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Is Stop & Frisk a good idea nationwide?????

Sep 23, 2016|

Bob Rose Show - 09-22-16 - 6AM

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It's. It's the Bob Rhodes show alone. On this Thursday getting closer to the weekend Todd Jack brought to you buys prestige pays Jewelers who are the answer is always yes. I'd so we get all hell breaking loose in Charlotte. Folks are writing new air over a police shooting. We're gonna get to that the first Donald Trump has come out and said. Knew it before stop and frisk. Not everywhere. Now stop and frisk has been very successful. In New York. The current mayor to Bosnia oh he did away with his alike. It has been shown to reduce crime especially in high crime areas. Some people say well you know there's a lot of profiling targeting going on. Well there's definitely some targeting going on they use it more art in high crime neighborhoods. Some say while that you know unfairly picks more on minorities. Well. That tends to be. Where a lot of those folks live is a lot of Wear them high crime areas are. And people who are you know part of the minority group. They want their neighborhoods to be safe to so. You know one on one hand there's a group people on Hannity can't do that now know your unfairly targeting people based on there. Their race or their ethnicity it. But then the people actually live there could be people of color. They. Felt like whoa wait a second no we don't want to drug dealers the bad guys. Walking around. No we like it when the police are out there we like it when the bad guys know the police could frisk them. Is and don't bring their guns with a they don't bring their drugs to sell. Quoted be abused. Yes stop and frisk could very easily be abused. I'm not sure how it works when it comes to say stop and frisk. Woman in your mail police officer cadet to Delhi to problems yeah I think you could. Do they detain that person in wait for female back up. I don't know with protocol is but in general in general. What do you think about utilizing stop and frisk I say. Yet do it in high crime areas. First and see how they rose another or do we know it's been effective in New York City. I feel like you would be effective in Chicago. And by the way Chicago I believe they're hiring a thousand new officers. They don't know how they're gonna pay for that but they know they need more police presence well police presence. Is helpful. Arm but police power. Is sometimes more effective when I mean by that is yet they had to go under those neighborhoods where other shootings take place on a regular basis. And they definitely have deal lies stop and frisk. And it will be good for everybody. What happens is. And gang. And you know the other gangs right around the corner. You're afraid if you run into that gang you don't have your gun and they have there is well that's not good. So you've got a gun out. And then somebody doesn't wanna be any gang is afraid of gangs so. Maybe they're gonna gun out and maybe normally they would be you know good law abiding citizen but they're fearful. If stop and frisk takes place and they know it at any time a Chicago police officer. The pull them over column over to the currents and take Hakan marijuana talked Tia. They'll be a greater chance. That. They'll be a lot less. Guns at least out there in public leased out there on the streets. Now whether drive buys take place for the gang shootings take place. So what do you think about that. As Donald Trump appeared to try court African American voters in Cleveland. At a town hall tape by Fox News he expressed support for establishing the policing policy of stop and frisk on a national level. When asked by an audience member how it would stop violence in the black community trump responded I would do stop and frisk. I think you have to we did it in New York who worked incredibly well and you have to be proactive and you know you really help people sort of changed their mind automatically. He added New York City was incredible. The way that worked. So I think that. I could be one step you can do. The policy which allows police officers to stop pedestrians regardless of whether they believe a crime has been committed. It's been extremely controversy oh within communities of color and has been the subject of several legal challenges on the basis. A profiling. And discrimination. Trump is expressed support for the policy in the past. Until Tuesday night Jones said our African American communities are absolutely in the worst shape. If they've ever been in before ever ever ever I am. Not sure about that but that's what he said. Seeming to not take into account but slavery institutional segregation the violence that occurred in the 1960s. As black Americans bought for voting rights welcome. We do have writing in the series. Nine in Charlotte anywhere right now. Now we had on Baltimore. Now we've had a lot of but frankly under this administration. Probably more problems since. Or at least as many provinces. Since the sixties as we've seen. But back to the question. Stop. And frisk. Is that a good idea to adopt that as a general police policy. For most police. 