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Trump-hating on Hyper-Drive

Aug 9, 2016|

Bob Rose Show for Tues 8-9-16 6am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh yeah 607 Bob Rhodes still rolling data you can JJ is on vacation it's. Time Jack brought to you by trustees made Jewelers witty answers are always guest to lose today you. August the ninth welcome. And get ready. Fasten your seatbelts I'm telling ya I got four hours a flame throwing and rock and roll. News talk political stuff that's just. And a blow your mind and his tell me right now. And I don't think it's hyperbole. There are out to get Donald Trump. For some people that's not a headline I get it but I mean really. Have they pulled out all the stops and what I say day eight. I mean. The mainstream media. ABC news in particular and I'll pick on them in just a second. I'm talking about the Republican Party the elitist part of it like what was at new storage is Dallas Susan Collins Maine. I mean Hamas about a lukewarm was a five Republican as you get anyway in now. And she's I imagine welcome Donald Trump is there's a character ratio is not yet. Because all the presidents have been the highest character out of here. Susan Collins. And a one dollar if you're not gonna vote for trump yeah and you know member of your own party. And that just fine. It yourself ladies. Ride. Used to be your you know you vote was kind of personal. I mean if you want to talk about you could bet. Oh you could also keep it to yourself in order says Susan Collins. She moved. Showed that. An attack that. Okay here's what else I mean. Fifty. Former national security officials signed a letter truck not qualified to be president. This is one of the biggest stories on ABC news on their website. There's bat. And the story about. An independent candidate who just. Popped up out of nowhere. It's like he's a spook. You know it's like he always ESS spook. Yeah he's former CIA. And poof just appears. Evan McMullen forty year old former CIA operative. Money became the latest entry to the wild when he sixteen field. Will likely not be elected to president. But don't let. That stop us here at ABC news from giving him a big exclusive of big exclusive coverage all over our website at number one story. He doesn't have a chance and held a win but hey that's not gonna stop us for promoting do you know why. Because he could hurt Donald Trump even if he just gets a few votes here and there that's why. Okay you get if you think I'm exaggerating. This guy comes out of nowhere and he's running as an independent. How did candidates do you think there are. I mean okay there's this Clinton that they're strong. There's a Green Party ladies Stein right Jill Stein. You've got your independently Gary Johnson right. Okay eight date and that's not bad your name and if you are about ten guys on the ballot. Well there at least there's the constitution party the Green Party Libertarian Party America's party American Freedom Party constitution party of Idaho. Party of socialism and liberation. Peace and Freedom Party prohibition party reform party Socialist Party socialist equality party Socialist Workers Party veterans party of America workers world party. I think I think. You're getting an idea here. I'm so why ABC news why. Why would you give this guy held coverage when he's just like all the rest in fact what I do a search. Which again avenue a lot of searches for a lot of stuff and it's getting harder and harder and harder. Because in my estimation Google's rig. I'm not kidding go who those rigged. And it's either rigs from inside towards other people you know you pay money to get the search engine just push you up higher on the list. Well apparently everybody's doing that now so just to Google something even a news item. It's harder than it used to be. It was hard to Google you know what I go gold as a gimmick crazy and a white guy who could and couldn't really find anywhere. Trump's speech yesterday yeah the guy. It's got about a 5050 shot of being the next leader of our country commander and chief 5050 shot. Nobody's writing about a speech in Detroit all of relied your line there or it's it's Clinton answered back to Trump's comments in Detroit I mean is. Where's the meat and potatoes. Give us not saying they give us garbage biggest cotton candy but give us besides shell. Don't even give us notes. I'd tell me a two day it was one of those days where I sought everywhere I'm not and I just. I just feel like you know the world's against Donald Trump or is or can I go AB CD here at all list and I can't. So this big analysis CNET tell ABC news does it they call an analysis. But they make a big front page story out of it. On their web site. Evan McMullen a forty year old former CIA operative okay. Who better to call at the last minute don't pay we need somebody steal some votes from trop. Let's call a CIA operatives. Right because. I'd bet in his career he may be an involved in all wider no elections in. Afghanistan. Or Egypt or somewhere else in the Middle East not he might know something about that a great guy just call. For higher. What a joke. For ABC news to give the static kind of coverage and I saw on TV too so it's not just you know the web site I saw. I know is this Bozell where we come from. And then they get fifty former national security official to sign a letter saying trumps not qualified to be president. Well let me guests were any of them involved in any way shape perform and knowing what a mass spend Ghazi was. Really I trying to cover their tracks is this a feeling of guilt that they have. What what are you doing. Up when I did it become so part of senior you're supposed to beat. Involved in national security issues and now all of a sudden your entering the partisan fray that's dangerous for every one. Every one. Will suffer from that. You what you want to military command signed letters. Also I'm letters. So ABC news. Our big story