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Jay's take on Amendment 2

Oct 25, 2016|

Jay Anderson Show - Oct 22 Part 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk 97.3. Sky. Welcome back the 97.3 this guy goes over the constitutional. Ballot amendments. You'll see on the ballot when he go on to vote to other on Election Day early voting you party voted by mail pro Hillary so all these things so which case. My analysis doesn't help. According what are audio first the third in the Fifth Amendment it's to be on the ballot we are to vote on number four in the primary. Now the big one everyone's old geek doubt about its amendment number to use of marijuana for debilitating medical conditions now. Here's the good thing I'm gonna say about it. They did do an awful lot of good work changing it for the way it was two years ago two years ago of a little too wide open they've narrowed the scope a little bit. About as much as honestly as they're probably able to narrow. The scope of medical marijuana law if you're a minor and for whatever reason the doctor thinks you should be allowed to recent prescribed medical marijuana. There is parental notification in this one. It wasn't in the previous bill. There are few other fixes well they've they've kind of limited relatively speaking. Some of the conditions that would real beat qualifier for getting medical marijuana. But again my problems with the bill all our stop putting things in the constitution. It up your read the second paragraph. All of the bill. Are of the amendments increased calls his amendment to the state and local governments cannot be determined when no idea what it's gonna cost long run. Which is kind of sat in the sense that you've seen so many states will we have openers for now I believe. That of transferred from medicinal to recreational. But yet there's about twenty states are more than have medicinal marijuana ball laws on the books apparently have no idea how it's impacted that you've reached it'll look at those states. OK it's gonna cost this much gonna bring in as much revenue. You're pros you're the consummate leader of were Florida. There will be additional regulatory cost enforcement activities associated production sale and use observed from medical marijuana. Fees males sensible regulatory cost sales tax will likely apply to most purchases. Resulting in substantial increase state local government revenues that's another issue what happen if its medicinal. It's their sales tax when you buy a prescription for like penicillin. I don't that I didn't think there wants. To naral is it Lima dissed Oprah make sure withdrawals sales tax on top of the war. Again as I have said before you make any recreational the legalize marijuana in the state of Florida go right ahead and do. I have less of a problem with that. In the medicinal aspect of it. Sales to act apply. Resulting in a substantial increase in state and local government revenues that cannot be determined precisely. The impact on property tax revenues cannot be determined there's a bunch of stuff they say hey look we get past this thing would really don't know. Fiscally. What's gonna happen how much is it gonna cost to actually run the program how much you're gonna cost in additional law enforcement because again. Let's just say. You know my uncle Freddie. Has cancer Lou Gehrig's. And there's so he's got to care giver to the caregiver is allowed to get marrow but I'm not really allowed again. Not total local Louis all helpful now. I go pick up as we'd formally go Lou Gehrig's Camby now. Analysts had not stood take a little bit on the side amity does to be an additional law enforcement aspect to it. A lot of people to get pulled over to for speeding Taylor out whatever. Up and smell the nine tons of wheat in the vehicle now you an idea have lobe of it caregiver Carter or you'll patient. How are they gonna work it if there are minors in the vehicle. You know if you go to will publics in wanna buy alcohol. And you're 21 year there with them against a college kid when you know what you're eighteen year old friends they have the right to not sell sell that to you because Orton and then and then and then. You would've released people Dolan you William went up playing that game. So there's all these different law enforcement aspects though they they were fully considered when it comes to this. And again make it recreational thing. If people wanna get it he's shooting go to jail because you think it's going to be a medicine helps to a year and you're sick you're cancer yeah whatever now. You shouldn't go to jail for. I also think you should go to jail if your thing his goal Coleman spoke at a joint call ahead I don't care doesn't impact me. No more than you'll go home and have a drank or what abruptly under the debris of the argument all about kids. Again if you wanna make it recreational. Then all of a sudden you gotta pay for your old wheat. Not the state paying Ford because. Your image and you can't afford it whenever you got to the medical condition. Adding you're still way too many problems for this if it's a necessary evil step before you get to recreational. I suppose we have to go through with that we get passed in the legislature. Not on the constitution. Let my friends is gonna wrap up this segment begins to know on all the amendments that's why stand on the and out of twelve podcast this hour's boat made an ultimatum and who knows take a break right here pilots are that's coming up next on this guy. Sure you may know yeah. You're listening to the broadcasting and eight DHD seen on news talk 97.3. Those sky.