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Sugar Fraud Points to Global Warming Hoax

Sep 20, 2016|

Bob Rose - Sept 20 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Global warming. 707 on the Bob Rotella what you Anderson live local thanks for tuning in your time Jack is brought to my. Prestige raised Jewelers witty answers always yes. You won in 8779759825. Global warming is over. I don't know whether the planet's temperature is gonna go up or down Norris gonna isolate back and forth. I don't know we've. Been through an ice age before it's been warm enough to grow grapes in new in Northern England in the fifteen hundreds there were no issue vis I mean the planets. Has gone through some changes. And real scientific data from a lot of different points on our planet really is only been available. The really good stuff probably for about 25 years. And then beyond that maybe 35 or forty years. But beyond that when you go back more than 200 years who have nothing other than some anecdotal pieces here and there that you try to piece together. Now why is this important it's important because this global warming phenomenon. Which really in my opinion is. Well let's snake oil folks okay. They're trying to say some snake oil and it's gonna cost you money and it's global wealth redistribution. Is wedded to it's gonna be used for this is dumb. This is the religion of the far left. Environmentalists and didn't go far enough. Didn't go far enough so they found a new one global warming. And why is it that I am so not believing of what scientists say that's what. That's what the argument that always comes up while scientists 90% of scientist or they'd make up some number on the spot. And I said well the smartest scientists in the world at the time thought the world was flat what do you say about those people. Well now what a whole lot. Now the smartest people in our day theoretically. Have all the answers. Or silly kind of cooking the books. Is it based on some false models and then it becomes truth you know if you say it long enough people believe it becomes that dogma. And that everything else is built on that foundation. I think there's a lot about western health and medicine and nutrition that's built on some false modeling. But let's not get off. Course. This is about cooking the books this is about buying your way. Into scientific evidence to bolster your claims. In this case for profit. But the government well I'll get to that. The sugar industry paid scientist in the 1960s to played on the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as a bad guy. The documents show that it trade group called the sugar research foundation known as the sugar association now paid three Harvard scientist. Oaks is so this got started three Harvard scientists the equivalent. Of about 50000 dollars in today's money back in 1967. Up publish. A review of research on that sugar fat and heart disease. The studies used in the review work handpicked. By the sugar group. And the articles which were published in the prestigious new England journal of medicine. Minimized the link between sugar and hard health and cast aspersions. On the role of saturated fat. Why. Who would do Barack. Dude had no scientist. Would do that all wait here's clear evidence that three scientists from high. You can't deny what Harvard scientists are telling you about global warming but yet in 1960 sermon they took a few quick bucks. And obviously put their credibility on the line. Got published in The New England Journal of Medicine. And it was all a lie. That would never happen again. Right. Last year an article in the New York Times revealed that Coca-Cola the world's largest producer of sugary beverages. Had provided millions of dollars in funding to researchers. Who saw. To play download link between sugary drinks and obesity. In June the Associated Press reported that candy makers were funding studies that claim that children who week candy tend to weigh. Less. Then those who do not. Now here's what. Some of that scientist and quasi govern now folks say wow. Don't worry about that that's ancient history and that's why it's so important. To have public dollars. To do research with and not. Get it from private business who clearly you know. Has. Why hasn't investment in the outcome of these studies right so okay many. I agree. But my public money what do you mean. Somebody like me donating for research know all. Know what they mean is not yet you donating it through your X dollars. Hole. Well wait a second now we can't trust big business to play by the rules when there's that much money involved. But we can trust big government. They would never do anything for say partisan reasons like the IRS going after Tea Party groups Wednesday. Like the Department of Justice failing on so many different levels to. Go after Hillary Clinton email scandal and all the other things now hole that would never happen. Folks I'm telling you that's exactly what's happening. So just because it's taxpayer funded ul there's no way the outcome could be tainted. Not east Anglican university. In Europe you. Cooking the books a global warming caught manipulating temperatures it relying on data from. Some into next. Oh my gosh. That that's that's almost as bad as it app priest. Ball. So so nobody is may be a ball of reproach nobody. Pol. So. Often. In cash and. I just to me I think this is really great stuff it's not like I'm shocked by it. I am just to relieve that there's actually some hard evidence to back hard evidence to back up what I've been saying and thinking hull long. The Harvard scientists in the sugar executives with whom they collaborated. Are no longer alive. One of the scientists who was paid about the sugar industry was mark pegs it. The went on to become that head of nutrition at the United States Department of