8779759825. Al so wanna get to the riots as well. Violence erupted in parts of downtown Charlotte. Wednesday as anger continue to build over the deadly police shooting of a black man. And the different stories about what happened from authorities in the victim's family and neighbors. The governor Pat McCrory in North Carolina declared a state of emergency called a National Guard after Charlotte police chief said he needed help. Any violence directed toward our citizens or police officers or destruction of property should not be tolerated the means should not be tolerated. What about will not be tolerated. Shouldn't be tolerated really shouldn't me. Well what what set me should not be it will not be. John you're on the air. Yeah above all of sauber screwed up remote hope worried at all Kurt you shall rule book is going to be good dude yeah. Bullet they probably need to have not have a tool there to do so would our orders throughout the yellow and a court order bulletin. Yeah but it can't told a regular bats or go to Q boulder is corrupt you're gonna have politic Lugo started it could have problems already. You go every tool and it. Doing so well and it occurred over a period where. You just can't quit in these children go I haven't done the job. But I I think committee it would you know well we know we know. Statistically if you look at New York City it definitely. It definitely was one of the tools lower the crime rate Emmy before Rudy Giuliani was in there. I mean a place was a mess. It really wise nobody wanted to go there tourism was down in business you know he used BI loved take a business trip to New York. You know. Great food shop saying you know just an adventure. Then it gets so bad Biden and I don't created only like let's say half. And it became a great place again to visit Alex and in the wrong direction again. Maybe the people. A wake up in Beirut to Bosnia for one thing. 615 on the Bob Rose show. 8779759825. Would you be in favor of stop and frisk. And more about the riots in Charlotte. Coming up next. From the minimum of like I'm thirty years and anymore only news recently he became a race a race it's that sense they would me myself and point 30. 61 Leon above rose showtime jackpot you guys. Prestige Kay Jewelers were the answer is always yesterday night he's got a traffic update yeah apparently 27 and oh callous just west of the interstate. Thought they'd face and what doesn't. Westbound route northwest 38 avenue westbound traffic and shut down authorities are on the scene apparently there was a fatality there. But yet again it's a 27. Just west of the interstate westbound traffic. Is shut down as authorities are working that area and sometimes that can be a lengthy process so just be aware that make all. Alternate plans. To get around that. 621 above road show. You do all right on this Thursday in an hour right Charlotte they're continuing to riot in the call in the National Guard. It started out as a prayer vigil turned into an angry Marcin and a night of violence. After a man was shot and critically wounded protesters charged police in riot gear. And we're trying to protect an upscale hotel police initially said the man had died later corrected the statement. I'm he was on life support EI I heard that late you know well. Late from me last night 9 o'clock whatever men were shot had ninety I think the assumption was. That he was deceased but apparently he's companies and pretty pretty bad shape. I mean that he has to remember there's several groups of people at work here in my opinion. You've got the people who. I'm really think that. There are some level of oppression or mistreatment or mr. justice when it comes to how people of color being treated. And being treated by law enforcement. Maybe did judicial system in general and those people. Are upset. And they are gonna hold signs and they are going to have rallies. And in some of those people law also. I'm may be Christians who hold a you know a prayer vigil. Ryan and so they're concerned about about what's going on there. And then there's the well I just wanna go see what's going on kind of and being hanger on. And then you've got. A group of folks that any opportunity. They can go in under the guise of a of protest or anything house and they can create Havoc and do damage and destroy things and steal and loot and you know that definitely goes to the folks that. In a law enforcement needs to really focus on crackdown and and a very heavy way. And I know it the TV cameras are rolling and I know that people be upset but I'm telling you. Those kinds of people that would take advantage. Of a situation like that there they are the dangerous people. You know at a time in need think about it any opportunities so. Say we have some other kind of tragedy it's not you know all police shooting but some other sort of tragedy like you know her case. If these are the same people that ran around to start no looting. And creating problems. So IIE get a deal of them my opinion very. Very harsh way. But there's fear that all of them that can then. You know what exponentially. Create more violent situations. Possibly. But not by not doing enough. You're allowed us to kind of fester. And don't keep going on and on. Brian you're on the air. Hey I can't be. Sergeant people without probable cause that that unconstitutional. The start where they entered the tool that that you want the police the huge. It's a tool of war are are the police at war with with civilians are I don't understand what's going on why why they walk around a start people at. Here's an academy. Yeah and that's why now that's kind of why I opened it up because stop and frisk like I said it's. It was utilized in New York it was challenged in the courts my understanding is is that. They were able to. Legally. Justify it is my understanding I could be corrected on that. And I hear what you're saying yeah stop somebody for no reason the show me your papers kind of thing Nazi Germany kind of thing. I did that too ideal. Many other side of me says look. Police especially if it's community policing especially fits in a a packed in environments like lake. You know year year downtown areas of south side of Chicago you know parts of New York. I'm we have a lot of people and if you know look the cops you have to trust some of them at least that they have really good instincts. And end and they know some of the near do wells in now they know they see what's going on. The problem is yeah you give them a lot of power and some of them aren't going to be all that great without power. But then. A part of me says well hey you know if you are not a good cop. But the