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Is the attack on Trump U unfair??

Jun 2, 2016|

Bob Rose - June 2 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not at first under. Talk about seven point three this golf. You know the popular show. Well good morning. And welcome to this Thursday June 2 time Jack brought to you five prestige stays Jewelers. Where the answer is always yes tragic news UCLA. Yesterday murder suicide a professor was the victim. In this murder suicide on UCLA's campus the shooter believed to be. The teachers student. Despondent over grades possibly their campus lockdown. Fears of an active shooter. And had a professor was identified as William Klug. Neighborly Klug was a shooters teacher professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. It was also married father of one daughter one son coach soccer in Little League Baseball. Absolutely the it tragic. And an awful. Hearts and prayers go out to the families. Yeah how a lot of lot of pressure lot of stress. On student c.'s days relook it's always been the case but it does seem like it is so heightened. Competition to get into different schools. Many leader classes are extremely difficult. Young people may be. I'm not able to deal with stress effectively. 01 of the things. Is dead. In a psychologist of looked at some of these things and because kids aren't. Challenged throughout their lives sometimes. In a way that previous generations maybe has been. In other words you know if you had let's say an older brother that went off to war and came back in or didn't come back. Or was hurt or whatever or just had an impact in Yoon told you what it was like. You know. That kind of grew you up a little bit. You know maybe grew up and how's it you know you you you were poor and so you were challenged in that way. So you learned a lot from that in other words you learn how to overcome adversity. But because the World War II generation did such a great job in laying a foundation. Then generations that followed. As head it kinda easy for lack of a better term. Gosh William. I know I use this a lot but I have to use again. People who live at the poverty line in the United States still have a lifestyle that exceeds 90% of population. Mean we have to put things in perspective. So you know young people today. And I you know when you say they're live in a privileged life for whatever I just know that. If you don't deal with you know since dressers and some. Adversity along the way. You know you get into UCLA into that program. Aerospace. Probably pretty Smart kid your prime when the smartest kids may be in a class. In high school. Well but then you go to a place like death and all of a sudden now you're not too well especially in you've got to work your backside off to get through the classes and I don't know maybe just maybe you can overcome the adversity. It's no excuse. It is not a a an acceptable reason at all to either take your own life and especially not to take someone else's. As well and then your own life not acceptable it's not normal in any way shape or form. But I think today there is this this heightened stress. As such as young people is everybody. Minority have to do driving traffic for a while see how people behave. Yeah unbelievable. Part of it is part of it is for prayer and older generation C economy. In many around our age we look forward to. Retirement really but retirement. Most companies don't offer pension oh yeah that's a deal yet to sock it away in a 401K well hopefully you've been in a position to do that. Wages are not going on wages are stagnant for most people. Middle income people. So Ali stress there's. And him and you know you've Europe 300 some million people you're gonna have some people snap and out from time to time sad tragic. The reality. A sad reality. Hillary Clinton on the warpath. She cast Donald Trump. More specifically actually trump university as a get rich. Scheme for the real estate mogul. Preyed on vulnerable Americans. Urging them to sign up for pricey seminars even. When they were financially strapped. Really. Now know universities would want people to sign up for expensive master's classes or anything else. If they're financially strapped. Would like you do that. But if it is a little bit different. Profit vs non profit whenever. But what ever happened to you know buyer beware of course if your job if you're working for this. Trump university let's just call the trump trade school. On cash that'll make it easier does not really university. So you're gonna go the trump trade school now why would you go there. Well promises of success in the business world and in real estate. That's dead is you're gonna learn that tricks of the trade but is still have to apply them. I mean. Gerris sending kids off to you know like a basketball camp. Hopefully when they came back from that camp. And you did it just to get a not your hair and Keaton publicity but when they came back to hopefully there were at least a little bit better. Now if you said come to my summer camp and now I'll get you to a Al if you promising that kind of thing if you prop if you promises are unrealistic. Police say look and make you a better basketball player. Look I'm gonna make and we give you the tools necessary to succeed in real estate are you gonna effectively use all those tools. You do