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It's Friday the 13th -- oh, and it's Bob's birthday!!!

May 13, 2016|

Bob Rose - May 13 - 6AM

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You talk nobody seven point three got sky. All my goodness here that. That's just down the weekend happy Friday everybody welcome to with the bond rose show. It is Friday may third two. Good Friday the thirteenth ordinarily could bring maybe bad lot. But it is also. My 54 birthday today so I hope to reverse this trend of bad luck today. But already be frontier. Was well. In this age of communication. When maybe somebody. In the office would let the you know the morning guys know that. The printers now work in the form of communication was a sign on the printer. Printer not working. In the age of communication. In the communications business. Big human communication came in the form of a a magic marker and a sign on top of the controls us and are now. Very helpful. And since we live in a nearly paperless world but I guess there's no sense of urgency there and and no backups. Her. Or an organization in fifty or sixty employees that. But day. Why don't Wear their management has housing there's a lot of pressure. Get things done with now a lot of resources. I went out invested in the the local rag here to Gainesville sun ready yet ankle and my fingers. The sewing keep you informed the guy made the investment in you all the way. And knows my birthday and it's all about me. It actually have a chance to get birthday present so to speak this today is the last day we're gonna give a thousand dollars banging. We're gonna do dad at 7-Eleven two and five. This is where you hear that code word. Coming up at 7 o'clock straight up you texted to 72881. Messaging data rates by and you were in the running. For a thousand bucks I can't win. Even though it's my birthday I'm not eligible which you are. So take advantage of it and joy and hope you win. Other meaning go yesterday with the what but could be but I hope becomes. A romance. Between Paul Ryan and Donald Trump how to total. Almost accounts say it went pretty darn well. Donald Trump and house speaker Paul Ryan concluded their. Highly anticipated meeting it's Thursday amid signals that the Republican Party will work to peace itself together. After eight fractious. Primary this from CNN. While we were honest about our few differences we recognize. That there are also many important areas of common ground. Trump and Ryan said this in a joint statement. We will be having additional discussions but remained confident. If there's a great opportunity to unify our party and win this fall and we are totally committed to working together. To achieve that goal. I spoke to reporters during his weekly press briefing subpar train his openness to trump despite withholding his endorsement. That's our first meeting I was very encouraged with a speeding but this is a process that takes some time. You don't put it together and 45 minutes. The speaker called trumps achievement of earning more votes than any Republican candidate in history really kind of unparalleled. You know there it is folks. Barrett this millionaire's the bears the energy. That you would hope for in a Republican Party there is the. A sense of not not desperation but excitement. Winning get back kind of turnout and you can accumulate. That number of votes. It's huge. So hopefully you know the hierarchy of the Republican Party is recognizing that and mean hopefully Donald Trump realizes that. He's better. When he has the resources of the party behind him and certainly. Doesn't want the party resources working against them as it seems like it has been well past. So if you can guy. You know keep this keep this fire burn and so SP. Keep the wheels a turning keep this term train movement. It is possible. I do you do it how do you added. Voters while not subtracting voters well you know. Sometimes. The take two steps forward yet take a step back first sometimes. There's a lot going on maybe it's the thought process of how people position government in their own minds. What their what their needs are with their demands are of their government what they're. What's reasonable what are your expectations. Of government. I mean gosh I know so many of these quote sometimes I forget who do it. Attributed to our act act I think you may have been she Jefferson. Said something along the lines of you know being aware of a government that is big enough to give you everything that you want. Because they're also big enough to tape. Everything you have. So when people cry out for more more more and we need more help many more programs we need more this more of that well. So yes pace for. Most of the people do have a crying for those things though our. And really not the end. Not the ones that are paying for so. There's some food for thought. On this Friday morning it is 614 right now sky lines we'll open him up 8779759825. More flight options for Gainesville regional airport looks like it could be some service to the midwest. And Texas possible. New York City and DC not so much they were working on that bit. At doesn't look so great and biomass. In the news you know there's been a