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08/22/16 - Beyond Reality Radio - The Walking Dead; Government virus conspiracies

Aug 22, 2016|

08/22/16 - Beyond Reality Radio - Vincent Ward from the cast of the Walking Dead; Frank Cinelli discusses government involvement in the more recent viral threats to our health; and listener calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The sept soda beyond reality radio was aired August 22 2006. As we get ready for another week of great broadcasts. Come and you from Rhode Island and Cooperstown new you've worked together we make up beyond reality radian it's good everywhere everybody along with ambition. Big shout out to all the listeners felt their online and also listening to all agree channels we broadcast from. It's going to be a great show tonight on we're going to be talking with Vincent ward. Who's known for his role in the Walking Dead among other things he's been in just tons of stuff. And CIS and you name and let alone what most recent commercial Jim. I told the dog taken Antarctic are taken out all the all the flee here is like it's like a big group late bikers of tough guys and at this little like chill while a dog that they would take out the fleas on a degree commercial. So but. Yes so mom it's going to be ratio and then through the rest of the week we've got two tomorrow night Leo Lyle Blackburn who's an author musician encrypted researcher from taxes. We're talking about the beast a ballgame creek in lizard man. We're going to be talking them Wednesday with Zhu Zhu cool cool tool or not really sure how to surname. As she claims she's not from this world. A couple of things Torre and that does I did a little research on this particular guests. What night is that wins an idea once and he its he. Oh and he says he's from the planet (%expletive) key. Now eyeing my dessert you are sir absolutely 100% serious and I kindly yeah I looked at it in effect we'll have slick Eddie close the web site. On chat so people can check it out so they know who we're going to be talking to but yet from the FAA QU I funky assume it's Oprah it's pronounced. But I thought was kind of interesting I wonder if there's a connect. That B five Q all right. Well the life 5 AM which is in the visualize it would be Cuba. I need to go away if they can have the sought to see we'll find out but more than Thursday we have Bob Mitchell and Jason quit Clinton talking about groundbreaking forbidden knowledge revelations of our multi dimensional time traveler so hopefully they'd. Will be here on time and not be. Late or early early and I also Mosul CL a goes dole also tonight will be taking calls from all you. The call on number 8446877669. So would you do over the weekend Jim. Well you know I spent a lot of time just catching up on various things whether it was you know work outside work in inside or I'm not gonna lie a little bit asleep too I did a little bit of that trying to catch up give my body clock back in order. Sleep on Moya I don't know what that is what's that feel like great. Jack. What are things that I'm anxious to talk to cancel more about his son and he came on to. Walking Dead in season three in. I don't remember at what point in Walking Dead today show become the most popular television series on the it was right around there though. You know I think all season to really use it took off from Erica I think season one they only have six or ten episodes. And Brenda you know and then season to really started just blowing out mania of course season three it just exploded. Yeah and season three of course with the governor and right the governor was involved in that that's a point and I'm trying to. Remain gifts were London when they're in a prison and so we're having governor was trying to take it over and stuff yes some registered to find out you know if you knew what a big deal that was when he joined the cast and you know how it changed his his life afterwards he was like six or seven episodes which in the scheme of things for Walking Dead characters it's exit court if you. Oh absolutely and it's to see how much it's changed. All those people's lives and it is just incredible but and and honestly think it by having says we we've got Vinson on tonight. I don't know if you've heard about this new storage and gone on but a Florida couple was murdered yet another bizarre zombie killing and I share a few recently heard about millions of a husband a wife and it's sad story and a crazy story LO wants a husband a wife. Said to be in their late forties early fifties were killed Martin County Florida on Monday. From a gruesome attack you which decides the suspect is found eating the face of one of the victims when police arrived to the scene. The couple's neighbors. A neighbor called Martin county sheriff's office. And he after being stabbed and seriously injured when he tried to intervene in the situation. But the neighbors expected to recover minute his injuries the police found the suspect crouched over the body. Of the husband in the driveway his wife was later discovered deceased in the garage. The suspect has been identified as nineteen year old Florida State University student Austin Kelly. Her roof. And police are currently describing the killing has a random violent and unprovoked attack but the suspect is biting and removing pieces of the victim's face with this tees. The deputies tried to remove the suspect using a stun gun but it had no effect canine arrived. Biting the suspect but still they were unable to get them off the victim. At least the police department said they were eventually able to pry the suspect the suspect off of him and taken into custody. Right now there's no motive for the killing. But there there wondering if he was under the influence of some sort of drug in barrel is because just not normal. Drug Waco flock done and things of that nature. But I just think about them because it really brings back. Do you think a lot of the whole story from 2012. Or whenever it was I causeway Campbell incident via the turn where where the man was on bath salts and and he shot numerous times he didn't drop and it's yet it's terrifying to think. Of that it's just. While. Well you know once somebody gets that and again you have to assume this particular guy was also under the influence of something. But somebody gets one of those chemicals in their systems and it just makes them completely. On responsive to the things that would normally either they don't drop somebody whether it's a bullet era our dog fighting Newark. Try to take you down or power for police officers trying to arrest in new ground I'm just you get the strength that you wouldn't normally have. And you're not thinking rationally and that's when your most dangerous. And it was a big thing when especially with PCP was this huge factor. The police try to say take out somebody sometimes it's a 456 officers. And I just had a killing in my area which there's a man killing here since 2004. But I'm right down broke literally two miles from my house. Where a man beats. Amanda death that he and was walking through the woods naked came across this in this man's property. And demand want to call the police and this guy beaten to death naked and beat him to death. Four police officers three which I know personally. We're trying to take the guy down and hitting almost on guns and everything else and they believe that he was on some sort of a bath salt. Material but the whole thing was recorded because he'd call the guy called 911. And the phone was still there recording. While while it was happening so it's just it's terrifying to think these these drugs and what they do and how they altered state. Yet that is crazy speaking of terrifying and altering the state did we mention that later in the program we've got doctor Spector a bit better known as franks and Ellie. Joining us on the program which got a little bit about these new viruses seek him being one of them Lyme Disease being one of them and how a they could have government connections. All you just dead but I believe that frank if frank I love him dearly but he is in an altered state but he really I suspect. I'd have to agree with the that's a all right well let's take a break let's get Vincent ward on the phone it's beyond reality radio we. Jason Giambi. They gave its TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you that's Garrett Connor is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his scare come is a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows the need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary concert company's website at spirit con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates it's your kind is being held September 30. For October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best weekend of the year and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com. That's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. And don't forget to check out FaceBook. H scenes here on. Heroes who broadcasts on a Monday night love to have you along thanks for being in the chat room. Don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page and lights that. Justice just beyond reality radio at FaceBook. We also have. Snap chat and means to Graham slick Eddie and Alex and they'd be posting those handles on the chat if you like to stop by. India and I don't know