everything it takes on your end. I of the no teacher can guarantee the success of the student and then. Hopefully they impart the information. In a weighted to student absorbs it. And it can excuses. But I went to a broadcasting school. Many of which didn't have a very good reputation of one and I went to I felt like it did have a good reputation had a good track record. When things that they did was they place two and a job or they did made every effort to they certainly were. Effective in doing that for me. And then it's up to me right it's up to me after that want to give me the tools they help mitigate again. Because it reputation of the school. You know people sit always hiring people from you know the school yeah they're W pretty good job. Vs somebody would no experience. So get a foot in the door and and do what I could you know do Greg good after that. Hillary Clinton is he's gonna try to make a big deal out of this and just weren't I mean look. Whenever you think is going to be your successful strategy to win I get that. Quote he is trying to scam America. The way he scammed all those people at trump you. It's important that we recognize. What he has done because that's usually a pretty good indicator of what he will do so he's. Is now a scammer. Is a scammer. But the problem is. That comes from. Hillary Clinton who hasn't been well. You know on an honest. And when we come back from the break. Got a great op Ed piece apparently Gainesville sun didn't want to Iran from a how come a friend of the station he's been on the every four over the said Harmon. It's great piece. Is Hillary Clinton a liar. We share some of this would be an and you decide. 8779759825. Then boys and a little girls laugh. Politically correct lunacy news talk 97 point. 61 out of five road show. Short week for many of us. Prestige pays Jewelers is time Jack sponsor. Prestige Hayes Jewelers where the answer is always. Yes. So Hillary Clinton as sales Donald Trump was a fraud trying to scare Americans see is climbing aboard dead trump university lawsuit. And that's part of you know that's her strategy that she thinks is gonna help her and be. Successful. There's other wrongly that. If that's what she wants to do. And of course she wants to keep the pressure off of her because something about these emails. Is in the news every single day. And I've got something else I think is pretty big deal from the State Department coming up the first L. Basically boils down to is Hillary Clinton not a liar and and I at Harman wrote an op Ed piece of Gainesville sun no either has had a chance put in there may be too long. And this is response. To somebody said amazed at the media and the right wing call Hillary Clinton a liar I wish it would come up with one fact the show she's a liar. At their query. I was surprised that one party challenge now one party. Chelsea truth of that assertion. So. Here you go. Candidates and officeholders do make misstatements. But you know that's how do you define that from ally are. Here you go. In no particular order. She stated that her daughter was jogging around the world trade center on September 11 it was later admitted that she was safely in ensconced in her apartment at the time she stated that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. In actuality video indicates she walked across the tarmac smiling in greeting well wishers. She claimed her email server with set up in accordance with the rules and regulations. Despite affected a federal judge did clearly determined that it violated government policy. She claimed all of her grandparents were immigrants. That was only true of one of them she stated that she was named after sir Edmund Hillary. Although it was six years after her birth when he climbed Mount Everest and achieve fame. As she claimed. They were dead broke when they left the White House that would send the immediately body multimillion dollar mansion in new York and made twelve million dollars in that very year. Thanks so would it congressman galleries efforts is chairman of the house select committee on the events surrounding between twelve terrorist attacks in Ben Ghazi. We've learned of Hillary's email practices in a Fuller understanding of the level of her duplicity. Immediately after the attacks Hillary emailed her daughter Chelsea and stated. Two of the four officers were killed and Ben Ghazi by the L a by an al-Qaeda like group. On September 12 she wrote an email recounting your phone conversation with the Egyptian foreign ministers stating. In her exact words we know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film's. It was a planned attack not a protest. She knew that the video had nothing to do the attack. They can only admire her persistence and vigor and pretending otherwise she even had. The clear discipline to continue her lying remember this was during an election campaign. When winning is the only thing that matters. When the bodies of dead Americans were returned Charles woods the father of killed navy seal stated when the bodies were returned Hillary Clinton came to the tarmac. Using his words quote I gave Hillary a hug shook her hand it she said we're going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son. Hate Quigley. The sister of one of the slain American stated it well which he told CNN when I think back to that day. And what