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08/08 - Beyond Reality Radio: Ian Holt & the history of Dracula

Aug 8, 2016|

Author Ian Holt disucsses the history of the Dracula legend, and its many iterations in popular culture & entertainment; Listener calls, and more!

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This episode of beyond reality radio was broadcast on August date. 2016. And welcome to beyond reality radio Jason Hawes TV Johnson here it's Monday night we have the weekend off and we are eager and ready to take another venture into the world of the strange and weird and paranormal. It speaks he said you had the weekend off I was busy cleaning up water for the entire week. Play a had a bit of a disaster to you since CSR fair we have a family bleak house and who would know we've been there and a week or so I show up and somebody left the water on. And this Iran for five or six days you'll played burst and and it ran in the house for five to six days. Yet the company actually said when they're there they said it's one of the worst they've ever she's. And he said yeah because covered him it was like the first couple hours easily covered her move 300 plus gallons of him while still going so ago it was bad. That's no fun but we're gonna have a fun show tonight we've got has a totally you know we've got to of course a website if you wanna check that I would love to have you stop by beyond reality radio dot com. That's where the chat room is and that's for all the magic happens ranked. Yet so check it out of beyond reality radio dot com and self if you wanna listen online you can and his two story there'd be can also click on the chat room. Connect with everybody we had Jimmy and I are constantly in an hour chat rooms so. And it's a good way to communicate and make new friends in the BR family seems to be getting bigger and bigger bigger every weekend. So awesome and then also of course if you wanna be part of the program you can contact us on the listener line. It's 8446877669. Lines are always open. So feel free to call at any point hopefully can take your call quickly. Will be definitely taking listener calls later in the program tonight we've got a special guest author Ian holed he's also a researcher. Very well versed in the legend of Dracula author of the book Dracula. The un dead. And we're gonna chat with him and all things Dracula I mean it's a pretty cool story even apart from legal legend in the romance that were. Familiar with from the movies is actually a lot lot of history behind the hole for loan and now he's. A lot of time studying man mr. the whole vampire phenomenon thing SOB interest thing also to get his take on. Well first off he. And we'll have them on to be our first guest tonight and then no later in the week we've got done Tuesday night tomorrow night louima narrow. Talking about to out of body experiences. And then a special the winds and I we actually have to have had a change in our guest lineup for Wednesday night's going to be critical lens is going to be really great because Stephen I didn't cameo forum a movie called ghost that ghost team which is a funny movies sketch just a long it's got a bunch of factors John hatter. Huge John you might recognize as Napoleon Dynamite from the movie Napoleon Dynamite one of my favorite movies one of my favorite all time movies while he's in the movie as well bunch of great people but John's gonna join us so Napoleon Dynamite is going to join us on Wednesday night. And also. Oliver Irving who's of the director of the movie great in just great guys wells so they're gonna join us for at least the first hour. So should be fun. Yeah we originally had. Bob Mitchell when Jason quick scheduled for Wednesday that we're gonna move them or have them back on the be talking about multi dimensional tying travel. And then Thursday Steve Hoff who of course is from health paranormal. We're gonna chat with him about a lot of things are relate to paranormal topics but specifically really wanna give in to some of his celebrity. Say ounces in context that he has one of which was Robin Williams. Which we featured generally program here on beyond reality radio back I think in December something along those lines some really anxious and he wasn't on the program at that point I'm anxious to have LaMont. And actually haven't explained to us how he made contact like this why he's so convinced it's Robin Williams. And and sued and say about that. And so it's on the it's going to be agree it's been truly a great week. Yes it is going to be an awesome week as we continue. Our broadcast. Of beyond reality radio stations across America are crossed America we make we welcome you and thank you for joining us. And look forward to loan to have a great time together. Once again the call in line is a 446877669. We're gonna take a break when we come back we will be bringing in our first guest. Who is in holt author of Dracula the un dead he actually co wrote that book with rom stoker's great grand nephew. Direct descendant of bronze stoker the year rouge and drank it all Dracula author so. What are the earlier conversation we'll be right back. Or you don't things rarely seen. You know my. I am. Welcome back to beyond reality radio that of course from the 1931 Tod Browning movie Dracula the one that most people identify with when they're thinking of the character Dracula build doce of course playing the title character there. And I ties Redding to our first Caspian holt author and researcher of the Dracula legend Ian welcome to beyond reality radio. Well thank you much for having me it's very real close to being here have been a big credit unit case rule talent call you out. Idea loose look goes country watched every episode. Or let's or make you tune in and gives a new season just started last week. According. DP oh. So Ian is the co author wins actually Brahms stoker's Greek grand nephew of a book called Dracula young dead before we talk about the books specifically Ian. Let's chat a little bit about your history how you became fascinated with Dracula legend in the stories and you know the whole thing whether it's Hollywood to the literature. How did it all began for. Lot actually began column I was slipping tells one day and trying to guy on the net all jocular and I couldn't watch it could mark on here. I in my mind so I would do you ought. Might. And on Sunday afternoon on turn eleven year. W clerics have come like next. Year I don't. Yeah out in New York City. And a New York City used to watch that when my grandfather the -- double films. Every week so we a couple of weeks and have to rule like Gary I got to the other two pierce caught you don't want to have to go. Lot is there such scary. And we have the ballot became. I last I I let soul Allard and I look Dracula after the news that came out gave them a clay but I'll end. Go to our dilute the power track killer got it'd be executed because the boot from Brooklyn. Out so Long Island low Long Beach while I was new to this school. So I you know. Want to protect Dracula and the struggle twenty and because tool on the rule of Brooke. You know he's a booklet to every delegate unified currently you can go a quick look at Dracula. And I can't go. And from there it became a circulation include everything our. Do you remember. Miami's ever yo. I can't collect old but it did you see Charlotte's web. A public talk cartilage which he took it you know. You know he let me and bullet. I would collect bikes can birth date. All walking you can't go to local records so at least I have actual records. Ed in the window was Christopher Lee. On the cover outlook all music and I am or how and on the on the east side control and ordered drug. And LaMont got a director of equity. Get hold my turn