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If you don't like BOGOs you're a commie

Aug 11, 2016|

Bob Rose Show 830am for 8-11-16

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've been seduced he's a smooth operate alone. And I appreciate job. Russ Smith coming by rod Smith for Florida dot com to wanna find out more is running for a a state senate district eight. And the Yankees pair that's that's a severe race as mayor race. In out. Keep fairies and a great job too so in they're going and it they're doing battle. In. Will you bring in we'll keep bring in the folks around so you can hear from them and then of course Serrie shows check out the web sites. And do you were only research. There are important. Nine. What else is going on it's Thursday August the eleventh. It is so 839 times are brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers were the answer is always yes. Coming up at eleven you'll have a chance when a thousand dollars again Texaco door to 72881. Message and data rates apply good luck. Donald Trump he's at a began. A a a a. I Asus. Is uttering. President Obama he is the founder. Of licensees the founder vices. And he goes on to say that the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton. Susan a speech yesterday in Florida. And it Donald Trump has once again you know raise the hackles. Of a lot of folks in how can you say that. And he's gonna do what he's always done. The media's gonna come back around and say you know level what did you mean by that the founder of ice is how can you say that whatever. And then he's gonna get a chance to put him quote clarifies. And what will say as. Under President Obama ice this was able to sprout and grow and go from a JV. Team to being strong in a many different countries across north Florida a four hole. North Africa and and the Middle East. Libya was a major problem. And so Donald Trump has a chance to touch on all those. Real things that President Obama did have a handed. Was he the founder of licensed of course not that's ridiculous. But Donald Trump once again who wins with his savvy by getting the attention. Everybody who's going to vote form anyway at this point couldn't possibly be turned off by anything he says now right. Itself we call like when I used to subject my little girl to a Stevenson all movies. I wanna hear there as well well it's I desensitized or reviled they go right. Hands up. And so we're desensitized. To what Donald Trump says it's like oh really the on. A super step which is they've called me the senators always loved to come up and sail well all of a sudden it's like what trump Obama what apple is running. Because I know the game better than anybody. That's exactly right and here's what happens Donald Trump all by himself. You're pretty good job of sinking his own ship. If it's left completely unfettered. But there's a whole bunch of people who NL wanna throw that anger in there and wanna cut some holes in the bile and all that. Well where no lot of those people are fellow Republicans. Then somebody asked to step back and scratch your head and say wow. You know douse does protest too much in other words if fears over the top. Why why is that. Because like I said to senator Marco Rubio when I talked to him I said I think you've got some great ideas senator. But how in the world are any of them go to get passed if Hillary Clinton as a president. Really evidence or for that because what I was trying to get at was. If you're Republican and you think the Republican Party and its ideals and its foundation is so much more important. And the Democrats. Where President Obama has steered the nation where Hillary Clinton will continue to steer the nation. If you think there's a clear cut difference and you really think that you're on the right side of history as a Republican. How did you do anything that would allow Hillary Clinton to get one single more vote. How could you do it. And that makes just the common thinking man like me and makes you think wow. Why is it that you would actually be supportive of Hillary Clinton vs a member of your own party. When you know you're supposedly important agenda could never be passed under her. All but it's you know it's a site like you just hang out. And wait for your opportunity well guess what that's sounds like you don't give a darn about the country. All you care about is getting reelected. Well isn't that how this frustration began we got tired of the establishment. The same old recycled elected people over and over again. They'll claim they're gonna do all these great things. In all they end up doing is taxing us more the wages are going backward. You know the Democrat party deaths that don't party to work in many edit the party of the working man no my dad was a working man like in a 1950s maybe. I am in the party of the work demand for years couldn't pass NAFTA a Bill Clinton and see at a party of the working man when you know. That you are destroying American jobs when you sign off on that you know you don't think it could happen you know it. Especially somebody as Smart as Bill Clinton he knew that would happen. Saudis say at a party of the working man. And then earn their cahoots with the unions which which doesn't even better job of pushing. Jobs overseas because they continue to push pay for. You know jobs that don't require a lot of education and I can push net pay upward when we have to compete against the rest of the world what happens. You don't the company says I can't afford the labor costs and more I have to move. We grabbed. McGrath. 