she knew you know it shows me a lot about her character. And that she would choose that very moment to basically perpetuate. What she knew was untrue. And you know it basically goes on from there but now for those who question whether Hillary is truthful or not load. You know everybody's going to. Make some things a little bit more dramatic they're gonna make you their resonate look a little bit better than maybe it is but there comes a point where your just making stuff up. And Hillary's clause crossed that line more than a couple of times. All your on the Bob Rose show. Good morning ball just wanna talk about that to create California. You know these kids stay out school system right now he's got that they're not the I'm not all or any and they want to go to play a game they're not there's no losers everybody gets patrol. Or remember back when may he get older kids. It's your parents were you you all just won't make sure that doesn't happen again. Well it wasn't shortly after that. They started their 800 there'll weather's tombs and the baker probably the currents that they would pick and waited quite apparent the correct or Trout children. And I look for Vista continued at shooting so. I can Bob. Unfortunately it's true and I had mentioned that earlier and look there's a lack of adversity. In our society like say everybody everybody gets a trophy today kids everybody gets a trophy. Now look if they're four and five years old I don't care for everybody gets a trophy or not. And get a little bit older nine or ten they know what competition as. Gang they start the you know. Understanding that winning and losing. And there's important lessons to learn from both. Fact he usually learn a lot more from losing but if you go through life and you never lose. You miss domino most valuable opportunities. So when the first real the level of adversity comes your way is as extremely difficult college class. On some. Depending on their emotional wellbeing Kate cannot handle it. So yeah I agree with the we're gonna see more distant and put in there. Pushing god out of our society today. That is so one popular and tomb mentioned in many circles that your personal faith. Ali pushed that away that's had an effect the lack of discipline both in the home and in the classroom. Because teachers have their hands tied and also parents to. So yeah I think it all has contributed to this unfortunately. Candy you're on the air good morning. My name I'm. About it shock you can pretty. Robin and I didn't think it another. For the political easily take. We trump and then we cannot be that it I would like to know I'm. Mac the other guy and they brought out checked actors reps and Johnny. And I'm totally. Good actress activist too. I literally couldn't he even agreed to it doesn't. At the day. It was an avid charger and talk on now. I don't regret my actions and judgment and how it can actually kill it and I'm like back to my. Well maybe maybe there's more going on here maybe there is a hidden agenda. Research by law news. As discovered the legal firm behind the trump civil action lawsuit. Paid bill and Hillary Clinton massive amounts of money for speeches and advocacy. During and after Hillary Clinton's tenure. As secretary of state. I'll give you more details on that coming up on the Bob road show and also the State Department now admitting. There admitting to editing. In Iran press briefing the video. I mean there's some crazy stuff coming out of this administration in the State Department end. I'll stay tuned 628 on the Bob Rosh showed. 8779759825. Hi. 638 Alibaba Rochelle live and local thanks so much for tuning CN. The third annual sky now awards including exceptional service of focal first responders and law enforcement. Is under way. Do we day's in June we recognize the efforts of every day heroes and yesterday who that hero went out to deputy James Yancey elect to a county sheriff's department. About away valor. Is presented by Miller is voting center Florida credit union anger come equipment superstore banks and those folks for. Helping us to be able do this. But deputy Yancey. I was one the first respond to a body bound by wildlife officers. A lot. Story short appears it was a hit and run. And in just by good police work and paying attention. This job and on the road in a vehicle coming the other way with damage similar to the debris. Found in the area. He pulls a vehicle over and makes the connection. And had Yancy not stop the suspect case may have gone unsolved and maybe this kind of help the F. The Stanley finding some closure. But that's deputy. James Yancey electric county sheriff's office a sky valor. Honoree we will have a new honoree today. Coming up at 935. So make sure you tune in for that as well. Hidden agenda. Exposed. Trump university lawsuit. Was brought by a firm who paid 675000. Dollars to bill and Hillary Clinton for speaking fees. Donald Trump. As undoubtedly made the class action lawsuit against drug university a prime campaign issue for the last several days. He has been on a chair against the federal judge Gonzales cure real who's overseeing and a class action lawsuits against trump university. Lot of Discovered it. And when it comes to politics Robbins Geller Rudman and Dowd the firm behind the class action lawsuit not exactly neutral either. An analysis that they did using data