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Bob's Triumphant Return to the studios

Oct 18, 2016|

Bob Rose - Oct 18 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Point three NASCAR. Yeah. I cavity back beauty is the 607 on the five road show. OJ Anderson. Your time I checked he's brought to you by prestige these Jewelers when he answers always yes. And coming up you've got a chance to and a thousand bucks at the top of the hour at 7 AM so lesson and our listened to the code word. I give it to you you texted it to seven to 88. One and a message and data rates apply in your in the running for 1000 dollars not bad. So why what's the idea. Everybody's always talking about this squid. The squid Disco it. I think his name is pro quo. Pro quo the squid be heard him. Oh no wait it's a typo it's quid. Pro quo OK I got. And you act and greeted squid. It's called this quid pro quo. Let's make it simple. You scratch my back I scratch humorous. Has that. And that's exactly. What is taken place. In the administration. The State Department and FBI now old now of course are categorically. Deny eating. That they negotiated any. Squid pro quo. No squid here. All right the FB hi. You know an individual agents say things like. Yeah I it was a quid pro quo. And then you actually have like the State Department coming out. Trying to explain it. And answering questions from Catherine Herridge from Fox News. And actually use the words you know it's not like this was a quid pro quo. The State Department says that in defense. Win the FBI agents. Hone verbiage spec has had. Its head and use that term it was a quid pro quo okay what are they talking about. Well there was an email that was classified. That they wanted to unclassified. Or declassify. This was a State Department so as to not make Hillary look bad. Because she just got done saying. All I know I don't have any classified material never received any send any remember all that lies roll those lies. Penner are my did you feel like your doctor in your health care planning and keep them remember now and inject. So Hillary didn't send or receive any. Any classified. The stuff on her private server. Well clearly there was some stuff on there and they found one moments of hate. And the FBI if you guys can fix this. Us here in the states are we need to know places that normally are now allowed right now. You know in my kitchen to different places. Different areas of the world right now you're not. That's called a quid. Pro quo. You're exchanging your making these kinds of deals both by the way it would be breaking the law putting them where they're not supposed to be and also. Up by changing. A classified government document. So part of their defense is. Well you know what that document never was changed. It doesn't matter if you attempt to bribe a public official. You'll go to jail for the attempt. You don't go to jail only if it's successful. Right. If you attempt to do it the attempt itself. You've heard of before are you trying to bribe me no no no no. And I love the other defenses ul by the way let me make sure that you know. This document I'm talking about this quid pro quo you're gonna hear over and over again. Wanna make sure that you know. This is not part of WikiLeaks. So with the State Department can't say well you know it's rush is getting involved and who knows you know the veracity of these documents etc. Oh no this is separate from that this is real. And basically the State Department was calling the FBI agents either stupid or lightning. Then they finally got together are OK the FBI and the State Department who hate. When you have do. Seemed cut did you get these rogue agents these FBI rogue agent so when I say rogue agents what I mean as. Up roll get meaning they're still doing their jobs. OK while the James co -- of the world has to answer the Loretta lynch the attorney general let's just say well there's. Quite a bit of influence. Okay so the agents that are just going about their job you know this is a lie this is a truth this is forbidden this is against the rules as it. Those but there are a rogue agents now. So the State Department and FBI are categorically. Deny that they negotiated any quid pro quo. To declassify. A Ben Ghazi related email found on Hillary Clinton's private. Email server as new newly released FBI documents show Wallace allegedly discussed again. These are newly released to the Freedom of Information Act not hacked emails. So there any of their defense that they attempt. On the other WikiLeaks stuff well you know it's who knows Russians in other trying to influence the election which. The course is Malarkey. Because once again they don't necessarily denied. Woods and a lot of these leaked emails which. Which. Where are the where are they I I mean I searched all the media outlets by the way ABC news I could be wrong but today you can double check your gonna this not a single not a single story. On WikiLeaks not one. Not one. CBS news or when to their website. They had one. And it actually it's funny because they just took little excerpt here and there and basically. How did defended them and they took the ones that weren't salacious at all. Or an interesting at all. And then they can defend them so that didn't help. I don't know insulate bright part he can't even really get some great stuff from there. The one news person I can say I thought did a great job of just isolating a few. And highlighting them effectively. Was. As a who's the got a reports for phys Ed do Fox News Ed. Ed Henry thank you. Really was the only one I watched I watched a lot of the stuff over the weekend you know I try to disconnect and unplug. Laguna went away for by October fest which by the way. I mean I had an OK time it was real up and down it was sad to see some of the damage that was done