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09/20/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Psychics predict who will win the Presidential election

Sep 21, 2016|

09/20/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - Psychics predictions about the upcoming Presidential elections; guest Danielle Egnew offers psychic guidance and assistance; spirit guides, and angels; listener calls and more

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded September 20 2016. And it's that special night. It is September 20 two and this is a member of the talking about for awhile where we are going to reveal the results of our psychic surveyed we asked what force psychics ranked. Four different psychics we passed and Nancy and deter and treachery can receive an analyst emissary Tiffany Johnson and merry chino. And tonight we've also got Daniel Agnew on. Daniel is named psychic of the year. And she's been altered for quite a while most current a lot of video story website and from those you who don't know our. And yet gem it's going to be. In our honestly we we sat down with all of the sort like well. Point and let's take something we love. The paranormal brightness somehow merge it with something that everybody case the benefit of politics and elections this ugly again recipe and then then thrown out little twist that has some psychics give their predictions on the outcome and honestly comes down to you know which psychic stand off from the rest Welch will be totally wrong. There are two recurring themes that we see in Chad all the time the people just really really have a tough time when one is when they're talking about politics in the chat room. And the other his commercials are gonna have plenty of both tonight on the show so absolutely so enjoy every US tennis is the way goes the sell but now I should it should be an inch staying at the show and also when we now will go through the other predictions as well so. Yeah I think what we'll probably just have fun we're gonna answer it that's right we're gonna have fun and we're gonna talk about. Other predictions that all the psychics made we're just gonna touch on them and we're gonna have Danielle on the programmer shall join us while we do that. We're gonna talk about her very very specific predictions. And that would move on and just talk about some general things with her because she is not only a psychic which is a medium and she's done a lot of ghost hunting herself. Hopefully should be able to take some calls we get a clear that with urban commuter on the program. That maybe should be able to offer some guidance to some folks on the audience tonight so that also owns a good it's actually good shape and be really really fun night. I think I think it will be. They om and and and another note there's been a lot of news though maternal and first off one thing it just came on around Jim. If you've heard that this whole I guess is a thirteenth constellation now. How and helping the world in general because over 2000 years or whatever via Earth's axis somewhat changed and these are out of view now but yet there's a thirteenth and I guess it's going to change the whole course. Well I just remember Steve Martin's routine in the seventies about the the astrological signs you know with that. You know when was. Them and Steve Martin did a routine on Saturday and realize that in the seventies you don't reverend Eugene DC he was I was I was born in the seventies he said there was a kind of triggered a lot and I like Baghdad everything that he was a feces on you remember that. So. That's actually and that's not a confessing that but now this adds a whole other one on it and I guess I'm not sure how they say it but it. Wolf. Oh few shorts and I I've no idea but November 29 through December 17. Now way you got screwed with what you were ignited something about I don't understand how how they can just add one who who decided they were adding one. Well a lot of evil author of this whole thing a massive but it has nothing to do it now it's just. I don't I don't comment but it's it's and staying in another thing in the news I didn't wanna touch on because it's tough you rise in fuel I am your friend of mine for years. I haven't talked to me many many years but Tom the mother a Ryan Buell from my paranormal state in. The mother of Ryan Beagle made a plea to his fans to stop hoping and chilly but Boehner veto Lundberg wrote an open letter to parent almost eight fans on FaceBook and well one of the things she she was asking us for fans to stop sending him money so he can stop scamming them now I don't know. What went on with this I'm going to be posting an on and Mya my FaceBook dot com. Images and caused one as well bottom. I know that there were a lot of there was a lot of tension a lot of issues came out years ago on the past. Where he had all these bookings in Canada and and numerous other places. And then ended up just backing out at the last moment. So that created a lot of problems does nobody ended up getting their money back and there's been this whole thing where. You know there was claimed that Ryan c'mon said that he had cancer a lot of people believe that. That was untrue I'm not sure that he tells behind and they believe he was using it trying to get out of some of these other issues he has had. And there's just a lot of different things that are going on out there and them and his mom wrote this huge letter posted on FaceBook aghast. The PRS people from colonel state. Pulled it off FaceBook as quickly as they could but somebody was able to actually screen shot and see it and finding cash. Then that'll be up in my area my FaceBook page and just little while but it's just a shame it's really it's sad to see. And if this is really what he's doing it's justice sad to see him fall and then fall so fast and so far. Well in other couple things come to mind. One is that the paranormal community is no stranger to people who take advantage of other people I mean we see right right in the snow they talk about is very similar to what Brian is doing may envy. Connected to. On summer 2012 Buell announced to his fans who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Tremendous fans are 100 duels pulling a similar stunt like former ghost hunters star Brian horn wac one loss Candace tens of thousands of dollars from on delivered merchandising canceled events. So and that's the thing it's you know people always remember that. They'll never forget that these people in these people that the us. Well I don't think it does it makes those who are trying to do legitimate things have it more difficult time. Accomplishing those things because everybody's got an element of distrust and how can you blame them you know. That's true it's just it's sad and like I said. I best wishes for a for Ryan and and hopefully in the Stanley to resolve their issues and hopefully trying to pick himself up you know now everybody's and our audience and myself included which knew him in the best and and hopefully things will turn around for. I wanna go back to visit to the astrological sign thing just for a second because. I wanna see everybody in the chat room just right. What their sign is someone who sees just a scroll of of of people's signs. Coming up on the screen as as were her judgment and try and turn into a radio show on America and our generation chat. It should do X he scans part of the deal. All right so let's seal we're gonna bring Daniel Agnew on the program in just a couple of moments we're gonna talk about the psychic predictions the love we have for psychics that we talked to they all submitted a prediction on who was gonna win. This presidential election and the interesting thing is that these. Predictions were made what ten days ago two weeks ago someone like that and the whole landscape of the racist changed. In those ten days fourteen days some anxious to see him in Daniel's the one will have on the program and and see if that. In that evolution in the race itself changes any of her arm predictions or she feels like maybe she's. She's gotta amend some of the things that she does maybe she will maybe sure Opel have run a program we'll talk about all that. Sounds good and they don't like how many days we have until election something like. She's 45 or some in more than fifty Mimi and they'll somewhere around there Advil and yeah so after we get to that point we're going to be able to have all these psychics on and say OK so you were writer you were wrong in and why do you think that was the case so we'll be able to followed up with that ought to be pretty cool to. It's beyond reality radio it's Jason Hawes and GB Johnson don't go away we'll be right back. 