to echo Kurt could have the the cover ugly out outside and story. Of the historical track. Goal sudden I got Albert Dracula was real. It was real place. And I sit right they're all wondering outlet or rained. Let's political let you all are the creative writing at controller project it's the art. And brought soaked track who had just come out and you old book this book it's urgent Dracula by Arco's actual did. Of rock to rescue of Fulbright scholar would regret Sally. And echoed that chick. You know everyone else's script but it I because right sort bestselling book. Like adult would bark. And I took every dime I had to go plane went boss and and how did these requests alt and while writing pages on a typewriter. In my in my hotel grows and guerrillas that had army brigade or extra dollar and I wrote he critically based on that book. And they invited being to join them in triple A and that. The source world truck. And we'll discuss the senate at a mile and from then on I was traveling with them. Giving lectures and I would do Romania I went to drag those castle. And it's funny story. It would go a hundred international. Connect the night out on our castle go to your investigation. And window. Where I choose. To results were out. Into the river which is that they don't empowers. But left that day I scratch my name on the pool there it was here. Oil watching drag it go to our international. Buddhist doctrine will all I don't like right there screen it would hear the older yeah. Whole. Career. That would kick. Why are so. Good for a throat until congress I would have to speak Dracula and several hundred there are street bronze. And so heavily would. And they started to talk to them. A ballot there interest student doing a sequel what happen to Dracula. And they had been exit speed equally threatened by the so that it would have anything to do. And I'll. 100 million Abu was angry because they lost a copyright and some shenanigans universe. Because they. On widow who worked on a broad policy though. And they want to argue unwritten like. Try to guess. Which talked of quote obsolete yet sequel. And they wanted to do. Got killed as. You brought a widow whatever it was people that they get. It's are. They want to get rid of Ella who wanted more money want to get rid of so what goes solely on that day from always equity. It is 2 o'clock Greg it states. He'll leave that one book book is that true and de cock right metal out and could take to actually do whatever they wanted. So long discussed is definitely should look if you write a book secret ballots are copyright. Get back. And on. They you'll see and get our look historian we've found that brought actually had coach Roy Butler library adult puke. What he wrote Dracula actually had goats. On bullets did. The story that. He was playing for a sequel. And and all three original book that edited out you know. Oxford and our book is it is Gillick and go police all these people are in and around stoker's Dracula Google police the ground or about having a so use golden notebook prehistoric together and that's how well again. We were first time in eighty years of getting the focus back to Dracula. How cool now let's back you up a little bit because you keep referring to Dracula as a real person now. I know that there roots and history and a lot of people do know that the most people who may have seen a movie or read a book along the way probably don't know. Howell. The Dracula character from Bram stoker's book is actually based on. Of historical figure in Romania when you tell us a little bit about that part of the story. Well. Dracula. Well so what went into this you would understand. The war in Kosovo that we important night YouTube. Or whatever it was. Actually the problems that would deal committing genocide circuitry to try to get. We're actually this descendants. Are still all good drop cool. Cooley is sort of Turk. And the local courses. All the way back. Ago. Dracula all of sided bet. It was a girl lights a match up if they swore allegiance ticket today the curriculum is because they model is land. Now you say Larry keeps saying Dracula but it's your time of lad the second. Well it is black is really David Letterman a bad rap and throughout pool. It's tropical is in Romania is. It is first dragon. And draw pool. Dracula fought our contractual well being is not. So cool was. A member of the order dragon which holy order of odd. Not that Ford. To preserve certain Christians and we're trading was called Milwaukee and it was beat away. To Chris and Chris in New York. You had a com groups view the Turks which made all four grand if you attacked. Christian countries who had a column crew occupied by the action. So neurotic way and they were not. It caught the middle because dual or the docs. And not Catholic. So he was able to make peace will muddle muddle mostly you know and that was a week. Deal. Solely cheating or. Oh. What happened is gay oldest rule got a argue Hungary. It'll be glued the Pope also grew tropical. And Dracula was taken prisoner by the blog on race and in Turkey. He was put back on a strong with a Turkish war over a pro. Life. He knew he was tortured. And dead as he was. He had a lot of trouble and being raised by or you orchard dole spoke to know what to do it and her brother rod do. Was course become an Arab or export salt. And Dracula look it back to sleep Willard elementary and you know against christianity and all that and a lot of problems Dracula and given a right to come back. It was supposed to rule. Irks turned on them. And basically sort of beta war. And Turkey launch. What you know 200000 man Jason. Tickets are 40000 men eager and could be gateways to all christened Israel to take out Dracula. Take out. All we are treated to all Christians. And by the war in Europe and Dracula the wall one way you bloody soul. Albert. Is that he created guerrilla warfare. You know women who Wear our food. The polian went into Russia. Rescues scorched character and bird everything there was no food or anything that I am practically created by local. By Russia. Dracula created. You have a bad speaker detention. At the court could look to to noted that one broke. I would I would wake up it's cute as part. It was all bow in to intimidation and trying to terrify and terrify your enemy and that's where the whole him in handling people. Began correct it was more as like a symbol paid you that you don't wanna come here. You don't want to gain in Intel and started. You all a joke to a drug you know like the first Republican computer well a lot of jokes back political goes back. Through Boogaard is. The Who world of Brooke all of a lot yeah. Support all allowed to be overthrown by a Christian. Public. And are what you could how the first it would dear. Would provide you'll. Know old school school Ortiz double on tray ought to tell. Symbol lower and took all their land wealth and give it to the pork so you're very much Robert Wood figure. Who are all Ali looked at him he would yelling 01000. Turkey's Kurds had. Well that scared the hell item or add salt to use the duchess and to seek a harder on our. They were sort. And sort will. Romania what I found out is. Tokyo a unit Dracula is that George Washington he created a moderate state because created spending army by. Well you know it so well escape into the altitude gross at that. What do pure country they'll say yeah so incredible irony here it will date you Google are. Tools we're talking we're talking with the N hold the author of Dracula the un dead and historian of the Dracula legend we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we're gonna talk to Ian about. A speech in a paper he'd delivered at the hundredth anniversary of the the release of the from stroke of book