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11/07/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Exorcisms and demonic possessions

Nov 7, 2016|

11/07/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Fr. Jack Davila-Ashcraft discusses his role as an appointed exocist in the Byzantine Catholic Church, and the cases he has encountered. Fr. Ashcraft also explains why demonic possessions seem to be increasing in frequency and what that says about our future. Also, listener calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded November 7 2016. I. Are all tell throw away the craziest election season cycle lease presidential in the United States ever. Here we are it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes and GB Johnson so good to everybody with a us. They everybody welcome behind healthy radio and yes nets it's man not the decrees are a few months thank god that we're down to the wire and you know. I would like I love to say that some you know tomorrow it'll be over Wednesday it will be over but it won't it'll be somebody's stalking about now some sort of fraud. If he wins still claim that Russia rigged the machines if you know she wins is gonna claim that says so it's just whatever yet. I don't think this one ends for a long time now and on whether it's lawsuits are just people complaining. But either way we're gonna keep it a politics free zone all the tomorrow night won't quite be the same we are going to introduce a little politics tomorrow night because. We've got our special friend inner inner. Our regular caller funky the amazing funny coming on he launched a presidential bid but he files the show knows. He raised something like 800 box during the whole thing and I just figured you yes you get right amendment addicts of the the balance so he wanted to have his victory night celebration here on beyond reality radio so we've. Agreed to that I think we're gonna gonna try to do that with the second hour of the show yet he Nielsen said he he'd take calls did you loyalists they called our trade off with century can do that apple would you take listener calls and he said. He he would early stand in his day can even if you do readings he do readings for people so that will be interesting com. Actor I don't think I've ever truly heard (%expletive) you do a reading. Well I think he's kind of fooled around with the reading with a swing early on when he first started calling the show before we are syndicated I think he did a couple of late readings on sept the hasn't done much sense he's been singing he's been running fraud seaspan. You know merchandise insurers to that knows well he's been doing he's been very doing very well I'm an out of body experience Hillary you lost speaking of presidential elections though GM gonna ask you this I see a lot of people on the chat room they say Jason must president. Would you do if you present. Well what I do afar as precedent. On my gosh there'd be so much first off I you don't get to Syria because the you know. Well I think. I would worry more about this country and less about dollars other countries have a lot of problems. And I get it nine yeah I understand that sometimes they're being bullied by other countries or. Or a lot of craziness is going on but I feel that we spend billions and billions of an overseas when. Billions here would would be able to first off take care of homeless situation. The school situation. Paying the teachers the police officers the military actually what they deserve to it to protect us and I think that would be my from my first thing my first thing would be. You know what I. I'm I'm worried about here what's going on here and in America and I'm gonna worry about this first you're such a softy to tell him I mean you know Jim I'm I'm very pro. This is our country we need to we need to make its strong. You know while I I agree with a lot of that too but that's not why we're here we're not here to talk about that we we are here to talk about however tackle what to ask if I'm just curious to know I just saw that. And chat room by the way if you don't know where the chat room is just have to go to the website it's beyond reality radio dot com and you can find the chat room. Let's mention what we've got coming up on the show that it got a pretty cool story wanna talk about tonight we've got to Jack. Didn't de Villa ash craft to Izzy ordained Byzantine Catholic priest he's an exorcist teases an author he's written about ancient christianity. He's also talked about UFOs is that whole bunch of things to his credit will be talking with him. And tomorrow night as we said we've got the amazing (%expletive) you too we also another guess for the first hour tomorrow night. You know we don't win Hoffman he's he's so multi award winning performer he's he's a medalist and he's great he's been on. And shows I've I've seen him on everything and all even heard him on Howard Stern at one point. He's gonna beyond he's also willing to take calls and do readings so that's of interest and Wednesday we've got Joseph and Diana as and a for more Roswell. Roswell ghost tours and also part it's not New Mexico by now and it's Georgia. Part and also part of the taps Stanley in Georgia and some great investigators. Known them for many many years. And then Thursday we've. Two Timothy runner Hughes re written several. Publications including in orbit morbid curiosity we're USA and weird Pennsylvania. You know it's about a lot of weird topics is just particular focuses the Pennsylvania region known as total road and the seven gates of hell there's as south central Pennsylvania. There's a lot of folk legend and mystery around that area Andy's written extensively about it so we'll have a good time talking with him. About that. But as nice idea there's something going on in our oceans Buick mentioned last week there's it was strange pinging sound noise coming from Erica in Canada yet. And the action the Canadian military has been investigating that home now. There's been more and more reports of two headed sharks. Being found. In our oceans is an increasing number of two headed sharks. Have been found all over the world's oceans in recent years and scientists can't agree as to why it's happening no one sure how to prevent it. I'd I'd be editorial do you think you know what it is gaffe probably Fukushima I reactor Japan. Malone make a lot of sense wouldn't option Armenia and that's why didn't go back to Hawaii that's and we are filming there. We have had all these earthquakes and volcano excited to erupt while we're there yes it was and it's not because we are there are some before anybody says that he and and I we got on a plane after the tsunami hit us in the in Hawaii which of course wasn't near as devastating as Japan. But and so we've had a couple days later we got on a plane that flew home and are supposed to fly back out there that reactor. Was leaking. And somebody asked about him might have meant production people wanted to fight back out and I checked with assigned to assassinate Al fared and how far is this gonna try heavily said it once he gets in the in in the jetstream. He'll go as far as to when we'll carry it. And here was that reactor. Meltdown on achieves China had no reason I ask is because the evidence is currently suggesting that he's sixers Taurus rocket will it be interesting to see what the timing is because the evidence is suggesting. The number of two headed sharks has been increasing steadily since 2008. So I don't want to see how that timing works. Among yeah well and yeah I definitely think that there's going to be some of that book. You know. Well they're finding them all over of the world and and in the oceans and a lot of fishermen pulling the opera to fining embryos that have. Two headed fetuses in the and so it's ransoms and once maybe it's evolution and knows what's going on that it is definitely street but honestly think and talk a much arched Jim parent. What do you think would be some of the weird things you might find sharks comic. Has been found sharks is weird things that have actually been found in a shark's stomach on traffic sign like a street signs. Talented little a license plate licensed as a pretty close look at what about a about it before we took place around no human remains and determine humans human remains and and and that list are we anywhere. I haven't gotten a foreign just let that could go rules guru in this moment I distinctly how about it about agreement shark that was found them pull a pair. Polar bear and its Derek yes. It was as a living pool a no I'm sure is pretty knows that yet how about. A shark in the sixteenth century. Which was found with a full suit of armor. No wild. Silly eat it date somebody and dissolve the somebody in the armor just remained in the that's correct and I am I you're gonna seamer. Made an that's tiresome pseudonym and I armor found a cited some bank. And if your thoughts of it goes back to have him thinking that maybe at some point night was on