legal battle going on for awhile now. Between grew wracked the biomass plant and the supplier. Of the wood. Diaw would resource recovery which is basically. Bastions. Tree service basically you know. When he got contract. And share some interesting stuff on that but up on the Bob roadshow. Also take your calls it's Friday. Essence flying. Whoever's on your mind him green to listen. I'm Bob Rose Jane Anderson is here sky lines are open at 8779759825. Is my birth David I don't wanna make a big deal about it. Who's talking 97.3 this guy. Sean Hannity at three. Sorry each big. We tried to blame bush now there's talk not seven point three in the right sky. Six to slam a club rose showed a lot of thanks to Sampras JJ Anderson analysis flights uncheck proxy guys. Pays Jewelers witty answers always yes. Paul Ryan Donald Trump meeting went well. They still got some work to do. But apparently the meeting went well I don't know what expectations were I didn't expect Paul Ryder. Come out of the meeting slobbering in you know. With love in his eyes praising Donald Trump it was. Positive yet measured. I think it's a good and it's a good move so far so good right. What else is going on. No. Nothing is going apps it. The commitment and check this out on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash the sky. Always some insisting postings there in some comments that you can leave. And if you wanna save money. There a website and click on half off perks it's the sky 973 dot com if you need communique would meet personally. You can send me an email be heroes. Good morning Randi what's up. Hey Bob. It certain can't hurt any of these two stores say use a Clinton loses complete squelched double play. One. The Russian government. All were we. And the one in Leo. It was it was a secretary. She lit and edit deal with Russia. While all the yellow cake. In the United States in the states is real issue and a yellow cake make these are live. These missile that actually so that ultimately you to Russia. Buyer and a in the United States now nowhere to let that all of on the distances anywhere. So you know Kenya we know. The guy it's. The Russian thing it's alleged. Its alleged. That the Kremlin and between now there. It's alleged that there's communication to Nicole by the Kremlin and their intelligence services. As to what to do little. Where these 20000 pages of Hillary emails they they hacked into but that's not confirmed. I don't believe and that may be the reason why you're not hearing a lot about it I would say if I had my gut. Says it's probably true. And I don't know that they would want to release them because. That would be in favor. Of Donald strong and I'm not sure that they I think they might. Rather deal with Hillary. On because as you said you know. That you allocate deal you know that happened a while ago. And if I were call correct I'm just doing the south of memory. I wanna say that it was a Canadian owned company that controls some some mine that was producing as some we allocate. And that the State Department I believe had to give the okay. Or it to be sold. To a Russian company and again I'm just going off the top of my head. And so that also makes you wonder OK was there area a pay for play kind of thing going on was there a bunch of money. Dumped into the Clinton foundation and all of a suddenly green light. On the on the sale of that mine went through as if I remember correctly and I'm gonna try to go back and checked that that's. What I believe the deal was and yeah I wouldn't want to. Give up what few resources you have in that area in fact you would think if anything you wanna control. More of that yellow cake and perhaps even in other parts of the world if you could. So we'll see we'll see where that's going and go on. To an act and find out in the meanwhile. New email released shows Clinton chose not to use secure phone line. And big knowledge. The Blackberry risk. Mean these are documents are released yesterday by judicial watch. They're the folks there have been through the Freedom of Information Act. Gaining access. To a lot of documents. And well it's revealing. In ten. The documents contain a February 22 2009 email exchange between Clinton and then chief of staff. Cheryl Mills member Cheryl Mills was questioned by the FBI recently. Attempting to communicate over secure line after Clinton returned. From an overseas trip when there were issues setting up a secure communication. Clinton rode to mills I called ops and they gave me your secure cells. But only got a high pitched whining sound mills then suggested that Clinton tried to secure line again. The former secretary wrote back I give up call me on my home number. Clinton's choice not to use a secure phone line a similar to a previous June 17. 