just what it definitely wasn't the same but the good news is of people really working hard and get things trying to get back to normal and cleaning up and really. Making some impact there so kind of an up and down thing. I'll get back to that later on. But this some. Lack of reporting about WikiLeaks even on the other like Fox News shows. All they care about now holding an exclusive interview with Maloney a child. Well that's good at don't get me wrong it's it's okay but. They talk about that when she's defending. Donald Trump of course she's going to. And all they wanna talk about is how well they use all these women have come forward saying that you know Donald Trump did this and did that. It'd be one thing if it was a few news organizations. But they're all doing that and and here's what they I'll say. Yeah and while we're talking about this you know it's really overshadowing the WikiLeaks there. Well what do you think you're overshadowing it. Like doing out on the five and I look every although all the all the stuff on fox which is the one place I turn to do to say okay we'll have the real deal yet again Catherine Herridge doing real work. The got Ed Henry doing real work but it between. Oh they may I I do I guess they've discovered what other media outlets have discovered. Talk about sacks affairs tawdry stuff and get ratings and to help our country. I have put our constitution to heck with the breaking the law at the highest levels. A sudden under slept with bill are you kidding me and I and I get dad from from most of the lefty media. But Fox News I'm did a disappointed other than Ed Henry Catherine Herridge I'm disappointed. What are you thoughts. 8779759825. You're tuned to the Bob Rochelle ala. 616. News talk 97.3. This guy. Yeah. These three X. 621 on above Rochelle I would say Anderson live in both sides excuse brought here by. Prestige Hayes Jewelers when he answer. Is always yes. LBJ Mays automotive this Friday from eleven to two they're gonna have an open house everybody cannot get coupons for 1975. All changes that's right. Because that's a year they started it all have some snacks and some good east Korea and now used to divvy giveaways and ales that's Friday eleven to two Dave Mays automotive. Three box behind Sony's awful Waldo road OP can make it out there. FBI State Department. I've got together to denies. That they were conspiring to declassify Clinton emails. Sounds like they conspired. To deny conspiring. Right I Nene they got that they basically did almost a delicate a joint statement. The State Department and FBI categorically denying that they negotiated any quid pro quo. To declassify Ben Ghazi related email on on Hillary Clinton's private email server. As newly released FBI documents show was allegedly discussed. This is not part of WikiLeaks assumes a Freedom of Information Act is FBI agent who basically said somebody representing the S State Department Patrick Kennedy. And hey. On if you ask to declassify this email we can get you into some places it currently you know the FBI is not operate. And that's a quid pro quo. And this wasn't just 11 thing and Ole you know got shot down now Kennedy made three attempts. Three different attempts three different. Three different occasions. All right finally FBI said no little. No means no we're not gonna change it so now the defense. And the State Department is well you know. They never did change it. Are you sitting did nothing wrong was done. No I'm not saying that at all because they know just the attempt this the attempt is illegal. Nay you're on the air good morning. Morning mr. rose at thank you particular columnist Margaret. You know I couldn't agree would be more than the would the media you know lately at all like that the senate Entertainment Tonight. You know I mean who's sleeping with whom it you know it's all about ratings. And I mean the fact that it matters. Is what the Democrats ignored. They're taken the media they're used to immediate they're doing anything they can to destroy truck because they don't eat out eat a politician not a career politician. He's not working for Derek yet that he can't be bought he can't bribe. And it could he do anything to destroy it. Report November. Yeah I know I agree. I agree. And the media is very powerful and most of it leans to the left and far left I mean that's that's just a fact. So they have an incredible influence. But Fox News I'm a little disappointed I think that they can do better when it comes to reporting on WikiLeaks. Hannity on his radio show. He brought forward some stuff that was from it James O'Keefe amity undercover guy. Do abortion clinics and all that. Yet he is showing a connection. Between allow they Hillary campaign folks. And basically. How to provoke. The violence from Trump's crowds. Yeah. Yeah I he did I studied in great a great job on that. And I've got more on that coming up all right I'll I'll do get up Korea. And that's from. James O'Keefe. Tom you're on the air good morning. You know I don't vote question. Saying. Declassify. Oprah on fox they're talking about we clap supply which would have taken it popped. It's so that nobody could get to it. Well at the that article sent declassified. Portions buried by it it just got bought about. Yeah how my understanding was they wanted to. Declassify. It because they were gonna let that one go public which wouldn't have been damaging. I guess in terms of it I guess in terms of the material wasn't considered damaging. So they would declassified so the date date. Could stick with the lie when Hillary set I don't have any classified material on my server. Rock billion in the air. OK but you listen and write when where and not when confronted with this too late is staying. She's gonna simply stated gods on the road in the Gaza. This type of exchanges and this