really. Sent check and a guy so much exactly sure how what her explanation. Feel like it gives subscribe to a U follows on the like that I have I have a stamp chat account I don't think ever put a picture yet ethnicity I'm not that familiar with the either gets drunk and we should experiment with a little bit check it out. Yeah sounds good for the current let's go to our phone line to bring her our guest in its Vincent M ward Vincent of course is best known or at least. Among our circles best known as Oscar on the Walking Dead in season three Vincent thanks so much for joining us on beyond reality radio and welcome to the program. I gave Leno appreciates guys may already knew. We're doing terrific it's so good to have beyond. Now it's it's an arts degree it's great to have an hour or so so Vince and humbled. Mo most of us I would say a very very familiar with your Walking Dead character but before we get into that character in the show itself how did you get involved in the in the most popular television show. On TV how that happened. Look towards the bodies and only get about shall it's good I didn't do anything about the comics. I don't odd dictionary once I got it or are they like will you get are total long period. A similar to the well 800. The couple wanted to you do your ballclub. Who might know and doesn't want to. Wasn't watching TV about zombies you know it's here yeah you know that that story is funny because. I think a lot of us and I am horror movie fanatic means one of the things that I love to do most is what tore moves I'm very familiar. With a lot of zombie movies obviously. And when I heard that they're going to make zombie television series with an that'll never last that that disconnect can't work it's not the same as a movie you know just can't. That medium can't support the zombie genre the boy was I wrong. Yeah. Yeah. Well in the for the for the funny thing it is the funny thing Vinson is I yeah I do the show goes punished for the scifi channel and the scifi channel initially. Was offered the show. The Walking Dead and they turned it and they turned it down and it went and ANC into paying up which was a huge in just an incredible choice for MC. Because it's been to mama. Hey you played this late in the letter that was as is is sitting in an office somewhere where the guy that turned down The Beatles the first to consider and I heard like this so this very. Certainly not let women and is basically. Yeah yeah so you've got the role and and you know you're like what the heck is this zombie thing you know what your fine when you got there I mean it was it was a what you expected. I really didn't expect any big man Edward Acker I'll do did you work. You know I in the lobby at you in California school I'll let you know this was probably our gun. Working on the show and had to be known as long your outlook salt more excited about that he Diego. And so and that's of course because if it's the folks don't know the the series films in Georgia correct. Yeah. Not me you don't need you don't know anything about the show or. You know bundle up leery about about the show they're really not really aren't excited you know excited about working both. It has been that it would show you all long as you work so that outlook there to be honest. And the one thing it though a lot of people don't realize is people that are involved in TV or movies slight do you woman myself and so. A lot of times we don't watch TV because it were involved and and it's it's just. No we're so busy doing everything else and because when we're at work or doing our thing it's TVs taking up so much return leasing wanna do is sit in front of the only at all. If you could go to you don't script all of a you can use your own need to use some neat tricks and I'm going to get ready get it. Amid the unit will be enough work and you thought well what bill. Professional TV watcher introduced and got a little blunt. So you've you've you've. Didn't expect anything you didn't know you're happy to be working you go to this that the chutes and you start to realize that you got a tiger by the tail I would imagine. Well. Well I know exactly these subtitle a picture yeah Italy there. I couldn't stationary so we re not yeah let me tell you. About love and all that. Workaholic so well I can tell a major winner here. Don't you know could run it really didn't go into bloody world at a low dollar and I've written a leader Louis series seizure to grow the unity peace treaties dunes keep you miles yeah. And when you got to roll did you know how long I mean you're in seven episodes and obviously anybody who's a character on the Walking Dead. Is always a short lived character with the exception of a couple. They come and go pretty quickly on that show which is one of the things it's made it such a success did you know going in how long your character was gonna last. Well yeah. Didn't you know and rely actually you know it because we hear he's a great deal. I'm April when your originally it was so unit Korea so. It has its military to have a year but now recently a lot of soul yesterday. All you might you're looking at maybe survivors dig their souls but BAA. If you are becoming like we. There reader or they might see it clears. Would he keep you Molder did you know he might he might last longer and argue that it not Munich would do all do. Even though I know you don't really old to do in order to do a great a guy that there. Well and they and their pretty cautious with letting out any information of the next gripped in the next episode and things of that nature raise its. Because other cast members has said that they don't know. What's going to happen until they're literally sitting there you know going over the script. Right before they start following that episode. Pretty much bigger Ouattara. Don't get it got axle. We get to a point that it looked like he would get less a lot of the prisoners. And we what would be your Oscar until it was too grateful I'm sure don't we call him dollar hey remember we're here. We're not call 88. Atlas weekly could be either study. You know and India are you get through this big war game or. And no Knoll was the moment you'll be you know it has. So very big and you mix argued it was. You on. You were in a what I think was one of the best seasons of the show and I'm like all of them so that says a lot. And yet I don't love the prison setting Tom I loved the villain in those episodes being the governor. Gigi you did you do you have. An opinion of when you went into this obviously you know the show in May be sense then you've you've watched other Jones stuff like that and I know you you don't wanna be critical of anybody else or masking need to do that. But I just had a sense everything really jelled at that time another dozen now but I there was the energy there that I don't seek quite as much of. I agree 200 Tuesday I'm not the only obstacle volatile days in outlet though. Air everybody always has been under their papers he will thirsty. And I agree with the whole story line we're there would be the governor and we're bridging it. Us against big rule and I'll let others. It's hard to compare today. And I will probably a mile or soul. Yeah public back and look at America operas do you see going one and two. I mean you know and it's no disrespect to cease and wondered who it was their feet and three years exchange. And ball be altered to light. The actors you know. Do you wanted to let alone let yeah. Do you look a little. And it's. Yeah our slate episode on right now it it's it's again I mean the season on now they're just finished down. It's a good season but yeah heads it's sort of all its salt sort of all over the place and dungeon so I can have a hard time with it and keep in focus on our services so there they just killed these people but in all these people aren't our associate it would. So he gets a little screwed up forming but yeah of course you know the first couple sees. There's a lot of people out there really is it really help us. And a somewhat murky this. Events of what you got out did you go into N and explore any and the graphic novels the comic books dude kinda get a sense of how the storyline went thirty dude did you just leave it to the Scripps that came do you so you didn't. Have any preconceived notions about any of the characters. Be. Yeah there's great group net. Maybe it is to anybody even with the economy. Paula speak to the outlook salt away because people. You know people angels media already dark Peter out and recreated it that could do. It looked good comic spirit you know look you can watch and everybody already knows what angle that. What was gonna happen. People expect all the time what was gonna happen to be honest which I don't you'll watch this story. You know I know it looked album he came here and there are no you know didn't need in order to meet you guys it will kill somebody. You know order first. I was told common Obama. It is not because I'm not honest anymore. Where because I didn't want to be all eyes I don't show. This. Do you feel like the show when she left the show do you feel like it changed you and anyways an actor or purse and you must get. Boom boom a lot more notices and people recognize even before our. The only big changes people called the Oscar edit re gay. Giggle a day without somebody tea Oscars news. I remember what one out to dinner. As you