Exodus at Fox News

Sep 7, 2016|

Bob Rose 9-7-16 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. 707 on the pump rose show with Jay Anderson live and local time Jack front Q five prestige. These Jewelers were the answers only jabs at me Travolta. Luke Donald Trump leading in a CNN poll. Two point margin I reported this yesterday but. Well there's a lot of buzz about it so good for Donald Trump now. What's gonna happen Julian. Assange says he's got some more stuff to release that has to do with Hillary Clinton and the Ed DNC. Could come out next week or two I just can't imagine it really having. Much of an effect I think that her supporters are gonna follow her no matter what and I've senator earlier you know you don't have exactly via. The perfect candidate now and Donald Trump the other. So Woolsey. But a Fox News was well there. Greta Van Susteren. Did you think she was gonna just up and leave out of nowhere remember they lured her away from CNN but she's been there fourteen years now. I mean and she you know has her niche she has a program I think she does a fantastic job personally and she's very professional. And just dumb shares just enough of herself. You know to where you feel like you can can relate to her but does a very professional job on the air. I'm a fan. While she quit. Yeah fourteen years primetime anchor Fox News Channel saying fox has not felt like home to mean for a few years. Now I can that be related to Roger Ailes and his problems because Roger Ailes just stepped down recently. Starting Tuesday. Temporarily replaced 7 PM slot with Brit Hume don't. A bridge Jimmy does a great job too. But I don't know. And apparently. The shake up happened in only minutes. After the settlement of former fox anchor Gretchen Carlson's. Harassment lawsuit against. Roger LC is the former Fox News chief he's got it really get a give credit to count with a whole package together. And those are reportedly between twenty million dollars. It was alleged with the with the suit and they paid and of course it's hard to find as they you know they. Doing disclosures to hang an you know you can't talk about it but apparently it was leaked about but twenty million dollars for Greta van says to our for a Gretchen Carlson. I don't know how they'll impact or effect. Greta Van Susteren or if it just was calm. The timing was when it well I I don't know it's just weird. In a FaceBook. Post as she did not say what she meant by Fox News not feeling like home anymore she has spoken on Hale's behalf in an interview with the Daily Beast an immediate aftermath of Carlson's lawsuit. She said should know nothing of the alleged behavior but later clarified those remarks saying. She didn't mean to defend. Or condemn her former boss. The Washington based lawyer said Tuesday that she took advantage. Of a contractual clause that allowed her to leave us like an out clause but it had a time limitation and now. To pull the plug. Box to not explained ancestors exit although a person close to the situation. Be speaking on condition of anonymity of course described it as eight. Financial disagreement. Financial disagreement. That would be hard is say your beer busting your backside you trying to make. In Al the company you know good ratings and are they of these good ratings and success and all that. And then you know they're easily they easily stroke a check for too many million or assume. And then when you going to get your new deal negotiated no like I allow the pressure got to cash sorry about that. Ancestors came to fox and CNN. I received a status yourself you know the OJ Simpson trial was a big thing for. Ancestor owns departure came at a time when many fox watchers were focused on other potential changes at the network. Bill O'Reilly turned 67 on Saturday. Now he's mused publicly about the idea of retirement. It's possible. And then of course you've got to Megyn Kelly. Our contract expires later this year. And fox wants to keep her. Man Hannity. Apparently his vocal support of Donald Trump has made him a controversy ill figure in the conservative media what does that mean. He supporting me through Republican candidate he's on Fox News and it and that's controversy all out of here real. Amal my parents. Anyway Brit Hume like Jimmy does a good job but how almost Greta I excuse. It's fantastic job. And I'm sure she's gonna land somewhere but her. What are ego. An MSNBC suck so bad osu I think I can think what if MSNBC kind of revamped what they're doing. It's sort of like Rachel madcow on what if they go conservative to battle it out with fox. What if they hired Brad. Gretchen Carlson and I don't. If they could put some together on if they're considering that from a strategic standpoint. Possible. When they get to lose. And a CNN apparently tune in until and all that well either. The will say. James you're on the air good morning. Hey good morning. In our technical talk about the fact that recent email revealed Hillary scale wired question you there had questions. It to a senator your urgency here. Very Gary called regular break. It was hit a but it really probably should but it Hillary won their Erica. It was basically it be game over we're would be allowed to speak like it's more geared to all of these laws because I don't care who wins what party they anybody have a government tell anybody elks. Marshall said in the right to free speech anymore. I'll be geared at pea under it again except mark which nobody's gonna tell us we can't talk you know we have a great trip to Asia for a reason. And I think Americans are saying that it wished it. People back with needed we've picked that date when usual for now. Audits were some violent rabble rousing folks and they were that we for a reason and I think we've lost won't change. Like can tell you this we operate under. A license from the government. And they control the Federal Communications Commission he probably know that. And