a ship remain a walk the plank or something made. Married how about a complete range here intact but who will now again another police say there's no red nose down on OK but again it was in this was a Greenland shark in the living room there's some of the biggest growth in twenty plus feet long so. Now. A license plate we've got we have tires of course. Now this one's a little laden though tiger shark was caught along upon the beach in Australia and it. Had porcupine quills owns them who Netscape champions has gather ESCO decree as serious. Areas just Anderson I know I mean. This one's kinda sad. As tiger shark was caught in the had to. A Bulldog. On not a whole Bulldog there was it was they had before legs and there was still a rope around the world will vote. So yeah I video just to rest a song they have video killed the whole horse that they told well Larry the godfather in on some Internet in 1823 fisherman West Indies discovered. Shark they had cannon balls in its story it was still able to swim around here had to be produced a shark off the season monstrous. And Leon just a bottle wine that was actually still intact. It was so that you need to overcome. In some Tom Tom drums and a fur coats. Well fur coats and have found their stomach very remote especially on exhibit now in the nineties traveling around so. Kind of weird. It is really strange in the listings of just swallow anything they will as a fisherman who gets out there all the time any time to catch a shark I was let go because it takes so long to reproduce and I just have no. No one territory kill affairs are like a fight. Com. But they will they'll hit anything and everything I've kind of come right up to the bowl you know checking out the vote and it you know come right up look at looking back in the motor of the crop when it's off he's as we're mandated they do they'll they'll buy domineering and he just gonna hope it's not view. Went through a Sahara I don't swim assault efficient but Reynolds one. Probably good move they ought to remind everybody or telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call and be part of the program we. We take listener calls throughout the program mom and let's see we've got our guest coming images too few minutes. And what else going on I mean we've you know there's no there's no ghosts and Wednesday's anymore at least for the short term. And so we do what do we look forward to these days and I know the answers so if you don't I can answer that -- on our check this out because I can't say what terrorist minority area I don't know I know this is in this is something completely different though do you saw the view you saw and I know you enjoyed the Netflix series stranger things I did Erica it was a great show or actually the kid has just started watching it the other day again re watching him because the new one comes out yes and just a few months well they hear our party talking about the next season. It's pretty much than they anticipated since the day after Netflix were released the first season that's how popular was. But this kind of cool things going on in the next season that worth talking about the creators have developed and revealed three new characters and will join the rest of the Hawkins crew know of course. You know the main characters of the of the children but Sean Aston is going to be joining the crew the cast a stranger things of course Sean Preston the unique tie in there. A then he seems to be it enacted it's getting more more popular with aged. He was in the goodies and a lot of people have. Tied the stranger things. Nine so the plot but certainly the characters to being inspired by the company's so. That's pretty cool he's going to be coming on and he'll be playing a character by the name of Bob newbie who seek kind hearted former owner who went to high school. With that I Joyce who's to Winona Ryder character and hopper. Who's the sheriff David Harbour character on and he manages the local Hawkins RadioShack and then another actor coming into the shows Paul riser and down. Be plain guy the name of doctor Owens who is a high ranking member within the Department of Energy on a clean up assignment. No the show the Paul Reiser was in for a long time that always comedy with a with so what's your name the unemployment. Yes what was in that shelf. Some of the channel to muffle an idea yeah and then find who NAM Bertha send album playing the part of Roman who's an emotionally damaged meant it magnetic young woman. Who suffered a grace grit Los as a child. So all of this is coming together and the next season I don't know if they've thought announced the launch date for yet but but anybody. But anybody who was in arrested in the show. And Mike that's for seasons got something look forward to. Let's get John asked to just she's great actor and he spent so many different things. He was in the first season of the straining to those first time I'd seen him in a while yankees and what The Lord of the Rings films yet and yet here's an all those visa fraud was right hand man samurai postpartum pretty interesting unite keep or tabs in our eyes on non conventions and events around the country there really tore that's how that's how I knew that Abraham the idea that the and I suppose I said that I told the kids I bet the kids on that. And yup sure enough he showed up just watched it wash the conventions when you when you start seeing just one of them showing up that means they're still in production to Israel who died that's and it. And throw it. But Sean has since been a very very prop popular. Celebrity at that the the conventions recently in his popular seems to be increasing so that's going to be a nice addition that show I'm really anxious to see how they. And again I need to be a spoiler here if anybody hasn't seen that first season but how they bring that main character back because there's as an insinuation she dies but yet there's an insinuation at the very end that she doesn't so. Now a lot of weird things going on and I would never Netflix just awesome I love I love Netflix have been phenomenal so. And our costly launching an arm acting here and I am costly going through that via. The original series of payment the advantages of Chris self they do great jobs no question about it very what he said we take a break when we come back none of those children. Those we guess who will get Jack on the line we'll have a conversation about it to Susan's phone numbers 8446877669. NE 446877669. You listen Jason in GDP on. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scare con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. The shows on reality radio Jason caused Jamey Johnson two great night talk kernel of course any night is great night's talk paranormal. When when beyond reality radio as part of the deal. Yeah I totally agree ECB talking in my Mike I don't know what does your mind mall so I I didn't realize I was like oh man my pound was down on. I think every night's great talker it is especially when he gets to be about midnight and we roll into the early morning hours we love doing this but does tonight our guest is Jack. The Villa ash craft Byzantine Catholic priest exorcist author. And many other things Jack welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the program. Savings are c'mon. So so jacket first off what's and who can you just explain the difference between this and take him Byzantine Catholic priest or who would what does that mean. The lecture he. You have various. Jurisdictions. That are connected to the church. Wondering is a busy taking. Basically orders eastern. Orthodox. Croatia and cool well have accepted the you know sort of secrecy. And so they became known as Byzantine Catholic. They have their own unique. There'll be a terrible. For example priest maybe Larry. What slick Anglican parish it and true and that's basically the difference there Lucia Lucia differences aren't rules and how old Leah conduct or. So Jack let's talk a little bit about what it. Takes and I wanna go through your books and talk a lot about us some of the things you've written about the before we get into that tell us a little bit what it how you how you. Start on the path to actually end up becoming an exorcist. Well it's not something you choose to do generally. One and usually appointed to that. Positioned body wants bishop. Which was vacations so. So what I would be a what took what type of qualities do they look for in an individual to actually determine that that's something that they should appoint. We look for somebody true Asia. Traction control launch commercially. Maturing crowded. Someone who is given to flights of fancy. Who isn't it easily moved to belief thing. One of the things you have to keep in mind as a terror. A variety. Very organic issues. People are going to use demonic activity. And and so you know you have to wonder who has a it at least stated they could destroy her. There's sanction. Doesn't accept it or clean become a lawyer tree out. And I know her of course should concern that. I was just cynical you have to be bad torque. But I am pretty humorous. In that area of ministry as well generally had an elderly produced. And I will say I agree with you totally because of what do we get it we called in by a are numerous and numerous religious organizations and and we have to write a preliminary reports and we turned them over to an increase in your position and in a lot of times where can handle them. Now in in regards to that. We find that over 99%. Of these cases have nothing to do with demonic type politics did nothing to do with with the negative entities there is that rare extremely rare situation where. You find that yet there does seem to be some sort of a negative ads to hear presence of this person is. Showing the signs but most of the time that you be chalked up what I've seen everything from. Over religious over Medicaid under medicated self medicated and emotional abuse physical abuse. Sexual abuse. I'm just a psychological issues so what are you find. I think my findings. Comport with the order. 