2011 email exchange with then State Department deputy chief of staff. Jake Sullivan. Where she directed him to strip the classification markings of sensitive talking points and sand through non secure facts. I mean we can go on a nine there he is a mountain now a mountain. Of information and evidence. That Hillary Clinton was not properly. Securing phone lines documents. And she's supposed to be responsible for that. You've taken note and view. When you become secretary of state I mean they they sit you down and a go through all the list I mean. It's obviously one of the most. Sensitive. Jobs that that there is in government outside the actual you know being eight. Spy for the CIA or into the NS AI mean you're you're dealing with some of the most sensitive information. Possible. So you have to be serious about it and you have to take care of it and if you don't it's a chronic. It's it's not you can't. Sloppy is not okay he the government does not have to prove. That there was any malicious. Intent or anything else. Sloppy is good enough. To be in trouble when it comes to these highly classified documents. They've had issues. Sending secure facts are working on it. Sent an email from Sullivan to Clinton if they can't turn into non paper with no identifying heading and send it nonstick year. I mean she specifically said. Send it non secure so you can't claim ignorance all I don't know what it was a hole now Heidi you wipe my hard drive to use a cloth. Use a magic to race there. I'm sure she doesn't know what that is. 618 on the Bob Rose show. But with a a a hey there navy fires a commander over the Iranian detention member winner sailors were detained. Let the official report didn't say anything about commander not doing his job. We'll try to get to the bottom of that as well they'll coming up on news talk 97.3 disguise. That's some good news or 39 on the Monroe's Showtime's Akron Dubai prestige pace dealers who is is always yes good morning. Baseball action yesterday in Fort Myers. We have the championship. State championship between it she Flynn and let's say it. And there's that they are the state champs I congratulate last one a day. They all Paul Ryan and Donald Trump got together. And apparently went up pretty well and we've got somebody at the statements that Paul Ryan made and it sounds upbeat to me. And the I mean you can hear what he has to say of I don't. Want us to have a fake unification process here I wanna make sure. That we really truly understand each other and that we are committed to the conservative principles that make the Republican Party that built this country. Looked at does that does that sound reasonable I think it does it sounded upbeat positives is. Not a 100% there yet. This from the Associated Press. Straining to amend their party after months of chaos Donald Trump and house speaker Paul Ryan declared themselves. Totally committed. To working together. After a fence mending of personal meeting that happened yesterday. Ryan praised trumpet is very warm and genuine. And suggested that after initial presidents. He may well end up endorsing the GOP candidate for president. So they've got some policy disputes there's no. Two ways about that the question is can we unify. On the common core principles that make it up. And it sounds like things went. Very very well. Something that has not. Gone so well. Was our navy sailors. That were detained in Iran remember that. And the eve photos being circulated went down with their hands over their head and stuff like that here's the latest. In the US and. Held in Iran for fifteen hours after straying into our Iranian territorial waters and Persian golf. Commander co also redeem group CRG one relieved commander Eric rash. Of his duties. As of yesterday. As commanding officer of coast a ravine squadron. Cirrus three. According to the statement. Rash was relieved due to a loss of confidence. In his ability to command. Now he's been temporarily reassigned to another unit. He was and then my understanding is. He's done. Right. He's responsible for training and operational readiness of the 400 sailor squadron 400. Reverie boats provide maritime security and harbor areas as well as conducting escort supports for US naval vessels. Camping Gary league commander of demand. Rue V river regroup one relieve brash after his review of the results of the navy's investigation into the incident. Now here's what I've I don't quite get where there's a little disconnect. On January 12 two navy river Ream craft. And a ten sailors aboard were detained by Iran after the Kraft strayed it. Into the territorial waters off the far sea island. The two craft were en route from Kuwait to the US naval base in Bahrain. I nasal. Investigation. Found that faulty navigation equipment. Did not indicate the craft's position in Iranian waters furthermore one of the craft had mechanical problems that delayed their potential transit out of those waters. So you saying that the faulty navigation equipment was his fault. That may be the Cuomo is now working properly heated reported or he didn't have it repaired it was he responsible for that it doesn't really. It doesn't really say. Was it to waited they were treated during the detention. I don't know how much control. He has. Over bats. At the time of the incident rash was assigned as the executive. Officer coastal river rain squadron three San Diego based unit of the detained sailors. So if they had faulty navigation equipment a mechanical problems. Why are they also then firing the commander of that group. Because somehow those problems are attributed to him. Paula and you wanna talk about all right go bad. Yeah