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Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell

Aug 4, 2016|

Bob Rose Show - July 29 - 9AM

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There's talk not seven point three for. As I'm talking about that's your Friday music play really good right now stop. If your work break your pencil night just. App mail it and have fun now I'm kidding we need you to be productive at 906 on the Bob Rochelle. It's time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers with the answers always yes any in the studio very special guest -- to a county sheriff Sadie Darnell joins us San morning sheriff I do and I am doing great happy Friday everybody. And I happy Friday. But to eat yet had dealt a bad situation. Windy a truck and went off the road went off I 75 southbound. And I mean went way out the road and into paints prairie Andy has some deputies on the scene. We had some deputies that did just above and beyond and this is deputy Jerry it's meant Jacob Barlow and Alex black. Who log on same before anybody else arrived and now tore off their shirts and gun belts and dove into the water to try to save the driver. The camp was totally a marked a submerged and other deputy arrived on scene with a rifle to stand guard against alligators vision as you know that. That area's very infested with snake and alligators aged just a tremendous job. And fortune was a tragic accident and they were not able to. Rescued the driver. Our dive team eventually got on scene led by Jodi Brennaman deputy jedi Brennaman. And they are able to get down in the cab and through the roof I had to cut a hole in the roof with the help of firefighters. And they be able to extract the the driver who was deceased unfortunately but they did just a heroic. Job. Superhuman effort and I'm really proud of them so wanna give us a great shout out. And they deserve it I was talking this morning about you know the event itself and I said. You know that road that we've all gone up and down so many times in one of the thoughts that pass this there are had rumor drive now there's a I don't want end up out there I don't wanna go off the road and about their mean we've all had that thought. And here you have a truck that went. Well off the road. So when those deputies arrived on the scene and jumped in the water we're not talking about a drainage ditch their business we're talking about a massive. And and you had to swim out to. And then you've got markets like silt and all gets kicked up you can't see I mean I can only imagine and this was 9 o'clock at night Sosa is darkness. Written right at 930 at night and they had to swim out than down and did everything they could to try to find the driver bring him. Data for now that's awesome above and beyond appreciate it all right so you're right for reelection what's going on. I am I'm going into my tent here and share fare watcher canny very proud to be the sheriff are represented. Tremendous number rather by dedicated women men and women at the electric county sheriff's office and haven't got enough Babbitt still love it so wanna get in there and then keep going some asking for everybody's vote early that he starts August 19. At three locations and be the tower road library milk hopper rode library and the downtown supervisor elections at 515 north main. Some people don't realize that there's 900 employees you've got to all of the jail. The communication center Sunday to write us right and then all of and you know all the up of policing their of the sheriff's deputies on 900. So that's a tall order that's. That's a big job. It's CEO and I'll tell a that is so it's not. It's very highly responsible or very complicated work it has evolved over the time I've been in this. Profession as a dedicated committed for 38 years my my career path has been very straightened very firm. So I stayed on the road for a loving the law enforcement profession and dedicated to that I know it very well know how to run the agency with the help of a lot of good input. I mean here's the tough part for the average citizen okay and I'm I'm the average citizen and I say. I know its share of turnout is doing a good job or not because. You know what are the measuring sticks like I would like to know when I know these are hard statistics to come by because if a crime is not solve that doesn't mean it won't be solved in the future but. Is there any way to measure solve vs unsolved crimes to make a case to say hey look we we rank. And such and such a spot in in you know solving criminal activity because I think it's a big part of the job. Well we don't let her source the crimes themselves as you know a bad crime can happen anytime anywhere as we saw almost point five years ago with the a serial murder situation that happened here that was. Early jolted our community better Q meaning Maria responded very very well while we do measure is to the accreditation process a set up professional. Organization that is outside the agency is an independent review and in every area of the electric Kenny sheriff's office the jailed the communications center. Law enforcement we serve we surpass and every area we always achieve the highest level of accreditation. That's done every three to five years and it's basically say what you did to the directives and policies and procedures and then you do what you say. An outside team comes and who are trained and experienced in those areas of law enforcement and judge year. They measure things like time's spent on an investigation man hours. Utilized for sale homicide. You know how you use your resource is that part of the accreditation. They don't get down into the does that blink of an investigation so much of something that Tom. Can very you know GPD had a hammer this weaken it can go into almost a Tony for our. Timeframe that the they have resources committee took the one they do look at. Are what are the professional measures much like a medical hospital would look at you know what is sure infection rate what is sure. Discipline arrayed what are the sustained allegations. A misconduct those types of things to have a measure that indicates the integrity and professionalism of the of the profession. Okay and and and that makes sense is just again I go back to the average citizen I mean. What are there any other measuring sticks that we can say he whether we know that you know and not just in your case but just in general. How we measure whether or law enforcement is effective. You know whether year using the budget to you know and a wise way I mean every citizen how would we now. But we also as part of the accreditation process and and part of what we want