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Welcome back to talk to pick him up please forgive me if I'm mark they're glad that it like that president Hawes was walking. Talking and I've never really you know vice presidents. JV down season I've never seen the president move his arms like that though they want but that's the case it's been very majestic you have most of them robots and hit that we're lizard people and who loses this afternoon. That of course him. To the chief we're going to be talking some presidential politics. For the rest of the show or at least a good portion of it our guest is Daniel Agnew. Danielle was named psychic of the year. By UFO's and supernatural magazine also considered one of the best American site psychics and alumni of that group. And you noted that you apologist. So Danielle welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the program. I'm a great could be here. So Daniel we as you know we set about to try to get a sense of what's gonna happen in this upcoming presidential election and I have to say I voted in a few of these elections myself. And this has to be the craziest. Up and down and sideways and back and forth political season that has ever and you know I know there and as such an understated right I know there have been contentious there's been contentious races in the past but this one is just unbelievable right. Well not you can rent. The all you ask any organ content art and integrity. It really. Not here I'm sure you pack and conscience. I really hit it a wreck pop corn. And straight. It is you know I have to you know that I am not had tremendous student of history but I do pay attention to what's going on and I think back to my presidential elections in my history classes. And other than Lincoln. Being elected and it plunging the country into civil war if that's essentially I can't imagine. Another present election presidential election that not only. Divides people. But no matter who wins is gonna continue to divide to divide people right well. Yeah I absolutely agree to get back at any Healy not only the clinical candidates and I don't eat. We argue any court can't accept. What we think America act is you need and it real I got big. Quarter in our program our outreach regard collect aggregate and or any other and they need to be on and you never really Brit now about it. And it. Well and I will say you know used to be able to you could talk politics we're friends and so forth and of course you guys might not see idea and I and I am. And disagree but you'd still do it respectfully now. I mean if you a lot of times you know voting for the same person this person as it becomes. Almost in your teachers a friendship thing ending conversation and worry or becomes a situation where people are being violently attacked as a hat or shirt they have on it and just it's and it it's become it's become pure craziness out there and it has and it's it's frightening to see. How far we've fallen as Americans and that we're not willing to. Listen to anybody else's point of view these days. I think you can go one step further we are shall. I. Am a rainy. Still be your goal and someone else may god forbid how to get her out in the country to perk you know can I. And we knew look at you argue that wears me out there. An out and hey I released a video on my YouTube channel at all and there. Media and coverage of the election. And they read and I expect it because I had been eating. At different than that and how. People who commit or indirectly Hillary and and people were saying I am they'll get. What you are in my art. Powell ethnic kkk around. Me and old to it or Hillary that are hard will be egg are how to will be destroyed. Live lean rainy. And then can virtually court I know people who would absolutely. You and I don't remember it had chosen or held steady at your. Not about politics there are the outer beat local content and get a look at. Yes and what makes it even more amazing is that you've got two candidates. Who have unprecedented. Negative numbers as far as opinions on crap I mean. And but yet they don't yet know. They became the candidates what does that say about our system and I know we're not really here to talk about political science or any of that stuff that are really secure our question is an. I only an hour flight from Kurt can get court you know and certainly not a high caliber or micro is looking energy. I ivory energy and a translator that's an immediate call it. Let's look at. You are exactly right in at about you are one are the people in about an ideology are. Exclusion purchase and ideology are. Term that we perhaps for a cabinet and get a lot of expert generic cute depending on. It really we're dealing with sure we're giving it a stamina I am after an hour. Oh that people are art like you're art. You know at our I know you're genetically. In fact when I look at the content of any other. It like showdown nineteen fit into neat about 1980 equity eight. So you're looking at it yeah you're looking at that you know we literally and and Dick women's rights act and their mom or beer. Or not and handed it. In my opinion that meant I didn't picture aka her literally you're ending. At the Hollywood actor you couldn't write it any more dramatically. Yeah but saying it like that though Daniel doesn't that sort of may keep your predictions bias if you do if you're talking about in that manner instead of looking at them both on. And equal grounds. The league and certainly not everybody for women. No I and I and I get that but I mean. EU as. A psychic and and making predictions and so forth does that create a situation where if you if you play one candidate over the other. Does that create a problem for you being able to look at it and make a psychic prediction on on who you think's going to win how they're going to win and so forth. Now it can break a little more bitter and at that we. Right outlets true yeah good you know mini you know after Barack Obama. Hilary Abbott opened that pregnant Hilary in an. Italy. Well let's let Leo let's turn the conversation to to really what we're to talk about and that is more of a prediction. An and I look forward as to what you view and our other psychics that we talked about think is going to happen based on. Your connections to in your psychic abilities in your you're on sensitivity so let's first. Give us a sense of how when you go to make a prediction like this what do you tap into what energies do you use and what do you tap into to get a sense of what's gonna happen in the future. It could this strike you is what I'm reading for individual. I actually knew a lot of currently work for angelic when I'm reading anarchy in the world however. More like an outer. Did they slow army and an lol I'm a landing opera can you eat you deal. It literally look forward Audi Q1 a vision elect Arnold. And they knew how slightly different outcomes because Ella we don't have just one big. Future that would. The portable mini screen will which would be particular and you were here what I can hear me. In high probability are in and basically what we're talking about Robert K oh I am not working you look at and don't eat a well. We've got about four at a I lenient this direction energetic. Her record come back in figured they come with pictures they. I wanna get right to attend a one and. So really you what you're saying is then your predictions are Mora prediction of likely outcome not necessarily of definitive outcome and you know and I and I mean that what you're saying is that. Based on the energy's that you receive in the in the in the context that you make. You're looking at what youth what is most likely to happen based on that but it's not certainly not set in stone. Well now now I don't know and it it really I financial coming up and why I haven't. Been able. Where he and it would. It Colette and I can eagle and all that doppler and Ernie. Each or whether it'd be well under emirate. OK so budget you have currency. A guy wouldn't refer to myself as a weatherman saying they're wrong certificates and at times growth kemba and. I know right Idbihi without an argument that there are. So you set about when when asked to do this