loss says just like bad guys do right. I I have mixed emotions I'll be honestly I I think what you're saying is. Look is a reasonable. And I also think it's fair to hang out some sort of debate. I'm maybe. Maybe it could be on a limited basis maybe could be limited to a certain area maybe they can do it on an experimental. Basis. Stop nobody without any probable cause and all you have. You could see how they can go awry by it could you see how it also. Would keep the young people. Li gang bangers and and what have you from carrying their guns around in the streets of Chicago. I I agree there's there's two sides to Tyler play devil's advocate. Colleges have. What do they wanna admit to or not. A sexual assault problem yet young people away from home for the first time oftentimes experimenting with alcohol. There's there's going to be I would say higher percentage. Of those sexual assaults in and around college campuses. And there aren't in the general population says okay would you be in favor of stop and frisk a college campuses. If there happen to be in it to a couple of reports though blow of eight rates going on nine. Stop and all the kids go on and no woken up and down the street empty your pockets. There's an awful lot of you know hey we got dollar port security UF Lou wouldn't you know apparently involved in a date rape thing. Empty your pockets right element she'll go any roof present. Now it did that it's. Bill it's what those things were high as long hazard or over in certain neighborhoods you know slayer and evidence could you those old if you bring it home to salt in May be you know. Actual more uncomfortable. Look we've we've had you know. 47 reports of sexual assault at the university in the last year so we're gonna crack down on this issue. Empty your pockets now. Now when you're gonna come what may not maggert and after raising my suspicions amiga where do you draw a line of you have. Aid generalized. Probable cause because there's an issue right just like you IE got gangs any inner cities in. And kids get chronic caught in the crossfire. If you're young black man does sixteen bit forty it probably in the gag or at least know somebody in a gang. Let me see what she got on it and I think your being those cell and cracker you got guns or whatever all of movement to a different neighborhood. How soon people light went out secular rich white neighborhoods in Stanford where the pay the kids. Who raped a girl behind a dumpster. The Stanford's women can't. Midnight knock on Al all the sudden let's start shaken down the rich white kids now drive of the BMW's and see how you know and then all of a sudden is the bigger issue. I ended I think that that's age that's a fair thing to bring up. On the so Vanity Fair question comes back to our right. What methodology would you want to attempt to say you're trying to stop high crime in a Southside of Chicago what exactly. What methodology would you employ because whatever they're doing now clearly is now working to thank the fifth. Pretty sure we could setter watched by the shootings in Chicago that's not a good thing. 629 Alibaba rose show so what do you think stop and first look well we just had a great call from Brian brought on a you know that's a great point. Where do we want to draw the line how far we want to go and again does it come down to one of those you know are you willing to give up some of your freedoms for security. Maybe maybe not right. 8779759825. Hang on board comes. Hear about. Nobody seven point three. This guy. 6:40 am about rose just 20 minutes till 7 o'clock live and local thank you for tuning in that. Sky lines are open 8779759825. Reminder. Riley art center in Ocala they're bringing in lovesick blues remembering. Hank Williams and you could win tickets all you have to do is text cries and CRY text cry 272881. At. Message and data rates apply. That'll be two tickets to the rally are sooner. The Sunday 3 o'clock show. Good luck and enjoy it. We've been talking about stop and risk. It has been an effective police tool in New York. Can it be abused. Absolutely. It is a slippery slope how much of our security our. Do we want her how much security do we demand how much. Of our freedoms. Are we willing to give up. I submit to you wouldn't be possible. That may be some laws. May be looked at differently if we were all. Subject. To search. I mean if you look at. Some of the laws on the books. And it is part of that I don't wanna be stopped in search of fun not doing anything wrong. That's the thing about we have so many laws. It's almost like really what we could find something. He did wrong or something on your person you're not supposed to have. And still debt I guess that's part of it too. You know what I think when we talk about freedoms we've already restricted allowed our of our free just by having so many laws on the books. So that if you do other broken tail light. Well there's probable cause pull you'll read that's could be a traffic hazard. And then all of a sudden once they once they get their what they camel's nose in the two hander whatever the crazy elegy is there. You know once they kinda get in there I can look around. Yeah what's that now looks like a marijuana seed I know there's no marijuana seeds in the morning gross stuff that doesn't produce seeds negative but job. You know hey there's a marijuana seed Nadia that's not mind ha ha ha ha good drive. And confiscate your car now. Do they do that for something like that in general no cooler day. Yeah. He's yeah tough. And so would cause people maybe take a look at the Largo held that's a little over the top don't think. So it's food for thought. But let's give back to stop and frisk good or bad this game you're on the air. There ought to pop art are out there that are so. Say that their parents are ornery operator. Of Iraq are all little bits that aren't there trot. 00 or point two got parents at an outdoor