to there was Swedish citizen surveys and that's available on our website we push this out through our FaceBook and social media. We respond very quickly to citizen complaints I met with a group of citizens now last night. We had an issue that they were concerned about my command staff. Meets with people and you know addresses are concerned who are also out about in the community so that if there are things that come of the people Santa Monica phone call I wanna go to the sheriff's office. But they'll bring up directly to me come out a lot I hear from a lot of people. So that helps me get a gauge and so over my almost ten years I've got to good tenor. A good read on the community and you know always evaluate knowledge changing and am working in the right direction. Some of the areas where I've a focus a lot of my attention and the resources of the agency is on domestic violence. Just saddened at number one call to which we respond it's also one of the it is number one domestic violence number one and number one culture which we respond and as you know it's also ones that is most deadly for law enforcement and it's also one that's deadly for too many victims. And so we were one of the first agencies in the state of Florida the pain in a domestic violence assessment legality assessment program. This evidence based and a weeds out on a regular basis so that we can identify this Tyrus victims. One of the leaders in that area and our community doctor Teresa beechy. She has supported me has endorsed me and just recent break and other actions an attorney here in town in and they guys. Have endorsed me from the standpoint of recognizing the good work that's been done by the men and women in the ocean county sheriff's office. Are you ready for you ready for fund one and when I say fun I mean you're gonna hate it attend this because and I remember this dislike job interview you'll get the sometimes and also while like are op Ed valuations they make us take corporate stuff into. Was he ready for this. Or what what do you consider your your biggest challenge John on the job that that you overcame and how did you overcome what's been the biggest challenge as of late. And how did you overcome. A day the biggest challenge says is still currently. You know in the forefront is had a we rebuild the trust. With our community from and and ward off the negativity. And the hatred toward law enforcement that's happening throughout not only our nation and our world and so that has been thrust upon us. With a line of duty deaths across the nation their ups 78%. Fourteen of those deaths a line of duty for law enforcement for ambushes. And so five years ago we never had to consider that an ambush would be I got factor that we had to be and bill are so what I've done with that we've got time. Is got down met with all the police chiefs in the area and the state attorneys who can talk about how we're gonna address is internally and externally. Internally. Met with the folks that specific day that happened in. And the deaths in Dallas and no way SM what do you need what would make you feel more safe. And we what course were doing a lot of great training but they need some equipment we need some ballistic rifle I'll round. Best body armor so ordered those they want ballistic helmets that will stand a rifle around a save alive for one of the deputies in Orange County recently. We border that is and getting them the equipment that they need and making sure that they have that sense and also the tools so they can use to keep themselves safe and be able to respond. As if it could happen here and we're going to be prepared for a we are prepared for. We've got to look at that as are a significant challenge facing all. Law enforcement leaders at this point in time and then in our community. We need to use every single interaction we have much as I meaning here reviewing. To have you see us and and know that we have integrity and professionalism and their we're gonna serve you well. We are talking to us sheriff Sadie Darnell led to a county sheriff to continue this conversation. Next on the Bob Rose show it's 916 happy Friday news talk 97.3 the sky. News news. Politically active on the radio. That's when he won on the Bob Rochelle live local we're talking to. A let to a county sheriff Sadie Darnell and she's running for reelection. And the recently in the news. Was young woman who was. Rates. Not too far from the campus I guess this was Gainesville police department handle that. Alibi ain't of much older Mac the was 34 years old and she was nineteen. And luckily there was football player there that actually. You know stopped narrate the progress. What what are you doing in a sheriff's office to deal with those kinds of things. That's a very relevant question we've all been concerned about the and since growing incidence of rape. Push the crime has gone down in the state and in our county that rape is on the increase. And so the watch get a sheriff's office and against a police department have teamed up together and work competitive. And were selected to participate in an enhanced sexual assault response initiative. That is gonna clearly that just started this past month and this month of July and so that's going to be a yearlong project we're gonna measure how we respond to. A sexual assault next victims give their feedback. It measures the time an end and case management published details that you just mention a few minutes ago and also including prosecution. And it's going to be trauma bay said this is a new. Innovative areas of best practice approach to victims. That Dick. Stems from the studies and PT EST. Now from military victims anyone that a significant and sustained significant trauma. They need to be approached in a different way to be the most effective and do the most effective investigation. So this is something we competed four bit there were selected so we're very proud of that. I'm getting back to your other question about what will overlook that and how we're engaged our budget process units up close to 74 million dollar budget the huge corporation. And what we are we are audited every year by an independent auditing firm. For upwards of almost twenty years now we've had by the column of findings which is the best you can get. And so people in it from outside the agency independently look at what we do and how we do it and engages in that regard we're doing very very well. You did go out mentioned earlier in the earlier segment about officers. That are under attack like in Dallas and unfortunately way too many of those incidents were hearing about. And and how you're gonna deal that what about the other threat and that is terrorism