for us he said about you know tapping into your sensitivities in in receiving this energy. And I don't want you to reveal who you think the winner's going to be just yet and we're not gonna talk about these other psychics predictions either until we come back from the break in a couple minutes here. But just tell us how how how the information started to come to you how you started to envision us. You know I would care. Written on the sideline on it like everybody engine and a lot and I'll oh. And I read you are buried it in a bit what an what an election one. What about something greater than mechanic and really we hadn't seen that kind of kind of showdown. Toward actual incarnation. And then all of a sudden all this information. Why. Aren't you your character and what was going on an act or. But started a lot. And I would literally hit which traps heat stroke. And there. The message let me get its message out about why this election is about. Because they're going to be so much panic and a much it mr. And I care creep into the year but it is hard and you do it Nash. And it ain't we have an opportunity here to make him change for the better record and having a ladder against the well began to get our future bartender and I. So that's literary honor. And maybe ill that morning guys I really didn't expect Angela buyer or did. I would and then I broke in my glad there are certain record here. Looking at it possibly can actually run that I. I saw I saw that video just. Not to touch off a week we need to record breaking them we get into the low will talk a little more about that video listening Jason Giambi unreality radio we're talking with Daniel Agnew. Psychic of the years so will be right back after these masters. Welcome back on failure in Kingston and GP. We are talking with psychic Daniel and knew about. Her prediction for the presidential. In Daniel thanks for joining us I know that this is not a very. And what you call a desirable. Place to be maybe he's pretty enjoyable time and it's. When you start making political predictions it gets a little Dicey for a lot of reasons obviously pretty much no matter what you say at least fifty to 60% or even listen conditional are going to hate. OK so called 'cause I was there history. At the so I have to say as we looked at the predictions from the four. Psychics that we talked to about this. It was a 321. Decision. As far as who. The group felt was going to actually win the election. And down three. And Daniel you included. Picked or four saw. Hillary Clinton winning the election and one said Donald Trump would win the election I have to say. That the psychic that. Said Donald Trump would win said this and I'm actually quote. I predicted privately that a Republican would be the next president despite the fact. It that it was and continues to be counter to every logical indication in every poll out there. So even that prediction was somewhat qualified in couched in a way that. They're sticking to their prediction because they said it a long time ago but yet they might actually internally feel differently now. Let's go to let's go to what you saw what you felt. And give us a little bit of of a rationale or reasoning why eight. On that message came TU. Why Hillary Clinton was the that was the candidate that that ended up on top according to what you saw. Well I tell it straight out. You know we'd entered into a feminine kind and number twenty urged GR well 100 are your IR. In my account and that we may not amount of talent and excellence and we entered into London. But that's when technically and ended up and what we know. And it bit. You're digging out and Eminem in it and each human being all during masculine. A lot of Robert peeled right. Lanny can make a lot at an apple here. Once you're. In a kind trend. And what are what are you gonna hurt Ottoman deal or get. Conquer honor and he did develop worst air to the point where we absolutely annihilate my well. With nuclear. Shell that kind. Of inquiry and record an old cheek and there are. And nurtured which we already but make a little. One of the court and be calendar out of the hokey nation. I can't out of the grandmother and Matt court aren't being able where I Balaguer round. Also court on that train and here. Coup against all and I mean lover or later that morning. And shelling and of course if people aren't able because she biting her way in and you are up and I'll be saying. You know we're gonna expand and they are and you're a little bit of how are expert about why at that. Until I Hillary we the trick and would go forward went actually wired or Bible in her signature. Gordon pictured here currently weak and and again lover or hater you know as you grandma. And pat you know you can enter builder although it may legally agreement. So get into her policy content filter out here bit. Got the my grandmother figured I answered people are great at a terrible. Like that at all. Well. Yeah and I and it occurred on. You know and Victor count. I I knocked in how are all are playing a global. Asked the imbalance patriarch of all get there it certainly humble plea but account and then and now. We have quite up here and white people who are not on the whole. Look at him like search or from an making it going to be. I'm virtually a cultural are not on Hillary and look at her at associate them. Unfriendly harsh women deliver weirdo liar and it. How people asking and then and will. Give them an energetic and my palate it may turn electric age it and then literally could not have been card is a bigger why artillery. And I'm literally at wherever I tried. Adding her hand. Iron and even a wind Hiatt from which went into the election this. After a huge huge probability errant. Okay I've got a couple questions one is. It's as as we've edited Eminem timeframe. Why didn't that energy applied assay Carly Fiorina who was. The woman candidate in the Republican field. In my opinion that. Hardly cool it really I think our last summer in debate on or near that Scott. Open. On it I mean I'm not merely angry. I don't mean Republican ticket how. A woman I knew entity Hillary on the democratic I'd and that. Like the ultimate. In hell I'm I note in that country. That would and eight. As the democratic committee knew it was going to be Hillary and recites it. Well actually yeah I think they did and I think they been. You know when a couple of letters or. You know I think they all know Arnie you know however. Even and I watched her she let it. How can being feminine yet we're not comfortable and feminine power lecture an accurate or make. I I'm and then and hurt him and I'm going to try to I went and back in her inner check which some kind rubbed people wrong. I don't know that particular late chat at a time. Actually the okay to a great feminine and pushed forward. I think it would have been a little bit more. Let from number three Y a little more I think it would work number matter. Are we're gonna do two things one is number gonna take quick break but when we come back I want to know what you. Also may have seen or sensed. In. And in Hillary's if if infection does become the winner and that's who you saw a mom first term anything major that we need to be prepared for or should expect almost think that's when we come back. And once we're done with that we're gonna Nam combat was phone calls to 844687. 7669. Daniel has agreed to let chat with some listeners so that ought to be that'll be your time to call an 844687. 7669. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy. 