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Zika funding stalls in Congress

Sep 7, 2016|

Bob Rose - 9-7-16 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Jack brought his eyes prestige hastily put the answer is always yes this time tomorrow will be talking to Marion County commissioner Karl sat like. The via mouse makes you tune in for that. And hey what's with congress where's the money for Zeke in a wait for the saint get out of control you get a nip it in the bush is they say I mean doesn't that make sense. Let's kill the mosquitoes before they kill us. A baby boom that. A shrunken head syndrome. That's awful. Mean those kids are never gonna be fully developed at and it. As is terrible and if there's anything we can do about it should only be working on that right now. Instead of playing games in DC would like people was so frustrating you wanna like congress' numbers are so low. Congress failed to move forward on a one point one billion dollar funding package help the country address the outbreak is ego. Assists for the third time. In addition to the 56 people infected with the disease in Florida. Almost 3000 now travel related cases across the country have been reported by CDC. 23 cases. To us sexually transmitted CDC reports that 624. Pregnant women have tested positive for some evidence of the virus. And sixteen babies have been born in the US so far have birth defects linked to a not. We knew better now. Led by senate Democrats protesting the language today say will limit funding to Planned Parenthood. And I didn't like Planned Parenthood and Puerto Rico or something. OK so I can get data out there and look at that the Republicans can say look we tried three different times the Democrats won't budge that a lot Planned Parenthood paid for. OK. You know duly noted duly noted animal forward. Lawmakers voted on the spending package 52 to 46 falling short of the sixty votes needed to move forward on legislation. But I held on our country in the protection. Of all of our children. Let's get this compromise legislation done. That's what senate majority whip John Cornyn sent. No one should doubt the gravity of the threat of a long term health consequences. Of failing to get our work done. They tried to disguise the fact. That what they were doing was to eliminate Planned Parenthood dead according to buy Harry Reid. Remember Planned Parenthood last year two million American women went to Planned Parenthood now with dizzy kiss does he go virus frightening women all over America. They wanna cut this off. Erie between allies know what Harry Reid on some new idea and wants to go to Planned Parenthood drug hands make it easier. Yes probably. Don't be honest it's a debt that's what they're gonna put that ahead of you know. Treating people who wanna have. Healthy babies. And it just shows that it that's just that's just sick copy new. How he knew morally and ethically work your way around that. I mean we. We shouldn't expect more from Harry Reid. But that really I mean that that. Merely. Jimmy part of that Democratic Party. Think about it and think about what date date they chose what to priority was more important for them the fund Planned Parenthood. And it was. To get rolling. On non knocking this he can sing out quickly. Folks it's about to explode the mosquito population. All that rain that we had. But that. Hurricane. Or mean tropical storm detail what an all around mean all of Florida. All of Florida got lat as a result of that. They're standing water every where. And that's where mosquitoes breed you just increasing the chance the opportunity that this is gonna explode in an epidemic. Not trying to scare anybody but we know how these things work. You hear nip it in the body got a knock it out quick. Ford becomes a real threat to everybody. It's common sense what it is it's using the illogical mind. Remind congress get it done. The United States. Did you know that we already paid Iran remember when I sit there gonna free up that the funding that we apparently allegedly always Iran. We froze their money's money took the hostages 1979. OK couple things you need to know. Outnumber it was all sense of them in January and February Jane weren't February. Mean. That's about the time it was announced we were gonna make that deal boy didn't take them long to get that done. Did you one point one billion. To defeat Z ago. But you can send one point seven billion yen in non US cash. You can do without the approval of congress. And you can do all that in a short period of time. And you could send it to a state sponsor of terrorism Iran the number one state sponsor of terrorism you can do all that. But you can't get funding to fight physique a virus that's political quote unquote. Are you kidding me here's another fact for you did you know. They US courts ruled in favor of the hostages that were held in 1979 for over 400 days. That Tehran. Owes them. 55 point six billion dollars. Yeah. 55 point six billion US courts have judged. That tea run always to American victims of Iranian terrorism. 