99%. In the orange and come across my. My desk are. Explained. It's is psychological psychiatric issues political issues. Overactive imagination the desire to get attention. You can doubt you'll. Environmental. Conditions shut out there are certain people. I RA high levels of electromagnetic frequencies that are there and critical and they were auditory. Visual. You know you get a whole host of spectrum bipolar disorder to consider it a little bit apple know these are things you have to consider show. You know we didn't. The people that I use. That work with me. They're trained in their fields psychology shut her psychologist critical commercials. Professional and an Arab. Trend lately and colleges. Currently search. All claims much on the same level as. As you describe. I think you'll end. Article are preliminary report. You can contact me about the progress there. And in you don't want to listen really bothers me is. If this is not to pick one. Her normal 0%. And one of the regular wanted to abolish is the proliferation of suppose it demonic. Activities that we see there and it is it. One lautner. Infamous program. Paranormal state. I know I know occasionally talking about her. Yeah all right hold on let's not let's not start that look we we're gonna talk about that when we come back from break Jack don't wanna make sure we get plenty time to talk about that has that is one of the things we did both. Wanna mention here on this and we're talking with Jack de Villa ash craft. An ordained Byzantine Catholic priest also an X assist and an author. It's our topic for the evening exit systems and their christianity. It's beyond reality radio we're going to take a break when we come back more with Jack. It's Jason homeless in June Johnson to go. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. He dressed in the when you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website is caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captain paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. What's your radio or whether it's happening you're neighborhoods it's. Arab magazine again go to the website tab Tara Mac dot com. That's happens paramedics got there can't use promo code beyond just say I. You'll only unreal feeling when Jason came in our guest tonight is reverend Jack and ash craft. And he's. He's Catholic priests appointed ex assist for his jurisdiction by the bishop appearing ghost adventures of three different times speaks and acts of citizens UFO's evidence of the existence of god. The cult and via a cult and so much more. So rev rare juices are. Jack has only adding to an artist trying to Pedroia on their. So before I went to break that you started bringing up one television show and I know I know the show you're talking about could we were called in. Two it's take a look at what was going on in the house prior to that show and the fact of the matter is we came down. With the assumption that it was it was a medical conditions she she needed psychological well. And then about two months later than June you know paranormal state showed up and all the sudden this girl was possessed and all this crazy stuff. Which I think was more danger for her. So one that you go on with what you were saying about. Well I was brought the case forward to air where internal state. And it definitely communication options and they share stronger crushed. Also you got that progression as well. This photograph depicting a day they were there any. Trapped mark in areas where she can usually agree. And while Lamar I don't know what this order. Patient but one of them that human torso twist to a pocket user community. There are head turning water. Which I promise you that it's been demonic in is an hammered over the radio reality television. So that they. They brought the case again and I didn't based on the well. I troll like this girl probably. Sexual and probably dealing with part polar manic depression. And they'll probably. Had potential issues. While they've or maybe because it is absolutely what. And they weren't true. Another individual true agreed to go on there. And do what in a country that Purdue and that is actually shoot on care. You do market. There's a violation of the privacy at the end neutral. You're working. Pic grossed four election. And they did so not once but twice this year. Both times by people who were unqualified to do. Matrix. And it turned out of their young lady was indeed under our care. And as I understand it her family. Goes pretty much been ostracized or their community injury so that appear. And that's an example. Colonel Alter ego and bad effect. I don't even worse by liquor and caustic pictures that touted as an actress and I did little actress. I went to the eventual victory after the blast what a property. Every blessed like that includes a column order. It sort of we're just into something year marker. Can't say it's not literally considered tickets now literally considered a cleansing it's just going and in just a blessing a property. And hopes of in good spirits or or removing anything that these might be either. Correct. And yeah. And so. You know I I you don't want one of appearances are made it clear. But it I perform it because it's not something you'll do you care about everything. And validity whatsoever. Well I think that with the big and I think that was a big a concern also went. Late there was a show I believe it was on destination America where they were doing. Alive excerpts of some well first off you really not doing an axis is the second secondly. The election schism isn't something that you're going to sit there and publicly claim I'm gonna do this in a month on this day at this time. Because they knew you open the door to endless possibilities of even if something is there are now it knowing hid knowing what do what you what you're doing when you when you're coming when you're doing this. So as so many factors it's not something that you plan a month now and make make public. Let alone doing in our country. You know this missile force that it occurred. What Powell a year ago I guess a poet and a problem. Where well my stand it. You know Hillary claims to be bishop and he has a slightly quit Lehman. I I can tell you that little or clergy is going to like it. And essentially not only like president. Let alone their kindergarten they're open to attack if they truly ours are they truly are sensitive they're wide open to attack and to be honest with you. It's I. It being in this field for so long and I have dealt with wouldn't numerous people I believed to be sensitive some new psychic to to a point of more sensitive than anything. And the fact of the matter is every time I've taken one of them into a so called negative type location how's that truly did seem to have demonic activity. I found myself. In more jeopardy due to them. Due to then becoming violent then becoming aggressive to the point where in you can name is Steve Moore my co stars. We use with a one night I at a knocking guys out on the stairs who claimed to be sensitive we're in the month at our house that had been demonic type entities in there. And the sky flipped out started trying to kick as well we're going up the stairs and everything else so they become a liability to become a danger to. Actually people who are. Sorting has been demonic who try to contact the demonic. You know there doorway. They act as conduits for a activity. And they are susceptible to demonic possession. Which means what you Shatner there reliable they don't belong there. And so when he mixed these actual things programs. I have to shake that it just wonder what's going. Is this can only appeal to the lowest common denominator. End and that actually true because you can contact a brochure role production company. And all of them wanted to do programming. Around. This area of ministry and what I told the perimeter. And what we will not