that frightened so many people. On how are we dealing with that on the local level. Well the local level is staying in touch with the international level and we have people that are trained and continue to had to get additional training and exposure and are tapped then if you will. Two those occurrences we are the participate with what watch called the fusion center and and they monitor the incidents that are happening. Regarding Hossa could domestic as well as international terrorism. As you know electric count me as soon as well positioned. And have seen it in a positive way. Because of some of the research that's done here are some of the incredible amounts of the diversity that we have people from all countries. The visit our area and that raises some concern in some people's mind but we also. Are looking at the united. The inability of some of art it targets that would be the University of Florida. And then Florida field the during the major incidents and so whenever we do a major incident and get geared up for a is that we evaluate all the potential things that could happen and and be prepared to respond. We talked about it earlier again leave the accident some Nissan truck went off the road to the deck created enough problems but we had. Trucks had caught on fire after an accident and a wreck not too long ago in general like what are the challenges like to. Work and county that has a major interstate this heavily traveled going through it. There are a number of challenges and analogic canning him and that's candidates do have their their their significant areas that. Strange some resource that they have not 75 cuts there are counting in the structure that seems to be one that has a great deal crashes some of them very deadly. But that is a challenge and for instance that the crash that occurred on Monday. It took sixteen personnel are responsive to that crash. To assist FH PN and EMS people that responded some of those are filled service technicians to help direct traffic. But the traffic was shut down for almost four to five hours and a couple 100000 people that are. I'm not happy. And I'm not getting where they can just burst on all the other roadways you have to patrol bright have to be their disperse and the other thing that a lot of people gorillas is when a crash happens on the interstate. Not only do deputies go to that same they also ago. Beyond that seeing so that they can stop and slow down traffic so they can prevent. Other crashes from having as you know I have those who wheeled down the roadways don't been looking ahead enough and all the sun that this car starts slowing down to Maine and Europe on that way before you know in our deputies they narrow and they are very skilled that it is it's a wonderful sight to see. The idea downing interesting start flagging people down in insulin announcer they're not additional crashes. Yeah I mean everyone's so why you just gotta stop texting and and look up. But we also had a synthetic drug problem here we don't. I got that I can't have. We that a commando time. Trailer that response to primarily meth labs. So that our people are able to be equipped and with breathing devices and and not be contaminated when they're cleaning up on that site that is like a bomb and sometimes as bombs are in a car. Are a lot times are in hotel rooms are in people's home so we've got people and our drug task force that we were very closely with the University of Florida in Gainesville police department. Not to respond to those and those are on the increase. I think you also bus swat team that sometimes gets called out by other agencies and we hope doesn't know what Gilchrist county not too long ago. Helped we Gilchrist county Marion County Columbia county Mi casa Su paso when it comes to resources and and as you mentioned and got the support regarding the campaign effort chief Tony Jones chief told accorsi. And all the surrounding neighboring neighboring sheriff's including Emery Gainey. These are marrying county Nancy appoint a share for your bunnies Diana Ferrell buddies and he has done an exceptional job there but I worked well all the shares and they endorsement. All right final question. And this is gonna be another one it's hard to measure but. How do you get a gauge here the CEL shall we say a video of this 900 employees and a 74 million dollar budget. How do you measure employee morale and if it is down what what are the steps that you could are have taken to to make it better make the best to committee. Yeah I hear a lot of that from early you know my my opponent he says so the morality agencies down on his right his morale still before he. I gave his job away and there are some people that are described beat disgruntled because they were. Reassigned or demoted because a discipline issues. I run. An agency that has high integrity and I expect that from law enforcement at the end these days NH law enforcement has to be seen. As agency that you can go to an end trust and so I make sure that we go by the rules but morale and in this work is it's tough to begin OS. Eyes so very negative for the setting it's a very fear based and risk based. Risky business to get out there and so the morale sometimes is at a slight bit and right now we're understaffed of people. Are feeling that but you know for the most part. There are other get the job done I mean if someone is and band around the example of the street deputies and then the mistake in my rifle James James have dealt. Get down there and get the job done that tells me that they wanna do the work they wanna get the job done and doing well. But I I do get feedback from people and and suggestions are made and we try to follow where we can almost suggestions in this protective equipment. As one of those areas that recognizes. That the vesta attending this some of their issues and concerns. You feel like you're approachable or is it strictly a rank system hey you go to your supervisor period. No I'm I'm approachable I'm not out about in the hallways as much as I would like that. I was backed up somebody in the lobby just yesterday we had a mentally ill person who's threatening a cut up people with a machete. And there's nobody else in the billing helps us out there lobby to do that and I love that's the best the best part of this job. Markel we appreciated. Let to a county sheriff Sadie Darnell. And it's always a pleasure to have you and time goes by so quickly appreciate it you believe that Monday's August 1 already. All right thank you I get out there. 930 on the Bob Rochelle OJ Anderson live local club fifteen minutes away from things. That make you smile and I'll give you some of the headlines get your input next.