55. Billion. Now they're not gonna pay it. So why did we already paid him in cash. Pallets and pallets of cash Swiss francs whatever anything big US dollars because. Allegedly not sanctions. We know allow them to do that kind of banking. Man I mean how much Malarkey can they get away with. The Obama administration acknowledged. That it did transfer. One point seven billion dollars to Iran earlier this year. Was made entirely of cash using non US currency. On Celek from the Treasury Department said a statement of cash payments were necessary because of the effectiveness of the US and international sanctions which isolated Iran from the international finance system. So they were so effective. Why are we lifting in the mall. Why are we gifting them money and then lifting sanctions. And if we're gonna be you know they had. You all us we know you guess why they owe us a lot more than we owe them. It's just amazing to me. This is a pattern that this president seems to hang out. That Iran and what we owe them would come before we take care of the hostages in what's owed. Judy terrorism. That occurred by Iran. What why we always get a backwards. The same thing let's let's pay to. How blouse. Get rid of flaw. Unexploded ordinance. That that came from. You know the United States during the Vietnam War. Okay that's not a terrible idea but don't you think in terms of priority. That we should while we should have long since have taken care of veterans of that war. That this is what I don't like about this president his sense of priorities. When asked to do with either our enemies or something it's not of an American origin he hit a hill bend over backwards. But for Americans like our veterans. Kind of slow to respond. We've got to Zeke a virus problem. Slow to respond. It's amazing. Martinez John about Rochelle. On Bob. I did here I mean I'll poems and they've when he called false optional match. And some other country that immediately. That that the Republicans to keep the money what do which unit immediately what they vote. Returned an at bat isn't the reason why we've we've we've also assets. And get that little lowly one of eagle or. Though before you moved almost access that you need congress Google made an app pool that Islam that congress approval you do that. You know I'm glad that one shot. You know on the net and that didn't completely beat by a beast that you know at least two exploded out completely out there. Why are you referring to when they froze the assets in 1979. Iran had a deal on military deal I think have to abide military stuff from us. They sent the money. And and the hostage thing happen. And the what the show was deposed and all that happened and so we froze that we froze that money. But. I don't understand your more worried about the stealing money from the Iranian government. Who has been number one. The state sponsor of terrorism around the globe best confirmed. And you you're worried about that we that we stole their money veil their hostages human beings. For over a year. Maybe I misunderstood where you're coming from. Faced sixteen on the Bob Rose show 8779759825. If you want to end. So Rush Limbaugh I never many people battered image any jewelry the night the senate now. They 21 out of five road show. We're talking about. Iran where he made a one point seven billion dollar payment while it was loosely I guess what. 1 points. Three billion anyway that money was sent in January and February. Yup thirty paid it. But did you know that there's court cases and they've ruled in favor. In favor of American citizens American victims of Iran in terrorism 55 point six billion to be exact. Will wearer. Where's that money coming for a by the way that the money that they did send to Iran. The money came from a little known fund administered by the treasury department for settling litigation claims. The so called judgment fund. It's taxpayer money congress has permanently approved in the event its native allowing the president to bypass direct congressional approval to make a settlement. The US previously paid out 278 million in Iran related claims by using the find in 1991. Housing is just a slush fund for the Iranians doesn't add. Now ballot palette taken from that fund money to fight cica. Taken out a handsome politicians. I don't know it's just. It irritates me there's another thing irritating me. Somebody called earlier and said somebody. Of of some level of importance in Chicago. Talked about. No the real cause behind all these. A young people killing each other with guns in the shootings and all that have gone on and I can't find it anywhere I can find is the same old same old Drupal. Here's an article in Chicago everything is not all that bad article about China. You know show your kids that you know it's it's still a nice place to live and you know with the gospel singing and we have kids out here playing ball etc. etc. Minute talk about the evil of all the gun violence and how terrible it is