know leader whose speech and they want to lose and they call you call your name Lyle and I remembered here I went to Parker well. There was law it. Must Portland we're. I didn't call your marital let Omar got if you are not start Walters and. So it till it got you to look at. Now what you think about two about the spinoff fear the Walking Dead and I've heard that there is going to be may be some character crossover between. You know those two shows and I'm hopefully an Oscar cross over the beacon score. I would look at that you know I haven't seen you know yeah it's. If you will be cool to be she'll Wear related. We yet and prisoners in Abu Ryder target yet. Yeah you don't allow people actually well there. I'll agree I'll look to you what happened to buddy after I got shot all the. Well let's says something I told Jimmy that's the one thing I do like about the fear the Walking Dead is that we're able to see how all. The chaos really started now the breakdown of civilization. Really started happening which we really didn't get with the Walking Dead. Where it was just an hour K this whole thing happen Rick got shot boom he wakes up and the world's already gone well. So all Tuesday was that huge transition that you didn't get. Boy you're able to get with fear the Walking Dead so definitely a nice change go to. Yeah we ever really special program going on right now we're talking with a Vincent ward from the Walking Dead and many other projects we're gonna get into some of those other projects. And talk more about the Walking Dead we do have some phone lines open if you'd like to call in and ask Vince and a question yourself it's beyond reality radio with Jason and GT. The welcome back to beyond reality radio was Jason James he had guest is Vincent ward most notably in our circles known for his role as. Oscar on the Washington I think he just told us however he doesn't like being called Oscar feature it's oh yeah apologized let that fly I don't had a pretty said he did I don't think he says do like it it's just what he hears the name Oscar he tends to go towards Atlanta referred to Europe. So and so servants and different from me and how does. How does basketball football baseball guy from the Dayton Ohio and up on one of the biggest hit shows on television. And yeah I mean yes you just need Dayton Ohio you're you're healthy or your big sports guy and all the sudden boom and I hear on the year you're on the biggest television show hope. America I'm Obama of a competitor. You know I'm compete here. Turn to make days after. That what people don't realize is that I hate rhetoric used as a youngster he didn't boy you know remaining. Ma oh go ahead don't go that is a look at that in early I look at it we were born and it was exactly eleven months before me on this 127. And 78 and December 2 point seven in 1971 your January 27 1971 so. Your chickens. If I or they you know so and while there and it yet retired from the sport and when you retire from the sport. Did you get it throughout the middle to do if you thought you played basketball a weird you have clarity and heard the call her the next day. You know will actively even yet how does this was made to look good. In home well. And I kinda that was the day is fighting and turn events and martial art term limits and then for a weekly to your knees and your elbows until he can barely move it's just and a prize Vince. We have we have a listener who has a call for you this is Al welcome to beyond reality radio value of a question for Vincent. I like you think that they like are sure. Might do or die as a whole we open up the class and aria like we had a billion up optically Mary down there that's fine. Add we want that we bought want it now. You know mother blocking democratic side fact let them have a public all manner. They have to write bigot extremists saying well they're contract requires them to do like for example I think it was more and he said he had steel. They get a live out our house but watching guys to. Provided are having what are believed to area I'd feel like secrecy of the so what I. The lot of the crazy thing they may be below year contract or we we got the now. Good question the loyalty look you know mark Erica mortgage carriers. Totally different you know people use their coffee and won't you and there he was hard to show. He barely moved my feet and even though people say it was about the present. You know Belichick person. It was a pretty good but not the person enters. You don't know me and so all you know blogger who would appear earlier. Did you would record to keep him out sit in the civil war will work well. It's a did you did you have reporters like trying to get you to get inside information as to what was gonna happen was anybody trying to alike. You know spy or you know get in Indian have you read a spill the beans and anything or any other cast members and you know off. No and malaria community development hair on news that if you don't meet your is tricky about it. Well sure you don't get DA to become only three months later. So pretty much it's not a you know. Came on the side there's like a follow. The leader of the wall beard. Here are universal being here and LA. Immediately Lou while people who look like well well well I. No because this show and came all you right. Eight and and I will say though real quick the last caller was asking about contracts a lot of times that's that's not correct day you know a lot of people out there here. That people have these weird requests are all these created don't me wrong there are cases that nude people do but a lot of times. That's that's not accurate it's it's these weird stories I'd get out about your contracts and and in LA it's just did but that's not really the way it is so they Val did you want to. If I'm sorry you are going to be big plays are crucial here let's say or excuse. You know Lucas who you know it must hear what you're asking this because you know because so much. You normally I would certainly look I you don't get sole. Heir look at your work like two weeks later. And I came back and I could barely touch my eaters and he knew you would crawl. Yeah. Basically yeah did I watch the Sunni black who told me now we have used to make you look like Q well. Yeah they're they're putting their logic or continuity continuity right here in the CD. Val did you wanna ask another quick question before we let you go. I just want to quickly go ahead. Well I don't know I'd have got written there's it was. I think I have yeah plenty. Don't worry about I did and who else but yet thanks for Colin and so. He that you know that there was a pretty interesting question the because I mean. I I remember reading nine and practice this whole thing as you mentioned with the move into the character that Nagin has killed off that we don't know who that is yet. You know there's people saying well we saw so and so on the set or someone so. Booked and airplane ticket to go so it was somewhere you know all these little like suppose it clues to try to determine who the victim was but I'm you're saying that really wasn't going on when you with America's. This wasn't happening. In the it looked like somebody. It is some adult you don't see when we go to these conditions. All our spirit compared to him. Obviously must be one got killed. Up like they're good luck through. A group. Come along side you just don't work there will be. No and I and I agree with you but I I do remember running into the girl who played Lori Rick's wife at a dragging and it was late. It was desire who were both are signing Rory near each other and it was like two months before the episode. That she died off fund came so they've got a return Graham I'm like yeah I'm I'm gonna assume that she didn't make it at that I think we'll tell my two months later there's is it is this is dead and. I were talking with Vincent Warner. From the water heated visiting had just for a second from getting quick daybreak it's beyond reality radio Jayson GB. 77669. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the episcopal application of the death organization. That's right. Dressed in the you need to subscribe taps her match. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps turn magazine has been completely redesigned and re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps aromatic dot com that's anchorman dot com and click on the subscribe now by. Enter the promo code beyond and check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Acting work every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening you're able. It. Magazine again go to the website tab power Mac dot com that's caps CarMax dot com. Hurts her her car Walking Dead. And one of the questions I have free events and is this the cast gel I mean the main folks who are basically still on the show today. How are they jelly music group are they friends or they they just but do they just work together and go their own ways. What was alike in that environment. Everybody's friends well me. We don't recollect at least or you know editorial MBA. Multiply and the people here you're at work when it become your strategy here with Gil Morgan which looked at. The only thing you know well sixteen hour days. Yeah at least people you know everything. Plugs are always look at it like you're married you and a great position you know tools equal low income get you loyal. Why not go to work what opted out of him. If he's happy pictures deal owners jolt. Billions and millions and he. All walked. It's a really really not a good poignant. If you look and be you know be directly great. Big part of it certainly is almost over in another culture. Run all he has aren't is asking members. Yeah missile has the bomb was the only people that are around him all day long. And especially you know when you're not worked and it's it's. In on the only people you got to go to lunch who have to have dinner where it's. To hang out with just so you're not sitting in a hotel room Moran apartment or something somewhere you know we're sitting there all alone. Do you think people get frustrated that the seasons are so short I mean I remember you know when I was growing up who knows what channel while more television that I do now you know an average. Sitcoms say had 26 episodes of season account from you know ran from fault till spring basically you got to see you know your for a new episode every week well. The model seems to change in the Walking Dead is a big. The factor in that I think you mean the first season had what. Eight or an episode. Yeah there was like six or six or eight episodes but the one thing I will say. And it's and you might even or realize that's it's like one in my show it's a reality shows so. When we first started. It was the first season we did ten episodes but then non. We did twenties and 23 to 26 episodes every year. For the next eight years for a reality show we were the one of the first reality shows to do that except for real life on MTV and then you but you watched the dramatic series shows like the Walking Dead and everything which used to be twenty some odd episodes a season. Would all sudden drop down the lake thirteen episodes a season so it's who it's weird how reality took to the more and more episodes. And dramatic. And so it took less and I wonder if that's because of course germanic series cost a heck of a lot more than a reality series to make. I think you may use it to me in reality show and an eight. You know bullets Ramo what they say exactly papers every day you don't want so. Do you know I like it is beginning it was probably just trying to you know he'll see it if people really. Start like in the show that's why he ignited via speaker eight. But if Clinton supporters mark body and now in every league. So it click here. Maybe you wanna come back. It is. And you see him for an Alley and you know orders are now we are just that Tuesday. Also I'd like oh my god October's around a quarter gain weight. Yeah exactly but it but it's also that they may make sure they hold them for certain times of the year because when it comes to. And you fall and winter people are in their homes more they spend more time sitting on front of the television so readings for the shows are higher. And and that's a big factor on why they've made bring back especially their hit shows. During a usually the fall because more people are gonna be home and be able to our shows of the ratings can be irony to sell more advertising and make more money off. I remembered in a series like when my belly up for it. You use a lot because he's told people would you certainly would see here at why there are a joke everybody is so visual. I think the wall it is like it now. People exactly looks got what they're doing an easy may have very retired. And I figured out a Lotto here at odds with their dues to. Because we have so home. You know and people love it. Yeah peninsula since the deadly took a little little time area of scores with young kids but. I know we we need ticker real quick break garage and I just as a Vinson agreed to stay in one more segment. So we're right back we'll talk about his new projects coming up on beyond riady radio. Walking to a question that I wanna talk about some more of your recent work and we. We're youth do you have an idea of having. And somebody who was involved and not would not just the cast but the writers. The directors you know the producers the whole. Gambit that put the Walking Dead on television do you have a sense of where the series is go along might be able to enjoy it on TV. Man bigger blow to accumulate in the money and it could make teary boy the league. June to a little was close. To the senate bill and I mean you think we got awhile well while we do stuff. Yeah on the true it's very true it's working why fix it right. Editor Hamid company they have you know what did you make try to go to the old old thing the comparable. Well exactly but they're not only I liked you the idea that enough following a comic book tootsie because the comic book as far as what I've been told was more following Karl it was pretty much. As Carl was the main and main nine individual and it but now the show really is more all of our wrecked. Karlinsky in between big daddy well pretty deliberate. He's going to shut up for the first season now that's funny because that's the problem with having that a child actor is that they you know yeah cultural pretty much gonna stay the same you know that everybody ages a little bit but kids grow up real fast and and you know that continuity becomes a bit of problem forum. Yeah I remember working everybody hates careers and you know it lurched title was immediately played mole on there on their walk in period. Remember that warp speed police say whose voice was low heat we all like well here. So. Inept that carriers right now that you all his voice. These changes may yet come out here you to the point that you don't want to do day. They wonder as old as I scooter wanna be on normal regular Q you. You know then that's going to be a problem. I would change the subject a little events and who there's a project that you were recently involved with that is getting a lot of attention and it's got a lot of people excited. Ports relief and release and that's the movie death house. Als new yeah yeah yeah American people decide to go slow. Tony god beat lot of leaders create any unity and our bull. It's almost became holder Michael living very poor people and as you know. I know the director Harrison Smith pretty well in fact some I've got him coming to my convention it's Erica and he's going to be doing a a discussion and into a preview of the film. He and I just look at like how did you get all of these people this is like the who's who of actors and our community how did you get a ball and I'm. Tell you let me say it is there it is not. This is God's honest truth here is problems probably be nice shoes. Director. Ever work which in my entire life. So in every guy got. You know he's so nice and so considered so conduct they're not that you want to do or because you wanna either or and waited. You know you're looking at me look good jobs so that is that's why he RB IT media all we. But you have to admit that's quite a cast and that's quite a chemistry I mean that's that's going to be some magic on the screen. You. And I disputed convention would. Wit eighty million this past week here and stuck it. And integrated thing about it is you guys who do not so luckily we actually worked. So there if you like what are or were there appeared a bit though it is Mercury Cougar are. And clerics. That. And eight leader in this regard I've known her for years and she's just the one you're around her as individuals and exactly. I know she's just the nice nice is personal sweetheart absolutely and since. She yeah yeah it is beautiful OC religious it is always good and I and it's funny because I can remember back in the Iowa watching. Swamp thing in the fog and I was I was like and in love with it. And now there and and our way out of other dimensional hang out with a we'll talk about our twins and her two wins and and so as. Just so funny. So bad so what's next up on the the schedule and agenda for you what you would even got in the works. Well. Yeah commercial London right now who are local Mars. At least in theory. Yeah we hear talk that we. I'd say that's unlike every everytime I turn the television on May see that and I didn't get chuckle because of first united meta scare con so. You know I gimmick then you know that's that I know I know him he's in and yeah it's almost as Walking Dead character but he's he's talking and we Internet equity. You know it's crazy over the smallest guy in the commercial. What are you employ don't let me yeah. What I would what I went through the odd position and it was many god was told me you didn't look very. Well they're have via home chill ought to let it become an LO. Six with Donald Glover. This alpha course Wimbledon ultimately it is another. Or would call ulterior motives reality T massacre. Home oblivious all right you must show this number. Creations. Maybe greater Ctrl+Alt gravity you'll be. It appears his three Brothers innate or series called this thing. Over a couple of quarters or popular now. And again and oh yeah he will do all holidays ago. You know it's very true it seems like although I knew were successful shows have some kind of pork. Or. No other worldly connections you know supernatural spiritual connection tomb it's pretty amazing how popular that's become religious Kimmel. Yes it's an ignorant. You know good exist I'm sure all spill. So good and you got any appearance got. Appearance is coming up the people might be able to stop buying and seal and shake a hand in by an