Dracula. How Dracula may be responsible for the discovery of America I'm anxious to find out. But that's about it's beyond reality radio Jason teed. You know. And welcome back to beyond reality reading your guest is Ian holed author of Dracula beyond dead Ian welcome and again thank you for joining us on the program. Altec drought in the amount of great talent. So before you went to break we talked about your 1997. Appearance at the hundredth anniversary of Brahms brokers Dracula the release of the book in 1897. And you gave I don't believe it was just talker speech entitled how Dracula maybe yeah helmet Dracula may be responsible for the discovery of America. Was that was that the killer was at a tongue in cheek thing what was. That's actually real I've pursued by that I'm not. And actual column I got it out awarded a scholarship by. The professors and Miller a truck or were written now Google research. Archaeology. Actual site. Well. What are things out wouldn't put it on researcher doing them. Welcome traveling them doing research as it was an interest in that particular defeated Turks. Is brought to Iraq. Mercenary force Turkish soldiers stand up. On our. These battle Dracula skate and Arnold. Were discovered by depressed. And an uncle. And Hungary. Hungry he sat there and pregnant. Three years. On this. And are. In that tying. Run to. I do agree Turks and it occurred because it's. Like that. Most are gay and what. It would do so. Which again. They sort Chris yeah. I hated each. Rod who had taken over lockyer said he was. Going to let the Turkish army and her Christian Ole ego oil production countries in on week. You know get to. Other. Unit to. Religion. And a poll came to Dracula because the current expertise at fighting Turks and the Turks were great. Actually take it out. A new city. To barge in to. Destroy. Oral. At the same time this was happening with time it bill and sort and in Spain. Or fighting the wars and dispute. Now they got a lot of coal and then well see wars. Guy goes first to you can say it was to take back. It is castle and block you have from his brother which he did. But in order to get the army to do definitely Catholics and it capped a minute and become a technical production can catch it anyway back. To. Block yet actually dispute brothers' brother pat. And armed. It was airway but true calculus people turn against him could doubt he had become. Was actually murdered our own people. It's just like Chile and lived there would have been to new crusade into local letter. And all the wealth. To look at all the Catholic country rooted given to pull you want to talk. All that money deferred editor bill got this. Didn't goal. Too cold because Dracula killed instead went on Columbus is expedition. Are. Now it dried gladly let me go to the Pope Columbus remember come here and goalie or elk. The reason we dated 100 have is because I have gone to do. The research at the Vatican department document. Because it is probably would have a whole war week as Sony gets a lot. I usually accurate assumption that you know. It's clear that this could have. Cart most likely get it because it's. Would never Rick and Ted and bill president you know to be out for country Gilani. Until Dracula a lot yet and he actually wrote it. All that money it got would've gone to all politically very analytical and other crusade. So you know with that didn't happen. All the sudden. Remember Columbus was sitting in Spain waiting for the money to do this and letting it could look toward the dollar. And yet to see lawyers are urged to this. Right right. So. It's interesting tell us though about your Intel owner and your friendship with Brohm stroke or his great grand nephew. Well. And I it to Archuleta academics first. Reference context so certainly was patriarch in this that was exco Kirk who he beat you old enough. News old girl that Google bought an old story about what happened and Eric. I was screenwriter. You know Horace grant them some movies or Jerry said to my resident. He really nothing to do it in this regard he wrote this beautiful letter sent though I don't trust on it I don't know Oregon. I've got a great. Going told these. Probably would've processors. So little capacity you always are battered currency rattling. So I need. Other people and Amelie and com. Patrick kind of passed the reins to picture. Cool younger and lucrative. Erica and use going to represent so. Too was Olympia area so he was a teacher. Ought. Boy it took me dull I think. Larry he's very media. Renaissance. And army. Elizabeth Miller who wrote books would be by our countries as part on our problem. Certainly I think you could consulting with the current. Income. And long conversation started because. Baker felt that. And as an American. You know not. Coventry will republic and that it is a category that we're living in America here in Carol Carol at all. He has like this idea. That he could fight back. Sit like the week. That is being that you accept state except your blatant lie lie you know bright and I could have a very different. I hate. Other listen online Casey. Her six cents a 669 and we invite you call in a we will be taking some listener calls a little bit later we'll talk when anything you wanna talk about and governor to somebody web site beyond reality radio dot com our chat room is there we welcome to join the chat. Annika another quick reminder on Tuesday that be tomorrow night we have Lehman aero joining us to talk about out of body experiences in Wednesday's very special program. We originally had Bob Mitchell when Jason quit scheduled they will be moved and will be making room for. Some different yours Jack. Yeah all of Irving director Oliver Irving and John header. Who you would recognize as Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite they'll be joining us. That's a great movie in Chile desk in his that it owes our apparel questions I'm gonna have to ask him some questions about global India but they were a weed hey you know we help Stephen I helped them out on a movie called ghost team. Which is released on Friday I believe didn't actually to have the premiere tomorrow night and I just can't make it but. Yes so but it's it's a great movie it's a funny movie industry leader Justin Long he had a bunch of great actors and that's gonna be a lot of fun that's our wins in that program then Thursday of course we have Steve Huff from off paranormal. Right now though we have in holt Saddam and Ian have you seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite. I look. To it. Yeah isn't really President Clinton. And. Yes you know that's of those movies that it was a real light kind of a sleeper thing and it through through word of mouth people started to take notice of that you watch at the burst and you kind of like. Scratching your head a little bit. And then you start you start to surge to play in the U watcher the second and third time you just can't stop laughing council. You know it's just funny that whole new law are. A little bit and those guys. All alone all our. Future well critic you know who is cool you are absolutely. So humble were actually you can again getting pressed for time here and we only have a few seconds before we got about a minute before we have taken our heart breaks so. I just kind of bring us to the point out on how you wrote the book with we've Bram stoker's great grand nephew. Well we we wouldn't do on the road to buckle library that it has like old bronze handwritten notes while he was right Dracula. And from there we. Full what was cut out what he was planning a bit perhaps is equal. We know the ending has changed its. In that book you know originally the whole console elegant. A lot of you know lead Dracula and how he changed agreed to troubles did not. So