happens on the continuous basis. And that is exactly. What about Oprah means for the sake that that's exactly what he means with pac against the people this long and this goes on continuously. In our government should not. Okay the question. Like a Donald culture joke on that in that does belong on the connecting with spaces that interest data out. Well I've now I agree with that. Net this one just happened to get out as far as how Hillary's gonna react to it. Tomorrow night in the debate at 9 o'clock. I think that she will attempt to separate herself from it which in this case she can do she can say. Look around. You know this guy a Patrick Kennedy. I I didn't give many orders to do that. And she's done a great job of separating herself. From a lot of this stuff because she is underlings at do all of her dirty war. And that's why it's even harder to find some real damning stuff that the points di rec leader her. And you know and look they've all learned this mum especially the folks. You know on the left they've learned that. You have to be able to. Oh is that plausible deny ability. That's what they do. They're making any decision anything that they know is. You know enact gray a year very very murky area which is pretty often make sure they have an underling do. So how she'll react to it when questioned if it even comes up. We'll see. 628 on the Bob Rochelle I want. Thirty minutes away from a chance to win a thousand dollars. When you hear the code word at the top of the hour texted to seven to 88 wide net and here in the running for a thousand bucks message and data rates apply your tune. The news talk 97.3 diskette. First talked. 36639. A La Rochelle live and local thanks for tuning in. Don't forget coming of a 9 AM we'll have rod Smith on candidate for state senate he will be out on the air with a 9 AM this morning stay tuned for that I. Still I I think Sean Hannity just mentioned in his love her morning by there's something along the lines of how many minutes the major news organizations. Are spending on. WikiLeaks verses you know old the trump stuff in the allegations against him. With Ian in proper touching whatever. I mean what's happened. What what's happened to our news organizations. You know Watergate remember Watergate. I mean if you compare Watergate all the things that are they're going on now with this week WikiLeaks and some of the stuff that's coming out of them. This really kind of makes Watergate look like you know walk in the park. Can't pay more tuned in they were watching it you're reading the paper there watching the hearings. Republicans and Democrats and nobody cared. Don't Ronald Reagan what does he say one of his one of his great speeches which he gave. Any of them. Look. Losing our freedom is just a generation away. Got to pay attention you got to fight for all the time. It can't be so complacent. I know you tend to go you know. Look. The human mind whatever it it tends to lean toward this book it's easy to understand he did why. She did why it and it's anything with you know has to do with sex or innings. Oh how. Cool. Only more. I understand there's a human inclination again it. You've got 300. And forty days. A year. Not yet British 65 days a year but. My point is. Where exactly 21 days from the election. All these allegations came out all of a sudden up when there's like ten now against drop all of a sudden. He's piling up I understand some time some people come forward in and other people feel empowered to do that I get that part of it. C'mon now won thirty years ago and remember. I love when people say well you know people are afraid to say things against powerful people. Really since wet. Because I know about powerful but rich. Target on your back. Well none of these people thought to cash in back in the day if these allegations are correct. Or they cashing in now we just don't know you follow me. I'm not. So obvious. So lobbyists. Back to the WikiLeaks stuff. And hardly signing up it. There's just one day. One thing. This alone. Fox news's Ed Henry reported Friday this is from last week to sub debt the pieces dated October 14. Reported on newly released emails from WikiLeaks it showed President Obama. May have known more about Hillary Clinton's private email server than he was initially know about a public yet. So he lie he said he knowing about a private email you remember. He appreciate it previously said he was unaware that Hillary Clinton had a private server. And that they emailed at one another infrequently. The secretary of state. During one of the most tumultuous times to be secretary of state save for maybe World War II. And you're telling me that there wasn't much communication there lie. You know she had a private server. Lie. Because come on now. And their shows. Podesta and Cheryl Mills. Have a conversation do you think we should hold the emails from Hillary to Potisk. Well that's you know executive privilege. So we know we don't have to worry about that they can't they can't goes to get knows. And that timing is unbelievable because Modesto wrote to metals. A day after trade dowdy issued us a. You know ordering Clinton to preserve all emails. Which she did not blue. She did not do she had the government property destroyed. This is the important stuff. How Donald Trump touch some girl skirt 35 years ago if it's even 20. This is our. Corruption at the highest level. As a with a pitchfork. You have more about yeah exactly it's pretty amazing what we're seeing it. Going down in history right now. It is the top of the news every hour on the hour that it's a two week old story about what trump says but. Some guys. And it was all these different at all these leaks companies WikiLeaks coming out and and now there's the good James O'Keefe video that female and yet. Yeah I but I Sean Hannity was doing a really good piece sunny yesterday. And yeah I don't get too far off track but it basically shows that people connected to the Clinton Campaign where they teaching people. How to how to go to how to how to start fights with trump people. And and make sure it's on camera and make sure makes it trump people of violent and all that absolutely. And it your right. 