do like her who we will not work within. The deal Google Talk about it more which is okay good and he. The search result is people hit the wrong impression of what they're. End. And I think it is this missile or any people in the rural community. And believing in this. And seriously cold ideas. That they try to implement in their own groups and it'll cause trouble. Well and I agree and that I think the problem that comes down to and you have to let me know your thoughts. Is there are these black sheep priests out there. Which have no connection and no direct connection to two. And you. And religious organization they might have been and at one point in their life but then sensed they they sort of disconnect themselves. But those people seem to be the ones again when they'll know affiliations. Those people seem to be the ones that'll show up a lot of times on these shows lately agreed saying. As the head the exorcism on the crew Halloween and so forth a year or two ago. And they're the ones who show up and it doesn't help when you're trying to do more than the people you're trying to help because. They're only there for a TV spot there there for their fifteen minutes of fame. In return causing a lot a lot of other people some serious issues. You know and I agree and you know I had to actually three considerably older pure it chews on go to church. I've been contacted it could lead. To three times. Since my last appearance there. And it and a I have I have not thought I was not respond. I just I expected to one of the problems I have is it. When they ask me about what certain individuals need to do I make it very clear that the only way. I or any other clergy can help them. If they have a relationship with Christ because it's Chrysler does it the Clinton gets kudos to shoot when it's not easy but don't have some magic power. And if he or not couldn't have that relationship. We can go there and do all the all the electricians and property people who want. It's not going to do anything it's not going into the western track. And short short I don't wanna be able to Italy and programming. That wall for the full. Truth about the work this area of a ministry. Try to block or from a. And I think you make a valid point there on this one thing that we've I say at every event every time I'm on stage we're talking to thousands of people. And they ask us about that and I say you're the one thing that empowers I don't care what religion you are I don't care what religion you practice. But if you have faith in what you're saying that's what gives you strength to push these things out that's what empowers you and make you able to first opera tech yourself. And but also gives you the ability to push the sings out of the area you're in but now if you're going to a family's house. Who has no belief in god has no belief in Christ has had has no faith in what you're preaching yes this thing might leave while you're there. But the linkages easily come back because there's nothing their keeping it away. Yeah yeah. And it and I would have to refer back to curse words you know that. You know if you. If you expel agreement you don't clean up commercial cost order. Then that he was gonna go and get more or more powerful and they're going to return that currently inhabit now. Metaphors of course and can show what we're seeing okay a lot of really bad. Information click around on this area miniature. Hand for a while there tries to do. Great to. Share. Truth about. Picture is leading immunology and and it will face in. By. I want it to be quite honestly crater kernel community. Quite simply told me it'll here. It didn't appeal to the abyss that they prefer. And so I just quite simply stopped trying. Cringed and we're talking with reverend Jack de Villa ash craft. Jack is a Byzantine Catholic priest appointed ex assist for his jurisdiction by the bishop also bent on ghost adventures and author. And a speaker on many topics we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll talk about the 1% we established that about 99% of all these possession claims. Are just. Not possession not actually possessions but caused by external factors but what about the 1%. It's beyond reality radio would Jason. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scare con dot com dad's Garrett Connor. Or Hillary Hillary. You Jason. That work and now are you so little better than you did before organizations strange in Gaza and there nice hunger and Ellison couldn't sexy entity alone I wouldn't say. I saga. Welcome back the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes. Jimmie Johnson and our guest tonight is Jack to bill ash craft. Who is and an ordained Byzantine Catholic priest also appointed ex assist for his jurisdiction by the bishop an author he's been and ghost adventures many times. On the speaks on exorcism UFO's. Evidence for the existence of god and much much more again Jack thanks so much for joining us. We are talking before the break about so on these demonic possession cases in both UN Jason greeted by 99% of these cases. Can be explained by other means certainly not demonic possessions but what about the 1% what are the what are the signs and what is the evidence. That convinces you won one of those 1% cases shows up. Go to Kabul we're talking earlier talking about. The social personal interest in the property. With possession of a person in the criteria is theory there. And and again that's because I have to be very careful. That we're not dealing with somebody who perished. Let's say it's for. And then we introduced. The imagery that that while they considered it wouldn't. Would cause irreparable damage there and could potentially be held legally responsible for whatever may happen. So the criteria is a marine. And they would include a limitation. Speaking in languages that the person has never grown ever studied. And in many cases these are dead language. But are broken anywhere in the world. Failure looking at very my criteria. Are. Property is a little bit different. The many kind of fun. Ministry increase will perform. The same. Ritual that idea that single property. But I did I don't signatures on our property if nothing else. What you'll. To help feed the people who live and our property to relax and called out you can actually look at it they're just to our particular. Yeah yes it's psychological. Support to help them understand that they're okay. The book even when property interest looking. You know legitimate cases the criteria. That can be car. Recipe demonstrable. Activities it is. Put her neck hole in the picture that is you know you have to see it yet objects of the tree blew world. If it instantly. And there are standard. Soon because little scare people but there. Right so of those 1%. To one the 1% which I'm sure you've seen many of those types of cases Jack. What's the how often does that happen how frequently in the course of of a year and a throughout the world are those types of cases actually reported and addressed. Election period and in the past year affair here. There they're not as common use is people would like. Again we're taught it well all in perspective. It's it's that are. You know you're here you're not dealing with the large group. Or a large and a manifestation of activity. And we find these sorts of things tend to Evan well. They're kind of activity. Will will help a lot of ways and it'll say there for a little while and an annual. I've not researched in the exact. You know conditions kind of you know what's going on call will see it may cause tension slows. But it but I sure there's a cultural connection there. Well I was gonna ask. There seems to be it and we read a lot about it we hear a lot about it but an increasing demand for people. More qualified to conduct extra citizens which I'm assuming relates to the fact there are more of the east these possession cases being reported. But from what I'm hearing from you they're probably aren't necessarily true possessions they might be fallen to that 99% category. You know one of the things she there's reserve rather new phenomenon. Occur in amongst clergy in Boca in this period ministry that is. They believe in. The therapeutic value of actress. And actually you'll find the working psychologist. And reforming. Quote extradition as a bunch of people who were really just dealing with emotional. And they're using the actresses and merely as a therapeutic school. Now you know there are pros and cons to that I fall on the cup side of that issue I don't hear you. But there are people who do so until I think that is got to help will work much when you rise in all the people here. What I have to say Jack. Honestly. I don't think I've had a guest on the show that I've agreed with so much with everything you've said over the last 45 minutes even on the show because. Everything use eaves said is how I have always stated it in the public side. On my feelings about possession and AM answer systems and in dealing with demonic type entities. I