28 Steve you're on the air. In the mornings so bill the president so when the bag that it it's it's. I know we all know it but it's regional army portions. CNN's spent fifteen minutes of an hour. Talking among themselves about Trump's implied threat on the second no there was nothing but. Derogatory remarks about Trump's statement person that and ten minutes out of the hour. Plus the commercials. On Hillary's email scandal. You cannot have a democracy without the fourth estate. And it's it's getting to the point and called seaspan that they there was a guy. As for the new York times of all places that they take their Heritage Foundation. All the progressive think tanks are corrupt. And really don't boil it down the sound bite it it is the establishment. The global list against trump make no mistake about it. Marco Rubio has more in common with Hillary Clinton and then Donald Trump period every established Republican. Has more in common with Hillary. Don't upset the apple cart kind of mentality and that's why it's the only reason why Republicans would eat their own. On by the way CNN was busted they said it Secret Service talked to trump about his remarks untrue untrue untrue 846 Monica. I was super staffers that Karl made the senators always look to come up for sale well all of a sudden it's like what dropped over what apple is trying. Because I know the game better than anybody. Good morning and welcome made 51 I'm about rose show stay in touch Willis FaceBook dot com slash this guy. Also our website the sky 973 dot com click on half off perk steals and the union half off Burke feels it's a good deal and save you some money. Welcome welcome Friday is almost here will make it through. All right what's the big deal in the news well the big thing of course is so what Donald Trump say yeah. A Donald Trump said that President Obama is the founder of crisis that's your big statement dead she big thing dance with the big stink will be over. But like always. No trouble have a chance to address it again and he'll say well what I meant laws. And then fill in the blanks. Every rock. Halo founder devices used to be it was community organizer. They did call the JV team. And that's kind of like saying you know so grow up to be the varsity is kind of what you don't. And then also when it comes Olivia I mean that was a disaster. That was a disaster look if if a Republican and was in the White House when no Libyan thing went down and Gaddafi was kicked out of there and amass what Ben Ghazi and all that went on are you kidding me. That's what roles for Shuler. All but now would now that I mean there was hardly even any talk about Libya wasn't there. Mean it wasn't a new result and all of a sudden it so we're taking action news in Libya. And Qaddafi in the newseum I don't know getting beat up in pummeled and everything else. That big guy that I'm not saying it was a good guy but he was starting to change his ways you turn over a bunch of weapons of mass destruction and they have. I mean Libya might not have been what we wanted it to be but it was certainly an head up more stable than it is now. Now it's a mess. Not even mention the four dead Americans have been guys that never should happen. And and I'm telling you that happened with a Republican president there would be hell to pay. Because Obama and Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state Paul all well little things happened really thinks that on September a lot of by accident. After the Brit brits RD pulled up stakes there. After letter after letter after letter was sent to the secretary of state we need more security we need more security oh by the way can help us out because we need more security. How many times Geoff to say yet. And of course really it wasn't just about that it was all gonna running thing going on but all the media doesn't have time to bother with add. Because they tell you what Donald Trump said. Media doesn't have time to bother looking to that the gun running that was going on. And how that created a some of the circumstances that allow -- Ben Ghazi type of event to occur. And then Hillary lied Stewart face entered teeth. About what caused dead and lies to the victim's parents when their when their. Loved ones are rife. When the American flag draped over her coffin and she said what are you get the people responsible for that video. And now when she's called on it she basically calls those families all liars. Mansion next president good luck. W on the air. And aggregate. Trump need and do better I mean I got a vote for but if you want to assess. We had troops in Germany since I had troops in Korea since fifty true Obama comes out so I'm well it all the troops out when I just don't even exist. If he'd just. I became the people although these are responsible for that befell. Absolutely not tender. Up new disaster found. But he well he'll have a chance to do net. He'll he will. He will hill clarify those so that way he gets when a big call mama I double shot he had to do first. If he makes the statement and he gets comeback to clarify as to who want it to blow young man's. Don't poke out is if you like Bogut as your act comedy 9 o'clock stretch coming up hang on.