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Don't miss Gary Condit it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found its silicon dot com that's kinda. OK so we we have heard the results and three of four of our psychics say that Hillary Clinton's gonna win the election one says it'll be the Republican candidate doesn't necessarily. Specified Donald Trump in the prediction but she says that she made that prediction several years ago when she sticking by it. Now. I Daniel a couple quick things and we have about three minutes before you have to go to and heartbreak armed. All these predictions that we got yours included came in before the recent Hillary Clinton health scare does that change anything for you. Every change one thing and any time. Married did you but did you actually see this in one of these timeline some of her getting sick. So you are actually Aaron Berry she may continue could do it. And there's going to be all kind. Either. What's the word scandal that that he wouldn't upper I am or not yet you are. I mean what are active Hillary Clinton Alberta. And I think she ticket. To go. All right let's change it's that this topic to what you song or seat. As being notable let's say within the first hundred days to the first year of a Clinton administration. Anything I mean obviously we've got terrorism is a major if the concern right now. There's racial strife in the country what should we look for after recording view Hillary Clinton wins the election and what are we gonna see in her first term in her first year. What's so exciting it at all broken the record number of women double or triple Hauer and your. And really up to you realize. Republican turn you're gonna eat or are we. Well well a lot of them are now echoed in and we got a democratic or. Many people try to integrate our arch. It's where in the Arctic and and we get the opportunity compete camping at oak clearly are not acting in her term because people expect. In Turkey be a great actor warmonger ever. We have a huge. Compression program. Toward infrastructure. We're actually creating jobs union and they wrote a hundred year old Amy what do you think Ichiro. We thank you are turning the green energy and a lot of Brooke army all our hopes to start a company. They're cool art work a little company and the energy per can be very conversion state and well just getting greener. A lot. We're gonna go right on and keep. We're gonna start coming and with Margaret green and all of our arrogant and think it can be pushed through. Here. I am yet we are going to hear a lot and I don't know me or is it gonna be internally first cleaner. Retires so do you I mean you've outlined it quite an aggressive agenda domestically but I I really think. And I'm not a psychic and I've got no sensitivities toward that but. As terrorism and there was the state of the world seems to be. A more explosive and more likely flashpoint in the in the coming year don't you see that at all. I keep talking about in Maine weren't on which if you execute that aggregate per year would be laid out there now. We're gonna count about the same arc in air activity. Cutting. Here Ergen really apple went out here in the United States. Along the line are we seeing. And we are gonna count McCracken crackdown on again there is going to be up in the lines regarding recurrent or what. Daniel hold hold up their present we got to go to our bird black come back I wanna talk about some of this terrorist things that we need to worry about you listen to Jason NG beyond our reality revealed right back. Welcome back to being on reality radio we're talking with Daniel like nearly the talking about their upcoming presidential election and who our group of psychics actually forecaster predict will be the winner and three of forsake. It'll be Hillary Clinton and ordered the ask one more question Daniel about the selection. That we wanna I'd turn the conversation just more general things take some listener calls and I know you've agreed to take some listener calls and where were knocked and allow our listeners to call ask for reading but if like a question and or to your your willingness. Two to help some listeners out with something like that race. Absolutely I okay terrific so Jay you had to one more question one that yeah before winter break we're talking about how. Well you said how in the future I'm. Terrorism is going to be still a threat here in the US and we're going to have situations like that in your visions that you UC EU us seeing what's going on future where. Yeah are there any. Actual terrorist attacks that you saw that you could fill us in on. You know June and it makes my heart missed out I'm. We are looking at these terrorist activity here we're not another nine record and that Kennedy. Need are related to national shooting. So all signing action should actually turn kitty coming up Ng military. At. Poll are you taking expert on immediately racially loaded and I'm pretty claiming back there early you know what I eight or 102 or a cliche and all over again. We're going to be seeing Aaron. So am I kidding I guess you're the best way to put it. And it during any in Southern California area and people are OK you're at Ricky rocket about. We all electric and Alan urgent. We mentioned they're actually in a or at any any and we get out of Orlando. I truly an impaired they are not huge organized IXL. Peter. And it can't and it's really important that I get that out there when I look. I get the opportunity to work at one Portman and Annika are incredible people out. Wind and and what I can chat about which it is it an opportunity to work. What I see is we didn't. Credible centric security in this weekend territory director of the and we basically a lap you have area that you. Almost anywhere L square in the country in your lives. I couldn't get her to the outlook and it is of course. That anything could happen honor rail ever. And we are lockers go between. Iron twelve people who. Yeah there is one at. Maybe get to number that can knock another hundred or taking it and it hurt at all yet in the ratio coral island we have an incredible coming Aaron. Or critics carry it out in your country and we're gonna get a better marriage and that you know a lot of people are green and capped an argument in attacking our own. Happening because we're seeing everything. That I would information HL and terrorism. I don't like I'm and I don't wanna make it sound histrionics you work. Yet we screened it and we will have a real up and Arab world leaders. Actually Hillary Clinton a runner spoke actually there are are are. They come together in a very different try a terrorist act sport and it and he a lot of sharing that we are not yet. She took out a lot. I'm gonna be able to relate a lot of role and he arrogantly it moderately on I think I saw all the old. Yes and no and I understandable from a terrorist point of view a jab you keep on jabbing something enough you can throw you can eventually throw the punch. So and that's you know and typically in all flights if you think about it by. And I think I think we just need to would definitely watch ourselves be. And be more prepared and be willing to. Had just didn't stand up and defend its pretty much it guy Jim. Okay so in our next and our next segment after we are top of the hour break we're gonna take calls for Danielle and I shall take questions and maybe offer some guidance if it's something she can help you with. The telephone numbers 8446877669. And you know will be taking those calls after the top of the hour break so before we go to break Danielle I wanted to ask you a little bit about me some of your non. Clairvoyant activity I know the you do some ghost hunting YouTube you're also a musician. Pick one of those two things and tells a little bit about it. All future well but you did aspect and IU IR. REI. I mean and uncle iron eight iron in regard. To the ninety's I knew what was it wasn't into the man. We hope to change verdicts on three check and you you fronted them then. I hit yep I'm very narrow band. With these. You guys. Get a lot of treatment act and feel it and ardent and I. The mile an hour and a lot and I don't recording. You can't do it now Lebanon. Are all I really think I'm because I am working in. The aspect the spiritual. I can't get her normal and that. I get a lot of experts. Well in other audit and they try. And an opportunity to lean on wonderful projects. Are. In media and act and an opera you direct and Ian called every are a little. I'll and actually I've got X. I could I act or and so I I like yeah and weird sound like. My. Actually raining I'm like your gender bottom partner for. Us. So you can you say that time you come from are you you're you're a psychic or clairvoyant like he many in your family before you who else in your family. Had those same sensitivities. How holly cow my great grandparents came from Italy. Iron mine green and matter you've been way up in the middle and Ernie. Crying when he prophetic dream and she would trade very quickly he. And seeing what it probably are. Great for the people are asking should we eat under and I broke off her chair shot. He. And I just a white paint on the people they. I can remember coming home a little kid in my Graham a Little League EAL which didn't look like you're gonna travel and and you know you're there aren't you. I thought