you know we come up for renewal or whatever on a regular basis like anybody else like any other broadcaster. Hillary Clinton could pack the FCC. With a bunch of folks who would try to bring back what's known as the Fairness Doctrine. So for any kind of controversy old view that you give you would theoretically has to try to give equal time to an opposing views. Now I think was Reagan abolished along time ago and said look there's plenty of outlets in different sources for different news items it doesn't need to be like that in fact it's. It's you know people are getting their opinions they're varied opinions out there. And that was a good move but that can be kind of run done and we could definitely go backwards. And the Fairness Doctrine you say it some ice it will go to guy is let the liberals you know. Say only make him look worse or whatever well they could be the case but it. From a financial standpoint you know radio stations are doing okay but it's a challenge. And if you asked to you know add staff. And you have to you know make sure that you're following this is this is more who she got a jump through and a paper trail and all that I mean you're talking about an expense. Basically. And depending on how it's written on could be a huge expense. So this is one of the considerations and one of the things that Hillary could do to try to squash free speech this gay you're on the air. Hey good morning Bob and currently works. It's beat beloved. Teachers and school boards are. I eat at school buses well a little bit you're supposed to take you Basra yet the air or. That's why we get eliminated. We're through email a letter a phone call that got a match saying where limiting its spot stop. He bought it it's so far away they eliminated. They have to turn a 150 feet earlier instead of driving a 158 up this year he's there and that's cute like I want first of all on. We are where they're no. Said he wasn't giving up a spot only child lightly like oh we did not our. And they wonder white people that county turned out app that fail that and I speak to the server by the notion right not here right now he's not even doing her job. And at all may need to look at it is. Are some people. Love go get him tiger. This getting taken an insert this downing. Does that bug you lose or something similar maybe something is irritating is completely different and there's room for everybody. And the next segment is called what's bugging you and has brought you by Florida pest control the only thing you have to do is call in right now and we'll get CN. 8779759825. It's 717. Bob Rochelle allowing. Once but again you acquired people believe it call now 877 W Skype talk. And I'm confident that they're people my age. And older vets can understand Credo. This guy. 722 other Bob Rochelle low. It was still at 8779759825. Say just what's bugging you. Yes sir thank you and thanks to sort pest control sport. Which I didn't say is an. The red shirt pocket and it Democrats that are at our gallery and then on my cannot lipstick. Urban mica covered the wrong side of that Neil thank you. Equipment but the equipment. Jai new what's bug in the area. They're water ball ought to Iowa and trumpet threatening. To commit to embodies drug campaign. I doubt that a little bit unethical about it a little alert millions of god let it. Although I would go oh. Bill and the press note Barbara leather. It caught a good retirement again. What the hour lecture Miller wrote about it again. Terribly hurt but being what are gravely ill earlier you'd do it and I got great legal putted well. Orderly. Well lucky than their check was written out of a charity account for a political campaign that is against the law. It's since been rectified and I agree it doesn't reached a level of of the kinds of things that Hillary is involved in just with email scandal alone but you know let's not try to whitewash over everything it is what it is. Rock go what's bugging you. I know respect they've been they've let me Pagel level the good old boys get their cries drove up their paper wrote to their condition public what their lives back about you waded in and accomplished toilet. And you know what I think Tibetan yankees Labor Day he. Founded. And and that's September of 1982 when the talk shows say thank you yankees in new York at the first official Labor Day. At a national holiday it was the following year of I don't play but you need to bad shape because. Saint Patrick's Day data through. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And you know that's quite an accomplishment for a portion of the America that wouldn't UConn Pitt. You. The American some enemies. If it's so great. All right if it's so great Rocco be careful. As I know bunch a guys to be more than happy to come to your house they'd have the all loaded up and in a truck headed north. Probably within two or three hours. And if you do you like it here you better he better learn to get along more. Crack at dinner what's bugging you. More about without a warrant is our governor guy. I did or to restart and I think. Emigrate to offer order of our economy here. Better than what I've heard Abu. Look good news is. As it wide at an undisclosed. A investment in the Euro control services OO Yahoo! here. In fact act company received 26 point oh. Or twelve million dollar. Emergency order. And now what kind of Schuettler spot which so art for the on the inclusion sort order from the thirty it. Miles thanks for sharing that I had I have not heard that story at all now looking into it thank you. Ed what's bugging you. Bob that all the media that was reported yesterday outlaw. Outlook add in some of these bulk of belief that the the and and August 3 time they've done it. They reached week they're all off so that trop now it's behind Hillary by a couple points. These are looking at an. And when trump does any thing that route. Anywhere near Hillary and they won't