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Jay Anderson gives his take on the Amendments (1, 3 & 5)

Oct 25, 2016|

Jay Anderson Show - Oct 22 - 7A Part 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk about seven point three of those sky. We'll go back to. 97 point greed is god pilot's dog coming up about half hour issue or thereabouts for flight. Now what are you going to vote coming up in November when we Rory early voted to Beverly vote I don't absentee ballots all and whatever. There's before constitutional amendments that you could vote on. I'm gonna do number two by itself rounded up the next segment that's the week one. I need to put these other three outing at these are three knocked out one segment should be easy enough. The first one is number one constitutional limit article ten section 29 ports of electricity consumers regarding solar energy shall east. Personally vote Knoll on this one and all the research I've done what I find fascinating about it is. You have very liberal group's annual very conservative groups are very pro business group of very. Environmental concern groups. All saying the same thing it is just the big energy companies coming up also plan to make it sound like it's gonna offer more opportunities. For people have solar power. And is the divert bridges the amendment establishes rights under Florida's constitution for consumers to old or at least solar equipment installed the property. To generate electricity for her own use state local governments show retain their abilities to protect consumer rights of public health safety and welfare and it would surely all consumers who do not choose to install solar. Are not required to subsidize the cost of power. And general credited to those who do. Again it sounds good who's against solar power. But I think again that this is one of those things that. And more calories one usually against constitutional amendments is this is good with Kenneth the there should get taking care of at the legislative level. You know we had that issue an apartment before the train. Fifteen plus years ago. There was a high speed train you'll want a high speed train to constitutional amendment out about it a high speed train in the state of Florida was a train sure why not. And it would have passed and and it's okay by the way it's gonna cost a hundred but Julien dollars and we have to eat your first three children. Arrows are all probably don't know we don't really know what that there were little we can't billing about it because he'll put at the stupid constitution. Sedan at via ballot measure that they had to get on the side of signatures on petitions of blah blah blah. To put a piled on the very next election saying hey you know that they would put the constitution about the a train we would've taken out of the constitution. And it was shortly after that with a moment of really began to get picked up four. We need to make surely getting at least 60% of sultan on the ballot that goes to the constitution because. Apparently worse though but I will get hurt by simple things like they want solar power vote yes on one. I just find I think there's a few problems with the bill. Special when it comes to selling power back to the power companies of Egypt or whatever you create too much solar power for your own home to use. That's one of the perks of having solar power is if you produce enough but hey gotta do you need T could sell power back to the power company. And make more money that helps offset the cost of visa solar panels on the hole of the setup you need anyway. I think solar power is a good thing in Florida. We are kind of called the sunshine state. There's going to be some methodology. And which that becomes a very viable option. For states and all across the southern United States. But I don't think this is the right one and and again I get very wary. About things that sound real cool. That we wanna put into the constitution because if it turns around to bite you in the rear end it's a year or two before they can do anything about it. And it and then remove it from the constitution surely get the votes it needs so vote no on that first one. We'd wanted to see him skip and that to the next segment. President people get mad and rile up enough about the whole thing. Interest alone to a number three of them this Viet tax exemption for totally and permanently disabled. First responders. Amendment of the constitution I'll throw to first responder who's totally and permanently disabled. As a result of injury sustainable on a duty to receive relief from apple on taxes. Assessed on homestead property. I fall profit take effect in January 27 team related to that sort of is the next amendments number five does for was the First Solar and they put on the ballot in the primary. Number five is homestead exemption for certain senior low income long term residents determination of just value. If it's just belly of less than 250000. Dollars owned by certain senior low income long term residents. The specified value is determined the first tax here blah blah blah blah blah blah blah ambient tax exemption for that. Voted no on both of those and you're gonna say well Whitey hate first responders that gets severely disabled are totally disabled. Doing the job of being a first responder or why do you hate old people. Com I don't Haiti of one of those groups but again. You're talking about more and more tax exemptions for people if you wanna make property tax exemptions. Make it across the board do what they Lou rubio was gonna do Bakken when news speaker of the house. Yeah I have a situation room we've raised the sales tax. One or two percentage points from where it is from six to 8% or whatever. And you'd get rid of the first 200000 dollars of taxable value. On your homestead property. That might be a viable way of doing things when you start carving out individual groups individual special interest if you will. Noble people and first responder to look at because they're special interest but it bass boat has become. Well we need a victory where about the veterans mean to make sure we were about first responders. Knew it sure but the seniors you Wear a true rebut the mentally handicapped when you make true or about minorities we need to make sure we merit where about gays with. You start creating all diesel car brought to food doesn't does not pay property taxes. It does nothing except tax everybody. Including the people trying to help. Including first responders and old people in this particular case because. Of the state needs seventy million dollars to saint of fraud and on and it's a brilliant actually but. One that unless you've one million is the easier number. They need to million dollars for his budget. And it's taken a quarter of a million dollars all of the tax rules by exempting first responders and senior citizens. Now the State's got 750000. Dollars and they need a million. What does that mean well they need to have a balanced budgets would even means they got to cut services left and right to only have 750000. Dollars for the need. Or they get a raise taxes to a tune of a quarter million ever more rails so. See those car registration fees go back up seem more permanent fees seem more impact fees seem a Buddhist they're gonna get their money one way or another so by exempting different groups. You're not actually doing anything. To help those groups necessarily. You Laura. Would end up deletes your tax ME techs everybody else. At a sort important time. If you wanna lower taxes lower taxes. Across the board to every. And then you're also gonna get by the way gonna get the only older argument is older people don't own a home what the total person. That Euro a first responder that that lives in an apartment somewhere and how they don't even get that benefit so excited equal protection of the people to both to get the benefit. So no on both of those things again vote yes if you want to tumble Nolan ball I think explain those three so four well enough. Coming up on the other side of the break it's a one evil would waiting for Eads wanted JFK medical marijuana. So reliable no matter what the facts on the sky for. Yeah him. Are you making those towns throughout that question was like. I.