that now you're an early advocate he report later I would cry. Settle. At Akamai and panic. In my. Udder cam elderly. Aunt or an acre and pop. All are not hot or heal you real deal intricate guilt and anger I had my camera all. It could be your interpreter her eyes healer. I didn't digging coal. Very cool now. I'm we're gonna go to break and when we come back we're gonna take phone calls for Daniel we're gonna move on from the politics. On the telephone number is 8446877669. Our guest is Daniel leg near. And we will be back in just a couple minutes is beyond reality radio Jason team. But the substance and it's Tuesday and Annika is tomorrow night we've got Joey and summer scales and bill Brooks on the talk about alien abduction to. During and so forth and all right bill was abducted. By his claims enjoy and summer skills founded the and project which policy tonight Trimmer or any. The anomalous mine management abduct the contact the whole point. Which was Isabel longest name in history for any organization. But I commend Thursday night we've got Samantha Ritchie who's been a nation of bigfoot researcher. How wants a non believer and after numerous life changing encounters she's now seriously. Is she talks about a mother experience is she hadn't and also the they she's been able to document it with video and pictures now. But so she's got a big Harry says scorched and one of those pictures so it's a great a great week. There are great to a bunch programs finish out the week here and beyond reality radio absolutely sounds like yet don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio give it like a run where we were headed for what 23000 miles that we wanted to. 22002. Over a year almost a point 2000 tonight and that's only over the last few weeks now thanks very nice very you know Alter direct if you're listening on. Radio station in you wanted to even get more involved in the program the chat room is awesome the Lotta great people in there. And you should go to the website beyond reality radio dot com click on the listen why be me you don't have to listen there you can mute that. But just join the chat room while you listen an affair radio station. And silly in our guess tonight's been Daniel Agnew. Daniel's name psyche of the year by UFO and supernatural magazine. She's. Access sensitive the psychic and and we were talking earlier about presidential election and elections and elections look to America's. Commons and elections and and her. Predictions on those and now we're getting mad. Hell off that subject. Time to move on any content and the telephone number if you like to call and ask. I Daniel a question is 8446877669. Daniel thank you so much for being on the program and taking me on any enviable job of representing the psychics and talking about the predictions for the new presidential election I'll play something for you and I wanna be your comment on it. I took this from your website so it's it's fun but I just wanna I wanna hear we you have disable them just listened. I personally look at what I do. East regional cops you know mistakes special forces. He's competent at times two keys to other people deal. So you you. I mean it's Cuba does spirit to black outs but. That the message there is that you won't get called in when other people won't handle the case what types of cases you talk about. It really freaked out if they think that what they're literally demonic and much. No credit they think that what they're dealing with a demonic and that he. One cannot Lula it actually chaotic and directly or a lot of the red alert people. Aren't. I mean Pat Brown in my character I have background. We're dealing actually I end up being. Aren't there are in it Kate I am idea and really greater. Chill I'm not very careful in turning a goal I have Hubert. JD working and I don't go riding into it. And that may teach I used to be able to translate a lot of expert. And a lot of their very Li and colleagues there. Equally whatever you'd better. And he lights air and what do you. And I timed out there. It not actually there to make my Powell you're a lot either. End and all arguing that I've trained. And still because I happened or what ever read and I I elect. Radio transceiver to accept all these different signal and that he coating knocked where we're at a Qaeda. Al. I think I knew that. Corner I don't you are much. You're about certain element I had to help you be extra ink a near certain and I don't wanna shoot. Try to bring some kind of closure or help somebody. And I mean heck how Gerlach a little with the ability G. Yeah well and and I understand that but also from. Your standpoint dealing with demonic and negative type entities. It's gotta be tough because to be honest psychics are some of the ones that are most prone to. To attack psychic attacks a wide while dealing with with a negative. A demonic type Wednesday and in a location so how do you how do you handle that. I ended thanks you for bringing that happened being mindful. I before going to any. Elation I. I I mean I know that my outcry and old school and yeah I do a lot of training and I read that energetic record I read my. Well. I'd go through acts try our. That the character it will Mets played. In and Night Shyamalan movie he and Arnold about a year ago at our back yard you're. Releasing their gear and we beat tourney. Ear and that being jet well. Rocking in the tiger aged eighteen walks in with a great amount to be at my late in it. It gets hilly my carport that got anarchy. And relating met mother other got her cart record what so why am I freaking out about and then I can actually ever be able congregation or whatever. I let some must go to the phones we've got to Sheila from Ohio. Sheila welcome to be on reality radio. I. Like our shortage of a question for Daniel. Under. GAAP I have a question at first I wanted to negotiate trade but do leadership. She actually never heard a radio night. I. Yeah I don't think we are Daniel when I'm doing that right there you have to me. Yeah it might be the right and you do it yet I knew her great form or trying to sell. Do you have something. I could help you live. Yeah I. And reading about guardian angels and I'm Catholic and I I wonder if you are able to pop to our clients are angels. On. It. Does happen and actually you're already in the work. I do yet. I matched to our whole. The moment it gave me. I'm careful out there at least it got not real and I don't know what every colony or whatever people want election. I'm beat angelic being I will carry her people we don't I become an Angel. Being in pants on how to completely different way of looking at absolutely everything Larry huge amount. And he's being how to enter and be calm at connect universal or her god. Sorry I wrapped currently. You will pardon were actually in. It happened now. NASCAR crew that works on a car no matter read it go to the group that's earned that. Means you tell it. It eat at her and we actually. Burn like current NB all of you I'm like I'm like I'm. There it can't hurt are our world or wherever you're starting. Ergonomics and because they know how you work in Turkey. Consume all right. Thank yeah. You yeah well I don't hear you got into a two year. You're spirit named Julio and yes I sure did the made me buy a chair microphone and her headphones. To win the funny guys I know we've had we've had this spirit guides in the guardian Angel type conversation has come up on Mike. Three or four of the last. Five programs. You know it's it's been or it seems keep coming up and coming up which I find. Find very interesting Watsco let's go to policy this is. Sahara in Montana actually Sarah welcome to beyond reality radio. All right thank you very much pregnant you know. I don't. I'm pat Gillick Lipton where you lead speak about love. And Abu roll back laude with a capital now. Conclude Larry and what's going on on the planet right now. Absolutely. I don't you know. Well. I think a lot that this quirky holiday Barrett and whatever. A bird to land at number eight migration. And it's part of what I am I I'd go try to deal Jerry in our protection act like we're in it I've rationed. Take out there and revealing a particle physics that aren't heard and our. Win early exit went in I want to think about it let. And let it I don't think I've reached an electoral by race and you're like this couple called it. 68 there and human being being over Icrc water and electromagnetic. And up that