now how many homicides they've had Chicago is on pace to see more than 600 homicides and a single year for the first time since 2003 the country's third biggest city. A scene more killing so far this year. And the two larger cities new York and LA combined net. But when they talk about what to do about it there's no answers. They wanna talk about gun control they talk about tension. Between the gangs and police. And nobody talks about. And then be in. Effect that about 75% of all bursts of black children are to unwed mothers. They think that has an effect. Grub without a thought our father and your also growing up in poverty. That's two strikes. That's tough that's a tough go. Yeah. Why don't they do stop and frisk is a start why won't they do better at least. Remember all these policies this is this is the the Democrats run Chicago from top to bottom. And their kind of policies. That allowed us to happen. And the reason that they won't really get into the heart of the matter is what they're afraid of it they're afraid to get into that whole culture. They're afraid especially Democrats are afraid because they count on a black vote they don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. You know sometimes you gotta hurt some feelings and you've got to you've got to. Overcome some sensitivities. To help people in the long run right when you're doing wrong nobody wants to be reprimanded told to do things differently. But if you actually heed the advice you might be a little irritated or heard it first but in the long run your very thankful to them person to say Easter radar of what are you just keep doing what you're doing in complaining and blaming someone else the hot. Rich you're on the air. Good morning. Yeah how it I was thinking about all the time that the I ran. Called a killing Americans who they actually supply yet that either whatever they argue IED's. He had mental. And apparently well apparently that the job. Our Eddie over there in Iraq and they killed. Hundreds of Americans. Not only that they've been called the death to America they've dead at like you said the state spot the biggest state sponsored terrorism. It in the world so why aren't they consider our enemy and helping never giving them any money would be giving aid and comfort to the enemy. There is no doubt in my mind what they treat him. And and make it is no way we should repay them guys admit I Obama. When that green movement over the air to bid that the people that one of the revolt against these theocracy. Came up our. Obama sided with the government he cut up walked right of the green movement probably IRW. I'm just trying to I'm just trying to think you know if you knew that. You know leadership was bad and a nation like Iran you know we use the past I mean is this akin to. You know writing a big checks to Nazi Germany right before they. You know started marching into Poland and stuff. I don't know I mean Hamas and trying to come up with something where. You know or or maybe in history where it proved to be the right move but I can't think of that. And this party as and there's probably. You know Iran is a fairly young country I think given a choice other younger people would rather be. Maybe is not. Maybe not necessarily westernized per say but would be much more accepting of the western point of view then these cleric. That really control things. May get down Billy you're on the air. Marge you very very creek arms where each warrant is anybody ever really grow about it and go back in time writer. When will America ever. Just some stay out of Trojan wrenched me. We recited what we try to restrain against our and we certainly. Senators are saying back there or background or. When we we are and our other post vintners do sort of big our big big servers are there are no minimum an apparent. An arm and legs blown call apparently got all worried about big oil or are big business or whatever the state Erica other world business. And yet you're one last question in Chicago. On the chair or US recession Albert or solution I'll perhaps stoppage or sprawl the straw. Shall Bardner iron and he ordered the worker arm out there aren't jagr and Richard charter. But if you vote demo or insert Sergio hamburger certain though where I've actually begun and you can't take college there's not already goto you could start or so. Gadget no good point. 