bend over backwards. To make sure that he's not going to get any. Yeah up masseuse seems wait and that hey Phil what's bugging you. It is these are expect to go out and pushing the gun control gun control at that anorexia. Or product this large. Labor Day weekend in Chicago actually I shot. Thirteen dead and gets what are only happen. The chain will police don't doubt that their mother content control problem. It's just as societal problem. When you're up to. Or. Else we go so well this year Al Gore and happy and society where perched. To each three. Violent. By opinion and that's what but in the. Wow that's good stuff the police chief so it was at the police chief. I'm asked him and asked to. Expose that to a further audience I think. Like dead don't know like it is we know that's we know that's the deal. But for an official like that to speak out. That's pretty strong medicine. We'll see what happens there and 727 on the Bob Rochelle thanks to everybody who. Participated in what's bugging you brought to you by Florida pest control. You want it must open up the sky lines 8779759825. Julian Assange says there's more stuff coming out soon and a local guy dies trying to save life. On lake George details Mac coming up. News talk 97.3 disguise. News talk 73. Stop. 737 on the bottom road show. As rusty but trusty six days Jewelers when he answer is always yes. Man try to help his wife when she began struggling in the waters of lake George is was action of volusia county side Sarah digs 37. Seven trouble staying afloat after entering a rough water from a latter on a ball this happened Sunday afternoon. But Norman digs in the third her husband. Is 33 years old he jumped dead. When she began to struggle he jumped in well Gary O'Brien and a friend of the Leesburg couple was on another boat nearby. And jumped in hearing his friends yell for help. O'Brien was able to get Sarah digs to safety but was unsuccessful. In his attempts to do the same for Norman her husband. They grow at a group called 911 after losing side of Norman digs his body was found around 7:30 PM about five hours after he disappeared no water. The bulk a couple and three children had been on was traveling from silver gland Astor when the incident occurred. And as the couple struggled in the water windy conditions push the boat. Away from Sarah Norma date to wasn't wearing personal flotation device according to reports of justice at staying in. To have happen any time now the holiday weekend and pokes around a mountain you think they're having a good time it. Safety safety safety and now one of those things so. Definitely hearts and prayers go out to the affair with three kids. Sonic unfold. Wow. Now that's. Julian SR said the the first batch is coming reasonably soon. So about the first batch. Of documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton. And the campaign. And it could have to do with the campaign directly could have to do with the Democratic National Committee. He claims to have a significant impact on the general election. The WikiLeaks founder also remarks. On Clinton telling FBI that she couldn't call specific details or events when she was questioned by the FBI in July. About using a private email server while secretary of state. She couldn't recall specific emails but she also said. She could not recall the details of briefings on how to handle classified information. According to official documents released Friday Clinton claimed to have relied on the judgment over aids and other officials to handle classified material appropriately. She even told investigators. When asked what the C marking meant before repair grass in an email marked confidential. That she did not know and can only speculate. It was references referencing paragraphs. Marked. In alphabetical. Order oh my gosh. Is that does that take the cake or what I mean you're waiting for a lie and I thought it was just the paragraphs. As an AB CD. Well. Hillary did you see any case. Known really about any bees. And a deep Ani an effigy any other letters that you saw the beginning of any paragraphs. Now OK. BJ ask anybody about it. No. You just transmitted at Raddatz and it whatever. And it was all fine. All. At this point what difference does it make. Is out she said. Someone and measured deliberation and ask about it. We don't. Maybe she sent a whole bushels emails and forum like you know fifth you're friends on the email chain and today with a juicy stuff mean all over the place. Oh. And maybe animated remember they all responded back tour. What difference at this point does it may. Or emailed jealous maybe they thought because of pertain to her that. You know C stood for. Something else. Like. Catastrophe. New gadget. Well see I don't I can't see anything being released from WikiLeaks it really is gonna have a major impact I really can't I mean look I made my mind if a long time ago. I knew it she was all about. Other WikiLeaks founder went on to say it's incredible for Clinton to lie. About not knowing with the marking is and it's a little bit disturbing net FBI director James call me. I went along leg game. Clinton server was found to have more than 2000 emails are classified materials remember this is after they scrubbed. Scrub the chrome off the soccer phenom who sang it with this group of the chrome off of that hard drive. And they still give public 2000 emails that were classified material. Many were retroactively. Classified because we had disputed Clinton's insistent and none of them where markets such. At the time. When news repeatedly said her use of private email was allowed. But in July she told FBI investigators she did not explicitly request permission to use a private server or email address. And no and at the State Department raised concerns during her tenure all if they did they're not gonna come forward and say it now our day. They are scared to death of her at the State Department. Tom