but. What a nice start would be out stake is the architect a duty to tell. Right right there is probably illusion it actually use an actual balloon and able to move scored with a sequel. Or. Like I'll actually wrote it was good it was bull from its original idea that we put sort. And took it to those two years. And that the that was released in ninety in 2009. I. It all right well we're gonna have to go to break when we come back we'll talk a little bit more about that it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason team. Or excuse me. But I have. Or that the bill. As I. Miserably. Oh welcome back to beyond reality radio that clip of course from the 1992 movie bomb Bram Stoker's Dracula and we have in holt. On as our guest tonight we're talking about Dracula Jiang and do you have a favorite Dracula movie like you know. Now you're kinda. Nominated but look you already in. Well there's there's there's to doubt my favorite this. There's the tips Franco died tribute to Chris leak act of not to be confused and are if I'm a larger. Which is very close the book will come out and keep calling word. And then what does closes the book is salute to it and EEP c Benny here. Which is fantastic. But it has seen a book in the miniseries but my personal favorite. And I could build a missile congress did have an hour trek and go to. You know but he won't complain about. Problems book is the Victorian ideal that is hitting up evil evil apple he creates this. So powerful creature yet they did he get pretty easily could potentially put a bitter fight. Why I loved could tell it I mean it's killed and held it and it's just by accident two big wins it. Or powerful. And that person and then in the book get it hit you trek they'll Broadway. And I'm biased but it beat. You know the children out there at the rank it except to Chris Dracula. And group Louie Jordan. Track BBC is fantastic. X let's move the conversation a little bit. Into the real world is that we are going to. In and are you a believer in vampires. Actually I did see reality show and then hung out a couple of horror. For horror and months. And I'm not a bad umpires that we think of on Tuesday. These are people that belief that. They have there are other allergy to light. They have low energy some of them are very sick. And there's a father figure someone. Goal all figured it leads to culprit. And there were so I mean this is. It actually related but why did your group called black male was altered actually lives in France that is. Empire out in run. Media empire. Parties did at New Orleans. We I five hung out with some from New Orleans I was gonna say that. As wells and titled believe that call themselves vampires though there. Actually acquitted in the blood and they don't like people go on sites like that life. Put ads early donors and it took blood screened in their true blood is clean you're allowed to donate and and they they. Ought to do drink the blood. They'd believe that he'll shock grow and embodied it's not producing the right amount or percentage. It's a blood taking psychic powers. Feelings about people are. And extra script and then get sick or holes. You know a lot of that we have to out work you know in veterinary hospital likely gonna. Go out. It could very well. And there are some out there who action actually have iron to deficiencies and a lot and will drink blood for that. And yet there is certain types out there who. Who believe that in drinking someone's blood you you're able to connect with them more spiritually you're able to. See him at all some people leader able to see and their future. There's a wide range of this. And it is so you do have those kind of vampires and you've you also have the ones who have their teeth surgically altered to. Two of our way Q what we would expect of him part of look like and there's also the psychic vampires as well which. They're more energy drink. Like yes I mean there are there they utility club that we went to. It looked into and the two girls who are like tight pants. Would be at its people. And they would get fired very quickly in the girls get all managed to annual we have terrible camera. And you would see. Like I'm getting people who'd actually getting cold while they're getting odder. We tablets for it to actually there didn't this until it. It is not true. I mean going back to native American tribes. Or. School they believed. It to a truck. Eight pick acre at least two accountable truck. And they eventually that would enable him credible. But eventually creating human flesh still went like you and Bertram at cal and they were crazy warriors but. There's legend so it's every culture as some reality to parlors. Even as he. Was done investigating empire. They have planted the actual KGB plant. They wanted to open KGB open actually a low number operation funeral. And they were going the plan was. To take on the legs all. Corpses and of course is that electric human legs and brought it into an amber could sell Americans. Gold. You numbers are bad scalp. And there was poor duke Soviet Union would be at the British have caught program. Because he realized that what it. Political craziness to subscribers psychic powers sort of got worn out well at age or loose. The program that actually you could I don't paper law. It's yoga is. They're this tool and scientifically that we could actually are. Quite good ghost hunters. Know what do the Greek you know leak because of weak so I don't own craziness. That people put on you know until somewhat. Cards to extradite a bit actually put scientists. Decides to Tibet and entries it was it. And and you know and Alter the subject matter you know respect subject. It's cool it's gonna be this crazy things people believe that there are a lot of people let Eric it's. You know we. Umpire hunter show. Will it. And so. In in your travels in your in your obviously your reality TV work. There are people however that actually consider themselves the un dead kind of vampire and and what do you say to people like that. You know I. A lot of people at least a lot of crazy things there are people actually. One of the biggest fears and our community at camp Aries you gonna get a it had been cases where people go out until after that and has done numerous. Up books about it but there is a psychological. Bob. Disease already field. Where people feel they need with a big big need to drink blood and it will tilt to get it. And says an actual psychological disease. Anyone with basic combat the added. You know I I I have to say it's cute secure real umpire it's an actual. This goalie. Can't you. Have some problems. They and with annual bet. We're gonna take a break we are talking with Ian holed about Dracula in his book trek movie and dad. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jason team. Some were leading. Impact to the show it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes. JB Johnson don't forget the web site beyond reality radio dot com that's where our chat room is also the FaceBook page and to step beyond reality radio on FaceBook. And then it's all free listen line is 8446877669. We're talking with author Ian holed about Dracula. And we're gonna go to the phone lines Ian if you're willing to take a listener call we have found some with a question for you. Andrea Andrea a good friend of our show is on your on beyond rally to radio. Media and Brady injury at this. Yeah. Well I'm he had an act. Yeah I know I didn't think he would ask about Adam. You know people who play your game but is that that's that's as when he'd ever heard of something called cut ties sit down. Card in her you know yeah. Now as if they decide that I didn't reading about that little bit expecting actually eat but me. That they're dead they're not that they police believe that they so their boat people were doing so well. I don't own a part of me a it prepared. And so decide. I don't let me. All. I could pull that they know the name of the actual disorder because. I have a dull I will urge you to rent field center where they believe they're real umpire and the need applauded they kill people would get it. And I think probably this prop up shoot. It. There there are I mean you know what you did in this world starting out in it I mean you know league. You meet people at least levels. And Alex. Is different groups that believe. This real solid and rational about it I have complete explanation governor Terry called bullet and so. Is there really scary. And would you go in parks and he's the one saying that all our goalies. When stereo. They couldn't spot these. People have these disorders and they fight to get them out of the communities that. You know because I mean well out of camp book there was an incident at all. Old Bair at any wheels here awaiting her box and this. Woman came on an attacker actually tore open his neck and almost killed. Would the road dogs. You know all our people take it too hard to believe critics in eight. Something about the art community the same parts creating oak. I guess the light of fangs and their icon tax. Law. And they say that because these are not willing to New. York you'll never understand. But there are people. Who call it the eye contact. And sang and ones that you use scared. And. Wouldn't that fall under theirs and mauled them Altman and there's so many different people like that it's late. You know the psychics who have to be sold blown out of proportion of the psychics who never really tell anybody there psychic him in mind their own business. And there's so there's all the from levels of of all these different belief systems like we have somebody coming on. They show in about a week who believes that they're an actual where wolf where wolf. So it if you get these huge ranges of these people have to blow way out of proportion and then you get the people who. And it Blake and the best way to say it is that is the psychic you get the psychics who at the blown out of proportion and charging 500 dollars for reading in this and that the other thing. Beget the others that. And seemed to be sensitive or psychic but never tell anybody about it they always minor on the V keep under the radar and just do their own thing. So you get the highs and lows of everything correct. Collect everything looks you psychics who knows required use you know we support troops for about five dollars. Blood glucose water. You know like I mean. Community growing up long islander and the seventy's. At ground zero. Yeah well for the excitement power at all whole you know every year. I mean I'm only a belief in my away from Larry we grew up on birds and that he possessed. And you have a utility vehicle horrible coming out and he's gonna have to get to school at all it strikes we have options and skating world was gonna happen. You know would be eligible to all the convection in our. You have. You know summer and summer sent some essential mr. oh was telling him. That. You did did you know. Angela and kill and it's probably as she reached out it would write or read somewhere where I grew out Seoul. This whole. Deployed you know. Medal analysts and and paranormal tell super cook in cabinet well. How normal and all this stuff. Allow me to have a more open mind. And I accept the I really do have. Shot a problem and there. I mean a bullet coveted it was so sickest children couldn't go out and play. Later life they discovered. An eight. By drinking blood Dixie or corporate pretty normal. Can't miss it you know but there are people would ever read and so. The umpire is a very powerful in the world to you know below flood wall like Jack Nicholson. Wolf in the early part of the movie where. I did it look your. Full loan banks feel lore. Actually attracted more electric belt and you know is this is different. Variation of it you know Katharine and grant got a number and each local on up. Can see the doctor. Which if you could just ended dark side that. All the research and see if you do use the guy has killed people to get. You know who believe trees being is about a dead you have a party can't be killed. I mean you know I mean if you watch the Night Stalker you original TV movie. Yeah that's part of it won't be able you know colts can execute got a look at six apart bureau of our. SEC it is very similar to the actual in progress it is as you say you don't read it. And it bull starts Butler whose outsider and feels put upon and then. Because it does sort of takes on. The past six of drugs go to protect himself the comeback in the debt can't be heard. And it's very similar to what I experienced extended. You know depending myself each actual could conduct blogger DP up the broker or get up. So yeah he is psychological. Aspects of their counsel and to get there it's scary. Yeah yeah that aren't as living in the false reality to try to. Deal with everyday reality and and I do I totally understand Andrea did that answer your question and oceans are following the. Then you think now as good at age nineteen that they that you know. Think seventy you did say two men inspect them people I can't. They didn't believe they've been scared of whenever. You don't see this sensitivity. Aid. They've made assets from its battles that the campaign into game. Ball what you wanna terrible you know. Crowd at a Tampa I was. Regular girlfriend who's back to New York. And he wanted admirers. All in the Lou and I get to officiating world it's like or no warning at all yelled this is a very upset I'm so sorry. Crisis so something's happened here at Celtic Cole you. Now. How did she know that. You know I mean yeah. Moment and it has been capped when you go well it's only two and if you spend time with these people is it's definitely something to date there is. I did love the movie vampire you know and it's it's something else I mean how you explain it I mean you know. I mean it is very great here when you're sort of where. What has the ability to understand I beat Google to earn and how he stands up and he has upside and get a shot. He could stay at shallow but when you did it slow motion that the school. Person how I have a person you know add to be able could look at that see it totally different you know and that's how we kind of have to approach. The vampires when it happened Q&A gimmick to get all the Bentonville and upset about something. You know you have your initial blow something good or he could just as pure coincidence but that was shot. Thanks caught thanks for the call Andrew we appreciate you calling in with a question for Ian. More or take a break but before we do I just wanted to tease something in you wrote. A supernatural thriller that pitted two. Paranormal teams against each other right knows if that was a movie they are you called episode fiscal and that's kind of that's on the adjacent they're very interested in so we come back from the break we're gonna what you tell us about. That film what happens it and a little bit more it's Ian holed. Our guest on beyond reality radio. Welcome back beyond reality rated Jason cause TV Johnson and our guest is Ian holt and you're gonna talk about. A movie that you wrote earner in the project you were involved we have called episode fifty Ian but we have a phone caller so let's do that first. Welcome to our program John from Tampa a year on with Ian Jason and javy. Great thank you want to show. You. Question. But what about vampire you know. Have a friend. Jack. Or a lot worse. And that that Bangkok. Where a lot of people say that there vampires. So your friend claims to be your friend claims to