Agriculture. Where in 1977. He helped draft the four runner to the federal government's dietary guidelines. Another was doctor Frederick stare the chairman of Harvard's nutrition department. Once a few people agree that that's the dogma. That is the dogma. Failure on the air. Talking about OK you know hoax or you're OK let me go off topic but look at every chronic put out about Central Command. Looks I don't know repeat potential but I actually it's also a little books about the amount of illegal aliens that they. Her out police are really apprehended. Talks about the course local Altria. Adam going back to digression my original thing let's see if you are. Well she likes the deputy Mateen. And if there's guys let go oh actually scientific Atlanta might go to real country without calling it a bigger relatives. I can tell you that from my understanding now it's not necessarily a failure of the FBI it has to do with some. Powers that be higher than the FBI in which state of the way that they conduct business under the current administration. And let me just say it's not individual agents who were failing Mets and that's as much as I can tell you on that large share on the air. Good morning to all of a little extra pressure we could say that it sugar is responsible. For global warming cult leader. Approach but the the but the EL. Folks. Can you believe it scientists. On the tape where he Baja of it. Who end up in huge governmental positions telling us what to eat when they weren't paid. Tell lied to us. That couldn't possibly happen today and couldn't possibly happen with the global warming. Put it. Is that bugging him. What is bugging you call in now it's much about Florida passed in Philly only by taking controller litter bugs. What's bugging you call in now 8779759825. It's almost disgusting. Who's already got my wife wants luggage you we've got to stand up for we're gonna take her. 877 w.'s guide talk brought to you by Florida pest control. 97.3. This guy. 722 on the Bob roadshow live below the. Well good money. Tuesday September 20 time to air it out get enough you're just what ever is bugging you. And his bounty by Florida pest control calling now 8779759825. Good morning Eric what's bugging you. What's bugging me is that the president has said the other today that the other reason that temperatures haven't gone up to be aggressive. CO2 it's being sect having yet the cheering in the notion. That the this single volcano connected with Iceland. Produces more CO2. That all of Europe compliant. And that there are more factory in mid eighties and active ball caters in the ocean. Producing. Is few two which is being absorbed by the ocean. Causing it to go to city and it doesn't do we just. Your SUV. No matter thank you know thanks for sharing on us I agree. John what's bug in him. Bob but there was tiger and slowly ticked off Brazil with a live in the beauty and Obama mailer little political world duke saint. Pimping out he's maybe he's rarely here and be real nice that. Given that everything that line then they'll like her. On garbage while delivering to our educators as legally old nuclear work for the met the little incident. It take her kindness forward disk at least the order amid greater children of course they're with the saying we're right at memorial while. Well I wrote in a red umbrella that was ordered me. I like doing that from now on you have to call and just doing just that Hillary voice the whole time. Could you. This Gillis buccaneer. Airborne Bob what's bugging me if it's true about old George Bush there really thought about that whole situation popped yet vote you want or. But the global mentality and get a wealth and power. They want to keep their great great grandchildren great great great job would have. Well beyond week every match up you can't check it Mike Epps and votes. And they still go against it because that's why Nocioni got The Beatles break at my records yet make the. Yeah Danny de you're willing apparently to share power. As long as they don't lose power and they're afraid of simulated Donald Trump would cause lifelong. Our politicians and the elitist class to lose some power and they don't want that and it's a sad statement but there it is I mean it's right out there in the open. Look Willard what's bugging neo. Good morning Bob. What Atlanta these. Ball grab birds and act George and saying they're manipulative bit buying much all the certain that turn into military and political and commentary urged. And another time Bob email guided air mob that. I must signers of the dollar ended yet it would all over the news. I'm Alex I eat out here you don't root talks another sort of women polled by about batted an expert don't know and and I. Think in. Oh yeah no I remember that dead two there's no way that the globe can sustain. A population that I think we surpassed. 25 years ago they said 35 years ago you know that suits that would just. The cataclysmic. And so yeah I love when they do prognostications. Debra what's bugging you. Act about how would you like and it may end. Barack about what he'd do. Campaign for Hillary Clinton is our taxpayer dollars. That would be safe. That would be safe. You couldn't put. Yeah it in songs he's taken the Air Force One and all that yet it's all. An S taxpayer. Funded but you know it's that way for bay every administration so. Nano. Should it change could it changed possibly. Rocco what's bugging you. Aren't things but certainly not that I got over the battled to a look back to my youth and I've been enjoying some of the things I used would enjoy our try to would really separate things I enjoy this that your camp like ships away and Oreo console and let me tell you but it is certainly but they kept trading. My expects that what they used to be when I wish and that maybe it has to do would do regulations and