think that I think that's and that that's really it's important. Because too many people all there. They. It too many people out there are just so willing to say it's a demonic and Steve says it's that. This person has possessed and you don't know if they're they're just cleaning this because the next thing they wanna do is write a book or no cell TV show. Or fish saying this just because of their under and their and their not educated in in that field. Or you know let's be honest with you some people out there just because they think it makes them so cool that there they're able to you know and take on demons and they're really not doing. Yeah and it I'd appreciate the kind words. You know I feel that we. We have to deal with this picture from. Even if it means we're on popular. You know. I think I've spoken to 11. Paranormal. Convention. And afterward they organizer told him it was. Kind of. Then the fire and brimstone form against. I guess you know I didn't make it look you know. Plus there's there's so much more to really get into and now I've gotten just endless questions to ask. But they're gonna take up or more to I know we've we've only got about a minute before we got to go to break. But from L one thing I want you to think of Jack is. It always seems to be that highly religious individuals are the ones that seem to get possessed. And it is all the all these cases that I've gone to over and over you know last 25 years. And I anyone's that may have claimed that somebody's possessed or whatever. They've never been in people who have no affiliation with the church or no no connection to that. So when we come back I really like to get into that because sometimes you sit there and think well hey if I wasn't really is I wouldn't be dealing with us. And but that's not really all the time true so we're gonna take a quick break and we come back from where we're going to be talking more with Jack ash craft. About demon Knology of the occult anxious isn't isn't so much more you listen to Jason NG via the unreal to review will be right back. Welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason cause GB Johnson it is Monday night Tuesday morning depending on where you are and we welcome to the program we've got a great week of shows coming up tomorrow night. Is our election night special where we actually have two guests the first hour we're going to have a manly enough. I'm Wayne Hoffman multi award winning performer medalist he's he's incredibly is done an endless shows little Howard Stern and he's going to actually do some readings for people in the call and guys two great got to talk with and then Wednesday we've got I call you tomorrow night also animals for god how can you forget the amazing funky. But on the in the amazing (%expletive) he will be on and talking about his. I'd whatever presidential run around but he's willing to take some calls and do some readings as well so that should be interesting summation you. You call and on Wednesday we've got a jet and Diana and Joseph of Sana. From Roswell on me ghost tours and they're also they run a group down in Georgia that's part of the test family some very close friends of ours. Yeah and a thirst and it it's Timothy Renner. Timothy his written a lot of articles relating to weird topics in magazines and and web sites including morbid curiosity we are USA. And weird Pennsylvania his specialty is the south central Pennsylvania area which has a lot of weird legends and the reports including. One that's of particular interest to us it's the legend of total road and the seven gates of hell and he'll be talking about that Thursday night witness. Hearing here I'm beyond reality Brady of course your phone calls are always welcome and 844. 6877669. A movie and Netflix we're talking about Netflix not long ago during the show here tonight. And it was called toll road you know than any connection with. I never there's plenty of noise in the south of the you know who had told us about the selling gates Howell is our gas that Enron tonight. Is Jack ash craft I Catholic priest appointed ex assists for his jurisdiction by the bishop. He's appeared on ghost adventures. A bunch of times he speaks on axis isms evidence of the existence of god. The coal and just so much more and a welcome back to the show jet. And what what we're talking about before it went to break one thing I've noticed and and I don't know if it differs from from what use you've seen but. Throughout all leave the cases that I've I've gone to a net claimed to have possessions. Orange demonic type activity. And the ones that seem to actually do wish it far and few between. They always seem to have the component of the Finley is a religious family they're somehow all well a lot of times in very religious. Do you know do you see that or do you have and and to go into a lot of cases that people have no affiliation. That actually truly have a demonic haunting or possession. That they have no affiliation with with the church. Well that they're pushed India. The whole spectrum. I can tell you look. At least she can see him personally aware of where you eight yes. Crew. Were legitimately demonic possession. Oh won't lose in the broadcast industry in Australia it's. A Jewish if you touched. You. Found himself. Under the influence of the demonic. And I will argue to this period and he definitely did expire so. It it does in just a little spectrum however it does seem that goes to war. To identify. And religious source your. Now. I mean 604 Internet as you know we're talking about the demonic woman seen. One of the greatest. Schools were weapons that demonic had just commit someone that they don't. So if a woman can actually do not exist. What god does not. That there really no longer target. Because they. They pose no note correct. True. In the plans of the demonic actually. And and so they're pretty much slope oil because they're living. The life. Demonic would prefer they look which is your religious. He's realistic life. But now well within two different religious or spiritual and I assure you your encountered the but people who claim to be religious Jewish spiritual anomaly. Even bush harsh. They're probable corrections precaution to name. When you get down depressed tax and you know do you have a question your relationship. You operate daily you travel. He said he scripture. The picture regular charter trying to someplace there's a brick yeah I agree with you. And in Seoul. At least these people control attack. They they do believe in the demonic. The demonic Israel much what are the Miller is demonic. And to be calm day. All are aware of the reality with demonic. End. And only lived their lives. Can see it without that knowledge. They've become susceptible to attack. So then and I hate to say I have but it isn't there a benefit. Two I know I know you and you lose some now with that but isn't there a benefit to not being. Religious or not having any beliefs and in god or in the double. In that aspect to keep yourself safe from demonic possession but also of course that handed dam issue in the rest of thank frank. What exactly and that would be my natural response is well no because. Lillian if you decline. You know you're you're. Period here how side of the creek oh god you're out slider should protect of copper and Coker. Protection. Outside and I agree. If you're you're upset immigration. You don't have a we protection god you don't have. The gear in Tokyo late better world after. Into the scripture tells us if if you I would outcry. There's no way you can hear it and got it should shock that so. While there may appeared to benefit really isn't it turtles. America. So am when it comes down to possession when these things to truly take control of somebody. What is their mean. Reason for doing so what are they looking to accomplish I added I know there's different theories out there and some of the cases I've worked on. It appears that there is some sort of a code that there are not allowed to do. Who it was in the realms there there and whether it be personally take a life of an individual or whatever. But when it comes down to them possessing or somebody. And then that person taking some dislike there seems to be a little loophole there that they can they can work through so what do you think the main reason for them to possess somebody. Well the main reason for demonic possession. If you go attack the image of god. The book of Genesis. That the community was created. The image of god we bear that image. As part of guardian which just how were created. And did demonic. Who wore what god. End. Of course you cannot. Inflict damage on it tone creator is not greater than its creators. And so can you do it goes after to create. An attack. Part creation that is the rest image of god in order to look into her naked. That the collective and stick our C we can be we can't you who we will attack you or him. We're shelter. And so it's this whole use demonic consider. OK so it's it's sort