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Will Trump get enough support?

Oct 14, 2016|

Jay Anderson on the Bob Rose Show Friday Oct 14, 2016 7am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

707 up on your Friday morning our number two of the program getting under way. It is above rose OJ Anderson here. Did you get your sky insider keyword and a half. Did you. Did just another word DOD day is not the people. H a VE that's security text that or. This 72881. Door right now. Even if you're driving. Not pull over for driving tomorrow man H a V8 text that the 72881. Must do date or flight you'll be the running. For 1000 dollars cash got about another old six or so minutes. Digg has played it's also because I got nothing to back I've been. Oh athletic of those talk low life you have made to look we gotta get they get better like that the attitude announcement and it did build. Zack look I got I got I got I got I got threadbare I become an 8 o'clock. We'll talk litigate you struggle to stay for an extra segment because he's got to he was a bit out of gives the trump rally on Wednesday night so he he's gonna want to welcome get all of that kind of thing that's right France a very telling you might be state a second or a third segment. Oh we get to coastal would have grown folks Libyan today as well so lost and got that all that's Stafford Jones at 9 o'clock. So really I finally got two hours of material are really need to cover some good. Well I govern here I pull a couple of stores a look at all the stuff like wow I got like 181000 things have pulled him. None of its interest. We do what you wanna hear it in a feds believe Russians hacked Florida elections system vendors came out the other day. And get to yesterday. Russian hackers behind cyber attacks on a contractor for Florida's election system that may have exposed. Personal battle Florida voters according US officials. Comes on the heels of hacks and Illinois. It would personal battle tens of thousands of voters may have been stolen and one in Arizona. Which investigators now believe the doubt voters was a likely expo. Now theoretically. This is not some sort of a hack to tamper with the election per say. I just Mormon like an identity theft type thing now could they. Right now faithful are ID cards or whatever and have random people voting instead of view. I guess. They seemed aggregates not necessarily a huge problem. Met again. Russian hackers. If you put that together would affect the Russians are hacking all the WikiLeaks stuff that's coming as well WikiLeaks and spent a bad stuff. As Russian hackers are doing of course the Russians are bad would Donald Trump as some people tell you. All of a sudden Blount may we don't you take it all that seriously. Just vote Hillary in you BI I guess is the rhetoric we'll get via. 877 w.'s guide talk 8779759825. Another store apple the other day and ever gonna around to get into an I will see if I can get to let. Medical marijuana business could bull new book. If Florida and Florida have amendment two passes will no Sherlock. After eleven disobey your eleven bill. And before election now it's legal or illegal for medicinal purposes. Yeah of course we have Bowman business. I'd lots people called me get these phone calls 877 W sky talk 877. 9759825. Randy talk to me. Eight jade. Emperor's care about this election coming up prize here regardless. You know Hillary won the globe global alpha actually win this thing where hitherto a bad situation. Will be thrilled to treasury but of the other countries in the world. Updated you know globex Bogota appear to crops how what do you do when you dated girls. It's saying that you did break loose use proper right now while I'm sure. And so the guy I was only like what sort out years old. You know it is single guy or whatever then. This was stopped just truly global crazies so you know that just won't plays alive so that's why should your life you get older get more wisdom. And but I thought they run out of this lecture really got me. Disturb and a ridiculous shard about the America's future. The good lady is there outplayed them right now and but to add all of those those slopes plays it pretty Hillary said about. About trial and the people of the United States. Bit and a bastard. I had that put that to Washington people up there are almost doesn't Hussein are worse than than the public out here because though. One that got us in this let's start with like people. And that. No problem felt. Users out. You're used to drop. Honored my plants. But some people are so badly they'll never forget that so I guess they couldn't handle it. Our couple things first of all. You can't excuse. Assuming. That some of these allegations. Are pearl now. It's not. Nice it's not good out of begging missile or excuse bad boys being boys or locker room talk or whatever. You know. Look there's there's guys on college campuses with testosterone raging in maybe it's your daughter. Ethic is it yes we can't serve as you know it's not it is they it is a big deal it is a problem. If these allegations are true. The thing I find interest thing it is. There wasn't really a whole lot of talk of sex. EO Donald Trump blows all Lal Mal bombastic. Jerk and ego maniac. All of a bit when he used as big trump and trump towers and casinos and and missile wouldn't have rise in this won't be a failure and this will be a success this will fall apart whatever. But there was that all these allegations of yeah he's a serial rape us. They all seem to come out right now now that tells me one of two things is a current. You know one he's got a legitimate shot of the presidency. Or till he's really all will be dead soon let's now tarnish his image. Ford says it'll