compiled by the Washington Post on that Robbins Geller Rudman and Dowd. Pay declines a total of 675000. Fees for speeches since 2009. Hillary Clinton gave a speech to the law firms recently September 4 two only fourteen. Now does that mean that the lawsuit is. Without merit no not necessarily. It just goes to show yeah big deep ties politically. With all this stuff that you hear about when people say follow the money boy they're not kidding. So now I think it's fair to at least you know illuminate this issue a little bit and say now you know the attorneys for in his class action lawsuit are. I think it's fair to say bodies were to Clinton's. If fairness act as thanks. More on that coming up 8779759825. And Dave joins us and one day. Thought our. I've got. Remember a conversation about how I like original it appears this here aren't voting for trial because I like what sane about. About giving foreign countries all the money. And also are. About trade. And I really like our trot out one this year and also I'm about adequate a lot to a police secure out so basically I. Can replace all your stop by spot. You. By the way. The story that I got. About the hidden agenda exposed. The firm. Actually brought this case against trump university. Page 675000. Bill and Hillary for speaking engagements. It came from a website called the conservative treehouse. And I just want to look into them a little bit and find out what they are about. And this is how they describe themselves. Conservative treehouse may be called the last two refuge for each of us for different reasons whatever trail through the woods brought us here we've shared the turmoil of storms that have been. By your voices as individuals. In this growing community. Perhaps. Yes and truly shockingly cruel thing said TU purely because you believe in limited government and fiscal conservatism. Perhaps you know only believe that which we should be self reliant and personally responsible. But also believe that when we are allowed to depend on ourselves. We are stronger more successful. Take greater pride in ourselves in her work and more likely to make positive contributions to society. And then we are happy people or at least more likely. To be happy. Which lends to the following theory fear. Is that the core of liberalism. And love slash trust. Is at the core of conservatism. Liberalism is about control. Conservatism. Is about self empowerment. Controls a reaction to fear. Think in terms politics and society to fear behind the liberalism is the fear that someone might withhold things opportunity money whatever from may fear. If you live your life in a way I dislike but it may affect my life fear that if you get a job they'll be nothing left for me fear. If you make tons of money it means there's less money out there for me so people believe in liberal ideology seek control. As a means of trying to create guarantees and safeguards. Against those circumstances. They fear. I I've I find that soul. Interesting. How fear. It does it affects us all whether your. A liberal or conservative libertarian anywhere in between there's a certain amount of fear that we all have. Fear and worry. I thought it was interesting because. Although you know self determination and and and com. Relying on oneself. Is a conservative. Value. Many Christian conservatives also. Rely on god. And the reason that's important in this conversation. Is because if if if we're going to. Not trust ourselves. Completely and if we do you have fears. As Christians we can give that over. To face. And what I think the progressive left is trying to do is replace. Replace our faith. In guiding in a deity. And replace it with government. In other words. A Christian would say well. You know you should be self reliant but. You know I turn to god to direct my paths. No liberals. They want you to turn to government. To direct to pass. Of every one. I just thought that was interesting nets the conservative treehouse dot com if you wanna check that site out for yourself. 645 of the Bob Rochelle. Marion County teens are arrested. In a string of auto burglaries. Details on that coming up on news talk 97.3 disguise. Nature unleashes Summers leads and no wind and current events she's got real deal you went on what to expect from the weather out. Point three. It would have been. 649 on about Rosie OJ Anderson and house as well. Hey stands out to us. FaceBook dot com slash this guy. Life just comment any never know what you're gonna guess. Coarsely usually of the big stories on there but there's always some nuggets and tidbits in there some interesting stuff. You don't check out our FaceBook page right now you might miss a story about the porn to man. Was arrested for a bloody knife attack and his wife saved. See which you'd miss out on. Also go to our website the sky 973 dot com click on half off perk steals and save yourself a bunch of money you can download podcasts there as well. You wanna email me at some Not a real story award Arizona man is facing a felony assault charge. Where allegedly slashing his wife put an eight inch knife after he accused her. Of infidelity during an argument Sunday. You know she's looking like firm you know as spice the same old same old and and and she's a allegedly may be. You know involved and infidelity. I mean if you're some freaky. And you'll man is already