of like giving the finger to to doubt it it's one of those note a slide into maybe it did that's the easiest way to explain it it's too it's sort of like ha ha ha. There you go ideally we now and it be becomes a situation so. I don't think about it and your your. Gift if somebody. Really wanted to hurt you there because after I agree. Entrance to an end. So that he is different. Jack when it changes topic a little bit one of whom look at a couple of your books and maybe get a little more information about them one of the books. That you of Britain is called just volts the western struggle against the tyranny of modernity. What is that tyranny what are what are we talking about netbook. What we're talking in the and that particular book about. Many. Ideology. That computer culture. And I'm sure true. In twenty people in certain patterns of well. Things like political correct. Which is really nothing more than talk control is its way to control people. Just push speech and they actually think in Iraq are moving our intention. For communication. We're no longer communicating honestly. I'm not suggesting that we need to be sure. But one thing is. It politically correct he isn't sure. Essentially the same cultural. Cultural marxists. And the cultural marxism currently churches sorority wanted to do this social. One of social control as a mortal world. Tour. Stating that morality it is the product of culture. And so if if that is true that we cannot say there isn't any objective. Like all wrong. Good and people. What is considered right along is all it is is subjected to a Cuban culture I think you can park in history. And that is what moral relativism that now if that is the community. Then we held no grounds for example to look at the public. And say that the Holocaust was and people. Because it was wily George right culture it's that kind in history. And we don't adapt structure. And so. Relativism. Is at war with reality. And as usual look at what was true. Truth is that we're. Conform to reality that would really that. And so we cannot say morality as well to cope is not relative the colonel clay sure our objective more. We can all agree that it is never at any time and anyplace. Okay to bring you Qatar. The moral relativism. If we accept the premise that we would have to say that there are times when you do it right. And more to do so. And and that the candidates of Churchill. Extra little booklet Carter looks at the well it was a more culture really. Takes a true it could illogical conclusion. And could confront the reader which you know this is. Not reality. This is a formal court control design true erode. The moral and ethical values of our our. Or over. You that you had mentioned another. Freeze. Cultural marxism you mentioned that in in and discussing that that first book but. That's also talked about in your book a handbook of cultural spiritual warfare. How do you define cultural marxism. Above me on what you just told us and what is it doing to us as a culture. Well cultural marxism completely. Good German school for a tree. You know we're we're all familiar with marxism in the political. Spectrum. We saw it could work just in the Soviet Union should see it work Cuba. That kept political marks and cultural marxism. And who works to inculcate. A society. With the principles of marxism. From the bottom up resident from the top. Now. And solutions another crack at. Political Marxist. But it could work through that culture this society and moving up your putt through. And politics. Residents from politics doubted the social hour. And do you mind taking a listener question. Can this go to the phone lines we've got to exact from Kentucky calling in Zach welcome to be on reality radio. They say it straight Buick regal and scenic route welcomed the shall. Yet. Question and that figure pertaining stirred the topic is TV. In regard to. There's maybe demonic. I was watching it was a bigger terms some cracks I recently on the Internet. And I I started seeing. The idea of and it's on it Barack Obama or and I know that she's. Just made irrelevant considering the presidential election tomorrow night. But the it Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton. I think it is said earlier that there where. Prized landing. Landing on the future and the idea that they could be even themselves and it would be mean seem kind of outlandish at the time but at same time. I don't go. I eat it really hard line on that and I would just like to know if they eighty yen. You know actor what are under. You know gear what not it that there were many at foundation the man idea or an extra day yeah. I don't know what it's like you're counting up. Sure I think excellent thanks for the calls act on my know that during the it is the third I think your second or third president of life if we were joking Howard animal for the fly that's Fred's. Jacket any any thoughts on that. I don't look at our landing people. Are. So excited so it's safe to vote for the fly them. Consider their. Attack the biggest thing people can get a good point we've got to listen this is Terry. Terry calling in welcomed beyond real ingredient Terry. Hang gang impediment to the Zell. I'm banks so I called him a four way. And I hate to bring politics and it says that you sure you want to and that. You sure you want to. It's scary. Good unit to Terrell. I don't imagine that. Dinosaur. Disabled right now. But I was. I could have exceeded its water and and that never been a big person to get involved in politics could be like a Democrat or broken. Straight ticket in any kind that I did not act I didn't really get in here added. We go with my gut feeling on who act that was debuted that stopped. But I do have a relative the comments side down the list in Vienna. I calmed down when they did this is my cousin and the issue is the one that's been a big big advocate about you know with saving this period refugees and helping them you know out especially in kids you know better. You know the editor. You know turn it over and people are direct you know they put kids are being killed. And used as human shields sent. You know on and I don't know what people are the WikiLeaks stuff that all about. I'd do that it just came out like out of that there was USA today in the rush didn't. And a lot of other places that. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been. Involved with this. Late needed without steady. You know like this. She calls herself like that. You know this is my own person you're talking drugs and had an island and coming kidnapping trafficking like minor as a bear ray seeing them and bloodiest days. And you know flash. And you know doing dislikes satanic ritual fast. Well I think I think some of it's definitely blown way out of proportion Tom Knight I do follow what can you WikiLeaks and so forth Florida. There's been a lot of thanks for the call there has been a lot of different reports have come now and of course of the problem is social media there's so much false reports say come on as well. But there there was a report no musher if you're familiar with this Jack. But about this there's blood letting dinner thing that they and they attended not much if there's any truth to it or not. Yeah I I've I've heard something about that true I'd expect him to disregard some of the things. Coming up during an election cycle. Chelation would become fantastical like that. I mean in these people calling each other a great people you know five years ago on saying how they have yet to act and and now assistance and. Exactly. It's all part of the game of politics. So what sound. Jack when you look it you're on your role as an exorcist. And someone who wants to address these side pieces. For evaluation what's the first step you take when you get to a referral. Well the first thing to do what I get a referral as I get out. I immediately. Request of the person. Should metro psychological examination and medical treatment action. The first trichet should actually be down and we discussions reasons for a better earlier in Asia discussion. And pending bill trees so. We can move on to the next. Now do you would you request to see those those reports those medical report. Oh yeah. The idea is it we want a reasonable assurance from competent professionals should shield there is nothing. Long which this person. That there could be. Heard war. Demonic activity that the actual world war. If you received that it would boost to our dental. We turn troubled. The electorate magnetic field trip. We also look at the family dynamic. How is definitely. Out of poverty interact. Is it an intact is that. To forestall. You know is there alcohol or drug abuse. Neglect actual you know it's it's a pretty in depth problems. Didn't do. Anything even close to considering a record at pearl Belichick and. Right we're talking with reverend Jack ash craft and we're talking about his roles and exorcised. India Byzantine Catholic Church we'll be right back with more it's. Eon