cost don't not a word out of syllable Motorola now all of a sudden apparently. Well I'll be honest Bill Cosby rape me total. Edit that apparently it is the idiot him got fouls that women that. Same gutters binders full of women that that Bill Cosby and Donald Trump and attacked their backed up at the bar at the fact that that all the said that they'd they'd lean to I had there was none of these allegations until a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden apparently trouble sexually harassed everybody. That's for a have a bit of an issue did he probably is deeper like guilty of some of those cases. Sure why not as possible. As ready as he said look there's all things we've done a lot so we are proud of you run for president. Every dirty filthy thing you've ever done every stupid thing you've overdone your kids but your wife suffered on your spreads ever done. It's brought up. Battered by people that I have no idea who they are but we're one up in the NBC. Wall Street Journal poll which never cheats because. Hello folks embassy treated you go. On The Today Show. A mile folds Nostradamus Joseph the sky morning. And good morning jamiat. You know the Republicans. Have grown strong and Pat Quinn. In that direction and Ben was saying is that if you didn't look around you vote for Obama. Now let the (%expletive) socialist group think conservatives. And little clip you have considered all that you need any solution to all conservatives. Now are crucial to turn your back at trump and they're going to have to. And I don't support Hillary anyway so this really is a third term for Obama. So bad the gloom that the Russians are doing now and great conservatives. But the support Hillary so difficult there than there are supporting Obama. That's what you do when they're supporting Obama says no the band together and important so attractive man very conservative. When I'm not a conservative play not Obama he's not very. So you particularly good at bat that there has been there can't be better than patrol when you vote for Obama. And map. And we came true about Russia Russia Russia is the god code movie you're rebel it's a depression and Russia and then that works. You know probably. And the the adult day program will be important to Blair left a note this program to learn the ropes. And Obama improve our trying to let slip how the world we Russia that Russia is less about the so and let them play up and try and I want to Russia. And want to wish you an immediate. Ella Leggett is doctored up its. Anybody who wants a lower Russia is an idiot. And. I 717 of the sky were go to a break here is that about to be a bit of weight too late. A bug you find your own blog about the coverage from forgetting. Full blown over what's bugging you brought you upload custom role coming up next on the sky I was at the front page. They had three starters on the front face it. Whoever heard of three ball all along. I guess sells newspapers are fortunate but don't work. Because. This is going to be is yeah. What a flawless guy drive for awards bug and you brought your Florida press controlled get it all you're just call 877 w.'s guide talk 8779759825. Problem once bug in you know. Good morning okay. Actually it's bugging me is the fact that. There will not be another conservative I don't think they ever run. For national office the way. Did things work looked backed Romney he didn't have any sexual escapades. He had he was such a big money guy well Clinton and some big money woman. Now you've got this thing going on he's got Joy Behar calling the Clinton women. Perhaps. You don't hear anything about anybody else. It's just stepped up point of absurdity in this country about. Rules for radicals particularly ruled there was thirteen in the conservatives. Any conservative vote. Grip in his right mind would net override my would never run based upon what you would go to get from the media that spot. Al you're you're subjecting yourself to all kinds of scrutiny. For really little to no game. Can Europe's sky what's bugging me. Actually thought this whole thing in the coordinated effort that started out with Billy bush. He's a resident George Bush and the bush family. And tune in our NBC and cannot ignore or not it's up to August AM membership going to have a connection between Billy bush. NBC news. That they go to New York Times and somehow opposite that included weren't there aren't absolutely one big huge. Coordinated effort by the Democratic Party and the first call an immediate. The most significant length of putt putt by about. It's playing into just how crooked corrupt Newton units. And not people are really take note position Lieberman loose here that look good news media topic should be done about it. Around three ought to start eliminating the problem is that the the lack of balance. You could be you know a little bit shady I suppose. It was all in one direction you do you know eliminate personal beat my ass. You eliminate what you can and cannot say about a presidential candidate. Now all of a sudden. You might go too far in the other direction unfortunately. Rocco you're ought to Skyler bug. You stand up and politics you know operating system that truly are miracle workers and they don't get the credit that they deserve very. Perform miracles cannot have a 100% success rate let me give you my example. I men would stage for kids to get (%expletive) up for five years of men. Look I'm heroine gets locked up looked like he would sit together and at five years the men what kids to respect them handbook on Halloween is secured Jimenez can cure. But in a YouTube would sort of think well of this seems odd they help him would have self inflicted. Heck this study has stuck shouldn't be