autograph. Yeah I'll be enough Palm Springs. Scale desperately needed to welcome to week in. Policy brings. Got an Oklahoma that we got today. I'm going to Germany. Going to straighten Jewelers. And others order to get called UConn. Dallas straight Lewis Ed. Oklahoma all the same equal this oh I'm up there are good people we don't wanna go home and see you're in tall guy in. You know. Aluminum root beer auto and home of. Yeah I don't know why they would do your great guy and your role on the Walking Dead was fantastic is one of the more memorable ones. And we really appreciate you being on the program. I appreciate go to heaven and I take you there are the most. Q thank you eventually gonna let you go. Vincent ward course known for the Walking Dead and so much other stuff. Thumb really great to have him on the show and when there's that season starting the next is marketed to September. Believe it's the beginning of October or could be the end of September burn something usually usually that is the first it's right now October's. Or announced they're running a fear of walking unless you start to started last week him. Well coming up on the program we've got doctor Spector franks and Ellie were gonna talk about to some of these. Viruses that have been in the news recently most notably Zeke and lines disease and do they have a government connection and I think the answer is probably drank a lot of people believe that there is some government agency that's actually designing these things and then there's a lot of evidence to support those claims so. And and a lot of lot of weird stuff like that so I don't forget the call in numbers 8446877669. Tomorrow night it's Lyle Blackburn. He is a crypt it researcher we're going to be talking to him about all sorts of things including the beast of body creek. And the lizard man and some other great topics it's beyond reality radio. With Jason and javy. They are welcome back to the unreality review Jason NGV and we just had a great first hour it's talking about the excuse me there talking about compiled just joking second got all choked Doug and talk go visit warned about the Walking Dead and in his role in it. And about just pretty much say in the cast interaction and in all the lose those types of things. Yet hate just a reminder coming up. After the break here will bring doctors Specter in francs known to be talking with him about viruses. If he'd like to call insurer story with a essar you know do something at this point listener line kind of thing. Now's the time to do it 8446877669. Is the total free listen number so. Now this segment we'll take some calls on and off eleven opportunity due later but for sure we can do it now. So Jimmy I've posted affect. On not my FaceBook page about and I don't know if you saw it but demon possesses a woman on TV only moments after and the neighbors exorcism. No definite idea and no I didn't see it. Law to clipped as a murder has emerged of a woman being possessed by a demon only minutes after her neighbors actresses and and the reason I posted that is because I've worked on cases where. He'll do something at a house and it'll he might come in with a priest who blessing and so forth. Go home and days later he contacted by a house right down the road or very much in the same vicinity. With the same type of activity that was going on in that house that you just went and assisted on. And so this isn't an uncommon thing you know played I don't know if if this has any. If this is legit at all or not. But the fact of the matter is it's something that has happened many times over the years where we would die in cases like that. I remember doing case with grant Mora went to a house in Massachusetts. Where and they believe that they have negative type entities and it was one of those rare cases where. They did it to our belief we brought the churches and they did their stuff. And then it just you know within a couple days later. The same type of activity at less than half a mile down the street. Where the sand in the same exact things or we're going on that one house was happening in that house these families did not know each other they'd never talk to each other. So there's really no way for them to know and it was just it was one of those strange situations. But I posted my FaceBook page and I definitely want people to get over there and check it out. And just let me know their thoughts to us because this type of thing does happen. But it's rare. Well it is it's extremely rare but it does it does happen but just the mere fact that. To do a case resolve that Stanley's issue and then have something happen rates on the road yeah same exact. Experiences same exact type of activity. Who would that Finley had a especially when they've never associated with each other than don't know each other. We gotta you gotta think that there has to be some connection my so when you push something out of somebody's house it can go anywhere to go to the neighbors didn't go down the road. It just looks for another family that may have some sort of dysfunction. Some some issues whether. Alcohol. Abuse says physical abuse says drug abuse something of that nature. Another story that I thought was pretty interesting is that there are scientists that are now. Looking into ways that we could actually survived a zombie outbreak in this is appropriate because we we don't just talking with Vince and warn about the Walking Dead. But scientists are really really looking for answers to. Thus the question of how to we handle some type of mass outbreak whether it's a zombie virus or just some kind of lethal. Disease that is spreading from person to person either way and that's it's it's a devastating situation and they've come up with a few strategies that. They intend to employ a should any of this ever come to in realization one strategy is obviously important scene. Everybody who's infected but it obviously their problems would that be tied to you know you got everybody and if it's you know if it's spreading quickly united you'll catch up. Two. Are silly and there's no way to be 100% sure if you think about it and didn't the movie and Dustin Hoffman was in the movie wasn't virus. Where musical virus or whatever I think it wants kernel they break me was how outbreak where they do literally. Pretty much just cover the whole town and they were just going to bomb it well and it was everybody in there to make sure they got that's option number two they say it's scientists say plan B is to eradicate everybody in the affected area. Which missed that's terrifying to think about his knowledge you're gonna know it's coming it's going to be by surprise right. Another option is to selectively more removed could be infected individuals from the population again depending on how the disease is spreading that might almost be impossible. Mr. era but they're what they're saying is as they look at this and they consider it from the zombie outbreak kind of perspective it's actually educating them and giving them. Plans and ideas and strategies for dealing with a major. Viral or bacterial outbreak that could infect large populations. Yeah but the same return and I saw something about that but also this in the same it also teaches them how to deal with. Large groups of individuals to in to keep in control of that way. Very. Yeah yeah exactly. Yeah I think her adequacy year but he gonna wanna go to the phones capture the moment. Very slick Eddie he says we have a regular caller on the line to go to line one the amazing funky is joining us welcome funky it's been quite a while she's been able to call in case. Jason he just came in here you rather well actually we got you. Well I just I wanted to Connolly she has no I had a dream the other and then. The other night and I posted it and FaceBook campaign just. It was it was really intense and I think it meant a lot for all of us. Yet you know just in case anybody is is new to the programmer hasn't seen the FaceBook posts funky on his FaceBook page posted something about. You had a dream funky about rocking horses and down what was it. Polyps that it was yes yes it is. Just normal while still has the big screen you see Collison who are. Coming from everywhere but nowhere and it was just. He is in CE. And you had said in your face propose that you were gonna try to analyze and figure out what it meant coming from everywhere and nowhere yes everywhere and. Nowak and I was I was going to sit back and try to analyze it and just really understand what it meant I. How rocking horse. And it is this general feeling in peace in the world which have right now I think we call on me and and and cracking parsley if you suspended I can't. In the neck and I can hit this beautiful music it was actually one of the recorded songs what are your recorded zones you which which recorded song repeated familiar with his eighties group code sharing. They had the sun was we'll in this county and that was the sun. I'm from yeah I think Gifford journey. But I'll while I was on the horse and he's Alice are floating in the sky. You're at freeware and. I think I know exactly what it means and it took a little while to really can't focus and understand what it meant and I think it got it. You figured out what the dream means and then there's so you're able to interpret your own dream so okay what what what is. Well I think the rocking horse. Represented