love frequency. Anger and for many people should and it. At a paddle how important legal. And everything. Dean hunt how it again and a black hole. Deafening on you know right out of Indy pro league and it should expand that strongly that they are they're. Yeah bringing a lot of it is. Huge huge part of the attention proctor or can't. Believe I inherited that extent. We're. We've been skiing holiday and yellow being come forward and I'd record and calling in your round. And expect a high vibration. And what. We are because vibration so we're seeing more Angel beat every Time Warner I mean eight which would be shocking and it turn on the. So we're super I would really love that if you would suggest. Get them up and then it too encouraging. Though that are lit tool and who directs. Barrett and Sherron and that way and that. Ignore. That which is pretty good at taking a year around. You know absolutely right in grammar or. Whatever an eight. Like attracts like sure I'm really really rainy. Are all in the world and a lot of negative or it might well at the energy and putting out like it. We turn around and we clicked. Some sort of glimmer of hope or glimmer of luck or glimmer eight I even know what we're looking editor at a cool. We have the opportunity. And it edit a lighter port jumping grew later and got it all and archway. In turning and internal round. And still picking up quick enough and not making me picture acknowledging it in acknowledging apple. Bringing a lot Aaron indeed a bridge and they are all in your time training. And teaching people fly back right at attention. And I believe why we're here right now. Thanks for the call Sahara were gonna take a quick break more calls for Danielle when we come back it's beyond reality radio would Jason JG. 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It's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found its kind dot com that's conduct. Come back to beyond reality radio with Jason and cheesy lot of great shows left this week we've got tomorrow night and Thursday night and we have the weekend off from programs hopefully that's gonna change actually soon we're beyond reality -- actually goes seven days a week that's the plan that's true bomb that's actually what we're we're talking about trying to figure out the details and so forth and yeah and it it's gonna definitely happen and so a lot of a lot of things coming up in the near near future and once again thanks to our guest Daniel like new we're gonna go right back to the phone lines this is Cecil from Salt Lake City welcome to beyond reality radio. Our guys have done and I'm great thank you welcome to show. Yeah well I don't look throughout the guy that captured the Angel video. Yeah I still want to look LCD yet I I can't see you. I have seen until now I'll be all we are sent as to what you hang and I know one thing I have seen the video seasonal and to be just a 100%. I don't know I. 80% of the things out there can be disproved so. There's no disrespect your video it's just. Well yes and I'm not there really haven't tried to enhance interchanges I'm just seeing wanna note what I have seen online so. OK I got sick to resume and filters to show you how do you agree that liked it basically a message a couple of days ago he liked it just sounds sort Daniel since like girlfriend is here with us and I asked a while Angel was protected me. And he said Michael. He took control of our TV. And I mean the hair. On the back of my next and a standard that the great. I assumed that the clock out and help. But it wouldn't you know it would be cute what and he would paint pictures that I take pitchers not exceed market Kirk. But oddly. What I think these pictures means to me you know and not arrive. And be adequately. And proceed to the Jews who she thought yet. We're gonna win the presidential yet we win all the time when I was gonna win the presidential election it's going to be so yeah. Well seasonal harvest season on the predicted it is turning that the land of the negro would predict would. We were in the right every leader of the country whose name would talk all the other names that sound like talk to me. Well interesting I think that we should have a whole program on Nostradamus sometime soon because that is a fascinating topic. Daniel any thoughts on. I don't know if you've seen any. Any posts for that matter of anyone who's claim to have captured angels on video of you seen anything like that in if you have. Any thoughts. You know I seen many I wouldn't play anybody that you're here getting our order detonation package or any legal. I'm again I work I'm working I work. Also and so sometimes it would film another I. Are a lot and what techno shocking footage. That had been an angelic being and the funny and they look like people and then make your life Victor cheer. And I altered each unit columns are light in in video and Eric are absolutely. Who aren't and pick it can look like Peter and and not buying your beak they're. Letting me at a Ankara and oh my did not any hackers. You know. Right OK let's go back to the phones we've got Mariel in California. A merry a welcome to beyond reality radio. And I think it starts on people have a question for gonna not. I'm glad it's going to be a civil engineer I don't like mine like calling a studio and did you order. Now I can after reject and I can remember nearly grounded I cannot collect your heart the year Garrett do that it wanted to simulate that two. Click what are your top. Well I think you are calm cool you would be all. God apple engineer or. About Agilent. They tell doctor I all our lunch and we get all her or I. What are your heart shot or Mario. We can't. Eat you feel like you feel every neatly into electric extra needed to do. Tell you how ability to our organ. You've encountered incarnation. It back out. You know you can be anywhere and be eat well and in our rendered not be extricated trying to are. Trying to battle when he streak aren't your kicker rob. Our target argue aren't healing and I'm channeling the energy. Think about what you all of your apple engineer and all that moving the structure and we are being re creating structures. Gordon new world haven't I. Coming. Well I went you can. And like hot and our. Entry I'll be tricked Ernie are expected Ariel we are and while here. Or that is that is old time thinking of in on you got to pick one job and and run with certain. Where it's really not mean not now that it shouldn't be that way he should be open to to learning as much as you can and everything correct. Absolutely. And it's actually if you had a pregnant acknowledging her ringgit and are low. He would Ayman edition iMac I am opponent and a light in the and allowing. It surely you and we are you are co Q. When your colleagues all of their complex problem that we're dealing with water. Or in water the next year. Look at it I mean it all about well you're very good and Kirk Perry can't do it. Her we have time for one more call before we just take a break this is Jeff from Kansas Jeff welcome to beyond reality radio. It was aren't out to the idea the question for Daniel. Yes they do. I called and the first caller was talking about guardian angels and things like that. I have been and that more accidents and things like that actually did not have walked away from and I walked away completely scratch three and a lot of album. Actually just an accident here sixteen days ago on a motorcycle accident that I really should not walk away from. Can you explain a little bit more about the guardian angels then come at things like that I feel like something has been watching me in my entire life. Just because I walked away from things that shouldn't. Scratched furry. And all that concept can you elaborate a little bit more on that for me. Yeah very interesting just send lucky for you to have walked away from a lot of that Daniel woody thanks. I think we'll pretty well thanks for calling and with that story now aggregate Errol true. Beat Angel de and sweatshirts for our talent that we noted that actually. Change a parent. What they know me however. They will wrap her in action. It we encounter and targeted not an act in weird or. You're gonna chaotic and iron right at the other woman line. And if you are not incredibly. Should be taken an entertainment app and government currently being only a recurrent or the key to our chemical creature air traffic control herbal all the banks and optical I'm. And