it's my body I should be able to decide to put into it whatever I want it. Hey the war on drugs we've spent billions and so Fareed my Wii on every corner. How is that working out Korea CL a different schools of thought here's another one yeah that's what the world needs another intoxicated. Your diskette to the kids now to put her baby formula. Now seriously. What are we gonna do. Here's a news story about six months before Election Day Florida voters overwhelmingly support a broad legalization of medical marijuana but are less clear. About a critical US senate race this according to a new poll that was released winds died Wednesday yesterday by. When it quinnipiac. I'm OK if I say as long as I don't actually look at the word open and when nip the act. I university. Exhibit 80%. Of voters. Support proposed constitutional amendment in the state of Florida that would allow medical marijuana. For patients with a wide range of conditions. Such as. Cancer aids Crohn's Disease Parkinson's disease multiple looks role hostess. I'm lazy I'm having a bad day I. I don't know that's not an. Support for the proposal cuts across political demographic lines. Supported by 71% of Republicans 87% of Democrats. 80% of men. 81% of women supported by 89% of voters aged eighteen to 34 and even 79%. Of voters who are 65 and older. One caveat early polls in 2014 showed wide support for similar ballot proposal to legalize medical marijuana. That initiative however ultimately fell short. Of getting the required 60% voter approval after facing a barrage of negative ads. From opponents. But how far short Danica didn't like within couple points couple points analysts say. Two and a half percent or one and a half percent to look at you one and 37 and change yeah so two and a half a two and half OK got. I mean. What's the downside if and especially look if you've got cancer aids. Parkinson's disease multiple sclerosis. You know you've got these serious ailments and you can find relief. An and and as opposed to say an opiate or as opposed to do you know no other kind of real treatment. Why can't we say that's our right. Mode again tomorrow effect we ought to. Legalize at that point in time and make it a recreational thing where it's not Otto I don't know how many. Aids patients or herb people stage for can't serving thrown in jail because they get pulled over blip about it I don't know authors. An actual issue with that. Again I think if you make it where. It is edible and look it's a protester lived on its will be a lot of states have medical marijuana and see well things have worked out that. If it's done by a doctor's prescription and you have to go to your local pharmacy not just opened wean shops around the panel. Now bend it it might have some benefit to add also held what how specific are we talking. Are we talking Lou Gehrig's a disease. And aids are we talking you know what. I I have a lot of stress because I'm on air traffic controller and I need to wind down a little bit of the end of the day or I have a bad back peca. What exactly are the debilitating conditions. Again very anxious when I go without weed for more than eight hours and about that. You very anxious. When you keep coney dealer over and over and over and cannot answer the file. Now passed. Chats with hate or mask I've hit rock bottom. Up I just you know it is it's an interesting dynamic and it. Yahoo! is gonna decide exactly who. Would get and who wouldn't do if you're a doctor and somebody comes in with something other than these issues. And you and the patient feels you know I was determined and you have a doctor may be even has some experience is it in a one. Not really for the issues but. I know it'll probably help so yeah my goal lead and slightest prescription to. I mean how tightly controlled by the gonna make it and then the other side of it is in now. Are they may get too tightly controls other hordes of people who needed it such a hassle and headache and so many hoops to jump through its like really. They're really worth it. It's it's interesting. Rocco and no Esther dumbest probably have some opinions on the subject. That's why would give them playing time to talk about coming up after the top of the hours we enter into the 9 o'clock stretch. It's 855. Right now. Coming up at 11 AM he'll have another chance to win a thousand dollars listen for the code word that's 11 AM. Then texted to 72881. Of messaging data rates apply that you'll be in the running. For a thousand bucks good luck.