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Gilchrist Co School Board Candidate Gina Geiger

Jul 5, 2016|

July 1 - 9:05AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining me in a studio on a guest on the program right now running for Gilchrist county school board gene that Geiger missed Geiger first of all thank you very much command in the studio. Yet thank each day there have any understand I appreciate that opportunity. Right you are running for road Gilchrist county school board. As of the district's fourth at the move those seat technically it is colder as guest edit or. Okay 98484. You're running for for school board Gilchrist county first of all. I wanna say to you congratulations and good luck because. In your face ago to a Thomas who's the incumbent right now who's gonna unit called also running for reelection that seat. And oftentimes people in any race and any. And of politics will complain about how things are whatever but nobody actually wants to build the extra step and file to run. It is an incredible undertaking so La how has the campaign been going so far Korea. Well I think they have never run for any type of political office at all that this is the first time and much to say it's test that's mr. however. It's been great as having going out knocking on doors that met a lot of really nice people and that's probably been the biggest blessing Abbas so far. And I think it got to get feedback in them. I'd be busting out that Elena I think it's done well but will reeling on August 30 about midnight. Unfortunately we don't have VM Gallup polling and all the polls that give you some day as the data to help things ago and art school board important lot of folks are again and make sure there is good education quality education for kids well why do you think you're qualified to run. Or school board Gilchrist county. All right this stardust that was my education background I have a bachelor's degree in early talented education is about elementary Ed. I went back to school in our my master's degree and reading and learning disabilities. I had a specialist Zachary and educational leadership. Oscar like that I was earning my master's degree inspect this degree it's working full time. That and taking college classes at night and back when I was doing my specialist degree besides working on making it classes I out that was eighteen to classes. Or saintly university. And JV and varsity cheerleading cats I let bank account they chemists and that that. And that's my education background as far as my work experience of that over twenty years experience both in the classroom. At the district level and at the state level. When I was clashing teachers I was nominated by my ears says beginning teacher of the year I think each of the F served on many committees. Both schools right that as far as the school improvement plan the leadership team. The chairperson for the reading leadership team. He'd be ahead AM and have always been very involved because I did care about are stated that my children attend school on campus canning. And the last three years. Burke that the state level. And basically it's what they project. With that department of dead man. Pretty much we service they laid up between the department of dead and 41 small and rural school districts think out but this one of them. And it's everything you do with it with disabilities and Alonso and legislative updates that DeVon in as students. Not like this that have been an adjunct professor for the past eight years there. Thank Lee university for the college of education and educating students become teachers. And I like that is it and it keeps me in that. Breast sun changes in education as far as the standards are concerned that that an classroom. And I passes that on T committees at the state level. That I think with them on my experience in the classroom. At this kick off this in the state level I think I have a lot of the bank is able. Absolutely. One of the things would kill Chris Kenny schools. That obviously ruled I think Kelly knows and maybe some problems are mechanics know. A schools. That Gilchrist gonna schools do very well. It's a double edged toward it means should you know on the school board. You gonna be on a school board of I and top notch educational program here in Gilchrist county. The downside is if I understand correctly it would conflict funding issues with a broad you know federal funding. Yet if you dropped will be which is still better than most schools out there. In it's it's added scrutiny from the Fed's stimulus money. Talk about what you would hope to do if you do get elected the school board to a to keep Gilchrist county adds that as a rated schools. But you're absolutely correct and that Gilchrist is number one in the state it's an excellent school districts and back them. Think their graduation rate for students with disabilities at the 87% which is way above and beyond the state averaged. Any bad grades go to this day Dan remained it's hard working teachers. And I think the community that plays a big part of that as well and it value education. I'm at Abbott thanks for school board one of the things that. I'm concerned about is comical or you and I am against that by the way. The main their parents are Arafat's fate right now if they can't even help their own child anymore at home have witnessed efforts and myself. And Dan it's it's concerning an especially with the man epidemic where standards with men. That affect ever written letters to education committee. At the state level including senator Don gates regarding my concerns have a common course standards. As well as excessive testing. And we do the line of and that's been a complaint fascination evening and three nights are comic or an excessive testing. In effect in December of 2015. Governors kind of bill stating that no more than 5% at this school year. Indies a testing. That that's one of the things I'd like this Viet legacy Marti seeing him laugh as being in class and mammoth but with features that I want it to break down cry. I think protesting or is he dead. And I think it's it's great to be in a school district and I want to remain in a school district. I mean that's why we moved here several years again island that are it's it's going right that is an X that's what is it that I would like to see. Less testing at the end the level. I've participating and the death of fourteen I'm not a test score rallying in support of our teachers and our students I think it's important. I think at the local level that could be. A lot more areas that they can cut back on the testing. I'm all for accountability. Admitted to invest a hold of the big things how do you balance accountability act should the kids to learn what they need to know. But the same point in time. I seem to remember when I was a kid in school India had a math class Lou reading classic history class the science class and yet music and jam and Maarten. And Catholic school kid I was grown up and and in Philadelphia's get a religion class every day you still had time for recess and lunch. They still has some degree of spoke of standardized testing from time to time but. We all managed to get to you know out and we'll management seemed to okay. Before a little is other regulations in Seoul Oakley would've there can be some at least more local control even if there is some degree of common core what do they call a Florida standards or whatever there. They're renaming it try to not call it common core would become a dirty word the business. But I hope with a can be more local control when it comes to educate in the kids especially serious schooling a good desperately Gilchrist count a way that's been doing so well. And I agreed I like theme Internet they changed their name because they did that Afghanistan at camp evidence that was running for reelection because it was such a bad name. That would they did it change the name of it and with 11100 standards and they things 98 at them and being renamed it them or state standards that that technically. In a little bit and it's everything expects that the network but page is this common course standards on them them. I get us like to see more of a pet programs. And ask look at night everybody is college band and that's that's the thing that we don't need everybody going to cut any statements that go well on a trade. I think we have more of a cat programs that would motivate. Some of our students are considering dropping out as it gave them that they're interested in naked graduate but their diploma and be certified hopefully a certain area. And about them get a job and need people like. And I know we have a great act programs and Gilchrist county but an increase of vote tech will be good as well. Let me get we about a one minute left where to hit a break here so in the final time we have. Tell the voters when it comes to the election coming up in August. Why pray tell Gilchrist county voters trillin the Opel for Gina Geiger for school war. Right I have the passion the drive it skills that I believe that make day. Well thought out decision for all of our statements. And most of my life is specifically been focused on education. And helping to go to active if successful I think it's important that that's my job full time dad Anan ban has them at the last. 27 years. I've got the professional qualifications. Where that bang bang humbly as for your prayers earth if support and your vote on the thirtieth. Fantastic again no August 30 will the election really whatever county you live in but it of the school board elections that's the day there decided so. I don't think you don't need to do and me until November rolls around. Jamie Geiger running fur Gilchrist county school board does seat number four. And ms. gaga thank you so much against being on the program a to put a link to some contact information for you up on the skies FaceBook page as well people have any questions. As to you know what do your thoughts are when it comes to different things when it comes to education Gilchrist Caylee but again. Best to look an election thank you so much for joining us on the program.