so what. Not only that trips oil removal of the glad when the trip filled unless it's an element that you trip totally would but we is what they've done to my respects. You have. One of the things they did when these reports started to surface and build science on it that. You know that it's. You know the the fat it's evil part they start to remove fat from all these products like cookies and it changed the way the cookie taste. They had to end up adding more sugar to try to make it taste better never really got back to where it was on and the shrinkage of course that's a different thing they're trying to increase profits so you've got that going on but what happened was because sat. Has a I satisfying a sacked on your metabolism. And and sugar does not sugar makes eagle up and down up and down up and down. People would end up beatings far more. Of these sugar Layden cookies and I say I am not to worry about because they don't have any fat in them. And that's one of the ring things has contributed to. The obesity issue we have here in America. Hammer what's bugging you. Was bought him a beloved all the years rebels science. All the politician takes sides as a religion may fail to understand why it that they at all is good at the upper may may have at this particular mall and it changes. Depending on Eric may become that idea that earth. Well and if you you know have a hypotheses in you have determined that. You know you're gonna defend at hypotheses come hell or high water it's interesting how you know really brilliant some scientists can beat and that's exactly what happened. According to the New York Times and recently surf surfacing information. That the sugar industry. Got behind some the studies to promote fattest the bad guy and sugar not so bad it. And as stilts these days dietary guidelines system based on now a lot of this stuff. Very very interesting to me. We'll talk about a further coming up on the Bob Rochelle 728. Thanks for contributing to what's bugging you brought to you by. Florida pest control standoff ends with a suicide note Khaled details now on the way. Hear about his first talked about it now. Not seven point three this guy. 738 on above Rochelle I would. It really worried about. You know. Whose vote for Hillary Clinton whose vote for Donald Trump when it comes to of I don't know people in their ninety's. Live to former president. The report says that George H. W. Bush is going to vote for Hillary Clinton. That's a report by Politico. And it has to do with Kathleen. Harding ten Kennedy Townsend and a former Maryland lieutenant governor but you might also remember her as the daughter. Of the late Robert F Kennedy that very active. Democrat. Didn't. Much does she know about. You know George H. W. Bush and who's gonna vote for what she says the president told me he's voting for Hillary to post event on FaceBook. Told Politico that she met with a former president in Maine on Monday. Where he told that are. About as preference in this year's ballot that's that's what he said. She told Politico. Got it it may be true. It goes to show that look we're willing to share some power with some like minded Democrats who realize hey we're gonna get some of that power back eventually. And we just kind of do this back and forth thing but will actually remain you know the powerful elitists. You know and Natalie is class. Verse as you get some delegate Donald Trump and there are people though what is jacket. You mean you don't have to spend a lifetime in government to be prepared to be president and in fact. Actually. Makes a great president and the economy is growing YE you know what took a note to self let's not vote so much for politicians anymore let's just vote for regular folk or maybe some people have been successful in other areas of their. Lot of us. Other than. Politics. Humans. Or it could just be a simple matter of as lagged the way he talked about my Jeb. And like debt. All right you can vote for whoever you want it is the United States of America. Now if he was voting for trumpeted the news story. It in this case it would be. Because there's some ad. Bad blood pay the next dynasty. It's very well could be that the drops. His daughter you vodka out. I am not stalking about two how she looks because you out that deserves a while as well but let a bright. Individual articulate. Yeah she represents well. And and his boy is help. So this company ask to be the dynasty in the making. But first. You gotta get elected. Secondly. You have to be successful. And that's very hard make no mistake about it as strong as trumpets. As strong as he would be asked president. Remember he still has to deal with congress. Now let's just say to Republicans get all lucky. And retain the house in the Sen. Who put remember. There's still plenty of belly ache isn't there it's funny cry babies in there on the Republican side. One air. Now trump really. They're not don't want him to succeed her own agenda. John Kasay Casilla would come back and torturous again in four years. I think he has Lindsay Venus. And by the way I remember I remember saying that you know study was you know he'd be OK. Okay as a candidate. I take it back. I take it back he's just as bad as all the rest. You take things either personally or afraid they're gonna lose power Donald Trump a successful. If it's sad look we know the Democrats are dug in we we we get that. And it's now you can actually get through them. Oh and the Republicans. When they would rather. See the White House the likes of Hillary Clinton. Man oh man. And one day if they had some. You know really fresh compelling candidate. See moderate. You know that would be a maybe a little bit easier pill to swallow but. Hillary really. Been given a choice you've really gonna side with Hillary Republicans. Won now. And at and you know what. You know