5 AM hour ABC news lead story on our station Malulani a speaks out relate. As the number one most important thing going on around the world. Jerry you're on the air. Of your apps when the immediate took a dump I think it happened way back when Obama took office and they start giving these big tax credits to the corporations that are on the network. Yet western culture got a report 300 million that went to China. And then you add contest that that arms package for Witten beat brought an out in the middle of the country that never went anywhere. In the world heritage but looking for a Cinderella Alice you know they gave BC interviewer was paid off they're gonna bite and eat them. I don't know they do surveys about people there editors and journalists and writers and commentators all that by far. They all in in certain days are left of center suddenly have to pay anybody off that's their true agenda. But there might also be something to it from what from your perspective what you're saying is well but I got a break 646. On the Bob Rose show. 8779759825. Rush brings to the people shot journalists are in shock. Many are unfit to follow this election I know trump like the back of my and it knew anybody seven point three the sky. 651 out of five road show Obama today Anderson live and local regular tune again hey stay in touch with us. FaceBook dot com slash the sky it. Let's keep it simple here's a couple of things FOIA the F. FBI and the State Department have now come out and denied conspiring to declassify. Clinton email. This is not part of WikiLeaks this is a Freedom of Information Act. And emails. Came out and the FBI basically said. That James Kennedy. I had done sorry Patrick F Kennedy. Who was undersecretary for management at the State Department. He reached out. And to ask the FBI hey he knew declassify this. And if you do and might be able to get you guys in some places. Right now that you can't operate. And it wasn't just didn't just end there he said well I'll check into it came back with a no. So Patrick Kennedy went somewhere else higher up the chain and so on three times. So it ha there's no doubt that there's a problem there. Can now separately. WikiLeaks one of the dumps it got in a past or because they're so much information. And the media. I hate to use a jet. Ron Turner but every in this case it's true all of the media. Is under reporting or not reporting a WikiLeaks stuff at all. But no one came out last week Ed Henry. It's it's obvious the president lied he said he didn't know anything about Hillary's private. Surfer. Really and said he hardly ever talked. That's a lot. The Destin mills they have emails now than they actually debated on what to do know. About emails between Clinton and the president of the United States. They didn't they were sure what to do so well executive privilege will cover that. And the timing was perfect Detroit went trade Doughty issued a subpoena. For Hillary Clinton's private server. Which of course then she had completely wiped clean. Or or shortly thereafter. Just these two little tidbits right here are so damn. How can people even move beyond that. You're on the air. Everything the Democrat party does right now is being perfectly timed. And carefully choreographed. Just like that attack on Mosul started really expert for the election. Obama must think the Arctic followed that city is dirtier he wouldn't have allowed the military didn't move in their risk to defeat. But I wanted to defend the media for not covering that firebombing at the Republican headquarters in North Carolina. I mean Hillary supporters have already tried the burned out Ferguson mystery in Baltimore Maryland what's one out in the campaign office next bout. Yeah you. The year on the air. Yeah Bob yeah looks. Presidential candidate. Crop. As studies own investigative reporters. It is all out these guys are old news media. Echoes everything he has that it virtually to the truth about the Democrats. About the government. And everything else and he's the only candidate ever. To late Saturday. Uproar. Ember. Right place stalwart. In the government what the government has been doing it for years. Yeah I'm gonna get to. The statement about rigged election I'm gonna get into that a little bit deeper coming up the first dude unmanned your own air. Yeah good Marmol obviously a little confused about the obvious lies and corruption that's going. Like you that'd be pretty easy to straighten it all out all you need to do is they get that scene at a crawl and it shall explain it all Q I heard yesterday. Should say in whether that person Hillary is like you are just mean to help out. While thank you sir are an idea but I appreciated. And we'll take all the help I guess 655. On the Bob road show coming up at 805 France beard coming up at 905 rod Smith. But coming up. Just a few minutes all has a chance to win a thousand bucks though it. I have to do is listen for the code work of the TN a good idea for half minutes. Unicode work any text it to 7288172881. And you're in the running for a thousand bucks we do four times a day. The messaging data rates fly of course. And coming up yeah I explain in simpler terms. Because once again the media's failing here nominated nominee do their job for them and down and explain to you what rigged election. What I believe is meant by. And gag and then and a oh get your input as well. That's all coming up on a Bob Rochelle OJ Anderson live and local. 8779759825.