air. Number. One assert the Arctic now are at fault. My posture right now now. Eric while I'll. Bet it up for yourself you're doing no wrong. Are there are my view. I'll bet popped out they're really. Out there who shot it out a little while. Eight. I'll just put it. Out like that at all. April were worked out that are now aren't. Old Republic. Remember that. Bandit you'd just remember. Florida State is a great football team. A while except for last Saturday. Rocco you're on the air. Good morning Bob I disagree with this it completely now explain why this up and lifted my thing as a good thing of course that have to be probable course. At least opposite should not be able to stop someone in person when I'll probably. Quote probable course being suspicious activity in the area a recent crime committed in the year we made. You may fit the description or any other really good reason now. There also needs to be limits on what the police opposite can do you. If you have a joint in your pocket I'll announce it now want to maybe that could be confiscated and you have to be 88 looked up walk away from itself. The reason for the police officers. Stop and frisk is that a crime was committed you're acting suspiciously. Put your head against the wall of the church at any blood not being relevant to the reason doesn't stop in for a Q okay. Then the yeah I mean this set free okay. Stop and frisk is a good thing if you have nothing to hide it does nothing but protect the people against the world we live in today. I mean there's some different. Thoughts and opinions. On one hand it can be a slippery slope we can be abused by law enforcement. I it it does impact the constitution depending on how it's perceived to be. Applied. You know what's the definition of probable cause. Really think that the person has committed a crime or is it enough to say. A crime was recently committed or reported a possible matching up the scripts send a or suspicious behavior. What do you think can if not stop and frisk what what would you do that try to address the issues going on say in the Southside of Chicago. 646. All of Bob Rosh showed. 8779759825. Afternoons at three. Kennedy's it's my daughter had baby doll I want you to how sweet I have to pick up the phone I guess talking honey seven point three this guy. 651 on the bus road shall we Jane Anderson. He could not put us FaceBook dot com slash this guy. Also a website this guy 973 dot com where if you click on map up Kirk's deals you can save some money on some great stuff check it out for yourself. I welcome it's Thursday. We're gonna make into the weekend don't you worry hey special guest coming up. We've got Mary county commissioner Carl's Alec he'll be and in the 8 o'clock hour and 905 approximately. A state representative Keith Perry running for the state senate seat. He will be in the house so we've got a lot to do a lot to talk about. We've got rioting going on in Charlotte for the second straight night you've got the governor their Pat McCrory declaring a state of emergency calling in a National Guard. There was a shooting of one of the protesters somebody in the crowd. I think they're on life support there in bad shape he shot in the head that they are alive earlier reports I think we're tweet it out that the persons deceased or not. Law enforcement says they. Did not shoot the person. So these are developing things in you know it's called down there now is he gonna get fired up again tonight. And then over the weekend. And some of this wasn't in this is an an and it. And Heidi one of savient their neighborhoods in a proper way but apparently this stuff that erupted last night parts of downtown that are no. People generally would go and feel a safe in somewhat of a nightlife etc. And it was even on like a nice hotel. Where some India law enforcement was actually. Trying to protect. This upscale hotel. And up protesters actually charged police in riot right year. We don't have the police are right here I saw some of that some of the video you know they they pick up the the tear gas stuff is so the canisters right back to the cops. You know what are you supposed to do. I wanna take the next step I'd wanna be tough. But how far can you go. You know it clearly if you see somebody you know committing a crime you know that's one thing but once you start. You know once it's a crowd situation. Some people they're just for just a peacefully assemble. And it clearly some or not. How he handled it kind of thing. And also we've been talking about stop and frisk it has been a successful tool utilized in New York. For years. Mayor of Ozzie would get away with that crime rates are starting to creep back up again. Would it be a good law enforcement tool because Donald Trump is actually called for nationwide stop and frisk. I guess it depends on your definition of some sort of probable cause. Otherwise. Well what's the crime a lot of liked. Polio or four. DWB. Driving while black. Hey what do you do in this neighborhood. Live here though dole. Peer on the air. No I can't stand here and Citrus County handling get Scott out to biscuit Rocco. Yesterday you NJ were talking about coming here for some kind of you know station is like an idiot Triplett just. Find that the dirty at Wal-Mart in election company. Go in there on Saturday afternoon so everybody that that sleeps you know after breakfast this is up and around. And we are all part of long holiday due to return and he got money orders were you know the people that are really no really have a problem. You look around your and that's pretty much like being in Citrus County like wow. Man. The he says that he sent a shout out to biscuit Rocco. Who. Say did a little bit more Nat. But nothing to ride over for sure. 655 of the Bob Rose showed. 8779759825. Donald Trump calls for nationwide stop and frisk. From a strategic standpoint. This might be brilliant. I'll explain coming out.