your on air. You know morning Bob. Improvement certainty. People who. Staff under the bus so my question here why have those staff. Being indicted war spending and or being classified information. I don't get into it boggles the mind that little village and the department does does and the FBI could sit out and do this thank. No it's sad. Nobody gets punished anymore in government they don't I brought this up before the IRS nobody parties BA nobody punished email scandal nobody punished. Ben Ghazi I think she moved a couple of people around. But there was really on her so she had to make it look like some other people maybe fail. And the only people I think she moved around her people who let's just say we're not to I am getting with the program so to speak you know about a videotape. Lot of videos someone made. And you on the the more about. I'm Eddie Robinson now could that be listening to another talk show approach program yesterday. And he. About the pact that. That person with the FBI which he now has corrupted there's this administration. But the person who was distributed prostitute no matter who decided not to look a bit. Clinton Campaign that Democrat campaign contributor to. And I'm sure they're just let the troops achieve that he donated depths. It to 1000 hours to the Clinton Campaign or the Democrat party will ensure that liberty yesterday. That I noticed corrupt that. Which could then prosecutor and a long time Belichick should be in jail right now. More you know look when you have Bill Clinton meeting will Loretta lynch Department of Justice she's she's attorney general. The FBI. There are supposed to investigate. Investigate investigate investigate and men they're supposed to hand the case over to the Department of Justice in the case of Hillary Clinton they didn't do that. They James called me come out and say even after all it damning evidence he said you know no reasonable prosecutor would take this case. Well what are you speaking as an investigator or prosecutor. You follow mailman he was told to do that who does he answer to Loretta lynch that's his boss. Bomb and if you wanna play hardball with the clintons. Things don't always turn out so well. You today. If they're nice. If they're nice maybe you just get your career ruined. Like. And otherwise decorated general we all now. Yeah that's if they're nice 746 and a Bob Rochelle more to come. Not seven point three this guy yeah. Seven just didn't want Bob Rotella OJ Anderson stay in touch with us FaceBook does come. It's like this guy. A website this guy nice of 3COM. Dunhill fox sports deals save money I had a friend Jessie drove. September 7. My goodness where the home stretch. Headed toward the. On this is that CNN North Pole from yesterday if you look at the real clear politics that gives you an average. Hillary Clinton with a 2.4. Percent lead that's when new. That's when you've. Take a matrix a mixture of all the polls. That's so that's time that's within the margin of error. While Clinton remains dominant most battleground states polls in the swing states also have narrowed in recent days in Florida to recent polls gave trump a slight edge over the democratic nominee after polls throughout. August had given Clinton a five to nine point lead in the sunshine state. So low. It's our nets right now and in a speech on Saturday. Within thirty days again and offer someone a plan from the generals on my desk. What are we gonna do. The destroy ice is quickly and effectively now my dad I think that that's. One of the things he's gonna need to have to say. To get elected. Hillary Clinton on the other hand you know Ollie Ollie can do in her case is just told some people are just gonna. We're thinking about going for my to stay home when more and more revelations come out that's that's really the best you can hope for. Steve you're on the air. Good morning so. The Iranian general that came out and support. If you analyze well let go in that it's symbolic of the option. Of the Obama administration. The general that are getting promoted the political. For gender. 28. Standards of the military widgets and Bradley Manning got a group that bat. They just a liberal goal along with my career people. The people who are supporting trump that you look at the military. Coup leaders like lieutenant general. He would definitely get the war start could you wouldn't grow without. Obama's. Plan in the Italy's. If you look at most of these generals and blow into the Koreans are over and that they were gonna get promoted anymore it's a political that putting politics. Above them actual interest and ultimately that's never been done before to the extent that going on now. And people are just. Satellite access to a Bob. I I agree would you Steve I think that it's clear. On with President Obama I think that there were you know a lot of folks are higher ups in non military positions and who could. Excuse the pun but clients they're pretty dark. And now maybe be happy but hey you know I'm gonna retire soon name in other Watson o'clock and they can't wait. And then there's old group album that that C. They know how Hillary operated as secretary of state and I think half of them are kind of frightened and I what might happen and the nasty the other half of them. Know that she is power hungry control for. And that when you have somebody like that who does everything for their own purposes and their own political purposes. That you're going to be put on the back burner. When it comes to prosecuting any kind of war against crisis or anything else for that matter I mean. The county were put on the back burner when. Help was needed him Ben Ghazi. Military men would make those decisions. Not. Not not on their own. Not on their own they would not have left those guys there to witness done. That I know. 755 on the Bob Rose show. 877. 97598205. And money to Iran. Man oh man due to weak today. Talk about that coming up.