it. Then he had that panic and pulling ahead everywhere else in the race. And the pilots. It's just completely confirmed by the editions of the helmets but couldn't we do and we think of islands he thinks cocktails. And meeting people everywhere to be having a social compellent hosting me and when the race went on Hillary what race are you going to win for a few. Well I think it means I'll be pulling ahead of you too can become the means that. Shallow gimmick from the Meserve to show it lightly and it connects east news. I know the people do enjoy hearing you call funky but it's Jason's in my show. Won't change just know where he can I want to know that I take care of my friends and each return my closest dearest friends. Analysts think this impacting his horizon perhaps he can. With the amazing abilities I think he can really I'm more attention to the radio show and he can really help me today is more famous. So I think it's a good thing for all of us and and just happy to help you again. And it lets you know I'll always be there for you. You know your ability do abilities are amazing no one's questioning that psyche. Any time I hate anyone mission here real demonstration. Thank you can get just just tell me and ethnic into. Asked are you ex did I did you know that do you really Giuliani really distant and an excellent network my several news. We look it is this Steve cook who do so I don't know he's doing that we're busy making. He completes the importance of what. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Derrick Thomas approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his skirt and as a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the scourge that we can include celebrities from your favorite move. And TV shows he vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website it's Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's Gary Conn dot com that's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook page seats here. It hurts earlier is it francs Nelly also known as doctor Spector. Which one frank. It either way at I'm good. Okay call me anything but don't call me late for dinner there you go walls line and that's that's good as we've told you a lot of things right she thought there were in the clear that. At our right. Blew a repeated here though and we are talking about here that we protect the welcome to the program we're going to be talking a little bit about Saddam what. Your specialty is here which is government conspiracies particularly because. We've had some. News recently with the Olympics in Brazil in this holes cica virus thing going on Andy Kahn as some. It conspiracy connections to another old white. They actually becoming more more seemingly common disease known as lines disease. That is also struck fear into people because of what it does to people and it also seems that the government connections to frank. Let's talk about Lyme Disease first come. What we know about Lyme Disease before we get into the conspiracy part. What was in everything you view ever fought you know about Lyme Disease or a couple of line. Wind is AEA classic. Cell organism. Okay though organisms or any virus bacteria or parasite. That those interest sailors could spend month the time in your should not block. OK so you know they use this as western blot or that belied the blood test which is virtually you. Line it in and has your immune system triggered. A means of them cannot get out of it because it in the cell who actually mean that they start to attack issues that their associated web. Now you know lying pit mine ten. Mimic anything from eighty feet to multiple sclerosis is in and everything in between there and hit everybody says differently. While when my goal my grandmother my grandmother who passed away years ago I met him vendor finding out it was Lou Gehrig's disease but. One of the initial thoughts just moved due to a lot of symptoms or was that it was possibly a senator kissel Lyme Disease so yeah it does it comes in so many different forms. Yeah and you know whatever theory is is too great OK well it starts as a line. And then turn into. You know whether and that sort of word. It was Derek and he's over. You know. All the other host of auto immune problem that. Were were quick to. Oh so in other words to start off as Lyme Disease and and then become other things like who Garretson or MS. Exactly exactly it triggers the auto immune response to it and you know that that didn't impact the mile and sheep on. On the matter. Well up front frank being from Rhode Island. I have always heard that lime disease was created by the government has created. In. Law actually say when old lyme Connecticut. That then we got its name money it Lyme Disease because there was a genetic. The genetic facility that they were there are working on this is a warfare. Thing and that's how old Lyme Disease and honestly I got out that it was created by the government is there any truth behind that. Well it they'd be safe while violet. Is the the start of that and so vasser and Connecticut Rhode Island area. Right exactly exactly and you know I came across with one of the do workers on the ferry and cute line. It if you look at eight lit of researchers. Who work there I mean most of them had not cheap pedigree that work in biological. Worker during Debbie Debbie kid. So that that facility on Plum Island it was operated by the army furlong time I know it was operated by the Department of Agriculture for a long time. And it was it was known at one point as the Plum Island animal disease senator I think that's when the department of veteran agriculture operated but the whole. Purpose of that facility was too. Experiment wins and maybe understand. Biological. Issues whether they were diseases or other genetic. You know. Modifications. Or. Be related to animals and and insects and so all of this is very quite plausible. Yeah and I believe Homeland Security who runs it now. Yet homeland she did actually according to the report its Homeland Security does remote facility now but is there any ties to that facility. And the one that they have on block island because this is weird hidden facility on block island that nobody can seem to really access. The exactly and now. You know it is interesting thing. And I've actually seen that with the Coca Heidi you know razor wire fence and into what bunker in the back there. Years ago I had a patient who told me. That they had moved everything from crime violent. You block I'd really like it because Plum Island was was getting them notoriety at that point. And of course you know Jesse Ventura went but that. 87 years ago now. When he had a good show rights the unit tried to blow the lid off that it was moved prior to that. And this woman was offered a job there it wouldn't take it that she knew what they did it. Guam okay so well so did you know it was about 1975. Is my memory serves me that Tom. Some kids in the area near line Connecticut suited to develop on what they were calling like juvenile arthritis or those types of symptoms. And it was a cluster of kids that developed it and I think it was one of the parents actually contacted. Medical authorities are or. They're contacted somebody me was the government not sure and it was at that point that they realize that there was this disease being spread by ticks. Which if they Trace the roots seems to have originated. From the Plum Island to symphony. They exactly. Europe and in here that there are 81 has been around were fifteen million years. I've played here is very you know who got Kate Middleton prime group at law. Other speier he bacteria that that circle have been around her. Millions of years. Something changed. Okay. And I and I would you say whether happen naturally here whether happened and made. That the point now where I you know it. It was a mandate change it was a drastic change. Whip the line itself with the bacteria. And you know you eat you got to look back over history look at that. Japanese unit whether it's 730 laden and 100. They were using. Different delivery methods different. Big picture that would experiment on prisoners they would be lied to the section big you know at human Guinea pig couldn't Patrick chambers in. Yeah how much pressure they can take a ride pop out and made his whole record correct. They would stick people down and in that that would lead back at the plate. But they were using. Borough which you know is the line. Had as a weapon and that I mean it was a big deal were. Bio warfare. Now you're saying frankly when you say that you hear your view are. Determining that there was a man made changed to the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. You're basing this on your understanding of how bacteria mutate and your observations there's been no government admission to this correct minerals. Well. There was a. Up there they're there was. Find it the couple years ago in excess. Yeah I did tonight. We'll have that here I have what you're talking about race here there was this CDC. Center for disease convention and prevention and control press release and the and it closing in a lab in Texas a and M. Because there were two other tick borne diseases that they are experimenting with that got loose. Yet and they closed that lab may admitted to that one right was there a connection directly the lines were bad or was it just a similar situation