about fifty former national security officials trumps not qualified to be president. Remember and Ghazi remember the emails all O speaking of the emails more information coming out. Where experts believe that Hillary Clinton's lack of security honor emails and servers. Did result. Of the execution. Of an Iranian nuclear scientists. More blood on Hillary Clinton's hands and they report now widely no way. Did they report widely about Donald Trump's speech about the economy in Detroit. Now. No they didn't why not you know why because it was pretty good it was pretty good. The U liberally biased media award or Democrat shields or whatever they do what they follow it was a pretty big speech she gave in Detroit. I can tell you why. Nobody wants to cover Detroit. In any former fashion. Not just because it's now maybe not a great place to wanna hang out. But because Detroit exemplifies. Democrats. Run wild. Democrats ran that town inside and out. Would decades or generations I know I was born there and I watched them to hear that town apart. With all of their rotten policies. And Donald Trump told that story yesterday. And that's why. He's not getting any coverage about a speech in Detroit because of that story is death to the Democratic Party that story is an illustration. That shows you just what kind of hell we're all gonna end up living and if the Democrats have their way because it's exactly what they do it would Detroit. And yet you could probably at Chicago and Philadelphia a lot of other big cities Democrat policies. Run amok. They don't work they make things worse. And he laid it out nicely he laid it out perfectly well when he talked about tax plans and other things can't find any of it. Can't find it anywhere. Nope you'll find a little tidbit here in the air and then immediately they go to and Hillary Clinton answered back by blog that the dad abandoned back. Clear on above Rochelle. Yes sir I'll take your rookie year great mode this morning to you make more sense. And bring capital home darling you make sure all the drugs so here's a sort. A lot of short irons were not billionaires but there were several hundred million. And he's sure he replied none of these billionaires support. Well it is because. The career fight club there and their Alter Cilic. And nobody else would be able to get stripes. And that is why they won't sport nitric turned blocking. The other thing it looks like there might be an aluminum. On the elaborate sort. Well here's here's what I do now. This game is being a Reagan run by Democrats and Republicans alike for a long time we've been played. Donald Trump as an outsider he doesn't play that way. SE says some things are gonna irritate a lot of people yes sometimes he he speaks off the cuff. But aside from now what is he really represent each truly is an outsider. And he can't be bought because he has billions himself. That makes him very dangerous to the people who have enjoyed the status quo and that has been both Democrats and Republicans in power. This elite group these elitists. They've enjoyed that game and they don't want somebody to come in and turn their table over. 618 all of Bob Rose show could allow Florida talk about. Including trump speech and Hillary being sued by Ben Ghazi victims yup it's all coming up news talk 97.3 this guy. I am proposing an across the board income taxes done. Especially for middle income Americans. This will lead to millions of new and really good paying jobs. Six money for all of our road show. It's time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers with the answers always yes. And coming up in 45 minutes so a chance to get us thousand dollars. Would that be nice all you have to do is listen for the code word I give it to you at the top of the hour and you texted. 27 to 881. I'm not eligible. All right here's a deal. Hillary Clinton Donald Trump on that. The media has done a terrible job for I don't know how many years. I've said before if you're conservative or Republican and you go up to bat it's like starting with two strikes against you hard to win that game. It really as Ed and now you've got a major players Sidney as social. Media they're gaming the system even. Search engines and all kinds of things working against anything that's. Conservative Republican in nature. So we really we we got to fight the good fight folks. Donald Trump gave a speech yesterday in Detroit it was that made sense that was moving net that that was real and the media really didn't cover it well at all if at all. And didn't talk about the meat and potatoes. What. He laid out hand. All they do name into the window dressing you know why because it looked out the window and what do they see desperation on the faces of the people who live in the motor city. Is it even called the motor city anymore. Donald Trump started out by saying in short the city of Detroit is a living breathing example of my opponents failed economic agenda. Every policy that has failed this city and so many others is a policy supported by Hillary Clinton. That is absolutely correct sir Donald Trump is 100% correct and anybody you can who denies that is living in a fantasy land I know. I was born in Detroit I grew up there my dad worked for Chrysler I saw how things unfolded and my dad gave me history lessons along the way because my dad. Was on the search for a long time he was born in 1914. So he was a little older when I came along the experience life. The city of Detroit is where our story begins trump says. Detroit was once the economic envy of the world people in Detroit help power America to its position of global dominance of the twentieth century. Folks we're talking about our city. Or might my dad told me all of a sudden they stop production. A building cars or building tanks these World War II. And on our dime on a dime they switched over and started producing tanks. That's what I'm talking about the end you attitude. We are governed then