reality radio with a decent TV. Beyond reality radio Jason -- JB Johnson could evening and welcome to everybody you're good morning depending on where you are don't forget to join us for tomorrow night's program and the rest of the week is going to be great as I don't know that we mentioned Diane angels and a coming on Wednesday night while but they're from Roswell. Georgia they've run an organization down there plus their test Stanley group they've got a lot of great experience have been and goes on as a few times. Yeah absolutely numb and she's mr. They've been and Osiris Erica two or three different times and we're always hang in knowledge on Diana was just a wonderful people in very close friends and they've been all internal for a long time so. Yeah so we're looking forward to Wednesday night's program and then Thursday it's Timothy Renner who will be talking about. Some of the weird goings on in south central Pennsylvania including the particular focus on Todd wrote in the city gates of hell. Tonight's guest is reverend Jack ash craft we've been talking about a whole bunch of things mostly demonic possession an exorcism and energy you've had a few more questions for Jack here. Why do and Jack we we had self proclaimed ex assist on the show a couple of months back and it got a little heated because. This this gentleman first of self proclaimed no connection to the church. But in charge people money for it and supposedly doing X or isn't he could doom over the phone he come around you do this you do that. It was one thing after another and none of his answers remain any sense and there's the problem is in this field. There has been a lot of people like that that it release him popped up over the last you know 1520 years. Let alone and every everybody seems to be demon knowledge as these days where older than being Indian knowledge is just means you've studied in demon Knology. So what's your thoughts on a lot of those self proclaimed. X assists and whose demon colleges. Him. You know one of the most infamous is Bob Larson. Oh yes. Yeah. Who I know personally and and trot. While everybody comes in his church is possessed and so. February goes you know they're deemed under ever doorstep. And and that's our reality as oh or. You know that. I think what you had was. The people who. I go to those meetings in. Manifestly. Action that it it was. If you a lot of people who ever wanted to he'll recommend sixties early it's something called hardball in Europe. And it's very much alike that it you know it's people acting out screaming and hollering because somewhere deep inside they are heard about it. What they needed counsel. I'm an actress. And this can't manipulate. People who were hurt and I think people would be back in. Action should exercise and actual. Manipulating people we're hurting. Or who want attention summaries and and and who aren't getting it in a positive way and so they're really catering true. So it is very injure people and really firm are collecting injury. Play and I agree with that a lot of these people these self proclaimed exorcism exception list. In there and they really have they have no training a lot of times they're walking into a situation. When they do in fact come to a to a case that truly seems to have some sort of a negative type entities. I've been there weighed in over their heads and it not only jeopardizing themselves and now jeopardizing the family. That they supposedly came to help. And the fact of the matter is when that happens now the family a lot of times is really reaping the the attacks he attacks seem to really amplify. On on the Stanley that the people who are truly having a problem because this this individual really has no ability to push push these things out. Yeah they did all the work you're dealing what they don't have the background and the geology. And demonic they don't have the background and the methodology. Is urgent investigation are you know even the right questions. And show you out where and when they stumble upon Kasich for real they're just going to create a war situation than when they realize. Now and have you ever had a case that is truly made you to the point were so fearful that you've had to leave the Perot on the property. I'll. Just in fear of your I. We did Cason Vermont. Going back years ago where. We didn't leave the property we restarted because it's who we showed up and for three days we are hit by a blizzard Sowers snowed in so we couldn't leave this property but there was a negative entity in this in this house. And the fact of the matter is we were. We were scared for not for our safety but. Affected and we couldn't go anywhere and you have furniture sometimes move moving around the living room you have a birdcage sliding across the kitchen. At one point a door closed while the father was talking to us and removing the father's finger. So this is sometimes these things happen and you you think chiefs can I just get out of this house for a few. Yeah I mean how are you you do have to take precautions in some cases. Now where do the ramifications. Particularly violent. And you do need any time. Quiet contemplation and prayer away from a tree and he. Yeah yeah you you know after a time where you can get away. We regrouped and then go back. Because you know what you're doing what we're particularly intense case slicker nobody. Nobody. Is emotionally able to. Handle it well repeated and long. Periods of our. And we will need to break and apply. One of the other misconception is an extra should work well. And they don't. They work repeat they should have a person or C. They have their investigate or change its center. Soviet you know they're not alone in the that is sort of spring when romanticize. It casual connection should think cool is promoted by our bodies in them. To select channel. You know you're actually right. Well a lot of times that's also so if you heard. During your prayer. He and you need to leave for whatever reason whether recycle a psychological or you just you just need time turned to get away. Somebody else can be continuing. What you're doing while you take that break it and you can comment and take back over. Actually correct it allows you the time as you can walk away and we're group. In because you put pressure on. Yeah and because a lot of these a lot of Cologne understand that it's. It's a psychological attack on you while you're there is this thing's trying to to browbeat you any way it can it's trying to. And a lot of times. It will play you off play you against. Somebody that you're there went so you need to be in perfect trust with that individual Tuesday with a single duels say things in your ear it'll tell you. Things about this individual and they use that you're there with your teammate in in hopes of creating a conflict issue because the minute breaks breaks down your guys' trust one another. Then it can it can really get torque. Yeah I don't wanna do all of and in the best weapons. The demonic terror in cases like that mr. secret. Wednesday condemned the practical one else knows all the little dork and wow art. What does that give you the demoralizing. Your tour. Makes people will work if you will how thank lesson we should your ability to do that your spiritual life you know who are you sure do and that is. So yeah. You know the he attacks on the actually inched. Don't tend to be. This much physical as we do more mental. Yet psychological stuff. All right well we're gonna do and we've we've got some calls do you want to call yen let's so let's take Christine California Chris to welcome to be on reality radio question for Jack. I do have a question for Jack try a few loans and I am and I could actually my question is and before you get to the exclusion. What are their findings in front and against fines and terms. Compared to you know like in the movies he. Like the actions fishy her head Spinner around her orders there's talk in different languages are in a union that actually. How can weather the actual like. Trying that you see that Miki saying hey that's how we I have to unit actors sitcom this person. So the red flags and thanks for the call yeah thanks Christine. Yeah Jack and that's that's a good question. Yeah we don't see extending. We. Well we do occasionally see. Strange body contortions. And those can be quite dramatic. In court. And definitely the speaking and speaking the language. That language about him is broken and a thousand years of course that that serve up a red flag as well. If you know Greenpeace ship or you will treat them all and sometimes vomiting object. They have been contribute their plummeted class mail. My in. Order. They don't even think they're clearly not normal. And little look at. He Jack we're running out of time here and I wanted to make sure you had a moment to would tell folks with big get a hold of your books. Well the veteran leaders just go to my website. Tell Leo orthodoxy dot org. You know articles there and treat literature there as oil. And