make sure you don't incur the record your injury. He actually. Perhaps for our workers and went Al and you can happen to be Eric are you get its original irk me and the timing and at all. And her angelic being CP. And I like this one where you were a big deal. And I seen him at or actor in this way over and over again it'd it'd needing. I think air traffic controller and beat out an Angel who would be an air traffic controller kinda how are. Every possible outcome that you patent any given moment. And her being you protect their we are high it could be don't not our kind of our. And I appreciate that information a lot because there was a young kid that was driving. Are more direct my motorcycle and he just didn't political burden just didn't seeing at all and that was this. Reason for that so that that makes a lot of sense Matt appreciate that. Thanks for the call Jeff I hope you're wearing a helmet out there and of Kansas has helmet laws but to a man. I'm glad you've walked away from all those. Accidents we're gonna take more calls with Danielle after the break the numbers 8446877669. And Danielle and M and about the fifteen seconds that we have here you're also are you apologist. Correct ideals still light click on world there are all we're being pregnant UN and I hit it altered. The network. So when you say you know people should where many had to do many things you believe that means you're doing a ton of things at a sure I'm not born yet will talk about more of that when we come back it's. Beyond reality radio Jason truth. Welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason Hawes and JB Johnson don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give it like also visit the website. He can join in the chat room merits beyond reality radio dot com. Our guest tonight is Daniel I knew we denied taking calls for Danielle and once again Daniel thanks so much for joining us. Let's go right back to the phones we've got Audrey from Kansas calling in now RG welcome to beyond reality radio. You know my question is how do angels communicate with Q. I. Eighteen years ago I had heard my name whispered the second time at which was whispered it was really loud. Open I'd let that one in touch with chocolate it's well. And I believe I had a guardian Angel at that picking no. Oh yeah speaking Q will wait. And an excellent. Call me at all ouch I'm. I surely we can. Police say I'm Sharon era where. Yet here trying to urge like so much has ordered an angle your OB OK shore it. At the and I know I wonder if paid. Cool it was if it was like the grandmother or a grand either or what I egging at all. But it was patchy in street you know crowded the second time but it was so we are allow whisper. Well and it intrigued me new Yorker or whisper I I always say when I get lecture and seeking. I like where we're experts darkness. Shout. Like he didn't need to get the trigger I agree shouldn't yeah. And actually I'm getting I'm packing it in your heart year. Iron again future Blake and I and how you can't let your again how electric Ichiro. I'm wanted to what does that mean I'm getting here it into electric you're. A lot of times. What it wac they're bringing electric arched an you're higher on and you think about and and keeping your record and we're waking up at eagle and tube being an act shocked why. You're here. Like Angel what the strategy guy. That's accurate you are expecting that came out here and you are not heretic they're kind. And you know injury unit or opera and buried under a link. I'm and again it it didn't urgent plea to a big idol all the way through your being. An angelic who'll. Men and what's strangest thing hanging neck and it got. All shall whispers. All I'm. Attorney corruption and would berg got me out of bed at arms buyer I would. Thanks so much for sharing the story in the call Audrey we appreciate you calling him let's go too well Barbara. In Texas Barbara Europe and beyond reality radio. Well thank you very much that it's very nice city it is and some might call thanks a colony of the questions for Daniel. But well it's it's more of a comment from 77 years old then I would like to just say something aren't. Spirituality. And energetic level. Tom Dick there're many ladies that we can create and manifest reality. Spiritually. And and that we can manifest that. And I would realize that today. And Q I happen to be watching the news and they would incident again. Out of a police officer skilling a you know black people black children. And I just want to say that one of the easiest way east to turn things around it's a very simple web metrics. What you expect. You know and that in your life. And I expect. That the incidence and police killing. Just children it's not just label of black children. Will steadily decrease. And I think if people. I believe with. In old wood or my heart. That people expect key. They will receive a piece so my point is when you see something that you considered negative. Awful. On television audience if something on the radio. Don't go and sit here and oh my god this is gonna keep happening and black lab black. Just close your eyes and take it deep threats. And expect. That peak will be what he incidental. Stop or at. Like at the hype and expectation you could put there. But thank you Barbara that was very nice city Daniel let's I don't what you were saying. Previously is that right. Well absolutely. It could do it he black hunt and it looks like you're already. Knew. You Wear white community and then I had goosebumps and I give you until the time. Ain't you dying out and getting Kamal left gonna heal her or your right on our. Debt or rerouted allowed. Thank you Barbara and yet it is sick kinda like at the golden rule a little bit there do want to others as you'd expect. Done unto you laments kind of partly that too isn't it. Well won't really an all Wear pink a lot of good app can be story. Get afraid bricks you would Kennedy X ray got. Aren't any very well here. We do you have a wonderful opportunity. To experiment. We're getting a leader here in Hamburg or situation or whatever and I'd about. How to write deal locking in your carrier chair I worked. Kitty actually yucky situation and it kicked I don't bring it into I'm bringing in an odd duck the minute tiger. Right let's go we have time former call before breaking its Gina from Kansas welcome to be on reality radio. Well hello. Hi there and you should any topic that thrilled. That well you're on with the Daniel give the question. Well let them I didn't want to say. Income for a reason. You won again I would Danny my daughter that Arum. The other name was again you don't. Well yes I'm looking at this. Moment and and say and I can't about Lara. And most of them that and all the people I talk about Angel. But I'm a very very. Track it. In that he and learn body. And dumped on the Internet slamming. Because the black lab. Does that make him. Yes. Yeah I mean you hear tiger and cry your money you hear how you start to cry. Because you know oh yeah I'm I'm you know I'm in any member and very hurt written. I don't like that I can lean on anymore at it. And then nobody. You know why I'm terribly. I don't and so on. He can get an idiot in my bed and not the electorate eager that may be human race. Women can't. That's a tall order. That's taller as to be put on one person so yeah Danielle you're gonna say something you're gonna offer some guidance and advice here. Well absolutely. Hi do you know why. I am healing. And pat QL. Are you an Tibetan agony and trying to what I don't elect near. You feeling all the air and feeling at all appealing to people who aren't hearing lower. When you're cry or can it be tried believe it or not you are still full hour. It'd blow your mind why are people don't addicts. Yeah world and you know a lot more people because our people just are you a lot more people needing anchored at net. And leave your ability. To look at why the world and it years. Credit because you actually a Lebanese are where are you should connect. And that is where current cabinet and our entry dirty looks grim on the news I don't turn that stupid channel aren't on July and it speech and if you spoke at a higher. There they're not warn about you nick or not seen her now. And you eat dinner and we feel like actually I think that. I ever in my third time I wake up pretty well I entered and letting her. All the news sources out there are only pushing the negative it's really happening in this world these days are. Only in it I mean. I can't even though because. Look you can't complete you know what I would act contract that each candidate. What do you ever used the word love. And I don't use the word love you know are. Even if there aren't that our nation. What you'd call it what you are really tiny it's. Not it were you a hundred arrogant or eagle or get it. Congenial and I'm pat. And I can and argued it could rack their their work are you get actually gave him a boy remained lion air bag. Be it welfare alone. Looted Lee honey we eat our grand healed where are you are not alone we are all. Going to stand and let them all ailing right now and you calling you are bringing you every and that war. Mentioned to hang in hang in there we got to take a quick break it's beyond reality radio Jason into the. 