829 on the Bob Rochelle I don't really have time to answer that I have to go to break the will pick up on that on the flip side 8779759825. Much more to come on news talk 97.3 this guy. So. Mostly higher and tell. Bear so we don't. Three us. 38 on the five road show a lot of local. This guy lines are open 87797598. But the talking about a lot of things Iran. Clowns. Gretna. Yeah Greta Van Susteren now left Fox News fourteen years boom gone. There was closet contract hello outlaws who decided to take advantage of that. Some insider speculating. Me in my had to do with her deal. In other words the money becomes right on the heels of them. Eddie a big check its alleged it to twenty million dollars is pleased to Gretchen Carlson as a result for lawsuit. Against. Miss the company and Roger Ailes. Now Roger Ailes along with Fox News and I wonder if other changes are coming. Brit Hume. Will be filling in for Greta at least through the election. After that who knows. I'm Megyn Kelly's contract apparently comes up this year as well in the interview where her. And she's she's a rising star. I'm sure they're well I'm not sure but I. There might be you know other networks. Looking for some opportunities there I don't know. I Specter I speculated that. Maybe MSNBC's can finally thrown Mittal and and maybe they're gonna go conservative up against fox. They outfox fox the out conservative them could be out Marcum. If there are Smart enough to have me today on the would crush it would we program. Biljana pay you meant diet yeah. And regular confer some kind of breaking news or something now doesn't like that stupid of York. And that's it that's important to admit what's new what's happened in. Now about als Utley. A good. And outside a whole lot lower on the property global that would ten acres to run around on he doesn't get out I mean escape. Hasn't yet old style. MM. Portals where. Some dogs a jump you know to get out through a bar where offense but and I want jump. Back in the leg ouch I'm a convenient wouldn't do that and owed every era jump that he would jump back in because. He has very still and you'd forget that you know if her. Long as there remember where they get fed. Leaves and won't go too too far hopefully. Our. Football. Kentucky gators what do you think jag alligators can have their hands full with Kentucky I had a bad feeling idea and I'll tell you why. Kentucky can't beat the gators right they just can't they haven't gone so long. I think that. What's the Stoops boy it much as a market. Forever on novel Nokia and there's like 26 of them going to Brady Bunch but anyway Stoops is a coach his brother is what Bob Stoops and Oklahoma right. I think it. They've been working on a plan. During the offseason. And maybe that's why did Oklahoma lose their game. Because he was spending so much time trying to help his brother when a game against Florida yes. Look at if the game was in Kentucky. It might not be of bludgeoning. I don't expect to get it may not be will or use to seeing. From Gator Kentucky games. In this while may not be a 6303. Win. It might be. 31 pan. Type thing but. Gators should win handily theoretically ethical look better than they did against the the open organs UMass. The gators can't look a whole lot wars and still win a game certainly not against SEC team well I think Del Rio all have the digital team have those kind of those jitters gonna first game jitters they'll be gone thank you are we we talked for this Philadelphia Errol. Nobody thought will Greer was all that Google about week three or four whatever its name. You know in fact look freon started the opener last year Greer started the second game. I and it took awhile for a move for the thing to get rolling when he realized OK we got something going on here excel. It'll give bill real chance absolutely. He's not is you know he's not a real big guys. Now he's not. So am I mean that but. You know I look there's a 61 or select I have for a quarterback. While you're taller. They're bigger dude I'm you've got big offensive line or you or you want a smaller offensive line so the court records sealed from within that leads what's on some problems it's hard to find guys that are like. 58 in 305 any better somewhat mole bile. This of you get the ozone hole the team as a whole line of bowling balls. That's which you'd be doing all day long. And to stay around and it is. Our rights away that's a look forward to on Saturday this gorgeous weather hopefully folks have been enjoying. And our folks in North Carolina well they get a clown problem actually north and South Carolina clowns appearing here and there. A person dressed as a clown disappeared into woods. A man gave chase. Wielding a machete. If so it appears is a clown I don't know if you just take a machete to start hacking and add them. But Jessica is a clown. Although home maybe highly inappropriate many places is not illegal. So old so he's gonna do it here's my fearsome he's gonna do it as a prank. This started as allegedly. A clown in South Carolina. Trying to lure kids into the woods okay netstat sort of how this thing started. And now I don't know if you've got copycats or what. But somebody's gonna do it as a prank just to do some scary or just to get some attention. Somebody is gonna hurt them this they're gonna think their child molest. So or there could be a legitimate clown really going about their business really you know. Get ready for work or whatever. Okay what are you doing Bozo. Well actually bozos not let us. Now. I don't read it. On then there's the tears of a clown. Yes that's always good to inject. 