considered the deceased I kidnap the papal spun right. Health plan is being. Judicial system truly capable of performing miracles and curry dish soap hoping he's called drug addiction. Not I can mount a way to get more of drugs in schools and prisons and again anywhere else. Well I don't know about presence of government and I've been schools. A government oppressed have hurt in debt and some good it will wind is fearless guy good morning. Garrett Morgan gauge your biography this morning you know brag about Matt felt bankers showed up on a you can watch called Philadelphia Hilary Bowker. And called the ban you from the opt spring training game to see if they start winning next year do me a favor chocolate some of them Yankee game yesterday. If you are back at the end Diego Matt Day ago. Jog your autos go bargain deal. Yeah absolutely you know under 500 start growing a brain pretty darn word and the duel at this BS coming from the left when he uses is that. Yes when they start from Madrid side compared trumped good sailor Amin out of and told us a boost. Dribble pregnant are gonna limited go to isn't it really looked at me like Diller the gallery the welcome Bill Maher is big carrier albeit there's been no one would take away the gun right. This sort of regarded as a sisterhood profiler during. Two. Brazil voted terrible you did so resilient. I'd let the moment. Look at on an up you were comparing trump to Hitler. A weirdo probably are and cannibal one and out one and Al. You're like failing that an ad that's data they they they bed bit alienated and you know who's ticked about the most. Stolid. All of that man I killed more people Hillard out to do on the very noted embers of style no more most great credit for stolid Tony or the sky good morning. Made a street kid from now either go and look at remanded. I went to the trump rally. And a without their act also a lot of great people gathered on video we got a lot of people on mayor. Yesterday like happened but couldn't really get you as of today I'm gonna posted up on the other great book page. I'm just gonna go ahead do or law but there are some great up America we got great college. I apologize for everybody knew what they're yesterday going to be their date with that panicky edited so you don't have to look when my collection in the port out please don't let that. You know distressed well I know it's gonna be their group's legal slate and distract you from the great conversation than being locking in and all that out this will be their. We'll take. That plus of Tony thank you very much for that bad you have floods bug and you know. Or. Dark eight. 8 o'clock here how are you any Airways we're not. Jan fourteen years out like that out. People call up an eight. I mean clearly could go to every story you do. Or are committed another matter it's Friday rather have a great day and not feel like they're dirt. Yeah. Then there's the Bob Rhodes show I'm not Bob Rose Andre Anderson. Guys I. I've been called a lot of work. Oh trust night in the last 44 hours probably a father out of but brochure die attitude here on the sky. I've now heard every thing. You will not believe. The story I got coming up next for. But first the ball as we go. 877 W Scott talk 8779759825. Heidi is on the line good morning Heidi. Good morning before the break your talking about how debate or discussion people continually records that are eventually they get there. That is an axle read her basic principle called god we bought EL DW I end god wouldn't block. And it is considered to the Internet that eventually earn Internet talk could be forum. Somebody will reference that somebody else's well. So look at that sees her great and everything. Day ago that killed. Our had so it's legit. It's not legit Landon complain income Clinton is like it. Be an old poll pot will pour poll pot. You know. John Wayne Gacy and it would need political world leaders of my dad who get killed bunch of people. Well hit targets all the credit for everybody all of a sudden. Are. I heard a little snip of a story and I assume what. Really. University of Florida. The flagship school of the region. Out of the state related real honest it right here in the heart of Florida homecoming this week and all kinds of stuff they be talking about. Then there's this whole University of Florida all Brooke counseling. For students. Troubled. By Halloween costume it's. Or. Are you didn't kidding me. University of Florida offering counseling to anyone who gets offended by any costumes worn this coming Halloween. The school wrote neighbor blog post Monday urging students to quote unquote. Think about your choices of costume and themes. Some Halloween costumes. Reinforce stereotypes. Of particular races genders cultures or religions. Regardless of intent to leave customs can perpetuate negative stereotypes. Causing harm an offense to groups of people. Also keep in mind that social media post can have a long term impact. On your personal and professional reputation. Post read one now. So all I'm really. Oh look I get it if your Halloween costume. Is to paint up in black face. And scatter Allen a bunch of your friends will be wearing white role. Yeah that's probably a little bit overboard specially if you like to post to FaceBook. But they're gonna offer counseling now because he might be offended or hurt or troubled by what somebody else first of all okay. College kids right you're eighteen it's wanted to you're grown you're grown people. I'd stop wearing customs. Guy I'm sorry and I'll sell real funny don't you read but sick seriously. If you're troubled by an instant a dozen car. Please know that there are many resources available please take advantage of the seven days a week presence