people question injured. Comment sure. Freak to contact you there and of course they can get one book there. If somebody campus or order one book should surely can't ordered reward should and I will provide a copy each. Consults them. This is not about to. Get rich from maker of optical trust what you like and. Honestly and I I think we everybody listening has been able to tell that time it just through the time you've been on tonight you've been. Really just a great person talked I can talk to you for hours longer and and we definitely need to look. To have a discussion later on in and have you back on the show it's just been a wonderful time and I greatly appreciate you coming on being so open and honest with us. And yet one more question if folks. Anywhere at any point think they have an issue of possession issue or demonic issue. In their house what do you recommend they do. Contract clergy political OK. That's attributed. You know don't send me an email. You know people will appear Kentucky's. Bill should immediately contact the clergy will close you need somebody local control. That's great. Thanks again Jack so much for joining us on the program fascinating discussion we hope to have you back some time really soon. It ought to be. All right thank you reverend Jack ash craft. Great guest Jay we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll take your phone calls its. Beyond reality radio would Jason plus. Welcome back to beyond reality radio was Jason caused Jimmie Johnson great night Greek. Pre guess thanks to reverend Jack ash craft for joining us has really fascinating discussion yeah honestly feel. I got a lot of questions they still wanted to ask for and I didn't get a chance to and I ran out of time we exits and people on hold that wanted to chat with him too but let's go to the phone lines right now let's see this is. Duncan from Boston Duncan welcome to look beyond reality written. The wrong time. I call our. First time littler. I'm OK tiger might be backwards but it. And I. Tie it halama I'll ever really upset. And it got this whole thing go goes hand. The Cisco but the fought so. Guy that is they have the rig. Worlds or Olympics or do you think fought these sorts. Again until they are all talk. It's not everybody. Is they'll hold billion bigfoot since its. Foot to Simpson. I'm not considered bigfoot is witnessing and. I ever read Lebanon for our. Because lions have been able to oral fanatic. Just a bigfoot exists. Okay well so like I've never heard that model unified cousins that I can. I've ever and I got saved up about. Got a real open. It but I better get Iraq were so little support for Moline. To DC to the New York. Okay we'll do listening to limping we'll take it. Influences since I got myself it's have a drink on me. Now I thought through move forward you know to tolerate terrorists. Doesn't say you're still alive ball. How many spirits does it take to screw in a white ball once you know I noticed parent. I want. Big area couple bottle of Jack. Now the earliest thing. Oh don't worry don't go wow that's I'm an idiot. OK I have a while I had my hand on the delay and usually buggy probably a good reason her breakfast at. Okay big foot to assist in May not not big for its big positive disease. That Asia is that felt good put to it is. It dozens of good at all worried let's go to a jail in Florida Jesus a regular call of the program Jay welcome to show. Hey guys play after that last call I did. I gotta say there's a reason they call alcohol and liquor spirit. Oh he's yelling he's definitely he's got a lot of spirits. Cinema he's he's disaster now don't light a match and. I resent that they think people have their defense. The only and a slow. No matter what it. You do a quote. This is from George Orwell exit from the novel 1980 portable that than any of the old version. Any time a universal deceit. Tell the truth it is a revolutionary act. The people who wanted this to test everything now which owns says I can go Morton and played about what Alex Jones but as of WikiLeaks says the it is all true. Why I. I guess I could sit there and send a lot of the WikiLeaks emails Null and without union pollen political. Then those are true those that are lose there hacked emails that it is there are some they get put out that are not true that elicited under which he Liesman. But there are a lot manager as for Alex Jones. I like oh I like watching some of Alex Jones stuff some of it is so far out there it's it's mind boggling but some of it does he has made some points and then you find out later on that. That it's accurate so. Exactly what Alex Jones the I listened to almost every day but he is they CIA operative this information agent. Meaning there is truth then there they he has not telling you the full truth in here that even leading others off the track credit that he's not gonna tell you every bank. Part of operation mocking Jay. And I'm Mike talk more and the time but. Well it has been repealed and some of these emails are we. WikiLeaks one by the anonymous group which I've also heard anonymous CIA let me decrepit that. And also that Hillary DNC camp that what I talked about a little bit before is that alien invasion known as byters sign. It may also to be tied with that project blue being baked rapture weather going to be one in the Famer and I. And it will affect your pre frontal cortex. There's saying they will be using it more and dispose of a list of things of which would deter people from voting electorate as a proponent for twelve. Now deep pocket Bennett what the election to be over I really don't because that other time about because there's certain depth on them one of them as tomorrow. But the real deadline is gonna be when the new president should take that vote. Between now and then anything. Can happen whether they're telling us what's going on what's really going on behind the finger to what America and could happen because it is their crunch time. And it to be martial law seem full law report three. They alien invasion and for people who think it's in the masters earlier brand they're not. And telling you new agers wake up. None of that has anything to do with their creator is a reason it's not in the Bible that is the bat that and a new aged deception. You can look for yourself that you can do that debating the so the ancient document. Spirit guy our deep and and or fallen Angel that augur channeling what that auger communicating what. I pulled. I don't want people understand. There's nothing you have done Ers setting your entire life time that you cannot be forgiven for when you repent and confess spears then put all your heart mind and soul. There's other people that said it's when you don't compare the demons have power OB that's what they know these things about two they can use it against you it opens you up to. Different stages up at that station oppression influence and possession. And there's many many many things and opened you'll be in that emphasis in that marriage is sirens artery and a culture but were running out of time quickly here but time flies. It will be us just flies here really does and definitely a big shout out to and Jack ash craft minute. Yeah keep Alou reverend my dodge reverend I want McCollum priest but. Well as his briefed allies nobody is just but great guy coming on and it's so funny when us talking and gets everything he says is everything never said Jim you know that yeah it's everything it was blatant. Use like interviewing myself there. But just greatness of him of him to come on in and hang out with the us NTELOS about some of his dealings with these TV shows and a lot of other things and the way he sees we definitely gonna have money again Yahoo! News greatness very knowledgeable and takes very seriously and down and is very professional and feel it again I guy's strong as war and just somehow it fell on me how it probably the spirits of the take this I don't know what in my cast and you Bustamante we've got a whole medalists Wayne Hoffman. Multi award winning an atlas he's going to be on hanging out with us and we're going to be taking your calls we've also again cut. The amazing hockey had who's going to be on me however OCE city's gonna take some calls do some reading this summation you you're column number 84468776600000844687. 7669. Have that number on Hansel and hockey's ready. He colon and asking when they read as wanna sell you and don't forget to stop their FaceBook page and give that a like as well and pass the word on to friends let him know that Ron every night and we vote while almost every night. And we loved have them join us you'll than listening to Jason Giambi on reality radio thanks for the sport will catch all wanna have agreement. It's. Johnson aren't on our don't forget to stop by our feast or HQs alike and say hello it's beyond reality reading you all one word if you've got information you want us to follow along were you like to be guests on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.