that the government actually took. Responsibility for. Yeah no it was. They were experimenting with with line with interacts with pull Maria. Anthrax and they were experimenting with that stuff with tics. I don't know they were experimenting with text that they were looking at all of these poor. Biological weapons. Geez it's this it's terrifying be it here it is right here. Nine million dollars any federal funding for bioterrorism. Research. They conducted in in the similar Latin and vet tech. I was in San Antonio. So yeah I mean it it. It there and that post that was on MSNBC. And that would quickly take it down. Okay and and fortunately there and screen shot of it but. Yeah now it you can't. Sat by in the original. So that press release was posted. And then it was removed in in all traces of it are gone. Yet again with a nod in Oakland and got right people. Live that you should really get here. But that just shows you the government's hole when it comes down to the media and their control and manipulation of incidents or it can control and what everybody knows or thanks. Oh absolutely. Absolutely it you know it. And don't even get me started on the media there's the good news so bias so controlled so. Manipulate it. You know other other then this radio show. Yeah of course at such a they we're talking with francs Nellie doctor Spector is that he is he's also known as we're talking about possible government conspiracy connections to. Diseases such as lines disease may be easy. We're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll continue this discussion it's beyond reality. Government conspiracy news groups you know under different diseases that are out there. Zeke a virus and a lime disease upon which I think everything you can catch these days you can tie back to a government so. But. Very good job yes so frank you know we've talked about the possible. Mobile. What that oh did the government to sort of the issue taken out there frank. I would there was they would give that back cut out. And nowhere we we heard this weird door open panel or somebody to begin a guru to figure out. Anyway we were talking about the connections with a look of lines disease to a Plum Island research facility. That the government operated many different versions it was the military for awhile as the Department of Agriculture for awhile you say now it's Homeland Security. Frank. What are things it was recently discussed about Lyme Disease is that it could possibly and I think we heard the same thing about Zeke A which is another connection. It could possibly be a sexually transmitted disease. What you know that that's correct it lying. When you have chronic life eventually did hit the DNA. Okay. Bit then can be by an activity it can also be. You know transmitted by other blood sucking insects like mosquitoes and such. Now it that that party that exhibit that's a proven it you know and be an equity. Lyon is in a standard medicine says now. There's no there's this study out that suggested that was done by. One of the major universities. That escaping me right now. But you know it and that that about it it is suggests. And I tell you I I had you know tape after tape after a you know Hartnell and then it'll be loaded with line and the co infections. You know in the white we'll just have. One mine you know 11 strand one. Basic morality if you know not. So animal lives. So in other words you've been credit. So the government says it can't be transmitted sexually you believe that that's that's false. Just down to I know that that opens in my whole camp dorms where Tom. Later told that mosquitoes can't act can't transfer raids. But you gotta think it's like and needle going into him somebody's arm that that aren't you have somebody who has ages a needle and somebody else uses it they can get a it's so what's that. What's the truth behind that I mean can aides won't. Transferred by amnesty away. Be it eventually it will be right now it is limited. Mosquitoes have an enzyme which kind of break that down a little bet. But it only a matter of time so. You know this did that virus will will mutate. In Oakland and it'll bypass Lucas let them. I mean I'm not turning it off the subject to talking about lime or anything but mineral think about it if some if a mosquito bite somebody who does have aids and it's got blood. It lands and you use slap at you kill it you know whether it's gonna bite you're not you kill. Now you have that blood on you there's yeah there's just so many different ways a year porous skin and can take it in no war. However you are an open wound when you when you head and it's just it's seems curious trainers. Your per day to rub your ideas it's yeah. Exactly exactly so hey it's just it's one of those things where. I don't think they would tell us anyways because it would create new create public chaos or they would just everybody be terrified. Well it would cost millions of dollars. Billions of dollars insurance company. This is true. You know his and that's I think the bigger issue than the public panic. It it you know follow the money trail and he there's there's. It happened they wanted that they wanted to it would just recently. That. They admit OK there is such a thing it's chronic lineman most doctors still won't but say that. All right I have I have I have a question related to the weapon as a nation of something like lines disease which is kind of what we. Are assuming is the motivation if the government is in fact involved in this which we seem to think there are strong evidence that they are. Lyme Disease. The sex symbol a person quite slowly and then takes years for to do any real serious damage communique does serious damage but it takes a long time I mean was the idea here to infect the enemy. Wins a disease that takes 345. Years to actually have an effect I mean that doesn't seem like much of a weapon. Mine war hit some people within a matter we. OK even weeks even weeks seems like a long time if you're looking at a weapons. The issue here on it at election doing its reward and had a war or go on for for years. I did it make you were battalion net fever and headaches are given that pressured her that he'd. Within a matter of weeks I guess shifted. In a bit the battle for me. You don't check out our IP in the edge yeah it is hard to be an infantry is you you can't mark if you're going to hurt our. Terrible pain. No order if you didn't Travers it's hard who want to target. We're talking earlier we're talking with the frank Sally doctor Spector about. Government involvement in some of these. More and unusual diseases that have been appearing Lyme Disease is one of them Zeke has another one and and and frank tell us what the what is this story of this of the conspiracy part of the Zito virus what are people saying. What I've you know you hear the thing seek it has been around since you know there's a group of forty it was. Does he support the ugandans where it was first discovered. And you know must think we think travel went south and then it came McCaw and ended up in Brazil were the conditions are ripe for the for the mosquitoes that carry he says it Colette. Now the area of Brazil where the big outbreak of the first occurred were that the birth defect were happening so on and so forth. There is a subsidiary company of Monsanto. Working with the tomorrow besides. You. Kind of old to welcome you bet. Who are outside didn't work in what he did let it change the mosquitoes so now the mosquito and live out of bad area. The case so these things he does he seek a parrot look Hedo. And move up to Mac we're climate it's just a little bit different numbers to. All right frank Kelly I help me out where was the line between what we know to be sacked and what we are what we're we're moving into the conspiracy part of it where we're not completely sure we're would have across that line yet. No I know that the larva side actually walk and outlawing daily OK do we do we do we know that the larva side insect made this biological change to the mosquitoes. We do not know that in fact it is that's the conspiracy got you that we did note that this company and again the period month Jericho. Who did that and is the it failed. Are you talking about a company. Fox attacked and we analysts. That that sounds right yeah I don't. I carry my note for until there's there's a lot of rumors circulating online Zeke outbreak was caused by. Genetically modifying mosquitoes are released by insect control company hawks attacked. So. But beyond that I'm not really tune in to share on now via the truth behind have a who knows. Well it is you know and here's the thing all the things that they're saying to peek at dad's. Our side effect of that larva side. No apparent so in other words if you're if someone was exposed alarmist side. Yet that's what those Zeke a sex. This just explosion larva side give you the same effects. Yet not yet include including a micro. Okay we're talking doctor Spector franks and only we're talking about two. Diseases particularly lines and seek that may or may not have a government conspiracy connection. We're gonna take a break him back right after this. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the episcopal application of the death organization. That's right if you're interested. You need to subscribe to taps her match. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is it taps turn magazine has been completely redesign. Re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the web sites caps terror mag dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now Biden and through the promo code beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's at her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Our magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's caps CarMax dot com or use promo code. Not a problem I have buttons to get a push get a moment to do that. This segment is gonna be really short so we were gonna go back to our discussion with doctor Specter frank snowing just a moment but. We did need to take a moment and I just again outline who we've got coming up in the coming week shows does today's just Monday. At solely to tomorrow night we L Lyle Blackburn author musician crypt crypto zoology researcher from Texas. We're going to be talking about the beast a bogey creek in the lizard man. Wednesday we're going to be talking with an individual claims he is not from this world. Thursday were going to be talking with Bob Mitchell and Jason quit about ground breaking forbidden knowledge of revelations of multi dimensional. I'm traveler I'm never going to be able incidentally place quickly you know don't try to keep hitters I can barely get it up a first time jitters of a and of course of taking phone calls do you know who giving you these guests at a time give me an opportunity like Al did for Vincent ward Sheehan or sister. Spent all week trying to come up with questions Euro weakened critical question servants of ward so that you in advance notice and gives an opportunity to develop your questions. I'm just really amazed. Our guest on Wednesday that supposedly isn't from this world it's from the planet. Five. Ethics Q do you lie which I would say is is a flock key but it could be fought who what did you say listen sounds like the last day and that would be QUQ. So. So that. Pretty pretty darn close maybe maybe. They know for rocky benevolence and I'm wondering if if some kind of community that may be funky is from out of this war rolls the media some dungy sounds like Andre that. Yeah maybe you can ever remember in the him now while ago he gave us the spelling of his name and tried to tell us that it was. Satellite direct mail order to preserve our spellings over the course of the last six months he just keeps changing its suit is yet I would rate changes is mine Leahy changes ratings there are all its let's go to break here when we come back we'll continue talking with francs Nellie who's patiently waiting on hold it's beyond reach out. Maybe your masters. Specter franks and Ellie we're talking about. Lyme Disease Zeke in disease and and other maybe pathogens. They may have a government conspiracy connection where they developed as weapons. By the government or are for some other purpose. Star Fred skins at a point where you you feel you can't even walk outside in and a feel safe. Now so this is it your. Regret. Franklin white vote in one of the one case here with the winds are talking about ticks in the other would seek you were talking about mosquitoes. How realistic is it for the US army or any perceived terrorist group. To take an insect population infected with something whether it's. A man need. But I germ or a natural germ and don't. Ticks or mosquitoes or flies or whatever infested wood these diseases on a major city tech and cause. A major outbreak of hood of a serious disease. At the trade group realistic and very toppled him. Missiles are horrifying scifi show. This sounds like a horrifying and interest or trying scifi movie. And so you just dropping endless summer setting it in jail my gosh it's just that I eat I'm terrified takes I can't stand against. I guess the reason that when I was asking the question I'm thinking to myself this is really no this isn't this is an easier thing to accomplish some say a nuclear device in a city of one of the or you know dirty bomb. This is something that really it's not that far fetched and it doesn't take a lot of money to do it. Now it's cheap it's easy to do you you know you give them for whatever reason whether it. Of biological. Warfare and you know you're at the end of the order in a population control. And let's not rule that out because I think city weaken they can population. Is easier to control. Well and they say that the government. The American government had Zeke of physique of virus some biological archive since 1947. Now all. And then they claim that it's at. Secret Rockefeller laboratory. Set out and that used to be able to actually purchase. It was available for purchase on line. No is there any truth behind that. Yet now you're happy being a lightning. Research facility. And you would be able to buy the war. You know Burrell Leo were. When the what are you be able to buy smallpox yeah. You know fact in his act now that was the first to get isolated and abandoned and put away no more. But alike and fertility now. How hard is it to get a license facility. Built enough that art. You know you need you know cleaner than my equipment. Somebody with a couple of degree and all of your research facility. Aren't your tax return why is it every time we have frank. Similarly on our show we all leave depressed at one assignment that I just wanna I wanna turn off the lights in my studio Iraq in the corner effect exactly. What she did pretty good news forest ranks with the they're pretty good news at see I see the problem is gonna dig for it you know that's an issue yup that's a. Well you know I I do I look at this you mentioned population control which would imply that you know governments. Using some of one of these mechanisms on their own people. I said I tend to think that the terrorist angle is probably. The most likely of the threats. But any of them merges Tet. Terrifying and then in the Petro fine. I agree I agree and I and I also believe it is more a good idea that terrorist concern that it did. Our our own government at this point. Wobbly you do have a lot to look out for not in the wake line is spreading. Is it that you that. The job already done. Well all in line O line is spreading and really extremely fast. I know I've seen different reports it was late at one point. Line was it was like 2000 cases than than the following year it. It has jumped out to you on set 78000 cases men just probably years later it was nearly 20000 cases and so it's just it's going like while far. If it. It unbelievable and it's going to areas. Where hasn't gone before. And it starting Q cross over. You know the dome and barriers there's there's another Cuomo line call richt actually they were kept his rocky mountain spotted deeper. I get cases. Almost daily and people who happen you know but look at me like I got lots are gone out of your daylight and I've never been to the rocky mountain. The number of patent you ever hit it doubled in Pennsylvania every year. In a few years ago there was a little girl in Harrisburg or died from. So but it hit a lion like it to capitalize. And rocky mountain spotted fever. I don't believe that when been altered. At all. I think that when it's just natural progression. But you know debt that we got to start talking about toe infection. The blinders but 72 different toe infection so these are other infections. Back come along with your tech bite. That work well with line and so united replied with a bad enough now to bring along its body. They were really have a field day here today. It becomes so. It's being removed because they're a parasite. Sometimes there come a long cold but they if you hate and why the borrow yeah. And actually highlighted by the partly my big attack so you know yes they give you your thirty day dark cycle in sixty days whatever did. It's only country in the world the survival so high side apparently. Thought he doesn't do anything to the parasite. People feel really good for a while and then all the stuff comes back. You. There's a lot. Well you know hum we're out of time these people haven't gotten depressed enough. Frank and wanna learn more about what you're talking about what you do how can they get all the ultimate find your. Well they can find me on Twitter. Doctor Specter's big by me on FaceBook get these vitamin pharmacy. Yes or get a call my office. I give corporate phone number up the good. 610599793. Sex and that is invited a pharmacy phone number. Also I saw I will I will be right now hitters here put our effort shameless promotion you know I will. I will be you're my immunity. Nick you know for me it can be a mop up man that lol. Okay down in that Point Pleasant who. After that it had hit ball a yearly Haggis eating competition that I had Turk. Then I got a couple of pointed exploration me that that David or form October 1. Natural gut punching bag and my that. Been penned her a couple of times in November. But the big one it can be HR on in the UK. They'll lied been researching you take conspiracy to talk about over their move about the October 8 and ninth. All right great. Always think she'd think you for coming on here and scaring the daylights out of this still is a great time having on the program. I thought I love them and on. I you know I love being done that Gary that's so great. Yet minutes past and that's only when they see either your picture though all right breaks and Ali doctor Spector. Come back right.