obviously up. Thank all the land set about the conservative Republican Party in morning to preserve it. But I like no resistance same conservative Republican Party with that from last eight years. Listen to yell air thank you. Yeah outlook you not I'm not going to make excuses but I will say this it can work very hard and come up with some very sound legislation. And then the president can with a stroke of the pen veto it LSU have you know the super majority to overcome that Vito. It's very difficult because you got to get a bunch of Democrats on board. It's. It's hard to do much of her. Other than just to say okay we're not gonna do any thing in and we're gonna shut down the government. That generally. Doesn't you know hasn't benefited Republicans in the past some would say we'll do it anyway. You can work very very hard you can be very very principled but at the end of the day when you send that stuff up for the president to be signed and he won't. What then do you do. 645 and above Rochelle much more coming up. A lot of local for. I did third day activity bad luck around here to make yeah it. Imagine is my birthday. Make a big deal about it they say just let us FaceBook dot com slash the sky and down. But more importantly be ready because. Well it's my birthday I wanna give you the present so it's 7 AM on nearer 89 minutes from now. You listen to the key word at the top of the hour. You tax that keyword 272881. Message Tuesday rates apply. And you're in the running for a thousand bucks. I don't eligible. So don't you the birthday Oprah's now knives. A Levy it. Thanks for supporting what we do seriously. Thank you really appreciate it. I think go on the Summer Olympics never been I've never I've never been to. To the Olympics. Be that would be as something I would think a lot of us might have on our bucket list. You know the pomp and circumstance in and I mean it just looks like. As a lot going on in Alley opening ceremonies Alois. They're exciting. But this time in Rio do lots of people are like. No I don't know. This Zeke I think handsome people little bit. Freaked out. This according to ABC news unless the Olympics are postpone the games could cause a full blown public health disaster are due to busy a virus now. That's according to a new report published earlier this week in the Harvard public review. Author Amir Antara on a professor in school public health and School of Law at the university of Ottawa. Warned that in order to of voiding a seat as he get health disaster the game should not go line for the following reasons. Rios proximity to the disease. The dangers associated with a particular strain of the cica virus. The increase of towards him. Which will present risks of spreading the virus to other countries. A short amount of time health officials will have to develop control measures and what out of Iran calls the irresponsibility. In placing sports. I'll love public health. Brazil is considered ground zero for the seek a virus a disease that causes severe birth defects. In infants and high fever and muscle pains and adults. The WHO. Is expected to release a statement advising travel precautions related to the Olympic Games soon. So you feel like it's safe to go would you go if you were offered an opportunity. I don't know I'd really I'd have to seriously if considerate. And I think I'd be more concerned if you know I was gonna bring. Now hi Eric a spouse that you know I mean you're trying to have a child or something like that that would be clearly that would really be. Love the thoughts of of five hitting it was that virus would be their friend Mike you're on the air. Obama is all I think what you'll. Sign I think true conservative principles have not been able to eat or track because. The media. Now Republican senator Obama's because. You know I'll have to bring some outside our try to make it look like here's. Other recent site common sense trying to go against them by so I think that in turn to establish a little bit conservative policies trial. In a good idea. Don't. Try. All. Hillary. Yet there's. It's kind of an interesting dynamic. I don't know how common this experience is but. I think most of us on by a certain age is probably coming contacted more than a few people who work. Tough. Tough people tough to deal with in some way shape or form. You know maybe it was one of your first Bossidy you ever had a I job. And you could tell it was something about this boss he was tough. But when you stood up to them. He actually gained respect for yeah he pushed Joseph into you stood up for yourself. Donald Trump I I think he is very much of that kind of guy. You know. Henin Megyn Kelly how we had the best of friends the fox news hosted he felt Nasr an unfair question and that early debate. We'll ship dubbed a moxie to gumption the guy that's what everyone assay to walk over to trump tower walk right up into his office and you know asked that they could patch things up and it he would do an interview and stuff like that. And she won him over he respected her if Paul Ryan caved in too soon I think he wouldn't of gotten that respect either but I think he's winning that respect. By sending up to him to some extent. What do you think.