a guy that has horns. It is had. Exactly our elected four. Now I don't answer why I've never been looking for. Putting Glendale police or Juan Vargas Rodriguez 53 began quarreling with his wife which you return home from work at one point cops say. Rodriguez demanded that a spouse sleep in a closet. When a woman rejected that request red green is allegedly responded by pulling out a knife and threatening her life Fred Reid is then slashed the victim who left arm her left breast investigators charge. Woman also staying cuts and a hands tried to wrestle knife Rodriguez. The attack and when Rodriguez is adult daughter disarmed him and separated her father from the screaming victim. During police questioning Rodriguez claimed not to were called deet tails the confrontation. Saying that he kind of blacked out with rage. The victim was not seriously injured during the attack at Rigas was arrested for aggravated assault booked in numerical county jail. Where the above mug shot was taken not to go to FaceBook dot com slash disguised in a mug shot and it is I think it's worth peak. In addition. To his sub journal implant horns. Rodriguez appears to have replaced his eyebrows. With a series of tattooed dots. Scheduled for June 6 quart appearance. By. July 2000. If you remember this all warned Oklahoma man was arrest for allegedly trying to run down his landlord. With a car. Mean. Is there a correlation between. More news and bad behavior. They're currently. And it might date back many years Li B Kerry Joseph you're on the air. I didn't populate that Donald Trump any. The Hillary Clinton and the Obama as she can't I can't talk about a man that paid seventeen billion dollars. And made people money. Where the government takes all our money and waste our money. When you're when you're urged businessman Mike Donald shot you're gonna have problem. Throughout your life with people saying you it is saying you do that whether they can troop leader not one day. But the government has no right out all the clock a person that. Mixed jobs that create jobs that. Are from the private sector where he won't take on people that take you know I'm sure. Are all well. Absolutely and I think this case is interesting because. Weird did did they were they hard sellers so to speak you know the hard sell. You know what you're gonna take to get Janice fine vehicle today. Whether it's you know selling cars or time shares. Or really anything. That is that not a part of life and you know you have to hopefully learn how to. How to deal that you have to learn how to say no office not free we have to learn how not to get roped into were talked and anything that you're not. Comfortable. So in a one of the charges that you know trump university was actually targeting people. Who maybe were having some issues or problems in our you know financial issues and the playbook in their says something about well the people that. You know if if if you really. Want to succeed you really wanna get in here you'll find the money so it says says money is never a reason for not. In rolling in trump university. If they really believe in you and your product they will find the money up playbook reads well. Your Ivy League schools many of them says if you're except to tonight really school you know. Money will never be an issue don't make. I make all sorts of adjustments. For you to be able to get in so they're telling you how important it is. In this case I don't know if they're giving anybody a break. I because of financial. Issues. I guess if you're accredited. You can get knew you would be privy to some certain grants and loans I don't know if that's the case or not. An and I am not defending. Them the practice because I don't know the details of the whole case. If people were kind of swindled. They were lied to. You know you you don't wanna be sold a product. That is not what it you know says it is in the Abaya Melissa you buy a vacuum cleaner does this guy on TV is just. Now and it's incredible. In and year iso and when you use it is it's not dead powerful it's about half the size you thought it was and you were sold. You know garbage. But when it comes to school when it comes to education when it comes to something that is. Was not so easily measures now so tangible. Mean how are you gonna measured you know measured from person success after school. Mean there's people with advanced degrees. I'm better you know waiters and waitresses. Should they be able to go back to the school say panic. In a poly sci degree at a lot of money for. Has come in very handy. In effect Donald Trump apparently has some people who is said very meant you know positive things about the school. No I mean I guess I'm asking where do you fall on that. In terms of up buyer beware. Or is dead. The government should be the protector. Of. All all the time. And if the government as a protector of all all the time a lot of times it might just say. We don't whine. You know any of these schools. Who exist. While some people have learned trades to be smaller schools that. Like Sam brought down a you know a good deal of success. We'll talk about death and of course your input as well coming up 877975. 9825. You're too until Bob roadshow. Power company guy gave me a call was on a phone message. Ominous share that with the F coming up and asked to do with Donald Trump hang on.