what they're banking on right. The worst too dumb to realize what they're doing we're too dumb to realize. You know why they dislike it Donald Trump so much. So they're banking on. A real problem is we're not Democrats. So. We actually think a little bit. Yeah I'll no offense my Democrat friends by the way. Announcing all of you were on thinking it'll be you know. A little bit easier led. Republicans can be guilty of that but a little bit easier for the Democrats beyond us. I mean just look at the black vote. How's that working out. Lack an employment through the roof. I sat in Obama doesn't like you look. There's Obama doesn't understand. Business or economy and if he does. What is he done so much started. Then yeah it. It's one way or the other either he doesn't understand business and economics which are used to give the benefit of the doubt or understand it perfectly. And is doing everything candor heard it right as seen I'm. I know how you're currently rock sweet talk about Hillary why do you make it sound like something. I she could get bad person that she not try it is a terrible first and try it main. Much needed. All. Illegal banged all the time and anti bullying at all about here and. Object you know he's a bad Gavin terrible personality push his way around what do you say about a woman who could look in the eyes of family members after their have children. I've been killed him back Ghazi knowing she's got blood on her hands and this is were gonna get the people who made this video what kind of human could. Out. And. You about Hillary what do you say about Hillary who could look at the eyes of these distraught family members and tell them an utter and complete lie what does that say about. And she added people are anxious. Well. I'll wait a second what does she said she was. Shouldn't shoot those people. And it's it's on George W. Bush she didn't shoot those people prop that. Let me tell you something to worry Brennan Gaza video let her friend Christopher Stephens a bagged her and had a security Baghdad. They bagged over and over the State Department and cables that went directly Hillary's office. We need more security happening weeks in advance. Right up until the day of the attack and September 11 came as a surprise. To Hillary. Come on Athena get real. And I had known about two hours in advance it you know he and other. Funny. Get out of the country. And he looked in your eyes that all the people. They act keel and and and that. Giant Saudi Arabia knowing that Saudi Arabia wouldn't want that Barack. They got the ball on. You won't call. How OK New York President Obama. Keep us from the families that were victims of 9/11 from suing. The Saudi government. But he is. How can he looked examine the guy. Not. 747. On the Bob Rosh showed. 8779759825. The case you missed it earlier this an important story. Why I know how I know how I can prove that global warming is a hoax coming up next. Teradata Laura Ingram and 10 AM on 97.3 this guy. And and and now. I'm Jim Rome global warming as the problems. Yeah 752 run bomb rose show on which Anderson live in mogul did miss out on FaceBook dot com slash this guy when you do. We'll look for this story from the New York Times how the sugar industry shifted blame tilts back. It's a long still while sub to on a story that they basically give you this. Back in 1964 John hickson atop sugar industry executives discussed a plan with others in the industry to shift public opinion that. Through our research and information in legislative programs to make sure that people didn't attack sugar and actually hatched a plan to make. I dietary fat look like the bad guys and making sugar look like it's mostly harmless. And here we are fifty years later still suffering as a result of this. State to research that was done yeah I set it straight. Three Harvard researchers were paid the equivalent of 50000 dollars in today's dollars back in 1967. To put out a piece of research on sugar fat and heart disease. The study got published. In The New England Journal of Medicine I mean Nat is like that that was like the Bible is still has you know great deal of credibility now that the Bible. Half of new a medical stuff I mean that was it is always in there it was for real. OK so they bought their way in. Are you telling me that that could not happen today was summit say well yeah that's why you have to say where the funding is coming from freer free study. And that's why you know using public money tax dollars is really the way to do research oh really. Because nobody could infiltrate that nobody could have an agenda. That would say hey you're going to be head of the scientific study and we're gonna give you this huge grant and guess what. You're gonna say that the planet is rising in temperature and it's because of CO2. And then we're gonna cut cocked his plan where we're gonna take money from an industrialized nation like the United States a gonna spread all over the glow. On and given to countries that are pour its wealth redistribution but what really say is where Regis she is distributing CO2. Which is bizarre and its own rights of people would even buy into that whole concept of you can buy carbon credits. Like if the carbon in the airports not if you're trying to reduce it. Biting a credit from a country who's not producing it doesn't change the global output. It's such before owner. But anyway all this is coming to light now because documents dating back to the 1960s have been net or released. And big sugar influence to big science at Harvard and other places and we have to live with the results today. And this many believe is one of the reasons why contributing factor. Why Americans. Are so fat. 755 and above Rochelle how bout Dem gators. We're gonna have a different quarterback that we had last Saturday how Willie do France beard next.