according to trumped by an American first policy. Not America first. Detroit was booming engineers builders labor shippers countless others went to work each state provide for the Phillies and lived out the American dream folks. This was part of the the really easy emerging. And sustained middle class. That's clearly hanging on today. I was blessed to live part of that west. Us to be born there. Blessed to have a dad worked for one of the big auto companies. Trump says. But for many living in the city that dream has long ago banner. Alia. Long dumb. When we abandon the policy of America first we start rebuilding other countries instead of her own skyscrapers went up in Beijing etc. neighborhoods meanwhile in Detroit crumbled. Today Detroit has a per capita income. About under 151000. Dollars. Did you hear them. Per capita income under 151000 dollars past the national average unemployment rate more than twice the national average. Detroit tops the list of most dangerous cities in terms of crime. Don't hear the Democrats talking about it what they're gonna do about it do you. This is a city controlled by democratic politicians at every level unless we change policies we will not change results. Donald Trump. Hit it out of the park Detroit exemplifies what happens when Democrats take over. Even ones that mean well their policies are flawed. Folks need to wake up to that fact it may need to wake up to a quickly. 628 on the Bob Rochelle. Big game for Zhang. Hillary is being sued by two Ben Ghazi victim's family. Oh lead in Michigan stadium Michigan there's some voting issues there. Guess somebody got Eminem's balance. What's details on the way news talk 97.3 this guy all of our problems. Should be geared toward keeping jobs and wealth inside of the United States. 640 on the Bob Rochelle live local naked for. It's easy listen for the code word I give a tee at 7 o'clock straight up and then you texted to seven to 881 message and data rates apply thousand bucks out. Go get him tiger still got rain still got arraigned this morning boy along the coast I mean sooner is just good nonstop rain here from. Four days and you wake him up on a wet morning again Gabby careful on the roadways is usually enough. Yeah you've just got to take your time. And give yourself a little extra time done to slow down and not come to a stop the slick roadways. Donald Trump is really I mean getting hammered and I've seen to this is a new disk it's not a new trend but it's a reached I don't know it's is it a crescendo. We give you an example he gave a great speech in Detroit yesterday. Laid out all the failed policies of Democrats might Detroit is in crumbles and you cannot argue that I I grew up there so I know something about you can't argue with it. The Democrats been in charge for long long time and and their policies both locally and on the national level I have led to its demise. And trump played it out he laid out a plan for it has moving forward for not just for Detroit but for the country in general. And there's not like a lot of wide reporting on his speech. Especially anything that delves deeply into the speech here really talks about stuff everything's very you know on the surface which I guess we should get used to that that's the media era and so. But already. Which disinterested. CNN. He answers back to Trump's economic policy. It's they they didn't really even do much of a story laying it out but there are already answering back as to why it's going to be. Quote and quote disaster. Arrests. I and here's what this guy Jeffrey Mir on director economic studies Cato Institute director for undergraduate studies department economics Harvard okay. Here's what he says. The economic plan Donald Trump presented Monday Detroit. While light on details provides a good glimpse into what the nation can expect. Though the plan had a funeral or the ideas it misfired on issues site. The plan promises across the board tax reduction aimed mainly at the middle class. Reductions in marginal tax rates can spur economic activity. We all agree right but unless the tax cuts improve the incentives to work and save. There are at best. Up mildly beneficial in the short run and detrimental in the long run. Well I guess we just disagree on that one because we know. That tax cuts have incentivized. All kinds of growth. Is it incentivize savings no. A very high you are higher interest rate would incentivize savings but Dell would also thwart economic growth so you know be careful what you wish for let's move on. Trump proposes allowing parents to deduct the average cost of child care from the annual taxes. But my kids are pretty much grown up now so unlike Oscar the people having kids right. On. Was kidding but I'm thinking OK well how does this work. This incentivizes more children and spending is C that's how some people a candidate Tammy cut someone's taxes. They look at data as your spending to cover that. That tax cut which is exactly the opposite of the way anybody would look at it from the founding fathers all the way down. But that's this is this new I don't know less the economics I'm gonna call it because they say how you gonna pay for that. Are our governments can I ask how we're gonna pay for tax cuts that 3020 trillion dollars in debt my question to you is how are you gonna pay for that. All all of a sudden they've shut their pie holes I get it on that he thinks that giving people. I tax cuts for you know for children. Why is the opposite of good reform. Policy distorts incentives when it takes a stand on the number of children or the kind of spending it should remain neutral about these decisions. Well let me tell you in trying economic times which we've seen wages not going up people like decisions not to start a family or not to expand their family. Now is now would she want an America. Look I don't want did you know tremendous growth of everybody has eight kids get we're gonna have a problem here. But