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Don't miss Gary Condit it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary con dot com. That's. Welcome back to beyond reality radio would Jason Jay-Z and we had to jump in to break their Daniel I don't know if you wanted to add anything. About that last call on Gina calling in. I'm from Kansas but we have about a minute could take another quick break but it could be chances continue as yourself. You know we can't tell you looking at amateur body out there are hurting right. We can't longed for our week at eight Burleigh which aren't that right and we are. We don't know what let you meant something you never hear an eating of rat heart and only even at our current. Luck next week and a did intellect connect every thing. Did you know getting out there. A higher world are doing much better pitcher it cleaned it ever ever done and leaning and it's a recording on and it. But we're catching up kinda thing well pot. Interchange. All right don't go away we'll be back with Danielle like you it's beyond reality creating decent team. It's. Time I start to. He misses his rise like art sales pick it up I mean. My golf as a movement and at the discover. Two funny but it has been a great night moments document Daniel Agnew. Daniels a psychic and actually. Mean psychic of the year by UFO and supernatural magazines so it's pretty epic yet that so that's quite quite a statement there are a lot of psychics a lot of people that are littered taking readings in doing this type the work Daniel Owen to be out of like that must be quite an honor. Idiot. Actually. And it. I am very humble kid you're absolutely right there are incredible people all over the plate he'll. And we incredibly humble can be elected for that. OK let's go to the phone lines we have Jay from Florida. Yes hi guys Filipino. Actually I had a few out try to make a really bad. I thought the whispering I didn't know it. If if they can also be your only come from game and a couple of that was one of the ways like get out of first I'm not sure where he's whispered to her key. You know as you come up into the Alley so I wondered because I was younger I used to air my name a lot. A lot under the deal with her little boy that is stop now I think that the good but it happens a lot when I was younger. I wanted to get her take on public she would. Know anything about that but as I've called before and at the using that magnet. Net at the third eye for the ideal plan. Not for activating at four but force specifically spiritually protecting ourselves. Deliverance clinching prayer textures that bomb as I've done all by itself. Many times I think it was very effective to retreat time that I felt the chills. But I have I wanna know I want to make sure those chills with the demons fleeing from me and a pressing need and not coming infamy. And the other ballot and no quit in her opinion her which she thinks would be the name up for the most type would be idea or -- problem. Ray-J thanks for the questions and ushered Danielle that is that something that time you've got some insight on any of that. Absolutely. African record I'm you're absolutely correct. You elemental to you all tortured rain and it. I IB ER and her ilk are at it. Meg. I dark energy demonic energy. And are creeping your outlook on a foreigner not any OK. And record actually. During at Al Gore all the more than an actual extra Rick berg. Mean in light you're not overstated well. General Electric. Are very point. Different and that creek you know and it had our category that there'll. Album repealing or lower in the shell and Ella being reckoning and Brittany dared you know Richard body. I'm not good or light a relic and a red creek leaking a lot of name calling. Only lower hybrid car that you are trying to Eric and our ear like arch. Any ordered. Wrecking out of the ocean did not Wear dark energy. Here at eight do you know their job. We're doing and looking at each year. 08 record Stuart whimpering and well it would be creeping in low. And not being an election actor. I'm moving on your question about being our. Keynote. And you know that you land for you sure you don't wanna try to load them I herb black term Alina they're all so. Ironically let you know not actually. I and a demon or that dark energy are contrary energy. Outnumbered I'd eat it you being able okay anarchy and being able to pull out like your body heat and hot. They're all all that her earlier. It helps you look at that right I American. Electorate I. I'm brain aren't electromagnetic organ and act and to be hiding and I final here. It again well energy and all the way down a colony. Well I hate that we're you know I don't I don't expect for saying. How are. Hot in the I grew worried outlet for odd. I don't because I people need to get that out there and know that bit that they're real name is god. And detergent long cruncher you note them as detergent long corrupted that I using the named chief says Jesus Christ. Lord and got it and that's what they're in the Bible the bulk but these are not their real names in the want I'd keeps in the most of and I trust the most is either Dahab Waugh. Spelled YE a page WKH. Org height yacht which I believe is a H a YA and maybe with age at the end of it. When American Eagle act that tradition and I think it is acting a little late in. Order. Eagle. Eagle I'm being written and oak and game and god or not. Well he can be proper and show even gonna need it now acting out all the talking and being able. Apple. Which two pretty good out. And when you're talking about why out at Warner. We shouldn't rom the actual role for eight Allen. More work accurate yet. On the you're being called not when you're referring to on Equinix speaking about it may urge you to one is call. Organ can say the all electric Allen you're the one and it. I'm a critic you need and the human being and I see in particular that Al. I am I don't think not in Charlotte called I know art you know not block unit or are eager to collect the cart where. But it. However you connect got got in each. Right. CDs you've got a bunch of stuff. How can people get a hold of your stuff find out more about you may be scheduled reading any of those things. Once you've you've got Gilbert my web I I might let it all. EE. EW. Ed Eisner got con gang. Actually I that are. Not comic giggle at you know duck on. A lot. Great you are reading and they're. All. Right arm and like you didn't need. People aren't they are getting out and I figured you know. To try to get mad about Al and you're our nation we can always look up there. That's great thanks so much for joining us Daniels was a fantastic program and make you so much yeah we hope to have you back on some time real soon. I would be on energy pinkie here chill it. Opera and the rest of the week with other are actually. It's great. They usually have a great night out Danielle a mile we appreciate your coming out appreciate your would putting on the flak jacket and dealing with a political thing as well. No no I hear it completely sell and again what the rest of the week we've got some great things we've got joins summer skills and bill Brooks will be talking about alien abduction. And Thursday we've got Samantha Ritchie were talking about bigfoot summation you tune and spread the word about beyond reality radio on. I like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com. That's slash B on reality radio and we'll catch all tomorrow night thanks to listen Jason TV now. Beyond reality radio is produced by slick Eddie Edwards. 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