844 on the bot roast till we. 8779759825. Three this guy. Good who was running for president of the United States and what. I asked. I have to tell Davis story. Statement the other club pros yeah. That's how can access. The entities. They stay in touch what this FaceBook dot com slash the sky. Our website the sky 973 dot com we click on half off perks and save money are here's the deal Russia man. Smart there. You know here to keep people from speeding when they do they have cops everywhere write tickets am hide behind. You know trees with a little gone out to air at the radar gun you know trying to get Chia. Out of Russia. Russia uses topless women. To stop sweeter it's as what I'm talking about. Gap. Russian drivers are getting quite and eyeful. In a bid to make them slow down thanks to a topless woman flashing speed limit signs. At an accident black spot. A trial the road safety campaign demonstrated to help lower the speed of traffic near pedestrian cup crossing. The experiment for starting 2013. Joy to be that scientists is where gala I'll set this up I'll run this experiment for other now ticker this political. Up but the idea has been revised as part of a new national debate on reducing. The 30000 a year deaths on Russians roads. Road safety campaign a staged the child said most speeding drivers the majority of whom happen to be men. Slowed down to admire the female road safety assistance. IRS say baby and it. All that also road safety assistant I was talking to money. The topless woman held signs warning of sixty and forty kilometers per hour no reports of accidents caused by drivers being distracted. Older pedestrian said they were happy. The speed was being enforced as they were terrified for their lives when they used across in that area outlined the amount retirees saying it. Drivers. Do not let us cross. Some of them. Are just flying past. So they now. Goodwin when I'm right again Rocco you're on the air. Gary yet they didn't imagine doing that the united states of human rights organizations build out anyway Gretchen Carlson. I electorate as well but how members have been tanking poll while male. They digest what this it's a more. More and more top people on. Plaque should now I understand I don't I heard it I don't know puke in the clarify it could be the bald eagle also quit who was one of apartments on Fox News. Okay and again I heard that I'm not sure it's exactly true and now watching what I enjoyed that was like lectured like gore camp so somebody. At this lack of playing mistakes or somebody else watching Fox News. And this made me laugh. And they have three cubs. Blue bell ice scream out there at the sampling and the pasting. And it was two men and one woman background I mean I don't know and they and they were pacing and she turned around. And did what I consider a blunt issues. Is this the company. That just had to recall everybody tried political by why me you know blah he can make she should go home and make bacon and eggs are ideal little. Ideal woman make bacon and eggs in the morning. That's the globe for me that there were at night and I give the patriots are you to look at the money. On Friday when I get paid that's just me but I'm getting old. Well that's the issue getting old and single. Track. The this kid you know island about all you other cute girls just left Fox News. Is 1 of the morning. Thanks I think she's moving to Australia or some the American investor you know it's front on gonna. Allegedly leaving and she's blonde she's Q. On Fox News and on the narrowed down as a miracle. Aren't seem really nice you know they play like you greatest hits before ego and Randall seem nice. Now there are only what news anchors and they have like you know. Mean. That's whether hire me there. I'm Shepard did have a little edged him sometimes you'll sit ups there. Now he's not mean now you write you write dale appear friendly Agassi as part of again. I. No I haven't heard about bode deal. He was like what they call a contributor right I don't think you in his own gay music Fox News contributor on a regular basis. But. Now I don't know how they do that if some of them say okay community contributor but he can't appear on other networks. Some viewed as some don't I don't know. But idea aggressions. Gone. And the big news really was Greta Van Susteren fourteen years of foxy was lured away CNN. A fourteen years and she just he lies to clause in the contract and pitched she's done out the door Brit Hume we'll fill into the election. Lawyer on above roadshow. I didn't do it one more comment. Problems. I'm Wayne gacy. Paper I don't clone. It cute video rivers sense if you. You have. There there's some kind of reviewed medical nominate say that because I know what there are some clowns that. They going to sick ward at children's hospitals and stuff like that and to make his smile and have fun of them and do a great job. From that perspective but if I'm being honest yes some creepy. For me to platinum line. 9 o'clock stretch. Is coming out made 779759825. If you want in its wide open.