be a warlock is that what you said. All right now and then yeah it. Well I gotta tell you I think I'm going to graduate at a place called castle. In port city which is essential that our. It say a golf club. Quote and gates. Are all out all our warlock will and Alex. Who showed up there and I you know. Which is you know outlook we are white to black which is there light locks. Walks like a little luck are are basically people that are. And believe. That there believe it though boot. The goddess mother was the Eric. Are in all it's got powers like the old troops. Believe in a two yard comes calculated. It out. You know I. I I I've been in all the world and Joseph. Ceremonies Portugal is a comedy. And you know. Bob Griese. And oh I don't know would take it would warlock. While I believe they end it like everything else you know they believe it would spell on you pick. You know. Gold also you. Leo is go to boot to. Bring its centric. It suit. A third. So I mean he's truly. A 22. Or are you. Yeah. His grandfather. Also or block east of Mexico. Whether the occult religion that aren't there. And you reasonably. Do they have that trot home or in the election that I've never had an article yeah well Brandt all of it and it could. I. Did I bet your throat. Mexico going back is there a connection to sit there and true to his as well out of it because I didn't you know I beat. I didn't grow all the success that it set period go to Oakland will be ready to go or go there. So. It ended. You know. A neo fight to doubt it. Felt really good you know ritual you know so I did pay the bill it I've been. These things are if you believe in them. Q if you don't believe that haven't they will. So it psychological or or not I couldn't tell you went to. Jason you see that all the time you when you talk about religious religious artifacts are bringing him into an investigation. If you believe in it that's how it gets its power. Well absolutely yeah it's it's the fact that some somebody has faith in an object random that's vets were really it's not that the the object has powered so you're empowering yourself. New using meta object. Hey John thanks for the call from Tampa we preach and. I. There my friend I don't know what he doesn't set up a bit like a debate an object. One thing that it it's really matters you know it might change in the he castrated and and I get. You said that you. A bit. He actually did that. Noted. That paranormal is I guess is only one with a note that a bit faster this. And if you wanna find and on and really out of Rio. Yeah. All right so Ian let's let's move on to talk about a episode fifty now. You know being Jason being and ghost owners obviously and it being a paranormal investigator myself we. Often. You know what what we know what the realities of paranormal investigating a tell us what your episode fifty story is and a little bit more about that movie. Well so good he grew out of it. You know racing goes under an homage to goes and I'll still try to look sorry six a couple of aggregate Tilden humbled by it's not that big or that. All of it. So I wanted to talk and blood as I said. Who seems to school bought. Asserted electromagnetic. Actually trapped in you know. So it towards it he'll case like that. He would yeah some kind of energy etiquette track and Doolittle in line. To seal the all that those people believe that. Are sold at don't go into light. Cool to screw quote from school football clerical side to puke. The other and it looks attic or religious. Are going to be introducing. It we had a place. As he's gone. And any lunatic asylum and dirt that you should. So all a bit. Would stick to routines there. And to see streets to welcome and dying once. It is not a talent and terrible things you want to know he's going to help to death. Carter's all seemed to go into. Awkward or trans Allegheny. Investigate and to give some proof one way or the other which is real good or. Hell or at all. He had. So the story basically confront and of course what he seeks to poke. Actually humid and for guys to go to guys didn't want to get to. So that we'll get a blogger but no one to eight you know. What I learned what it's sheltered a bit out of me in my whole life you know one of most. It was like you show explain to me up and it's up to me because what really you know you show was. Yo don't grant said that. Doubled the color and something happened electric here accident. Or to live below par. Or get into butted some certain attribute your car. Is that. Questioning oh what is it is violent rhetoric will be of course arm and it scares but. It is. We feel like we did what we've seen a note on this. Obviously not. You know you're somebody police audio recordings. Some body. And through these basic how cool cedar that is built in now hi. Something there a question that will race you know it is usually makes this. And Alex or other relatives. And that's. That question will be good god this is not just about all the good. He'll look. Into wanna make them about what you see on shows. What did you ain't. Right raw and you calmed down a lot in the pink. One thing's for sure yeah. Yeah 01 who's seen the evidence. Well most people might wonder you're mr. Emanuel and the way they all these past couple. Of weeks there. The issue hold go to Google and light annual again. Cultural and show you some concrete really you know it. You know. Or would you believed to drought people it was a episode. Or two. You know the things cup mile overtime. And it sort sort of were accurate but what sold you let this you know you take back out it's your life. I realize though how would secure witnessed a sort it happening. Beliefs are so. Hard and all that might among them. Where we'd report and it was one. Play in my rule myself. And shortly after that. Things started after. You know I sort shadows. It gets polite there was good that would go go to bring real political. It broke so we put always bringing it running all over it real editorial that there was no let. Go cook got no. So these things all the sudden yellows started. He's thinking about that help them will be would be great raised a question from the audience I suspect you know the normal order ghost story. You know a virtual ghost. Look backwards and grow. We're talking with the Ian. Yeah we're getting a break don't go don't go and we're back we're talking with the in holt we got into the good stuff home which brings the beyond those radio and Jason. Toll free number 8446877669. If you'd like to call and be. On the program were getting ready to ramp up our discussion with Ian holed Ian. The big question on everybody's mind is who played gee did Jason Hawes character in the movie episode fifty that's really important now. A very good look at it and some guys are. Just go. At it he had to pull out here. Ha. Simpson him. Yeah eight I want that you agree that that's so and he killed more laughs though in the movie world wouldn't deny haven't read the IE I. Copied you. See he's died a hero as Woodson will be. He gave everyone. That was of course he had a secret. Records. I'll bet a popular way and beauty here Jimmy didn't. Adam green have one of the guys playing definitely different out with that from the movie from Halloween movie. Again we've had and a Derek Mears. Yet only had him play in me pause in woman his lips says he's a big fan go Sutter. And had as the guy's name was cause and has in the all right but at. I think he had killed off to the ten I mean it's not good. Like Arctic Glaxo would be tough. Who would be to. Think that the. All right so we've been all over the map of their discussion here I wanna bring it back to Dracula the un dead work and people get a hold of the book and what's coming up next for you. Well it's it's going to be it's sold on Amazon bookstore you know it could order a line. And coming up excuse. My first big budget or Olympics or cooled on him. Edelman goes story anyway. Little couple little. And the documentary on the early days of public equals low Reagan. Currency and rise. So. Out of work for the public guys. The old guys they would love to go on and or. If I was greeted he's got it. Back a bit. In. Angola. All right well Ian we appreciate you being on with us and talking about Dracula and all the other things we chatted about and it was great time thanks for joining us. And thank you Bradley and it was great meeting you and I've I've wanted to go to be juices I'd seen the show and thank you. Howell thank you very much and look forward to talk to me again. All right thank you Ian Ian holed author. Film writer screenplay are better. He's done a lot and it was great discussion we're gonna take a break when we come backs listener calls and more discussion on beyond my own great taste. They gave its TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you that scared con is approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. 