you also have to have a future workforce do you know what Social Security relies on people in the workforce. All all why can't wait. The Democrats say what the problem the work force will bring them all from foreign countries. H one no BV is just. All you're illegal immigrants everybody else come on man. So city. You gate that don't worry about jobs for the American kids don't even have a American kids. And that way we can also change the American culture at the same time 20. I mean that's what the far left progressives are but that's what they want. Trump also called for tax simplification reducing number of existing tax brackets. He says this is fine as far as that goes but in the air at HR block internal attacks it's trivial simplification. Yeah I kind of agree wit that to some extent it's it's not a big deal is not nothing earthshaking as far as that goes. Lower taxation encourages businesses to locate domestically and full. Expensing allows a simpler corporate tax code to lower rate does mean a higher deficit but by a modest amount so. Maybe he agrees that that we're gonna lower business taxation. And even addresses it. He says concern that lower business taxation helps the rich is misplaced. But keeping jobs in the country a lower rate mainly benefits of working class because they are less likely to see their jobs. Shipped overseas so I agree with the guy and that's. Another welcome trump proposal repeal of the estate tax. The estate tax punish his saving by imposing more taxes on frugal families and accumulate large estates rather than spending a most of there income. And and and don't forget about this and estate tax you know what that is that's double taxation. Everything you've done to acquire. This estate. You birdied paid taxes on all that. All that income you made was taxed if its property that you be cumulative did you pay property taxes you've paid taxes on it now the government just because. Your body has give up living. Then the government has. Thinks they have the right to come in and take. I share up yeah what have they done to earn it they've already taxed it. 646 of the Bob Rose show and biscuit. A good part about just one quick question for all beat liberal nut ball out there to look accurate are thought Hillary. Warren Buffett. Government so raped. They don't make extra active and get all that money to look at government. That they can spend it that he Alec it all the way Kirk reedy well seat ticketed on all racist just like cops. Well laden Republicans. ER. Yeah that's exactly definition of an elitist. Don't do as I do do as I say I know let's fast. I don't do that but I'll tell you what to do. 646 on the Bob Rhodes show 8779759825. And Phelps and what's with a polka dots all over his body this hour guess I'll tell you next. Every college. Tilts the playing field towards other countries at our expense. He's exactly right that's Donald Trump giving a speech in Detroit yesterday good morning 652 on the Bob Rochelle thank you for. Forget you can always keep up to date with what we're doing FaceBook dot com slash the skies. Or go to our website the sky 973 dot com click on half off perk steel save yourself some money. So I speech yesterday in Detroit Donald Trump laid it out hey look here's Detroit. Democrat policies locally statewide nationally. Have caused the demise of Vista out from trade policies tool taxation to regulations to all kinds of stuff. At no easy answer back was that trumps ideas of the same old tired stuff from Republicans well that's not true. The some of the tax stuff kind of is it he's got to be more revolutionary than that you know on the big sport the fair tax but. OK aside from that isn't good ideas and rolling back regulation is important. And here's why. Since President Obama took office in 2009. The federal government has issued 600. Major regulations. Totaling 743. Billion that's according to a brand new study from the conservative American action forum. That means the Obama administration. Issues an average of 81 major rules those put an economic impact of at least a hundred million dollars on a yearly basis. And look at it this way it's one regulation or rule a very expensive wine each individual one. One rule for every three days. But the federal government is open so every three days and you regulation rolls out that costs Americans big time. You say why don't own a business Bob I don't know anything about the stuff. Well if you work for somebody. Even if you work for yourself. When these regulations. Are put into effect here's the outcome. It's almost 2300. Dollars worth the regulatory imposition on every person in the US. Not every taxpayer. Not every adult. Every person in the United States. 2300. Dollars. Now just doing some quick math. I know that might medical insurance and costs and all that. Out of pocket expenses and all that it's added about 2500. Dollars. To my expenses in that area so right off the bat just 4800 dollars that we've lost since Obama's been in in office. The average family. The average family about 4805. Grand. Now of your wages going up five grand good for you you're breaking even after seven years. He Bob Rosie up. Hillary claims that she has economic plan it's gonna revitalize the country and 100 days is well first oh no that's not true particularly jobs Hillary can create our bureaucrats and government contractors but previously Stiller has said she's gonna work with her husband on economic issues and should also tell you go to work with president Al. Obama on economic issues after she's president okay Hillary the article White House have a meeting with bill and Obama. Butcher planet place on Election Day the economy will be turned around and you'll be swept into the white house with night and I percent of the vote thanks Bob. EP GAAP. That's her eyes 656 on a Bob Rose show you want an 8779759825. Listen for your code word coming up at a Texas to 7281. Messaging data rates like good luck.