of the U matter we care program. The University of Florida by emailing mere dumb but it would give an email. Addition the 24/7 counselor to counseling and wellness and Erbil to speak by phone not not not even a phone number look at up yourself up a really. I don't not understand this. OK look I get I went to Ithaca College in upstate New York very liberal very goofy though it all colleges and university towns all. They're very much more liberal than the average American. I didn't nature of the business. Africa very liberal place old school they had a thing having Bob mentions a beer before they had a thing called gay. You know a caper Liz. The entire month of April was all about people. Bad and accepting gays and at at at they did they did this and what day it was like you Wear Wear blue jeans to show support for gay people. It was highly still open. Because everyone wore jeans and it was still like five degrees out April solid solid you're running around in shorts like Florida where you know you run around half naked. By April it is cold but he still snow on a course where genes. But anyway I digress so I get the liberal but there was the best in all of you get offended and that it is the word trump on a park bench scares you didn't get counseling. And if you cease it what if what if like your mom just died. Okay. And somebody for Halloween doesn't have a whole lot of money statistical white sheet cut two holes and the other what are other gulf storm that the bank is real legitimate custom back in the day but doesn't count now. And is that offensive Obama just odd sort of runner aware ghost outfit that that's a fight that. How far have we gotten. Reasonable human beings that all of a sudden all I saw some Panetta that you know what happens would you seas of an affair here's some event nothing happens. Not a thing happens they get offended because you Saul Saul. I got offended that a while back. There are people across the street from those radio station holding signs pointed to shut this radio station down because they didn't like apple was settlement. I send an arm go Fargo had bill I don't care. The thing did CNN. That I don't understand. This is it liberalism. This is why job out your mind fruit bat what dubbed. OK let's sailing Ailes Monica and I will start actually spewing expletives. Steve your oldest guy. I. I would just at some interject about getting a shot and get these people we do take a closer look at this election and think about what Donald Trump has said. In the past years and years ago and really think about how how any back has anything to do. If our policies that are better are going to be changed in this in this election I mean and they've they've gone. On and on on an offs from all of these. And that it just seems like that that's not working and Hillary Clinton favors or he's trying to keep it. Right here at the shiny object over here and then. Got a look paid for a nation full of shiny object lookers unfortunately. I'm Steve thank you Greg call 747. It's not make any earlier we have Joseph coming up next to those guys. Check out the skies right. Com slash the plus got put a link to that story about UF having counseling 24/7 for people are offended at bank by Halloween costumes. Also put a thing up you know I had mentioned it like it's Wednesday. At the national hockey league's regular season will get underway Wednesday. Last night I suppose it was. The Dallas Stars had their home opener. And I shared a video from Fox 4 News in Dallas. They did it a ceremony for the fallen officers the five that were were murdered. Gunned down in the loop protests or whatever. Great video led the NFL to take a little up pointer from the NHL on that one but it checked that one out FaceBook dot com. Slash. Sky. Let me add a couple of phone calls have for a running short on time. John your oldest guy anymore. It's hard. Street cred from mass murder goes isn't. Planned Parenthood at roe V weak response all for far more debt than dollar and not these old pot melt combined. Indeed people ought to dress up but aborted children per Colleen and really get it and it freaked out. They touting him along together well and John had material before I brought up the other Halloween bag so I did there and yeah that's on the fly kill an assumption. Brawls. But in now. You've heard me on the air before really can't complain while other people may gross disgusting big sea here on this guy. Tiger Marty out I'm really give yarder early love makes you smile. Our viewers that are mature are no doubt they look at but stomp a campaign. And now right behind him here this lady hitter and I have blinking sure and that triggered chalk talk dirty to me cracked me up. A light day. Hey you know today gave people are into the end of the trial start. Towel. I got ABC news delivered just about another a few minutes of where to take this top of the hour break then you'll come back on the other side it's 8 o'clock it'll be 8 o'clock anyway on a Friday which means time for friends bearded man talking about del real back at quarterback for the Florida Gators. Homecoming weekend at the University of Florida I do not dress up like a float like a parade float. Because you might offend somebody you know don't don't do and it'll effect of the of the may have held accountable people. But on parade today football game tomorrow or friends there at all about that. Had one down after it was the LSU game all of a sudden magically go to bathroom. What is jovial out of picture of boldly wouldn't go herself like that how to read how to lose apple gain weight of I'm mad about it. All I've your calls and opinions and blob while wolf wolf coming up India 8 o'clock hour. Dry at a about broad shoulders guys.