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Tuchman ending you wanna talk about at this point. That's only you know and let's first time caller let's give away free teacher. So can your first time caller call in net 8446877669. Less free taps are ghost hunters teacher so I honestly Jim in his. If not the whole thing and Dracula global thing talking Emo vampires to be honest with you when I was an all once I got. Hang out with some people some self proclaimed vampires and there there were all different ones some have their teeth surgically. Knee surgically altered and and some that later saying that Elway if iron deficiencies that's what they and they were claiming NATO iron deficiencies in the game the way they got it was. Her other's blood. Which of sugars and there's easier ways of going. But in its I'm a firm believer in not in that Dracula. Type vampire but. Somebody of that nature whether it's just a belief system or not but I am a firm believer in the psychic vampire. People who. Have the ability to drain energy I just feel there's a lot of people out there who claim that there are psychic vampires that are not. Well you know it's cut almost a whole subculture counterculture and it's very often associated with the golf culture and you know it doesn't necessarily mean they're drinking blood or whatever but it's it's almost. A style all if you will but there's also the kind that seemed to have a satanic connection we can really get a chance to talk with the in about that particular subset. But it's embarrassing to to learn more about it as as we get guests like in on of that experience with these folks yet. You do get those ones who believe that in doing what they're doing that they're able to train somebody's life force and makes them our own which. He hated me and a lot of that does have Tennessee to fall under vehicle and and things of that nature of Nevada and it's definitely a strange strange part of at all. Our let's go to the phone when we have Stephanie from South Carolina Stephanie welcome to beyond reality radio. How excited they were part of South Carolina. I have no idea where the best at that. Oh great okay well so blossoms are you listening to a song what 106 point three FM. Great won't come and actually be in South Carolina. Only 23 edition yeah you're you're taken off on Thursday. I am going down and absorb much favorite states so product. Well wolf really would make sure before you hang up that and slick Eddie it's your information that we reduce shouted taps T shirt or those and his teacher. Stephanie are you are you a ghost understand. Yeah I love any favorite episodes. On. How about are you are you an investigator you ever gone on a paranormal investigation. That's an old pop. The details of the its. Apparently do we call that armchair and Garcia yeah he said it only from the comforts in the safety recounts in unity investigate with us. I. All right well there's nothing wrong with that you don't have to go out and and walk around in the dark to appreciated you can do different from home so while we appreciate you calling and we really thank you for listening and talking and stay on the line now yeah I don't go anywhere. They are at this continue their phone calls we've got I think it's Rina from Pennsylvania welcome to beyond me on the radio. Thank you are very nice yeah. It's obligors cell. What part of Pennsylvania. PA Scranton. Almost under milk went. So that's apparently everybody comes over there. At so you listen to us you listen to us online or denying nine tanning obviously you're on the radio. I'll aren't great or 99 an unmarried up like yeah it's quite rightly so. He needs your big diesel well how much are now can't possibly so are you a fan of paranormal television. Nice and no Lou would you watch ghost hunters. Absolutely. Any favorite episodes. Off of one where everybody's like around. Now that's like guarantee every sailor's sailor sort of loan of 260. Some deficits. Great. Has used the giver Denny investigating yourself Korean. I have one question are you sure. You never reoccur during. Ever have recurring dreams. Yes. My guess you're you're there. It ever did. Have reoccur injury news just the same dream over and over again. Like leap off it's like a different thing. Almost like so the dream continues the next night Lincoln picks up where it left off just continues almost like almost like your own TV see what it's like next like. Three months later former at any point just so think about. Alicia attic go to work but now have you have you had this happen to you was that we sent yes. Have you ever had a dream. Analyzer or someone who interprets dreams. Give you any opinion on that. What do they say. Am actually what what they thought about it was like you keep doing you're doing. Will be successful. And I can now I don't know about patent. So that is really have a specific opinion about the dream per says they just adore it don't worry about him on the stand about. They didn't understand about our current cap but like this one dream and keep coming back to reflect a couple of times a year. Will the edge or we knew we had a dream and server on not too long ago actually rule lets see you again I don't but it. OK see you heard that Jay and Jimmy eastern and a arsenal and commentary about like. Yeah he's totally happen volcano chain re courage. Now while on the you know we gonna take a break we've got a heart break we don't have a choice years so. Do what what what what. Thank you so much media yeah thanks opponent. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right you're dressed in. You need to subscribe to taps paramedics. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesign. Re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps Karabakh dot com that's capture paramedic dot com click on the subscribe now button. Enter the promo code beyond and check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it's half. Error magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's taps CarMax dot com. Welcome back on reality radio station on TV Johnson don't forget tomorrow night it's louima narrow. From the international academy of consciousness will be talking about the paranormal and out of body experiences. Reynolds go to the phone we've got Chris from Massachusetts Chris welcome to be on really radio good to have in the program. NATO guys great student pulled the show. Village. What's on your mind. It came question show last week or well there's this. Whole thing Q. This sort of lower. Rungs of the bargains. Are so unlike. Or at but he just he goes. On Medicaid and a Paul Dolan. Weird feeling like you know air sticking up on the back in neck but. Never seen anything on anything not saying I want to but what are your thoughts on. So it let me just make sure I understood orders anchors your cell phone was breaking up just a bit. Say this some people conceit goes some people can't you've actually been in situations where you've had some physical reaction we haven't seen anything. Yeah basically put me I'm I'm it's it's that you believe in it but. I'm watching your show not the. Or no honestly I think my my show is designed to weigh in on which you believe either way. Because we were going in trying to look for the real explanation of what's going on. So by doing I think your attitude is is perfect because you know what. He you don't know what to believe it and and so forth in you're going you're you're feeling things in your own ways and just gonna affect each person. And differently so you're you're telling these these feelings now doesn't mean something's there. Well who knows the one of the things that we find is you can go to all these haunted locations or so called haunted locations but. The ones that are truly haunted EU EU. You tend to remember how you felt that those so you you pair you pick up more than than others in that in that same situation. So I just that I think you've got a great attitude great mentality about it because you're viewed in a union that really a believer but. The question that so you're going down year in not expecting to it's a scene or deal with anything in the you're having this stuff happens so. And that that's a very common thing met here in the back of a nag. That could that contribute to something paranormal but that could also attribute to just a high magnetic field that has nothing to do with apparel also it's tough it's tough call either way I. Actually being alone and you know Obama electrician abort the a lot of old buildings and Dario you're get away from a cruel and also while some sort you know I getting out. Absolutely it's necessary really don't see any bang and that this illustrated are particular brain on that now like at their luggage show wouldn't. Here's you know journalists and human rights. Well thank you Andy in I mean as a plumber I head into a lot of these old buildings as well and you end up in the seems tuition but he was an electrician I knew you understand all magnetic fields and and I current seven and the feelings you're going to get with it with. Being around some of that stuff so you you're able to decipher whether it has anything to do with electricity or has something to do with. With something more and I think get put through a step ahead of a lot of other people out there. Remember how hard times recorded some of these old buildings used think all people have been in these buildings and the discrete. Chris and I I of the Tennessee to do that too when I went ahead to a lot of these old buildings or sit there and and especially ones that are like. And T now and you think well in their heyday some of these buildings had thousands of people their machines don't consulate 24/7. And now it's just an empty building and they were so much energy so much life and it. That's that's now on so there has to be some sort of energy still trapped within that structure. Presidio is trying to balance what programs. One of the shows you guys went to a you know a lot so either cancel NATO West Virginia and I still remember you guys sort of grass you know video they're like little boy eastern state. Coming down on the mezzanine and turn around and went out those oh yeah yeah that was instilled in you know it's. I'm amazed right side video really laws. Yeah almost Hadley by folding kneecap it never really turned around it just came forward in the shop back. It shut spec and now one of that was one of the videos that Ramos gives me chills to watch because so many other. Episodes you know I watch is really cool some of the stuff because I want to get it and yeah. Of course if you're have you ever been on a unorganized colonel investigation yourself. Just hope I know they have now we I live and not Merrimack Valley and are believed to have people wrote down unit called W oh I'm of that you know is there are useful. You know it's years back in. You know it's scary that you read a history of art is a lot. But things gone down about another anything illegal want to board your mind sometimes apparently but I'd like to do with some you know. Oh that's great well we appreciate your call and intimacy of the program Chris it means a lot to us and Q. It right. Chris from Massachusetts in just a common thing you know pull it deeply he's got such a step up because being an electrician. And he's already familiar is bodies familiar with Heidi high voltage and dealing occurrence and all that stuff so. And magnetic field so his hair standing up on the back of his neck itself could be him just creeping himself out yes absolutely but. Could it be something more because he's already eat he has a tolerance. To that that hole. Electrical and edit and he's taken a really healthy attitude I mean there are a lot of people the great automatically jump to the conclusion that something's haunted. Or there are a lot of people that would just automatically dismiss it and it's being. Open to the idea that that makes it you know abuse Tuesday he's Kelly the perfect mentality for an investigator for him because the game he's going to go on and look for the real answer. All the shows winding down here on Monday night that kind of Tuesday morning ish but don't forget that coming up on our program Tuesday it's louima narrow from the international academy of consciousness stuck talking about the paranormal and out of body experiences. Wednesday a bit of a change in the schedule were bringing in a couple of friends jays one of them are on hater from month from Napoleon Dynamite. Yup and Oliver Irving the director. They did them a movie called ghost team which Steve that I actually cameos and we had a blast so I added it's a funny movie yet Jimmie gets released on Friday and it's it's just great big yeah it's trailer something for remember seeing him. Remember in those on that you and Steve we're involved until that's pretty cool and then Thursday night whereas Steve Hoff font from half paranormal get your questions ready for that when Steve. Has YouTube footage of himself contact Jeanne what he says as Robin Williams among some other pretty interesting. Net crossing the veil kind of context that Steve has had during the course of his investigations. And Hussein announces that kind of thing kind. We had a lot of questions forms being just seeing see article here earlier questions as well we definitely do and there's only we only a few seconds left here but I wanted to mention I think we forgot to do last week. The Netflix no stranger things. Oh it's a great show it's really great yeah I think I told you guys I watched the kids and I watched the whole season in like two days yes I did the same thing enable I didn't expect to like it but you know what I think it's really cool but it's a great story but also it's got that such that he's world. Tied to Asia so much it's perfect exist and so on I guess that there are wonders is eleven dead right. I don't now I heard there already are working on a second season so will we see in and it's hard because in the reasoner remember to bring it up I saw a chance some people were talking about a little earlier so it seems to have had a nice. An impact and I'm listening as the show anyways so level up 7UP so we chat about that. But I have for now that's gonna do it boy another night in the books here ended don't forget to join us tomorrow night we'll back on at midnight eastern it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason GP.